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                              A LITTLE ATTENTION PLEASE,

 In the rules, we didn’t say anything about the bubble roleplaying as we thought it was obvious already- this isn’t a shipping oriented roleplay. We adore character development and we totally love seeing your characters having a other half…but, character development doesn’t  only run around the character you ship yours with or the ones your charcater have a interesting plot with. It involves random characters that they wouldn’t usually interact with because let’s be honest- even in real life we speak with people that we basically have nothing in common with but we do interact with them.
 What we ask is: please, do not bubble roleplay! You might not think you’re doing, but some of the roleplayers are feeling bad. Respond to as many starters as you think you can handle from the tag, send someone a message when you think of dropping the thread with them because it’s a terrible feeling to just be left out and we wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad or not in place here.
  We love you and we appreciate you, so we know that by reading this post you’ll probably get that bubble roleplaying isn’t okay, neither is dropping threads without talking with the other mun first! We hope that this matter will not be a matter anymore and if not, we’ll take bigger means in making it stop. Please, do not feel offended in any way! We’re just trying to make a happy and friendly place here x




TEEN WOLF_real end spoiler.😉

Guys, let’s be honest. The result is that a row over non-existent relations between the characters, and most importantly resentment and hostility with which some actors disliked the role of ships too long. END OF THE SEASON. The most important thing to not only our favorite characters were happy as well as actors and we are with you. Many viewers have to get up to drink a glass of water and go to the people for the benefit of society and do something good which gave us our favorite characters. Then came the day when the heroes of our dreams have come true in us. Be a hero. Because we can, even without supernatural abilities but we can do much more, we are changing the lives of everyone we meet on the way. So let’s think, breathe and go for adventure. After all, this worthy

The older I get, the more I realize the value of privacy, of cultivating your circle and only letting certain people in. You can be open, honest, and real while still understanding not everyone deserves a seat at the table of your life.
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Brasher is not a karate gi exclusive kind of demon gal. She loves it like hot damn but she enjoys some casual wear now and then too. 

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isak is a bit overrated as a character. he was a pretty terrible person in the past, now he's acting different because he's in love and it changed him. i feel he gets a pass cause he's good looking.

i can’t say i agree with you there. the skam writers wrote isak as a character that is very, very real. let’s be honest. we’ve all done bad things, whether unintentional or intentional. no person is perfect, and i think isak is a prime example of that. while dealing with personal struggles he hurt other people, but he recognized that and apologized. he’s as real as it gets, regardless of whether or not he’s considered attractive.

  • gavin: *goes up to michael ingame, makes a kissing noise and runs away giggling*
  • michael: *completely loses it, slides down his chair*
  • gavin: didnt expect that, did you?
  • michael: *between giggles* i mean... its not like you havent done it before

Okay but I can’t wait to watch Ali defend in front of Ashlyn again. This doesn’t even have anything to do with them as a ship either. They just have superb chemistry when they’re on the field together and I’ve missed it. That’ll be such a huge advantage for Orlando to be honest, and let’s be real, they could use al the chemistry they can get if last season’s record is anything to go by.

A Not-So-Secret Santa gift for @regolithheart. She worked so hard to write headcanons for the secret santa support group, I thought she deserved something in return!

So here’s Cress and Thorne under some mysteriously placed mistletoe. (Some might expect Thorne to be the culprit, but let’s be honest, who’s the real hopeless romantic in the relationship?)


Hwarang [Soo Ho + Ban Ryoo] Heart Attack

Let’s be honest, they’re the real OTP here.