let's get a divorce

lance is the type of person that after marrying keith would point it out to everyone

  • “have you seen my husband
  • “look it’s my husband” *excitedly points towards keith*
  • “my husband bought me this” *points to cool looking scarf*
  • “i can say my husband because we’re married
  • “can you believe i married such an amazing person”
  • “my husband has a mullet but he is rocking that mullet”
  • “oh my god i can’t believe i married someone with a mullet”
  • “keith lets get divorced”
  • “no wait lets not i love you too much”
  • “dont leave me”
  • “we’re married”
  • “bound together for life”
  • “the eternal bonding moment”

and keith is just there smiling because 

  • “i married a dork”
  • “holy shit i’m married!!”

The war changed Molly’s perspective on what she wanted for her children. 

She no longer imagined them all in the same heteronormative life she had led herself. She loved them, and wanted nothing more in the wake of so much death and destruction than for the remaining six to come out of their respective traumas, standing tall and happy in whatever life they chose for themselves. 

It’s sort of weird how the plots of Harvest Moon games have toned down over time- like in BTN/64 your farm could get taken away and you’d game over, in ToT the Harvest Goddess is like literally dying, AWL you straight up die no matter what, Harvest Moon DS you have to solve a murder mystery in 2 years or you get shot by Thomas, Island of Happiness the island implodes if you don’t raise the happiness levels of the villagers and you’re eaten alive by shadow people, FoMT you escape to the city after letting your son get run over and after your wife divorces you, only to have your other son get kidnapped, forcing you to follow convoluted morbid clues to find out that he’s slowly being drowned to death in a gutter

But Trio Of Towns you’re just after your dad’s approval with no time limit

Roses 🥀

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Request: Imagine Jax finding roses on his ex-wifes counter when he goes to pick up their son.

This is the one I struggled with so much. I had it all planned in my head like a fucking movie but when I tried to write it i forgot all words. lol. I hope you guys like it. 💕


“You look very pretty mommy.”
You smiled down at your son, who was watching you lovingly from his spot on the bed.
“Thank you baby.”
After one final coat of mascara you stepped back and looked at your reflection.
Not bad.
You were just lifting your favourite perfume when you heard a knock on the door.
Abel squealed in excitement and you laughed.
“Why don’t you go let daddy in?” You suggested as you sprayed yourself with the perfume.
He hopped off the bed and ran to the front door while you finished getting ready.


The front door swung open and Jax grinned at the sight of his son, bouncing round excitedly.  
“Daddy!” He squealed.
Jax leant over him and pressed a kiss to Abels forehead. “Hows my boy?”
“Good!” Abel giggled.
He took hold of Jaxs hand and dragged him inside.
Jax pushed the door closed behind him and looked around the house.
“Mommy getting ready?” Jax asked.
“Yeah, she looks pretty daddy.”
Jax smiled and ruffled his sons hair. “She always does.”
Something in the dining room caught his eye and he let Abel run over to his crayons while he stepped into the room.
In the centre of the dining table was two dozen perfect red roses, wrapped delicately in white tissue paper and sitting in a tall vase of water.
The flowers were huge and dramatic, a grand gesture of romance and Jax wondered who was sending his ex wife such gifts.
Jax glanced back in the hallway and when he found it empty he stepped closer to the table.
Next to the roses sat an envelope and he lifted it carefully and slid the card out.
He checked the hallway again before reading the hand written note inside the card.
‘A little something to let you know you’re on my mind, always.
I can’t wait to see you tonight. x’

He frowned as he read over the note and couldn’t help the pang of jealousy that coursed through him.
He read over it once more before sliding the card back into the envelope and placing it back where he had first found it.
Abel ran back into the room, a picture he had drawn in his hands.
Jax inspected the art, an expression of admiration on his face as Abel beamed up at him and he tried to stop the thoughts form running through his mind.
For three months now you had been divorced, and before the papers were finalised you had been separated for the better part of two years. So why was he jealous?
This wasn’t the first guy you had dated since him, surely. But Jax had never seen it. You had always kept your relationships private, not even letting your dates meet Abel.
None of them had been serious, just casual flings to fill the hole in your heart.
And its not like Jax hadn’t been with other woman.
All he had to do was ask and he could have a dozen girls in his bed.
So why was this wave of jealousy washing over him? Why now, after all this time, did he feel sick at the thought of another man being with you. You, the woman he had loved for so long.
The mother of his child and the love of his life.
The decision to divorce had been mutual. You loved each other, of course you did, but somewhere along they way and amongst all the chaos that surrounded him the two of you had lost the spark. There was no real fighting, no bad feelings towards each other. You had wanted him to move on and be happy and Jax had wanted the same for you.
But now the idea of it actually happening scared him. Maybe a part of him still hoped that you would find your way back to him one day.
Abel giggling brought his mind back into focus and he pushed the thoughts out of his mind.


You chewed on the side of your lip and looked at your reflection in the full length mirror once more.
It had been a long time since you had been on a date and after inspecting your outfit you finally felt more confidant.
You wore a black off-the-shoulder dress that hugged you in all the right places and ended a couple of inches above your knees. Your hair hung loosely down your back, with a few strands framing your face. After watching several make-up tutorials on youtube you had achieved the look you were going for.You had perfectly groomed your eyebrows and perfected a smokey eye with a sharp wing of eyeliner. Tonight you had gone for a fairly simple pair of false lashes, long and sleek rather than dramatic. A thin layer of foundation and a light blush and you were done, leaving your lips fairly natural to draw all attention to your eyes.
You took a deep breath and smoothed down your dress.
Not bad. You thought to yourself with a final glance at your reflection. You quickly slid into your heels and left the bedroom, feeling slightly guilty to have left Jax waiting.
You walked elegantly across the hallway and joined them in the living room.
“Wow momma!”
Jax looked up at Abels words and saw you smiling at your son. He gulped, his previous feelings only becoming stronger as he took in your appearance.
“You look amazing.” Jax said, his voice soft and sincere.
A blush came to your cheeks and you rolled your eyes. “I always do.”
Jax chuckled and nodded in agreement. “You do.”
You smiled and ruffled Abels hair before moving to the sofa and reaching for your handbag.
Jax couldn’t help but watch as you leant over the sofa to lift your bag and his breath caught in his throat as the dress rode up your thighs slightly.
You swung your bag on your shoulder and checked the contents, making sure you had everything you would need before turning back towards Jax.
“Thank you for taking him.”
“Anytime.” Jax smiled. “Big date tonight, huh?”
He hoped his question sounded casual and by your response he knew he hadn’t been caught prying for information.
“Something like that.” You said with a shrug.
“He picking you up?”
You shook your head. “Said i’d meet him there. Its still early days.”
Jax nodded, knowing that you wouldn’t have wanted Abel to meet him just yet. “You wanna ride?”
You looked at him and laughed. “My ex husband and our son dropping me off for a date? I think I’ll pass.”
Jax chuckled and stood and placed his hand down on Abels shoulder.
“Well better not keep the guy waiting.”
You knelt down and pulled Abel into a hug before kissing his cheek softly.
“Be good for Daddy. I love you.”
“I love you too Mommy.”
You straightened and smiled at Jax as he gently moved Abel towards the door.
“Have a good night, darlin.” He placed his hand on your waist and leant in,pressing a kiss to your cheek.
“Thank you Jax.” You smiled at him and he nodded before walking out of the house, Abel in front of him and his backpack in his hand.
You watched them leave with a smile before grabbing your keys and heading for you car.


“Afternoon, lass.”
You smiled at Chibs and kissed his cheek before Abel wrapped his arms around his legs.
“‘Ello little man.” Chibs chuckled and ruffled his soft blond hair.
“Jax around? He asked me to meet him here” You asked, scanning your eyes across the Teller-Morrow lot.
“Aye, he’s inside.” Chibs nodded towards the clubhouse. “I can watch Abel for ye.”
“Thank you.”
You smiled and waved at Tig and Juice who were leaning against the office smoking.
This morning you had received a text from Jax, asking you to meet him at the clubhouse this afternoon.
You hadn’t thought much of it, assuming he wanted to let you know he was heading out of town for a few days and wouldn’t be around. It was a Sunday afternoon and the sun was shining down warmly as you walked across the lot. It was so warm in fact that you wore your denim cut off shorts and a white tank top, your hair piled on top of your head in a messy bun and converse on your feet.
Jax was sitting at the bar when you entered and he didn’t see you you come in.
He had a cigarette pressed between his fingers and a beer in front of him as he hunched over a notebook.
“Hey,” You called across the room.
Jax looked up and smiled once his eyes found you. You walked up to him and he opened his arms.
You stepped into them and pressed a friendly kiss to his cheek before sliding onto a barstool next to him.
“Thank you for coming, darlin.” He slid off his seat and stepped behind the bar. He reached into the refrigerator and pulled out a beer and handed it to you.
“What did you wanna talk about?” You asked as you accepted the beer.
Jax took a deep breath and walked back to his stool, trying to find the words to start.
“I keep thinking about the other night.”
You frowned and tilted your head to the side, your eyebrows furrowing together. “At my house?”
Jax nodded and ran his hand through his hair before looking at you.
“You’ve been seeing this guy a lot.”
“Yeah, thats usually what happens when you date someone.” You said.
Jax smirked before his face turned serious. “Is it serious?”
“Jax, what is this about?”
He sighed and ran his hand over his face. “I saw the roses on your table.”
You watched him as he spoke and when he didn’t continue you frowned. “And?”
“And it made me jealous. I know you’ve been  with other guys but I didn’t know you were going to get serious with anyone.”
“Jax we’re divorced. I can-“
“Let me finish.”
You paused but nodded, allowing him to speak.
“I spent the last few days thinking about you. When I signed those papers I never really thought about you being with someone else. Really being with someone else. It was selfish of me but I always thought we would end up together and seeing those roses and how.. happy you looked made me realise that that was never going to happen.”
He paused to check how you were taking this and when he saw your calm expression he continued.
“I didn’t know how to be a dad and a husband without sacrificing the club. I know now that what we had.. It cant happen again. I love you so much (y/n), I do. But I know that me wanting you to wait until Ive figured out how to do this is selfish. I know that now.”
You watched him closely as he spoke, watched the raw emotions in his eyes.
He had been your everything once and you fought back tears, determined not to cry as he opened up to you.
“Im sorry that I didn’t appreciate you when I had you, (Y/n). You were a good old lady, a good wife. You’re a good mother. You deserve to be happy and Im not going to stand in the way of that.”
You smiled, unable to stop a tear from escaping and rolling down your cheek.
You stood and wrapped your arms around him, burying yourself in his neck.
He held you close and stroked your back as you gathered yourself.
“I love you, Jackson.” You whispered.
He smiled and nodded as you pulled away. “I know.”
You wiped your cheeks and sat back on the stool, taking a much needed swig of your beer.
“But if this guy hurts you, I swear to god I will kill him. I already know where he lives.”
You groaned, but your eyes were playful and a smirk appeared on your lips.
“Why you gotta ruin a moment like that?!”


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what do u think about naru//hina and sasu//saku ?


starting w sa/susaku:

its bad its just… bad. back in 2014 when i wasnt even into naruto i just read ch 700 to see how it ended and i was genuinely fucking shocked they ended up together because its just… bad

from sasukes end, he never showed any interest in her! sure, he cared about her - in part 1, and even then as a clearly platonic teammate that he finds annoying and tends to be misunderstood by. in part 2 naruto is the only person from konoha he showed any attachment to whatsoever. i wouldve even believed a sas/ukarin ending before sakura - that wouldve still been like, awful, considering, you know, the murder attempt. but it wouldve imo made more sense lol because at least shes separate from konoha. 

and theres ofc the fact that because of sasukes lack of interest in sakura, he treats her cruelly. i dont know if hes ever really as out of line as people say (the genjutsu was weird bu hes a ninja w/e. the only other time he tried to kill her she tried to kill him, etc etc) but it definitely isnt the basis for a fuckin. romantic relationship

not to mention the fact that sasuke is RIDICULOUSLY gaycoded - like obv theres baiting w sns, but sasuke specifically is portrayed as devoid of interest in women and significantly more ‘feminine’ than naruto at various points. this is a part of the general naruto trend of femininity = villainy, but u know. so like, pairing him w a woman in general is… well.. bad. 

for sakuras part, she is always reduced to less than she is in the presence of sasuke, often by her own choice. she seems intimidated by him, right down to the very end, where she goes from a vocal aggressive girl to sad and begging to go with him. being around sasuke for sakura means not growing, and thats awful! i would argue this extends to men in general, and is why i prefer a lesbian reading of her, but tbh i wouldve been quite happy w a na/rusaku end

additionally i think she treats sasuke fairly poorly as well, at least thru most of their interactions which are in pt 1. the way she idolizes him is dehumanizing, and contributes to the way sasuke is so often treated as a desirable object which continues to traumatize him. its worth it to mention she is THIRTEEN at this time, so ofc her feelings are shallow and immature, but i dont think holding them up as… good and romantic, is a good thing. right down to when she tries to keep sasuke in konoha, she goes at it from a selfish angle. its not good!

ideal sas/usaku dynamic is platonic friends who work through their differences and the ways theyve harmed each other to reach a level of understanding, tho never romantic bc thats weird now.

and now na/RUHINA

tbh this ship makes me so sad bc like. i rly liked it as a kid! it was my favorite! and as an adult reading naruto i expected to get to the end and hate sa/susaku but at least be happy w NH. but it sooooo disappointed me

mostly theres… no development for it? theres brief scenes here and there but theyre all based on hinatas childhood crush. her feelings arent allowed to mature to a real and genuine love because shes not given any actual time spent with naruto. she hardly knows him! he hardly knows her! for a believable romance, i want more missions where they go together, where they WORK together!

thats a big part of it too. hinatas feelings were based in naruto encouraging her to be a ninja, to break past her weakness and that she could succeed too! and yet, once shes with him, shes relegated to being his housewife and seems to not be an active ninja anymore. which is? such bullshit? 

and like… naruto loves so fully and honestly in everything he does, the way they try to paint him being confused about caring for hinata is deeply upsetting to me. hes shown the realest and truest heart in the whole series! thats! the point!

and this applies to both ships: i dont like them because im not convinced that theyre happy, and i dont think kishimoto is even TRYING to convince us that theyre happy. naruto is exhausted and never spends time with his wife. sasuke hasnt seen his wife in a decade and doesnt seem to care, even though hes in active correspondence with naruto. sakura and hinata love their children, yes, but seem to be allowed little else despite their childhood ambitions of more. and its! sad! let them get divorces!!!!!!!! thx for coming to my ted talk

a concept:

  • percy, very drunk: gods, i could just marry you right now
  • vex: we’ve been married 3 years percy
  • percy: let’s get divorced and do it agai n 
  • vex, gently patting his cheek: i appreciate the sentiment darling but that seems extremely impractical
  • percy: f cku practicality i love yu o

Why not ask Rick to take him to the Jerry Daycare? It’s a place entirely dedicated to keeping Jerrys content and well cared for, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a price associated with it, some Jerrys were just abandoned. Jerry could just live there instead of washing his underwear in a sink and eating shitty microwave dinners.

I’m not going to be able to get over this now I thought about it. Did everybody else forget about this? Does Jerry not consider this an option for some reason?

Daddy’s Lessons

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Previous Parts

A/N: This part will be quick. I want it as more to move the story along since it doesn’t necessarily involve Calum.

     You sat at your father’s kitchen table with a tired look on your face. There was a blanket wrapped around your shoulders and a cup of coffee sat in front of you. You had passed your “I don’t give a fuck” phase of partying and staying out late to drink. In fact you had crashed. Crashed so hard that you had to get away from everything. You ended up leaving town and went to go visit your father out of state. The sounds of your father’s footsteps coming down the stairs was loud and you glanced up from your stack of pancakes to give him a timid smile. You had arrived during the middle of the night unexpectedly. It was a day after you had told Calum you wanted a divorce. You weren’t sure how you found yourself on your father’s doorstep, but there you were sitting on his porch with a duffle bag and nearly falling asleep. “Good morning Princess,” your dad mumbled, sending a kiss to the top of your head. 

“Morning,” you mumbled, lifting the mug up to your lips and sipping on the brewed mixture. You hummed in comfort at the vanilla taste and closed your eyes to soak it in. The sounds of a chair scrapping against the floor made you open your eyes and they connected with your father’s. “So you wanna tell me what’s going on?” he questioned, grabbing some pancakes from off another plate to place it on his own. He paused for a second before reaching out for the sausage. “Or should I just wait for the tabloids to post about it?” His eyebrows rose up at the question and you silently shook your head. You sat down your cup and then let out a deep sigh.

“I’ve decided to get a divorce,” you told him in a quiet voice. Tearing your eyes away from him.

“Why?” he asked through a mouthful of food. You licked at your bottom lip and sucked in a deep breath to stop yourself from crying. You refused to cry over this situation. Your father had always taught your to be a strong little girl. He had made you into a soldier and told you never to cry. 

“Calum had an affair,” you slowly said, letting the words soak into both you and him. “I had given him a second chance more so a warning and yet he still continued to cheat,” you continued on, “So um after much thought I decided we should get a divorce.” You finally looked up to catch your dad’s eye and the expression on his face was hard to read. He sat back in his chair and rubbed at his facial hair. You could already here what he was about to say. 

“Do you remember what I said to you when you told me about how you and Calum were talking about marriage?” your dad asked. You shook your head. It was so long ago.

“I’m still a bit hungover to think back that far,” you sighed, rubbing at your temples.

“I said: Baby girl, he’s playing you, he’s playing you,” he had put emphasis on the last three words making you look down in shame. Your dad shook his head and he took a gulp of his orange juice before standing up and heading to the mud room. 

“Oh come on daddy!” you whined out, already knowing what he was going to get. He walked out the room a second later with his gun in hand. 

“What I tell you? That boy is too much like me when I was his age-I know how they think Y/N!” he exclaimed, looking in some drawers for some bullets. “I should’ve spoken up during the wedding. I told that motherfu-”

“What’re you gonna do? You can’t shoot him!” you sighed, swiping the box of bullets away from him. 

“Why not? He basically shot you,” your dad said, carefully setting the gun down on the counter. You rolled your eyes at his words and let out another deep sigh. You didn’t come here to rile your father up and make him want to kill your soon to be ex-husband. You came here because you needed some type of advice. Fatherly advice about a man you loved who was tearing you into pieces. “I tried to protect you from men like him-men like me,” he rubbed at his temples and then turned to look at you. “So you’re getting a divorce,” he repeated your words from earlier. 

“Yeah,” you whispered.

“This is what you really want to do?” he asked this this time. You went quiet at his words and began to chew on your bottom lip in thought. When you had made the decision to get divorce it was only an idea and you had blurted that idea out of anger towards Calum. It wasn’t until you had said the words out loud that it became real for you.

“I don’t know anymore,” you whispered, “What do you suggest? And don’t say kill him.” 

“I suggest you do what feels right. If divorce is what you want to do then go for it, but it looks to me like you’re having doubts,” your dad said. How could you not have doubts. You were wrestling between your heart and your mind. So far your mind was winning the race, but your heart was still affecting everything. 

“I love Calum,” you mumbled, tugging at your hair. “I love him with all my heart, but I can’t sit by and be disrespected. Practically every one of our mutual friends knew Calum was cheating. I was so blinded by love to see he was screwing me over-screwing someone else behind my back and humiliating me in the process.” You sucked in a deep breath and began to pick at your food. “I fucking love him,” you scoffed in anger. This irritated you to the fullest. You weren’t sure what to say after that. You father rolled his eyes and then looked down at his gun. 

“Fine I won’t kill him, but I suggest you think this all over before calling the lawyers,” he told you. You nodded in response and gave him a small smile to show you were still holding on strong.

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Seeing Csers talking about how Regina never faced consequences for her actions and stole Emma's story from her and I'm just....how? How can they not see the unbelievable hypocrisy there?

Dude, I’m not even a Regal, and it is a fucking mystery to me as well. (Even more so when they say it about Rumple, which they do, because Regina’s consequences tend to be more open ended while Rumple’s are almost always literal punishments for stuff he did.)

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

I mean, even setting aside that the only “consequences” Killykins has faced have lasted literally a total of two episodes (usually no more than 72 hours)–we have seen Regina ONSCREEN for the last four seasons almost constantly (and in S2 often) accepting blame and trying to make up for what she did. Most of S6 was summed up in the line “What you did…what I did.”

And as for “stealing Emma’s story”–even if Kitsowitz hadn’t been describing the show as “the savior meets the evil queen” since S1, even if you’re so unable to analyze storytelling mechanics that you don’t see the show has always had four protagonists (Emma, Regina, Rumple, and Snow, though she was de-emphasized after S3), well. There’s someone who started off the show as a fairy-tale queen with powerful magic who was Henry’s custodial parent, and there’s someone who didn’t, but ended up that way at the end. The former is not Emma, and the latter is not Regina. If ANYONE can be said to have stolen the other’s story, it’s Emma to Regina. (They also constantly complain about the Snow/Regina relationship while a) pretty much hating Snow for not fawning over Killy till S6, and b) being too stupid to realize that all of Emma’s relationships were damaged IN ORDER FOR her to have to depend on Killy. Regina’s not to blame for that.)

Standard Procedure 1/3

For Trek Fest 2017

Characters and Pairings: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Prompt: Is there a chance to get a new McCoy x reader story? <3 A soft story, where McCoy realizes, that he is in love with the reader. ;) (from @alternative-nerdgirl, Thanks!!)

Summary: McCoy thought he was married to the job. But when he meets you, he can’t seem get you out of his head. And oddly enough, you can’t seem to stop thinking about him either.

Word count: 2113 

Triggers: description of a wound/accident

A/N: So this is a reader insert, technically, but I’ve tried to focus on Leonard’s POV more in order to better address the request. I think it worked? Also, I have no medical experience, and it’s been years since I’ve worked in a lab (and even then, I was running tests on plant stems and roots, not blood or whatnot). I just kind ad-libbed the lab stuff based on my own lab experience.

Also, this got completely out of control (please send help), so there will be a Part 2 tomorrow, which I will queue up for 12:30 CST.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Stockholm Syndrome//H.S. Part. Four

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Summary: Oral Sex.

Series Warnings: Violence and Sexual Situations, possibly triggering content. 

Word Count: 902

Word Density: “Down” and “Noel”

Part One./Part Two./Part Three.

“Breaking news! A man by the name of Harry Styles has been reported missing. Family and friends have reported his absence, saying he has been M.I.A for almost three weeks now. His wife, Noel Styles, has been obviously distraught by her husband’s absence. She’s only made two statements since she reported her husband missing, stricken with grief and fear. The distraught wife reports that they got into a physical altercation and he left without a trace. Since then, he has been missing. The police are at a standstill due to the lack of evidence and witnesses.That’s all we have for now, all we can do is pray for his family and hope  that Harry returns home.”


Somehow I’ve gotten used to being down here. I’m still chained up, but it’s not so bad anymore.

Noel’s visits here become more frequent and she’s been giving me a bit more freedom. The other day she unchained me while I was unconscious.

Somehow this secret level of the house was already modeled to be some kind of livable space. It might as well have been another room in the house. It’s cozy down here, but I’m still terrified. She put a table down here so that we can eat together. She usually handcuffs my legs and one of my hands so I can’t leave. I can’t complain though. I know not to push it.

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Consequences - Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x Reader ; Jared x BFF!Reader

Warnings: Language, drinking, unexpected pregnancy, talks of abortion, implies smut, drunken one-night stand, poor birth control decisions (If you are on the pill, please remember to take it around the same time EVERYDAY or it will lose it’s effectiveness)

Word Count: 3945

A/N: This was written for Ravengirl’s 1.5K Follower Challenge @ravengirl94. My prompt was “We need to fix this before it gets worse. I really don’t want to hear about it for the next six months.” Literally right at the end. This story kinda got away from me and I have more to come with it. Like another part or two. This was nearly 4000 words and that was like only half my outline oopps. Sorry no explicit smut this time just wasn’t feeling it. Congrats on your followers’ girl, sorry this is late but I had to figure out where to split it. No beta and feedback always wanted and appreciated. P.S. No hate towards Danneel, this does mention Jensen getting a divorce, lets pretend it was amicable and they are both happy.

Summary: After a drunken and heated one-night stand with Jensen, you are left with an unexpected consequence. The situation only worsens when your best friend Jared gets involved and the public forms their own opinion.

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Mere Speculation

Part Five

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: Jughead digs deeper into the new girl’s past to understand her connection to Jason Blossom

Warnings: Mentions of death, infrequent swearing

Part One

Jughead spent the night researching all the boarding schools in the state. He read newsletters, combed through websites, looking for any trace of (Y/N). He had checked twenty-seven different schools before he found the one. He had got frustrated and simply Googled her name. The search led him to the website of an art gallery. (Y/N)’s work had been displayed there for a month after she won a state-wide competition. The art itself was amazing. She had managed to capture the movement of everyday scenes in her paintings. Jughead felt that just by looking at a painting of a busy city street, he could hear the noise of traffic and smell the pollution from the cars.

The article told him the name of her old school, which he found was a little over an hour’s journey by bus.

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Your response about not talking bad about your ex was beautiful and inspiring. I know it is centered in raising healthy kids, but It seems like there is still some love there. Could you guys ever get back together? Do you feel like your experience of coming from a broken home has shaped your response now?

Thank you.
This is a question I can’t really answer publicly without giving too much away.

I can say this: in my opinion, when you put a ring on someone’s finger, you commit to being their family. The vows you make: in richer and in poorer, in sickness and in health, etc… those vows are to become a family. You don’t give up on family. If you’re unsure, don’t get married.

In the same way that I would never stop loving my son or daughter; I would have never given up on my wife. My vows were sincere.

With that said, I would never go back now.
It seems like I’m contradicting myself, but there is so much that I have to leave unsaid.
There are many things I haven’t even shared with Megan.
If we didn’t have children, I would lay it all out there, and you would understand.
I can’t though.

You’re right that my parent’s divorce is what made me terrified of divorce.
I experienced it as a kid does, so I have the same fears for my kids that caused me grief as a kid: splitting holidays, awkward graduations and baseball games, stepparents and step siblings. The new marriages were still flawed. And the step parents’ exes are also a struggle in different ways. We never had a home base for holidays. These things have deeply affected all 9 of us.

I voiced these fears, but Megan was certain that we were the exception, and that we wouldn’t let it get ugly.

My parents divorce wasn’t ugly though. It was sad. It was embarrassing, but it was never cruel.

Now I’m experiencing divorce as an adult. OMG… I never expected this. The grief I had as a kid is nothing compared to what this has been like.
There is so much that kids don’t experience because their parents protect them from it.
I’m partially grateful my parents kept me from this, but also frustrated too.

Everyone should know what they’re doing when they get married. Everyone should know what breaking those vows feels like. What coparenting is really like.
This is why those vows should mean something.
I don’t know if I can ever forgive her for breaking those vows. I was once so confident that I had made it in life. Starting over with two kids and a broken heart feels impossible. Cutting someone out of your family, after you’ve had their kids together, is bullshit.

I should stop ranting. I’m getting heated.

Please though, don’t get married if you don’t love someone. Don’t make vows that you won’t keep. You’re the only one who gets to walk away from that unhurt.

IMPERIAL // Shanks x Makino, in which Shanks comes home with a ‘stache. (I blame @saessenach for this)

“She’s not gonna like it.”

“No? I think she might.”

“You’ve seen it, right?”

A snort. “I’d have to be blind not to. I wager you could see it from Dawn now. Like a signal flare.”

The little island sat on the horizon in the distance, cheerfully unawares under the bright midday sun drenching the deck, a warmth of gold and salt-kissed sea spray as the prow cleaved through the water.

“She might not mind all that much,” someone said, after a lull.

“A thousand says she won’t let him touch her before he shaves.”

“I’ll take that bet.”

“My money’s still on her liking it. Boss always had a beard. She didn’t seem to mind it before.”

“If you want to call that a beard, sure.”

“It’s more than what you’ve got.”

Now it is, yeah. Sea’s tits, I swear that thing gets bigger every day.”

“I know. I can’t stop staring at it. It’s like it’s pulling me in.” A beat, and then, “Given the size of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a magnetic field.”

“You know I can hear you, right?” Shanks asked from across the deck.

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