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How I feel when:

  • Someone says “Stay Golden”
  • Someone asks me why I’m reading The Outsiders
  • When my friend said One-Bit instead of Two-Bit
  • Someone asks me what’s The Outsiders
  • Someone says “Who’s S.E. Hinton?”
  • Someone somebody says “Ponyboy and Sodapop are stupid names”
  • When someone says the movie was way better (I love the movie, not being hypocritical)
  • When someone says “Matt Dillon ruined the part of Dally”

Feel free to add to the list, I don’t mine

~Stay Gold~
staygold-fandom (Malory)


♪♪ in the club with JohnJae😎

NCT 127 + Ten + Hansol Reaction To You Wearing Something Sexy

Taeil: Would be shy, finding it hard to look you in the eye at first. He wouldn’t know what to say and his cheeks would blush lightly. Don’t get me wrong, he’d love the way you looked, but he didn’t want anyone else to see you like this, except himself. He’d laugh nervously and smile at you, his hands gripping the bottom of his sleeves, “Do you have to wear something so tight fitting?”

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Hansol: Would love it when you dressed up for him, especially when it was something sexy as it would remind him that you are his and no one else’s. He won’t mind you dressing like this in front of someone else as he knows that you are loyal to him, however, he’d much prefer, after seeing you like this, to skip the date you had planned and to stay at home as he had something else in mind.

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Johnny: After walking out of your bedroom wearing a short dress ready for you date, Johnny being Johnny would probably tease you all night, “Is that a shirt, Y/N?”. The relationship between the both of you would contain its fair share of joking around, however, even though Johnny teases you, at the end of the night he does admit that you look beautiful.

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Taeyong: Would love you no matter what you wore, however, would be rather protective when it came to you wearing something sexy. Whenever you were out on a date, wearing a tight fitting dress, he would constantly have his arm hanging around your waist, pressing you close to his side. You didn’t mind it though as it meant you got to be closer to your boyfriend, “Stay by my side tonight, alright?”

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Yuta: Being the greasy one, he would love it when you wore something sexy, however, like Taeil, wouldn’t like it if you dressed like this in front of the members. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, it was more like he didn’t trust his members. So instead of going out for food with the other members he’d suggest, biting his lip, “How about we just stay here for tonight?”

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Doyoung: This adorable boy would be a bit like Taeil, shy. He’d stutter when you said you were ready to go out on your date, and would try to scold you, “W-why do you have to wear t-that?” However, he won’t admit that he actually loved it when you dressed sexily for him as he was to nervous to actually say it to your face.

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Ten: Like Johnny would joke around when he saw what you were wearing, but it wouldn’t last long. He’d stop you before you left for you date, holding you shoulders and making you look in your eyes. He’d smile his signature smile showing his dimples, “All jokes aside, you look beautiful tonight,” before taking your hand and dragging you outside your apartment.

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Jaehyun: Would be sitting on your couch when you’d announced that you were ready. He’d look at what you were wearing and try to hide his smile. He’d be nervous, but unlike Taeil and Doyoung, would hide it. He take your hand and hold it extra tight knowing that you were his. Throughout the night he’d make hints about the way you looked, “You look beautiful.”

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Winwin: Would be the giggliest out of all the members when it came to seeing you dressed like that. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself and whenever you looked at him he’d laugh lightly. You’d think it was because he didn’t like the way you looked, but you’re wrong, it was because he felt special to see you like that.

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Mark: For Mark, it would have been the first time someone had dressed up sexily for him. It was a whole new experience. He be just like Doyoung and stutter a lot throughout your date. He’d be awkward to the point that you knew something was up. You’d ask him why and he’d rub the back of his neck hoping that he won’t upset you, “You’re dress is making me nervous.”

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Haechan: Would be anxious when he saw what you were wearing as he knew that you’d be seeing the other members later and he knew they’d never let him live after. He’d try to get you to change with his sarcastic remarks even if he did like the way you were dressed. When you’d declined on changing he’d shake his head and sigh to himself, “The end is near.” Thinking of the members teasing him.

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Right now there are some leaked NCT teasers and pictures regarding their comeback floading around in twitter. I kindly want to ask the fandom to please not spread them around here on tumblr or anywhere else if you see them. Please. I know that we are all super excited and can’t wait to see more but the boys have prepared so hard for this comeback; can’t we all just wait a few more days? Please don’t spoil their surprises and hard work just like that and don’t support the people who leaked the data! Thank you all a lot, we can do this! 🙏💞

That Special Time of the Month

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Summary: Fem!Reader wakes up to find that her period came during the night and now she has to deal with the guys being annoying at the office… Well mainly just Mark. Hope you guys like!

A/N: Hello! I wrote a fic, and trust me its not very good and it’s waaay longer than it needs to be. Be gentle, I’m new to the whole posting my writing thing. Also! I speak fluent Spanish so i used some slang in the fic!
“No mames”- Spanish slang/curse for “no way”/“no fucking way”
“Sentida”- Spanish for upset or offended (in this context reader is sad)
Lastly there’s a text conversation in the fic so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is Tyler.

Wordcount: like +2k I’m sorry this is too long bye

Requests are open? This is no good so I don’t know why anyone would be requesting but yeah you can do that if you want. Hope you guys enjoy!

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NCT-127/U Reacts To You Giving Them A Hickey


Taeil would probably be surprised when he found the mark, more in disbelief about it than angry or anything. I can see him being silently kind of proud of the hickeys, although slightly embarresed at possibly being teased about them, enjoying the reminder of your intrest in him. 

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Out of all the members, I think Taeyong would be the only one slightly angry about you leaving hickeys on him, knowing its risky and maybe being a bit embarresed at having to explain it to the other members. He’d probably not want to cause any arguments, but would let you know that it was too risky for you to do.

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 I can see Johnny laughing it off with you, knowing it was a risk but also smug that you’d left the marks on him. He’d be nonchalant about it, secretly kind of smug and not make too much of an effort to cover them if they were visible, enjoying subtly showing them off. 

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 I feel like Yuta would be the most into you leaving hickeys on him, so would be proud and a bit cocky when he found them, teasing you for it and how you ‘couldn’t keep yourself off him’ or, jokingly threatening to get revenge - which he probably would.

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Another one to be slightly mad, but only playfully - the responsible side of him knowing its a bad idea, but also the young and slightly more carefree side just enjoying the times you had together. I feel like he’d enjoy them to be between you and him, showing them off to you, but asking you to help him cover them up around the others. 

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He’d also be playfully mad, kind of bashful about it and teasing you for leaving the marks on him. I feel like he’d be smiley and amused, but also shy and jokingly asking why you did that, though wouldn’t really mind overall. 

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 Jaehyun would probably like it, a bit smug and proud, wanting to show them off, but also shy and not wanting to be teased. I can see him pretending to be cool about it and saying he won’t try to cover them up, then getting embarrased as soon as someone teases him for them and then trying to cover them up. 

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 He’d be super blushy about it and get shy once he found the hickey, asking why you did it or how he should cover it. He probably wouldn’t be mad at you, but would prefer it if you didn’t leave any more marks on him in highly visible areas.

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for sailor-bubblegum - an adorable account :)

You and your brothers Darry, Ponyboy, and your twin brother Sodapop were all eating supper when the phone rang unexpectedly. You smiled because you knew who it was; your boyfriend Dallas Winston. You had been dating for around 4 months, and you both loved every second of it. Whenever Dally was with you, it was like he wasn’t even Dally. He was sweet, protective, caring, tender and he treated you like a lady. But the one thing you hated about all of it, was that your brothers didn’t know; and you knew they would not, for the love of god, approve of their sister dating the wild, young and reckless Dallas Winston. But he was 17 and you were 16, so that didn’t mean too much of an age difference, and Dally did treat you like a lady, so you didn’t know what they wouldn’t like about it, besides the fact that Darry is an over protectively paranoid brother who isn’t real fond of Dally to start with. You wiped your mouth with your napkin and got out of your chair to answer it.

(Y/n): I got it.

Darry: Thanks.

You got up from your chair and stalked over to the phone, nonchalantly and suspiciously, trying your best to hide your excitement. You picked up the phone and smiled.

(Y/n): Uncle Tim’s pool haul, can I help you?

Dally: Hey baby.

(Y/n): Hey, what’s up?

Dally: I know your brother’s are home for the night and so are you, but I wanted to know if you could swing by the lot after supper.

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  • annoying
  • so annoying you wonder how you even manage to date him sometimes
  • you introduce him to people as your “significant annoyance”
  • boy does he test your patience
  • and boy does he do it often
  • teases you constantly about your height
  • puts things on high shelves so you can’t reach
  • watches you suffer
  • calls you short while you attempt to get it
  • “shut up johnny I am average height !!!”
  • “since when is average height 3’5” dwarf”
  • “I will end your life tree man !!”

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Rich Youth | Chapter 1

chapters: 12 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

featuring: reader + most of NCT will make an appearance at one point (if you guys like this enough for me to continue)

warnings: slight smut, language

word count: 2.8K

“Stop being so dramatic; I’ll be joining you in two weeks. My new step-bitch wants to take me shopping in Dubai so we can ‘bond’ but I know it’s just a massive excuse to convince my dad to give her his credit card so she can fulfil her gold-digging fantasies”, Hayi’s voice echoed through the loudspeaker of my phone as I finished packing my bags. I walked over to my bed, falling back onto it and turning my head so that I was facing the phone I had laid on my pillow.

“I’m sorry, Hayi. If it makes you feel any better, while you’re splashing the cash in Dubai, I’ll be suffering a slow and painful death at the country club. God knows why my dad and Jessica insist on spending all summer there when there are so many other places to visit and so many other things to do that don’t involve making forced conversation with a bunch of rich, sexist men, their trophy wives and their spoilt children!” I sulked. I lifted my head as I heard Hayi giggling on the other line.

“Did you just describe your own family, Y/N?” she laughed. As the realisation hit me, I couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle.

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Ok so this is just my personal opinion they may not actually be correct. If anyone would like me to do small profiles for them then let me know.

 Taeil- Ravenclaw 💙 

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 Hansol- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 Johnny- Slytherin 💚

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Taeyong- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 Yuta- Slytherin 💚

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 Kun- Ravenclaw 💙 

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 Doyoung- Ravenclaw 💙 

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 Ten- Slytherin 💚 

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 Jaehyun- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 WinWin- Hufflepuff 💛 

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 Mark- Gryffindor ❤️ 

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 Renjun- Hufflepuff 💛 

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 Jeno- Hufflepuff 💛 

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 Donghyuck- Slytherin 💚 

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 Jaemin- Hufflepuff 💛

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 Chenle- Ravenclaw 💙

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 Jisung- Gryffindor ❤️

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This took forever because my wifi is so slow but I have finally finished it after what feels like an eternity