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John Tucker Must Die!AU: Three ex-girlfriends(Lydia,Erica,Cora) of a serial cheater(Stiles) set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town(Malia) so they can watch him get his heart broken.

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“You’ve… used me”. — “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

Angeles: Some New Kill

Summary:  Jensen Ackles is infatuated and intrigued with Supernatural’s new recurring guest star from the moment he meets her. It eventually leads to a steamy night in a hotel room during a convention weekend – but Jensen has no idea that Y/N is hiding secrets that have followed her from the moment she signed her first contract.
Part One: Some New Kill
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 1705
Warnings: None. 

A/N: No Jensen in this chapter, but he will be in most if not all chapters going forward. 

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jasaphael headcanons for –> (@moonlightmagnus)

  • it starts with angst
  • jace likes simon, and raphael likes simon, and simon is 100% oblivious and busy mooning over clary
  • both jace and raphael quickly recognize that they feel the same way - which leads to them fighting with each other a lot
  • simon doesn’t understand why his bestfriends (his crushes actually) won’t just get along
  • jace is the one who mans up first and confronts simon, and simon is over the moon but also, what about raphael?? so he’s confused, and he feels bad because he likes jace too and he doesn’t know what to do - he’s left reeling when jace tells him to go to talk to raphael
  • raphael is horrified when simon comes to him until simon confesses that jace admitted his feelings, and then he won’t let the blonde shadowhunter out do him, the leader of the new york vampire clan
  • at first they try to both date simon separately, but they keep running into each other
  • and it’s awkward and tense
  • cue simon breaking down and saying he can’t do this anymore, because if the two people he loves the most in the world can’t get along, then it’s not worth it
  • and then he realises what he’s said and disappears in a panic
  • jace and raphael make a pact to get on after that
  • and it turns out they’re more than able to do it
  • the first time they kiss, they’re both worried about how simon will react
  • turns out simon is the happiest he’s ever been, elated even, and he demands they go out on a date without him
  • which is kind of awkward but also wonderful??
  • the first date they all go out on together is absolutely perfect, and jace and raphael share a fond look as simon drags them both along, talking a mile a minute
  • they all take turns sleeping in the middle, though jace is the one who usually ends up there, because he still has nightmares sometimes, and raphael and simon take turns comforting him
  • other people might think it’s weird, but they’re the happiest they’ve ever been whenever they’re together
Jon Bellion + Camren?

Okay first off let me just say that I don’t necessarily think this connection has anything to do with CAMREN and that I am aware my delusional level is at a critical level. That said, I just wanted to share one little coincidence. 

So as some of you may know Camila has been saying how much she love’s Jon Bellions music. 

Because of this, I started listening to some of his songs and loved all of them. Definitely a fan now. Anyways so I started listening to one called HUMAN. Let me just say that one particular part of the lyrics stood out for me.

Do you see what I see? I mean I’m not saying there’s any connection whatsoever but my Camren deprived heart has been yearning for some action, this as close as it will get for now.

 It is a great song and I can’t help but imagine our little banana princess drowning herself in it. Make of this what you will, I’m just saying…..

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