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Road Trip (Negan x Female)

Summary: Negan’s wife feels cooped up inside the Sanctuary’s walls, so he takes her on a little trip. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 2,870

Warnings: Smut, shitty pick-up lines, swearing, NSFW

Author’s Note: This fic was written for @backseat-negan‘s writing challenge. My prompt word was ‘Road Trip’ which are two words, but we’re not gonna talk about that. Shhhhhhh.

I’ve been suffering from such bad writer’s block lately, but I’ve noticed that the more sleep deprived I am, the more I write. So I had 5 hours of sleep yesterday and I typed up this whole thing tonight. I wasn’t even gonna write smut, but like the trash that I am, smut happened. Oops.

Please let me know what you thought!

Big thank you to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic and for leaving hilarious reactions to it. 

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If you haven’t listened to this song…do it. If you haven’t listened to The Internet…do it.

Dontcha - The Internet

What if I’m crazy in love with you?

it’s the last day and im super emo, super happy we managed through this shit and super proud of everyone! also im skipping bonus day since my lazy ass still hasnt written anything for my multichapter and that’s sad

you can call it PART 3, after days 4 and 6 apparently im too big trash for this au lmao

DAY 7: “It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.”

What if I’m crazy in love with you?

Luna loves early mornings, she really does, especially since she can wake up next to her Matteo. Maybe it’s six am and she has a class in two hours, but so does he; if he drives her she is gonna make it getting up at seven. Sixty minutes of cuddling if he doesn’t decide to have a shower is perfect picture right now.

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The night air feels so good against my skin. Almost ten months of near complete isolation from friends, outside, and reality has left me in awe of just how long these stretches of road really are; it reminds me that a world exists outside of the one in my head that I so easily retreat into.

Over 1000 miles to start- lots of time to think. I’m nervous to put trust in a plan like this, especially given my last long journey. But sometimes life gives opportunities I know I would regret not taking a chance for.

I won’t let my past experiences ruin an opportunity to find meaning in some place, some sight, some one, anything. Maybe it’s naïve optimism. But I’d like to think of it as a triumph to be able to honestly believe there is still always going to be something good worth sticking around for and that there will always be memories just waiting to be made.

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Kettle Corn ( Jun fluff )

Summary: What’s worse than being left at a fair alone? Being left at a fair alone when your ex spots you. Until a mysterious brown haired boy comes to your rescue. 

Length: 1,958 words

Type; fluff I guess?

A/N: sorry again for being gone so long y’all! especially if this sucks lmao.

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Feet hurting, and face turned down as your legs shifted your weight under the beaming summer sun, barely enough space to move around, your trip, you decided as you breathed in a long sigh as you examined your place in line, kind of fucking sucked.

“We’ll be right back! Swear!” They had all chimed in, and you had nodded sweetly, insisting you’d keep all their places in line while they went to go get some drinks.

But that was 30 minutes ago, and you had barely moved up 3 places, and your bangs and clothing were starting to stick to your forehead.

You groaned into the chatter and commotion going on around you, unsure of what to do ever since your phone had died a while earlier, and you were starting to wonder how long the line for the drinks really could’ve been.

“This is bullshit.” You mumbled, staring out in front of you at the passing fair goers, your feet stomped in a line for a roller coaster that only seemed to get bigger and longer in front of you with every second.

Your toes hurt cramped into your sandals, and you were 10 seconds away from giving up your place in line and just calling it quits, letting them find their own place in line as you moved some of your hair from your forehead.

But then that’s when the sweet smell of kettle corn and the soft ride music and background screams of happiness faded as you scanned the crowd, the color in your cheeks from the heat fading as you made eye contact with the last person you’d thought you’d see.

You wanted to hide, jump into the nearest trash can for cover, do something to look less pathetic than you did, abandoned and irritated as the boy you used to spend all your time with, the boy you used to call your lover, walked right towards you, new skin and hair and lips walking right next to him.

You felt yourself get cold despite the heat outside, and couldn’t tear you eyes away as his scanned the line, not even noticing you yet, before his made contact with yours, and you winced as he smiled and waved, and began making a beeline for you and your small fair panic was turning into an episode.

“Fuck.” You grumbled, turning your head from side to side as you pulled out your dead phone to look busy, hoping he’d just pass you by, but it seemed like it was going to pan out differently as you heard his familiar voice call out to you not too far away, and you cursed yet again as you looked up to see him a few feet away, the girl still smiling sickly sweet next to him as you shoved your phone back in your pocket, fake smile in place.

“Y/n, is that you?” He called out, causing you to roll your eyes at his question when he was only a few feet away. But you smiled again nonetheless as they closed to small gap and joined you in your lonely spot in line.

“Yeah it’s me.” You deadpanned, lips upturned in an uncomfortable position as they both stared at you but you tried to look ahead.

“Are you here all by yourself?” He asked, his head turning to the side in mock sadness as the girl next to him placed her hand on her heart and leaned forward.

“Do you want us to wait with you? I don’t mind, it makes me so sad when people have to wait alone.” she began, her lip pouting out, and you turned and looked at her pointedly, eyebrows quirking up at her statement as she still smiled in some type of triumphance.

Your ex switched his gaze between her and you as he started to talk again.

“We’re just saying y/n, it is a bit weird to be here all alone and-“

And right when you were seconds away from throwing a tantrum in the middle of the line, you felt an unfamiliar arm snake up to your shoulders as you snapped your head to the side of the feeling, almost screaming in surprise as you glanced at a tall body connecting to you, before his eyes made contact with yours, winking and shutting you up as he squeezed your arm and turned you towards your ex.

"Baby I’m sorry I left you here so long, those lines at the bathroom are so long.” He began, the stranger still keeping your mind wheeling as you blinked into the line in front of you as the strangers cologne filled your nostrils instead of the fair smells.

“Oh, who are these people? Are they trying to cut in line?” The brown haired boy asked you, nodding his chin toward your ex and his girlfriend as you blinked up and gaped at him like a fish, before you heard your ex’s voice speak up in an unfamiliarly hostile tone, causing you to turn back abruptly.

“Wait, who the hell are you?” He spat out, causing his girlfriend to tilt her head to the side at him as you widened your eyes and glanced back to the boy as the sun played on the tips of his brown hair, his deep eyes and pointed nose pulling you in as you couldn’t stop staring up. He smirked a tiny one at the guy, before pulling you even closer and leaning in, his voice smooth like honey.

“Me? I’m her boyfriend, if it’s any business of yours.”

You could sense the odd tension that buzzed around in your small little bubble as your ex stared with his eyes bearing into the stranger, who still had you close as you couldn’t decide who to focus on as your fingers played with the hem of your shirt.

“Boyfriend huh?” Your ex deadpanned, looking at you now for an answer, and you tried to sputter one out quickly, you let it get this far.

“Y-yeah, he’s my boyfriend.” You squeaked, subconsciously moving closer to him and away from your ex as he leaned in and examined your face with squinted eyes.

“I can tell when you’re lying, y/n, remember?” He smirked at you this time, and you became even more shifty eyed before the superman stranger came to your rescue yet again as he moved you further away from the boy, his eyes squinting back at him.

“Well, if you don’t believe her, maybe you’re not as good at reading her as you thought.”

Then it was a staring match, as both the boys watched each other as the crowds around buzzed with excitement that you could barely register versus when you were suffocating under it a few moments earlier.

“Yah, let’s go oppa.” The girl on his arm began to pout, sweating a bit under the sun and suspicion growing from the two boys as she squeezed his arm to get his attention and snapped him out of his trance, as the boy who had wrapped you around him spoke first.

“Yeah let’s go, wanna go see if I can win you that pink kitty plush down there?” He asked you, eyes glinting as you stared up, holding onto him like it was already a habit.

“Y-yeah.” You mumbled, and feeling him whisk you away as your ex stared back at you as you removed yourself from the line with the new boy, head shifting back to look at him as he never took his eyes off of you, not even when you rounded the corner and disappeared into the crowd a few seconds later.

But then the second he was out of sight, you suddenly became more conscious of everything that just happened, and the arm that was still holding onto you.

You stamped your feet in the ground suddenly, almost throwing yourself forward with all the force you pushed out, as you stopped right in front of an empty booth and shook yourself free of the strangers hand lightly and looked up at him; eyebrows furrowed as his face stayed calm.

“Hi.” He mumbled after a few seconds of you staring and people passing by, suddenly looking a bit sheepish and shy, starkly contrasted to his previous demeanor, and your feelings softened.

“Uh, hi.” You were sidetracked by how soft his voice suddenly was, and you quirked an eyebrow at him, and he looked desperately like he wanted to run away as his fingers came and wrapped around his arms as he took a step back.

“I-uh, I’m sorry, I just, saw you like, you looked uncomfortable, I thought maybe I could help but-” he cut his own self off, shuffling his hair with his hand as he still looked anywhere but you, the crowd zooming past suddenly not even playing into focus.

“Y-you don’t know me though.” You said, it was more a statement than a question, and you brought your fingers up to your lips in curiosity as the boy lightly watched you and peeked up at you with little glints in his eyes.

“N-no, l-look I know this is weird, I’m sorry, I’m gonna go-” he began to move away from you, but against your own accord, your arm shot out towards his, grasping at the skin as you stared up at him as he sucked in some air.

“I-I don’t-you don’t have to go.” You mumbled, eyes meeting his as his shook a little, your mouth closing in surprise as you saw his open mouth turn up into a surprisingly sweet smile.

“I don’t?” His voice sounded warm, a contrast to the cold demeanor his voice had taken on earlier. You removed your hand in slight surprise, unsure of what to do with it as it dropped.

“I-I mean, if you don’t want to go” You felt your cheeks flush, the bustling of people and smells behind you causing you to feel dizzy, at least you tried to convince yourself it was that.

It was quiet for a while, at least between you both, as your previous bravery had weened away and the boy with the messy brown hair blinked his eyes.

“Wanna go get some kettle corn?” His voice wrapped you up, picking you off your feet as you breathed in lightly, already smelling the promised snack as it intermixed with his worn off cologne that beckoned you faintly.

“I-yeah.” You mumbled, shaking your hair out as he smiled something small, his arm grasping as your hand that had accumulated some sweat, but he didn’t seem to care.

“My treat.” He spoke, pulling you forward as you found yourself smiling in the smallest way, the whirls of people around you a blur as you stumbled ahead with him.

He stopped abruptly, your feet nailing into the ground as you narrowly missed bumping into his shoulder, his head turning back to you rather quickly, like an afterthought.

“I’m Jun, by the way.”


Pretty name suits such a pretty girl.”

And he whirled you off again, the sound of laughter and munching tickling your ears as you automatically drifted towards him, your new friend, Jun, as the sun seemed to get a little less harsh as he held your hand, pairs of suspicious eyes following your backs as you began to talk of kettle corn and terrible exes, as Jun, your new savior, looked at you with shining eyes that reflected brighter than the fair when the sun went down, your hands still intertwined, as soft carousel music and cinnamon tinged air wrapped you both up in a soft new acquaintance that made your heart flutter like the sound of kettle corn popping against the laughter of you both. 

You know what I would like when I grow up. I would like to be the token gay mom of the city. The person you’d go to for advice or to vent or just for a hug and some coffee. Your mom keeps misgendering you on purpose? Sure, come here, I love you, let’s talk it out, here are some other people like you, take this pamphlet to show your mom. Your parents kicked you out because of who you are? You’re staying here if you want, until you can find some place to live. Let’s look at your options now. I’ll be your mom. You have no one to celebrate Christmas with? You’re invited to our dinner party, 8 o’clock sharp. Just, being able to help people who are going through a rough time, especially lgbt+ people, because there aren’t enough resources for us here. 

Never fuck with Duane reade  Yo. I’m really psyched right now. I just found a place to get food in midtown that ISN’T Chipotle or like, $40 for a salad. It’s called Cup & Cup and despite its complete lack of description for what you might eat here, let me tell you this place is a major find. Some appetizers are $3. THREE DOLLARS. Fam, It’s so damn hard to find a lunch that’s reasonably priced out here. The standard has somehow become $10, for a weak tuna wrap and iced tea- like that’s some sort of major deal. I was really desperate for food one day and was in Duane reade. I was peeping those hard boiled eggs, and perusing the sandwich selection. I feel like getting lunch at Duane Reade is the sort of thing you do when you just can’t take it anymore. The latest Nike’s sold out, you have emails coming in like a river; just done. So, like, you just casually drop your goodbye world note on the refrigeration case as you head to the checkout with your salmon avocado roll. What a way to go out. Cup & CupTip: Cash only so have some. Tip: free wifi, could def work here. Doesn’t seem to get overly crowded. Tip: the rice gnocchi is wild. From the sauce, to the texture, it’s all perf. Pricing: Rice gnocchi $3; kimchi fries $3. bibimbop $8 When to come here: to get away from everyone, low key quiet meal, some dope snacks, hearty lunch. Where: 15 E 31 Street New York Times: Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4pm, closed weekends. Phn: 646 398 9990

Shopping, part 2 (Part 1 here(Reader x Maximoff Twins)
Word count:  1166

A/N: This will have to happen in three parts. I’ve started writing it and it’s becoming massive, so I’m going to split it. This is also part of an anon request I got: “Could you do one where you finally earn both of the Maximoff twins respect/trust and you convince them to go clothes shopping since they don’t have a wide variety of clothing in their wardrobes yet?

I love the idea so much! So thanks anon! This three parter is for you <3

Natasha was kind enough to give you a ride into town and to one of the smaller shopping malls. It was busy, but not so busy that it might have terrified the twins for life. Not that they weren’t used to crazy crowds, but you didn’t want anything too insane so they could be comfortable being out with you.

Both the Maximoffs were pretty hesitant about the idea of going clothes shopping, saying that they were okay with what little they had and you didn’t have to spend money on them. They were so humble it broke your heart a little bit and decided to pretty much buy anything they spent too long looking at. Stark would be fine with it. You also decided not to say anything about how it was Stark’s money. He wanted to help, so it would be okay if it was anonymous help, right?

“You kids have fun.” Natasha came to a stop at the curb. “Buy me something nice.” The redhead gave you a smile as the twins exited the car. “Will you be okay on your own with them?”

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anonymous asked:

How do you balance writing for a large cast of characters, or even when you have at least 3? How do you give each of them just enough screen time so that you know they're still there, even if they aren't needed for the scene?? I have a semi-large cast and I find that in some cases, I can't find places to let the reader know that these other characters are still, in fact, there.

I’m a little confused by this question.

Are these main characters and you’re worried about making sure they all have equal importance in the story? If so, then they need to have equal relevance to the plot. Make them all just as important to the main plot as the other. 

Are you worried about just making sure people know those characters exist and will pop up later when they’re relevant to the plot or subplot? If this is the case, trust your readers. We’re not idiots. We know that a character doesn’t vanish just because they’re not in a specific scene. And if you just want to throw a character in who’s not at all important to that scene, it’s a waste of words.

Throwing a character in a scene just for the sake of reminding the reader that they exist is kind of pointless. If that character needs to be in the scene for some foreshadowing reason or something, making a passing comment from the MC when they’re describing the setting will suffice. 

Just as an example:

            As she entered the archway to the Room of Mirrors, her eyes flitted from person to person. Or was it from reflection to reflection? Regardless, eight men stood before her, though she only recognized two of them. Dickard and Cocklin were chatting amicably with one another. Until their eyes settled on her, that is.

In this made up scenario, she could be going into that room for reasons that won’t have anything to do with the two guys she knows. They’re just there. And she knows them. And it’ll help your readers know they were present during whatever else will be going on in the Room of Mirrors.

Your Fave is Problematic: King Arthur
  • Did the dirty with his sister
  • The product of the deed betrayed him and killed him
  • Killed a bunch of babies in order to find said product.
  • He let his best soldier and friend sleep with his wife
  • Wielded supreme executive power because of a farcical aquatic ceremony where some strange woman, lying in a pond threw a sword at him
  • And he also pulled a sword out of a rock
  • Does not know the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow
  • Sent his soldiers on an endless chase to find a dang cup
  • Associated with some cheap conjurer
  • Basically let the place fall to shit because he was in bad mood
  • Ran away like a little girl from some French taunter
  • Allowed Camelot to become a silly place
Is That...Snow?

Summary: Part of the Winter Wonders Idea to Spam the dashes with cute drabbles with @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  Find hers HERE 

I wrote Jared, she wrote Sam.  I wrote Jensen, she wrote Dean.  I wrote Cas, she wrote Misha.

Caught in a blizzard with Jared. Takes place in Austin, TX. For sakes of all those involved, much love to Gen, let’s just pretend she’s happy with someone else. 

Warnings: Fluff, one curse word, sugary sweet fluff

Jared hadn’t been home to see his family in months and when the hiatus rolled around, he packed up, picked you up at your shared apartment, and showed you the round trip tickets to Austin.

“I think it’s time you meet the whole gang,” he pulled you into a heated kiss to stifle your shriek of acceptance.

It was the middle of January, but Jared insisted to pack light, the coldest it ever got in Texas, was nothing compared to Vancouver. After falling asleep on Jared’s shoulder, once the plane took off, he texted his father. 

Just took off. Is everything set? 

Five seconds later the reply came through and he smiled, 

Good to go, Son. Good luck from the 2 of us.

Thanks, Dad.  See you after.

Pulling you closer, Jared himself fell asleep and before you both had known it, the dinging from the overhead intercom alerted you to your final destination.  You were so excited to get off the plane and see Jared’s family that neither of you heard the announcement in regards to the weather. Heading towards the baggage claim, you noticed everyone facing out the windows of the airport, their eyes full of wonder and awe.  You pulled Jared towards the closet one and gasped,

“Is that,” you shook your head, you couldn’t believe it, “snow?”

Someone to your left informed you that the airport was closing due to the unexpected blizzard heading its way towards Austin.  Jared quickly got on his cell to see if he could pull any strings to get a ride out to the house he rented for the two of you, but to no avail.

“Jare?” you looked up at your boyfriend with worry in your eyes, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just…,” he ran a hand through his shaggy hair, “this isn’t how this was supposed to go.”

“Freak blizzard?” you questioned, “You couldn’t have known,” you watched as he checked his cell phone and huffed in annoyance.

“Maybe if I checked the latest text from my dad I would have,” he grumbled an incoherent “fuck”.

“Come on, lets grab some coffee, and find a place to get comfy,” you pecked him on the cheek. Jared, however had other plans. He bought you a steaming cup of hot cocoa and tugged you towards the exit.

“YN, I had the whole trip planned, but mother nature must have gotten wind of it, because here we are,” he shrugged gesturing towards the snowy ground, big flakes sticking to your hair. 

Jared dropped to one knee, much to your shock and awe, pulled your hands into his, rubbing them for warmth, and to calm his nerves. 

“Uh, Jared, what are you doing?" 

You knew very well what he was doing, but here? Now? Then again, you looked up as the snow swirled around the both of you. Yes, you thought to yourself, yes, right here. 

"YFN/YLN, would you be my best friend, my wife, my girl, for the rest of our lives?" 

"God, yes!” you jumped into his arms, plastering a chilly kiss to his quivering lips, knocking him onto the snowy bank. You laughed at the awesomeness of it all, the freak snowstorm, being stuck in the airport, but as you looked at the dazzling ring, you could care less.  You’d be stuck there as the future Mrs. Padalecki.  

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anonymous asked:

Do you have an effective way to keep from crying?

Personally, when I am in a public place and feel like I need to cry and I don’t exactly fell comfortable doing it there. I try to count to five. I let whatever is stressing me to let it stress me out but only for five seconds. Then I try to push it out of my head and not think about it. If I still feel the need to cry, I remove myself from the situation and cry if still needed.

A few things you may want to try:

1) Focus on your breathing. 

  • When you feel the tears coming, breathing in slowly and deeply through your nose, then exhale slowly through your mouth. Doing this will both relax the lump that forms in your throat when you are on the verge of tears, and will stabilize your thoughts and emotions.
  • Try counting to 5-10. Breath in through your nose when you count a number. Exhale through your mouth when you are between numbers. Counting helps you to focus solely on your breath and not whatever is making you want to cry.
  • Even taking just one deep breath can steady you when you are faced with something that makes you want to cry. Draw one deep breath in, hold it for a moment, and then let it back out. In that moment, focus only on the air going in and out of your lungs. Taking this deep breath will also give you a moment to pause before you have to deal with the cause of your sadness.

2) Move your eyes to control your tears. If you are in a situation that is making you want to cry, but you don’t want to show your emotions to others, moving your eyes can help you to control those tears. Blink a few times to clear your eyes of any tears.

  • Cross your eyes or roll them several times. Of course, you may only want to do this when you know that no one is looking at you. Aside from mentally distracting yourself (you have to focus to cross your eyes) it will also physically keep the tears from forming.
  • Close your eyes. Closing your eyes gives you a moment to process what is happening. Closing your eyes paired with taking several deep breaths will help you to calm down and focus on not crying.

3) Distract yourself with a physical movement. When you are on the verge of tears, it is important to get your mind onto other things. Physically distracting yourself is one way to keep yourself from crying.

  • Bite your lip, pinch yourself or squeeze your hands together. Note that you should never pinch yourself or bite your lip so hard that it is truly painful–you should only lightly pinch or bite so as to distract yourself from whatever is making you cry.
  • Find something to squeeze, be it a stress toy, a pillow, a part of your shirt, or a loved ones hand.
  • Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth or up against your teeth.

4) Remove the lump in your throat.- One of the hardest parts of trying to hold in your tears is getting rid of the lump in your throat that forms when something makes you want to cry. When your body registers that you are under stress, one of the ways the autonomic nervous system reacts is to open up the glottis, which is the muscle control the opening from the back of the throat to the voice box. When the glottis is opened, it makes it feel like there is a lump in your throat when you try to swallow.

  • Take a sip of water to release the tension caused by the glottis being opened up. Sipping water will relax your throat muscles (and calm your nerves.)
  • If you don’t have water on hand, breath steadily and swallow slowly several times. Breathing will help you relax, and swallowing slowly will help tell your body that it doesn’t need to keep the glottis open.
  • Yawn. Yawning helps to relax your throat muscles, which means that it helps ease the tightness you feel in your throat when you glottis is opened.

When it comes down to it honestly let yourself cry. Sometimes you just have to let it out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Crying is a completely natural thing that everyone. Really everyone does. Even if you keep yourself from crying in the moment by following one of the steps listed above, you will need to let yourself feel sad at some point. Find a quiet place where you can be alone and let yourself have a good, long cry.

But please remember its ok to cry. It in no way means you are weak. Sometimes it takes more strength to cry and admit something is wrong. xoxo

-Hermit Sam