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“I’m not touching you, Dean.” Castiel grinned with an almost nostalgic glint in his eye. The dangerous game had gotten a little too out of hand, Cas with his pointer finger hovering just over Dean’s arm.

The hunter glared down the angel with an intensity that made the room feel as though it was directly under the sun. The two of them were sitting on a motel bed waiting for a call from Sam to say the hunt was either about a ghost or a witch. So of course childish games started to organically happen between them.

“I swear to your Dad, Cas, that if you touch me I will tickle you.” The words hissed through Dean’s clenched teeth.

Feeling a little daring, Cas lowered his finger unbearably closer without making contact, all the time never letting his eyes stray from Dean’s. “Is that a threat, Winchester?”

Just as Dean was about to open his mouth to retort, he could feel the callous tip of Cas’ finger brush against his lower arm. His blood coiled as he used his hunter strength and agility to grasp onto Cas’ wrists with one hand while the other shot out under the angel’s armpit and started to tickle vigorously.

Cas let out a scream of surprise as his eyes widened and his head threw back. Laughter exploded out of him as he fell onto his back. Taking the opportunity for the strategic higher ground, Dean climbed onto Cas, his legs on either side of the angel’s hips, and continued his assault on Cas’ ribs.

“Say ‘uncle’!” Dean’s lips started to turn up at the sight of his angel losing himself in laughter, of the worry lines disappearing from Cas’ profile and the feel of vibrations against his inner thighs.

“Dean!” Cas shrieked around a fit of laughter, trying to catch his breath and keep the tears at bay. “Please! Stop! I surrender!”

Grinning smugly, Dean let his hand go lax against Cas’ ribcage. His grip loosened on the angel’s wrists. Their eyes met as they filled their lungs with breath and tried to find their footing in this moment. His smile melting into one of more adoration, Dean leaned down delicately and placed a short kiss on Cas’ lips.

“Maybe next time you’ll beat me.”

Castiel, giving Dean a wink, whispered, “The night is young.”

Sam entered the motel room, having not gotten his brother or best friend to pick up the phone, to the sight of Cas straddling Dean’s back and arms with his wet finger hovering over Dean’s ear.

And of course, Sam grabbed a beer and rooted Cas on as the two lovers wrestled and laughed with not a worry in their heart.

  • Alex: Since when do you wear lipstick Kara?
  • Kara: What are you talking about Alex, I've always worn lipstick.
  • Alex: *smirks* Let me rephrase that "since when do you wear lipstick on your neck"?
  • Kara: *blushes* Oh well, you know- *flys off*
  • Alex: *looks at Lena* What about you Luthor?
  • Lena: *mumbles* Stupid flying powers, leaves me with her sister. Guess who's sleeping on the couch tonight Supergirl.
  • Ahem, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Alex: *laughs* Yeah, sure. Let Kara know she has a place to stay when the couch gets lumpy.
  • Lena: I'll be sure too.
  • Kara: *eating potstickers* My angry girlfriend senses are tingling.
&&. engagement/marriage starters.
  • will you marry me?
  • yes, i’ll marry you!  
  • i don’t think we’re ready.  
  • you lost the ring?!  
  • i’m gonna propose tonight at dinner.  
  • i can’t let you marry her/him.  
  • i don’t care if your family hates me, i love you!  
  • i think this is the dress.  
  • what do you mean ‘you can’t do this’? you have to walk down the aisle in half an hour!  
  • let me see the ring!  
  • how did he/she ask?!  
  • so when’s the big day?  
  • i object!  
  • the dress won’t zip!  
  • so are you guys doing this because you’re pregnant or something?  
  • what type of flowers: roses or lilies?  
  • please don’t invite your uncle. he always gets embarrassingly drunk at things like these.  
  • i’ve been taking dancing lessons. i want our wedding to be perfect.  
  • with this ring, i thee wed.  
  • are rapid breathing, a fast heart rate, and internal panicking all signs of cold feet? because i’ve got them all.  
  • i don’t care if we get married in a shack or a ballroom. i just want to be your husband/wife.  
  • best thing about weddings: open bars.  
  • you said the wrong name at the altar?!  
  • nothing made me happier than seeing you walk down the aisle towards me.  

I’ve kinda been waiting for the writers to bring this analogy back for four years (damn, that’s a lot!).

But, nope, let’s talk about the last scene (6x06) because I’m getting emotional.
When he hid the scissors and said to Emma that was doing some gardening…that’s actually TRUE.
Maybe he wasn’t doing that literally. BUT IT’S TRUE. He wasn’t lying! 
Let’s go a bit back, in season two: in the Rumple’s cell scene seems he’s talking about Emma. He mentions how she was once magical: full of hope and possibilities.
He genuinely believed that; that’s what he thought when they formed a connection during the beanstalk adventure when they let each other chink off a bit of their walls.
Until she betrayed him. It hurt him in a unexpected way; he risked his own life to help her; he had no intentions to abandon her, and he believed her…
Except—with the whole betrayal—you can see that he’s (still) willing to fix her, help her, to make her trust him, to win her heart, and “to do some gardening.”
So, he become a gardener. He become the water. 
However, he wasn’t talking about Emma. He was talking about himself, too.
Captain Hook was also once a young boy, full of hope and possibilities. “Dried up, dead, and useless” is pretty much what Killian became because of revenge.
He didn’t think anyone could ever care for him, and he never cared for anyone else in the last 300 years.
But look at that last gif at the lake nostos’s scene with Cora.
He’s smiling. It’s not just a smirk, or even a grin. This is a hopeful smile. This petrified bean reminded him that there were still possibilities for him. There was still hope, probably the first hope he’d had in 300 years.
It’s hard to deny that Emma brought Killian back to life, she regenerated him a new flame of hope, if only for the few hours they worked together on that beanstalk. She showed him he could care—and did care—only for her; enough to not give up on gardening.
Why else would he be looking so fondly at this dried up souvenir of his conquest? He wanted to bring this little, lost, beautiful and amazing woman, himself bean to life.
So, when he “lied” (*coughs: he didn’t!*) to her about the scissors: it was because he just wasn’t willing to see her dying. They haven’t come this far to get to this point, where he has to see her dying (and the other way), lose the hope and the possibilities.
If Emma ever dies, he’d become a “dried up, dead and useless” person. He’d be no one if Emma were gone. Just like it happened to her in last season.*i’m not crying you’re crying*


Sometimes I really just have to laugh.

Antis: Karamels/CSers/Bellarkers are so homophobic!!!!!!!!

Me: *stares at my ship list* Briller, Korrasami, Clashildr, Sansaery, Lorenly, Kadam, Faberry, Pezberry, Percy/Oliver, Drarry, Sleeping Warrior, Emaya, Emison, Malec, Lauryssa, Sanvers, Allenbert… and that’s not even all of the m/m and f/f ships on my page

Date night

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Summary: you try going on a date lets just say Jensen doesn’t really want to see that happen.

To do list, one learn lines for tomorrows episode, two finish filming today’s episode, three do your homework, four find a nice outfits for your date tonight, and five sneak out of set without anyone realizing your gone, and make sure Jensen, Jared and Misha don’t know your going on a date.

That is not that much to do, the only hard part is the whole date part. Being on a tv show since you were a toddler and you’re now in your teens doesn’t give you a whole lot of dating options. Also the fact that you have three huge big brothers that wouldn’t let any boy look at you alone let you go on a date with. So yeah you were a little nervous, this was your first date ever. Last week the guy you had had a crush on for months had asked you on a date. For the first time you wouldn’t be alone on Valentine’s day.

The only problem was Jensen, you played Dean’s daughter and Jensen in real life was just as protective of you as Deans was of your character. So there was no doubt in your mind that Jensen would not agree to you going on a date with some boy. But he wasn’t some boy he was the nicest person in your grade, he was always nice to teachers, he said hi to you in the hallways each day, he helped with your math homework. And he had the most amazing eyes. So when he asked you out you were pretty excited. The only hard part was containing your excitement for so long around the boys without them asking what was going on. So you tried your best to keep it in.

This day will never end, you thought as you walked back to your trailer after a long day of filming. Jensen and Misha had been horrid today, constantly messing up takes, and laughing around. You were praying to what ever god was out there that you didn’t miss your date. They had decided they had had enough of Jensen and Misha that they would pick up filming tomorrow. The nerves were picking up as you headed to your trailer, god you hope this date went well.

Looking at yourself in your mirror you nodded. You looked pretty good, you gave yourself one more twirl grabbed your stuff and headed out.

“oh look who’s all dressed up.” Misha came around the corner smirking, “why would you be all dressed up just to go home, huh?”

“Misha if you say anything, and i mean anything to anybody, i will end you.” you checked the time you were supposed to be meeting him in ten minutes and you hadn’t even left yet. “Look i know what this looks like” gesturing to yourself, “but i will tell you everything that happens as soon as i get back, just don’t tell Jensen.”

Misha smiled “fine, fine i won’t tell Jensen” he said sighing, his shoulders drooping, you let out a breath and turned around to leave.

“won’t tell Jensen what?” you stopped in your tracks, maybe if you pretended like you didn’t hear him and keep walking you wouldn’t have to turn around and face him.

“y/n where you going, you look a little dressed up. Are you wearing makeup!”

Turning around on your toes, you looked up at Jensen, “if you have to know yes, yes i am wearing makeup, i got bored so i thought i would have fun. And me and Misha were just talking about how much we thought, how much we thought,” you waved at Misha to try to get him to help.

“how much we thought you needed to work on your lines.” you glared at Misha “yup, yup that’s what we were talking about. one hundred percent.”

“You have a date don’t you.”


“Wrong answer, you don’t have a date. You are way to young to date,” you interrupted him “i’m seventeen.”

“not aloud to date till you’re thirty, also why would you want to go on a date, when you could hang out here with us and watch movies.”

“well for one Jensen i have been looking forward to this for a long time and second why would i want to hand out with a bunch of thirty year old men when i can hang out with my crush, third i’m not your kid so you can’t tell me what to do.” you turned to look at Misha, “ and stop agreeing with him, you were on my side.” Misha put his hand in the air and walked away. “Jensen i really, really, really want to go on this date, and currently i’m almost five minutes late. So please just let me go, i promise if anything happens…”

Jensen interrupted “fine, don’t let me stop you from being a teen, just no sex no kissing no hand holding no touching. Remember to always leave room for jesus, if he does anything wrong or even looks at you wrong i will cut off his”

“Okay! I get it we’re good here i can go.” Jensen hugged you, “yes, you can go. Just promise me you’ll be careful i worry about you, especially with teen boys.” he kissed your forehead and let you go.

“Thanks Jensen i promise i’ll be fine. Plus i know if anything does go wrong i know a guy that has promised to cut off his junk.” you turned waved and ran off to your car.

“atta girl.” turning around he starts to walk away. He stops turns around and runs to his car to follow, there is no way he’s letting you go on a date without him as a chaperon.

yo just as an authors note if anyone wants to give criticism tell me what i can work on that would be much appreciated. or if you just want to talk, come talk to me i am bored

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