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Pens fans are bitter over the draft because we're losing an amazing goalie who everyone loves. So kindly stop being such a douche

Everyone is losing someone that they like, sweetheart. You’re not special.

Angeles: Some New Kill

Summary:  Jensen Ackles is infatuated and intrigued with Supernatural’s new recurring guest star from the moment he meets her. It eventually leads to a steamy night in a hotel room during a convention weekend – but Jensen has no idea that Y/N is hiding secrets that have followed her from the moment she signed her first contract.
Part One: Some New Kill
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1705
Warnings: None. 

A/N: No Jensen in this chapter, but he will be in most if not all chapters going forward. 

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Your nickname: submit What is this?

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jasaphael headcanons for –> (@moonlightmagnus)

  • it starts with angst
  • jace likes simon, and raphael likes simon, and simon is 100% oblivious and busy mooning over clary
  • both jace and raphael quickly recognize that they feel the same way - which leads to them fighting with each other a lot
  • simon doesn’t understand why his bestfriends (his crushes actually) won’t just get along
  • jace is the one who mans up first and confronts simon, and simon is over the moon but also, what about raphael?? so he’s confused, and he feels bad because he likes jace too and he doesn’t know what to do - he’s left reeling when jace tells him to go to talk to raphael
  • raphael is horrified when simon comes to him until simon confesses that jace admitted his feelings, and then he won’t let the blonde shadowhunter out do him, the leader of the new york vampire clan
  • at first they try to both date simon separately, but they keep running into each other
  • and it’s awkward and tense
  • cue simon breaking down and saying he can’t do this anymore, because if the two people he loves the most in the world can’t get along, then it’s not worth it
  • and then he realises what he’s said and disappears in a panic
  • jace and raphael make a pact to get on after that
  • and it turns out they’re more than able to do it
  • the first time they kiss, they’re both worried about how simon will react
  • turns out simon is the happiest he’s ever been, elated even, and he demands they go out on a date without him
  • which is kind of awkward but also wonderful??
  • the first date they all go out on together is absolutely perfect, and jace and raphael share a fond look as simon drags them both along, talking a mile a minute
  • they all take turns sleeping in the middle, though jace is the one who usually ends up there, because he still has nightmares sometimes, and raphael and simon take turns comforting him
  • other people might think it’s weird, but they’re the happiest they’ve ever been whenever they’re together
Somewhere in between

Death is not always the end of the journey. For some, it’s just the beginning. Simbar Ghost!AU

Okay, so I wanted to do something special for October, the Halloween month, but I’m crap at terror and suspense… so here, have some angst! This will be a multichapter so I hope to be posting a new chapter each week. 

Also, this is my first time writing Simbar, so I hope it’s not terrible.

Credits to Bianca @from-red-string for helping out so much with the fic and being the most supportive ray of sunshine. Freddie would be proud.

(and I know it’s not October yet, but whatever)

Chapter 1 - It’s like the sun came out

Ámbar Smith had always been popular. She’d always been the one to lead, to preside over everyone else. At school and the rink she had been the queen, unrivaled and envied, the one everyone wanted to be or be with, the one everyone talked about.

This hasn’t changed one bit; her name is still the one on everyone’s lips, just for a different reason. They no longer talk about her beauty or her talent, they talk about her body being lowered six feet underground.

Her funeral is filled to the brim with people she has never spoken a word to (she doesn’t count the times she told some of them to get out of her way or step back). There are people from the Blake, skaters and admirers from the Jam and Roller, business people and socialites, even some of her old classmates from Uni at École de Management de la Sorbonne. This might be the most attended event about herself ever, not counting her graduation or competitions, because those weren’t about only her, sadly.

The funeral is very formal, the only person speaking is Rey, her godmother’s assistant, and only to direct the agenda. Otherwise, no one else says a word that isn’t murmured, there’s no speech about her achievements or the impact she had in anyone’s life, nothing. Just Rey’s monotone voice. She guesses it is not because no one wanted to give a speech, she’s sure both Delfi and Jazmín would have been honored if given the task, but Sharon Benson clearly planned it all and she isn’t very sentimental. In fact, she hasn’t shed a single tear.

Delfi and Jazmin are completely on the other side of the spectrum: they hold each other while they sob, Delfi gently rubbing her friend’s back in support as Jazmín leans against her. They both look emotionally wrecked, but Ámbar is proud to see that it doesn’t stop them from holding their heads high and looking their best.

The only person she can’t see among the crowd is Matteo, her boyfriend… or former boyfriend, she thinks; being dead is weird. She had been arguing with him on the phone when she crashed her Maserati into a tree and fractured her cranium. She remembers being alive and in pain for a while when the paramedics came and then, nothing. She had felt light, like a floating feather. No more pain, no more suffering, just a weird sense of calm.

The Italian probably feels guilty, but now at least, she can recognize it had been her fault. She had been the one to call him while driving and to initiate their fight. Mateo had told her the day before that he thought they should take a break, but she was having none of it and called him to tell him to go screw himself and rethink before he did something he might regret. Now he’s probably blaming himself for her death and hitting every bar he can find, the poor thing. She would feel sorry for him if she wasn’t busy enough feeling completely livid at the universe.

It feels like the worst cosmic prank ever pulled, having to watch her own funeral from the sidelines. She tried running away, but she couldn’t go past the cemetery’s gate as if there was a force pulling her back to where her body now rests, not letting her part from it.

She tried screaming and calling someone’s attention, but no one seems to see or hear her, and when she tried to touch her godmother’s shoulder, her hand went straight through the woman’s body.

So she died and became a ghost. That’s just great.

The funeral ends and most of the people leave as soon as they can. Only Delfi, Jazmin and Gastón stay, looking down at the spot where her body is buried with tearful eyes and grim expressions. Even her godmother left in a hurry, leaving her friends alone with her dead self.  Jazmín breaks down in sobs, for the first time ever not seeming to care about dirt on her dress as she kneels on the ground. Delfi lowers herself and hugs her close, Gastón rubbing their shoulders absently, his expression vacant.

He is the first to leave, after checking his phone and cursing under his breath (she knows it has to do with Matteo, judging by his worried face), not before giving each of the girls a hug and a kiss on the forehead and nodding solemnly in direction of her grave. She can help but nod back, even though he can’t see her.

Jazmín and Delfi leave after a while, still crying and holding onto each other for dear life. She would love to go to them and join their embrace, but she just watches them go, and hopes for them to be okay eventually.

It is not until their figures disappear completely from view that it hits her: she’s dead. She’s dead and there’s nothing she can do about it.

She thinks it is completely unfair, she deserved a long and fulfilling life. Sure, she’s no angel, she’s actually kind of ruthless, but there are worse people and they are still freaking alive!

She turns to kick the headstone of some random dead person, when she hears someone calling out, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Ámbar looks around surprised and finds a guy standing a few feet from her, sitting on someone’s grave as if he hasn’t got a care in the world.

He notices her staring and smiles warmly at her. “Yeah, I can see you, and I wouldn’t kick solid stone if I were you. We might not be able to touch humans or animals, but rock can still hurt us. Also, Freddie over there was a cool dude, he had the most incredible stories about his time as a cop, you would have loved to hear them, they’re really funny.”

She keeps staring at him, confused, for a few seconds before realizing what is just happening and screaming. “Hell, you’re a ghost!”

He looks at her funny, before mock whispering, “So are you.”

“I already know that, thank you very much.” She injects all of her anger in that sentence. He puts his hands up in surrender.

“Cool. A lot of people don’t realize it at first and when they do, they get really freaked out.”

“A lot of people?” She questions, her eyebrows raised, “So there are more ghosts?”

“As far as I’ve gathered, everyone’s spirit comes back for a while after they die. Most ghosts disappear after their funerals, though, so maybe it’s not that long for you.”

She can’t hide her curiosity anymore. “What about you?”

He keeps on smiling, though it looks sad this time. “I died about six months ago, it feels longer, though.”

“And why haven’t you-” she makes quotation marks with her fingers- “ ‘disappeared’ yet?”

He takes off the beanie she just realized he had on and plays with it for a moment before looking at her again. “My theory is that I haven’t made peace with death yet. All the ghosts I’ve met eventually accepted that they were dead and had nothing else to do on Earth, but apparently, I’m not there yet.”

She can’t believe she’s just questioning a complete stranger, but whatever. “And what is it that’s holding you back? Is it your family? Your mom?” She ventures.

“Nah, they are sad, but I know they’ll be okay.” He folds his beanie and puts it in his pocket. “It’s a friend. She has been a wreck ever since I died, I can’t go without making sure she’ll be happy. I can’t leave her not knowing if she’ll ever truly smile again.” He looks so determined when he talks about her, she can’t help but feel a little jealous. Of course she has great friends, but she doesn’t think any of them would rather be a ghost than moving on just to make sure she was doing okay in life.

“Sounds like you care a lot about her.”

“I do. She’s one of the people I love the most in this world and I could never move on without making sure she does too, she would do the same for me.” He says it with such certainty that she feels a little uncomfortable.

She doesn’t know what to say after that, so she stays silent, watching the sunset. He leaves his place in the headstone to stand closer. “What about you? Do you think you will make peace with death soon, or will I be having you around for a while?” He looks like a lonely child when he says it, and she can’t help but feel the tiniest bit sorry for him.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be in this limbo for a while.” Ámbar is not ready to accept the fact that she died just yet, she’s too angry.

His warm smile returns and he holds out his hand. “Well, Ambar Smith, then we should get to know each other. I’m Simón Álvarez, a pleasure to meet you.”

She gives him the side eye. “How do you know my name?”

“I was here for a while during your funeral. I left after a few minutes, I didn’t want to intrude.”

She sighs. If she’s going to stay a ghost for as long as she still wishes she were alive, she’s gonna be here for a long time, and he doesn’t show any signs of being ready to go either, so she rolls her eyes and takes his hand.

She didn’t know if they would be able to make actual contact with each other, but they are, and he feels hot to the touch. He’s like the sun personified, everything about him seems warm and bright, and she is a little overwhelmed by his presence. She was once known as an ice queen, and everyone knows what happens to ice when it’s too long under the sun: it melts.

She lets go of his hand quickly, but the heat doesn’t go away; it intensifies, because he is beaming at her, and his smile sets her ablaze. Maybe it is because, for the first time since she died, she can be seen, heard and touched, but she feels relief. And the sun may be setting, but it feels as if it only just came out.

Jon Bellion + Camren?

Okay first off let me just say that I don’t necessarily think this connection has anything to do with CAMREN and that I am aware my delusional level is at a critical level. That said, I just wanted to share one little coincidence. 

So as some of you may know Camila has been saying how much she love’s Jon Bellions music. 

Because of this, I started listening to some of his songs and loved all of them. Definitely a fan now. Anyways so I started listening to one called HUMAN. Let me just say that one particular part of the lyrics stood out for me.

Do you see what I see? I mean I’m not saying there’s any connection whatsoever but my Camren deprived heart has been yearning for some action, this as close as it will get for now.

 It is a great song and I can’t help but imagine our little banana princess drowning herself in it. Make of this what you will, I’m just saying…..

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