let's get drunk and tell each other everything

when isak told kollektivet he was moving in with even and noora would get her room back eskild was like ‘my nose will be grateful to smell the scent of lavender again’, but as the date comes closer eskild starts to get really sentimental and keeps telling anecdotes of isak secretly living in the basement, of being sweet to everyone, little things that he would miss about him and isak is a bit embarrassed but mostly touched. then when the day comes and they’re standing outside the building about to drive away with the van, eskild hugs isak and doesn’t want to let go, just clings to him and isak has this soft smile on his face when he says ‘that’s enough eskild i can’t breathe’ but he hugs eskild back just as strongly and whispers ‘thank you for everything’ and eskild is like ‘nope we’re not saying goodbye, i don’t want to cry it’d ruin my mascara… so worry not isakyaki i’ll be bugging you all the time since you’re still my little baby gay son and even though you lucked out big time with this one (he nods at even), i still have things to teach you so better invite me to your housewarming party’ and isak rolls his eyes but tells eskild that first they have to get basic furniture bc so far they only have a mattress and eskild is like ‘that’s all you two will need the first few days to christen your new place’ and he winks at even over isak’s shoulder and isak tells him in a flat voice ‘why would you think we haven’t christened it already’ and eskild lets out a delighted little laugh and smacks a big kiss on isak’s cheek and tells him ‘when noora and eva first showed me your picture and asked me find out if you were gay or when i found you in a gay bar drunk and in denial i wasn’t sure what i was getting myself into but over the months i started to see the sweetness and love underneath all that grumpiness and now you’re moving in together with your sunshine of a boyfriend thus making me the proudest guru in the history of gay gurus. and just an advice, i know even and you tell each other everything but seriously isak maybe should clear your browser history once in a while’. 

and then eskild lets go of isak who is still kind of processing what’s been said and eskild blows a kiss and goes back inside. and only when even parks the van outside their new apartment does isak exclaim and ‘wait what?’ and he immediately dials eskild’s number ‘what do you mean noora and eva showed you my picture? and i told you i didn’t know it was a gay bar, eskild!’ and even just smiles to himself and starts carrying their things up and when a few minutes later isak is about to cross the threshold, even is there to meet him with a long and sweet kiss and after they break apart even only murmurs ‘i love you baby but you seriously need to clear your browser history’. isak furrows his brows in confusion ‘what do you mean?’ and even tells him with a grin ‘i think jonas borrowed your phone today for something and he got the shock of his life when you saw what we googled the other day… you know the thing where you put your tongue up my-’ and isak covers even’s mouth before he can say it, feels his face go all blotchy pink ‘jonas saw that? and you’re telling me this just now? wait is that why he couldn’t look me in the eye all afternoon?!’ to which even just grins and shrugs his shoulders. and isak is all indignant ‘even, you should’ve told me! i can’t face jonas after that! and don’t even think there will be any christening tonight!’ but with all those endless kisses even makes him forget all about his embarrassment and in the evening when even has fallen asleep next to him isak gets a text from eskild ‘you know if for whatever reason you ever needed a place to stay i know a 5* basement that is always open to grumpy little gay sons’. isak never answers the text but he falls asleep with a smile on his face.

you remember now.

huge thanks to @justholdinghandsok for helping me, as always.

It’s hard to remember all the moments of your life. You know there were plenty of good, happy and funny memories that you wish you could keep in your head. Sometimes they are being crowded by all those sad moments that bring tears to your eyes. And suddenly you forget what your favorite flowers smell like, you can’t recognize the nice taste of black coffee and you don’t know what it’s like to fall asleep in his strong and protective arms. You get lonely and scared and you don’t remember what it feels like to be happy. Suddenly, you remember the moment of pure suffering and you’re afraid it will come back when you don’t expect it.

David is standing next to you, you feel his scent on your body, he softly touches you, he’s smiling at you and he’s the most adorable man you’ve ever met on this planet. You want to melt in his arms, you want to feel his scent forever, you don’t ever want to go away. You don’t know him that much but you feel like you know all of him. And honestly, you can’t wait for  all those years you’re about to spend with him. You know he isn’t just another co-star. You know you will never forget him. Somehow, you already know that he’ll be a huge part of your life and that it’s never gonna change.

An interviewer asks the question and you barely hear it but you slowly start falling for david’s soft voice. You hear him say your name and you know you’re in love.

“I’ve spent more time with Gillian than anybody in my whole life, I could say, aside from my parents. I guess, you know… you gotta be careful… somebody could get hurt…” he says and keeps looking at you, you can feel it. You’re smiling but deep down you’re scared because you know he’s right. You know somebody will get hurt. And somehow, you’re so sure it’s gonna be you. So you smile and mouth “me”.

From that moment, you pray every night that it’s not gonna be you.

But it is. When he breaks up and you find out he’s getting married - that’s when you know it. That’s when you find out what it feels like to have a heart ripped out from your chest. You stay in your trailer for some time and you cry your heart out, and you wish you didn’t feel any pain. You wish you didn’t feel anything at all. You want to leave the show, leave the country, get away as far as you can, so you don’t have to see his face. So you don’t have to talk to him.

It hurts even more when he doesn’t realize how much you’re suffering. When he comes to your trailer and talks to you like nothing happened. When he plays with your daughter and falls asleep with her in your bed. When you don’t have the heart to wake him up and throw him out and you end up on your uncomfortable couch where you used to spend hours kissing him. It hurts so damn much when you realize you can’t hate him after all. And you’re stuck with him forever.

When you meet him after a few years, you know he’s changed. He has two children now but his marriage isn’t doing well. You can see he isn’t happy. He’s slightly depressed, a little bit lonely and so tired. You think he may fall asleep on you when you read lines for a second movie. At some point, you forget about the damn aliens and you talk about your lives. You tell him you’re trying for another baby and he says he’s getting  divorced. Even though you know he’s gonna hurt you again, you want to do everything you can to ease his pain. So you kiss him, you let him use you and it feels so damn good even if you know it’s  bad.

You both realize that you can’t live without each other. He calls you at night and he’s drunk. He’s begging you to leave Mark and give him another chance. He apologizes for all his mistakes, he takes the whole blame and he promises you the world. Your heart breaks because you know you’re not strong enough to resist him. You try and try again, but you know he’s right - he’s the one for you.

You don’t even realize you’re crying. You’re sobbing quietly while trying to remember why you fell for him in the first place. What was it that brought you together?

He comes back to bed and freezes for a second, looking at you crying. you smile weakly and swipe away the tears like you want to assure him nothing’s going on. But he knows better. He sits and holds you in his arms. But you cry even more. He doesn’t have to say anything - he loves you and he’ll stay until you stop crying. He’s never gonna leave you again.

“I’m scared David” you whisper, and your voice, just like your whole body, is shaking. You look into his eyes and he frowns. “I keep forgetting all the good memories and all I remember is the pain. I remember how you hurt me and I’m so fucking scared you’re gonna do it again.”

“Do you honestly believe I’m going to hurt you?” he asks softly, and you don’t know. “I hope you can see I’ve changed. I know I’ve hurt you more than anybody else and I know  I’m the biggest idiot in this world. I honestly have no idea why you’re here, why you forgave me and  why you gave me another chance, but God, I’m so happy. You’re my happiness, Gillian, and this is it for me, I’m not backtracking, I’m not leaving you ever again. I love you too damn much to do it again. And you feel too good to be lonely again. You have to believe me.”

“I believe you” you say but you’re still crying. You don’t even feel like ever stopping. “But you’ve said that once already, and you left.”

“I don’t regret marrying Tea and having kids with her.” he says, seriously. “But God, I regret hurting you and breaking your heart. I’ve started regretting it the moment I left you, back then. I truly loved you and I never stopped. Seeing you suffering was the worst thing I could experience and I wanted to kill myself for doing that to you. But I chose to deny everything. I’ve decided to act like I didn’t care, while I was slowly dying inside. Gillian, I know I don’t deserve you, but I’ve learnt my lesson and I know how much I love you. And I can’t lose you again because it would kill me. please don’t leave me.”

“That’s the thing David, I can’t leave you. I never could” you kiss him hard on his lips and you smile against his mouth. “I don’t know what’s that but there’s something about you that drives me crazy and I can’t leave you despite how much I’m suffering. I think I’m addicted to you.”

“Then we’re in this together” he tells you and kisses all the tears away. “And even if that’s gonna kill us, we’re in this together. you and me, okay?”


You remember now. You remember all those good and happy moments that you’ve spent with him. You wonder how you knew all those years ago that you were going to get hurt but then you think that you haven’t realized he’s been suffering too. And maybe he’s right that this addiction called love is slowly killing you but you’re in this together and there’s no other place you’d rather be.

anonymous asked:

Being Eric Harris' friends younger sister and him having a crush on you :)?

You’d be Brooks sister and also the main reason Eric had not killed Brooks yet. Though he would consider it at some time point cause he would be able to hit on you on Brook’s funeral but then again that strategy wasn’t so good after all….

Anyway he’d eventually try to befriend Brooks. Being closer to Brooks would mean being closer to you.

Brooks always warning Eric. ‘Stop it dude, she’s my sister!’ ’I’m serious Eric, stay away from her.’ ‘Goddamit don’t stare at her like that, you’re practically drooling!’

Eric would try to be at Brooks house as often as possible, stealing little glances and just watch you doing little stuff around the house.

He’d make small talk with you before Brooks came in and pulled you out of the room again.

One night Brooks would throw a party and you’d be there too although he had told you to not leave your room. You’d drink alcohol and end up drunk in a corner until some guys would come and try to hit on you. Eric would be there too (obviously) and when he’d see that he’d go on the rampage, pulling you up to your feet and carrying you to your room again. He’d spend the night with you instead of partying cause you did not feel good and he would not want to let you alone.

After that night you both would make more than just small talk and finally get to know each other.

Brooks would desperately try to mess everything up. Telling you that Eric just wanted to have sex with you and telling Eric that you were secretly a lesbian or some shit like that but it wouldn’t work….

He would have to witness you both falling in love.

But eventually when Brooks realized how much you liked each other and that Eric would treat you like a princess, he’d give up and let you both be, knowing that his friend would make you happy.

And of course situations like this, you not locking the door and Brooks coming in when you were on your knees, sucking Eric off.

‘Fucking Harris!’

Eric would have about two seconds left to pull his pants back up and run before Brooks would get his father’s gun.

Living with calum would include 

If he choose to take your relationship to that level it would be so important bc he loves you more than life and you’ve seen every side of him and accept him and love him and he’s so cautious about showing too much of himself but with you he could show you his whole heart and never feel bad and you to connected so much emotionally, mentally, physically, intellectually and spiritually that you are his “home” and now it’s time to make it literal 


“babe c'mere” “What calum" 

"Does this batter look right to you" 

spending nights in getting drunk with each other 


"I dare you to have sex with me" 

random ass movie nights where he refuses to let you sit anywhere but on his lap 

Sitting in front of each other on the bed talking about everything

singing around the house 

coming up behind you while you’re washing dishes after dinner with his arms around your waist pulling you into him 

"Forget the dishes come to bed with me baby”

Jokingly calling each other husband and wife 

Telling his friends “the wife’s making chili tonight I gotta go" 

Mini arguments bc your clothes always end up on his side of the closet

”(Y/N) where’s my shirt?“ 

"Which shirt?" 

"You know….that one shirt”

Him eying your nail polishes 

Peaceful nights in where you two just bask in each others presence with /somo/ playing in the background 

Him vocalizing and harmonizing to the runs 

Laying in bed and he’s bored so he just hooks your leg over him so he could massage your ass 

Watching competition shows like project runway and disagreeing on the outfits 

“Cal no those pants are ugly" 

The other clinging onto the other while they try to get ready

Waking him up by squishing his cheeks 

Him grabbing your wrists and mumbling "you’re so annoying” with a sleepy smile 

 It’s grocery day now get up" 

Him grabbing your hips as you try to get out the bed “I really love you" 

This was so bad but I’d started it months ago and I just found it in my notes and decided to finish it