let's get married soon


Have you imagined the captions yet? ^^

Victor: “Yuuri, forget what I said about marrying if you get gold.”

Yuuri: “… Eh?”

Victor: “No, that came out wrong… What I mean is… We already have the gold. Let’s get married in Paris as soon as this is over!”


Yuuri: “Wonder Twins Powers, Activate!”

Victor: “Go get them, you big dork.”


JJ: “It’s funny, I thought the bell would work and the Russian kitty would come to me…”

Yurio: *super focused* *whispers to himself* Go, go, Otabek - do it, do it, Otabek!


Emil: “The hugging monster nailed that jump!”

Sara: *remembers Yuuri’s pole dance*

Michele: “… Dammit, Sara, I know what you’re thinking. We’re twins, remember?”


Morooka: “Aaaand here comes Giacometti… Again.”

anonymous asked:

What if the whole Sam "life change" and Densi "life change" is connected? Like Michelle dies and either Deeks or Kensi or both realize they don't really have all the time in the world and are all like "let's get married right now." Cliffhanger?

I’ve had the same thoughts!  Maybe some sort of double-cliffhanger….one related to Sam/Michelle and a smaller one where the last we see Deeks and Kensi is when one of them just stops and turns to the other and says “Let’s get married…as soon as possible.”


In case y’all haven’t figured it out, I have a new ship. 

I may or may not be uploading a Joecile cut from last night’s episode…

I hope Iris doesn’t hate her too much…

Imagine that, when you were only few days old, your mother promised you to the God of mischief, when you come of age. You live years, only having learned about Norse mythology in school. Your mother finds it too difficult to talk about and postpones it until it’s too late.

On the day you turn 18, Loki comes after you and takes you to Asgard. You have no idea, who he is or where he took you. You are afraid, confused and miss your mother.

Loki is very understanding and sweet towards you. He explains the whole situation, tells you that you have to marry him and gives you few days to let the information sink in.

But very very soon you get married. Way too soon in your opinion.

At first you are still afraid and confused and try to push him away, but as time goes you actually fall in love with him.

About Mika

So, there’s something i’ve been thingking for a while, and it’s about our lovely Mika and his personality….I would like to share it with you guys.

There is what i think: 

Ever sinse he was a child he has always shown that he give everything for his family, to the people he loves…to the point of not caring about himself.
We all know that he exchanged his blood for food to give it to his family…

In the drama cd there’s a part where Mika and Yuu talk about their favorite meals, Yuu says he likes curry…so, what did Mika do? He went to Ferid and exchange his blood for curry ingredients…That’s kind of sad cuz he give all for his family but what about him? …And as a teenager the only thing he want is save his lovely princessYuu-chan and runaway! (Even if it cost him his life)

He is the most altruistic character i’ve ever seen in anime, and in some way (and i hope not be the only one) i feel very identified with him.

Mika, you’re such an amazing character <3 I lova ya.

Vicbert got alive so fast & me with it héhé :D

We went from

 - Victoria.

 - Albert.


- Victoria & I are not suited.

- Albert & I are not suited.


- Will you marry me ?

- That depends.

- On what ?

- If you let me kiss you first.


- We must get married as soon as possible.

- I agree.


- The only woman I want..is you & it will always be you.

- You’ll be my husband.


Please let’s get married soon and you complain about me being a messy person but I would still be studying and my papers would be everywhere on the floor since I would probably be studying on the floor and you’re a bit older than I am so you’d probably have a job perhaps a part time job or an internship and you’ll come home in a suit then I will undress you because yuk suits are uncomfortable and I really love you and love our life together so come here already
—  My late night lonely thoughts