let's be tan again

  • Lawless: I'd catch a grenade for ya!!
  • Throw myself on a plane for ya!!
  • Licht: Every day I'm shuffling.
  • Lawless: .....okay let's try this again Lich-tan. Baby you'll always have my heart and I'll have yours ⤜(♥v♥)⤏
  • Licht: .....Because I'm sexy and I know it.
Taken 2

Harry Styles - 1661 words (Smut; Requested)


“But right now, all I want is to make you scream so Niall will know you’re mine.” Harry growls before he pushes me onto the bed, a moan already leaving my lips as I see him sink towards the floor onto his knees, the wicked grin not once leaving his lips.

Harry’s lips trail over the skin just above my knickers, his fingers gently brushing over my thighs, sending tingles throughout my spine, a shiver raking over my whole body as I let my head fall down, staring at the ceiling. Just Harry’s touch alone is relaxing, igniting me in ways no one ever could.

“New lingerie?” Harry breathes against the black lace, his eyes boring into mine as he slowly blinks his eyes, my head merely nodding as I bite my lip, pretty sure I can taste the blood seeping out of the wound I made myself. My whole body is buzzing, my fingers already gripping the sheets and Harry hasn’t even properly touched me yet. He knows what he is doing, mentally driving me insane by giving me the right looks with a ticklish touch here and there, licking his lips as he stares down at my heat.

“Harry..” I whine, letting my head drop back down, one of my hands releasing their grip on the sheets to let it trail up on my own body, rubbing my stomach and breasts as I wait for Harry to at least make his first move. I can hear the chuckle leaving his lips, muffled by my thighs as his hands leave their place on my skin to hook into the waist band of my underwear, giving it a slight tug, my bum immediately lifted into the air without another thought of me to give him more access to tug it off.

“I love it when you’re eager.” Harry breathes, pulling them completely off and exposing me to him, his eyes hungry as he stares at me. One of his hands sprawl out just below my belly button, putting a bit of pressure to keep me down as his teeth slightly nibble on my clit, sending a jolt of euphoria through my body, a loud moan, although it could pass as a high pitched shriek, leaving my parted lips. I feel his fingertips dig into my soft my skin as his other hand comes up to aid his lips, teasing my entrance before pushing a finger inside. I sigh out, another moan leaving my lips as the hand that was formerly touching myself weaves its way into Harry’s hair, enjoying the strands slipping through my fingers before I give it a harsh pull.

Harry groans against my core, sending another vibration of bliss through me and I bite my lip even harder. Harry liked it when he was roughly handled, I knew that. I only kept it locked away for special occasions though, like when I wanted him to hold nothing back. I am almost near the edge, my moans picking up in frequency and going an octave higher. “Harry oh – I – “ I mumble into the apart from my moans, silent air, and Harry stops abruptly and raises his head, my own head shooting up to glare at him as I receive a wink in return.

“You little fucker.” I breathe harshly, Harry standing to his full height, giving me a once over, laying there splattered all over the king size bed, before he rids himself of his suit jacket, his button up following slowly as he takes his time with unbuttoning the last few.
“Let’s take it slow dear, we have all night.” Harry grins, throwing his way too expensive shirt to the floor before he starts on his skin tight jeans. I can only watch as slowly every inch of his tan, toned body comes into view, every tattoo standing out to the skin as I let my eyes wander over every single one of them. At first I had laughed with some of them, especially after he told me why he got them, but fuck, they looked so good on him.

I sit up and shuffle myself to the edge of the bed, aiding Harry with taking off his trousers, pulling his boxers down with them immediately. Another dry, humor filled chuckle leaves my boyfriend’s lips, his gaze firm but lust filled as it trails over my resting frame, awaiting my next move.
I waste no time in taking his rock hard cock in my hands, giving it a few pumps as I gaze up, biting my lip as I inch slower, Harry already growling as he anticipates my next move.

I let the tip of my tongue lightly touch the vein on his cock, trailing a wet strip up towards the tip before I take his tip past my lips, a hiss leaving Harry’s pink lips as he squeezes his eyes closed, one of his hands forming into a fist as the other makes a make shift pony tail out of my sex hair.
“I have been hard since the bar, I have been dying for your mouth.” Harry groans out, pulling my hair to let my pop off of him with a loud smack, my tongue immediately darting out to lick my lips, tasting the pre-cum that had gathered there.

He pushes me back onto his cock, my mouth opening as far as I can to take him in and I hollow out my cheeks, closing my eyes as I focus on him and not the throbbing between my legs. I only get a few motions and a lick or two before Harry pulls me off completely and roughly pulls me to my feet, our lips clashing together in hunger and lust. My fingers weave into Harry’s hair again, his hands cupping my bum as he lifts me off of the ground but a shriek leaves my lips, my body soaring through the sky for just a moment as I bounce back on the bed. My eyes are wide as I stare at Harry who crawls on top of me, his lips trailing over my breasts, towards my collarbone and jaw before catching my lips with his again.

“I love you.” I breathe out, my hands gently stroking over his biceps towards his shoulders before letting my fingers weave into his brown locks again. I feel Harry’s rigid cock press against my wet folds, my eyes closing involuntarily at the contact and part my lips. Harry’s teeth sink into my collar bone as he presses himself inside me, giving me just the slightest few seconds to adjust before he pushes his up so his body is supported by his strong arms.

Harry groans as he picks up the pace immediately, sharp, quick thrusts sending my whole body up just the tiniest bits to the headrest of the bed, every thrust pushing me further up. I can’t let a moan slip past my lips, my mouth hanging open as I gasp for air, one hand grasping the blanket as the other tries to hold onto Harry, who is rapidly fucking to my edge.

“Harry oh – please –“ Harry grunts above me, one of his large hands pushing a pillow underneath my bum to elevate it, creating a new angle that sent sparkles through my eyes. That same hand trails over my skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake before his thumb presses firmly onto my clit. A loud, moan like shriek leaves my lips, my heart is palpitating and I am a panting mess underneath Harry. I love to see him this focused, so keen on granting me with an orgasm as he roughly thrusts, his hips taking over a rhythm I’m sure he has reserved just for me.

I can see stars as I arch my back, pressing my breasts into Harry’s chest as he relentlessly keeps rubbing my clit, his movements not once wavering because of my trashing. I come down from my high as slowly as ever, light moans still leaving my hips as Harry keeps up his pace to get himself to the edge. My lips are kissing along his jaw and neck before I let my lips sink into his shoulder, a shiver running down Harry’s spine before he stills with a stutter, groaning into my hair as he lets himself drop down, panting harshly into my neck trying to regain his breath.

After a few minutes he pushes himself back up, granting me with a wink as a giggle leaves my lips, Harry pressing his to mine briefly before dropping down next to me, his arms behind his head as he stretches out, his whole body on show. I shake my head as I pull the blanket from underneath his bum, at least covering his lower regions with it before pulling it over my breasts so I would be covered as well. It wouldn’t be the first time someone barged in on Harry and I either getting busy or just finishing up. Harry lazily smiles at me as he lets his arms rest on his tan torso again, head turned so he could simply look at me with that stupid grin of his.

“I rather see you playing with yourself to be honest.” Harry chuckles, his right arm circling around my shoulder before he pulls me close to his sweaty, still naked body. I shake my head with a stupid smile on my face, one of my hands resting on his prominent abs as I let my head rest on his chest.
“You are one horny fuck.” A loud laugh leaves Harry’s mouth as he squeezes me a bit closer, his lips smoothly pressing to my hairline. “As if you aren’t.”
I shrug my shoulders as I let my fingers trail down his body again, my pointer finger tracing his V-lines before I rest my outstretched hand on his softened cock, giving it a firm, yet gentle squeeze.
“As if you aren’t.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

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Prompt: Dan being too scared to have sex so they just masturbate together

- they’ve never really talked about having sex. Dan knew that they’d get there eventually, and Dan wanted to, he really did, but when he and Phil were making out on his bed and Phil pulled his shirt over his head, he suddenly got nervous

- “Phil- I-I’ve never done this before,” Dan admits nervously, pulling back slightly, feeling very exposed in his half-naked state. “I know. You told me.” Phil places a gentle kiss on Dan’s neck, “We can stop, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Dan can’t help but melt into Phil’s touch again, letting the older man suck hickeys onto the tan skin of his neck and chest

- he stiffens when Phil’s hands reach the front of his jeans. Phil notices and stops. “It’s fine, we can stop.” He sits back away from Dan, his lips red from kissing, Dan can see the bulge in his jeans and is all too aware of his own. “I’m sorry,” he mumbles, grabbing and pillow and hiding his face behind it. “It’s fine Dan, it’s your first time, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous. I can wait.” Phil settles himself down at the end of his bed and looks around his room awkwardly, trying to make his boner go away

- but the problem in Dan’s jeans can’t wait and he sneaks a hand down, palming himself through his jeans. He moans quietly and Phil glances over, quickly figuring out what Dan is doing. Well if he wasn’t hard before he certainly was now. “Dan,” Phil begins, almost backing out when Dan looks up at him with something akin to fear in his eyes, “if you don’t want to… do it we can just, you know, get off together?”

- Dan quickly agrees, putting the pillow to the side as Phil pulls his jeans down. Dan’s eyes are locked on Phil’s boxers, his hand venturing into his own as Phil pulls those down too. Phil knows Dan is watching him and he sneaks a glance over at the younger boy as he moves his hand. Dan’s letting out tiny whimpers and moans, already dripping precum

- Dan cums first, splattering his hand and chest, moaning like a pornstar. Phil moves his hand faster, biting his lip, imagining Dan beneath him, moaning because of Phil, clenching around his cock as he cums. Phil releases on his hand and smiles weakly at Dan who is watching him through glazed eyes

Then Elysia she shall be.

This is based off of a prompt where one of the ship members brings home a puppy. Of course, I chose Kommissar for this because we all know that at heart she is a giant fluff ball.


Kommissar was walking in a back alley on her phone, an earbud in one ear blasting a few of Beca’s more recent mashups. She had been spending the day with Pieter since her fiesty maus wasn’t getting back to the apartment until dinner. She was casually texting her friend as she walked, her heels clicking rythmically on the pavement.

She heard soft whimpering as she came near the end of the alleyway and looked around confusedly. All that surrounded her were a few empty beer bottles and a soggy cardboard box. Shrugging it off she moved to leave when the box shifted and another whimper echoed softly through the empty space.

Putting her phone in the back pocket of her dark skinny jeans, she bent down next to the box. Looking into it a pair of deep choclate eyes looked into hers. Kommissar instantly softened as the tiny tan puppy let out a little whimper again, moving to get closer to her.

Gently, she wrapped her soft hands around the skinny body of the puppy. She cradled the small animal to her chest as it licked her hands happily.

“Hello there, precious.” The usually impassive blonde whispered to the small ball of fluff.

She recieved a small bark in response as the pup tried to burrow into her. Kommissar realized that the cute little animal was seriously malnourished; extremely skinny and missing small bits of fur. The puppy was shivering in her arms and she took off her light jacket, wrapping it around the precious animal.

Kommissar made it her mission to love this tiny bundle and bring them happiness. She walked quickly to the nearest pet store, buying the fairly small neccesities and walking back to the apartment.


Kommissar had been home alone with the small puppy for a few hours. She learned that the puppy was a female, she much preferred her and Beca’s bed to her own, and she wasn’t going to the leave the blonde’s side anytime soon.

She had bought a fairly small bag of food, not realizing her mistake. The small pup had to be fed only a few pieces of dog food at a time due to being so malnourished for so long but once she ate more she devoured it all.

Kommissar couldn’t decide on a name for the beautiful little fluff ball, not without Beca. She had just taken to calling her ‘precious’ for the few hours she spent alone with her. She absolutely loved playing with the puppy and when she got tired Kommissar laid her on her chest.

That was exactly how Beca found them. She walked into her apartment expecting to be greeted by her girlfriend with a knee weakening kiss and the scent of something delicious she had cooked up. Instead she was met with the sight of her beautiful blonde laying on the wood floors with her hair fanned around her and a small puppy on her chest.

“Um… Luisa?” The brunette asked.

“Mm, welcome home little maus. How was your day?”

The blonde didn’t make a move to stand or face her girlfriend. Her eyes remained closed as she gently stroked the fluff ball on her chest.

“Uh, fine. Who’s the puff ball?”

“I have yet to name her, I wanted to wait for you to do that. I found her on my way back from rehearsals, she was alone. I just couldn’t leave her, plus she-” The blonde spoke, but stopped herself.

“She what, Luisa?”

“She reminded me of you, with her big brown eyes. I couldn’t leave her there to starve.” She said gently, watching as the puppy woke from her nap; instantly jumping up to greet Beca.

“Hey there puppy.” Beca laughed as her feet were attacked by the happily barking dog.

“I was thinking we could call her Elysia.” Kommissar said after a few moments of watching her play with the excited puppy. “Sia for short.”

“Why Elysia?”

“In latin it means 'The blessed home’. I want her name to have meaning. She is the first addition to our happy home, but home isn’t a place. Home is the feeling you associate with certain people, I want to be able to associate home with you and her.” Kommissar said with a glint of happiness in her blue eyes.

“Then Elysia she shall be.” Beca declared, connecting lips with the woman she loved so fiercly. The woman who drove her absoultely crazy but she still managed to love. The woman she associated with home.

Talk Dirty To Me

Liam: It started with the texts. At first he was amused, but as they continued, it got worse and he felt his muscles tighten in a way that told him the only relief would be his body on yours. He was at a press conference to boot, sitting there in front of cameras with his hands fisted together as his phone vibrated against his leg. Luckily Harry was speaking and Liam knew he had at least three minutes to read and respond to your text. He slid it from his pocket and let out a groan, careful to shield the screen from the rest of the lads: are you hard for me yet? blazing on his screen. God, was he ever. His thumbs tapped over the screen as he struggled to control his breathing: Depends, are you wet for me?he sent back. His fingers shook as he waited fr your response. You never did this, talking dirty was only for special occasions and he wondered what made today so damn special-not that he was complaining. He looked down at the screen, your newest text coming in. Come home and find out ;) was all it said. He closed his eyes, imagining you hot and bothered waiting for him, breathing heavy and on his bed. When the interviewer asked him a question he froze, blinking back to attention. He would find out alright, all he had to do was get through this interview.

Niall: He’s not the best at dirty talk. He’s too happy go lucky for that, but there are times when he says something, his breath a whisper against your ear and it makes you come undone then and there. And he’s into it, too. He’s into you and the way you make him feel and how he comes undone as soon as you touch him, so more often than not he mumbles against your neck as you writhe beneath him. Like now, as he has you pinned to the bed, his hips rocking against yours. He hasn’t even gotten his clothes off yet and he’d already going mad, his mouth and hands flying around your skin. “I’m going to fuck you so good you can’t walk,” he growled, teeth nipping your earlobe, sending a shudder through your body. It was impossible to speak when he got like this. He removed one hand, still keeping your hands pinned above your head with one of his massive hands. The other trailed down your body, his eyes opaque in the light as he looked at you. His hands went to your jeans, undoing the button with a flick of his wrist and his hand slid down inside. As soon as he touched you, you both groaned. “So god damn wet, so damn tight,” his accent was thicker now, broken words and pants. When he slid his fingers into his mouth and sucked your taste off, he grinned “So fucking sweet for me, baby.”

Harry: He might be clumsy and awkward and just the slightest bit silly, but when it came to the bedroom, Harry knew exactly what he was doing. He had the voice for it too, that perfect little rasp that made you think of dark rooms and silk sheets. But now, he had something else in mind. When he came up from behind you, hands on your hips as he pressed you into the door, you let out a shaky breath. Your chest was to the door, his chest to your back as his teeth grazed the curve of your shoulder.”Have you been thinking about me today?” He asked, his hand trailing down your stomach to the top of your jeans. You nodded, a strangled “yes” passing through your lips. “What have you been thinking?” He asked, his voice coaxing and smooth. You didn’t answer, your voice caught in your throat. “Did you think about me on top of you, my mouth licking and tasting you until you scream?” Just as your knees buckled, he caught you, supporting your weight with his forearms. “Did you? Did you think about what it would be like when I’m inside you?” his hands were pushing off your jeans now, his fingers tracing the lace that covered you. “Did you think of me? Cause baby, I’ve been thinking of you”, and with that he tore the lace away, dropping to his knees and pressing his moth to where you wanted him most.

Zayn: He was the shiest man on the planet, or at least that’s what he thought about himself at least. So as you stood there making breakfast, he let his eyes roam down your legs and back up again. So tan, so perfect and lithe and god, he wanted to run his mouth up the curve of the back of your knee. “Hey babe?” He said thoughtful, the sleep not totally gone from his voice. “Yeah?” You lifted your head from making eggs and sent him a smile. It fell though when you saw his expression and instead you gulped, his eyes almost black in the early light. “Have I told you how much I love your legs?” You waited a moment, your heart beat slamming into your chest. “N-no, I don’t think you have,” you said slowly, watching his lips tug into a grin. “Have I also told you how much I love it when your legs are over my shoulders, and I’m using my tongue to make you crazy, tasting every single inch of you?” The bowl of eggs clanked against the counter as you backed up and he stalked towards you, his long body pressing up against yours. “Zayn,” you rasped out as his hands cupped your thighs and spread your legs apart so he could fit between them. “Be ready for me, baby, because when I get home that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I want you naked, wet, and ready for me.”

Louis: It’s playful at first, just tossing out comments here and there. It’s nothing serious until you actually do as he says, and it’s then that he realizes that this is actually pretty hot, and he’s actually pretty turned on by you following his orders. He ran his tongue along his lips, eyes dark as he looked at you. He wondered how far he could take it, and decided to test the waters. “I want you on your knees,” he said darkly, finger pointing to the floor before him. You licked your lips, eyes twinkling in excitement as you did as he asked. “So good, baby girl,” he murmured, stroking the hair out of your eyes. He was new to this whole “talk dirty to me’ thing, but from what he’d done so far, he liked it. “Tell me what you want,” you breathed, hands already undoing the button on his jeans and tugging the, down. He didn’t have to tell you, you knew but it was so damn hot watching him take charge like that. “I want you to take me as deep as you can,” you smirked, doing as he asked. His fingers tangled in your hair and he tugged, making you moan and the vibrations surrounded him and he let out a curse. “Jesus, your mouth is so fucking hot. So fucking-Jesus, baby,” he gasped as you ran your tongue up the base of him. Letting your cheeks hollow, you bobbed your head making him fall apart above you.

Fic: Revelations

@skivvysupreme had eye surgery today, so I wrote some snuggly domestic-y thinky Klaine fic because of it. Post-s6, ~800 words, PG?

Kurt couldn’t believe it had taken him almost three years to notice the little scar. Then again, Blaine had never let himself get quite so tan until that summer, so it hadn’t really stood out as much until then.

“What are you fr- oh,” he whispered, tracing over the tiny asterisk-shaped mark on the outside corner of Blaine’s right eye. “The slushie.”

Blaine snuffled in his sleep and scooted closer to Kurt, smiling and relaxing once he’d buried his face in Kurt’s chest. Kurt ran a hand up and down his back, mostly content to have Blaine in his arms, but ever so slightly disgruntled by the mark.

Well, not by the mark exactly, he thought, unable to take his eyes off of it, even though he had to crane his neck uncomfortably since Blaine had changed positions. By the fact that it has to exist in the first place.

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