let's buy happiness

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how no one, absolutely no one, supported Victor when he went off to be a coach. He was actually excited for the first time in an age, probably nervous, and no one cared; everyone told him he was making a huge mistake and made fun of him, and when he made his debut no one ever wanted to hear about his coaching or his choreography, they just asked him over and over about when he was going to, essentially, stop messing around and get back to the ice.

Fortunately it’s not *too* sad because we all know how it worked out and how happy he was to be with Yuri; but I still wish someone had acknowledged that he’d done so well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really looking forward to seeing Victor skate again, but I hope he finally gets some acknowledgement for the success he made of being a coach (through, I hope, Yuri’s continuing success). I’m hoping he can make a go of being a skater and a coach, to prove all the naysayers wrong, and also because it’s what he wants to do and what will make him happy.


Seems these old hills
They keep on calling
Clouds ‘round here talk
Man I been listening


What do you do in your free time?”

 C: I read, write, do stuff…  N: …buy spatulas  D: Tell the story from yesterday! C: Yesterday, I went to the mall. I was really annoyed, and I was in a bad mood…




FOR gol-d-drake, mikan-neko AND agent-texass

I like money
You know why?
because money can replace everything
It lets you buy things
It lets you buy lives
It lets you buy people
It lets you buy hearts
It lets you buy happiness
It lets you buy dreams
I love money because it’s so important and yet not irreplaceable so looking at it the other way around,
I hate irreplaceable things
“I can’t live without this”
“That’s the only reason im alive”
“That’s my only purpose in life”
Things that have scarcity value like that piss me off the most.
—  Kaiki, Monogatari

Let’s Buy Happiness - Fast Fast