let's draw sherlock 2


I am fire - I am death.

It’s done!! TADAAA. 60x30 cm. (pls click on the picture for Hi-res!)
Always wanted to draw such a big artwork and it was so much fun!

When I watched the Hobbit 2, I’ve been so damn fascinated by smaugs appearance and *cough*voice*cough*.
And I loved the scene when he was completely covered in gold and angry as hell x°D (as you can see).

It took me about one week to finish this, but I took my time.
Media I used: Ink, pencils, crayons and after all a little Photoshop :]

More Smaug(lock): Here

Thanks for watching to all of you!!
Enjoy your holidays and christmas and EAT COOKIES!! This is the only time of the year when you can bath in cookies. Do it! >D