let's get married soon

honestly… some of y'all aren’t aren’t bothered when it comes to relationships and love and that’s awesome for you. but at the same time… some people do wanna be with someone. it’s a completely natural human desire and allah literally made us to feel this way, he created us in pairs and all that. everyone’s hearts are different and some people don’t care about that kinda thing but others do feel lonely and yearn for a companion. there’s no need to shame or mock people for wanting something just because you personally don’t want it! you aren’t superior or more mature because you don’t care about marriage. it’s something that is halal and is even encouraged in islam, jus let people be mushy in peace lool

Imagine that, when you were only few days old, your mother promised you to the God of mischief, when you come of age. You live years, only having learned about Norse mythology in school. Your mother finds it too difficult to talk about and postpones it until it’s too late.

On the day you turn 18, Loki comes after you and takes you to Asgard. You have no idea, who he is or where he took you. You are afraid, confused and miss your mother.

Loki is very understanding and sweet towards you. He explains the whole situation, tells you that you have to marry him and gives you few days to let the information sink in.

But very very soon you get married. Way too soon in your opinion.

At first you are still afraid and confused and try to push him away, but as time goes you actually fall in love with him.


“The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen.”


In case y’all haven’t figured it out, I have a new ship. 

I may or may not be uploading a Joecile cut from last night’s episode…

I hope Iris doesn’t hate her too much…

Vicbert got alive so fast & me with it héhé :D

We went from

 - Victoria.

 - Albert.


- Victoria & I are not suited.

- Albert & I are not suited.


- Will you marry me ?

- That depends.

- On what ?

- If you let me kiss you first.


- We must get married as soon as possible.

- I agree.


- The only woman I want..is you & it will always be you.

- You’ll be my husband.


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hiii :> i just wanted to say that ur star guardian Soraka is soooo pretty (〃^▽^〃) ur very talented! (╯✧▽✧)╯ also what art program do u use?? (sorry u probably get this question a lot) love u, ur my idol :> plz marry me. -pearl

Hi there ! Thank you sooo much ! It really go right into my kokoro ! I use SAI and Photoshop CC. Let’s get marry soon ~ ʕ>⌓<。ʔ

OTP Questions (KakaSaku Stories)

Note: I didn’t come up with these questions, I collected them off tumblr
*I answered these questions in a form of short stories enjoy :-)
*You can do this too btw

1) First of all, who is your OTP?

2) Who worries about what they will look like when they are older?

“One day I’m gonna be an old old man and you’ll still look all nice and pretty.” Kakashi grumbled and truly looked miserable for a second.

Sakura laughed, “Oh shush, you and I both know you’re the pretty one in this relationship.”

3) who hogs the blanket?

Kakashi let out a defeated sigh when Sakura took stole the last bit of the blanket that still covered him, “It’s a good thing you’re a medic, its your fault I get sick after all.”

4) who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts?

“Y'know, these crusts are a part of the pizza. You won’t get poisoned if you ate them.” Sakura highlighted as she chewed on the leftover crusts on his plate.

“I have you for that.” He grinned, blowing her a kiss. Sakura rolled her eyes in response.

5) who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?

“C'mere,” Kakashi said cradling Sakura up in his arms as she began to sob. “You’ve always cried so easily.”

“Shut up.” She muttered, nuzzling her face up in his chest. Kakashi couldn’t help but chuckle and started brushing her pink hair until she calmed down.

6) who sings along with the radio?

She moved gracefully around the kitchen, cooking and cleaning and humming along to the radio. Her voice was terrible but Kakashi swore he wouldn’t mind listening to it forever.

7) who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking?

“Kakashi?!” Sakura squealed racing to the smoking kitchen to find Kakashi putting out a small fire using a fire extinguisher. “What have you done?!

He looked sheepish, “um…I burned the eggs…”

“How does one even burn eggs? jeez.” Sakura complained.

Kakashi shrugged helplessly. “I tried.”

8) who would throw the other into a pool?

Sakura squealed when Kakashi pushed her into the pool, fully clothed. “Kakashi, what the hell?!”

The Pinkette looked furious and the silver-head continued to laugh his head off.

Sakura glared kunai at him, “You know what? Fine, laugh it up. No more sex for a week.”

Kakashi’s laughing fit immediately seized. “What. No! I’m so sorry, it was a joke, don’t be cruel!”

9) who shops for groceries?

“I want to help you grocery shop.” Kakashi begged, because he actually secretly love it.

“Kakashi you can’t tell apart kale from spinach…”

“Good point.”

10) who kills the spiders?

Kakashi let out a girly squeal causing Sakura to look up from her magazine. “Is it another spider?


“You’re such a baby.”

11) who is the morning/night person?
-Sakura: Morning - Kakashi: night

“Why’re you still awake?” Sakura grumbled cracking an eye open to find Kakashi reading Icha Icha by the lamp on his nightstand. “Its three a.m.”

“Five more minutes its nearly over.” Kakashi replied flipping over another page.

Sighing Sakura turned around and went back to sleep

“Morning sunshine!” She said in a singsong voice, whipping the curtains open and earning a loud groan from the silver head.

“For the love of god close the curtains before my head falls off!”

Sakura giggled and climbed on top of him, “nah, I like your head where it belongs.”

“And where’s that?”

He cracked an eye open to find her smirking suggestively at him, “Want a reminder?”


His palms were clammy and his neck was damp from the nerves as he got down on one knee and cleared his throat, “Sakura…we’ve been together for five years and, I love you more each passing day and will continue to forever….I actually have so much more to say but my mind is going blank…will you marry me?”

Dispute the awkwardness of his proposal, she felt her eyes water and she pulled him in for a kiss, “of course you idiot.”

13) Who made the first move?

Sakura waited patiently for him to kiss her. They were standing on her doorstep after their fourth date and he still haven’t attempted it once.

Sighing in defeat, because she knew he was way too scared of kissing her just yet and rose onto her tip-toes to gently brush her lips against his. “Goodnight, Kakashi.”

14) Who said ‘I love you’ first?

Sakura let out a yawn and nuzzled herself into the space under his arm, her eyes drooping sleepily.

Strands of pink hair fell over he face as she turned to press it into his chest.

“I love you,” Kakashi blurted out

Her green eyes snapped open to look at him sleepily, “mhmm? Love you too…”

And she was out like light.

15) How often they fight?
-they would argue a lot, but rarely fight.

“Sa-ku-ra,” Kakashi groaned in annoyance. “I already told you I was really busy and I forgot, I’m sorry!”

“I would never forget YOUR birthday. Even when I have paperwork thats the equivalent of my body weight.”

“Look…I’m really sorry…I’ve had a rough week I’ll make it up to you. I love you please lets stop fighting.”

Sighing, her shoulders slumped in defeat. “Whatever,”

16) Whose big spoon/little spoon?
-big spoon: Kakashi -little spoon: Sakura

Kakashi let her curl up completely on his lap, her face pressed against his neck and her breathing tickled his throat. “’M cold.”

Kakashi rubbed his hands up and down her arm, trying to capture her some heat. “Mhm,”

17) What’s their nicknames are for each other? -Sak and Kashi

“Poor Kashi,” She teased lightly, her face breaking into a grin. He looked so adorable in his oversized damp shirt.

“I barely escaped for my life,” The silver-head whined, “come cuddle me Sak,”

“Dry up first cutie.”

18) Whose the better cook?

“How are you so good at this?” Kakashi said in awe, swallowing a big bite of pasta. “I burn water.”

Sakura laughed, “somebody gotta keep us fed, can’t let ya starve now can I?”

“Nope.” He agreed stuffing his mouth. “You can’t.”

“Thought so.”

19) Who remembers their anniversaries?

Kakashi didn’t have that many important dates to remember. Besides Obito’s death anniversary, he only had his and Sakura’s anniversary and her birthday marked up on his calendar. At least he had things to celebrate now…

20) Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex)?
-Reading together

Sakura’s head rested on his chest, his arm around her shoulder and cheek on her head. In his lap lay Icha Icha, held by both of them on either side as they both enjoyed the masterpiece Jiraya created in silence. Nothing like reading Icha Icha with your soulmate ay.

21) How they would get engaged?
-it’ll happen out of nowhere

“I’m feeling quite lazy today.” Kakashi yawned, head falling back against his pillow.

“You’re always lazy.” She remarked.

“Not always.” He interjected.

“Most times.” Sakura amended her statement.

“Mhmm…” he agreed, watching her move around, dusting pillows and arranging cushions. “Hey Sak…?

“Yeah?” She said absently, rearranging their photo frames by the table.

“Lets get married.” He said.

“Huh?” Sakura straightened in surprise. “Now?”

“Yeah, well, soon.” Kakashi shrugged, but his mouth twitched into a smile.

Sakura pondered it for a few seconds. “Okay.”

“Okay.” He grinned.

22) What their wedding would be like?
-wild af

Another champagne bottle was popped open and Kakashi dragged Sakura into the middle of the dancing guests, swaying her around as little drunk giggles fell from his mouth, “you look soooo pretty.”

“You’re so drunk Kashi,” She laughed softly and let him pull her closer.

“Mhmm,” He agreed, his breath fanning over her face, smelling of alcohol. “I love you, Sak.”

“Love you too.” The pinkette smiled and kissed him.

23) How many kids they’ll have?
-probably a lot

“You’re pregnant.” He said in disbelief. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Sakura confirmed. “Congrats, you’ll be a father of six by November.”

“I’m surprised I haven’t lost my sanity yet.” Kakashi admitted pulling her into a hug.

“You know you love us dad,” Misaki called from the other room.

“Dibs on naming the baby!” Sakumo shouted from the garden.

“No!” Obito gasped, “I’m naming it!”

“I called it first~” Sakumo singsonged.

24) Who spends almost all their money on the other?

“You know I thought once we got married you’d start paying for meals.” Sakura confessed.

“I never bring my wallet.” Kakashi shrugged.

“You never do.” She agreed. “What a little shit.”

“You love me.”

25) Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Kakashi’s eyes drooped sleepily, his head on Sakura’s lap, facing her stomach and his arm around her middle. “Sakumo will get jealous.”

He gave a lazy hum. “Well I got you first.”

Sakura let out a little laugh, her finger brushing his hair lovingly. “Don’t be mean.”

26) Who walks around the house half-naked?

“Are you doing this on purpose?” Kakashi demanded.

“Doing what on purpose?” Sakura replied innocently.

Kakashi tried to keep his eyes from drifting down to her lace-y bra but failed. “You’re definitely doing it on purpose.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about~” she singsonged.

27) Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

“Don’t stay up late.” Sakura told Kakashi, “you have to get up early tomorrow for your meeting.”


“Are you really still awake?” Sakura demanded. On her way to getting a glass of water she found Kakashi on the couch, reading. “Its two thirty in the morning.”

Kakashi shrugged, “I’m not sleepy.”

“We’ll see about that tomorrow.”

28) Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

“Did you burn our lunch?” Sakura raised an inquiring eyebrow at the blackened peas.

“I’m sorry…I tried.” Kakashi said shyly.

Sakura gave a put-upon sigh, “yeah y'know what? Its fine, I’ll make us some cookies.”

“I knew there was a reason I married you.”

“Shut up.”

29) Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?

“‘Sleep…no come cuddle me.’” Kakashi read aloud. “Hey, thats us.”

“Eh, not really.” Sakura shook her head, “you’re more of ‘come cuddle or I won’t sleep.”

Kakashi shrugged, “Same thing.”

30) Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?

“You’re wearing my shirt.” Kakashi stated.

“I always wear your shirt.” Sakura shrugged.

“Yeah, except I kinda need this one now.”

“Not my problem.”

“Sakuraaaa.” He whined following her into the living room like a lost puppy.

31) Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

The Pinkette rushed into the room, wearing her earrings and kicking her shoes on, “you remembered to feed the fish right?”

“Yes, yes, two sprinkles, you ask me everyday.”

“Just making sure you aren’t getting lost on the path of life.”

"Ha ha,” ha said sarcastically.

32) Which one does the posing while the other one draws?
-Kakashi poses

“Are you done?”


“Its been an hour, my shoulders hurt.”


Kakashi let out a loud whine, “sakuraaaaa~”

33) If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?
-Kakashi back flips

She watched with a raised eyebrow as he flipped and somersaulted through the red laser lines.

Sakura ate another piece of chips as she effortlessly stepped over the lines, strolling towards him. The pout on his face wad hilarious. “Lets go.”

34) Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

“Kakashi you’re drunk.” Sakura said for the fifth time.

“No ’m not!”

“Yes you are.”

“Noo, I’m nottt!”

“Kakashi you are.”


Ignoring him, she snatched the drink out of his hand. “Thats it, no more drinking, lets go home.”


“No buts, come on.”

35) Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

He loves the way her face lit up and her lips twitched into a smile whenever he got her flowers or chocolate. It was so worth it.

“Thank you.” She said shyly, accepting the red rose he bought her. Kakashi smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

“Nope.” He grinned against her lips.

36) Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

“Your name ma'am?” The secretary behind the desk asked.

“Hatake Sakura.” Sakura replied. Kakashi, who stood next to her laughed in delight.

“Hatake Sakura? It definitely suits you.” He grinned at his girlfriend who blushed.

“Shut up.” She grumbled in embarrassment.

37) Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

“Sakura!” The silver-head squealed, “thers’s a spider!”

The Pinkette sighed and grabbed a sheet of paper, “coming!”

38) Which one gives the other their jacket?

Sakura shivered as the cold air blew past her.

Kakashi noticed and shrug his jacket off, handing it to her. “Here,”

She accepted it with a shy smile, “thanks.”

39) Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?
-sakura doesn’t have siblings, but Naruto makes it his personal job

“Break her heart and I’ll break your bones.” Naruto warned the silver-head who sighed.

“Yes, yes, I get it, she’s your best friend -I’m not gonna break her heart.” He assured.


40) Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?

“Y'know, I really like you.” The Pinkette suddenly said.

Kakashi blinked in surprise. “Like…like ‘like’ me?”

“Yes. That.” Sakura confirmed, grinning.

Kakashi couldn’t help but grin back. “I like you too.”

41) How good would your OTP be at parenting?

“Sakumo,” Sakura called from the kitchen, “can you pick your sister up today? Your dad’s busy!”

“Okay!” Sakumo called back.

“Sorry, I have a meeting.” Kakashi apologised ruffling his son’s pink hair. “Thanks.”

“Sure dad, break a leg.” Sakumo grinned widely at his father.

42) Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun? -Kakashi

“If you'r ever cold, just stand in the corner for a bit. They’re usually around 90 degrees.” Kakashi said when Sakura shivered and hugged the blankets closer to her.

“Oh my god get out.” Sakura groaned hiding her face in her hands.

43) Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

“Kakashi why is there a new fluffy dog in the garden?”


“What did we say about this?”


“We have seven dogs Kakashi.”


44) Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

Kakashi dragged his feet on the pavement, looking like he’s about to pass out.

Sighing, Sakura thew him over her back with minimal effort. “Don'tttt…this is not very manly.”

“Shush and go to sleep.” Sakura told him.

45) Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?

“You’re so cute.” Sakura cooed snapping another picture of the sleeping silver-head, “I’m so sending this to Ino.”

46) Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

Kakashi scrambled away from the little white ball of evil, hands raised in defence.

Sakura groaned. “Oh come ON, Kakashi, he’s just a cat!”

“I’m allergic to cats.”


“Please don’t make him come close to me.” He whimpered.

47) Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

As the sky started pouring water, Kakashi opened his umbrella and held it over Sakura’s head, drifting closer to her so that they were both shielded from the rain.

“No kiss in the rain?” She asked teasingly.

“Nah, it’s too cliche.”

48) If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?
-somewhere private, have lots of sexy time, Sakura

“Say cheese!” Sakura grinned snapping a picture of both her and Kakashi. “I’m so sending this to Naruto.”

Kakashi sighed. “Can we go back to our room now?”

“Why, so you could take these off?” She pointed at her clothes.


49) Who is a fussy eater and who will eat food even if they’ve dropped it on the floor?
-fussy eater: Kakashi

“You’re the biggest baby ever.” Sakura said eating the broccoli off his plate. “Really? You don’t eat broccoli? What are you, five?”

“I just hate broccoli.” Kakashi said defensively.

50) Who constantly tries to get the other to shower with them?

“I’m gonna go shower.” Kakashi called.

“Okay!” Sakura replied.

“…you should join me.”

“Absolutely not.”

“But whyyy?” He whined.

“Because you won’t get any showering done.” Sakura said.

51) Who is incredible in bed and completely knocks the other off their feet the first time they have sex?

Sakura gasped as his fingers moved skilfully across her core, slipping inside her, his thumb brushing against her sensitive nub. He curled his fingers against a spot that made her cry out and clinch around his fingers, “oh- my god.”

Sakura was convinced he lied about never having done this before.

52) Who is horny ALL OF THE TIME?



“You don’t even know what I’m gonna ask.”

“You want a blow job, no.”

He pouted, “please.”

“No Kakashi, Naruto and Sasuke will arrive any moment now.”

“Please I can’t show up in front of them like this!”

Sakura sighed, “fine you big baby, quick, come here.”

53) Who is sleepy and cuddly ALL OF THE TIME?

“Are you gonna wake up yet?” She asked him for the fifth time.


“This is your second nap today.” She highlighted.

“’M sleepy.” Kakashu muttered, closing his eyes.

Sakura sighed in defeat. He’s even lazier than Shikamaru.

54) Who knocks on the other’s door crying at 4am?

“Oh, Kami, what happened?” Kakashi said when he opened his door to find a sobbing pink haired girl.

She didn’t answer and instead wrapped her arms around his middle and nuzzled her face in his chest.

Kakashi wrapped his arms around her, “shh, it’s okay, I’m here.”

55) Who would have 10 pets if they could and who is adorably shy around animals?

The silver head ran his hand through Akamaru’s white fur, grinning as the dog licked his cheek. “Ay you’ve grown big Akamaru.”

Akamaru licked his cheek again and Kakashi’s cheeks flushed happily. Dogs were the best.

56) Who takes like 10 minutes of persuading to get out of bed each morning?

“Get up sweetheart it’s nearly one p.m.”

“Five m’re minu’s.” Kakashi mumbled sleepily into his pillow.

“You said that five minutes ago.”

“’M tired.”

“I know but I made some breakfast, come on, just wash your face and you’ll wake up.”

“’M lazy.”

“Come on I’ll help you.”


“I’ll bake you a cake.”

“Ok.” The silver-head said rolling out of bed. Sakura grinned at him.

57) Who collects rocks and shells when they go to the beach and who thinks it’s dumb? -Sakura

“What do you even do with these they’re junk.” Kakashi said as Sakura picked more shells from the sand.

She glared at him. “They are not! They’re so pretty.”

Kakashi rolled his eyes and didn’t answer.

58) Who picks fights for no reason just so they can have kinky sex?

She knew she should stop pushing him, but she wanted him to snap. It was always worth it when he’d pin her to the bed later and growl in her ear that she’s a bad girl.

All Sakura was trying to do right now is give him a reason to tie her up to the bed.

59) Who secretly admires the hell out of the other and thinks they’re the bravest person they’ve ever met?

“You’re really brave, Sakura.” Kakashi said, hand ruffling her pink hair.

She scowled at him but smiled. “You’ve always picked yourself up and tried harder, I’m proud of you.”

The Pinkette blushed at that and looked away from his gaze. “Shush.”

60) Who has an adorable sneeze and who sneezes so aggressively they pull a muscle?
-Sakura: adorable -Kakashi: aggressive

Kakashi took in a gasping breath before he exploded, sneezing so hard Sakura wondered if he coughed his throat up.

“Ow,” Kakashi winced, his neck muscle popping loud enough for her to hear.

“Jesus, you’re going to snap your neck off!” Sakura said in horror.

“Can’t help it.” He shrugged.

61) Who wants to have sex at work and who is terrified of getting caught?

“Come on, no one will know.” Kakashi said, lips ghosting against hers.

One of his favorite fantasies was taking Sakura on his Hokage desk.

“Kakashi we can’t.” She tried, but his lips were moving insistingly against hers, clouding her vision.

“Shh, just trust me.” He said, hands slipping beneath her shirt. “It’ll be quick.”

62) Who smells the hell out of the other’s shirts when they’re away but pretends that they don’t?

She’d never admitted but when Kakashi was away on a long mission she’d go to sleep in his shirt. They always smelled like him and made her feel safe and secure.

63) Who is majorly ticklish and who is the tickle-attacker?
-ticklish: Sakura -tickle attacker: Kakashi

“No no no no!” Sakura screamed when his fingers pinched her sides, “stoP, STOP, HA HAHA, KA- KAKASHI NO!”

She thrashed and screamed, body shaking with laughter as he continued tickling her sides.

“Say I’m the coolest guy in konoha.”

“you- you’RE THE COOLEST GUY IN KONOHA STOP HA…haha, you’re so childish I swear.” She let out a huff when his hands retreated.

“Ya love it.” He winked.

64) Who greatly exaggerates being sick every time they feel even a little poorly just so the other will take care of them?

“I’m dying.” He whined

“Its just a flu you’re not.” Sakura promised.

“I think I’m gonna pass out.”

“You’ll be okay.”

“I’m so dizzy,” Kakashi groaned.

“It can’t be that bad.” Sakura said, a little worried now.

“Don’t leave me please.” He said in the cutest voice he could muster.

“I have work pumpkin.” She told him.

“No, stay.” He insisted grabbing her hand.

Sakura sighed sitting back down next to him and brushing his hair out of his face. “You really are a big baby.”

65) Who remembers what the other one always orders at a restaurant?

“I’ll have, two pasta -white sauce- one with broccoli and mushrooms and the other only with broccoli, and cheese.” Kakashi told the waitress who nodded and left.

Sakura raised an eyebrow at her date. “You remembered how I liked my pasta.”

He looked sheepish. “Yeah…”

66) Who reaches for the other one’s hand while walking?

As they strolled down the streets of Konoha, couples passed them, being cute and mushy.

Feeling a little jealous, Sakura reached out to hold the silver-heads hand.

He raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment, choosing to hold her hand tightly instead.

She smiled at him.

67) Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it say?)

Kakashi opened his bento to find a note next to his rice paddies.

‘packed with love ♡

see ya tonight,

Kakashi couldn’t help the grin that spread over his face. Damn, he loved this woman.

68) Who wakes up first?


"Rise and shine,” Sakura singsonged ripping the sheets off her husband.

Kakashi moaned flipping over to bury his face in his pillow, and ignored her.

“Kashi~” she said playfully, drawing ticklish circles on his bare back.

He shivered making her giggle, and climb on top of him. The Pinkette started pressing soft kisses between his shoulder blades and he let out a content sigh. “Alright I’m up, I’m up,”

The Pinkette grinned in triumph, climbing off him.

69) Who falls asleep while watching a movie?

“You fell asleep again!” Sakura whined, nudging Kakashi awake again.

He yawned and murmured, “sorry, I don’t like movies.”

Sakura sighed switching the TV off and snuggling up to him. “Cuddle me.”

He smiled and pulled her into his arms, resting his head on hers. “Sure.”

70) Who’s prone to wearing socks indoors (or to sleep)?

“How can you stand sleeping in socks,” Sakura said in disbelief.

Kakashi shrugged, “I have cold feet.”

71) Who’d give their child sweets behind the other’s back?

“Thanks dad!” Misaki grinned taking the chocolate piece out of her dad’s hold.

“This is your third one today Misaki, don’t tell your mum okay?” Kakashi warned his daughter gently.

“Okay!” She cheered running off to join her brother at the swing set in their garden.

72) Who would discreetly pinch the other one’s butt in public?

She reached over, quickly, discreetly, and pinched his butt cheek.

Kakashi yelped, his face flushed in embarrassment, “what was that for?!”

Sakura burst out laughing, “you’re blushing! Ooh, I’m so doing that again!”

Kakashi sent a pleading look to the heaven’s above.

73) Who cooks at 2 in the morning?

“I smell food.” Kakashi said walking into the kitchen, still half asleep.

“Thats because I’m cooking.” Sakura chirped.

“Cooking what?”


“I’m hungry.” He mumbled rubbing sleepily at his eye.

“Join me.”

74) Who wakes the other in the middle of the night to tell about the cool dream they just had?

“Kakashi, pssst,”

“Sakura? What is it?” Kakashi mumbled, tossing around tiredly.

“I had a dream that we could fly!” She whispered excitedly.

“Mhmmm,” Kakashi mumbled absently, drifting back to sleep.

75) Who likes to take photos of the other when they’re not looking?

He snapped a quick picture of her side. She looked so beautiful staring out of the window, pink hair bright in the sunlight and skin glowing.

Kakashi smiled at the picture, he’d never get tired of looking at her.

76) Who sings in the shower and who secretly enjoys listening to it?

Sakura heard him muttering lyrics under the sloshing sound of water and smiled, he probably thought she couldn’t hear him but she could.

Sakura grinned, imagining him singing into the shower head and giggled to herself.

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He Chooses Another Girl Over You (Part 4)

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       Harry: You walked back into the flat with the groceries quietly and set them down on the counter before leaning back against the fridge and sliding down to the floor, it was there that Kellan found you a mess. “(Y/N)…” he started standing above you and holding out his phone where a picture of Harry kissing you surfaced the front page of the Sun. 

          “I bumped into him at the market, he-he kissed me,” you stood and Kellan nodded, “That doesn’t change the fact that you let him, (Y/N) if you aren’t happy please tell me.” you sighed and wiped your eyes before taking Kellan’s hand and leading him into the bedroom where the both of you laid on the bed, your hand resting on his stomach while his arm cradled your waist. 

        “I never stopped loving him,” you confessed, he didn’t reply. “It’s so wrong of me to want the very person who broke me, the person who didn’t give a damn where I ended up because he had another woman beside him, yet he was the first man I ever loved, truly, and I wish I could love you the way you love me.” he sighed and wiped a tear from his face. 

         ”I guess…I can’t really blame you. I love you, but if Harry is the one you think will make you happy, then I can’t take you away from him, but you better make sure he damn well deserves you. I meant what I said in that interview, you are one of the most incredible people I know and I couldn’t picture my life without you in it.” you smiled and felt your tears staining Kellan’s shirt. 

      “Thank-you, for everything, you taught me that I was able to love again, and for that I owe you everything.” he smiled down at you, “We can still be friends, and until my movie is done, I guess we can live together.” you nodded and kissed his cheek, now was the hard part, talking to Harry.

    His POV: I sighed and walked over to my empty flat, I shouldn’t have kissed her, but she didn’t kiss me back, and feeling my lips on hers…felt so right. I scrolled through my twitter feed on my laptop until I came across the Sun’s newsfeed and clicked on the picture, it was (Y/N) and I…kissing. I panicked, yes I still loved her but I didn’t want to exploit her for being a cheater. I dialed her number, 

          “Hello?” she answered, for a moment her voice calmed me down and almost made me forget why I was calling until I was brought back to reality, 

       ”(Y/N)..it’s erm Harry,” I mumbled, a pause, “Hey,” she said casually, 

     ”I’m sorry for what happened today in the market, The Sun found us and our picture is all over Twitter I didn’t mean to I’m sorry I just couldn’t stay away from you, please tell Kellan that I kissed you, I know you didn’t kiss me back and-” she interrupted, “Harry…it’s alright, Kellan and I- we um..we aren’t together anymore, it’s not your fault, we just, we realized we were different people. Don’t worry about the picture ok? As long as I know the truth, I’ll be fine, get some rest ok? It’s getting late, goodbye Harry.” A dial tone rung in my ears but yet I could only hear her voice, 

         ’We aren’t together anymore,’  

       Liam: “Well that was interesting, yeah?” Beau chuckled before loosening his tie and throwing it somewhere in the room, you sat at the edge of the bed taking you heels off and smiled, “Yeah…interesting,” you agreed, 

      “You looked delectable tonight,” he winked as he made his way over to you, “how about we ruin that $700 dress,” you sighed, “Beau…I think we should talk,” he raised an eyebrow and nodded.

        “You know I love you,” you started, “Yeah, I know, I love you too.” he replied taking your hand, “But this relationship…let’s face it, is all physical we have sex all the time but we rarely talk at all, I understand you’re busy but I mean, we spend weekends together and all we do is talk about your week or how work was for me, and that’s good but…I need a little more than just casual conversation here and there.” he nodded in understanding, 

     ”So..you’re breaking up with me?” he asked, you nodded slowly, “Yeah, I think I am.” he stood and paced the room, “I just- I mean we- you’re not going to go the the press about this right?” he asked, you laughed and shook your head, “No Beau, just because we’re breaking up doesn’t mean we can’t be friends,” you shrugged. He nodded, 

      “It was fun though right? We had our laughs, and I won’t forget you,” you walked over to him and cupped his face, “How could I ever forget you? You’re someone who showed me a beautiful and passionate relationship and still, we can be best friends.” he smiled, “So…no sex tonight?” you laughed and rolled your eyes. You were sad to let go of Beau, but in the pit of your stomach you felt butterflies as you thought of Liam’s words, ‘you’ll be mine again’. 

      His POV: I sighed and threw my blazer on the bed, where Charlotte was texting away. “Didn’t see you tonight,” I mumbled, she sighed, “I got tired, went for a drink,” she replied, “You couldn’t stay for the awards?” I asked, she made a sound, 

         ”Sorry, ok? Congratulations on your award or whatever, now come to bed, it’s getting late.” I unbuttoned my shirt and laid it over a chair before taking a seat and unlacing my shoes, 

       ”Can you believe that girl? How does a girl like her land someone like Beau Brooks?” my head snapped up, “What do you mean?” I asked, she sat up, “Well obviously he must be blind or something, she’s not cut out for fame, she’s unattractive, slutty and just completely in way over her head to think that someone like him could love her,” she rolled her eyes, I glared  

      “Charlotte, get out.” her jaw dropped, “Excuse me?” I crossed my arms, “You heard me, I don’t think this relationship is working,” she scoffed, “May I remind you that you left your ‘girlfriend’ for me? I’m the one who should be kicking you out!” I sighed, “You know what, fine, I’m staying with Zayn tonight, you can take a taxi to the airport tomorrow and when we get back to England I want your stuff out of my apartment, we’re over.” All while I was talking to Charlotte I packed my duffel and took my room key, before charging out of the room. 

         ”Whoa mate, careful there.” Beau laughed a suitcase in hand,  

     ”Early trip home? Where’s (Y/N)?” I asked, he smiled sadly, 

     ”I’m leaving, (Y/N) is coming to Melbourne to get her things later, we um, had a falling out.” he murmured. My eyes widened, “You two are…” I trailed off not wanting to make the wrong assumption, “Yeah, we broke up.” I nodded, unable to process what had just happened. “I think you’re gonna need this more than me,” he whispered before slipping something into my pocket before taking the lift and saluting me with a smirk. I reached into my pocket, a room key. 

    Zayn: You felt tears streaming down you face before you wiped them away furiously whilst walking towards your car. 

      “Wait…(Y/N),” Ansel sighed, you turned to face him, “Did you mean what you said, about the ten months being the happiest moments of your life?” he asked, you nodded, “Before I met you, Zayn and I were kind of a controversial thing, we got together quite quickly after him and Perrie broke up, I thought we could be happy together but I was wrong.” Ansel stopped walking, 

       ”You love him,” he stated, you shook your head, “No! No…I don’t, I can’t, he never loved be back.” you stated, he nodded, “Just because someone doesn’t love you back, doesn’t mean you can’t love them unconditionally,” Ansel brought you into his chest and you cried, “Everything was a lie, and now he has her and he’s getting married,” he kissed the top of your head, “I know, and I don’t blame you for loving him, maybe we were in over our heads about this relationship, I do love you, and I know…I guess I’ve known for a while that you love him, I think it’s best that we go our separate ways.” You nodded and looked up, “Thank-you, I love you too,” you pecked his lips softly and he smiled, “Goodbye, (Y/N).” he backed away slowly before turning his back and walking away. 

    His POV: I asked for another drink but Andy shook his head at the bartender before slipping him some money. “I’m fine…another please,” Andy sighed, “C’mon mate, let’s go home.” he slung my arm over his shoulder, “Love me…” I trailed off, he sighed, “Mate let it go, you’re getting married soon right? She’s in the past,” I yelled and shook his arm off of me, “No! She’ll never be in the past, I love- I love her, I don’t want to get married and I don’t want Perrie. I never wanted Perrie, I was in love with the idea of Perrie, but she’s not…she isn’t (Y/N). (Y/N) is the one I let go, and I was a damn fool for it,” I turned around to walk back down the road but before I could take a step, there she stood, 

           ”Zayn,” she sighed. 

     Niall: “What about this one?” you smiled as your twirled around in the dress, Cristiano smiled, 

      “They’re all beautiful, but nothing can compare to you.” you smiled and gave him a kiss while Jr. laughed and hid behind your dress. Everything was how it should be, you had the man of your dreams, a beautiful little step-son and a beautiful wedding in a few months. It had been a little over three months since you last saw Niall in the parking lot of the football arena. What he said, rang through your mind everyday but you couldn’t bring yourself to tell Cristiano, you loved him, you were truly in love with him, Niall had hurt you but had made it so easy to fall in love with Cristiano. 

       ”What are you thinking about?” he asked, you smiled, “Nothing, just how happy I am to be with you,” he smiled too, “Meu amor, there’s something I have to tell you.” you nodded and let Jr. be taken by his grandmother, 

        Cristiano sat the both of you down, “It’s…it’s Irina,” you gulped fearing what was coming next, “I…I just-” you sighed and smiled, “You still love her,” he nodded slowly, refusing to make eye contact with you, 

      “I know what you mean, Jr. misses her as well, I love you…I love Jr. I have no resentment towards Irina, she’s the mother of your child, and how can I reverse that? You’ve shown me happiness, you have given me more than I could ever ask for, and it’s to that I owe you so much more than gratitude. Cristiano,” you took the ring from your finger, “Go to her, you deserve undying happiness, and that is something you can find with her.” you took his jaw between your thumb and index finger and kissed both of his cheeks before he brought you into a hug.  

        “I will always love you meu amor,” he smiled, tears hiding in his eyes before he gathered his things and walked out of the dress store, his mother with Jr. walking behind him. Even though you weren’t engaged anymore and you ex-fiance had just confessed his love for his ex-girlfriend, you couldn’t help but feel content, you had done the right thing. 

     His POV: I stood and watched as Cristiano walked out of the dress shop, twirling something in his hands…a ring. I know keeping tabs on (Y/N) probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, and it probably made me look like a psycho ex but…it was now that I felt it was worth it, they were over. 

     I walked into the boutique and looked around, (Y/N) was standing there in the back of the shop still examining her dress, and she looked gorgeous. Before I could think about what I was doing, I was moving closer to her, until I could see myself in the reflection of the mirror. 

       ”Gorgeous, white was always your color,” I mumbled, she looked up from the dress and into the mirror before turning around to face me, 

        “Hello princess,” 

  Louis: “Flight 307 boarding in 5 minutes, the speaker announced, you sighed and pulled your charger from the outlet, “So was it awkward?” Leo’s voice broke you from your thoughts, “Erm what?” you asked, he sighed, “I was hoping you’d be honest with me, I saw him go into the bathroom after you.” you opened your mouth to protest when he beat you to it, “I don’t care what happened in there…I know you still love him, don’t kill me but I’ve read your journal and I don’t doubt that you love me, but I also know it’s possible to love two people simultaneously.” you hung your head before speaking, 

      “I didn’t think I would ever love Louis again, but seeing him so…broken, just made me feel like the shittiest person, even if he was the the one who made us broke up. Louis was the first person I ever loved, and I think he may be the only one whom I will ever love for…well maybe forever.” he smiled, “I understand, I just wish maybe we could’ve worked too, but we’re still friends, and I now know what it’s like to date someone…incredible.” you let out a laugh through your tears and pressed your foreheads together. 

        “I’ll see you around (Y/N),” you smiled, “You better call me the next time you’re in town,” he turned to face you and shot you a wink before boarding the plane, you waited until the plane took off before driving home…to Louis. 

       His POV: Zayn brought me home and soon after left me to myself. Seeing (Y/N) with Leo gave me a bit of a wake up call. I saw how happy she was with him, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she often thought of me how I thought of her. 

       I opened the blinds, washed the pile of dishes and decided to tidy up as well, there was this small sliver of hope that maybe (Y/N) would learn to forgive me someday and maybe even take my advice and stay, but I knew the chances of that was slim to none. 

       Before I was about to head out to buy groceries I heard a knock at my door, thinking it was Zayn I walked over and opened it, 

      “Look mate I said I was fine alright so-” finally I looked up, 

       ”Hey Louis, mind if I come in?” she asked, her nose red and eyes puffy, I shook my head as if I didn’t believe she was really here, 

        “You came back.” 

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Cartinelli 22 (BTW I'm probably going to flood your inbox sry)

[22: “two miserable people meeting at a wedding” au]
I’m sorry this took a little while, I hope it’s okay though!!

The thing is, Angie has always felt that weddings were a little ostentatious.

It was all very well and good wanting to proclaim your undying love for another person, but did it really need to be in front of so many other people?

She’d always felt a little like an intruder sat amongst the crowd of people watching an exchange of vows. It seemed so private, so intimate. Angie always felt as though she should look away.

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