let's dance with him

  • Ghaul: I am a GOD!
  • The Guardian: I've got a lot of experience killing gods so maybe you might wanna consider a different profession
How to make Seventeen suffer
  • S.Coups: Give him more children to take care of
  • Jeonghan: Make him stay awake for more than 18 hours
  • Joshua: Don't hype up his spin drop
  • Jun: Never reply to his selfies
  • Hoshi: Rob him of the choreographer job and let everyone else but him make the dances
  • Wonwoo: Never leave him alone, making him not get any alone time ever
  • Woozi: Make everyone get touchy and feely with him at the same time
  • Seokmin: How does one make Lee Seokmin suffer??? He is smiling all the time how does he do that
  • Mingyu: Make him cook food for more children
  • Minghao: Declare dabbing a crime
  • Seungkwan: Never let him MC again
  • Vernon: Remind him of "Headlines headlines"
  • Dino: Dino nugu aegi