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Important to Focus on this Week:

Yall better push for DACA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUSH for DACA while you push for Net Neutrality (again) to be re-established and the vote to appeal unconscionable.

Look up your State’s Representative and talk with them about this PLEASE 

Do NOT let the Democrats lose either of these important battles we have to put our faith into and PRESSURE these Democrats.

We canNOT allow these Democrats to pretend they’re fighting for DACA, we must PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE THEM. 

Democrats are caring about their image right now, the minority votes, more than actually FIGHTING and WINNING for the people (capitalism in government) 

Hold them accountable! Pressure them! Remind them of the Power of the People! We vote THEM in.

And do the same with these Scumpublicans! Let them know that YOU VOTE

Thank you for listening but please put in the people’s work and never stop gearing up.

Lucretia: So those are the 6 of us. Me, Barry, Lup, Taako, Merle, Magnus. And of course, the seventh, our captain. When I redacted the logs to feed to the second Voidfish, I let you keep your names while eradicating any information pertaining to the mission. [sighs] But for our captain, his life was the mission. He was impossible to edit around and so, unfortunately, his name was all he kept.

[Davenport drops the tray and wipes ichor from his mouth]

Davenport: Lucretia? What have you done?

What’s that fallacy called when people belonging to a group (e.g. religion, sexual identity, orientation and etc) hold an objective or representative opinion – that outsiders should know – while there’s one person or minority in that group who holds a different view and believes that, because they belong to that group, it invalidates any other opinion from the majority as they do not share that experience?

Let me give you an example if I make no sense: “Most Trans people believe this word is a slur and they can back that up through its historical uses and implications, and so, one should avoid the use of that t-slur. However, there’s one trans person who argues that the T-slur is not harmful; the slur does not carry any harm at all and they personally do not believe it hurts other people, therefore, the term isn’t harmful and you should appeal to the latter’s opinion instead, because they belong to that group and, thus, believe they can speak over the other.”

seungcheol in bed

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  • y’all have been floading our ask for this
  • here it is
  • a dom
  • i could end this here fjrkfj
  • okay but for real
  • i don’t see him being the sub 
  • like ever
  • maybe on his birthday when you’re like
  • “it’s your night, let me be in charge”
  • he’ll still find a way to control the whole thing
  • like by controlling your hips with his hands
  • just really loves being in control
  • make outs at random times
  • you’re doing something
  • and he just randomly comes and like
  • kisses your neck
  • these are really playful
  • where he has this amazing smile the whole time kill me
  • but some makeouts are intense
  • probably kisses that could bruise your lips
  •  while his thumb is pressed just below your adam’s apple
  • grinds on you and you know you’re in for a long night
  • has a daddy kink

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3,9k aesthetic blogrates

hey yall!! it’s been a while since ive done something to celebrate a milestone so i thought i would do this since im almost at 4k!!!

here are the rules to get a blograte!!

thats all!! the format is down below!!

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I think its worth saying that yes taylor does feel distant right now. there’s no point in lying about it or trying to say it feels likes it’s always been because it doesn’t. but don’t mistake that distance as her not caring about us anymore. she’s the same person who stayed up all night last era to check up on us, lurk us, give us advice and just learn who we are. and guess what, she checked up on us while on break. she’s probably doing it now too. but here’s the thing, she does it cause she wants to, not because she has to. she doesn’t hate us, but she’s taking care of herself this era and that should be something we’re celebrating and letting her have. and let’s be real here for a second, it was fun but it isn’t healthy to be up until 4am on tumblr every night. she did it cause she loves us and also tumblr is a hole that’s hard to escape. let her have her peace, let her have this. we should be proud of her for putting herself first this era, not giving her all the reasons she’s “failing us” and saying she hates us or that her albums flopping. give her some damn love and peace

Cute Alphabet : Frank Castle

Here are the answers to my cute alphabet for Frank Castle! It’s the first thing I’ve ever written for him, so please, tell me if I’m wrong somewhere in his characterization. Hope you like it, and thank you for requesting it :)

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“My body is a temple~!” 
- Cole 2k18

I love him. 

People didn’t want him being the glutton of the group, now he’s abstaining. 
I’m not complaining. This is hilarious!

Honestly? Better he be the “responsible-partypooper” than being the eats-a-lot and just physically strong one with no clear characterization. But I do wonder if he will actually stay being the “responsible-partypooper”. It might just be a phase. Let him eat cake once in a while.

Night Drive

- finn wolfhard -

requested by @beepbeeprichtozier

please listen to Night Drive by Jimmy Eat World while reading

both are aged up

• • •

As (y/n) pulls the hotel door shut without a sound, she hears Finn beginning to laugh at what they’re doing behind her.

She turns around, grinning as she grabs his hand. They sprint as quietly as they can down the length of the hallway, only letting their laughter out when they reach the side staircase that leads to the lobby.

The receptionist at the front desk looks after the couple incredulously when they rush out into the late night air.

It’s stupid to rent a car that they’re only going to use for a couple hours, it’s stupid not to tell anyone they’re leaving, it’s stupid to stay up all night when they have to film the next day, but they don’t care.

They run all the way to the car rental lot a couple blocks over, arriving breathless, but excited.

They pay the man inside, who gives them a strange look since it’s eleven o'clock at night, but they just smile and leave.

Finn gets in the driver’s seat, starting up the engine as (y/n) runs around the back of the car to get in the other seat.

“This is so stupid,” she laughs as she closes the door behind her.

“Yep,” Finn responds, but his eyes are dancing and she can tell he’s so, so happy.

He leans over the console to kiss her, being sweet for a moment before turning his head to the side.

She pulls away from him just slightly, letting out light laughter. He stares at her contentedly as she rakes one hand through his hair, kissing his forehead.

“Drive, Finn,” she whispers.

Every window in the car is rolled down, allowing warm air to flow inside car as it zooms down the nearly-empty streets.

Finn takes his eyes off the road for a split second to admire the girl he’s in love with, her hair whirling about around her face, right arm stuck out the window.

“Where to, baby?” he calls over the rush of the wind. When she answers him, he laughs loudly at her response.

A couple minutes later, he pulls into the Dairy Queen drive-thru.

“Whatcha want?” he asks.

She looks over at the menu lazily.

“Seven milkshakes,” she says plainly. 

Without skipping a beat, he turns around, opening his mouth promptly. She realizes what he’s actually doing a second too late.

“Finn!” she hisses, “Don’t you—”

“Hello, what can I get for you?” the drive-thru cashier says.


“Hi, yes, I’d like—”


“Seven chocolate milkshakes for my lovely girlfriend!”

Needless to say, she climbs into the trunk of the car out of embarrassment and stays there until they’re back on the main road.

“You are such a jerk,” she grumbles as she climbs back into the front.

He halts at a stop light and turns to her, trying to hide his beautiful grin, but failing miserably. He kisses her again.

“I love you,” he says when he pulls away.

“I love you too, jerk,” she says, trying to sound annoyed, but not succeeding when she starts drinking the first of her seven milkshakes.

Then the music is on, booming through the stereo and vibrating their seats and they’re dancing and singing in awful voices at the top of their lungs.

The air is warm, making them both feel full as they leave the city, and their responsibilities along with it, behind.

“(y/n) (y/l/n) is the most gorgeous person on this planet!” he screams over the music.

She laughs, feeling her face warm even though they’ve been dating for months.

“Finn Wolfhard is the most beautiful person on this planet!” she yells.

He’s still in the middle of a fit of laughter when he stops the car in the middle of the road. No one is around, there’s not a car in sight, so he leans over and pulls her into yet another kiss, still chuckling.

They’re stupid, but they don’t care.

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1/2 Hi! I think Keith and Lance switch, but personally I like top Lance a bit more?? Keith has been starved of affection and attention his whole life, and with Voltron he had the responsibility thrust on him to be the Black Paladin so I imagine he's just stressed all the time so I love reading about him letting someone take care of him and give him pleasure and affection while he's allowed to just sit back and feel and bask in another person giving him attention and affection willingly for once

2/2 As for L, he comes from a big loving family so he’s all about affection and really comfortable with giving and receiving it so I like the idea of him showing Keith how that works, plus his big thing is his insecurity in his place on the team and his worth as a person like he really wants to do a good job and be valued and I think that’d extend to the bedroom where he just really wants to give his partner pleasure/gets off on getting them off. I just think emotionally that way round clicks??

i like this! i love the idea of keith receiving the affection he deserves and of course lance is an incredibly affectionate type, n’aww.

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do the ex-boyfriend ask for the Nordics and the FACE Family. Thanks for your time!

(Since this ask is older, the original prompt was along the lines of how would they react to their best friends boyfriend getting them pregnant and leaving them) The link to the original ask is also right: here 

France: “Mon ami…I am so sorry..”
Francis would be heartbroken for his friend..he would truly try to do anything in his power to help them, even if that means they would stay with him for a little while. Of course, he’d try his best to help them stay on their feet, and have everything they needed to support their family.  Though, he would keep an ear out for where his best friends ex could be..maybe make it so his love life is ruined? No one can abandon someone, especially his best friend, and get away with it. 

America: “Uh…Let me see what centers can help.”
Alfred would have no clue how to help his best friend…he was still a young adult himself! He could hardly take care of himself! He would try to get them in contact with various help centers and would help out however he could, but they would have to understand, he isn’t in a place to be able to help a lot. It would hurt him, but he would do everything he could.

Canada: “Let me see what we can do..”
Matthew would feel horrible for what happened to his friend..but he wouldn’t know how to help, exactly..he would try his best, though. He’d help his friend look for centers to help, and maybe even sign up for a grant or two that could possibly help his friend get money to support their family, or maybe just stuff for the baby directly. Matthew would always be there for them emotionally, though.

England: “This is an unfortunate turn…”
Arthur would have to bite his tongue at first to keep other suggestions at bay, but if they were coming to him for help, he couldn’t just turn them out in the cold. They had been there for him, so he would help them however he could. He would keep the lectures at bay at first, but he would make sure they knew that he was mildly disappointed. He wouldn’t want to come off as cold or uncaring, they were his best friend and he did care for them immensely, but he wouldn’t want them to rely on him completely for help. He would make sure they got in contact with centers and would support them as much as he could.

Norway: “That’s..not good.”
Lukas wouldn’t really know what to say. At first, he’d just shake his head and sigh. This was the real world, and it sucked. He’d make sure to tell his friend that, even though it is rather blunt. He would help his friend as much as he could, though. Mostly by keeping them from having an emotional breakdown, but would also help them look for centers, or even help them set something up for people to donate.

Iceland: “I’ll..I’ll try and help..!”
Emil is pretty young himself, so he really wouldn’t know how to help his friend in a time like this…he’d offer his emotional support, but he wouldn’t be able to do much else. The most he could offer would be helping them look for some grants online, or offering to help them take care of the baby in the future (like if they needed a babysitter while they worked, for example.)

Finland: “Let me know what I can do..!”
Tino would be super protective over his friend as soon as he heard what had happened to them..It was horrible! Tino would open his home to his friend, at least for a little while, until they could get back on their feet. He would also help them find centers and people who can help them, and help his friend prepare before the baby arrives. 

Sweden: “….What an asshole..”
Berwald would focus more on the boyfriend, first…he’d be pissed at him for abandoning his friend…but Berwald would quickly realize that his friend needed him more. He wouldn’t know what he could really do, but would try his best anyway. His main focus would be helping his friend get grants to help pay for baby supplies, or finding a center that they could go to talk to. 

Denmark: “Well, then I just have to swoop in! After…I figure out what to do…”
Matthias would jump to his best friend’s side in a heartbeat. That’s what friends are for anyways! He would do his best to help them get ready and be their to support them in anyway he could. He would also make sure they got outside help and support so they weren’t alone if he had others matters to take care of

So Fox was re-studying Maestro and Maestro’s human form. When it came to Fox’s attention of someone who is the really sad at the moment. While it’s fine to feel sad, and it’s healthy to communicate your distress…. don’t let others concern and feelings for you seem like it’s being disregarded. We understand that you need space, and that you’re going through turmoil. True, we might not be with you physically, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t real. We’re still real people, we’re real people who’s in contact with you, but we can’t do much but support you, guide you and remind you that we’re here.

Even in your part of the world, the ultimate decision will still be coming from you, to choose to stand up and find things that will make you feel better. It’s hard, and very difficult…. but you have to stay strong. These challenges ahead of you will hinder you from moving forward… but try… even when hope seems out of reach. All we can do for you is be here. Chances are, when you feel bad, we also feel bad for a whole different reason. It’s because we can’t be there for you physically and comfort you. That hurts a lot. Especially since we see how sad you’re feeling and how it’s affecting you.

We care about you. We might not always be here to answer your every heed and call, but that’s because we also have our own lives to take care of…. we all do. Fox understands how you feel. Though you also have to consider us too. Please don’t throw away the feelings of these people who care about you. It seems like you’re slowly realizing this… and it’s good. Don’t lose your hope now. We will help you stand back up as much as we can, but it will be your choice to accept these feelings of support and kind words to help you face whatever’s ahead.

You can do this. You can face these awful awful days… and make them bright again. Don’t let it take away your light.

Fox believes in you.

And never forget that there are genuine people who actually cares and loves you.


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Hey lovely! Wonder if you can help me with a fic that I’ve been searching for for a while now. Do you know the fic where Harry and Clara bring their daughter over and John is so smitten with his niece. I think John and Sherlock think about asking Harry to help them have a baby? Feel like it’s a sequel to a popular fic but I just can’t remember which one! Appreciate any help as it’s really annoying me! Thanks 😊

Hi Lovely!!!

Sorry I missed this!! I have NO idea which fic this is, but it sounds like a good one! Let’s see if any of my followers know! Please help us out, friends! <3


A little doll modding last weekend and a little doll modding this weekend too!

I finished up Allan last weekend but never got around to posting a photo. I just love this combo so much and I am happy to finally have one of my own. Between @dolljunk and @dolldirt I have wanted one for a while and it is nice to have finally got around to doing it! His shirt is from a fashion pack while his pants I made myself.

The other doll was inspired by @renamok’s (Tumblr won’t let me link for some reason) post about someone using WWE Superstar calves and forearms for an articulated curvy hybrid. I really didn’t want to pay for a Superstar doll only to turn around and hack her to bits, so luckily I found a Wonder Woman doll on clearance. Little did I know, but her forearms and calves popped right out! A little dremeling and now I have this girl. I would like to give her articulated wrists, but it will have to wait for now. I also needed shoes for her, so I cut down WW’s into some booties. Her shirt is the Chococat single and I made her pants. 👍

Like while we are still in January let me just say that if you struggle with math or got out of high school with a low level if math literacy, there is no shame in that, at all! It was not your fault. One great 2018 resolution is to improve an area in math where you struggle.

Math is quite relevant to critical thinking and mental organization even if you never have to do a rate problem or calculate compound interest without the aid of a calculator. It gives that part of the brain some exercise. It’s also a way to make yourself mentally alert if you are trying to cut back on caffeine.

I’m expecting a lot of eye rolls about this as is so I’ll stop here.

Time takes far too long to heal

You never let the scab fall on its own

Because it itches, and it burns

It’s hanging onto your skin, weighs you down

You can’t help but tear it off

And then it bleeds, and it burns

You couldn’t just let it be, couldn’t let it heal

And you have to start all over again

So it scars, and it burns

Time is doing its job, slowly, surely

Maybe you should let it be

While it itches, burns, and bleeds

The scar won’t be so dark and fierce

When healing runs its course

So let it burn, and itch, and bleed


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Whoops sorry 😄 mtmte/lost light community. And which ever characters you want

“Exhausted human accidentally falls asleep on a bot. Who allows the human to sleep on them? Who takes them to the bed? Who pushes them off? Ect.”- anon

Rodimus would let you sleep on him. Not only are you super cute but like this he’s got an excuse not to do work! It’s two birds with one stone!

Megatrons processor will go blank for a few seconds before he gently lifts you up and takes you to bed. Doesn’t mention it when you wake up.

Ultra Magnus will probably tell you to wake up and go rest if you are so tired. He’ll only take you to bed personally if he have notice that you haven’t slept well lately.

Drift will let you sleep on him since if you fell asleep you were probably pretty tired. To pass time while you sleep he’ll meditate.

Rung would also let you sleep on him, but only if he doesn’t have any patients he have to meet. Probably has a blanket in one of his pockets that he covers you with.

Swerve will let you sleep on him, even if he’s got a bar to manage. It’s like when a cat sits down in once’s lap. No matter what happens, you do not move!

Ratchet would take you to bed because you will get a sore back if you sleep on hard metal! And without a blanket!? You’ll get a cold! Take care of your body!

Tailgate will gush over how cute your sleeping face looks. Just look at those cheeks! He’ll probably accidentally wake you up with how much noise he’s making.

Cyclonus won’t move an inch. On the outside he looks as calm as always but inside he’s shouting. He doesn’t know what to do. Does he take you to bed, should he let you sleep on him or do he just… wake you up? Cyclonus is confused.

Brainstorm lets you sleep on him… for science! This will be the perfect opportunity to research how humans sleep! Don’t be afraid if you wake up with a camera in your face.

Perceptor will gently push you off onto a table or something. He ain’t got the time to sit still just so you can sleep on him. There’s science to be done.

Whirl will push you off because of course he will. It’s Whirl. What did you expect?

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Hi, i need some help if it's not too much trouble, my friends have a ghostie problem. This spirit came and messed around with them for a bit, but they got it to leave. It came back last night however, so me being the Semi-Responsible Friend, they wanted me to find a solution. Do you have any banishment rituals you cold recommend?


First off, take ownership of your space. Let the spirit know that you are not intimidated, and you’re cool with sharing if there’s a mutual respect. You respect them, they respect you, you can co-exist in peace. 

If they ignore that, I’m a fan of smoke cleansing and/or banging some pots together while going “OKAY THAT’S IT YOU INCORPOREAL BITCH GET OUT.”

Literally, walk room to room using smoke of sage or other aromatics, getting it into all nooks and crannies, and visualize the smoke clearing out any ill will. Tell the wispy fucker “I banish you. This space is mine, and in it you are not welcome”. Take some pots and clink them together, repeating the banishing. 

If they don’t listen, I call on Hel and Odin (or your death god of choice) to come get the disrespectful little fucker. 

It’s never failed. 

I’m trying to avoid Battle Royale spoilers, but I’ve been conditioned to believe that I’m being unreasonable for doing so. So instead of being direct and saying “No spoilers please” I’ve just been really weird and vague about it because I’m genuinely afraid people are going to get mad at me.