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It’s time to take action, Tumblr.
It’s time for Action on Tumblr.

If you woke up in an America you don’t recognize, if you feel heartsick and scared, if you’ve found some smoldering hope inside of you, if you’re ready to get to work, if you’re fired up to fix this damn place, take Action.

In the buildup to the election, Tumblr hosted important conversations about issues that matter. Today, we’re moving from education to action. With Action on Tumblr, we’ll be handing the megaphone to the marginalized and letting them speak for themselves. In fact, right at this very moment you can ask an undocumented immigrant about her experiences, advice, concerns, hopes—anything—and so far her answers are a hell of a read. 

We’ll be providing venues for you all to connect with each other and become your own collective agents of change. We’ll be listening to you and supporting you. Whatever we can do to help you determine the future of the world you live in, we’ll be doing it.

We all need to work together, and we need to work fast. When you’re ready to get to work, or if you’re already making action happen, be sure to post about it and tag it #takeaction

And if you’ve got ideas—big or small—for what you’d like to see out of Action on Tumblr, our ask box is always open.