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Big Bang reaction to their idol baby sister fainting while she performs

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You were both performing at the same music show and it was live. You debuted a few months ago and T.O.P really hated that you joined a girl group when you were only 18. He knew you started dieting and you weren’t listening to your mom about eating so he was worried how you’ll do.Big Bang just stopped performing and all of them went back to gt undressed but he wanted to watch you perform so one of the staff aloud it. You were performing just one song and when you started you felt dizzy and fell on the floor with your eyes wanting to shut. When he saw you were on the ground he wanted to go up there and help you, but some staff got you and bring you off the stage. He was so angry at you he wanted to forbid you to performing again, but you agreed to take better care of you and continue your performing.

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You were 8 years younger than him and you debuted 3 years ago. Your group gained lot of attention and you had very successful comebacks. You had a concert in Japan where your oppa was currently working on his clothing shop, so he agreed to come and watch your group perform. He arrived after you had to perform 10 songs in a row and you had to change 4 times in that time. You were exhausted, but you only had to perform 1 more song until the break. You tried your best and you saw GD watching you behind the stage before you compliantly backed out. He just came in time when you performed your biggest hit and he saw you were struggling with dancing and your voice was a bit weak and shaky. He got worried a lot, so he told the noonas that were there for help to prepare towel and bring water. Right when he looked back he saw it was too late. He got angry and waited until someone carried you to him and he took you to hospital.

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You were only 3 years younger, but he still always took care of you You are a member of girl duo and you agreed to have a collaboration with Big Bang. It was a hip hop song with a choreography, but since none of you except Taeyang were good at dancing you had to practice a lot and very hard. After everyone would leave and tell you to eat well and to not stay to long, you stayed practicing until early morning hours and continued the day without sleeping. But today was the day of the prerecording for a music show for your comeback together.You couldn’t sleep while getting your make up done, so you drank 2 coffees and Seungri noticed and asked you why are you drinking coffee too much and you told him not to worry. You started a song great and you perfected the choreography, but it was just a moment when you couldn’t do anything and blacked out. It was Daesung who caught you just in time before you’d fall on the floor. Taeyang was in such shock he couldn’t move for a moment. After they would tell him it’s just because of tiredness and you are okay, he would never let go and always call you if you were okay and if you slept, in future.

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You were member of a big girl group and you just had collaboration stage together with boy group. You wrote and produced a lot of songs and this remix was one of them. You worked 2 days straight on it and you had dance practices and few other practices so you didn’t have time to rest. You maintained professional but after the performance at a live award show you barley walked and you fell right when the camera stopped filming you and blacked out.Daesung was also there with Big Bang and he enjoyed your performance very much. He knew the past week was very hard on you because you just suddenly got the job to remix these songs and had all those practices. He wished you luck before the award show, but he watched your performance at their seats. When he saw you faint he hoped you just fell or something, but when people gathered around you and carried you to the back stage he got really worried and he wanted to help you, but he couldn’t since he had one performance ahead him. He felt really guilty that he didn’t take more care of you when he knew you were working too hard.

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You were going on stage in 4 minutes and Seungri was watching you in the dressing room where he was also preparing for his performance with Big Bang. He was actually really happy when you joined new YG girl group, because he could help you a lot. Since you were the leader of the group you were stressed a lot and this time your stress level was very high and you knew it, but you didn’t want him to worry so you didn’t tell Seungri. You knew idol life is stressful but you still acted professional like you learned from GD. It was a live show which made you even more nervous and you had to hide that deep inside. You were performing and suddenly you couldn’t do anything and just fell on the floor. Seungri saw it on the tv and he freaked out immediately and started to ask his hyungs if they think you’re okay and they all told him he could go to you right after he performance. He was really tight during performance,but he did well and after the performance he visited you in hospital and stayed there until they said you can go 

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#THATPOWER [listen here]

do your squats, stretch well, drink plenty of water & don’t let boys be mean to you {songs that will make you want to go that extra mile or do those extra reps before calling it a day}

wrecking ball (caked up remix) - miley cyrus // goin’ down for real - flo rida ft. sage the gemini // dark horse (mad mansion remix) - katy perry // mercy (rl grime&salva remix) - kanye west // pound the alarm - nicki minaj //  levels (skrillex remix) - avicii // antidote (tommy trash remix) swedish house mafia // run the world - beyonce // stay awake - ellie goulding and madeon // up all night (yah yahz bootleg) - arty // power (trap remix) - kanye west // rock away (dubstep remix) - lazee // overtime (vicetone remix) - cash cash // animals - martin garrix // bang bang (caked up remix) - jessi j, ariana grande, nicki minaj // delerious (boneless) - steve aoki // habits - tove lo, the chainsmokers // can’t hold us (unlike pluto remix) - macklemore // jai ho (dj mithll) - pussycat dolls //

From the RWBY Livestream Today
  • The Japanese merchandise will be sold in the RT Store eventually
  • New stuff will be added to the RWBY Grimm Eclipse game including more teams and characters, more places to fight, more monsters (and a hoard mode!) and more missions

A sneak peak of the location: 

  • There is an app called 8Tracks that lets you make RWBY remixes on the fly, so you can remove vocals or add more instruments to songs to change it
  • The Jazz music used during the Team FNKI fight was recorded the day before Thanksgiving, but due to technical difficulties more of it wasn’t usable. Jeff Williams got the band that recorded it together that same weekend and recorded it again
  • Elizabeth, the voice of Winter, binged watched the series before she auditioned for the part and actually fell hard for it
  • The soundtrack for this volume will be released after the volume ends in February
  • Faunes have only one trait, which is why Blake only has car ears and Neon only has a cat tail
  • Maybe heavily hinted more figures of other teams coming??
  • Maybe mini versions of the girls weapons available for purchase?

That’s all I could great right now, but I hope this helps!

150307-08 chen focus fancam list (still updating)

playlist for all youtube fancams

1. Opening VCR
2. Overdose Remix
3. History
4. El Dorado (1,  2,  3,  4,  +)
5. Ment #1
6. Don’t Go (1)
7. Playboy (1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8)
8. Baby Don’t Cry
9. My Answer
10. VCR (My Turn to Cry)
11. The Star (1,  2,  3)
12. Exodus (1,  2,  3,  +)
13. Hurt (1,  2)
14. VCR
15. Peter Pan (1,  +)
16. XOXO (1,  +)
17. Lucky (1)
18. 3.6.5. (1, 2)
19. Ment #2
20. Christmas Day (1,  +)
21. First Snow (1,  2,  3,  +)
22. Miracles in December (+,  +)
23 We are EXO (1)
24. Machine (1)
25. Let out the Beast Remix
26. Run Remix (1)
27. VCR
28. Growl Remix
29. Wolf/
30. Ment #3
31. MAMA (1)
32. VCR
33. Encore - Promise (1,  2,  +)
34. Encore - Ment #4
35. Encore - Angel (1)
36. Ending Ment (+,  +)
37. Call Me Baby

BONUS: chen with kid (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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Never trust a fox. They’re tricksters. They’ll fool you, they’ll fool everyone…

The Devil Within [Digital Daggers] //Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mod Dubstep Remix) [The White Stripes] // Courtesy Call [Thousand Foot Krutch] // Animal I Have Become [Three Days Grace] // Dancing With the Devil [Breaking Benjamin] // Oh Death [Jen Titus] // I’m Not Okay (I Promise) [My Chemical Romance] // Let it Burn [Red] // Broken Inside [Broken Iris] // Demons (Dubstep Remix) [Delta Heavy]