let's get drunk and talk about fictional characters

Good ways to characterize Demo without resorting to the “drunk cardboard cut-out”

Okay lets face it as much as i’d like him to be demo can’t be the star of every fan fiction. Sometimes, he will be a background character, and a common and oft talked about fact of the tf2 fandom is when he gets relegated to “side” demo just becomes a walking drunk joke

so, even if you can’t give his character the nuance it deserves in your fic, i’ve compiled a bunch of different of his characteristics you can boil him down to without making him like every other painful-to-read demoman

  • Family Man- Demo is really invested in his family. He takes time to care for his mother, and obviously misses his father dearly. It could be something he talks about openly with his team or not, we’re never shown for sure, but that is something that can have a lot of potential. Especially with stories with themes of family or found family
  • Loves His Job- Demo loves explosions. He’s proud of his skills, and (like every other member of the team save for pyro) has been shown to be confident in them, if not downright cocky. Engie likes to tinker, Heavy likes his gun, and Demo likes to blow things up. It can be as simple as having him do something like that when he appears “on-screen”
  • Self-Esteem Issues- In his meet the team video, it’s show that he’s not always sure of himself, especially when he *is* drunk. Although, it’s important to note that these issues revolve around his eye/appearance, and not about his skills. If you absolutely cannot think of any other way to put Demo in your story besides focusing on his drinking, remeber this. Some people are “happy/affectionate drunks” some people are “angry drunks” but when Demo drinks he gets very sad, sappy, and emotional.
  • Interest In Occult/Mystical- Here’s a more rare one, but certainly the most interesting. With a world as strange and nonsensical as the TF2 universe, there are plenty of opportunities for Demo’s expertice might come into play. Need someone to give exposition on why exactly everyone has a bird head this morning? Demo’s your guy

hopefully you take something away from this, and I see lots of different and varied demomen in the future!

Important Reminder for AU makers (so you don’t mess up?)

Hello everyone now this is a completely unexpected message I decided to make to any AU maker who would like to incorporate AU CREATORS in their own work.

Just a bit earlier today I found a parody of an already existing story where I appeared, and I was used as the background of Ink’s character (Ink’s mom, actually. which is the complete truth haha). Thing is, for the sake of the story, I was portrayed as an alcohol/drug addict who was rather violent and contemptuous. (don’t you worry tumblr user who made that AU, keep being amazing and making good work<3)

Now this isn’t based from actual facts (I WOULD HOPE SO), but this is complete fiction. You might ask, then what’s wrong with it then? And I’d answer, you’re right, what’s so wrong about doing fiction based on people?

That’s where it’s a bit alarming.

You’re using actual people for backstory.

I wouldn’t really mind people portraying Ink as the most vicious, dark hearted of characters, for the simple fact that… he’s a character. AND I let free interpretation. But that subject, well. I was honestly conflicted about it at first, to say not really alarmed, but when I asked to my friends what they thought about these kind of cases, they told me that this was absolutey wrong. And I kinda realized that yes, using my name to make a backstory around a character without perhaps considering that I am a person with my own life, my own problems, with feelings, maybe I could’ve taken this interpretation terribly wrong, maybe I could’ve been offended, hurt, reminded of terrible events that occured in my life- just. Please, for the sake of the artists you would like to include in your alternate universes, go talk to them FIRST or use common sense, you should not let your fiction reach such an extreme level.

I’m not even talking about my personal case (frankly, I’m chill, I don’t get angry for these things), but for everyone.

Don’t blame yourself if you did that mistake. Just please, don’t forget that behind the character you adore, there’s a person. It’s like saying you love Markiplier and afterwards you make an AU of him being abusive with his friends, being drunk and violent for your entertainment just because he is an image. And it’s even easier to corrupt MY image- you never saw my face, you don’t know my age (also imagine portraying me as a drug addict/alcoholic if I was a minor that’d be worse and you could get in serious trouble please save yourselves sweeties), you can create anything you’d like around me whatsoever. And that’s- that feels wrong. Stick to the characters please. And don’t go too extreme on that either.

Even if it looks appealing for your story, just don’t do anything without consent from the creator. Even if you don’t get any answer. Do yourself that favor. <3