let's call it experimenting

Let's play a game called "Stop defining other people's experiences and stop telling them what they do and don't experience because it's not your place and you have no right to do that"

Such a fun, self-explanatory game! Let’s spread the word about it!

Buck Tick 'Night Cafe Sujiganeze' Interview Translation -2-

After Nepal incident kishidan guy and the other man —-don’t know who is he (sorry) lets call him A-san —–starts talking about their experiences like this and what they do
Then bunny girl says A-san had an ‘experience’ but I can’t understand whole situation.I only understand that he says ‘Mcdonald’s and AV’ and I am not interested in him so sorry for this part.Only important thing at the end of his story bunny girl says 'Suki nan desu ne’ it means 'You like it don’t you ’.

Then the third legend about Buck Tick is 'Rolling Stones Incident’. All I understand is that Imai san drank lots of beer thats why he was in that state .
Then bunny girls talk about A-san again and again I can’t understand but in the and our little(!) cute Acchan says 'Suki nan desu ne’ like bunny girl said earlier and they start laughing. ——ACCHAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING—–are you trying to be cute to that girl (・Д・)ノ
Then the fourth legend is 'Sakurai san is a NEKOBAKA (*^◯^*) (neko=cat and baka=idiot —In japan they use baka in other meaning than idiot which means ’ foolishly affectionate’ For example “oyabaka” if you translate directly it would be “parent stupid” but actually it means 'doting parent’.I hope it helps.——

They talk about his love for cats.He says his cat died in February 2016 then he bought a Bengal cat and it happens.Bunny girl starts to act like cat. Of course Kishidan guy starts doing it too while Bunny girl gives Acchan that grass like thing don’t know what it is in english –sorry-.He takes it and says'It is strange on TV.'I think he is being shy about doing something like this on TV.
But in the end he let us a fragment of his fantasies.Thanks Acchan…
After their 'cute little cat play’ They talk about new single and new album.After Imai says “Atom Miraiha No.9” Kishidan man asks who decides the names and he said while pointing Acchan that they mail each other and decide the name.
So it is the end of “Night Cafe Sujiganeze interview part 3 ” again sorry for all the mistakes. I think it was a funny interview that we saw Acchan’s smile a lot. I think he is a lot happier know and it makes me happy *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Our little depressed alcholic son is know is a funny old sandals uncle. (o^^o)

Okay, so the human experience is beautiful. Think of it, you are your own person, you live in your own corner of the world, and you have seen and done things no one else has. Please, help me celebrate our fellow humans by sending me anonymously or not (via ask or submit) a short story, experience, or word of wisdom. Let’s call this THE TUMBLR HUMAN PROJECT. If you can, try to include your age and or country/state. Go!

Wanna Be Yours, Part 2 (Olicity, College AU)

Sequel to this fic ( Prompt: ”You can stay, but your clothes must go”)

Oliver tried to keep an eye on her but every damn time he got close enough to make sure she was okay, that nobody was bothering her - he knew she could take care of herself, that she didn’t need him watching out for her, but he also knew Felicity Smoak, and she wasn’t having a good night. At all - she slipped away, like she could feel his eyes on her.

The storm wasn’t showing any signs of releasing its stranglehold - rain crashed against the walls, pattering the windows; lightning lit up the sky in sudden bursts, thunder following so quick behind he thought the walls were going to tumble down. Everyone loved it, especially when the lights continued to flicker on and off every few minutes, sending a chorus of shouts and screams throughout the entire house. After the third time - especially when he thought he’d caught a glimpse of her - Oliver’d had enough. He shut them down and sent a bucket of candles around until each room was lit in soft candlelight.

When he found her again she was in the kitchen, standing among the array of alcohols and mixers on the island, finishing off one of the vodka bottles. She didn’t see him yet, people flowing in and out between the rooms.

Oliver paused at the door, staying behind the doorjamb, just watching her.

Felicity Smoak.

Was in his house.

Felicity Smoak was in his house and she was wearing nothing but a black-and-cream lacy demi-cup bra and a pair of panties that made his mouth go dry every single time he saw her.

God, she was beautiful.

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Whoa. Is it done? I think it’s done? It might be done? I don’t really know anymore. Let’s call it done. This coloring experiment went in a little weird direction in the end, but let’s just pretend it’s fine. Fine? Fine.

Growing up a birdmonster: Domestic life.

It occurs to me that Murderburd might actually just be a cat. A giant, feathery cat.

Thanks for your email.
You clearly haven’t got any idea what is in the program. If you did, then you would be worried about your children being exposed to unhealthy ideas at such an early age.

Give it a go and get your five year old a book called The Gender Fairy and let him experiment with being a girl. It was written by the same people as the SSC program and is ‘suitable for four year olds’.
Then when he is 15 he can just use the girls change room whilst using the links provided on the information website to find more about bondage clubs and adult sex toys.

This is what the safe schools materials encourage.
If you think this is ok then I worry for your children.

Inform yourself properly and then get back to me. Your opinion will carry more weight then.


—  Cory Bernardi literally sent this email to a mother about safe schools holy shit. The only difference between him and some backwards MRA activist is that he wears a suit instead of a fedora.