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Mantine Surf PokéRide Artwork

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon, you’ll be able to have fun with Mantine Surf, a sport that lets you do some surfing while riding on Mantine’s back. Mantine Surf isn’t just a way to get between islands—it’s also a sport where you compete for the highest score by pulling off different cool moves! Try to become a top-notch Mantine Surfer by riding Mantine like a pro!Gallery

Dash Around Alola with Ride Pokémon

Once you get the Ride Pager item, you’ll be able to go on Ride Pokémon and reach places you couldn’t get to before. As you progress through your adventure, you’ll meet and then gain access to various Ride Pokémon. Dash through the world of Alola with the help of Pokémon!

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I read part of a klance fic a while ago... Lance was a celebrity who needed a fake boyfriend, and Keith was a bartender. He let Keith live at his fancy house in exchange for being his fake boyfriend. I don't remember much besides Pidge being Lance's manager, and Lance had a starfish tattoo. Could you help me find this pls? Thanks

Maybe it’s this one?
- Vallie

And, action! by staysharp (17/17 | 106,237 | Teen and Up)

“Listen, where do you go to college?”

“Why does a movie star want to know?”

“So I can take you out for coffee as an apology.”

(or alternatively, Keith receives a call not meant for him but he manages to get involved in the caller’s life in ways he never would have imagined)

Misc. starter sentences.

Feel free to alter the wording, pronouns, context etc!

“Most of the time I feel like I’m just going through the motions, like a robot.”
“I something terrible and faceless in my dreams last night.”
“It’s good to get outside every once in a while, be part of the world again.”
“I spent years hiding from people, thinking I’d be happier that way, but I had never been more miserable.”
“Every time I close my eyes, I see them. They’ll always be in my head.”
“I didn’t deserve that, and neither do you.”
“You have to try to get better. You can’t let yourself waste away.”
“You’re not the sum of your mistakes. You can always do better.”
“Just because the past was awful doesn’t mean the future has to be.”

“Do you ever people-watch?”
“It scares me, what people must think of us.”
“Do you care what people think of you?”
“How will you be remembered?”
“Come for a walk with me.”
“We need to talk about what I/you did.”
“Why do you always lie?”
“I wouldn’t do that to you.”
“You would never hurt me. I’m safe with you.”

“I need you closer. Please.”
“I don’t want to talk about it. Just hold me.”
“What’s the point of getting into a relationship if they always end?”
“Would it kill you to tell me you care about me, just once?”
“Nobody gets a happy ever after.”
“You don’t do affection, do you?”
“You don’t like letting people in? Well, me neither.”
“I can’t help you if you keep pushing me away.”
“If I wanted your help, I’d ask for it. Stop prying.”
“Would you let me touch you? Please?”

Out of Curiosity

Sorry Im completely new to the zine world and such so I apologize if this has already been done or anything

But would anyone be interested in a Disney x BnHA zine? So like either the characters doing something Disney related or having an AU of Disney? 

Or if Disney doesn’t work out, maybe having a costume zine? So like the characters dressed up in costumes and such like that?

Would anyone be interested in it? It would be artists/writers/editors included and if its Disney, we could even get a fanmade CD in the there. 

Let me know! Ive been thinking about it for a while and I think it would be fun ideas to do into a zine! And if it’s already been done, if you can link my way, that would be awesome too!

Tilly: Hey, tell me about that boy you’ve been seeing.

Primrose: Well…he’s really nice but…[sighs] I think I blew it.

Tilly: How so?

Primrose: I haven’t talked to him in a while. I keep saying I will but I just put it off. I feel like I’m too busy to keep up a relationship, you know? And it’s not like we were even officially dating or anything.

Tilly: Busy with what?

Primrose: Worrying about you, first of all. And I’ve been helping dad with his research, too. I don’t know. Just busy.

Tilly: I think you should text him and let him know how you feel.

Primrose: Oh, yeah? And what do you know about boys?

Tilly: I know enough. Just trust me on this.

Primrose: Whatever you say, pipsqueak.

but just imagine when ethan tries to shave, so you hide all the razors and hope he doesn’t find them. and he obviously just knows you’ve hidden them so he tickles you until you relent and tell him where they are. when he finally gets settled in the bathroom and is just about to shave, you walk in with a pout bc obvi you love his scruff and don’t want it gone. just let me do it, you’ll say, and he’ll agree because let’s be real, that boy would hang the moon and stars for you if you ever asked him. so you’d sit in his lap while he’s seated on the toilet, and you’d gently shave his face clean and press small pecks to his nose and lips. and just IMAGINE how ethan would try his hardest to make you laugh and you’d scold him because i’m holding a razor to your face, stop it. and he’d nuzzle his face against yours and smear shaving cream all over, making you giggle. and obviously you’d knick him on accident bc he cannot sit still and he’d be all dramatic and pouty and demand kisses for the pain you’ve caused him.

Schijn bedriegt pt 6

Levi was relieved to say the very least that the brown haired guy hadn’t lost his inexhaustible anger.

Even though it was strange for him to get so worked up about a person, he still didn’t mind the fact that he had started taking an interest in the guy.

He even wondered if he shouldn’t invite him to his group of friends, but figured that the brunet wouldn’t be excited about that.

“How do I get closer to him?” he wondered out loud which made a few heads turn into his direction as he spoke during a completely silent class.

He glared back at the gazes which made them disappear in thin air and sent a few chills down the people’s spines.

Shifting uncomfortably in his chair, the raven tried to come up with ideas to get Eren’s attention while he lazily took notes of the current class he was in.

The bell rang, letting everyone know that school was over and loud cheering and footsteps from a herd of losers filled up the corridors.

Levi sighed, totally forgotten the fact that it was a Friday, and threw his backpack over his shoulder after he had gathered his stuff.

Making his way down the hallway to the exit of the building, he checked his phone for any new messages from his uncle.

‘1 new message’ flashed on his screen and he tapped on it while pushing the door open and making his way outside.

“Food is in the fridge, home at 9 -Kenny” it said to which Levi rolled his eyes.

“This old man needs to understand that I can see the sender” he thought and hopped on his bike, starting to drive his way home.

– – –

Levi opened the front door and made his way up to the 5th floor and cleaned his shoes while he searched for the different set of keys.

His uncle was quite the paranoid man, not that Levi minded, but guess the raven had a thing for always having to search for that extra pair of keys.

Having found those annoying pieces, he opened the big metal door and made his way inside, followed by hanging up his coat and taking off his shoes.

Noticing the yellow post-it on the fridge when he walked past it, he had to swallow a chuckle, knowing that his suspicious uncle didn’t even trust his phone to send the message to his nephew.

After looting the fridge, he made his way back to his room and sat himself down onto his bureau chair and started up his computer.

Snacking on some pre made sandwiches, he scrolled through different kinds of social media and the school’s platform to check if he had everything in order for next week. His eyes stopped at French, noticing the yellow icon indicating that they had a task to finish by next Monday and he could swear he was starting to lose his shit.

“This bitch has got to be kidding” he hissed while he read the report.

“Pour cette leçon, vous devrez terminer les pages 57 à 61 dans votre livre de Français 2. En raison de mon absence, vous recevrez un exercice différent pendant la leçon”

“You can even hear her annoying whining through the screen” he muttered through gritted teeth as he rummaged through his books on his desk.

Noticing that he had already filled in the exercises, he closed it again and leaned back in his chair.

“But Jaeger probably hasn’t…” he trailed off as a smirk curled on his lips.

“Maybe… maybe I can ask him to send a photo the exercises so I can… no no no” giving himself a slap on his cheeks from getting such a stupid idea.

No one, not even Levi himself, would believe him if he said if he had forgotten his books.

Logging onto facebook, he searched through the members of the ‘senior year’ group to find the star of the show and felt relieved once he had found him.

His hands started to shake once he had prepared the sentence he was about to write in his head, earning a disapproving grimace from himself as he did so.

“For fucks sake” he mumbled as he rubbed his sweaty hands onto his thighs and held his breath when he starting typing his message and hit send.

“Everyone is talking about something from the school’s platform, can’t seem to log in, can you send me what it says?”

pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5, or read on AO3.

There’s a difference between saying “I hate kids I don’t want to be around them” and saying that u don’t want kids bc kids deserve unconditional love and support and ur not in a position to give that to a child for whatever reason even if the reason is as simple as just not wanting them.

I don’t hate kids but I don’t dream of having my own one day, I don’t get baby fever and if I’m in a relationship especially a long term relationship I don’t invision a life with children of my own in it.

if I were to find out I was pregnant tomorrow I honestly don’t know what I would do bc I know would resent that child for not letting me do what I want to do with my life, I wouldn’t voice this out loud but I know I would feel it in some part of me and a kid doesn’t deserve that at all ever.

Anyways I told my mom this who is a woman that dreams of grandchildren and while she was sad that she probably won’t get any from me, she said it’s a very mature way to look at it which like struck me bc everyone else always tells me that I’ll change my mind when I’m older but I am getting older and I still want things out of life that don’t involve children. Pretty soon I’ll be at the age where people assume I can’t have children and they’ll pity me until I correct them then they’ll think I’m a selfish bitch and like that’s fine but I feel like having kids I don’t want would be the most selfish decision of all? Like??? Just to appease other people while the poor kid gets lost in the crosshairs of a society that forces women to give birth and be mothers to be valid or WhaTeVzzzzzz

Just wanted to share a short story since Pokken has been rereleased. Its a little long but i think its fun.

About a year ago when the first Pokken came out, an entertainment store held a tournament on Pokken, scheduled in about a week. I’m a fighting game fan so the challenge lured me in, but I never touched Pokken up to that point (it had been released for a little while by then). So a friend of mine let me borrow his copy and I started my vigorous training.

I wasn’t a fan of the roster, especially since I only played RBY and was a blastoise fan, so at first I started using Machamp SIMPLY because he had some Jojo Ora Ora attacks…. but hes not very viable…nor good >_>. I probably could’ve made him work but I would’ve needed more than a week to do so, so I picked up Gardevoir because she had some tricks under her sleeve. First I beat offline mode to get used to the controls, then I took it online. To my surprise, NOBODY knows how to fight Gardevoir (at the time at least), I actually won a ton of my matches because she has so many versatile techniques, almost one for every situation. Sure, a knowledgeable foe that knows her stuff can completely shut her down and theres not much she can do, but they were very few and inbetween. I even fought some Mirror matches against others but I was able to beat them because they tried using her in a cheesy way, so much so that they were predictable and I put a stop to them. I knew she was the right main for the tourney after that. I also used the default assists because I doubted they would have all of them unlocked (and they didn’t)

Come fight day, there were like around 30 college students there, me, who was just slightly older than them, and then one 12 year old kid, who is ideally the demo for this game >_>. Everybody brought their 3ds, tagged each other, were talkin Pokemon, etc. I’m not into pokemon anymore but I could appreciate the environment. You’d be surprised who is still a Pokemon fan

Once the tourney started, about 20 of them used Garchomp. The tournament was nothing but them spamming dig on each other. The kid actually used Lucha Pikachu. One guy was a Shadow mewtwo main but SM was banned because he had an infinite at the time and it was deemed unfair, he went to garchomp too. Garchomp has the dreaded dig attack, he goes underground, dodges all attacks, and automatically zooms in towards the opponent to delivery a devastating shouryuken attack.

And sure enough, people complained that their assist that they played with (mostly the later ones you unlock) were not there

Then come to my fight. Gardevoir has an attack where she forms a dome around herself, which acts as a shield, and sure enough, it was strong enough to tank dig attack. My first opponent was so stunned his usual strategy didn’t work that he KEPT USING DIG ATTACK thinking he could break my guard. The shield can burst into an offensive attack and I countered him every time. Did he stop?

I win. Next time I fought a Garchomp. HE DID THE SAME THING. Thats when it hit me. These dudebros just learned enough about the game to cheese their way to victory for the prize money. Granted, I sorta did the same thing, but at least Gardevoir requires some technique and finesse. These guys were just trying to strongarm their way to the top. Didn’t work.

I never lost a single round.

My final match was against the 12 year old kid! (See, he was gonna come into play afterall!) Pretty much teaching the lesson of never underestimating your opponent. Just like Gardevoir, nobody ever fought against Lucha Pika and his tricks…..including myself! I don’t recall fighting one online, only the regular Mishima Pikachu. He also didn’t know much about Gardevoir.

So this was gonna be a match to remember!

Unfortunately for the kid, his inexperience in gaming is what led to his downfall, I caught on to Lucha Pika’s tricks MUCH faster than he caught onto mine. But to his credit, HE STILL BEAT ME ONE ROUND. I ended up winning. We shook hands and smiled because as the oldest and youngest, we beat all of the people that were in their prime. I felt a little bad I beat a kid but he came here with his claws and fangs on full display, going for the jugular. He put up a fight.

The prize was a 100 dollar gift card, and the kid got a 50. I used it to buy Digimon on PS4 (THE IRONY) and a bunch of Jojo manga when a b1g1 deal hit on them

So I run a local game shop in town, and the next day when I opened, 10 of the same people that were in the tourney, some of which I fought, all unrelated to each other, were in line outside to sell the game to the shop. and at least 10 more came in throughout the day. Me and that kid stomped them so hard that we utterly defeated them and they completely gave up on the Pokken life afterwards instead of wanting to improve. I actually kept playing the game a few months afterwards, even though no 2nd tourney was announced.

Me and that kid were the only ones that had the real heart of a Pokemon trainer. and even though my days of RBY version are long gone, I STILL just then went on a Pokemon adventure that day. While I won’t be picking up this new version (Since I don’t have the system), it being on the switch is great, that means you can take your battles on the go and have your own adventures!

Everybody go have fun and be a Pokemon master!

Here’s the promised video of Stumpy walking around!

I had to wait until night time when she was up to get it so not to wake her up to do so.  I really wanted to show exactly how she moves about with just the two legs at the left side.  From what I can gather, she likely missing all of her right front leg while her right hind leg she might have some of her leg left which is how she’s able to walk still.   I made sure not to let her walk too long, I rather her walking in soft bedding vs a hard surface.  As far as researching purposes, she the second case of a two legged hamster I’ve found online. 

For those wondering and didn’t see my first post, Stumpy is a hamster my family adopted from my job.  Stumpy was surrendered to us by her previous owner and was discovered she missing all her legs on her right side, due to severe neglect.  Her chances of adopt were slim due to how bad her disability is and needing special care and a special set up.  This where we came in and have given her a forever home to live out her days and let me say, she’s awesome despite that.  

This video also serves as a reminder and to educate people how a lot of the so called ‘ plastic hamster cages/hamster balls” out in the market are ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS to these guys.  Its likely what cause Stumpy to have lost her limbs in the first place, THIS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. 

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My fourth kink are just Namjoons hands and his lips. I just want to feel them all over my body while he calls me his baby girl making me a moaning mess with his tongue. And when he fucks me hard he grabs my hips so hard that I feel bruises starting to grow. And his deep voice is praising me with every one of my moans. And when he cums he starts sucking on my neck letting out a deep grunt. - 🌚

I don’t think I can do this anymore… I… can’t… yall too much… 

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Stiles can't dance. It's a scientifically proven fact that his limbs refuse to move gracefully. That's why he refuses to do it. Whether it's at the Jungle or a party, he always declines. It takes Derek threaten bodily harm when they're on a date for him to finally budge. When he starts dancing he knows he looks stupid. He looks up at Derek and Stiles realizes that Derek is just at awful at dancing. In fact he's worse. But Derek doesn't care. he's just having fun. So stiles let's lose.

Originally posted by inveens

(When they need to dance more sweetly, like dancing around the kitchen, Stiles stands on Derek’s feet and holds onto him while Derek moves to the music.)

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Do you have any headcanons for the dads sleepwalking/sleeptalking/whatever?

Just as a warning, Joseph’s scene involves someone trying to kiss the narrator and to touch their chest while sleepwalking. Nothing happens, but I wanted to let you know beforehand, just in case.

RIP Martha.

🥃  “Hey, Robert, what are you—JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, PUT THAT DOWN!” You’ve never run so fast in your life. Your scream thankfully made Robert pause mid-motion, so you can take the knife from his hands and chuck it into the corner, out of reach. Robert just looks at you in confusion. He doesn’t even put up a fight or complain as you push him down to sit on the couch. You flop down next to him, pressing a hand to your chest in hopes of calming down your racing heart. That’s not what you expected to see after waking up in the middle of the night to find Robert gone. “What are you doing? Why are you awake…?” Robert shrugs and throws his arm around your shoulders. “Dunno.” The response itself isn’t alarming, it’s the way Robert said it, as if he is just as confused as you are. “Why were you trying to carve something into the TV screen? What did you want to carve?”
“Our initials.” When all you do is stare at him blankly, he scoffs. “’s romantic. Isn’t that what you’re s’posed to do? Y/N and Robert, and a big heart around it.” Talking about it seems to agitate him again and he tries to stand up, but you quickly lie over his lap to stop him. He struggles, but for once, you have the upper hand. “Yes, babe, but not into your very expensive flat screen TV. We can go find some random tree tomorrow, how’s that sound?” Robert doesn’t reply. You look up to see his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open slightly as he snores. You deflate and sigh in relief.

 🍸 You don’t even know why you’re still surprised at the strange things that happen in the Christiansen house. Just last week, you woke up to find ‘REDRUM’ written on the door and now, it’s finding Joseph wearing only an apron while baking at ass-o’clock in the morning. For a moment, you consider turning around and going back to bed, but then you remember just how many dangerous things Joseph has in his kitchen and slowly walk over to him. “Joseph?” He doesn’t react, just keeps on adding flour to the batter-like substance in the bowl in front of him. And keeps on pouring. You reach out and turn the box upright before the bowl can overflow. As in a trance, Joseph simply turns and picks up his electric whisk. “Joseph, no, give me that—“ After some struggle, you manage to take the device out of his hands. He frowns at you, then turns around and walks out of the kitchen. Hurriedly, you follow. He wanders around the living room for a bit, occasionally bumping against the wall, before suddenly turning and stalking towards you. You back away until your back hits the wall; the next moment, his lips are pressed against yours and he slips a hand under your shirt. “Joseph! Joseph, stop, what—“ You once read you shouldn’t shake sleepwalking people, but wake them with loud noises, so, thankful you had taken it with you, you reach for your phone and play the loudest song you know. Joseph flinches. He releases his grip on you and stumbles backwards, blinking at you confusedly, barely awake. “Y/N?”
“It’s a long story. Let’s go to bed…”

☕ You wake up to the smell of… something unpleasant. You scrunch up your nose and turn on your side so you can peek at the clock, which reads half past four am. Slowly, you stand up and walk into the kitchen. The light is on, but there is no sign of the perpetrator. No sign of Mat, whose side of the bed had been suspiciously empty. A strange noise coming from the living room attracts your attention, so, rubbing your eyes, you walk over there. To find Mat stand in front of the potted plant he got Carmensita as a test to see whether she could keep another being alive before getting her a cat. You’re not sure what he’s doing until you walk around him. “Um, baby, why are you applying nail polish to the plant…” He must have been at it for some time, too, given how much of the large leaf is already pink and not its natural green. There was no salvaging this poor creature, you think, taking a moment to mourn the plant’s inevitable death (you’d have to ask Damien if plants could survive nail polish). Right now, though, you have better things to worry about. Namely, Mat. He doesn’t react to your presence, but keeps on applying the nail polish with shaky but rhythmical strokes. Half the bottle is already gone, most of it on his hands. You shake your head and take the bottle from him. “Come on, Mat, let’s get you cleaned up…”
“But Martha…” You don’t even ask. “She’ll still be there when we’re done. Come on, chopp chopp.” You thank whoever is in charge up in the heavens that Mat obeys without any protest.

🌹”Dude, Y/N, you have to get up.” You groan and turn around to bury your face in the pillow, but the annoying voice won’t have any of that. Its owner shakes you until you give in and look up, just to wake instantly. “Lucien,” you say, already jumping out of bed. His expression activates all your Dad senses. “What’s wrong? Where’s Damien?” The other side of the bed, you only realised now, is empty. Immediately, your brain jumps to the worst conclusions. It must have been visible in your face, since Lucien reaches and squeezes your shoulder. “Don’t worry. Dad is fine. Just…” His lips twitch; you realise he’s trying not to snicker. “Just follow me.” You do, not so much worried anymore as utterly confused. Lucien leads you into the bathroom and flicks on the light. Your eyes adjust after a few seconds and you see… Unlike Lucien, you cannot stop yourself from laughing. Damien is lying in the bathtub, wrapped snuggly in his cape. Instead of water, there are marshmallows in the tub. You didn’t even know you had some in the house. “What the…?” Lucien shrugs. “I think he’s sleepwalking. Well, sleepwalked. Looks like he’s asleep now.” You shake your head and sit on the edge of the tub. “Should we carry him—“
A knock on the door interrupts you and a voice calls out. “Um, hello? Is anyone awake? There’s a trail of what I believe to be my stolen marshmallows leading up to your front door…” You and Lucien groan in unison.

🎣 Maxwell’s excited barking is what wakes you up, though the lack of body heat from next to you had slowly started to unsettle your unconsciousness by then. You crack open an eye and frown. A glance at the clock doesn’t help, either, and so all you can do is sit up and investigate. From under the bed you take the plank Brian had given you after someone broke into a house near yours; you hope you won’t have to use it now. You turn around the corner and squint as light assaults your eyes. It takes a few seconds for them to adjust, but once they do, you’re left just as confused as you were before. There’s Brian, only in his boxers, holding Maxwell’s leash in one hand and a banana in the other. He looks awake, but something doesn’t feel right. His voice sounds sluggish almost, off. “We’re going on a walk, Maxwell! Are you excited? I know I am excited! Walkies, Maxwell!” You rub your eyes, just to make sure you aren’t dreaming, but when the scene doesn’t dissipate you step forward and clear your throat. “Brian, what… what are you doing? It’s, like, five am.”
“Taking Maxwell on a walk.” The corgi barks and jumps up and down. “That’s right, Maxwell, we’re going on a walk!” After blinking a few times in disbelief, you pinch your nose and sigh. “No, Brian, why don’t we go back into the living room…” You take the leash from his hands. The banana, you let him keep, even though you don’t understand what it’s for.

👟 You’re not sure what’s funnier: River’s confused face or Craig’s actions. In the end, you go for the most neutral decision, which is both. You had been woken up by River repeatedly saying “Pwane!”, like she always does when you or Craig feed her. Which, in itself, wouldn’t have been that weird and worthy getting out of the very warm and comfortable bed for, but after you looked at the clock, you realised it was in the middle of the night. Also, the bed next to you was empty. The sight you were presented with upon walking into the kitchen, bare-footed and very confused, explained some things, but also raised far more questions than it could answer. Craig is standing in front of River, still only dressed in his pyjamas, holding a spoon which he brings down to River’s mouth while making plane noises. There’s nothing on the spoon, but River isn’t complaining, and Craig doesn’t seem to notice. Amused, you sit down at the table and rest your chin on your folded arms. With no knives or other dangerous objects in the vicinity, there’s no reason to try to force Craig out of the kitchen. You doubt he’d let you, anyway, not until he finishes feeding his baby girl. Craig starts making engine noises again and brings down the spoon; River, clapping excitedly, opens her mouth but Craig misses by several inches. You watch the same thing happen two dozen more times before you scoop River into your arms and herd Craig out of the kitchen.

📖 You find Hugo trying to button up his vest. Half the buttons he managed so far are wrong and upon looking more closely, you realise that it’s because the vest is on backwards. Which shouldn’t be the first thing you notice that’s out of order, but then, you’re still half-asleep, so you feel like you can cut yourself some slack. You rub your eyes and stifle a yawn. It’s five in the morning, it’s still dark outside and while night owls like Robert might still be awake at this point, you usually aren’t. “Hugo, what are you doing?” At first it doesn’t look like he hears or even notices you, but then you hear him whisper, so faintly you almost miss it. “Got to go to work…” With a fond sigh you walk over to him and put your hands on his shoulders. “Hugo, dear, school doesn’t start for another two hours. Not that you have to go to work tomorrow, well, today, because it’s Saturday. Why don’t we go back to bed?” Thankfully, he doesn’t resist as you gently nudge him forward, back to your bedroom. If he had, you’re certain you wouldn’t have been able to stop him. He’s muscular, much stronger than you, and the last thing you want is to be slammed on the ground by your sleepwalking boyfriend. You help Hugo out of his vest and take off his shoes. Then, you push him to lie back down and settle in next to him. This time, Hugo actually stays asleep and unmoving.

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Headcanons for dating some sort of dream monster/demon?

Oooh, a toughie. Let’s see…

You really wish you knew better spellcraft. If you did, then you wouldn’t have SO MANY ISSUES with being awake, and you could just pull your BF from the dream realm into your actual waking world. It’s great that you two can do anything you’d like while you’re asleep, but… it always feels a bit hollow in the morning.

That is, until one night you don’t dream of him. You wake up the next day after sleeping terribly, worried out of your mind that something had happened to him, and were just getting ready to figure out a way to organize a search party, when someone knocked heavily at you door, a few splinters flying.

You open the door to see your dreamy lover taking up the entire doorway, and then some.

Turns out, he’d been summoned by some hapless teen a few counties over, and had to make his way to you on foot. He seemed a little tired, but no worse for the wear, and you dragged him inside by his claws, squealing excitedly. The grin he gave you was nothing short of diabolic, but you knew he was happy from experience.

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For Friendly Friday, I'd love to hear a little snippet about Bim (and possibly Wilford) taking the reader away from the boring monotony of college classes and doing something crazy for a change. Please and thank you! <3

(Just realized I didn’t say when this would kick into effect, but hey let’s roll with it~)

Bim would wait for you by the college doors, dressed more casually so he doesn’t stick out too much. You’d been keeping in touch with him and Bim realized you were getting drained from all the back to back classes.

He’d take you out to a relaxing meal to help you destress, annnnnd then Wilford shows up to kidnap you while Bim isn’t paying attention.

It was a group chat, and Wilford got the same idea as Bim.

He’d take you out for an all you can eat dessert spree. Ice cream, cheesecake, cupcakes. Everything until you’re ready to hurl. Then he’d take you to a theatre that he had no idea what was playing and just roll with the options.

in an isolated system

so, i wrote a swedish fic last week. now i’ve translated it! if you can read swedish, i’d be so happy if you’d consider the swedish one (found here). because things unfortunately do get lost in translation, no matter how hard you try!

it’s set in january/february 2017, and well. it’s a bit longer than usual (~7k), so it’s only posted on ao3. it deals mostly with isak, masculinity and sexuality etc. but not necessarily in that order. because progress is two steps forward, one step back.

thanks to @vanqoh for beta reading; assisting with grammar, bits and bobs. you’re a life saver ♡ 


“In general, or do you mean this weekend?”

Even lets his gaze drift over his face while he’s waiting for a reply. In a way, it’s tempting to postpone this; turn it into something notional they both can forget and leave to their future selves. On the other hand, he does want to. Despite the current mess of emotions and mental roadblocks inside his head, he wants to.

There’s no escaping it now.

[read on ao3]