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The more drama comes out with these boys, the more respect I lose for them. Like I get it, they were "kids" when they signed their contracts (still don't know why their parents weren't involved in that) and were probably a bit naive. But that's really no excuse for letting their management treat them like puppets. Is their music really worth more than their self respect? When this contract finally ends will their careers still be worth giving up who they are? When will they grow up?

You mention their contract, but do you understand what that means? What is a contract?

Contract: A contract is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two or more parties, each of whom intends to create one or more legal obligations between them.

That means they must comply with the terms and conditions of said contract(s) or face a messy legal battle or even financial sanctions. So, it’s not an “excuse”. It’s a LEGALLY BINDING REASON.

It would help if you did the background research if the topic interests you. 1D was given a small window of time to review and agree to their contract. The contract could only be reviewed with them by one of 3 Simon Cowell approved attorneys. So parental involvement (and I’m sure they were involved) wouldn’t have made a huge difference. None of the parents are lawyers anyway. They were all working class families for the most part. ICYDK, that’s part of the boyband business model as well. Working class kids are believed to be more eager for a break and less likely to put up any major objections. For example: The Jacksons? Working class kids. New Edition? Working class kids? New Kids on the Block? Working class kids. Did that business model work? Hell yeah. Not only were all these acts successful, one produced the biggest pop star of all time. So you can understand why a Simon Cowell would adopt it.

The deck was stacked. But this was still potentially their big break. Yep, they were all young and probably a bit naive. But how often does the opportunity to pursue your ultimate dream come along? Not to mention signing on the dotted line meant receiving £800,000 each. That’s hard to turn down. That alone could change their lives.

The reason the fuckery continues is obviously because they’re still working under the terms and conditions of their original contract. And we don’t even come close to seeing all that goes on with them. You have no idea if they’ve called in their own lawyers or objected to how things were being handled. You have no idea what the potential consequences of going rogue would mean for them, or for their families or for the many people they now employ.

So maybe you’re looking at this from the perspective of a kid who can throw a fit and have their parents give up and give in. But make no mistake, this ain’t that. I don’t think you understand.

on a level vikk does way too fucking much for us. he’s just got back from Napa and is streaming!? some youtubers *cough* Alfie Deyes *cough* can barely put out one video a week let alone multiple a day running more than one channel plus streaming. I love all of your videos and yes I never want them to end but seriously man take some time off. instead of streaming when one pissed off viewer wants one fuck them and actually sleep for once. with the amount of videos you make and upload (some don’t even make the cut!?!) you don’t even have to stream and I’d still be overwhelming happy.

basically vikk calm the fuck down with the video grind and sleep for once. not getting one stream or any videos for a day won’t kill us. we’ve got a lot of youtubers making content as well so missing out a day or two sometimes won’t harm anymore. plus we all want your health to come before videos anyway. take a break man, you deserve it helmet boy


Anonymous said: post a selfie?  

Normally I don’t like posting more than one selfie per day/week/sometimes month, but lucky for you anon, I need to rid my phone of the selfies I’ve taken while on vacation.  So here ya go!


You growled as you pulled the Silver Knife from the chest of the third werewolf you’d downed in the last hour. What a job… You hadn’t been expecting more than one werewolf let alone three. Not that you couldn’t handle yourself against some werewolves, it just wasn’t what you had been expecting in the slightest.

The body of the werewolf slumped down the wall behind it, leaving a trail of red down the wall. You wiped the blood from the blfe along your pants and let out a sigh, wincing a little at the pain coming from the claw marks scoring down the back of your shoulder.

“Lucky that wasn’t a bite.”

Your head snapped around at the voice from behind you, eyes narrowed on the figure of a man in a suit, his hands in his pockets and eyes focused on the claw marks running over your shoulder casually.

“Would hate to see a pretty face such as yours turn into one of those creatures.” He murmured, earning a small glare from you. Who he was? You hadn’t a clue, you’d never seen him before but the smell of Sulfer hanging about the space hinted that the man before you was a Demon.

His hands came out of his pockets as he gestures toward the werewolf behind you, and then at the other two in the general area.

“Nice bit of work though, three werewolves all on your own, and with only those few scratches. Not bad, not bad…”

“Sorry, but… Who are you?” You asked slowly, shifting sideways to try and move away from being pressed up against a wall, stepping lightly over the body of the last werewolf you’d killed. He crossed an arm under his other elbow and held his cheek in his hand, head tilting slightly at the question as you swore you saw the slightest hints of smile.

“Ah, well that’s my fault that we’ve never properly introduced.” He replied easily, earning a head tilt from you as his eyes slowly traveled up and down your person, “My name is Crowley. I am the current King of Hell- but to you, Crowley is just fine.”

“King of Hell.. I have heard of you actually.” You murmur lowly, he smirked a bit and you stifled a since as your shoulder flared up in momentary pain. “It’s a pleasure.”

“Oh no, the pleasure is all mine love.” He answered, “Quite the honor to watch you work, your methods are flawless.”

“Flattery, wasn’t expecting that in the King of Hell.” You answer easily, your lips twitching a little in the faintest hints of a smile.

“I do believe flattery is appropriate for someone as lovely as you, my dear Y/N.” He answered smoothly, you chuckled slightly. OK, alright. He wasn’t nearly as bad as you pictured, and of course you knew that Demons were very good at easing their way around people and buttering them up.

What you were immediately able to see was that he was interested in you for some reason. Usually it would be unsettling if any Demon was interested in you in any way, and it was certainly a bit worse that it was the King of Hell that seemed so interested.

“What are you here for then?” You ask evenly, “Surely it wasn’t just to watch me work?”

“Quick on the draw, I like that.” Crowley smiled, “I was hoping I could enlist your services, for a small matter I have.”

“Matter?” You ask casually, Crowley smirked a little, his eyes moving about you again, slower this time as his expression turned to one of interest and perhaps even… Admiration.

“Yes, but how about we talk this over somewhere more comfortable?” He suggested, you blinked in interest. “Come with me love, a nice meal, a bit of a chat- and I’ll even look over those scratches for you.” He extended and with a faint, inviting smile.

“What do you say, Y/N?”

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You know, when you think about it. Hayden said that this season would have a ton of Jonnor but that was when they first started filming. On Afterbuzz a couple weeks ago he said they had just done the finale table read. So the Jonnot promise was made before all the scripts were released to the actors. The first couple episodes had a lot of Jonnor so I can see why they would say there was a lot of Jonnor. All they had read so far was Jonnor.

well most of haydens scenes are jonnor scenes so yeah that makes sense. but the writers said too that there’d be a lot of jonnor this season.. lets just hope we get more jonnor in 3b than 3a

Hug It Out

Title: Hug It Out
Summary: Mabel doesn’t get any sleep that night. Stan wishes he didn’t, either. Oneshot.
Characters: Stan Pines, Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines.
Status: complete

“Grunkle Stan… I trust you,” Mabel says, and lets go.

For one, endless moment, Stan is more surprised than relieved; her trust, in the face of all proof stacked against him and all the lies he’s fed them, is undeserved at the very least. Then relief comes, and he has a couple of seconds to enjoy it. Three at most.

Then Mabel begins to float back towards the portal, and everything is drowned in unspeakable horror.

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How often do you think about M&S using their basement office for the purposes it was intended for, like fucking the living crap out of each other?

I am thinking about it RIGHT NOW thanks to you, you wonderful person. How shall I answer this beautiful question? Let’s say… I have fantasized about it more than Scully has but far less than Mulder.

I think about him having this overwhelming urge to kiss her. So much so that he is propelled from his desk chair and traps her against the filing cabinet. They stare at one another for a few seconds, breathing heavily into the space between them. This is not something he ever intended to do here, they are professionals after all, but he covers her mouth with his anyway. Startled, she takes a few seconds to respond, but when she does, she wraps her arms around his neck and tangles her fingers into his hair. This prompts him to deepen the kiss and explore her mouth with his tongue, tasting the sweetness that is Scully. She responds with equal passion.

When they break for air, she whispers, “Mulder, what-” but he swallows her words and lifts her from the floor. She halfheartedly attempts to pull away from him, but gives up quickly and responds to his mouth once again. By the time he places her on the desk, she protests no more. Mulder breaks from her to lock the office door and is back in her arms in less than 60 seconds.

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Yo, MJK-following people:

Puscifer just released a single from their upcoming album. The track is called Grand Canyon and you can listen to it via the Rolling Stone website linked here: 


As with previous Puscifer album releases and the like, this song is a little different from what we’ve heard in the past, but don’t let that discourage you from listening to it more than a few times - You’ll enjoy it more as you listen to it more. The album is due to drop in 2016.

I feel like I let my parents brag about my academics more than I do and they don’t even work for them lol


“Let me tell you what I do know: I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good. The truth is complicated. It’s two-toned, multi-vocal, bittersweet. I used to think that if I dug deep enough to discover something sad and ugly, I’d know it was something true. Now I’m trying to dig deeper. I didn’t want to write these pages until there were no hard feelings, no sharp ones. I do not have that luxury. I am sad and angry and I want everyone to be alive again. I want more landmarks, less landmines. I want to be grateful but I’m having a hard time with it.”
Richard Siken


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how do i help a self harming friend?

kind of just answered this question, sometimes words don’t help because they need to want to get better for themselves, just be there for them, don’t judge, don’t try to make them feel guilty about it because they wouldn’t do it if they felt like they didn’t need to, check on them and ask how they are doing, also let them know they are more than their scars! their scars don’t define them :) for some people visiting an animal sanctuary can help with depression, just being around animals who don’t care what you’ve been through and are just cute and cuddly and affectionate, it can help take their mind off things x

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The idiots who keep pestering you about smoking probably don't realize that being an annoying asswipe who prods and bugs people isn't going to help

no, look, there’s no need to talk about them like this. smoking fucking sucks and a lot of people have more than enough reasons to hate it. let’s respect it.

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My friend was telling me they give like really comforting hugs and happily accept bear hugs and it mAKES ME SAD I WANT AN OPPORTUNITY TO HUG THEM AND MORE THAN LIKELY CRY INTO THEIR CHESTS

Let’s talk about all things phan!!

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honestly as a pure renegade player, it gets SO exhausting hearing people always rag on renegade shepard. they get called heartless, evil, bad, assholes and countless other negative adjectives and i feel so defensive of them. people still don't understand that renegade ≠ evil and that they do care about squad mates, just show it in a different way.

I’ve never played full Renegade but the way I see it and how it’s been explained to me, a renegade Shepard is about efficiency and not about making evil choices. But I’ve also been told that some Renegade choices in ME3 are more ruthless than usual. Is that true?

But let’s be clear: the message was about the transition from Paragon to Renegade, which can be shocking or uncomfortable if you’re used to play Paragon all the time. That’s okay. It’s a new experience, it’s great to talk about it. We’re roleplaying a character and our feelings will change depending on how we play. It’s okay to be uncomfortable playing Renegade and feeling bad because of it but it’s also okay to play Renegade and feeling great playing it. All options are valid and all options can be fun, it depends on the player and their Shepard. My previous Shepard, I wouldn’t feel comfortable at all picking one Renegade choice but it’s different with my new one.  

And to be honest, I’m not sure Renegade or Paragon is a good system to see how heartless, evil or bad Shepard can be. That’s why I talked about feelings while playing. It’s a good reference I can rely on (how did I feel when I had to pick that choice or that one?). The same can’t be said about this “morality system”.
I don’t like some Renegade choices but at the same time, I genuinely question some Paragon choices. I don’t really see them as “good”.
Like I said, I think it’s complicated. 


Remember when Jason & Ali were looking at old photos and Ali was like oh yeah this was a good day & Jason was all like wtf no it wasn’t? Well… He says something like ‘you and dad always had a way of remembering things differently’ I’m sorry but he deffo knew about/remembers Charles! That has to be the reason why he said that! I’ve always loved Jason & felt sorry for him, but I really think he knows more than he’s letting on about Charlie!!