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Hey enecoo Youre an extremely positive and amazing person and i could really use some of that right now Im having a break down at work because im coming out to my girlfriend and family today that im pansexual. I know they all love me and this wont change anything of how they feel. But my anxiety and depression have been absolutely destroying me this past month telling me they will all hate me because ive been lying for so long and i just I dont know what to do You prbbly wont see this but thnk u

If you feel that you are alone on this matter, let me just remind you that I had to hide my religious beliefs from my parents out of fear of being disowned, however, I really wanted to come out with it, because sooner or later, they would have to know and I wanted to express my feelings. The difference is that I knew it would put me in a tight situation, while for you, you are confident that they wouldn’t change their feelings about you

My point is that you should not fear for what you are, it is not a lie to hide it, but rather, it is a dissimulation; you hide your feelings out of fear for the worse, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it doesn’t amount to an immoral act in such a regard, nor do I believe that it is a “lie of omission”. You’re not a liar, you were simply concealing your true feelings and beliefs. It’s not uncommon for anyone who changes their feelings or beliefs, they do it, because they expect the worse to happen, and it’s only natural and part of our instinct to behave such a way. 

You are not a liar. You were only dissimulating your feelings; omitting it from them, because of the fear that they would disown you, you neither deceived them nor did you commit a sin that amounted to lies.

Ryocos’ Bench Press Post!

Deadlift post.

Legpress post.

I think the bench press is the exercise that I get the most asks about, so I decided to put together a little post on how to do it! It’s my absolute favorite exercise, so lets get started!

The flat bench press is an exercise for your chest and triceps, so lets cover how to make sure that your chest and triceps are doing the work rather than your biceps, lateral/rear shoulders, or back.

To do that we need to force our shoulders out of the equation by tucking them away. It looks like this:

Bring your shoulder blades together as if you are trying to pinch a penny between them. Now do this while laying on the bench:

Doing this keeps your shoulders safely out of the way, which helps to force your chest to do more of the work. If you have experienced shoulder pain while benching, not doing this could be part of the reason why.

Next we have to look at grip. 

This is where you’ll have to personally experiment to find your sweet spot. Use the smooth break in the rough grip of the bar as a way to measure where to place your hands. For me, my ring finger goes over the band. This is a pretty wide grip, but my shoulders are also pretty wide as well.

Your grip is good when your wrist is able to do the motion straight, not bent, and your feel no shoulder pain.

Your grip should be controlled by the meat between your thumb and first finger. The rest of your fingers curl around the bar just to keep it from rolling out of place. If you try to place the bar on the meat of your fingers or upper palm you risk the bar being too far back, which forces the wrist to bend and can cause pain. In the above gif you can see how the meat between my thumb and first finger are used to find the right spot before the rest of my fingers wrap around the bar and my thumb closes over them.

Be mindful of bringing your hands in too close together or else your bench press will become a tricep press, which looks like this:

Now for your lower back and legs!

While powerlifters have a larger arch to the backs, if you’re just starting out all you need is a low arch that helps to confirm the safety of your shoulders. While your lower back should not be touching the bench, you must make sure that your butt stays firmly planted! I have my arms up and out of the way for viewing purposes, but this is part of my setup: 

My back is somewhat arched to help dig my shoulder blades into the bench. My butt it on on the seat (lifting only as I find the right position). My legs are planting themselves on the ground.

All that’s left to explain is that the bar should ALWAYS touch the center of your sternum when doing the basic bench press. Stopping at any point before the bar touches your chest is an incomplete rep, and making a habit of doing this will only rob you of your gains. IF you have shoulder pain that stops you from touching the bar to your chest, then look into switching to the dumbbell bench press instead!

For recap:

1. Tuck your shoulders.

2. Find your grip.

3. Lightly arch your back, plant your legs, and keep your tush on the seat.

4. Touch the bar to your chest.

The Wounded Heart(M)

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut

A/N: I don’t really have anything to say about this one! Enjoy!!

-Admin Moon

“Touch me,” I breathed, my eyes on his. “Just… just once, touch me.”

“Y/N,“ He choked​ out. "I… you know I can’t do that. It’s not right. You know I…I…I just can’t.”

“Cause we’re in your office?” I asked. “Because I’m your my best friend and I don’t want you…,” He told me, while I managed to wring my arms around him. My bottom lip shook as I let out a small whine, “But I want you,” I begged. “I want you so bad, Hobi.” I leaned closer to her even though he tried to put some distance between us. I start whispering in his ear. “I dream about you. I think about you. I…” My breath hitches. “I want you. I want you to be the first… I need it to be you. I want everything I know you can give me.”

After last night I knew I wanted to be with him, the man I loved…my bestfriend. He look away but my mouth followed, landing softly on the soft skin behind his ear. He groan out loud as I began making small nibbles on it, making him tighten his grip on my wrists. “Stop this, right now,” He order her, but I just snuggled closer to him, so needy for his attention it hurt. “Y/N, you need to stop.”

“Make me, Hobi” I taunted him, causing him to gather my wrists in one arm and put it behind my back, while the other one went to my neck. When he gripped my throat tightly, my breath caught. “We’re not doing this,” He snarl at me. “You’re my best friend, I don’t want anything to happen to you. Because if you hurt me, your punishment will be worse than theirs were.” My throat contracted as I tried to get oxygen. “You can try and stop me,” she manages to get out. “But you’re the one who’s going to break in the end, Hobi.” I wrestled out of his embrace, but he doesn’t let me get away. He grabs me by the hips and pulls me back. “Stop playing,” He growls at me. “You’re walking on very thin ice.”

I gasp when his fingers touch my hips. He pulls me closer and sits on his desk, and suddenly I’m between his legs. I can feel how fucking hard he is, the thick outline of his cock brushing up against my thighs. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want him right now. I need this, I’ve waited for so long for this moment. If only if he would let me. “I’m not playing, Hobi” I manage to whisper. “This is real to me. This, between us, whatever it is. I want you.” He mutters something under his breath, his eyes roaming over my body and leaving goosebumps erupting under my clothes in their wake.

His hands don’t move from my hips even though I want them to, and I know he’s trying to decide what to do with me. “Just let it happen,” I say softly. “Just… fuck me, Hobi…please. We both know it’s going to happen sooner or later.”

“It shouldn’t,“ he mutters quickly. "It shouldn’t fucking happen. You’re messing with my head, Y/N. You’re… You’re too much…” I reach for his lapels to pull him closer, molding my mouth to his in a desperate kiss. I’m trying to make him see how very badly I need this, his mouth touching mine, his tongue slipping inside me and taking me. I kiss him with all the fight I have left in my body, the anger from him denying me all this time, the desperation I felt when we spent the weekend together. I need this, and it’s becoming evident as every cell in my body becomes so involved in the kiss I end up crumpling in his lap.

Hoseok holds me up by my hips and gives me a strained look. “You don’t want this, Y/N,” he warns me. “I’m not gentle, I’m not sweet, I’m not the right guy.” I know all of this, yet I this want him. I crave him. I need him to finally be mine. I look at him, realizing he’s battling himself on the inside. “Please,” I beg him. “Please, I want this so badly. You’re… you’re the one I want to be my first.”

His fingers tighten and bunch up the fabric of my blouse, and he groans when I keep begging in the softest of voices. Just repeating that one word over and over again, please Hobi, fuck me please, I need you please, please take me. He breaks slowly, his resolve weakening but his grip on my clothes tightening. I moan when he pulls me even closer, when my pussy brushes up against his leg, when his dick throbs against my thigh. I can tell how much he’s struggling as he pulls down my skirt and I step out of it, leaving my tights and my shoes on. “Fucking shit, Kitten” he groans, his fingers going to the hem of my blouse.

He undoes them slowly, like he’s trying to change his mind with every button that comes undone. But sooner or later he’s done, and I shrug off the blouse until I’m standing in front of him in my bra. He looks away. “Hobi,” I beg softly. “Look at me, please…” When his eyes meet mine they’re filled with so much pain. He’s afraid I’m going to hurt him, like the bitch who left him for his brother. We’ve been friends for years now, he should know me better than this.

I pull down my tights and step out of them. Now I’m just in a blue lingerie set, it had a lighter blue as the trim, which popped against my skin.

He’s staring at me and I shiver under his touch as his fingers stroke my tummy gently. “I can’t do this,” he groans. “I can’t fucking do this to you, Y/N.” I take his hand and place it on my neck, his fingers trembling as they wrap around my throat. “But I need you to,” I whisper. “Use me, Hobi. Do whatever you want to me. I trust you, I know you won’t hurt me like you think. Let me help you heal.”

He curses under his breath and I see him break. And then everything happens so fucking fast I can barely catch a breath. He gets up from his desk, he takes my wrists behind my back and bends me over the desk. I moan with pure ecstasy as my cheek hits the hardwood of it, and his fingers travel down my spine, making me arch my whole body. He undoes the hook of my bra and pulls it off in one motion, my breast bounce free. But they never hit the desk, because he grabs them and pushes his cock into my ass, making me purr like a needy kitten.

"Do you really want this?” he asks me in a low growl, and I barely manage a nod. “Okay, Kitten. I’ll be gentle as I can, I promise…” His voice is sweet but deep as he strokes my chest. I feel my nipples getting hard under his touch and I almost pass out from the feeling building inside me, so desperate to feel him, more of him, filling me, taking me, ruining me. His fingers leave my breasts and I moan in protest, but gasp the next second when he rips my panties off, just like that. “This ass has been driving me insane for years,” he tells me, stroking me with two fingers. What’s insane is the way he makes me feel with barely any contact.

In moments, I’m begging for more and arching my back so desperately my cheeks blush in embarrassment. I attempt to spread my legs, but he pushes them back together, leaning over me to whisper in my ear. “It’ll be even tighter if you keep them like this,“ he whispers gently in my ear, and I cry out.

He grabs my wrists and holds them behind my back with one hand, his other unbuckling his belt and pulling out his cock. I’m so desperate I’m gasping, low, soft sounds making me beg him for his cock inside me. "I need you,” I cry out. “No more waiting.” I feel embarrassed as hell when I feel the first tear fall, not because I’m hurting or scared, it’s because he’s still not inside me. His finger outlines my soaked pussy and I want to scream, fucking scream for more. “Shh, Kitten,” he says gently, but his voice is strained. And then I feel something probing at my entrance, his cock so hard, the tip silky and round and so fucking big my eyes dilate as I look at him over my shoulder. “Fuck,” I breathe panicked breaths. “I can’t, I’m scared.” He strokes my cheek and I just stare and stare at him, “Do you want me to stop, Kitten?” he asks me gently. “I’ll stop right now; we don’t have to talk about this ever again.”

“No,” I say right away. “I’ll hate you if you do, just push it in, I don’t care if it hurts, just fuck me, Hoseok… Shit!” He pushes inside without waiting for me to stop rambling. He doesn’t go slow, he fills my pussy up and I have to bite my lips to stop myself from crying out, because god, it hurts so much, it hurts so fucking good. I can feel him splitting me open, his cock parting my lips and claiming me with one push, one thrust of his powerful hips. He groans behind me and I close my eyes, more tears leaking out and my lips shaking so bad. “Goodness,” he breathes behind me. “What a tight pussy, Kitten.”

He starts thrusting into me slowly, his cock filling me up and leaving me so damn empty in the next second I just want to scream. I adjust to his size when suddenly, it starts feeling good, so fucking good my nails dig into the wood of the desk. “More,” I beg him. “More Hobi. I need so much more.” He grunts and keeps fucking me, and I keep my legs tightly pressed together, and it’s so much, so much to take I feel like I’m about to pass out.

I let out a long moan and he grabs my hips, pushing inside me with such force my body starts hitting the desk, my hip bones bruising with every one of his thrusts. I feel it building inside me, something unknown, something I don’t completely understand. I feel it happening before it actually does, the pressure building, then finally mercilessly, releasing as my pussy let’s go and I scream his name. “Hoseok, Hoseok!”

“Hold on, Kitten,” he grunts. “Just a little bit longer… Just let me use you up, Kitten.” He goes faster and I go limp in his arms. I feel him so deep inside me, and I love this feeling. I can’t believe this is happening. One of his hands goes to my breasts and he has to practically hold me up to keep fucking me, I’m so far gone. I keep whispering for more and he keeps giving it to me, long, deep thrusts that make me roll my eyes back and hope there’s more to come. “I need to cum,” he growls in my ear, blowing strands of my dark mane out of my face. “Yes, give me what I want.” I squeak out. He grunts and pushes inside me, and I feel his hips shaking as he empties himself inside. “You’re such a good girl, Kitten,” he mutters. “Now stay still now, let me finish inside you.” I collapse in his arms, but Hoseok holds me up until I milk him dry.

I feel him release it all inside me, and still, he won’t let go. I feel him getting softer in my pussy, not rock hard anymore, as he cradles me in his arms. He holds me like a man that’s loved me for a long time. He breathes deep, tired breaths into my back, and finally lifts me off his cock. I gasp when he does it, and then he places me down on his desk, like I’m some kind of expensive decoration for his office. He leans over to me and I stare at him deliriously. His hands grasp my face and he kisses me, the first time he’s done it of his own accord.

His lips are hard, but the kiss isn’t. It’s almost sweet, like I had my old bestfriend back. “Are you okay?” he asks me gently, and I nod. “I know it’s a lot to take.” He takes my hand in his and offers me a bottle of water on his desk. I reach for it with shaky fingers, but can’t get the lid off. He does it for me instead, unscrewing it and giving me the water, pouring it in my mouth. I take slow, long gulps while my eyes rest on his. He smiles at me and then makes a face, and I spurt water all over him when I start to laugh.

This is how things used to be…before his ex tore up his precious heart with her claws. I’m not regretting what happened, it had been a long time coming, though. I saw the signs, but he refused to listen to me. I wipe my mouth and give him an apologetic look, “I’ll let you get back to work. I don’t want to get you in trouble.” I say softly, getting off the desk. “Wait.” He pulls me by my wrist gently, giving me an inquisitive look.

“Why don’t I take a half day and go home with you?”

“You…” I look up at him, “You don’t have to do that. I don’t want you to get in trouble with your boss.”

He shakes his head, “Trust me, I won’t. He’s busying doing something…or someone right now.“ Afterwards he pulls me closer. He doesn’t let go of me, just looks into my eyes with an intensity I haven’t seen for awhile. "Can you get dressed?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I say softly, and he lets go of me. He zips up his trousers while I put my outfit back on, my cheeks burning like crazy, because I’m not wearing panties under my tights. He tore them into two pieces, and they’re just not salvageable. He pulls me back into his embrace, “Y/N,” he says sternly, one of his hands going to my nape, the other resting on my thigh. “You know you’re mine now, right?” I just stare at him, feeling myself blushing intensely. “Yours?” I repeat. “Yes,” He reaches up to my lips, brushing them with his thumb. Before I really know what I’m doing, I suck his finger into my mouth and he stares at me deeply, letting out a breath when I look up at him with his finger in my mouth. My hands go up and I clutch his wrist. His hold on my neck tightens. “Mine,” he tells me firmly, and a wicked smile lights up his handsome face.

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How do you keep interest on one idea long enough without hopping to another one?

There are a few things you can do:

1) Start a “plot bunny” document (either in a notebook or a notepad document, preferably both so you have a backup) and use it to keep track of story ideas. Every time you get an idea, write it down in this document and let it sit for a little while. If you run with every exciting idea you get the minute it occurs to you, you’ll always just hop from one idea to the next without ever investing in anything. If an idea is as good as you think it is, it will still excite you when you come back to it.

2) Know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sticking with an idea. Figure out what things are likely to make you stick with a story–like having a strong romantic element or a mystery subplot–and figure out what things are likely to make you lose interest in a story–like getting bogged down in world building or having too many characters. Try to choose ideas that play to those strengths but avoid the weaknesses.

3) When you feel your mind drifting to another story, make sure new ideas for that story are recorded in your plot bunnies document, but then bring your attention back to your WIP. Stay focused. If you find your interest slipping from your WIP, have a look at my posts Moving Forward When You’ve Lost Interest (In Your Story) and How to Get Excited About Your Story Again to re-charge your focus.

4) Unfortunately, even the things we love to do aren’t going to thrill us all the time or every second we try to do it. Even if you absolutely love a story, there may be days where it’s just not thrilling you as much as it did some other day. If you know the problem is with you and not with your story, you just have to make the decision to stick with it that day or that week or that month–whatever it takes until you find your groove again with that particular story, which you will. The very most important thing about learning to write is to learn to finish stories. When you get to the end of your first draft, if you’re still not able to re-kindle your interest in the story, you can set it aside and start on something new. But, it’s vital that you finish it. Because if all you ever do is hop from one unfinished story to the next, not only will you never actually finish a story, but you’ll never learn how to write a story from beginning to end.

Good luck!!!

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

EXO Reaction when their idol GF sings for her group’s members that were in an accident

Anon didn’t specify the finale, so feel free to interpret it however you want. Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*He would be waiting for you off stage, knowing how hard but also important that song was* “Jagi… come. Let’s go to the hospital now, I know you want to be there”


*His soft heart can’t with the pain* “My girl… she’s suffering so much right now and… I can’t do much. But I won’t leave her side. She needs me right now”


*Knows you need to clear your head* “Come jagi, the show is over. Let’s go for a midnight ride… I’ll be here. You can lean on me while I take your tears away”


*Goes on stage and hugs you while you sing* “I’m here baobei… it’s okay…. you can do this. Your voice will reach them, it’ll be okay…”


*With you 24/7* “You know right? That I’ll be by your side no matter how hard it becomes. You are not alone, you can lean on me”


*It’s like your song had reached his soul too* “My girl… it’ll be okay. They’ll be okay… it’s not the end… not yet”


*He would literally bring a TV to the hospital and leave it on their room so they can hear your song* “It might be not much, but… I hope they hear it… I hope it helps… my jagi needs them.. and so do I”


*Holding his tears but the song is just breaking his heart* “I can feel it… her pain… and there’s as much as I can do… I can’t promise her it will be alright because I don’t know… but I know she needs that security… my girl…”


*He would go on stage with you and even if he’s not singing he would stay there and hold you tight while you sing because he knows that if you were to stand there alone you would just break*


*Nothing frustrates him more than not being able to solve the situation, to repair the damage. And he knows you’ll be okay because you’re strong, and he knows your mates will be okay because they are strong but that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer and if you do, so does he because you share hearts*


*Even though he’s breaking in the inside he would look at you this way from the audience because he knows it gives you strength and he knows you need a little bit of light in this darkness* “You can do this my girl, I know you can!”


*Honestly he would be a mess but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be there for you. In fact he wouldn’t even leave you for an hour, he would be there always and do everything he can to help you and them* “It’ll be okay jagi… you’ll see. You’ll stand there again with them and I’ll be here standing by your side until that happens and after”

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 - Stormborn

I’ve wanted to write my thoughts on this episode since last night, alas, work gets in the way.. Anyway, here we are. I was thinking of doing a full recap but that would take too long, perhaps, once this post is done, let’s see. But moving along to Jon and Sansa. (also I’m writing this while at work, so I’m not quite as mentally ordered as I’d like to be, do bear with me)

Episode 2 didn’t have as many Jon+Sansa scenes as the first episode but there’s still plenty to decode where these two are concerned. Let’s start with another Cat/Ned parallel on the battlements:

I mean, it’s so obvious that you can’t possibly tell me that the showrunners, directors and writers haven’t planned it. After this, there is a marked change in Jon and Sansa’s interaction:

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Chapter Three

Previous Chapter

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader   |   Word Count: 3769

Warnings: Language    |     Song for the Chapter: The Snake by Al Wilson

“Nope, not happening!” Clint barked. “We’re swapping teams.”

Gritting your teeth together, hating yourself for what you were about to do, you sucked it up and did what Steve would. “No. We’re leaving them as they are.”

“Brat!” Clint hissed.

Glaring at Garry, his too smug face begging for a fist, you shook your head. “Gotta happen sooner or later. Let’s just get on with it.”

Low key murmurs were coming from the rest of the newbies, and, while you didn’t have Cap or Bucky’s hearing, you weren’t stupid.

Everyone here was a team. If you couldn’t play nice with the agent you most wanted to beat the living shit out of, how were you to expect them to get along with each other? You were a big girl. You could handle Garry.

Turning back to the group, you called out, “Everyone ready?” An affirmative sound ran through them. “Alrighty then. Designated rescuers, you’ll get your Intel from Clint, everyone else… brace yourselves.” With a cheeky grin you held up your hand.

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Way back when I was playing limited, counterspells were not considered a viable pick, usually being the 23rd card of a blue/X deck, or not even being in it at all. With this design I tried to make a funny and rewarding spell, and while I don’t know if it would “break the norm”, I think it would have the players thinking for a couple seconds before passing the pack to the right.

And now we’re done with the functional part, let’s talk about flavor!
Do you think the current flavor is hot enough that the administration of a Burn Heal is necessary? Wanna share your ideas for a snarky name and/or flavor text? Do your worst!

Tagging some scums of mtg Tumblr. Be sure to unfollow them XD
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I swear, the Alec stans are truly doing the most today. Talking about Magnus's drag wasn't a yes king moment or it was a low blow and hurtful and they don't understand why everyone's so happy about it. Like we can't be pleased with Magnus standing up for himself and being a bit of a petty mess while still understanding Alec's side? He's been the most understanding, patient boyfriend so far, and after all the shit he's been through this rightfully set him off, and it was enjoyable to see.

yesss exactly like let’s not forget there’s been stuff building for a while like this isn’t the first time alec has done something hurtful to magnus because of the clave. and honestly let magnus be petty because he spoke the truth, like if it’s hurtful to call alec a liar and compare him to the clave then he shouldn’t be out here lying and doing clave shit. i just don’t see how you can compare keeping important information about an immediate threat from the person who loves and trusts you the most to saying something “mean” in response to being betrayed like i love alec but the boy fucked up not for the first time so let magnus call him the fuck out so they can resolve it and he can learn. let magnus be angry and let me live for it tbh

Hey guys!

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Hey so I’m doing a two week medical/career development camp and I got to play around with one of these bad boys (this purple boy, exactly and specifically) at a dental clinic today

not mf related just wanted y’all to know. my group gave him shades, named him jimmy and let him jus chill while we violented polished his gums and fucked with that suctiony thing dentists use to suction all the spit and water out of your mouth and had a good time and i thought you guys would appreciate jimmy - mod kami

hello wonderful people! i thought it would be time to finally introduce myself to the community - so here i am!

my name is kris, but you can call me ‘kris’ if you want! i’m 18 years old, proud ravenclaw and infj-t when it comes to personality types. i’ll be in grade 11 in august, but i thought it would be neat to start studying ahead and catch up on things beforehand. and since english isn’t my first language, it would be a good opportunity to train my skills as well!

but not only do i want to start a studyblr because of studying itself, but also because i’ve been roaming through the tag for a while and i have to admit; the community seems so kind and helpful. and since i’ll visit a new school, i thought it would be helpful with a new start as well. let’s just say i’m very excited for the new school year in general.

so what classes am i taking?

  • art/art history (advanced course)
  • english (advanced course)
  • german (advanced course)
  • physics (basic course but still v important for my abitur)
  • history (basic course and relevant for abitur)
  • computer science
  • latin
  • protestant religion
  • and last but not least: music

i’ll try to be consistent with posting as soon as school starts but that might tough since i’m working as well. i’ll try my best though!

i’ve been stalking a few wonderful studyblrs for some time that inspire me and give me new ideas - pls never stop being amazing:

@studylustre @calligr4phy @studytherin @alimastudies @hardworkign @kikkistudies

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I wish people would stop being such dicks to Dallon. I saw someone on Twitter call him a "White middle-class snob"....Um, Dallon was working two part time jobs and he and his family were on welfare while he was writing/recording 'Too Weird' w panic. He has done hard labor jobs and worked day and night for YEARS to get where he is. People have no idea. They judge him without knowing anything about him. Makes me SO mad. Anyway thanks for letting us all vent on your tumblr.

Yep, Dallon’s done so much to get here and be able to do his thing while still supporting his family and he deserves nothing but respect.

You’re welcome.

and I’m sorry I wouldn’t fuck you hard enough the night I was wasted
the truth is i just wanted to hold your hand longer
i want the simple sweet things that i never got in the past
or maybe i did
maybe they just feel better with you
maybe the reason your eyes hit me like two bolts of lightning is because you’re the angel I’ve been searching for
but that can’t be, angels dont like to be choked
maybe the reason i dont want to fuck you all the time is because i want to make love to you instead
have you ever thought of that?
no. no. no she hasn’t.
because girls like her, dont crave girls like me gently, tragically, romantically.
and im sorry i let you fall asleep sad that night
the words were stuck in my throat just like the girl with the meaningless brown eyes’ arms were pinning me down while i screamed no
maybe i do love you because ever since you told me you loved me, the words I love you too keep floating in my mind
maybe im just too timid to admit it
no. that can’t be it.
love for me was hitting my head against the wall while she said “do it, kill yourself”
it was sitting in the tub because my legs were too bloody to use my moms towels, oh lord would she be concerned if she saw the stains.
love as i know it was the arguments ending in fists, and I’m not talking rough sex.
it was my dad beating my mom till blood came out of her nose
it was the kid with no name who held me against my will telling me to “keep quiet or they’ll hear us”
it was her telling me she loved me only out loneliness
love for me wasn’t sunshine, it was those one stormy nights where I’d hold my dalmatian as a child tightly because I thought the world was ending.

thats it, maybe you’re my sunshine.

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My ex (dated over 4.5 years) ended things suddenly. He seems so perfectly okay and I'm blindsided and nauseas. Words of wisdom?

These words of wisdom aren’t mine, but they’re fitting. From the lovely Nikita Gill ( @meanwhilepoetry ): “Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. And let it go.” It’s gonna hurt for a while. I can’t tell you when you’ll be okay, but you will be. It’s going to get better. I’m sorry you have to go through this, but you’ll come out of it stronger. For now, go ahead and feel. Grieve. Cry, scream, whatever. Just don’t hurt yourself or do anything reckless, you don’t need to be any worse than you are now. I wish you the best. :) 

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so like lemme get this straight, ure sayin if i see someone rping pedophilia, rape, or slavery (bc i have seen all these things), that i should just? be quiet? not stand up for what i believe to be morally right, instead to allow this stuff to get normalized, lemme get this straight, ure saying i shouldn't try to prevent minors from seeing this and getting groomed into believing this is okay, i should just "live and let live"? thats a bullshit opinion my dude. this is more than ship wars.

allow me to explain, also inform you that some characters, not all, but some are written into those… how would you call it? genres? not for fun, but because that’s.how.they.were.created. and not for the muns personal enjoyment. because as someone who has written many controversial, or problematic characters, i know that while those topics aren’t fun, they do occur from time to time. that however does not mean that they are right, or that they should necessarily be normalized, but acknowledged as realistic struggles that, for some people, are a cruel reality. as for you standing up for your beliefs, for what you think is right, go ahead! i never said that there was anything wrong with having an opinion, but forcing it upon other people

not everybody thinks like you, not everybody would approve of you writing a character who is very manipulative, or blah, blah, blah. i could write you a list of the very things, pick apart your muse and your beliefs, who you are as a person for writing a character that could be considered problematic, or potentially triggering, however that was my point. that not everybody lives in a little box, a cookie-cutter fantasy, we are incredible creatures with vast imaginations and fuck, we should be able to explore the darkest corners of our imaginations at our discretion without people telling us what to write, or how to write it. because no, you have no power over me, you are not god to me, or to anyone.

you however have taken my words out of context, made it sound as though i condone these topics, i don’t, but shaming people? restricting, or allowing us boundaries, is that not wrong? upon looking at your blog, i can see that you are very opinionated, i respect that, i however don’t see the point of you interrupting my morning with this. whatever you were trying to prove, you obviously don’t know me and i, obviously, don’t know you, or who you truly are, i don’t want to, but if you are the kind to send anon hate, to shame people because your fragile existence were at risk, pathetic. there are other options, from unfollowing, to blacklisting, from blacklisting to blocking. let people enjoy themselves, it’s 2017 the world is already desensitized to violence, to cruelty, you can’t rewrite history by lashing out against what you believe is wrong, but perhaps be a better person by not spreading hate and by telling people who actually give a fuck about what you have to say. 

now allow me to put everything into fucking perspective because already today i’ve had my patience tested and i’m tired of repeating myself: i do not condone anything such as pedophilia, rape, or slavery, but if you so choose to write as much, i will either 001. blacklist your tag, 002. block you, 003. unfollow you because i’m not a barbaric savage. i have never shared this part of my life with anyone on tumblr before, but as somebody who was sexually assaulted as a child, i understand the hard reality of allowing people to carry on with their “ normalizing “ it, or as somebody who has been physically abused since six, or as somebody who suffers from depression, from hallucinations, i KNOW how fucked up it is. that people can stumble across a blog and go, “ this person says it’s normal, so it must be “ it’s fucking scary as hell, however for the sake of being a fucking human, not being the final straw that pushes somebody over the edge, yes, keep your fucking opinions to yourself

so “ lemmie get this straight “ ure saying that it’s fine and dandy to drive someone further into the dirt, somebody who may very well be struggling to wake up, to live. you’re saying that it’s okay to shame people, to hurt them, to dehumanize people for the sake of what is right by your standards? that, my dude, is bullshit. consider yourself blocked, not that you care obviously because your opinionated ass probably has a few choice words for me as well, also notice how i just said blocked, not: i’m going to send u hate, hahaha, ‘cause you have a contrasting opinion :p 

grow up, move on, the world is not going to conform to your standards because you bitch and moan, the world does whatever it wants, dances to it’s own tune. you can either get used to it, try stopping the hate, the violence as you can, or spread it and piss a lot of people off. 

bye, my dude. also my name is foster, as written many times, have a nice day, saint.

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Me again 💕💕💕 if you have the time, "I just need you to kiss me. I just want to know what it feels like" :)

This took ages, but here you go:

‘I just need you to kiss me. I just want to know what if feels like.’

Anakin stares at Obi-Wan, his eyes begging him wordlessly to please, please, please, at least answer him, at least say something, even if it’s a no, just don’t let it be nothing. But Obi-Wan just stares back, his walls up again. He can’t stay quiet forever, can he? Every second is a more terrible torture than the one before.

‘Anakin –’

‘No. No,’ Anakin replies, ‘Don’t you Anakin me. Don’t do that.’

Obi-Wan stays quiet for a while. ‘You must understand I can’t kiss you.’

‘Why not?’ Anakin asks, unable to hide his pain, his anxiety and his aching heart any longer. ‘It’s just a kiss, isn’t it?’

‘I can’t.’

Of course he can’t. ‘If it’s nothing –’ he says, ‘if it’s nothing, if you feel nothing for me, then tell me. Look me in the eye and tell me you feel nothing.’ But please don’t do that, oh Force, do anything but that. ‘And I’ll never ask again.’

Obi-Wan doesn’t look at him. He doesn’t face him when he starts talking. ‘I can’t do that.’

‘Why not?’ Anakin asks. ‘Look at me, master.’

He doesn’t. ‘It won’t just be a kiss.’

Anakin paces around the room, while Obi-Wan doesn’t move from the bed. He just sits there, after dropping such a bomb on him. He doesn’t say anything else. He does nothing.

‘What do you mean?’ Why does he keep speaking like this? Why is he like this? Why does he love him still? ‘Obi-Wan, talk to me.’

‘Because – because I love you back.’

Anakin’s eyes widen and he stops in his tracks. Obi-Wan loves him back?

‘You do?’

‘Yes! And,’ he hides his face in his hands, ‘I shouldn’t. We shouldn’t.’

‘Come on,’ Anakin says, ‘no one needs to know. No one in the galaxy.’

He doesn’t reply.

‘Kiss me,’ he says. ‘Just kiss me. Like nobody else exists.’

And when Obi-Wan stands up and faces him, finally looks into his eyes and lets them speak that love he never knew existed before, when he presses his lips on his, finally – he kisses him like nobody else exists.

SNK/AOT: A Day Out With Levi

- Gets annoyed when you try things on and impatiently waits outside while you see how it fits.

- Watches closely to see if you look at anything for a while and then grabs it and gets it for you if you don’t get it yourself.

- He’s not one of those guys that’ll insist on paying for your things. He’ll get it but if you refuse then he’ll let you buy it. He doesn’t care that much to argue over it.

- Glares at anyone who checks you out even while walking to another store.

- He doesn’t mind shopping with you as he wouldn’t want to be finishing that paperwork Erwin told him to do.

- Levi is just quiet most of the time and just observes everything.

- Takes you out to eat at a fancy place and then continues the day with you.

- Makes a trip back to the car once you finish shopping so you don’t have to carry around anything. Then will walk back and do whatever you’d like.

- He’ll grab onto your hand while you two walk down the colorful streets and just admire everything with you. Levi will even offer to take a picture of you since he thinks you look so amazing.

- He might not seem or act like it but he really enjoys going out and spending time with you like this.

- Gets slightly cheesy and buys you flowers and then ends it by taking you to starbucks and then stops for food on the way home.

- Afterwards as you two get home, you each shower and then fall asleep on the couch together.

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I have finally "come to terms", so to speak, with myself being transgendered. Growing up in a very religious household, who frowned upon such things, made me hide it for 10+ years. I'm finally coming out to parts of my family, and letting them know what's going on with me. While not everyone supports it, I'm trying to figure out what my next steps would be. How do I find a gender therapist and start actually transitioning and taking T? And any idea how to tell my managers at work? Thanks! <3

I honestly just googled best gender therapist in my area and starting making phone calls. You could also head down to the local LGBT center in your city if you have one.

In order to start hormones you need a referral from a therapist or doctor and they will then refer you to an endocrinologist or if your primary care doctor to prescribe you hormones. You will go in for blood work to make sure everything in your body is working properly and to check your hormone levels and then if it’s all good from there you can start your get.

It’s important to note this doesn’t happen in one visit and it can take time to get a referral so don’t give up! Coming out is hard but worth it. You will be so much happier.

Congrats on starting your journey