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i'm kinda liking that they stopped hypocritically hyping us with malec, it's sunday and it's silence from todd and writer of ep 8 on social media, they are so used to bait us with malec that without it they don't know what to do and how to get attention (which is f- sad for the show which has 7 awesome main characters)

I would normally agree to this, Anon. But as I said, right now I am just…whatever.

I think they really got how much they fucked up. (Explaining things that should be shown in the ep to the fandom on twitter…what the actual fuck??? smh) Of course we all know that “Shadowhunters” is not only Malec. Besides (correct me if I am wrong here) I haven’t read/heard a single complain about the “lack” of Malec this season. Because the storytelling and the way this couple had been written felt real and honest. And it all made sense. The fandom may have complained about the marketing team giving away all the Malec scenes, but other than that, all was good.

But when the showrunner claims an episode “Malec Mania” (he did that, not the marketing people over at Freeform!) and now acts all surprised that the fandom is pissed… like….seriously??? And it’s not even about the lack of Malec in that certain episode but the way their scenes were edited and/or written. Why does nobody of them get what the real and big problem is? Siiiiigh.

Then again, apparently including all 7 main characters into your plot seems to be a huge issue this season. Where is the oh so big and promised plot for Luke? And what is the purpose of Simon this season? All his scenes don’t feel very integrated at all to me! Not to mention some other issues that happened but that don’t make me love the show less.

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