let's get some sugar to go with that spice

Double Espresso || (Alexander Hamitlon x Reader)

Prompt:  Coffee shop au? I can imagine modern Alexander always going to a cute lil coffee shop to write and work not only for the peace and quiet but also because of the cute barista (is that how you spell it? Probably not) that puts little hearts on his cup

Word Count: 1,741

It feels good to write something that isn’t a long ass college paper babes let me tell you. Also confession time: I’ve never done, or read a coffee shop AU. I just kinda don’t get them, the whole trope leaves me with a bunch of questions. So I hope this is still something y’all enjoy.


Morning shifts killed you. Human beings were not made to be up this early.  That’s probably why they came to the cafe, though, needed some fix to keep them viable the whole work day. But that didn’t stop you from yawning through the first couple hours of your shift. The people who came in first thing were the worst, they were either so consumed in their work they didn’t acknowledge that you existed, or they were so bubbly and happy they gave you a headache.

The lull after the crack of dawn was alright, though until about noon only your regulars came in, you already knew their order and name, could talk a little with them.  Anne liked hers light on sugar, heavy on cream. She worked from home, set her own hours. So she didn’t wake up until ten, to begin with. Sam wanted pumpkin spice year round, and you had been so tired the first time you served them you let them get some despite it being March.  They had agreed to keep it a secret. Your regulars knew about your life too, after the morning rush you all just had quiet conversations, about your cats, life plans, until they had to go back to work, or home. It was the only thing that made the early shifts worth it.

Well not, the only thing. Free coffee helped, and of there was double espresso. Alexander. Not Alex, he’d corrected it when you wrote it on his up once. Alexander. He came in every other weekday and sat here for hours. You wondered what his job was that let him have so much free time.  Opened up his laptop, ordered the same drink every day, once every two hours, and then he left just before your shift ended. He didn’t participate in the quiet conversations, despite your best efforts. Just sat and wrote.  His friends were with him every now and then, and then he wouldn’t shut up. But when he was here alone, he smiled, talked a little while at the counter,  and then sat back and typed his life away.  Then when he needed a refill, he’d stay up at the counter a little longer. He was your favorite customer. And not that you’d told anyone, but you had a little crush on him by now. You weren’t sure when you had, but you’d gotten in the habit of drawing a heart right at the end of his name. It had messed you up once or twice when you had to write the name outside of work, and you almost immediately went into the little doodle.

The morning rush was finally starting to wind down. Anne was the first one in, rushing for once. Her sister’s plane was about to get in, she was going to meet her nephew for the first time. You wished her luck as she ran out the door. Slowly but surely, all the regulars came and went. Except for double espresso. He was usually here before it picked up for lunch, but he hadn’t even walked past the shop. You tried not to focus on it, it wasn’t like there was a schedule for customers to follow.  But despite your best efforts, there was a faint twisting in your stomach.

Your shift came and went, and no sign of Alexander. Maybe you had counted days wrong. He’d be there tomorrow. Maybe he just missed a day. He’d be there next time. You spent more of your day than you’d like to admit thinking it over in your head. Enough that when you got to your shift on Friday, he was the first thing on your mind. You made his drink a few minutes before he usually got there, just because you were too antsy to stay still.  But he was late, again. This time you got a little worried. There were some distractions along the way, Anne brought in her nephew. Someone who wasn’t one of your regulars was wearing one of those baby carrier things, with a pitbull puppy in it. But it was still eating at the back of your head that Alexander still hadn’t come in.  There were plenty of explanations. He could have just decided to cut the coffee shop out of his schedule. Plenty of customers had done that before. You ignored the sting that came with that. It had no reason to make you sad. The fact that it was bothering you this much was ridiculous. But that wasn’t really stopping you, apparently.  You spent your weekend off worried and upset all at once, as if this wasn’t the most ridiculous thing ever.

He came back the next Friday.Late, the lunch rush was already dwindling down. You were torn between having a giant smile on your face and jumping on the chance to ask him where the hell he has been. But neither of those options were explainable or justifiable, so you just settled for small talk, about how he’s been, throwing in that you hadn’t seen him in a while.  He smiled, but never really gave you an explanation. And then up behind him bounded a girl, who placed a hand on his shoulder, as you were handing his order to him, added to the order, a caramel macchiato.  You had to bite your tongue not to remind her this wasn’t Starbucks. Instead, you just scribbled her name and made the drink, letting your conversation drop. Not let your imagination get the best of you. What you needed to do was get a life outside of your damn job so this little fantasy of yours would go away.  So you wouldn’t be jealous of some girl you’ve never met over some guy you only knew because of his coffee order. You had better things to with your shift.  Like actually working. But instead, you were trying not to get caught looking over at Alexander and that girl every chance you got. They didn’t act like a couple, but that didn’t mean shit. Then again neither did the fact that they were here together. You knew very well that your mind was just running rampant.

She left after about an hour, and when he came up for another coffee, this time you couldn’t bite your tongue.  “So who was that?” You feigned a teasing tone, so nobody assumed you were hyper-involved in the matter.

Alexander laughed like he knew you had been looking over your shoulder for the whole hour. “That was my friend Lauren’s girlfriend. We’re planning a surprise party for him this Friday.” It was stupid how worried you’d been, but somehow, it was even stupider that you felt relief right now.

“Lucky guy, have friends likes you.” You smiled, writing ‘Alexander’ a little neater this time, drew your heart, but added your number this time. Something you definitely knew was stupid, he was easily the person here you knew the least about, but inhibitions had gone to the wind along with your rationale. Your motive was more along the lines of ‘ you won’t feel like this if you just bother asking him out.’ by now.  When you handed it to him, though, you were sure to do so in a way that meant he wouldn’t see it until after he had set it down on his table.

Your shift ended, and he hadn’t said anything, made any reaction to the number on his cup. But he was still hanging around, zoned in on the writing on his laptop. It was weird. Still, you happily untied your apron,folding it over your arms as you walked out, tagging in the night shift people, all two of them.  

Almost as soon as you were out the door your phone buzzed in your hand. ‘So all I had to do to get your number was bring a girl in? -A’ You smiled, but didn’t look back.  Of course, he had noticed the number.

‘You always could have asked.-Y/N’ You texted back, deciding to look over your shoulder and wave as you started walking away from the shop.  You saw his head go back in laughter before looking straight again.  You hadn’t even made it one store down before you heard the door open behind you.

“Can I buy you a coffee?” He called out to you, and now it was your turn to laugh.

“I get it for free.” You knew you drank enough on the clock for everyone in the store to know that.

“Then I guess I have to buy you dinner then.”  He called back, sounding a little too confident in himself. You turned around, walking back to him. You had every intent of having a little fun with this, but he had a smile on his face that immediately put one on yours. Still, while you were walking you typed in a quick reply ‘that line isn’t as smooth as you think it is.- Y/N’

“Doesn’t have to be. As long as it works.” Alexander replied, taking a few steps forward to shorten the distance between you. “Tonight at eight?” He asked again, still with that smile on his face.

You shook your head at his reply but didn’t really have a counter for it. It was working on you, but then again, you had already spent a week worrying about him and this was probably the most intimate conversation you’d had with Alexander yet.  “Tonight sounds great. “ You nodded. Eight still gave you plenty of time to get ready and overthink getting ready.

“I’ll see you then,Y/N”

“I’ll see you then, Alexander.” You quickly saved the new number in your phone under ‘Double Espresso’, and tried not to smile too widely as you walked back to your car.

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Ship thing: Malec please :)

beautiful anon you knew what i was looking for ;)

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa Alec, and whenever it happens he turns beet red and gets embarrassed and flustered but Magnus thinks it’s cute
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them Neither, but when they get married, Magnus magics a ton of glitter to spell out “Just Married” on their apartment window
  • Who starts the tickle fights Magnus
  • Who starts the pillow fights Alec, because he needs a pillow to defend himself from Magnus’ tickling
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile Magnus, because he knows that his time with Alec is limited and he wants to look at this beautiful boy for as long as time allows
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar Magnus because he never cooks and he’s surprised he has any spices in the loft to be honest
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning Alec because he comes home late some nights after patrolling and he’s hungry af
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines Magnus because he enjoys seeing Alec get flustered when he says them
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order Neither, one day Jace is housesitting for them while they go on vacation and he does it because it bothers him that they’re all stuffed in haphazardly 
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies They fight over it but eventually they forget what they’re fighting for and then they just make out. the brownies get burned because they’re forgotten in the oven.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion Alec does because while he’s not into huge displays of affection he likes to do this for Magnus
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen Again, neither. Clary teaches Little One some doodles and their child draws on them to “practice”
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation Alec because he’s a dork like that
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines Magnus because “we just HAVE to know if we’re compatible darling our whole future relies on this quiz!”