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Rapunzel by SureAsLiz

instead of fat hunk jokes how about a running gag that no matter what planet or galaxy they go to, some alien will always fall irreversibly in love with hunk for his kindness and open personality and the team has to come up with plans and procedures for what to do when hunk inevitably gets proposed to on a planet they’re trying to form an alliance with

starco week day 1

yay im pumped for this week, can’t wait to lay my eyes on all that sweet starco content!! i have all the prompts planned out so that’s super nice, so here’s the bad boy//princess au :) and happy friendaversary to my angels @dvvkroh and @disney-n-stuff . this event brought us together 6 months ago today <3

bonus: no matter what au they’re in they will always be NERDS

It’s only been a little over a year, and we’ve gone from this 

to this

and I couldn’t be more proud of our boys. We’ve gone through so much, and I really hope we can continue to grow as a fandom to love and support our boys who deserve the world. <3333