let's break the internet!!!

yoga: yog’d

weepings: weeped

shower: showered

bad thoughts: thinked

tea: currently steeping

five minutes until bedtime, just wrapping up some self-care stuff for the day.

When April 1st rolls around I just want to see SNK break the internet again like back in 2013. Like, lets make it trend more that April Fool’s pranks, politics, stars and what they are doing - yeah let’s just make the entire internet SNK.

Let’s go back to the 2013 golden days :)

For the Better, For Good - BertholdvonMoosburg - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
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Relationships: Phichit Chulanont & Katsuki Yuuri, Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Phichit Chulanont, Victor Nikiforov, Georgi Popovich, Mila Babicheva, Yuri Plisetsky, Morooka Hisashi, Celestino Cialdini, Sara Crispino
Additional Tags: silliness, Humor, exhibition skate, post-GPF, skating bros, Canon Compliant, Fluff, Fluff and Humor, Fluff and Crack, indignant Victor Nikiforov, Angst, just the tiniest bit, Wicked - Freeform, go ahead and break the internet boys, Drunk Katsuki Yuuri

A post-exams night of drinking for Yuuri and Phichit results in the best idea for an exhibition skate. Sober Phichit is not about to let Sober Yuuri off the hook.

Or, Wicked fanboys break the internet.


Well this pissed me off. Why is BTS not going to perform? They are so much worth it to see than everyone else. Don’t get me wrong but who are some of those artits anyway? I live in the U.S. and I have no clue who they are. (I probably only know is Cher, Miley, Celine Dion and Bruno Mars) I hope the audience is more than half of Army who came to support the boys. And for the Army that can’t be there let’s break the internet by trending for the boys on all social media. GOOD LUCK BTS AND ARMY

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It’s just so fucking funny when people say they’re disgusted with the H2OVanoss fandom and they should be ashamed of themselves (were you ashamed when you were reading that H2OVanoss smut?), that they’re leaving the fandom and that people should respect Evan and Sydney. It also makes me laugh when people started deleting their H2OVanoss fanarts/fanfictions. I just don’t get it. Why are these people cleaning their names, why are these people suddenly stirring away from the ship they loved and lusted over. I don’t get why these people are leaving when there’s drama but basks in happiness when a wild H2OVanoss moment appeared. #hypocrites 

And you know what’s another funny thing?

Evan and Sydney is aware about how crazy the internet can be and that it’s their choice if they’re going to let some fangirls affect them.

You know what’s EVAN (get it? get it?) funnier?

People thinking that petty H2OVanoss fangirls are the reason why they broke up. Think about it for a sec. Why would a perfectly grown-ass man and an intelligent woman let people on the internet break such a “strong” relationship?

Worst case scenario, Vanoss stops playing with Delirious. If that happens, I’m going with Mommy Delirious. 

Masterpiece PBS on Twitter
“In celebration of Victoria Day, the anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birthday, here’s a first look at S2 of @VictoriaSeries! #VictoriaPBS https://t.co/kMgcDxQrEM”

For the five or six people who haven’t seen this yet. (I was away on holiday till a few hours ago so this is new to me!) Given the troubling news out of Manchester (which I also only just found out about; let’s hear it for Internet breaks and listening to music rather than the radio during the drive), we need a little happiness.

I'm really upset with the RPDR "community" tonight.

There is no reason at all why people should be sending hate, death threats and violent threats to Phi Phi O'Hara. This is a tv show. I understand that they call it “reality” but it’s not. The producers and editors literally get off on twisting words and making scenes that weren’t originally there. You can make the argument of “everything that she said was real, how it was edited doesn’t matter” but it does! In the confessional/interview scenes there are people, producers, behind the camera asking them questions that only they know how it’s going to play into the story. Don’t let this “reality” television show get into your head. It’s all fake! If you do desperately want to be mad at someone, be mad at production. They’re all shady bitches and not the good kind! On another note, I love you Phi Phi don’t let this show break you and don’t let these heartless monsters on the internet get to you! Please continue to do what you do unapologetically.

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LaFerry is so sick of Hollstein’s bullshit


that awkward moment when the media’s idea of “breaking the Internet” is a celebrity posting a nude/semi nude photo of themselves on social media… Mean while Dan & Phil LITERALLY break the Internet at least once a week by simply trying to do a live show 😂👏

it’s the day of the final update and everything is quiet

someone whispers into the wind


for a few moments, all is still. all is peaceful.

and then you see them, over the horizon, stampeding towards the nearest internet connection, smashing buildings, breaking glass, letting loose ear-piercing shrieks

the homestucks are here