let's buy happiness


Clickbait title: Woman Finds Batman Inside Kinder Surprise Egg




FOR gol-d-drake, mikan-neko AND agent-texass

peepl, dont fol asleep! im feelin dat nekst noo item tursdai iz gona bee veree speshal. perhapz u will see dat danyul smeth iz availbl 2 bai????? nobodeh novz… but if u eva bai danyul, dont bai big danyul, bekkoz big danyul eetz mo and smal danyul iz lese of 2 eevils, reememba? 

the woman, the wood & the wolf: for Diana, for Frigg, for Blodeuwedd

the lion’s roar first aid kit // sycamore the mariner’s children // the woods san fermin // two long years brittsommar // animal life shearwater // buried in teeth mariee sioux // crying wolf alela diane & alina hardin // heavy weather billie marten // saved these words laura marling // tiger mountain tiny vipers // six wolves let’s buy happiness // at the amalfi hjaltalin // still life the horrors // be brave my brightest diamond // a forest unwoman // seed of wonder jesca hoop

commission for @bookhobbit

I like money
You know why?
because money can replace everything
It lets you buy things
It lets you buy lives
It lets you buy people
It lets you buy hearts
It lets you buy happiness
It lets you buy dreams
I love money because it’s so important and yet not irreplaceable so looking at it the other way around,
I hate irreplaceable things
“I can’t live without this”
“That’s the only reason im alive”
“That’s my only purpose in life”
Things that have scarcity value like that piss me off the most.
—  Kaiki, Monogatari

What do you do in your free time?”

 C: I read, write, do stuff…  N: …buy spatulas  D: Tell the story from yesterday! C: Yesterday, I went to the mall. I was really annoyed, and I was in a bad mood…


Let’s Buy Happiness - Fast Fast


Let’s Buy Happiness – “Works Better On Paper”


Pairs Well With…Beach House, Bat For Lashes, Arcade Fire


With just a few singles under their belts, Let’s Buy Happiness has already built a healthy following overseas based on their post rock/indie pop hybrid sound.  Gentle swells of drone undermine many of their songs, acting as a canvas rather than a driving force.  Let’s Buy Happiness add interesting percussion and poppy melodies that works in tandem with the darker undertones rather that against it.  The band’s frontwoman has an energetic delivery and vocal depth, pairing nicely with the musical direction of the band.  Let’s Buy Happiness should have a proper LP or at minimum an EP within the next few months, so this could be a breakout band in 2013 if they continue to progress their sound.


Let’s Buy Happiness-Dirty Lakes