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i think some of what you say is interesting, but i also think you're a little overbearing about seeing the good and bad in characters. just let people think of villains as villains and good guys as good guys. not everything in su is that deep, you probably think about this stuff more than the creators do.

i’d like to be thought of as someone who thinks about it too much, so that’s ok. especially in a show where the creators + writers have said there are no villains, which is why i think it’s kinda up to the individual to judge characters, but doing so with the knowledge that seeming antagonistic isn’t damning in this show. 

crew members have often taken the diplomatic road in regards to subjects that are often turned into “good vs evil”, like malachite (”they brought out the worst in each other”), yellow diamond (responding “what did i just say?” when asked if even she didn’t count as an antagonist), and being interested in how every character feels (”peridot and lapis both believed they deserved better than what happened to them, but not jasper. at her lowest, there’s no way she’d accept help, because she thinks she doesn’t deserve it”, “steven’s learned that (rose) could make mistakes - huge mistakes”, “blue and yellow are equals and opposites, and they’re both still reeling from this loss”, and so forth).

i mean… sure, you could make it about me? if you wanna go deep, you could say i see complexities in people because certain life experiences forced me to confront a lot of mixed signals… i’ve seen people who are usually nice and wants to be perceived as good, but also takes their anger out on me, and try to decipher how to feel about them. all of that shapes you… but i’d like to think i get points for trying to understand what the crew means, paying attention to their statements, and judging the show with that in mind. 

idk. maybe i’m totally wrong, and everything should be taken at emotional face-value - i’ve definitely seen the argument that SU runs on “pure emotion” thrown around - but i don’t think so. the show challenges initial emotional reactions, often by reminding you of logic behind actions. things have changed too much. i see a lot more people who have a problem with rose than peridot or jasper now. i think that’s very telling, in how while someone can seem antagonistic or heroic, those perceptions are fluid. i really believe this is a show that wants to tell a fuller story. 

Dishes and A Song- Brady Skjei

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Ok so I hope you guys like this one! I was pretty happy with it! Brady is like a freaking Disney prince I can’t even with him, but I picked a better song so I hope you guys get a laugh out of it! Enjoy guys!

Warning: one cuss word

Anon Request: Could I please request an imagine where y/n lives with her boyfriend, Brady Skjei, and one day he comes home from practice early and hears her singing singing, and he has no idea she could sing, so he freaks out and makes her sing for him?


              You hated doing the dishes.

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And I love writing jealousy things hehe
I hope they’re okay! Some were a bit hard to write for.

• • •


- What is THIS new feeling
- It happened when that guy™ put his arm around you
- He doesn’t really know how to handle it, so he just glares at him for a bit.
- Well, he doesn’t really mean to glare, it just happens.
- Eventually the guy bugs off, to Kiibo’s relief.
- Kiibo eventually tells you how he felt when that happened.
- You tell him you understand and that it’s natural!
- But he’s still embarrassed.


- Inhales
- He pulls you so fast towards him that the other guy couldn’t even lay a finger on you.
- Which, of course, is followed by a kiss.
- Maybe afterwards he gets you a dogtag necklace with your names on it, even if it’s a bit cliché.
- He won’t make you wear it if you don’t want to, though.


- Oh dear god.
- This kid is a maniac.
- As soon as he notices you with some other guy, he bolts straight towards you.
- He grabs your hands so fast you almost swore he dislocated your shoulders.
- “Hey, s/o! You still haven’t shown me that rash you got.”
- The guy gets the message.
- As soon as the guy leaves, Ouma clings to you and DEMANDS lots of kisses!
- And hand holding.
- Maybe he should have an eye kept on that guy…


- Jealousy? How… Ungentlemanly.
- He keeps his composure, though.
- If he gets too uncomfortable with the other guy, he’ll simply ask if you and him can be excused.
- You already know what’s up, so you hold his hand and he leads the way.
- Eventually he explains how he felt, and you understand!


- He keeps cool as well.
- Still, he keeps an eye on the guy.
- When he starts getting too uncomfortable, he just stares.
- Eventually goes up to you and says you two need to get going.
- You understand, and depart from the guy.
- Though, he’s still salty and grabs your waist (if he can even reach it) before glaring at the guy just a bit before leaving.
- Probably mutters about how that guy’s a jerk on the way home.


- This guy doesn’t even really know what to do.
- Though, he’s probably the smartest.
- He joins the conversation!
- Probably even makes friends with the guy?
- Not the smartest?
- Ok Kaito wyd.
- This isn’t exactly as exciting as I thought it’d be.
- But he does keep hands on you a bit more often for good measure.


- Now Saihara IS the smartest.
- He just sits back and lets the guy talk to you.
- If the guy starts getting too touchy, he’ll probably just come up and hold your hand.
- That’s definitely not a recurring theme tf you talking about.
- He most definitely tells you how he feels though.
- You explain that you weren’t exactly comfortable with the other guy either.
- He’s glad to know that you’re both on the same page!
- And he lets you know that if you’re ever uncomfortable, you can text him and he’ll get you.


- He knows you’re beautiful!
- And with beauty comes admiration.
- So he already knows that lots of other men like to gawk at you.
- But… That doesn’t mean he’ll take kindly to it.
- Let’s be real, Shinguuji is intimidating on his own.
- So the guy is already bugging off as soon as he sees him approaching.
- Shinguuji surprised you a bit with a hug from behind!
- That guy is GONE.
- G O N E.
- He doesn’t even need to mention his jealousy.
- It won’t be a problem, unless there’s someone who isn’t scared off by his looks.


soo hi yall ive been waiting to share this; a proper introduction post of myself to all of the studyblrs community💗 i love yall💕

i really like to tell you guys stories so, pardon about anything i write in this, but i hope i could make more friends here💖 my ask and messages always open💞

ok, before that, i write this through my phone so theres no bigger, bold, or italic word(s)😊😊:))

soo, lets get started!!!

my name is Bilfach Rachma Nur Effendi. people call me Bilfach but they often misspelled it to bil-fuck uGh, soo just call me Bilfy instead, lot easier😁 (my friend discovered that name!! she was somehow supporting me when i was doing a sport which i forget what sport and she yelled that name; back to grade 10😀)
i am 18yo, since last November. a true Javanese girl, in a full-of-people island in Indonesia😊 yall have to know Yogyakarta aka my hometown, beside Bali, here is like the second paradise of Indonesia!! if youre planning to come here its my pleasure to be your tour guide!! one week would never be enough to explore all but ive lived here for all my life and i couldnt find any reason to not love this romantic city💖
i graduated from highschool last year, fron a science major and did a cross-major fod university, went to Brawijaya University-International Relations major for like a semester but my depression couldnt handle it😅 pretty much culture shock than ever and i miss home a lot and yeah my parents kinda forced me to take that one and guess i wasnt so happy with it. (anyway i told everyone about this just because, even you have mental ilnesses, yall still can be the best of you, whatever version you want to, you decide you!!) ((well yes i almost killed myself when i was in Malang yes the city of my last university, it was a scary experience, i was so near to death; but then taking a rest and back to your loved is slowly healing me💗 and if you have the same problem as i am, you gotta know that yall CAN DO IT!!! believe me!!))
now im preparing myself for SBMPTN17 (the nationally university test) and UTULUGM17 (the university test by its own), oh and yes i found my passion in my International Relations major!! so yeah im currently on my way to reach Gadjah Mada University-International Relations major😉😉

ok now, who doesnt love Harry Potter??? like how could youuu??!?
lol nah ok im a Ravenclaw (which i actually wanted so bad to be a Slytherin but the sorting hat already decided from 0) but im proud of my house!!
ive a Ragdoll Cat Patronus; and my wand details are 12 and a quarter inches, sycamore wood, with unicorn hair core🐲(i know its a dragon but Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus!!)
and after all, i love movies!!! drama, comedy, romance, sci-fi are the most movies genre ive watched so far!!

i love music!! (who doesnt??!)
i listen to the regular pop, pop punk, pop rock, heavy metal, deathcore, easycore, indie, alternatives and also reggae and sometimes jazz🎶🎶
i love Justin Bieber like since One Time and 5SOS!!! these idiots are getting bigger than ever lol im sad;(
and bands!! i love bands so much!! ive a lot of list of bands to listen but heres a few; Bring Me the Horizon, Our Last Night, Architects, Walls of Jericho, Halestorm, Pee Wee Gaskins, Revenge The Fate, The Neighbourhood, Asking Alexandria, Sleeping With Sirens, August Burns Red, Tonight Alive, The Maine, ONE OK ROCK and so many more omg i cant write it all:(

anyway, music made me meet my boyfriend!! hehe, weve been dating since last year of highschool which means weve been dating for more than a year😉😉😉💗 i love him!! a lot!! lol he has that spanish name i always adore💞 (yes his father was studying spanish the time he born)!! and he is now currently studying English Literature major in Sanata Dharma University📚📚 (his biggest achievement yet omg im so proud of him💖)

and thats it?!??!?
i guess naaah because id like to tell you theres no muji store in my city, theyre only in the capital of Indonesia which is Jakarta which is about +-500kms away from my city hAA SO FAR (can someone pls buy me one lol or a mildliner it would means the world to me😂😅)
my dad runs a kinda stationery shop but yall know its the cheap and cheap anf theyre all made in china💸💸

oh and yes, im a hijabi (yall know right that my icon is Alessia Cara) but a supporter of humanities!!! id love to have my own community soon maybe called #bringbackthehumanity since my country facing a humanity crisis;(( soo if youre interested in humanity lets talk💕💕💕

and the reason im here is because; lack of motivation? not really even tho yess this studyblr community give me a lot of motivations!! well its because i love being here, yall make me so happy just by seeing your notes and thoughts💞💓 even tho i kinda left studyblr about 6-8 months ago (you can call it hiatus anyway because im back again lol)

and ofcourse as an end of an introduction post, heres a list of my fav studyblrs that inspire me a lot💗💞💓
@academiix @aescademic @aestudier @alicethinks @areistotle @artstdy @bookmrk @brbimstudying @caffestudy @cee-studies @cmpsbls @cmstudy @diehardstudyblr @dotgrids @educatier @einstetic @eintsein @elkstudies @equaticns @eruhdit @estudier @faetherial @focusign @genspen @getstudyblr @grangergrades @graphis @hachikostudies @hardworkign @hella-smart-nerd @hermionegoals @highlightcrs @intellectus @kaisdesk @katsdesk @kolstudies @kyliestudies @lazeystudies @legallychic @logarlthms @lycheestudy @meowtlining @mildlincrs @milkystudies @motivaytions @my-little-studyblr @nahstudies @neko-studies @ngambis @nocturnalstudyblr @notesworthtea @obsidianstudy @ofminervas @pencyls @polkastudies @productiveowl @productivityplant @promestheus @revisinc @rotina-de-estudo @sapphirestudy @scholarly @smhstudying @socratesy @somestudy @sootudying @sophocused @sstudys @stillstudies @studenting @studiix @studink @studistrict @studiversal @studyable @studyblr @studybuzz @studycause @studyign @studyingroses @studyinsound @studykouffee @studymeows @studyordium @studypetals @studyplants @studyquill @studytherin @studytildawn @stuhde @stuhdies @stuhhhdy @succulentstudy @sundayscholar @tbhstudying @thearialligraphyproject @thecoffeedesk @theorganisedstudent @theteadesk @victoryrolls WOW THERES A LOT AND I STILL HAVE LOTS oK but importantly thank you for your existence i love yall sm omg💗💞💓💕

sincerely, from not so a new studyblr, with love💖

to transguys

ive been seeing this trend to be hateful towards transmen more often now and im here to remind you guys that
youre handsome
youre GREAT
keep strong and youll power thru. (and if youre feelin weak feel free to drop by my ask box or w/e i wanna be able to help some of yall ok?)
from a transguy to fellow transguys, i care for you all. dont let these people bring you down ok?

Cap-dad America (Bucky Barnes x Reader) {Part 2 for “Avengers, Reassemble” link in description}

@a-song-of-ice-and-new-hope requested:

Can you do a Bucky X Reader imagine where he’s settled into a groove as the new Captain America when the reader finds out she’s pregnant and has to tell him?

  • Words:  2.437
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: Pregnancy and slgiht swearing.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/E/C) is your eye color. I thought of this one shot as a sequel for Avengers, Reassemble and I’m not sure if the person who requested minds, but it had the elements you asked for, so… I hope you like it!!

Originally posted by nadinpu

Days without Steve being Captain America were hard; if not impossible, but his long time best friend Bucky Barnes was not doing a bad job as the new one. Not at all. He even got the team together after the secret letter you two received from the supposedly deceased super soldier.
The most reluctant one to get the team together was Tony Stark; of course he and Bucky didn’t get along at first. No one did. People who stood with Tony during the split the Avengers suffered were wary of the man known as The Winter Soldier, and Steve’s side of the war felt the same. Not only they hated the other, there was such sadness in their hearts, the grief of a loss friend was almost unbearable for them.
You, on the other side, never wanted to take part in any kind of meeting they had, it wasn’t your favorite thing to do because you were not a superhero. You had no voice in there as much as everyone kept saying the opposite. Steve was your best friend and you were the person he trusted the most, even more than Bucky himself. Even though you had good relationship with almost everyone (except for that T’Challa guy. He almost killed Bucky and you were not the one to let go so easily) and you were often consulted on what to do; you were better with staying off the new Avengers. It was better for you.
You started noticing something was not ok when mornings were a torment to deal with, and that was the first signal of the chronicle of a dead foretold… You felt it. You were so sure about it and a test was completely unnecessary; the lack of period, being sick at everything, and that your breasts were sensitive (not the good kind of sensitive) whenever Bucky worked them while you two were having sex were the red alarms for something not expected.
It was foolish to think otherwise.
Yet you held on to the hope of not actually being. Maybe your body was just tricking you. Maybe you were actually feeling more sensitive at stuff because your period was slightly late… a month is nothing, right?
“I want a pregnancy test, please” You asked the lady at the drugstore.
You were not ashamed of asking for it; but apparently the people in the little store overheard your request and they gave you the nastiest looks. ‘That’s what I get for coming to a place full of old people, I guess…’ You thought to yourself as you impatiently tapped your fingers on the counter. When the woman came back with various boxes you felt overwhelmed at how many choices women had just to pee on.
“We have different options…” You rolled your (Y/E/C) eyes when she started explaining all of them.
“Look, I would take the one that’s good yet not insanely expensive” You said, cutting her off with an apologetic smile “I really appreciate that you just named each one of them but…”
“It’s ok” She smiled back “I hope it shows you what you need” The lady said with an also apologetic smile as she checked the box and gave it to you in a small paper bag.
“So do I” You sighed “Thank you so much”
“You’re welcome, and don’t mind them” She gave you a mother-ish smile pointing at the people who kept looking at you “They know nothing”
“Right” You nodded with a big smile on your face “Bye”
“Bye honey, take care”
You got to your home in complete silence, trying to be unnoticed. It was empty and there was a note for you on the little table next to the door. It was from Bucky. You left your keys where the note was and read it in silence.
Honey, I had an emergency meeting with Natasha. I’ll be back at 4 probably. Wanna have delivery dinner today? By the way, guess who sent a letter, yup, Steve. Read it by yourself because you’re gonna crap your pants when you see it.
Love you more than a lot,
You sighed in relief for a few hours of blessed and needed privacy. Steve’s letter could wait for a while, right now you needed to pee on a stick. It felt like consulting the tarot cards; a complete stupidity.
“Pee on a stick… Pee on a stick… Pee. On. A. Stick.” You repeated “You know stupid that sounds?” You asked out loud “This is ridiculous, there has to be less embarrassing methods besides going to the doctor”
You took the glorious stick from its box and read the instructions. Easy. One pink line meant that you were not pregnant and two pink lines mean that you were doomed for life… You and Bucky. God; that was the hardest part of the whole being pregnant thing.
How were you gonna tell the man? Ok, you two were a couple that had been together for two years now. You lived together and everything but kinds were never on the table. They just weren’t a thing; not even getting engaged at some point in life. You lived day by day and you loved that dynamic.
“3 minutes…” You said, as if saying things out loud made things a little more bearable “Only 3 minutes”
Of course they were the longest 3 minutes in life and you thought they were just going too slow. You ran out of the bathroom with your jeans halfway of your butt and sat outside. You tapped your feet on the hardwood floor as you started thinking about names.
“Steve if it’s a boy, Margaret if it’s a girl… Or maybe I should ask Bucky if there’s a name he wants…” You said to yourself as you stood up because the 3 minutes were over.
You took a deep breath before even opening the door to what it was about to define your whole life. You knew it. There was something inside you that knew it. You were pregnant and there was nothing you could do about it… Well, not exactly, but you were always responsible for what you did and this was not going to be the exception. You took the stick you peed on and saw the two bright pink lines. You took one hand to your mouth as tears filled your eyes. Was it happiness? Was it fear? What the hell was it?
You checked the time. 3:45. 15 minutes until Bucky was back. You washed your face and threw away any evidence on the pregnancy test; starting by destroying the little box and the leaflet into pieces and throwing them into the toilet. You silently apologized to the Mother Nature for being so irresponsible with the toilet and looked into the mirror; you were not a girl anymore. You were a mother.
You checked one last time in the mirror and saw some redness in your eyes, your nose and it all indicated that you were either crying or about to.
“The letter…” You whispered.
The letter was the best excuse for your state. Maybe it was a sad one or whatever… You ran to your bedroom and searched for it; it was on your night table and it had a small American flag on it. Very Steve.
It basically said that he missed you two a lot and that he hoped you were doing fine, and about the baby he was not joking. He wanted a nephew soon because he was turning 90 and he was tired of having no children nor any relatives. He also said that he might be visiting you in a few weeks but that was unsure. He’d call anyway.
5 minutes later, a key was unlocking the front door and a male voice called your name. You fanned some air to your eyes, trying to keep yourself together as his steps felt closer and closer. Today was not a day of revealing things; this matter could wait at least a week whilst you tried to think over how you were going to break the news to him.
“Honey? Is everything alright?” He said, placing a sweet kiss on your temple “You didn’t answer when I called you”
“Yeah” You shook your head nervously “It’s just that… Nothing” You smiled.
“Did you see Steve’s letter? He might me coming to visit!” He said excitedly “It’s been a long year without him, isn’t it?”
“It has…” You agreed absent mindedly “Hey, you wanted to ask for a delivery dinner?” You asked, changing the topic just a little “I have this super crave for pizza… We haven’t had that in a long time”
“Cravings? Babe are you sure you’re not pregnant?” He joked with a wide grin across his face; yours, on the other hand, was not so wide “Hey it’s just a joke, come on. You’re not pregnant, right?” He said sitting next to you on the bed.
“No baby” You hurried to answer “Why? You don’t want them”
“Of course I do” He said “I was born last century for god’s sakes; all I dreamed about was a family one day, with the whole picket fence thing and the dog… The loving wife that would cook me things and the two children coming to the door whenever I came home from work. Of course when I was young and first got into the army was a dickhead that was too much of a flirt” He smiled at his own daydreaming “But I don’t know if you want children, we’ve never really talked about it until this moment and maybe it’s my fault… I don’t know” He shrugged carelessly “Now it’s kinda different because of our life. We are not normal people anymore and let’s say my job is not the safest thing of the most stable one for a family… I love it because Steve entrusted me with this but… I also think about us two and a potential family… Sorry” He muttered “This was… unnecessary”
Crap. Holy crap. He wanted kids and the whole American dream family that you were about to give him. The 2 words were about to burst out of your lips, but you bit your lower lip and smiled.
“It’s not, and for the record I want children too, but… Eventually” You said caressing his cheek and relaxing a little.
The next two days were completely awful between the nausea, the dizziness, the nervousness and the horrendous ache on your breasts and Bucky’s constant inquiring on what was wrong.
“Babe” He said the third morning, when you were covered until above your head with the sheets and covers and terribly moody “Babe, come on. What’s wrong?”
“Buck… There’s some big shit I need to tell but please, promise me you won’t get mad, and you will not freak out over it because I really need you to be calmed down, ok?”
“You’re scaring the hell out of me (Y/N), come on. Spit it out, and please uncover yourself”
“I’m pregnant” You muttered burying yourself in the bed.
“You’re what?” He asked. He remained silent for a few seconds before crawling next to you and resting his head on the lump you were made “Is this real baby?”
“Mm-hmm” You hummed, biting your lower lip and feeling the warm tears running down your cheeks “I am… Buck I’m so sorry…”
“Why would you?” He assured “Baby, can you please uncover yourself, I’m serious” You reluctantly pulled away the covers and curled in yourself, trying to ignore the discomfort your pregnant body was producing “Is this why you’ve been all… Weird these days?” You nodded “Steve’s gonna be so happy… If he’s a boy we’ll call him Steve, ok?”
“So… You’re not mad?” You asked quietly.
“Doll, of course not!” He squealed happily, resting his head on where your stomach was “You’re amazing, and you’re gonna be an amazing momma”
“And you’ll be a great daddy. I love you Buck” You said petting his dark hair “I love you a lot”

One Shot

Prompt:One shot where Bucky gets protective around you while in a club bc men keep on checking u out
Bucky X Reader
Warning:None :)
-Requested by Anymonous-

“Bucky, are you almost ready!?” You yell from the bathroom where you were adding the finishing touches to your makeup.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” Bucky said from your room. Tonight we decided that we should all have a well deserved break. So Tony made the decision that all of us from Shield go out to the club. Of course you don’t like clubs but Bucky seemed excited to go and you needed to blow off some steam. You finish your makeup and walked out of the bathroom seeing Bucky on your bed in a white button up shirt and some black jeans, he also had his hair pulled up into a neat bun. He looked up at you and smiled, checking you out. You were wearing a black, just above the knee length dress that hugged to your body just right, and your hair was up in a pony tail. You also had added a black handbag and Black pumps with your makeup which was a smokey cat eye with red lipstick. “Wow, Y/N you look beautiful.” He says and you blush a little.

“Thank you.” You say with a small smile. He stands up and puts his arm out for you to take. You take it with a smile and he leads you put into his 67’ Chevy Impala opening the door for you. You grin at him and get in and he shuts the door for you like a gentleman, then he runs to the other side getting into the car himself looking over at you with a large grin.

“Ready?” He asks and you nod smiling at his dorkyness. He always had a way to make you smile. “Great” he says turning on the car and then Highway to Hell by AC/DC came onto the radio and I grin and begin singing to it while he drives towards the club. I soon enough was singing loud enough for Bucky to hear me and he smirks and chuckles softly at your silliness.

After a while, Bucky parks outside the club, getting out and opening your door, a goofy smile on his lips. “Ready?”

You smile and nod, taking his hand and climbing out of the car, walking into the club with him to meet up with the rest of the group. After looking around for a few minutes you see Tony and Steve sitting at the bar talking together, and Natasha is across the room talking to Bruce. “There they are,” you point out cheerfully, trying your hardest to stay positive about tonight, despite the fact you don’t want to be here.

Bucky leads you over to Steve and Tony and you watch him easily fall into conversation with the two, you slowly grow bored and go to buy yourself a drink. After a few minutes of sipping your drink and watching Bucky have more fun than you’ve seen in a while, a guy dressed in jeans and a tight red T-shirt sits down next to you. You look over at him and smile a little before resuming finishing off your drink. “Can I buy you another?” He asks, watching you closely.

“No thanks, I’m good.” You decline politely, looking away from the guy.

“No, really, I don’t mind sweetheart.” He says, moving closer to you, ordering you another drink despite your repeated declining. He hands it to you but you shake your head, refusing again.

“Really, I’m fine.” You say, getting mildly annoyed. You glance back up to realise Tony, Steve and Bucky are all gone, you glance around the club nervously trying to locate them but they don’t seem to be around.

“Expecting someone? Come on, just one drink.” He says again, slowly getting closer to you, he stops when there’s a firm hand on his shoulder.

“Do you know him?” Bucky asks, expression a mix of confusion and hurt, you shake your head and he easily forces to guy up, pushing him along so he’ll leave you alone.

“Thanks..” You mumble, smiling shyly at him. He nods, sitting on the seat next to you.

“You alright, doll?” He asks sweetly, you nod again.

“He was just annoying, are you having a good time?” You ask, changing the subject.

A grin spreads across his face and he nods quickly. “I am, but I think I would like it more with you. You seem lonely, come sit over here with me.”

“Nah, I’m fine, I don’t wanna ruin your night.” You smile, patting his arm gently. “Go have fun with the guys,”

Bucky frowns, taking your hand. “But it’d be such an honour to have someone as beautiful as you with me, please?” He asks, a slight pout showing on his bottom lip.

“Okay, okay..” You say, blushing, unable to resist his cute pout.

He giggles happily, which you and anyone else who’s ever heard him giggle would completely agree, he needs to do more often. “Come on then, cutie.” He says, pulling you up quickly. You smile and let him walk you over to where everyone is. But while you are walking over some guy ends up grabbing your ass. You jump, clinging closer to Bucky, Bucky looks over and sees the guy with a smirk on his face. He then let’s go of your hand going walking over to the guy anger in his eyes. “Hey, do you think it’s ok to grab my girls ass?” He growls.

“Come on its her fault that she is walking around with that tightness of hers” the guy says with the smirk still on his face.

Bucky shoves the guy roughly glaring at him. “Shut up. Don’t you even talk about her like that.” The guy catches his balance looking at Bucky unamused.

“Ok, sorry.” The guy says putting his hands up in surrender.

“Don’t tell me. Tell her.” Bucky says gesturing to you, completely done with this guy.

“Sorry.” The guy says to you. Bucky nods grabbing your hand starting to walk away with you when the guy makes yet another comment. “Slut.” I feel Bucky tense as he lets go of your hand turning around facing the guy.

“I warned you.” Bucky simply says punching the guy straight in the face knocking him onto the floor. All the guys friends surround him while Bucky comes back to you walking away with you still angry.

“Bucky?” You ask glancing over at him.

“Yeah?” He asks still tense. He was obviously still upset.

“You didn’t have to do that you know.” You say holding his hand pulling him off to the side into a hall.

“Of course I did you are my girl, and you don’t deserve to be treated like that.” He says looking into your eyes. You give him a little smile, blushing a little. “Anyway I love you, and I can’t stand seeing guys look at you, call me selfish but…” You cut him off with a kiss wrapping your arms around his neck smiling. You feel him loosen up and smile kissing you back wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pull back a little looking up into his eyes. “I love you too.” He grins and kisses you again with a kiss that was full of Love and Passion.