let's bring that shit back

Bighit Meeting with BTS in Preparation for Wings Comeback
  • Bighit: so we're gearing up for your comeback & were wondering how to ruin ARMYs with a confusing yet beautiful concept. Any ideas?
  • Yoongi: Let Jimin sit in my lap. ARMYs love that shit. Oh yeah, let’s bring back my black hair.
  • Jin: Let’s resurrect pink princess Jin. I mean, strawberry Seokjin is a fabulous Seokjin.
  • Hobi: I hear the fans really enjoy 5head Hobi. After all, that’s where my sunshine self beams out from.
  • Taehyung: Can I try out a sexy, seductive succubus? I feel like I can pull off the smolder look? *has been practicing in the shower & asking BTS for pointers on doing bedroom eyes*
  • Rap Monster: I’m going to continue the brooding/in deep thought look since I came up with the whole Demian concept. Just let ARMY marvel at my dangerously gorgeous badass self.
  • Jimin: I want to stick with my bathtub aesthetic. Let the fans try to figure that out. We’ve been confusing them since INU.
  • Jungkook: 3 words-blue contacts fam
Me on a date
  • me: so what did you think of the suicide squad trailer?
  • them: i thought it was good but the joker was so dumb! Nobody will beat heath ledger they should just stop trying he'll never be as good as him THE TATOOS??? WHAT ARE-
  • me, hitting them with breadsticks: LET. JARED. LIVE.

I wasn’t going to make a post about this but I’ve seen a lot of these things being posted recently…

PLEASE STOP SPREADING whatever “inside news” is coming out about JaeJoong inside the military

I’m not sure where the source of all this information is coming from but we should all know by now that cellphones are not allowed by the trainees so it’s definitely against some sort of protocol to be posting them. It’s not really the JaeJoong news that’s the problem. It’s that outsiders/trainees are not suppose to be leaking inside military information this way even if just about JaeJoong’s lunch menu today. I don’t know what kind of possible bigger consequences it could cause for trainees in general but all that I really care about is this could adversely affect JaeJoong’s military life and tie him down even if he’s not the one breaking the rules. 

Military service is a lot more serious than us non-Koreans can imagine. Korea is still at war. Men go in there to literally be soldiers and prepare for war. That’s why it’s mandatory. Korea doesn’t make ~oppar~ do army service to torture fangirls for 21 months. Scandals of celebrities enlisting is already a sensitive topic in Korea and JaeJoong went through all that commotion right before even stepping through the gates. He really doesn’t need more trouble. Let him get through it quietly and come back healthily.

We’re all curious and worried but I’d really rather not know if knowing and spreading these things could make his life harder. It’s no different from encouraging sasaeng behavior.