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So how do you think the boys would react if their s/o, who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag, suddenly shifts into MMO Raid Leader mode when a fight starts? Like, they get jumped by monsters and suddenly the s/o is calling orders on which monster to kill first and generally keeping them coordinated (and yeLLING AT THEM TO STOP STANDING IN THE FIRE/ICE/ELECTRICITY).

I… Adore this omfg???


  • Pretty dumbfounded ngl
  • What are you doing? 
  • Where did you learn that? 
  • What even is happening right now? 
  • It isn’t until he sees the others listening to you (let’s be honest, Prompto follows your orders first) that he snaps to it with the warp strike that you’ve been screaming at him to do 
  • “Damn the Six, Noctis, move!”
  • But when he starts listening, he starts getting knocked back less. He starts getting hurt less. The fights go faster and things just start to work
  • He repeats: where did you learn that?
  • Which is exactly what he asks you as soon as the fight’s over. he grabs your arm and stares you down. He looks kind of mad because he’s so confused, but you just shrug
  • “I watch you guys enough while trying to stay out of the way, so…”
  • “…Keep…Doing that.”
  • He just sort of nods, and you take that as a thank you


  • Gives you the weirdest look ever, double-take included, but he doesn’t doubt you
  • He grabs Prompto’s arm and drags him to where you tell the both of them to run, just in time to dodge a daemon’s attack
  • It’s Noctis’s fault that you’re all out at night, but Iggy here still isn’t happy about it
  • The fight ends rather quickly, and Ignis is the one to check if everyone’s alright, distributing potions as necessary, and fewer potions are being handed out
  • Mostly, everyone’s just hungry, which is so typical
  • He doesn’t say a word to you until everyone’s back at camp and you, as usual, find yourself drifting over to help him slice meat or cut vegetables for dinner
  • His stirring of the pot slows down a bit and you can feel him watching you out of the side of his glasses
  • You legitimately can’t tell if he’s angry or not
  • He’s not angry, just about as worried for your safety as he always is, but there’s a long silence before he says:
  • “Thank you.”
  • And you know what he’s talking about


  • He’s probably the only one who isn’t in the slightest surprised
  • Well, he’s a little surprised. But you’ve always found ways to surprise him with how you adapt to new things, so he doesn’t think you’re crazy or anything
  • This is why he was okay with you coming along. Sure, you’re a little small and a little vulnerable, but he knew you’d toughen up fast
  • He’s so proud of you that he almost forgets that he needs to be fighting
  • Huh, he thinks, maybe that’s why it’s kind of nice to have your strategies coming from someone else
  • He goes in as hard as you tell him to, though he’s a little mad that you’re not putting him in the front line as much as he likes
  • Why are you having Prompto shoot everything?!
  • This leads to him sitting you down at camp, making you think you’re about to have a lecture about putting yourself in danger, but then he starts talking strategy
  • I can so see him drawing little X’s and O’s in the dirt with lines and arrows and stuff
  • “So I should be going in first. Always.”
  • No, you should be listening to me and trying not to die. Always.”


  • Wait, what?
  • Was that… Your voice? Telling him to shoot stuff?
  • Hells yeah!
  • He actually listens when you tell him to back up, fast, and he can’t help wondering how he didn’t get burnt to death without you telling him not to stand in the pit of flames that the Red Giant they’re battling just released on them
  • Not so much of a plot twist: Prompto took up all the party’s potions before you started ordering him around
  • “(Y/N) that was so cool!”
  • “They’re ordering you around, Blondie.” - Noctis
  • “Yeah, looks like they’re wearing the pants now.” - Gladio
  • On one hand, the teasing is hilarious. Watching Prompto get flustered at his friends is hilarious. But you’re honestly just doing all of this to keep them all alive
  • Prompto catches you alone and gives you a quick kiss to the cheek with a sheepish grin
  • He has no idea what to say or how to say it. He’s just really glad you’ve found a way to help out
Yuri on Ice interview with Kubo Mitsurou - A summary

Alright, so it wasn’t exactly an interview, it was the last episode official YOI web radio called Yuri on Radio, which you can listen to here. (Unless the videos get deleted which happens quite a lot, but it’s still there at the time of writing). Regardless of what you want to call it, it featured a few questions to Kubo (who, as you know, is the author of the story to YOI) and her answers and I’d like to deliver them to you.

Note: This is only a rough translation, not a word for word translation, though it should hopefully convey the most relevant information. Feel free to correct me if you think I got something wrong!

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the most important/interesting questions and answers.

Okay, so this first bit isn’t really a question, but more of a fun fact from behind the scenes but let me keep the format similar to the rest of the post:

The seiyuu received manga drafts from Kubo to use as references before recording sessions to better understand the characters. At first they were around 70 pages long (around the first episode) but by the last episode, there were about 120-130 pages of manga dedicated to each episode. The manga drafts were essentially drafts for the episodes and Kubo and Yamamoto had to carefully select the content they wanted to include in the anime because unfortunately there was too much she wanted to show in just 23 minutes per episode. Kubo said that it was a difficult choice because there were many scenes that she wanted to be animated but a number of them had to be thrown away and never used in the anime.

[I know that some people will ask so let me say: I doubt that the manga draft they made for references will ever be fully published. I’m assuming it wasn’t a proper manga and more like sketches with speech bubbles that look nothing like the neat little volumes you may usually purchase. It wasn’t meant to be beautiful, only useful to the seiyuu and it was a way of presenting stories with which Kubo was most comfortable and which she found the easiest to create.]

How close is Kubo with Yamamoto (the director) and how long have they known each other?

They haven’t known each other very long; Yamamoto approached her in the Summer of 2014, asking whether she would like to write a story for a figure skating anime. In the Summer of 2015 they met practically every day in Kubo’s place to create the story and often ended up cooking and eating together (she explained it by saying that they got so excited over writing it that it made them hungry lol). Kubo also highlighted that Yamamoto has great love for anime and for figure skating and she was glad to work with her and create Yuri on Ice with Yamamoto’s advice and her help in terms of details.

Why was Hasetsu (based on Karatsu in Saga, Kyushu) chosen as Yuuri’s hometown?

There are few famous figure skaters from Kyushu and Kubo wanted to show such unlikely origins for a famous skater for a change, and also wanted to present Yuuri as the ‘hope of the region’. She also hoped to make it a generic town where you could find anywhere (which would make it relatable and easy to picture for many viewers). She also thought that making it into a town located around a castle would leave a good impression (and would look nice to foreigners watching the show). So they searched the region and finally chose Karatsu as the perfect basis for creating Hasetsu. Up till now Karatsu wasn’t a famous travel location (being rather old and small and offering nothing special in particular), but it seems that the anime is already inviting more tourists to the city (which apparently was also what they hoped for).

Who was the easiest character to draw?

Kubo didn’t hesitate to say that it was JJ. She felt like she knew exactly how he would look and act so putting it down on paper was essentially simple. She said that Yurio was also quite easy to draw.

Now what’s interesting is that Kubo said that Yurio was the first character she came up with but they decided that they couldn’t make him the main character because “he couldn’t pull the story along”. He didn’t have any clear weaknesses the way Yuuri did, he didn’t have the desire to get involved with others or the predisposition to interact with other people the way Yuuri did, and they realized that the story progressed and developed much better when they paired Victor and Yuuri and the narrative began partly depending on them. She said that Yuri on Ice became what it was thanks to the decision to focus on Yuuri instead of Yurio (because they couldn’t find a good way to move the story forward with Yurio as the MC). She also said that Yurio was more of a tragic character and if he was the main character then the anime would become a sad story and they wanted to prevent that. They preferred to make it into a story overflowing with love. They chose not to speak about Yurio’s family in the anime in order not to give him a handicap and instead showed his relationships with many people who would support and help him in the future. She also said she wished she could show more of Yurio and Otabek’s friendship and she had a few scenes in mind but in the last episodes she had to cut out all of the lines that weren’t absolutely necessary. She said that she actually wanted to include many more scenes for many of the characters but it was a story about Yuuri Katsuki after all and she wanted to prioritize it in the end.

That’s about that for the relevant information, although they did mention the big seiyuu event featuring Kubo that will take place on April 29th, 2017, and, I presume, will also include some announcement regarding the second season.

I hope you found this post informative! Thanks for reading!


21 years of progression. I have very specific memories of when I was younger. I remember crying in bed for god to make me a girl. I begged and pleaded every night that I would wake up the next morning with the right parts in the right body and every day I woke up in disappointment. I remember going through my mom’s wardrobe on more than one occasion and showing her what I put on. I remember picking the girl characters in any video game I ever played.

For years I would have people refer to me as a girl with a variety of different names. I would ask them to do my make up or let me borrow their clothes. All I thought about, all I wanted to do was girly things.

Going through puberty and not having my body develop the way I wanted to was a hard blow to handle. Things were different when I was younger and still had a high voice and softer features.

Figuring out the way boys act with each other was a wake up call as well. I wasn’t like them I didn’t want to do the things they wanted to do. I flocked to the the feminine my whole life. If I tried to put it out of mind, it wouldn’t last long. This wasn’t a phase this was who I was.

I hid who I was for too long. I cared what others thought about me and I let that dictate my actions. I couldn’t continue this or things would only get worse. Finally transitioning was the most incredible thing that could have happened to me. Finally I was on the right track I was doing what made me happy. I was living my life authentically as a woman. I was being myself.

This is something I know I’ve not only wanted but needed. I don’t know where I’d be if I’d even be anywhere if it wasn’t for transitioning. I’m in a body I can be comfortable with and I can flaunt my femininity without shame. I have always been a girl and nobody will tell me otherwise.

Trans and proud.

Headcanon for while Hughes was trying to catch Scar: every time he got a phone call from the MPs saying “we got another dead State Alchemist,” he’d be so afraid that their next words would be “looks like it’s Roy Mustang.” A couple times, the MPs weren’t able to identify the body right away (they just found a pocket watch on them). Even though Hughes knew Roy was all the way in East City, he spent the entire drive to the crime scene silently pleading “please don’t be Roy. Please don’t let me pull back that sheet and find my best friend in a pool of blood”

Your OTP + Kids
  • Who in your OTP carries them from the couch/car to the bed?
  • And who soothes the kids after a nightmare?
  • Who wants to throw out the car seat because the stupid thing won’t strap in?
  • Who cries on the first day of school?  
  • Gets the kids into the local sports team?
  • And who’s the parent that gets way too aggressive at these games?
  • Who in your OTP lets the kids stay up and watch movies and who sends them to bed?
  • Who sneaks candy to the kids before school, whilst the other pretends not to notice?
  • Who is the parent that yells at the kid for being called to the principal’s office and who is the parent who yells at the principal?
  • Who teaches their son to tie a tie and who
  • Explains periods to their daughter?
  • Who cries at graduation?
  • Who reads the book in silly voices?
  • Who’s the one against sweets before dinner and who lets it slide?
  • Who gets rid of the monster in the closet and under the bed?
  • Which parent sneaks veggies into the kids’ dinner and who doesn’t like veggies themselves?
  • Who in your OTP does the “hurt my baby and I’ll kill you” speech when their kid brings someone over?
  • Who goes on all the rides with the kids because their partner gets queasy on rides?
The Destiel bits in 12x07

I have lots of sad feels after this episode, so let me talk about the bits that actually made me happy. And I will post 10 billion gifs in this too because I seem incapable of making posts without them, so be warned. (below gif credit to @yourfavoritedirector)

1. The phone call. 

I don’t care how many times it happens but that little “Hey Cas” “Hello Dean” always makes my heart skip a beat. 

2. This bickering that was all too much like an old married couple.

On first viewing it might look like Dean’s picking on Cas for no reason, but he’s just driven a long way,he hates LA, Sam made him listen to Vince Vincente for the entire trip and his nerves are frazzled.

So Cas enters and Dean immediately leaps to make a random comment that didn’t even make any sense in that context (Cas always dresses like that, what’s new?) just so Cas can tick him off. I mean Dean didn’t even look upset at Cas’s rejoinder. Just accepting and well-you-got-me-there-dear-husband.  

Seriously, it was adorable. Also the fact that Cas also immediately starts complaining about how much he’s needed a break away from Crowley was sweet too. These two are so married. 

3. The panties. 

Of course Dean went for the panties. But his expression here was fabulous. (gif credit to @novaks)

He’s all admiring the pretty pink panty and he looks toward Cas before dropping them. I know Cas’s reaction shot wasn’t there but I bet Cas caught that glance, because he proceeded to then examine it himself FOR NO REASON. I mean, what other reason did Cas have to pick it up? He’s never shown any interest in women’s underwear. Except when Dean wears them.

4. Dean’s reaction when Cas comes in with information (or not)

(gif credit to @itsokaysammy)

This is a small but important moment. So Dean’s just chilling here with the vegetable water he apparently hates and the moment Cas comes in he puts the glass away and leans forward into Cas, completely focused on his husband. 

5. Cas sacrificing himself for the world.

Dean’s not happy. At all. But he doesn’t protest because lets face it, what options do they have now? I liked the little hints of protective Dean they threw in though- the rage on his face when Lucifer attacks Cas on stage (can’t find a gif yet but when I do I’ll put it here), the quiet way he asks after Cas at the end.  

This episode hurt a lot, but in a good way. I can see the buildup all right, Cas’s guilt and everything. I really want to see how they’ll address it. 

Lets play a game called Protect the Pidge!

Watching Voltron Legendary Defender I began to notice something that the entire team has in common: they all without question protect Pidge. The team will go out of their way to make sure Pidge is safe, and anyone who attacks Pidge is immediately dealt with. 

Pidge draws the attention of the commander?

Turn the commander’s attention onto you.

Falling down a slide of death? Put Pidge on your shoulders out of reach.

Pidge is almost never standing by themself. Someone is always near them, and normally? It’s Shiro and Hunk, the two biggest guys on the team.

You will almost never see Pidge on the edge of the group, Pidge is never exposed. 

Not even the sloth thing touches the Pidge.

Everyone else is complaining? We can keep going. Pidge has a breakdown? REST TIME.

It was all verbal until the Princess threw food goop at Pidge?

GAME ON, ALLURA. Immediate retaliation from Keith.

There’s a thing falling at you, no way is Shiro going to let his Pidge get squished.

Nothing harms the Pidge.

Alien has Pidge held in painful grip, rest of the team can’t do anything?


In short? Pidge is precious and must be protected at all costs. You touch Pidge? The rest of the team will make you regret it.

let’s play a little game. it’s called “show all the misogynists why the women’s march was a big fucking deal”

send me an ask, anon or not, about why gender equality is important to you. if you need a little motivation:

  • because birth control is the one surefire way we can actually control our bodies and Senate wants to charge hundreds/thousands a year for us to be able to do so
  • because men patronize me when I know more about [sport] than them
  • because I was kicked out of a fantasy football league the second year I played because the guy in charge said “I don’t want to lose to a girl again”
  • because my dad shouldn’t be questioned for raising me on his own/being a stay-at-home dad
  • because my brother should be allowed to wear a skirt/dress and still identify as male without being mocked and ridiculed
  • because I don’t want to be considered bitchy or demanding for asking for a raise/promotion while men doing the same are considered motivated and driven

any reason you stand for equal rights, let me know

Switch Inputs

Mrs. Hudson knocks on the door frame of the flat, a stack of mail in her hands: a copy of Soldier magazine (less necessary now that John is back; still welcome), something from Sherlock’s bank, and a conspicuously thick padded envelope. Sherlock’s heart sinks as he examines the mailing label.

Another message from beyond the grave. From her. And they’d been doing so well lately, he and John.

The man himself thunders his way up the stairs, as Mrs. Hudson hands Sherlock the mail. She can’t take her eyes off the padded envelope. She shakes her head and purses her lips. Disapproval. She tolerated the first DVD well enough, even helped both of them through watching it. After she learned about the second, she started making comments about letting go, moving on, about calling what’s done, done.

Sherlock thanks the powers that be, even the ones he doesn’t believe in, for Hudders.

John is in the flat, a cardboard box in his arms, a backpack slung over one shoulder, a gym bag over the other, wearing a happy half-smile as he looks at them. Sherlock can see it on his face: the confirmation that he and Mrs. Hudson are John’s chosen family. No: his actual family. They’ve said it often enough. Eight times, in the weeks since they stood in this very room, and Sherlock held John in his arms, and John wept hot tears that stained Sherlock’s shirt.

Everything, it seems, broke open that day, and allowed in all this new, somewhat terrifying, entirely welcome stuff. And now, John himself.

John has moved back in.

John drops the box and bags with a satisfied grunt. “That’s the last of it,” he announces, flexing his left hand. He’s nervous, then. Excited. Maybe a little unsure.

That makes two of us.

They’re family, but what, precisely, that means, has yet to be worked out.

Read the rest of this excessively emotional kissing story / series 4 fix-it at A03

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nicky hemmick masterlist (fave moments/most heart wrenching for me bolded)
  • Nicholas Hemmick was the only one who looked genuinely happy to see Neil, and he stepped up to the curb at Neil’s approach.
  • “If you take  German as your elective here, just let me know and  I’ll tutor you. I’m good with my tongue.”
  • “That’s not okay.” Neil said, pointing at the door. “That’s nothing.” Nicky said. Neil caught his arm as Nicky passed and hauled him to a stop. “Don’t let him get away with things like that.” Nicky considered him for a moment, his smile fading into something small and tired. 
  • He smiled when he saw Neil. “Hey stranger,”  Nicky said. “What did you think of Matt?” “He seems fine,” Neil said, not slowing on his way by. “He is fine,” Nicky called after him with a laugh. 
  • “I’m not willing to give up on them yet. I want to fix this.”
  • Surprisingly, it was Nicky who found the strength to cross the room toward her. He crouched in front of her, moving slow like he thought she’d run off if he startled her, and gazed up into her face. “Hey,” Nicky said, soft and nice like the two of them hadn’t spent all summer cutting each other down on the court. “Is there anything we can do?”
  • Neil expected him to fall, but Nicky slung an arm around Andrew’s shoulders and yanked Andrew close to him. It let him take some of Andrew’s weight without it being too obvious what he was doing. Andrew looked ready to say something about the unasked-for help, but Nicky didn’t give him a chance to argue. He pumped his fist and whooped. “That was awesome! We are going to own this season!”
  • “Kid, you’re killing me,” Nicky said. “Why do you always get that deer-in-headlights look when someone does something nice for you?”
  • “I can’t.” It was too ragged and too honest, but Neil couldn’t help it. If he didn’t get rid of that phone he was going to be sick. “Nicky, I-” “Okay, okay,” Nicky said, taking Neil’s hand in both of his. “We’ll figure it out.”
  • “You’re family, so i can tell you”
  • “I thought I could show Aaron and Andrew how to be brothers again. And I’m not giving up.”
  • “I thought God abandoned me; sometimes I thought I failed Him. Halfway through my junior year I started thinking about suicide.”
  • “Erik Klose,” Nicky said, sounding it out like he was saying it for the first time. “He taught me to believe in myself. He showed me how to balance my faith and my sexuality, and he made me okay again. I know it sounds dramatic, but he saved my life.”
  • It could have been the most awkward dinner in the world if not for Nicky. Nicky hated how isolated the twins were and was desperate to make friends with the rest of the team. It was as if he’d developed a sudden allergy to silence. Any time the conversation started to slow he threw out another topic to salvage it.
  • Nicky cradled Andrew’s face in his hands. 
  • Nicky trudged across the room and sank into one of the empty chairs. He dropped his phone on the table and buried his face in his hands. Abby slid into the seat beside him and wound an arm around his shoulders.  Nicky leaned against her but said nothing else. 
  • Nicky caught hold of Matt’s wrist instead. “Thank you,” Nicky said, quiet but fervent. “I don’t know why you did it, but–thanks.”
  • Nicky reached out and scrubbed a gloved hand through Neil’s hair. “You are going to be the absolute death of me,” Nicky said. “Yeah, kid. We’re friends. You’re stuck with us, like it or not.”
  • “It’s not really about the food. It’s about family. Not necessarily the one we were born with, but the one we chose. This one,” Nicky emphasized, gesturing between them. “The people we trust to be part of our lives. The people we care about.”
  • Nicky, on the other hand, looked absolutely crushed as he took in Neil’s wrecked appearance. He reached out as soon as Neil was close enough and wrapped his hand around the back of Neil’s head. Nicky was tense as stone but the long breath he let out was shaky. “Oh, Neil,” he said in a choked voice. 
  • He could hear pain in his voice, thick enough to slur his words. Nicky looked stricken with guilt. “I can’t yet.” “I’m sorry,” Nicky said. “I didn’t–I wasn’t thinking. Here, here. Let me. I’ve got it.”
  • Nicky was too afraid to go after Andrew, so he slowly dropped to his knees and slid a hand across the asphalt. He curled his fingers around Allison’s and gave her hand a tight squeeze. 
  • Nicky blew them a kiss when he was handed his red card. 
  • “We’re such hot shit sometimes!”
  • Nicky was a disconsolate mess near the window
  • “A dashboard lighter.” He winced at the awful sound Nicky made. 
  • “You can’t have him,” Nicky said. “He belongs with us.”
  • “Neil or Nathaniel or whoever,” Nicky said. “He’s ours, and we’re not letting him go. You want us to vote on it or something? Be you it’ll be unanimous.”
  • “As a family.” Nicky attempted a smile. It was weak but it was encouraging.
I remember the way you used to text me at 3am asking if I thought vampires were real. I remember how you always hated the way your hair fell on Thursday mornings and would never let me tell you that it looked amazing. I remember what your nicknames were for me, and how anytime anybody else called me them, you got angry. I remember the way you used to chuckle at my idiotic jokes and the way your eyes disappeared when you smiled. I remember how your voice sounds and how you used to sing random pop songs mockingly under your breath. I remember every detail of your favorite sweatshirt, I remember every second we spent laughing at nothing in the middle of the night, and I remember how much you used to hate it when I spammed your phone with 103 texts while you slept, but I did it anyway. I remember the way it felt to love you, and I remember the feeling I got in my stomach when I realized you loved me, too, but in the end, I would still want to forget your name and every stupid inside joke we had and everything in between, because the memories of you only ever make me realize that I lost you and I still don’t know where things went wrong.
—  E. Grin

Canada:… why am I here? When you call me and show up with a flamethrower things never turn out well. 

America: I figured out a better way to make cookies! Listen, I did the math,  and if it takes 10 minutes for them to bake at 400 degrees than it should only take them 1 minute to bake at 4,000 degrees! 

Canada: What?! No! You dd the math but not the science, Al, you can’t-

America: How about 4,000,00 degrees for 1 second?!



@lucifers-lawyer ;)

I understand now… How love and feelings are a choice, when someone brings out the worst sides of themselves out and you must go to bed and wake up everyday still choosing them. But sometimes it’s not a choice at the same time. Sometimes it’s unexpected. Sometimes it’s a random conversation with a friend that turns into the all night phone call when you have to be up early the next day, and the excitement to hold someone’s hand for the first time. It’s that moment when you forget how to breathe when you finally get the courage to look them in the eyes and those eyes she calls, “just brown,” are anything but that. They’re like her… A mystery, full of hidden secrets only revealed when she lets you see them. “In the right light all is revealed.” The way they go from brown to a golden eclipse in the light and you can see every streak of her irises, letting you see a glimpse of what she contains. It’s the sound of her laugh from thousand of miles away, her body that makes you feel so much, and the way you can tell when she’s holding back with you because you scare her. You scare yourself honestly. You’re a mess. You’re a storm that’s been brewing since the day you were born and you would do anything to protect her from the chaos that you are, but crave to show her the beauty that lies beneath the visible layer of the ocean that people don’t take the time to look at. So yes love and feelings are a choice. But this wasn’t a choice. You were handed to me in the chaos and I don’t want to let go.

Andrew shuts the door behind him and tells himself that he isn’t going out of his way to be quiet so he won’t wake up Neil. He’s starting to believe Neil’s onto something when he calls Andrew a terrible liar, but he’d never admit that to his face.

Out of spite and anger at that realization, Andrew lets his keys clatter on the table as he sets them down, along with his bags from where he was travelling with his team. He only succeeds in rousing the cats; Neil sleeps like the fucking dead.

King meows noisily at Andrew’s feet while Sir makes himself at home on the kitchen table. Andrew says “no” a few times, but the dumb things keep looking at him, so he scratches behind their ears until they sniff and go away. They got the cats because Neil didn’t like being alone when Andrew was at games and cats could more or less take care of themselves if they were gone for a day. If their schedules both meant they were gone for a few days, one of the Foxes would catsit, usually Matt or Renee. They joked that they were the godparents, much to Andrew’s chagrin.

He wondered at how domestic he’d become and the clench in his gut at the thought is still there, though it lessened a bit every day. He still woke up most days waiting for the other shoe to drop and the cats moving in the middle of the night still startled him, but he feels…settled. And that scares him more than anything else.

He walks into the bedroom and it isn’t until he’s down to his tank top and boxers and is crawling into bed that Neil finally stirs with a groan. When he sees Andrew, his face breaks into a sleepy smile and he says, groggily, “You’re home.”

His Neil isn’t usually like this. Neil’s not soft, or nice, even after all these years. His Neil screams at matches on TV and tells off reporters who dare to bring up his past in interviews. His Neil pisses Andrew off to no end by stealing the covers and letting the cats on the bed and asking Andrew to go to Aaron’s wedding when Andrew wants to throw the invitation away.

They’re not soft people; they love with all they have and fight with it too. But there are moments like this, when Andrew’s tired and something in him slips and cracks, where he lays down next to Neil and brushes his fingers over the scars on Neil’s face, the most beautiful part of him, and whispers, “Yeah. I’m home.”

So I was at my LGBT meeting and we were talking about raising kids and everyone said they’d only call their kids “they” and wouldn’t ever call them a boy or a girl, because they didn’t want to ever limit them. I was the only one who said I wouldn’t…because why should calling your child a “girl” or “she/her” limit them??? Calling them “she/her” or “they” should give them just as much freedom. 

Someone said they didn’t want their kids to turn out trans and have to deconstruct their entire being later on because they were forcefully labelled a boy or girl… but I mean if you just let them be whoever they want regardless of them being a boy or a girl from the beginning, there would be nothing to deconstruct because they would’ve been expressing themselves the way they wanted to the whole time???

Isn’t the point that regardless of if you’re a boy or a girl, you can be the person you want?? Not that being a boy or a girl depends on the person you want to be??? 

It seemed like they were acting like the labels themselves were the issue…as opposed to the way people socialized their kids according to their sex label. 

I’m so lost by how talk about gender has changed … I just don’t get it. Am I crazy?? I’d appreciate thoughts…

I’d really like more size 24+ people in pastels on my blog, more fat brown men covered in white wispy silk sheets, more people in wheelchairs or other mobility aids with vines of blooming flowers around them, more trans ladies dressed as airy fairies and nypmhs, more folx with topical skin discolorations sipping from tea cups, more non-binary pinups, just more.

I made a post calling for submissions awhile ago and never saw any, so if I can help facilitate the creation of these images in some way, let me know. The job of inclusion here is one that is never done.

@ all disabled peeps who have any type of food issue

dont be afraid to refuse things at thanksgiving dinner, if you think its gonna have a bad affect on you, then dont eat it.

dont be afraid to eat more than others want you to, if your illness makes you overeat/overly hungry or in general you need to eat more due to meds or something, then do it. dont let anyone stop you (this includes yourself)

dont let people call you picky because you dont want to/cant eat a certain thing.

dont let people make your illness out to be a burden on them because you need to have something different to eat/something cooked differently so you can eat it. they arent cool if theyre picking traditional eating/their way of cooking over your health.

and if they do this and get upset when you bring something for yourself, do not let them hate on you. your health issues are not your fault.

its okay to eat alot

its okay to not eat alot

and if you think something bad will happen if you eat, its okay to not eat anything at thanksgiving dinner.

if someone tries to tell you some ignorant shit my guy come right @ them, do not let them take your issues lightly.

if you wanna add anything, feel free but thats all i can think of, have a happy and safe thanksgiving, my disabled peeps.

We Were Married Last Christmas [Part 7 / 13]

In collaboration with @pleasecallmecaptain for December, we’ll be providing you with a daily drabble series from each of us. I’ll be posting on the odd days of December until Christmas day!

Pairing: Bucky x OC!Reader

Warning: Mention of Alcohol

Word Count: 1,008

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“Oh, thank god you’re here,” you sighed out in relief at the sight of the bundled pair on your front porch, the large forced smile dropping into a genuine one. You stepped aside to let them through and Bucky had seemingly relaxed, no longer fidgeting at his place behind you.

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I don’t think Hirako is totally wrong about Arima entrusting the garden kids to Hirako partially because of his “emptiness”, but there’s a good deal of irony in the way that he interprets that statement, too.

Hirako says he wanted Arima’s attention. He wanted his praise like anyone else. But let’s face it– how does a person who never receives warmth know how to show it without some hesitation? If you consider the fact that Arima is absolute garbage at expressing his feelings , to approach a new recruit and tell them they’re alike… this is pretty much Captain Awkward for “I feel a kinship with you, and I want to be your friend”. 

And that’s apparent in the way that Arima keeps Hirako around. An unheard-of six-year long partnership, hanging around together at ranking ceremonies, skipping meetings, having the same right position of a formation be called “Hirako”… it’s ironic that Hirako doesn’t see that this was all of Arima’s genuine, albeit unspoken, attention. Entrusting him with Zero Squad is praise.

It works the same way as Arima and Kaneki not realizing the other’s true feelings. Neither of them knew how to express or receive love, so it wasn’t until they’re last moments together that the understanding finally clicked. Arima’s ways of showing affection may be alien, but they’re there, and they went right over Hirako’s head. Like Arima, he doesn’t know how to give or take love– he has that emptiness, too. 

Legit Tip #182

or - “Breaking Your Reader’s Expectations by Subverting Tropes”

@more-legit-gr8er-writing-tips already wrote a great post about the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror and why it was such a good example of trope subversion when it comes to the “Bury Your Gays” trope. You can read it here. 

A lot of writers want to know how they can surprise their readers, and take them somewhere new and exciting. One of the best ways to do that is by introducing something familiar in the form of a classic trope and then intentionally subvert it.

 Of course, to do that, you have to really understand the trope that you’re going to be playing with. For the purposes of this post, let’s take one of the best known tropes out there - the Chosen One trope. 

A character is called upon by some higher power to save a kingdom from some dark force. Often there’s a prophecy that states that this character is the only one who can save the day. The character in question often struggles with the weight of their “duty.” They usually have a mentor, helpers, etc. There are a lot of things that you’ll recognize with the traditional Chosen One story - it’s one of the most standard tropes out there. 

So how could you possibly subvert this trope in your own story? It may seem like a pretty difficult task, but of course, it’s possible. J. K. Rowling did it in Harry Potter by highlighting the fact that Harry wasn’t chosen by destiny but by Voldemort himself, as either he or Neville Longbottom could have been the “chosen one.” Harry was “chosen” because Voldemort recognized something of himself in Harry. Additionally, it was the fact that Voldemort “chose” him that created the link between the two that in turn forced them to have to eventually face off against one another. 

It’s not a complete subversion of the trope, but it alters the details just enough to make the trope feel fresher than the standard “Chosen One” fare. But those who are really wanting to subvert this trope could take things a step further. 

Going in a Different Direction

You usually expect the “Chosen One” in any given story to accept their destiny - to go along with things because, well, that’s how these things go. But what if a Chosen One says “Screw this!” and takes a different path? This could be an interesting way for a writer to examine the concept of fate and destiny. 

What if, by the very act of choosing not to fight the Big Bad, the Chosen One actively sets in motion events that force them to have to confront the very thing that they were trying to avoid? 

Or take it a step further. What if your Chosen One teams up with your Big Bad instead of taking the good and righteous path? (Star Wars tried to do this with the prequels. It’s your call on whether or not they succeeded re: Anakin Skywalker.) (Also note that it would have been a lot more interesting of a trope subversion if we didn’t already know what happened to Anakin.) 

Perhaps there is no Chosen One and the concept of the Chosen One in your story is a lie - a myth - propaganda to give the people hope when they have nothing left to hope for. Perhaps your main character even buys into the myth. What happens when they learn about this lie and how they’ve been used? How will your reader feel when they find out?

How to Use Trope Subversion Wisely

The point is this. A trope can be a great way to set up your readers’ expectations and then pull the rug out from under them. Use that to your advantage. Everybody wants to know how they can create a story that feels “original” and new and exciting. 

Take those ideas that we’ve seen a million times before and figure out ways to alter them just enough that, when your reader realizes they’ve been duped, they’ll be excited by the change. 

In Harry Potter, it’s obvious that Rowling knows the Chosen One trope and is actively showing us that Harry was chosen not by fate but by the actions and intentions of the person who will become his enemy. Voldemort essentially created his own nemesis by trying to kill Harry as an infant. It’s an interesting thing to think about in terms of the Chosen One trope. 

So, if you want to put a little originality into your own writing, I suggest you do a little trope research and think about how you can twist these familiar tropes and use them to your advantage. (Especially tropes like Bury Your Gays that need to be twisted and, well, fixed for the age that we live in. But I digress.) 

On that note, good luck and happy writing!