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Bestfriend Trouble (2/2) | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hi everyone! Here’s part 2 of Bestfriend Trouble! A lot of things are going to happen for this one. I hope you guys like this! Warning: This might be too cheesy for other people, especially near the end. HAHAHA. Enjoy!

Request: Can u do a imagine where Zach takes you to the dance and y'all do cute things like slow dance and all that.. and u can end it how u like it.


“Will you go with me, as my date, to the winter formal?” Zach finally asks after 10 minutes of clearing his throat, coughing and stalling. I laugh at him in response.

“Yeah, duh. Who else will I go with? You’re obliged to ask me since I’m your best friend.” I answer and he stares at me for a while with a confused look on his face.

“Well with that kind of reasoning, I should be asking Justin to the dance too since he’s also my bestfriend.” he mumbles under his breath but loud enough for me to hear while rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, Zach? I don’t get why you’re acting so odd for the past couple of days.” I reply as I lean back on my chair and cross my arms in front of my chest. He turns to face me and lets out a deep sigh.

“Look, I’m not asking you to the dance because I have to or because it’s my responsibility as your best friend.” he begins, adding finger quotations as he says the words “best friend”.

“I’m asking you to the dance because I genuinely want to go with you, Y/N. No one else, just you. Only you.” he continues and I give him a small smile.

“Alright, fine, okay, I’ll go to the dance with you. It’s not like I had a choice anyway.” I answer and he groans in frustration.

“Please don’t say yes because you don’t have a choice. Please don’t say yes if you feel like you’re just doing me a favor.” he says as he rubs the sides of his temples. I raise an eyebrow at him and shake my head before speaking.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry, yes, I will go to the winter formal with you Mr. Zachary Dempsey. It will be my absolute pleasure to be your date.” I finally say and he lifts up his head to face me. There was a certain sparkle in his eyes, like he was ecstatic that I agreed to go with him to the dance.

The rest of Zach and I’s time in Monet’s was nothing out of the ordinary. After the whole conversation about the dance, we just got on with typical best friend stuff. He got us more food - celebratory pastries as Zach liked to call them - and he dropped me home after that.

There were only a few days left until the winter formal and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited for it. If I’m being completely honest, I was excited to go to the dance and I was hoping - even to the point of praying - for Zach to ask me to be his date. However, I didn’t want to let anyone know just in case everything goes to hell. I didn’t want to expect anything because expectations lead you to disappointments. Fortunately, it looks like the stars have aligned and the Gods have listened to my prayers because so far, everything’s going great.


The night of the winter formal

Getting ready for a school dance is the most tedious task there is. You need the perfect dress and the right hairstyle to go with that dress. Not to mention your shoes also need to be flawless.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Could you please give us your two cents about how this 2CT is gonna go down with regards to Lizzy? Bc before when I thought there was only one Ciel I was 100% on board the ship. Now that it's confirmed there are two... I just, I mean, I know Lizzy is going to be with O!Ciel, but like R!Ciel is just so freaking alluring, like??? She's always been in love with the R!, but she never knew she was giving that love to O! And asdfdjslsjc I just I don't know what to think anymore!!

Hi anon! Thank you so much for your question, I have so much to say I don’t even know where to begin haha :D 

This is going to get pretty long, but basically I feel that we may see:

- o!Ciel having to acknowledge once and for all that he treasures Lizzy, and that everything he’s done for her has been because of his own feelings and not because of playing the part of the dutiful fiancé.

- Lizzy making a conscious, informed choice and choosing to remain by o!Ciel’s side. Thus showing o!Ciel that if he just trusts, if he just gives people a chance—people can love him for whom he is, rather than just compare him to his brother and find him paling in comparison.  

R!Ciel will just be a catalyst and an agent during all of this, because he’s there to force their hands and make them face each other and their pasts. What remains to be seen is if he’ll actually care for Lizzy the way he used to in the past, or if she’ll just be a chess-piece for him. Whatever it is he does, he is surely going to be pretty manipulative and sly lol 

Since this arc has already brought to the table that o!Ciel is frightened of being happy, I think this is when he’ll have to take out his claws, be selfish—in an entirely different way—put his foot down and say: no. These people care about me, and I want them in my life even if I’m going to make them suffer. You can’t have them.  

At the same time, it should also be the arc where o!Ciel comes to appreciate himself more. Not his identity as head of the Phantomhive house or as a stand-in for his stronger, more capable brother. But as whom he actually is, because he has people who love him dearly and care for him and will be ready to remind him of how much he’s worth in their eyes and why.

I think that’s going to be one of the keys from here on out, because otherwise Yana wouldn’t have brought it up in the first place. However, that’s all assuming Yana will give us a break and let o!Ciel reach a nice development threshold before pulling the rug underneath his feet again for whatever it is she has planned next lol It all depends on how dark she wants the manga to be and on how close (or far) we’re to the end. 

Now for all the otp ramblings! lol 

I have made a couple of posts about Lizzy and 2CT HEREHERE, HERE and HERE and those are probably more organized than this one is going to be. But since I can’t seem to shut up about this, here we go!

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steven universe ask meme.

“Go for it, bro!”

 "Wow! Everything’s changing!“ 

"Who’s terrible idea was this?" 

"No… how long was I out?!”

 "You know I can’t handle it when you cry like that.“

 "Do you remember this place?" 

"I get mad at myself! It’s what I do!”

 "I’ll fight you, and show you how bad I am!“

 "You want to pretend that none of this ever happened. You think that I’m just a big mistake!”

“What’s a chicken?" 

"Oh! I get the joke now!" 

"You are an experience!" 

"You were the one good thing that came out of this mess. I always thought you were proud of that." 

“It’s too late! I don’t believe you anymore!”

“Isn’t it remarkable? This world is full of so many possibilities.”

“How are y’all doin’ tonight?”

“Yeah, I could rave to this.”

“Why do you look like that? Why are you so weak?”

“I don’t get what you’re planning, but look! Your base is taken! Your armies are ruined! You have failed!”


“Looks like another waste of my time.”

“They kept you prisoner. They used you. This is your chance to take revenge! Come on… Just say yes.”

“You’re pointing that shield the wrong way. She’s the one you should be afraid of.”

“You can’t lie to me. I’ve seen what you’re capable of. I thought I was a brute, but you… you’re a monster.”

“It’ll be better this time. I’ve changed. You’ve changed me. I’m the only one who can handle your kind of power.”

“Please understand, if we lose, we’ll be killed. And if we win, we can never go home…”

“I thought… haven’t we… is this not how it works?”

“Who cares about how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.”

“But you are supposed to change! You’re never the same, even moment to moment you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are.”

“Arrggh! Why do you keep destroying my things?!”

“Go ahead, wreck this place! See if I care, I already got what I needed!”

“You really think this is the end? HAHAHA! This… This is only the beginning! …Of my escape!”

“Oh my stars, you’re gonna harvest me?!”

“I’m gonna die here.”

“Yes! Feel my unbridled rage!”

“I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!”

“I’ve grown accustomed to this place, and I could probably fix the hole that I made with my giant robot.”

“What’s the problem? You’re the one getting all the good stuff! You’ve got the propeller and paint cans on your side!”

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!”

“I carried you while you took a nap.”

“I… I thought violence would be the answer.”

“You have a lobster on your butt.”

“Yes, the children are playing swords. Sorry, playing with swords.  They are bleeding.  Oh no, they are dead. Don’t call again.  …Sorry, I panicked.”

“That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.”

“It was a maelstrom of destruction and death.”

“But I think you’re just mad ‘cause you’re single.”

“Love at first sight doesn’t exist. Love takes time, and love takes work. At the very least you have to know the other person… And you literally have no idea who or what I am.”

“Get open, get honest, invent yourselves together. That’s fusion.”

“I’m not as strong as you think. I-I fell apart over this…”

“You’ll know when I’m joking.”

“I blame the cows.”

“You don’t understand! Just leave me alone.”

“I just want to go home.”

“Let’s stay on this miserable planet, together!”

“I’m done being everyone’s prisoner! Now you’re MY prisoner! And I’m never letting you go!”

“Can’t you see? I can’t stop, not for a second.”

“For a moment, I really felt like things were different, but they’re not. No matter where I go, I’m trapped.”

“I really thought I would be living alone here.”

“Don’t put me in charge! Oh, sorry. I mean, y-you shouldn’t trust me with the boat.”

“Thanks, but I’m not putting that on my body.”

“What we had wasn’t healthy. I never want to feel like I felt with you. Never again! So just go!”

“I was terrible to you. I liked taking everything out on you. I needed to. I-I hated you. It was bad!”

“You can’t outrun me, we both have short legs!”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t forget: reckless, vulgar, loud-mouthed. That’s just what makes me so awesome!”

“In the ring, nobody can tell me what to do! And if they try, I HIT 'EM IN THE FACE WITH A CHAIR!”

“You can’t let anyone make you feel like garbage.”

“I swallowed a rock.”

“I’mma win a airplane!”

“Are you trying to kill him faster?”

“I can fit! Which way to the baby war?”

“Now we’re gonna bury you 'til you’ve learned your lesson!”

“I’m not gonna let you stand there and remind me about everything I hate about myself!”

“I never asked to be made!”

“I’m just an embarrassment to you!”

“Oh man! I think my favorite round thing was in there!”

“I need everyone’s constant approval! I need to loquaciously converse so I can show off how smart I am.”

“Humans should just stop wearing clothes… be a lot funnier.”

“If you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work. Trust me, I’ve tried.”

“Homegirl knows we’re gonna beat her into a pancake.”

“You didn’t need me at all…”

“Care to explain what one of my swords was doing in your room?”

“We want to stop all wrestling everywhere! Are you going to let us destroy all wrestling? Eheheh.”

“Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.”

“Is water just hydrogen and oxygen “mashed together”?”

“Well, that’s perfect, because I don’t want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway.”

“You have to feel like yourself! Sweet and considerate, and only occasionally obnoxious!”

“Just today you were crying about snakes.”

“There are… different ways of being strong.”

“I’m so sorry… I almost got us killed..!”

“Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world’s problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control.”

“I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean often.”

“Everything I ever did, I did for her. And now she’s gone. But I’m still here.”

“That could have gone… a lot worse.”

“You always say you’ll be the crocodile, but you never commit!”

“Have the shirts come to life and possessed the bodies of their wearers?!”

“Do you understand that cartoon show?”

“I don’t get tired; I get results.”

“I just wanted to share a few more victories with you!”

“Look! I was right! My plan worked perfectly.”

“Oh, what’s 200 years between friends?”

“Please! Tell me! How can I make you forgive me!?”

“Confident and secure and complete… You’re perfect… You’re the perfect relationship… You’re always together… I just—I wanted to be a part of that…”

“We leave for one second and everything goes off the rails!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, we’ll build it bigger, stronger, we’ll add SEATBELT!”

“Ah, sunset. My favorite time of the day… The sun goes down and the second sun gets bigger and bigger in the sky…”

“I can’t just start listening now, I’d be lost! Just like my pants…”


“Will you help me into my Birthday Suit?!”

“Try to act like a rich duck.”

“Fire Salt! Burn! Burn people!”

“None of you are the handsome one! I’M the handsome one!”

“I’m gonna bring the ocean back… or get really thirsty trying.”

“I have to protect you, what if somehow you get hurt? What do I do? I don’t want that for you.”

“Pizza rain! …But no pizza clouds…”

“You gotta take this online quiz: “Which Crying Breakfast Friend Are You?”!”

“Are you insecure about your relationships and how you’re perceived by other people?”

“If you’re the one protecting me… Then who’s the one protecting you!?”

“Some day soon we may be fighting some really bad guys, and when that day comes, I wanna fight with you! Together! So please… Won’t you share this jam with me?”

“Wow! You’re so articulated!”

“Home’s been awful! Here’s been awful! I thought you wanted to have a fun time but– Everyone’s been acting awful too! It - It just came with us. I don’t understand! Is it… is it me..?”

“We found a seeeecret way to track you, and we’ll never tell you how even if you ask nicely. MYAH.”

“Awwww! You’re like… an angry little slice of pie!”

“Wait! I have a better idea that doesn’t involve destroying the house!”

“That isn’t a very sound business practice.”

“Sweet, two doughnuts! One for me and one… for… uh, me.”

“I thought this was a dance party. Why isn’t anyone else dancing.”

“I don’t wanna hear anything you say, unless it’s “sorry”.”

“You’re choosing to take it personally.”

“Can’t you see I’m completely engulfed with rage.”

“But we made him feel like it was his fault. I keep looking into the future, where all of this has been solved, as if it doesn’t matter how you feel in the present. No wonder… why you think I don’t care!”

“You honestly think I’m not upset about what happened? I just wanted to do the right thing…”

“This is… not what I saw! I don’t know what happened, I-”

“All I wanna look at is you.”

Shipped- Tyler Seguin

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Ok so I’m old. We’ve established that. So I don’t know what a social media person is, but I know what a YouTuber is so I hope it’s similar anon? If this isn’t what you want, please let me know! Enjoy guys!

Warning: Tyler Seguin is a warning ok?

Anon Request: If it’s not too much to ask, can i request an imagine where she’s a famous social media person and she posts a pic of her and tyler seguin together. It’s cute and all and fans are all “omg i ship you guys!!” Hahaha hope that made sense??? Thank you!! :)


              You never expected to be this YouTube famous.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Fran! Have u ever consider headcanon abt Baku and Kiri met before they entered Yuuei? I mean, just think about it: Baku is a huge bully while Kiri stand up for them who get bullied. Like?? What if they got into fight?? How would they react when they meet again in Yuuei?? WHAT IF KIRI HATED HIM BEFORE

Aw anon, I’m so not gonna give you the answer you hoped you’d get to this haha I’ve talked briefly about something on these lines on my main blog not too long ago, but in general the way I feel about this is, there’s no way Kirishima could ever hate Bakugou. I’m positive their relationship would have been a friendship whatever moment in time they were to meet, tbh!

And this is in part about how Kirishima just doesn’t seem to know how to hate, like, anything so why would he hate Bakugou of all people, but it’s also about how I don’t feel like Bakugou changed all that much between middle school and the first day of high school? Kirishima didn’t meet a perfect version of Bakugou, he met a Bakugou that lauched himself at Deku and had to be restrained by Aizawa, a Bakugou that blew up half a building to beat Deku, a Bakugou that was more yelling and explosions than anything else - and Kirishima looked at him and saw him anyway, you know? He looked at Bakugou fighting against Deku and thought “he looks desperate”. He looked at Bakugou and didn’t stop at his yelling and violence, not even in the very beginning. This would have happened before their UA days too, in my opinion - Kirishima and Bakugou, they have personalities made to fit together. You don’t need to chip anything away for them to like each other, they see worth in each other, they understand each other. When they first became friends Bakugou wasn’t any less shouty and angry and Kirishima wasn’t any less righteous and earnest than how they were back in middle school, all in all!

Well, what you were talking about was a one-time meeting anyway, right? Considering Bakugou’s always been cocky and shouty but has never engaged in uncalled-for fights, and how all his bully-like behaviours have always been restricted only to interacting with Deku, I doubt he would have actually fought Kirishima. At best he could have told him to mind his own business before angrily stomping away, tbh. A meeting like that would have hardly left an impression on either of them, let’s be real haha

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Ike/Xander C-A Support

Written by @dawn-awakens


Xander: Sir Ike!

Ike: Hm? Oh, hello there. Um… you’re Xander, from the World of Conquest, right?

Xander: That’s right.

Ike: Well met, Xander. I’m Ike, although it looks like you knew that already.

Xander: Of course. Stories of the Radiant Hero of legend reach even across realms, you know.

Ike: That’s flattering, but I’m no one special. I just did what needed to be done, and had a lot of help along the way.

Xander: You say that, and yet such modesty is a quality only true heroes possess.

Ike: *sigh* I suppose I should just get used to this sort of thing while I’m in Askr.

Xander: Apologies, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.

Ike: Nah, it’s fine. Just feels weird having everyone heap so much praise on me, especially in this world, where I’m about as heroic as anyone else you’d run into in the castle. Well, except maybe that Narcian fellow…

Xander: Yes, well, Narcian aside, all of the heroes in the castle do have their own stories to tell, but I can guess why yours resonates with everyone so much.

Ike: I’m listening.

Xander: Well, yours is an incredible story of a common mercenary who rises to the challenge of guarding his country’s hope against the tyranny of an oppressive power, correct?

Ike: Er… yeah, I suppose you could simplify it that way.

Xander: There you have it then. Those here of common blood see your story as inspiration to better themselves. If you could accomplish such deeds, there’s nothing stopping them.

Ike: Huh. I guess that makes sense.

Xander: Meanwhile, speaking personally, those who are of royal blood are fascinated at the lengths that a once average citizen would go to to protect that which he holds dear.

Ike: Hm… I can sort of see where you’re coming from. Still though, there are far more impressive heroes here to admire than me.

Xander: Hahaha… I suppose you’re entitled to that opinion.

Ike: Right, well, I appreciate the insight, but I’m assuming you had a different reason to approach me?

Xander: Ah, yes. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to challenge you to a duel. I believe I could learn much from you.

Ike: Heh. I was hoping you’d say that, to be honest. The feeling’s mutual. Fighting strong opponents from other worlds is always fun, and you certainly look strong.

Xander: I’m honored. Well then, shall we begin?

Ike: Sure, just don’t expect me to hold back. I’ve apparently got quite the reputation to uphold.

[Ike and Xander have reached support rank C.]


Ike: Oh, hello, Xander. How’s your arm doing?

Xander: Greetings, Sir Ike. Still sore, if you can believe it. I’d never have thought the most grievous wound I’d receive after sparring with the Radiant Hero himself for the past few days would come from a third party.

Ike: Yeah, Anna slugged you pretty hard when she saw how much it’d cost to repair the damage we did to the castle in our last bout. To be expected when both fighters decide to use magical swords, I suppose.

Xander: Perhaps we should go back to using training swords from our next session onwards?

Ike: Well that wouldn’t be any fun at all, now would it?

Xander: Ha! Perhaps not.

Ike: I just wish she would have at least let us finish. The score is still tied now, after all.

Xander: Indeed. You were correct to suggest that using our real blades could be used to settle the tie. I’m fairly certain I would have emerged the victor had we the chance to finish.

Ike: I don’t know about that.

Xander: Hahaha, agree to disagree I suppose. At any rate, I daresay the damage to the castle would have been the same even without your divine blade. Wherever did you learn to fight?

Ike: Well, I learned most of my skills from my father.

Xander: Oh, I see.

Ike: He was a terrific swordsman, unmatched in skill and strength. Even beyond that, after our mother died, he looked after not only myself and my sister, but also our entire mercenary group. I learned pretty much everything I know about anything from him… If it wasn’t for his guidance I don’t think anyone would be calling me a hero at all.

Xander: …

Ike: How about you, Xander? You fight too well to be self taught, and since you’re royalty I’m assuming your father knew a thing or two about the blade. Did you learn from him as well?

Xander: Ah, yes. I… did.

Ike: Well then, I’m sure he’d be proud to see how well you’ve taken after him.

Xander: …

Ike: Um, everything alright Xander? Did I say something wrong?

Xander: No, not at all… Excuse me, I should be-

Ike: Hey, you can talk to me if something’s bothering you. I may not know what to say or even be able to help, but it’s better than keeping everything bottled up.

Xander: *sigh* Well… There was a time when my father was a very respectable man, and had many of the same traits as yours. He was kind, strong, and cared deeply about those dear to him, perhaps even to a fault.

Ike: But…

Xander: …Suffice to say, he suddenly began to change for the worst. He grew callous, cutting himself off from everyone, and his battle tactics grew more and more ruthless. By the time my youngest sister was born, my other siblings and I could barely recognize him.

Ike: I see.

Xander: All he did, he claimed to do for the glory of Nohr, but he was always lashing out at everyone, no matter the situation. He’d execute prisoners left and right, and threaten even my siblings with the same fate whenever they went against his wishes.

Ike: What? That’s terrible!

Xander: Indeed. I… did my best to be their pillar of support, but as Crown Prince, our father’s eye was often on me, intent on molding me into his essence. For the good of our family and our country, I knew I needed to remain in his good books, so I obeyed to the best of my ability, but…

Ike: Oh… So when I suggested you’d taken after him…

Xander: …I apologize, Sir Ike. I fear I’ve went on for far too long already. I thank you for listening, but I think it’s best that I be on my way for the time being.

Ike: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-

Xander: Don’t let it trouble you. Good day then.

[Xander exits.]

Ike: …*sigh* I sure messed that up.

[Ike and Xander have reached support rank B.]


Xander: Hya! Hah!

Ike: Hyaaa!!

Xander: Wha-?!

Ike: Heh, looks like this one’s mine.

Xander: Ha… yes, I suppose so… I yield.

Ike: Phew, I’ve been doing pretty well today. Guess all this training we’ve been doing together is paying off.

Xander: Well-

Ike: At least, that’s what I’d say if you weren’t so obviously distracted by something.

Xander: Hm? What makes you-

Ike: Is this about what you told me the other day? About your father?

Xander: …So you still remember. I should apologize again, I don’t really know what came over me. It’s not like me to ramble so much, I assure you.

Ike: Don’t worry about it, I was the one who brought it up. But I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, actually. To be honest, I was a little caught off guard to hear something like that has been bothering you all this time.

Xander: …While it’s been on my mind for many years, I can usually keep it in the back of my thoughts as long as I have something to do, be it training or commanding armies. But hearing how much your father influenced you…

Ike: It struck a chord?

Xander: …If the influence of an exemplary father can turn one into the world’s strongest hero, then what of a case like mine?

Ike: What of it? I don’t see a problem.

Xander: But-

Ike: I won’t take back what I said, my father’s teachings are what made everything I did possible. But honestly, I think I was just lucky in that regard. Many members of my company had less than ideal parents. Some don’t even remember who brought them up. And yet, they were every bit as heroic as I was. Maybe even moreso.

Xander: Why do you say that?

Ike: They had additional hurdles to overcome. My life hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park, but I’m not even sure if I’d still be here if I had been born into the same situations as some of them.

Xander: I see…

Ike: Overcoming adversity despite the odds… that’s what it means to be a hero, isn’t it? I’m sorry that you have to deal with something like this, but I think history will someday see you in a far finer light than it does me.

Xander: I appreciate the vote of confidence, however I’m afraid I can’t be so certain of that myself.

Ike: Do you think I was certain of anything throughout my journey? Frankly, looking back, I could have been killed many times. It was faith that saw me through it all. Faith in the skills my father taught me, yes, but also faith in myself, and in my allies.

Xander: I can relate to that. I too, have many allies I can rely on in times of hardship. Their continued support is something I will always cherish.

Ike: Then why don’t you try being a bit more open with them? I’m sure someone among your friends and family have more practical solutions to all this. At the very least, confiding in those close to you is something your father probably didn’t do either, so it would be a step in the right direction.

Xander: Will it really be enough though? Or worse yet, what if they wind up getting hurt as a result?

Ike: It won’t come to that, I’m sure of it.

Xander: Would that I could be so certain.

Ike: I’ll have to be certain enough for the both of us then. If it’s for the sake of your country and your family, I’m sure you’ll find a way. That’s the kind of person you are, Xander. The kind who would do whatever it took to… how did you put it when we first met… “protect that which he holds dear.”

Xander: Sir Ike… I… will try. I thank you for your wisdom. I admit, I feel a small relief now even if nothing has truly changed. You’re surprisingly easy to talk to, it seems.

Ike: I don’t know about that, but I’m glad I could help. And I’d be happy to help even more, if you’ll let me.

Xander: How do you mean?

Ike: Well, I could just keep beating you in these duels. I’m no pushover, but if you can no longer beat me in a practice fight I don’t think you have to worry about tearing apart your family anytime soon.

Xander: Heh… If someone can still speak to me like that, I don’t think I have to worry about being as intimidating as my father for quite some time. With that said, I hope you’re ready to have your title of strongest hero brought into question.

Ike: By all means. One thing though. It’s Ike. Just Ike, please.

Xander: Ha… as you wish, Ike. At your ready.

[Ike and Xander have reached support rank A.]

First Moon II

Genre: AU/Supernatural

Pairing: Werewolf!Jungkook x DarkSkinnedOC

Ch. 1

[Drawing made by the super talented @ax-thelian​ !!! Full credit to them! Go check his/her blog out]

Everyone was now sitting in the living room, heavy silence hanging over them, gazes avoided, and awkward eye contacts made. Finally, Namjoon spoke up, deciding he had to take things in his own hands.

“Terra. I can imagine what happened earlier was quite… uhm… shocking. You must have questions”

She nodded.

“Go ahead. Ask away and we will try to answer to the best of our ability”

Terra bit her lip, unsure on what questions to ask first, so many thoughts clashing in her head. Were they evil? No, they couldn’t be. She had known them for so long and considered them like a second family. She trusted them. She decided to ask the most generic and obvious question.

“What… happened to Jungkook earlier?”

Namjoon gave the maknae, whom was staring at his own feet, a quick glance before looking back at Aria and responding, knowing there was no use in beating around the bush “He was going through his first moon. As a werewolf”

Terra swallowed hard, but decided to keep her cool, eyes searching Namjoon’s for any trace of amusement, lie, or joke. She found none.

“If… if he is a werewolf, then…?”

“Yes, we are as well. He was the last one to have the gene awakened, as you saw. I am the Alpha. The leader, if you will. Seokjin was the first one of us. Then it was Yoongi, myself, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook” Namjoon replied, enumerating the order in which they all turned.

Namjoon always had a way with words and with his members, a vibe to him that made him stand out compared to the rest of the boys. Now it made sense to hear that he was their Alpha.

“We are like family. We are family. We are all that we have”

A family. Terra could tell, after over four years of knowing them, she could tell that their bond was stronger than a simple friendship. She thought back to when she found herself jokingly thinking that they were like brothers separated at birth because they seemed so… in sync. One often didn’t need to vocalize their feelings in order for the rest of them to perceive what the other felt.

“Can you… like, read each other minds?”. She kind of felt silly for asking, but she had always found curious how connected they seemed to be.

They all chuckled, a bit of the tension released in the process.

“We can’t”, Hoseok responded “but, I guess you noticed how… attuned we are with one another. It is just something that comes with being in a pack. Sometimes, if the emotion is felt very strongly by one of us, the rest can feel it too like an echo ebbing in our conscious.”, he explained.

The conversation went on, one by one everyone chimed in with their own responses, filling in Terra on at least the fundamentals. She even learned how each and everyone came to be, Hobi, Jin, and Yoongi being bitten when they were younger; Namjoon, Jungkook, Jimin, and Taehyung were like that since birth coming from werewolf families.

“But you’re not evil…. Right?”, she couldn’t help herself from asking.

“Nah. What you see mostly on television is not really accurate. We are not evil by nature, but some do become that way unfortunately. We can be aggressive, but that is only when we feel threatened or when one of ours is in danger. To be completely honest, at first we are kind of like loose cannons. Not because we are evil, but because we have two natures fighting in our being. The novelty of it all makes every sense heightened, and it’s hard for us to control ourselves as you saw tonight…”, Jimin explained and for a brief moment her eyes met Jungkook’s that was sitting on the carpet right across from Terra. That eye contact felt like it lasted for a short eternity, his doe eyes gazing into hers as if to show you that he didn’t mean any harm, that what she saw of him earlier does not represent who he is as a person. Jimin’s voice snapped Terra back out of their little moment, her eyes trailing back to him.

“It gets better with time and practice. The pull of the moon will always be there, it just gets easier to tune it out”, he finished.

The pull of the moon.

That made her think back to the way Jungkook was staring up at the moon as if it was calling out to him, hypnotizing him with its gentle glow. But, if it was a full moon night and they were all werewolves, then…

“… How come you guys didn’t turn too?”, Terra asked.

“As I said, it gets better with time. The first times are hard and painful because it literally feels like something is trying to rip you in half from within. It’s the wolf nature trying to win over the human one. Normally, the first few moons you can’t escape it and turn into the complete wolf form and become an irrational beast”, Jimin answered, hoping that Terra would catch on.

“But… Jungkook didn’t turn into a wolf”, Terra observed, recalling how is traits did become more wild and wolf like, how he had fangs and the golden in his eyes. But at no point did he become a furry beast that stood on all fours.

“Exactly our point”, Seokjin interjected. “Normally, that is what would happen. That’s what happened with the rest of us. Jungkook only went only halfway through his morphing. That doesn’t happen very often”

What were they trying to get at?

“Then, why?”

“Well, this point brings us to you, actually”

“Me…?” Terra felt as confused as ever, her brows knitting and a puzzled expression on her face.

“Yes. You are the reason why he awakened, but didn’t go full form and lose his mind. The first process of turning into a wolf is very strong, almost irreversible. Almost. For it to stop, there must be some other compelling force that is just as strong – if not stronger – than the awakening is” Namjoon explained “That force is love. True love. Mating, if you want to use wolf terms. You are his mate.”

Terra’s eyes threatened to pop out of their sockets. Looking at Jungkook’s, she found a reflection of her own shock deforming his features that told her he didn’t expect this kind of answer either.

“Jungkook-ah… this comes as a shock for us as well. We had never witnessed this until tonight. All we heard were stories about this kind of… uh… event since most wolves find their mate later on in life when they have already learnt how to control themselves”, Taehyung defended, his wound almost completely healed and now looking like a faded scar under the rip of his long sleeved shirt.

As the shock faded, Terra did feel those feelings she always had for him. It was like some sort of connection and since his awakening merely an hour prior, it felt like those feelings were multiplied, heightened. That’s what she felt when she approached him during his awakening. The fear felt irrelevant compared to the need she felt for helping him and being there for him. Because she loved him. Because she was his mate.

The news felt weird, yet at the same time it made sense considering how close the two of them were even before this whole ordeal happened.

“Kookie really is good at everything. He even found his mate before any of us did! Hahaha”, Hobi joked effectively lightening the mood and they all chuckled. “Besides, there is a nice perk to being awakened. Heat happens every year, but you know the first time it is much more intense and-”

“Alright, alright! I think this enough information for one night. It has been eventful enough as is for all of us, but for Terra especially. We should all go get some sleep”, Namjoon cut him off clearing his throat as he stood up from the large couch he was sitting on along with Jin, Yoongi, and Hoseok.

“Yeah… sleep”, Taehyung teased under his breath, his fingers making air quotes as a mischievous smile spread across his face.

“Any other questions or thoughts can wait tomorrow… well, later today considering the hour. You probably need some time to let it all sink in, Terra”, Yoongi agreed.

She nodded, suddenly feeling the weight of the night weighing down on her.
With that, hey all made their way to their own rooms for the night to get some needed rest.


Her best friends were some creatures that she thought always belonged in a fantasy book for some teenager with a vivid imagination. And now, here she was. In a house with seven of them.

She just tossed and turned in bed for a couple of hours, thoughts just kept clashing in her mind as time kept ticking by, sleep forgotten despite how tired she felt, her body feeling the need for a break but her mind having different plans as it raced with no intention to stop.

How was Jungkook feeling? He must be very upset with himself after what he did to his hyungs. Not that he did it intentionally or that they held it against him. Still, he must have felt some sort of guilt for that. Terra hoped he wasn’t beating himself up too much about it knowing how dearly he cared for his brothers.

Suddenly, a soft knock on her door jolted her out of her thoughts. At first, she thought she imagined it, but it came again a second time.


The door opened slowly, Jungkook’s head appearing from behind it. “Did I wake you up?”, he asked gently as he peered at her form under the light bed sheets.

“No. I can’t sleep actually”, she admitted.

“Me neither…”, he trailed off and looked away, biting his cheek.

“Come in”, she invited him and he do so, silently closing the door behind him and making his way into the room almost carefully.

Terra scooted up the bed until her back was resting on the headboard, and Jungkook sat on the edge of the bed, hands on his knees and eyes to his feet.
For a few moments, neither of them knew what to say, a quiet stillness settling between the two of them. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was definitely filled with unspoken words, words wanting to be said but uncertain if the timing was right.

Then, Jungkook turned around to face her, a leg bent in front of him on the bed while the other dangled off the edge of the bed.

“Listen, Terra. I…”, he trailed off not knowing how to approach the subject but wanting to fill in the silence. “I am sorry for what you witnessed tonight. It… I wasn’t myself. Well, at least not my rational, human self.” He said, hands fiddling with each other as he started opening up.

“It’s ok. I understand, or at least I am trying to”, Terra responded, her head still wrapping around the concept of the supernatural.

“I appreciate that. And I appreciate you. For what you did tonight, for me” he confessed, a hand resting on her sheet clad thigh, feeling a spark at the contact, his eyes meeting hers and she saw nothing but a genuine honesty in them.
“I want to thank you for bringing me back. For keeping me grounded and not allowing me to do something I could have seriously regretted. It is thanks to you that I could fight through it and remain ‘me’. Even through the haze of… madness that was clouding my mind, you were the only clear thing that kept me from losing my grasp on sanity. I hope you know that I would never hurt you and will never be a threat for you”

Terra felt her heart wanting to beat its way out of the confines of her ribcage. Jungkook had never been the kind to express himself with a lot of words, hence why what he just said pleasantly surprised her even more. She felt tears rapidly filling her eyes, one of them making it past the lower lashline and tracing a path straight down her cheek.

“Did.. did I say something wrong? Please, don’t cry” he pleaded misunderstanding her tears of joy for sorrow.

Terra shook her head and giggled “No no. I am just really happy to hear you say that”

He wiped away the tear with his thumb and kept his hand on her cheek cupping it gently. She rested her cheek on his palm, the contact soothing against her skin. Her lids fluttered shut, the scene ironically similar to the one that happened in the backyard, roles reversed. They stayed like that for a short while, his thumb gently stroking her cheek as he admired the pleasant contrast between his hand and the deep tone of her plump cheek in the back of his mind.
Her eyes were still shut, when suddenly she felt a soft pair of lips on hers in the lightest touch, almost shy. Her eyes flew open and he backed away, bashfully looking at her. 

“Sorry… I couldn’t help myself. You’re beautiful, Terra” 

She felt her face flare up, heart leaping in her chest. She smiled, unable to think of anything to say, overwhelmed by her feelings for him, and surprised by the complete 180 that their roles had taken. Jungkook was usually the quiet one and she was the talkative one. But right now, she was pleasantly speechless while he had said and done plenty.

He smiled back at her and then stood up from her bed. “I shoukd probably go try to get a few hours of sleep. You should do the same, Terra. You have a lot to let sink in, I imagine. Goodnight”
And with that he made his way to the door. He grabbed the door handle, ready to go to his room when her voice stopped him dead in his tracks.


He turned around and gazed at her questioningly.
Terra was twisting and fiddling with the edge of her bedsheets nervously before she spoke up again.

“Please, stay with me tonight”

[started here, in which General Skywalker attempts to make his OTP canon through deceit]

In today’s installment, Anakin gets busted, but not by everyone. 

Satine: [text] So Obi…
Obi-Wan: Yes my dearest duchess?
Satine: The messages you sent the other day were…a little confusing, honestly. I think we should discuss.
Obi-Wan: Of course, my Sundari Sweetheart! By all means, let me speak all the words I was unable to say to you in the past. I shall give you a crown made of the orchids of my soul and pour you a martini the color of my eyes.
[Satine makes a confused and slightly grossed-out face at her phone.]

Satine: [text to a different number] Are you still using this phone #, Obi?
Obi-Wan: Yes. Is everything all right, Satine?
Satine: Oh yes. Everything’s just fine. Was only checking in. :) Do say hello to Anakin for me. Please tell him that I look forward to that martini. 
Obi-Wan: …??
Satine: It’s just a little joke we share. He’ll understand.
Obi-Wan: Certainly. I’m so glad you two get along. :) Be well, Duchess. 

Satine: [text to the original number] Obi, I must be honest: I’m tired of all of this secrecy. If we are going to be together, then I want the whole universe to know about our love. 
Obi-Wan: O, my love, if only such a thing were possible!
Satine: And why isn’t it? I have half a mind to send a personal holo to Master Yoda himself! In fact, that’s just what I’ll do. 
Obi-Wan: wait my sweet flower you must be patient 
Obi-Wan: Master yoda must not be contacted
Satine: And why not???? Are you not in love with me, Obi-Wan Kenobi?! 
Satine: And while I’m at it I’ll let him know about this “secretly married other Jedi” you mentioned! 
Obi-Wan: my darlinghang on you mustn’y be ahsty!!! PLease wait for the time to be right my love!!!!!
Obi-Wan: no no satien just…hold on ok??? Please? DO NOT CALL MASTER YODA

Obi-Wan: [text] Anakin you were late for a briefing AGAIN this morning! What in blazes were you doing on your phone over there the whole time? You looked ill. 
Anakin: nothing im sorry just SUPER busy right now ok ive got a situation im trying to deal with at the moment 
Obi-Wan: Well do try harder to pay attention next time. It reflects poorly on both of us. 
Obi-Wan: By the way, I heard from Satine this morning. She told me to tell you she says hello. 
Anakin: oh good
Obi-Wan: Oh and also to tell you that she is looking forward to having that martini with you.
[long pause]
Anakin: what exactly did she tell you?
Obi-Wan: Just that? Why, is there something else she was supposed to tell me?
Obi-Wan: Anakin?
Anakin: no nothing lol its really funny that she said that shes awesome 
: I agree. OK, I’ll see you later. 

Obi-Wan: [text] I know this is going to make me sound insane and possibly jealous and that neither is a good look for a Jedi
Padme: Hahaha yes?
Obi-Wan: Do you think there is any chance Anakin is having an affair with Satine?

jealous | chapter six

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

word count: 1,587

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

↠  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

[21:17] Being friends with the guys. It’s amazing. You know that group of friends that you have that always brighten up your day even if it sucked completley? Yeah. I finally had that.

Area 51 was an amazing group but Minseok was closer to Jongdae and I to Junmyeon. But now, we’re nine guys who chit chat all day and night. It’s weird that we never stay silent on that group.

Chanyeol and I have been… kissing. It’s not really a friends with benefits type thing because we just kiss sometimes. He’s still with y/n and he still loves her. He confuses me so much but I won’t complain. What if I lose him?

I don’t hate y/n. In fact, I still love her a lot. But I also like Chanyeol. So what’s up with all of this?

[13:00] nini__: we should go on a camping trip.
[13:00] bbh1738: you fucking genius i’m down.
[13:01] xing21: yah! when?
[13:01] satansoo: lets do it this weekend.

[13:01] real__pcy: cant. I have plans with y/n.

[13:02] oohsehun: that’s still a thing?

[13:04] nini__: my thoughts exactly^

[13:05] real__pcy: what?? why wouldn’t it be?

[13:05] nini__: ur usually like blah blah y/n blah blah

[13:06] real__pcy: oh.

[13:07] bbh1738: lol good luck sweetie

[13:08] xing21: baek have you ever had a full conversation with y/n?

[13:09] bbh1738: ah loey didnt tell u? i dated her/ for. seven. years.

[13:10] marshmallow: you have the patience of a god baek.

[13:10] nini__: what?????????????????????? seven years?????????? what????

[13:11] oohsehun: yeah… i think it may have slipped his mind…

[13:12] jongdinosaur: she was SOMETHING

[13:13] kjunmyeon: my bet is one more month.

[13:15] real__pcy: its MY job to like her not yours okay? okay


[13:18] kjunmyeon: $20.

[13:20] satansoo: im giving it two more months. youre on.


[13:21] real__pcy: we’re off topic. why are we off topic?? yeah I cant this week

[13:21] oosehun: bring her

[13:22] bbh1738: that seems unnecessary.

[13:23] xing21: HiGHLY unnecessary.

[13:23] satansoo: we don’t know her that well lets invite her

[13:24] nini__: guys, think about it. this could potentially be hilarious.

[13:25] kjunmyeon: he has a point!!

— nini__ added girlinluv —

[13:30] bbh1738: bomb ass username

[13:30] oohsehun: send nudes

[13:30] oohsehun: send nudes

[13:30] nini__: DoEGOPPA NEOUI OPPA

[13:30] jongdinosaur: LMAOOOOOOOOOOO YOU DICK

[13:31] oohsehun: send nudes

[13:32] real__pcy: are you five??????? Sweetie don’t mind them.

[13:32] girlinluv: hahahaha I won’t!

[13:33] bbh1738: oh wow I thought I was ur sweetie.

[13:34] girlinluv: Hey Baekhyun

[13:34] bbh1738: hey love

[13:35] jongdinosaur: I thought I was your love??

[13:35] bbh1738: baby shhhh

[13:36] girlinluv: You like boys now?

[13:36] real__pcy: y/n!! that’s his business

[13:36] girlinlove: True…

[13:38] xing21: lets get back to topic. y/n, jongin was saying how we should take a camping trip buuuuuut chanyeol said he couldn’t go because you two had plans. We love yeol. We want him to come. Do u mind moving ur plans lol theyre ruining the trip

[13:39] marshmallow: What? I thought we were inviting her?

[13:40] real__pcy: YIXING???? THAT’S NOT WHAT WE AGREED ON SAYING??? Baby he’s asking if you want to come. Please?

[13:40] girlinluv: Camping? With a bunch of old dudes?

[13:40] oohsehun: …we’re daddies.

[13:41] bbh1738: …you act like I haven’t changed your diapers.

[13:42] nini__: holy shitttttt lmao tell us everything around the campfire.

[13:43] bbh1738: HAHAHA, sure jongin.

[13:45] satansoo: u guys its time to stfu. So here’s the plan. On Saturday we’re meeting up at baekhyun and chanyeol’s at SIX IN THE MORNING SHARP. make sure to bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, extra blanket,sunscreen, toiletries, soap, flashlight and BATTERIES CAUSE IF YOU BRING A DAMN FLASHLIGHT WITHOUT BATTERIES YOURE GETTING SMACKED. we’ll drive to the wilderness store to get a trap, pad repair kit, maybe a mini stove, first aid kit, A MAP and if anyone has a prescription med bring it cause no ones driving your dying ass to the hospital

[13:50] oosehun: what the fuck

[13:50] real__pcy: I got it!! we’ll make sure to get our shit kungsoo.

[13:51] satansoo: good.

November 8, 2017

[19:00] I’m back from the camping trip to write what happened. On the day of the trip, everyone was at my door on time except y/n. She was keeping everyone from being on time since she couldn’t be bothered to wake up. I couldn’t stand her this weekend because of the annoying things she was constantly doing.

At 7am, she was knocking on our door. “It’s about fucking time, what the hell? It’s going to take us double the time it was supposed to. Have some consideration, Y/N.” Yixing yelled. He wasn’t the angry type so this really must have pissed him off. “I am so sorry, I overslept.” No one really acknowledged her and just walked past her to get to the cars.

”Alright! who wants to come with me?” Jongdae asked. The rest of Area 51 (minus myself) and Kyungsoo walked up to his car and got in, they were on camp supply store duty. After arguing and yelling, I ended up with Chanyeol in his car with the rest of the luggage. Chanyeol had made a mean comment about her being late so she wanted to be with Yixing, Sehun, and Jongin and I didn’t complain. “See you guys at the camp sight.” Sehun grunted, obviously disliking Y/N’s presence.

An hour and forty-five minutes had passed while we were still driving in silence, was he mad at me? Out of nowhere, Chanyeol pulled to the side of the road and turned the car off, “What’s wrong?” I asked him. He looked at me and said, “Are you okay with Y/N here? Please be honest.” he blurted.

I sighed and fiddled with my fingers, “It’s fine, Chanyeol. She’s still my friend, I still love her a lot. But, I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if it was just us guys, you know?”

“Listen, Baekhyun. I want you to listen really fucking carefully. I’m just going to say it. You’re confusing me. You’re whole really-smart-and-really-short-art-critic get up? It drives me fucking nuts. When you were those round glasses with your little barét? That too. The moles on your temple, hand, and ear. Fuck I would do anything to kiss those moles. I’m with Y/N but I have no idea what I want. I want you so so fucking bad, but I also want Y/N. I don’t know what’s going on with me, I-I-” he was in tears.

“Look at me. Chanyeol look at me.” he had burried his face in his hands but was now looking up. I wiped away a tear and leaned into him. “I’m just as confused as you are. I sometimes think I want her back, but then I see your big gorgeous eyes. Those beautiful doe eyes that look straight into mine when we speak. I think about you late at night. It pains me that your hers and not mine.” I said against his lips, holding back my tears.

Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, kissing me harder than he ever has before. He grabbed the collar of my shirt and dragged me towards him and in a few seconds, I was straddling his lap.

“Chanyeol. I wish you could kiss me forever.” I gasped in between kisses. “Me too, baby. This kiss is nothing like the others. This one is meaningful.” he moved down to kiss my neck and I couldn’t help but moan out loud. “Why are you so beautiful?” he moaned, I couldn’t help but giggle.

In a matter of minutes, my shirt and pants were already off and my chest was bruised because of his sucking and biting. “Let’s move to the backseat, Yeol.” and he threw me to the back, crawling to me. He took his shirt off while I layed on the seats. He came closer to trap me in between his arms and moved down to kiss me more. I was already so hard it hurt me. Why was he so good at this?

Moving down, kissing my body, he reached my waistband. He looked up at me for confirmation and I nodded, giving him the go ahead.

He took off my boxers, freeing me from the constriction. I let out a moan and he grabbed me. His hands began going up and down, making me feel good. His eyes were on mine and it was so sexy. I felt his tongue touch my tip and couldn’t help but gasp. He began licking me and bobbing his head up and down. He was so good. Better than anyone I had ever had before. He sunk his head down until my entire length was in his mouth before releasing. A trail of spit from his mouth was still attached to my cock and it was the sexiest view ever.

After giving me a few more licks, I had to cum. “Wh-where do I-” I managed to say before he cut me off, “In my mouth baby, always in my mouth.” I released into his mouth before he swallowed my entire load.

“Let me return the favor.” I said, getting up. “Babe, this wasn’t a favor. I wanted this. Now get back in your clothes. They’re going to wonder where we are. Try not to think about anything too much. There’s always time to talk after our little vacation.”

I’m out of breath writing this. I’ll finish soon.

A/N; I’m sorry this is so short!!

anonymous asked:

Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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M!Corrin/Nowi C-S Support

Written by Shauni

Disclaimer: M!Corrin has been summoned after the death of Queen Mikoto and before choosing a path.


Nowi: Ha-ha! I’ve finally found him! Now… quietly… very quietly…


Corrin: Aah?!

Nowi: *laughing* Got you! Hahaha, you jumped so high! Did you really not hear me coming?

Corrin: W-what was that for?! You’re Nowi, right? Couldn’t you approach me in a more normal fashion?

Nowi: Of course I could. I just thought it wouldn’t be as funny. *pouting* Hey, you didn’t even wish me ‘good morning’ back! That’s not very princely of you. I looked everywhere for you!

Corrin: But you’re the one who– Oh, nevermind. Good morning. That’s as “princely” as I can get right now with my heart beating in my throat.

Nowi: That’s good enough for me!

Corrin: Glad to hear that. So, why were you looking for me?

Nowi: Because I was curious, of course! Ever since I was summoned, I’ve been wanting to see you!

Corrin: Really? I did not know. If I may ask, why are you curious of me?

Nowi: Because you’re a dragon prince, silly! You and I can both turn into dragons!

Corrin: You too? Who told you that I–

Nowi: I got paired up with your little sister for training this morning! As soon as I took my Dragonstone out of my bag, her eyes lit up. “My big brother has a stone that looks just like this one!”, she said. But according to her, our dragon forms don’t look alike at all. So I got even more curious about you, dragon prince!

Corrin: I see… Is that why you keep calling me “dragon prince”?

Nowi: Partly! Dragons are great, but what’s even better than a dragon?

Corrin: Um… two dragons?

Nowi: True, but in this case, the correct answer is “a royal dragon”! And you’re both a dragon and a prince! A dragon prince! Plus you’re the first male Manakete I’ve met in a long, long time!

Corrin: Is that so…

Nowi: Not feeling very talkative, are we? It’s okay! Say, how about we show each other our dragon forms? I want to see just how different we look!

Corrin: Um… Maybe another time, Nowi. I have… something other than that to do. Good day.

[Corrin leaves.]

Nowi: Huh? Hey, wait! Dragon priiince!… And he’s gone. Humpf! Maybe I was too pushy…

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank C.]


Nowi: Dragon prince, found you! So that’s where you were hiding!

Corrin: Oh, hello, Nowi. How was training?

Nowi: Fun! The Summoner is very happy with me and we finished early! Which is why I was able to watch your training.

Nowi: *pouting* And let me tell you, I was very, very disappointed.

Corrin: Beg pardon? (Y/n) seemed pleased of my swordmanship, if I remember correctly…

Nowi: But the sword! That’s exactly what was disappointing! I was expecting you to–

Corrin: Turn into a dragon.

Nowi: Exactly! So why didn’t you? Fae, Clarine and Ephraim were with you, so don’t tell me it was sword training only. And if your swordmanship is that good, then you don’t need to work so hard on it. I mean, you were good, don’t get me wrong. But could you please drop the sword next time? I really want to see how you look as a dragon! I’ve been dreaming about it and then, when I wake up, I can’t even remember–

Corrin: Nowi, listen. I won’t turn into a dragon. Ever. I’m sorry to disappoint but I just won’t.

Nowi: What? Why?

Corrin: I can’t. As simple as that.

Nowi: What do you mean, you can’t? You have pointy ears and a Dragonstone and your tail appears when you attack! A weird-looking tail, by the way, not like mine at all. You’re definitely a dragon!

Corrin: Well, yes, but… Sorry, let me rephrase it. It’s not that I can’t transform; it’s that I don’t know how to.

Nowi: Huh? You don’t? But… how is that even possible? It’s like riding a horse! You never forget how to do it!

Corrin: It’s… complicated. I never knew I could turn into a dragon before a few weeks ago. I spent my whole life until now thinking I was a regular human being. All my siblings possess abilities only Nohrian and Hoshidan royals do but, as it turned out, I am the only one able to become a dragon. And I’ve only transformed once. By accident. So there’s that too.

Nowi: Oh… I see… That explains everything. But still, you said you managed to transform once. Can’t you, like, recreate the same conditions that made you transform so you can do it again?

Corrin: I… transformed because my mother died.

Nowi: Oh.

Corrin: …

Nowi: …

Corrin: …

Nowi: … Well, this is awkward.

Corrin: Agreed.

Nowi: I’m so sorry! I didn’t think it would be such a touchy topic!

Corrin: It’s okay, Nowi. No offence taken. To be honest, I don’t remember much… Rage and despair washing over me. Need to kill, destroy, crush. A headache. I was so furious I couldn’t hear myself screaming. When I looked at my hands, they were turning into… something else. I just recall thinking “Hands are not supposed to do this”. And I think I heard my bones making noises. Even after I killed all enemies in sight, the anger stayed. When a friend tried to calm me down, I… I hurt her.

Nowi: … So now you’re scared to transform again.

Corrin: … Yes.

Nowi: … Well, you know what? I’m going to teach you how to turn into a dragon and make it a peaceful, happy experience! So you won’t be scared anymore!

Corrin: Um, come again?

Nowi: It’s decided! For now, you’re just a regular prince, but with my help you’ll soon be a real dragon prince! Oh, I’ve never been a teacher before, this is gonna be so much fun!

Corrin: Nowi, please, I don’t think it's–

Nowi: I have to tell Commander Anna and (y/n) about this! I’m sure they will agree! I’ll let you know when everything is ready, dragon prince!

[Nowi leaves.]

Corrin: … My name is Corrin, you know. Gods, what have I gotten myself into?

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank B.]


Nowi: Alright, Nowi’s Super Special Dragon Training is about to start! Is my student ready?

Corrin: I… guess. To be frank, I’m still unsure about this.

Nowi: Oh, come on! Everything is going to be okay. We’re going to work together on whatever your issues are, then you’re gonna successfully transform, love it, and become my playmate. See? It’s simple!

Corrin: Um… If you say so… How do we do this then?

Nowi: No worries, it’s easy! Hold your Dragonstone firmly in one hand and let’s start by step one: how do you feel?

Corrin: Right now? Rather unsure of where this is going.

Nowi: No, silly! I meant, how do you feel about turning into a dragon?

Corrin: Oh. Anxious.

Nowi: Why?

Corrin: Well, from what I remember, the transformation… hurt a lot.

Nowi: Really? That’s weird. It never hurts for me. Maybe because it was your first time? The circumstances can have various effects, I suppose. Here, let me show you!

[An hour later…]

Corrin: *panting* Nowi… with all due respect… I think we should call it a day…

Nowi: I don’t understand! Why can’t you transform?! You had the head, the horns, the tail and one arm, but every time your body stays human in shape. I’m so sorry, Corrin… Are you okay?

Corrin: Yes, just… tired. My limbs feel numb. Heh. I’m not that much of a “dragon prince”, am I?

Nowi: No, don’t say that! It’s way too early to give up! I’m sure you can do it. All you need is time and training. And lots of encouragement. Which I am more than willing to provide!

Corrin: Are you sure? You seemed so eager to compare our dragon forms, I’d hate to disappoint you…

Nowi: *laughs* No need to worry! I did see your horns, head and one paw, remember? They all looked so cool! Very different from mine, both in colours and shapes! Actually, even your Dragonstone doesn’t quite look like mine.

Corrin: Yes, I noticed. Your transformation looks different as well. It’s so… elegant. You look etheral, Nowi.

Nowi: Wow! Ethereal, really? I don’t think I’ve ever been told this, even in a thousand years! Thank you, Corrin!

Corrin: … Did you just say “a thousand years”?

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank A.]


Nowi: Corrin, Corrin!

Corrin: Nowi? What are you doing here? You should be at the infirmary!

Nowi: But I’m fine! Look, the healers patched me up, I’m good as new! Besides, I came to thank you. I was careless. I didn’t see this Emblian soldier creeping behind my back. Had you not been here, I could have… So thank you.

Corrin: Please don’t mention it. I’m just glad you’re okay. By the way, did you see it? I did it! I changed into a dragon.

Nowi: Yes, about that… I also wanted to apologize.

Corrin: Huh? What for?

Nowi: Well, you turned into a dragon to save me… I promised to make your next transformation a happy experience, remember? And instead, I just… made it another painful, fear-induced one. I’m sorry, Corrin! This is not how I wanted it to be…

Corrin: Come now, Nowi. This was a wonderful experience.

Nowi: What do you mean?

Corrin: The first time, I transformed because my mother was killed. I felt powerless, miserable and angry. But you were still alive, Nowi. There was still something I could do to protect you. I felt anger… but I also felt able. I-it’s hard to explain… I just… I couldn’t lose you.

Nowi: Corrin…

Corrin: Oh! I said that out loud, didn’t I?

Nowi: Corrin, how long will you live?

Corrin: Huh? I… don’t know? For a good while, I hope.

Nowi: No, I mean, do you have a human lifespan?

Corrin: I… guess? Since I aged normally until now, I suppose I do.

Nowi: Are you sure? Are you positive that you have a human lifespan?

Corrin: Nowi, what is this about?

Nowi: This is about you being the most handsome dragon in existence, the kindest person I’ve met in a long time, and me falling in love with you. So I don’t want you to die on me.

Corrin: You– I– I mean… I was going to say it, you know? I love you too, Nowi. And… that’s why I’m sorry, I can’t say I won’t die one day. But that’s not what matters right now. We’ve just confessed and you’re already thinking about the moment we’ll be separated. There are so many happy memories waiting to be made before that.

Nowi: Now is now and later is later, huh? Right. That’s what my friends in the Shepherds taught me. Thank you for reminding me, Corrin.

Nowi: And now that we’re lovers, let’s play!

Corrin: Right now? Um, don’t you want to go buy rings or something–

Nowi: Hmmm… no! I have a better idea!

Corrin: Oh?

Nowi: Matching Dragonstones! Matching engraved Dragonstones!

Corrin: *chuckle* That’s actually a good idea. Well then, Nowi, what do you want our wedding Dragonstones to say?

Nowi: Oh, I have tons of ideas! What do you think of…

[Corrin and Nowi have reached support rank S.]

(i wrote most of it yesterday when the news of Neymar wanting to leave was confirmed hence the usage of today)

It’s hard to describe how I feel today… So incredibly hard.

When I read the news this morning it didn’t really hit me if I’m being honest. I just felt numb. Trying to find more news and just posting it, but not feeling much. 

Not feeling how I felt for the last two weeks when the press in Brasil first reported about it. When it was just Sport I ignored the news and laughed it away. I found it hilarious, but when Marcelo Bechler of Esporte Interativo the following day said it was a done deal and he was on his way to PSG in the upcoming weeks I felt a shock. I felt anxious and sick. I wanted to act like it was nothing, but Brazilian media also reporting it? That made me worry… When I saw – in the following days – every other big Brazilian news station/paper also confirming the news (especially Globo) I knew I had every reason to freak out.

Some people may have thought I overreacted or even called Globo unreliable or were – as always – plain rude to me acting like I was a hysterical teen… But look at where we are today… 

Neymar is leaving FC Barcelona. He’s leaving us. He’s leaving the club I love so dearly and always have and always WILL support. I’ve said it times again: with or without Neymar I AM a culé for life.

He just broke my heart today… And not just today, but these last two weeks have been so emotionally draining. The news went reliable so quickly, but then Geri gave us hope with ‘Se Queda’. I really thought he would stay, but the rumors kept going and Geri had to say it was just a Tweet of how he felt… After that everyday was again like a rollercoaster for me emotionally. One hour I had hope, then the next I felt down again after reading something. I don’t think I’ve ever used Twitter as often – on my mobile – as in these past two weeks. Afraid I would miss something positive, but the positive news never came again after ‘Se Queda’….

But how much I may hate this Brazilian kid now, with his god awful hairstyles, terrible sense of fashion (aka none at times) and ALWAYS surrounded by some kind of on- or off-field drama: I know deep down inside I can not hate him.

This kid stole my heart ever since I saw the first video of him at Santos. When Barça was rumored to be buying him I HAD to know more about this kid. Of course I’ve heard his name – I think everyone in football did – but I didn’t know much about him. I started with the football videos, but then I saw some funny moments and wanted to know more and more about him. His episodes showed me what a humble kid he was, but also a cocky little fucker (and I mean that in the nicest way. You know what I mean if you know Santos Ney).

Here at Barça he stole my heart like no other player ever did. I like the Brazilian type of play: the ‘Joga Bonito’. Dribbles, tricks (who some may hate but I love them), the passion and playing with so much happiness. He has all of that combined plus a very fun and nice personality.


I’ve made this blog – mainly about him – a couple years ago, because I wanted to talk about football with people who love the sport as much as I do. Some of you might think I don’t have a social life, yet luckily – or sadly sometimes friends can be a pain in the butt HAHAHA – I have.

Yet sometimes I think I know more about him than my own friends. I’ve come to know so much about him that just by looking at him I can tell how he feels. When I see him smile in photos of videos I can tell if it’s genuine or if it’s just for the camera’s. For example – and maybe some of you can remember this - how I last year around October/November I think I said Neymar looked off. I’ve never really explained why I thought that nor did any of my anons agree or understand me, but it is something I’ve been thinking about a lot since this thing started… 

After all these years of following him I’ve seen many of his ups and many of his down. He is temperamental – and probably will always be – sometimes still annoys me with diving (that will stick with his name forever I’m afraid) and sometimes he just doesn’t think when he does something on/off the field. I protect him when I can and when he deserves it. And I always protect his privacy when I get send things on here that I know would cause a lot of controversy. 

However I’ve seen him grow so much as a player and as a personality in these 4 amazing years at FC Barcelona. After a tough first season he became a part of one of the great forward trio in football: M S N. He scored, assisted and showed amazing things on the field and besides trophies he was also voted in the top 3 of the Ballon d’Or. The pride I felt when I heard he was one of the finalists and saw him going to Switzerland to go to the gala was immense. Many tears of joy were shed when I saw he was nominated and when I saw him on that podium. He became an established and important player for us and has been ever since. 

He gave us – and me - so many beautiful and funny moments: Remontada is what we will all forever cherish and showed us how he stood up and took the lead. That goal in his first Champions League final against Juventus and the happiness afterwards, his everlasting love for hamburgers during our parades and seeing his amazing bound with some of the players on our team. What about the end of NeyMessi, NeyFinha, PiqueMar and NeyRez… You could see him being so close to them.

But one of his most beautiful moments for Barça defiantly was his goal against Villarreal. The combination of his first touch of the ball, skill, trick and then goal is just Neymar captured in one goal.

A new phase has come by in his career: now he’s off to PSG to be a leader of a team. A reason I can understand, because we all know Leo is the leader here and will be until the day he decides to leave us. With his brilliant form that shows, he’s in no way slowing down and I can understand his decision to leave and be a leader of another team.
He’s not a Masia player, he doesn’t owe us that loyalty that we want from our youth players. He’s not obligated to stay here and if I’m quite honest I never thought he would play only here in Europe. There was too much rumors surrounding him– a player with a contract for years – and every transfer window too make me believe he would stay at us and go back to Brasil when he’s done in Europe.
The many Brazilians at PSG probably also helped to make his decision easier and lets not forget the insane amount of money he will earn. I mean no one wouldn’t think about that kind of money and he decided to take it. I don’t think it was his main reason to go, but you can all have your own opinion about it.

Of course this whole transfer saga went on for way too long. I think the tour played a really big part in the delay and made him truly doubt his decision to leave. He will come out with a statement when it’s officially announced. I’m sure of that and that’s also what I need of him and what many of us want from him.  

The hate towards him was difficult to read and so many went overboard with it. It’s understandable he’s not loved by many Cules anymore, it’s understandable that you doubt who you supported for the 4 years he was here, but I hope that you also won’t forget the great memories he gave you, the fans and the team. The amount of times he let you laugh because of his singing and dancing or killed us with hot ‘Princesa’ Rafinha posts… I get it might take time for many to get over this, but I hope eventually the people that hate him now will be able to see him at least normally again.

For me the combination of him at Barça was ideal: My fave club & my fave player. How much I want to say that I won’t follow him anymore I know that won’t be true… I know I will be behind the tv or my laptop, but this time I won’t be rooting for a team I will just be rooting for him to do well. I can’t and won’t ever cheer for PSG. I will be cheering for him to win prices, making assists and to show me that Barça magic. But for him only (Ok, and maybe a little for Kevin too haha). You know a couple months ago when we played against them I said I hoped we would get a selfie of him and Kevin…. I didn’t think I would get it with them being teammates…

I will forever be sad about the fact that the one weekend I could have seen him up insanely close (within my touch) he had to be sick. The fact that I won’t ever get to see him play in a FC Barcelona shirt live will be my biggest football regret. Because now I will see him play for PSG instead… 

He is taking a HUGE risk by leaving Barça for them, but I hope to see him win prices. Win that Ligue 1, win the French cup and win that Champions League ((but not by playing against us please). Write history by winning the CL and even if you don’t win it, I know you will still do good. Be successful and what I want to see most of all is him being happy. Because I know that without happiness everything else is not important to him.  

It’s time to say goodbye to your time at FC Barcelona and thank you for what you gave me as a fan of you and the club. A new challenge awaits you and - though it may take some time to get over and used to it for me - I will follow you. 

I became your fan when you came to FC Barcelona and I still will be your fan now that you leave this club.

You may not stay Ney, but I will still stay with you.

Boa sorte Juninho y sempre tamo junto <3

(Translation) Kare Pillow vol. 10

大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 年上彼氏と温泉デートで 編 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Hirakawa Daisuke

T/N: Commissioned! Thanks for the huge tip as always~! ♥

Tokuten (AfterStory) is included in this post, use CTRL+F to jump to tokuten. More comments at the end to avoid spoilers ahaha

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That’s for Me to Know and You to Find Out

a/n: I have this posted on ao3, if you would rather read it there!
This is just something I wrote as an exercise, and to be honest, a lot of texting fics are really hard for me because of the use of italics and the bold to differentiate the characters. I find that terribly confusing and though I would take a much easier approach. I hope you all enjoy this cute and slightly angsty fic!

(866) 907-3235: hello

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: thats for me to know and you to find out(:

Castiel: Gabriel?

(866) 907-3235: no lol

Castiel: Balthazar?

(866) 907-3235: no
(866) 907-3235: the fuck kinda name is that

Castiel: I seem to be drawing a blank then.

(866) 907-3235: figured

Castiel: Who is this?

(866) 907-3235: told you
(866) 907-3235: me to know, you to find out

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Dear Ratboy, a hoborat fanficton

It was a cold and rainy night in the streets of London, winter was approaching sooner than expected and the rain kept pouring and pouring, like it was never going to end.

Roaming the streets of London was a handsome lad by the name of Tord. But today might of been the worst day of Tord’s life. You see, he became homeless, a hobo. He had failed his plans to take over the world and his two allies have decided to ditch him to get married. Soon after, Tord fell into a deep depression and one day, the police found his hiding place and he had to make a run for it. Which bring us here..

To escape the rain, Tord made his way to an alley way to find some sort of shelter. He searched and searched for a good place to stay when he finally found a vacant trash can! He jumped inside and closed the lid.

It smelled like rotten eggs and moldy cheese in there but it was better than nothing. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Suddenly, he heard a knock at the trash can. “Knock, knock!” Uttered the man who was knocking.

Tord responded with a “Who’s there?”

“Uhh.. People call me Rat Puppet man.” Replied the voice.

“Rat Puppet man who??” He asked again.

The voiced sighed. You could hear that they were fed up. “Rat Puppet man and you happen to be in my trash can!” He took off the lid to reveal Tord was inside.

“And who might YOU be?” Rat Puppet Man asked with a frown.

Tord was a bit nervous. He didn’t want any trouble. He responded. “Uh.. Heh. People call me Red Le- Uh..” He paused. “You know what, you can call me Tord. Hobo Tord… Since I just became homeless.”

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Why? - Yoongi Scenario

A/N: I guess this is a different story than most of them on here but I want to bring it out there, that eventhough you don’t like/love yourself right now. Know that there are people who do. That it hurts them also to see you like this. Don’t be ashamed of your imperfections because it’s made you in the person you are today. I can’t tell to much otherwise you don’t have to read the fic anymore hahaha. Anyways I love you all so much whatever you look like, your religion or sexuallity. We are all the same from the inside. 

PS: I haven’t checked the spelling yet because I want to sleep because its almost twelve here (yeah thats late for me :p but I guess sleeping will be difficult since my dad is snoring ugh) but I wanted to post it so there’s going to be slight changes in the morning.

Genre: Angst

Originally posted by loveblushes

Dumbfounded, lost, hurt, disbelief and betrayed, Were the things you felt right this moment when those words left his mouth and reached your ears. Was he serious? You couldn’t help but scoff at your thought. Of course he wasn’t serious. It was all a game wasn’t it? For some reason they thought it would be funny and harmless. You knew how those guys were and everybody knew they were playful, heck they even made you laugh so hard, you couldn’t breathe anymore. But this? This you would have never expect from them. The giggles that filled the room earlier, was now replaced with silence. You closed your eyes, lifted your face towards the ceiling as your lips curled upwards into a little smile. 

Swallowing the lump in your throat after you took a deep breath, you lowered your head and looked him in the eyes with a smile. ‘’Real funny guys. To think that you all thought I would fall for this prank.’’ you laughed softly. Your eyes shifted towards your best friend who was standing in the corner of the room with his head hang low and with a frown. He could not look you in the eyes, eventhough you were sure he could feel your eyes burning on his face. Despite wanting to get out of there, you blinked away the tears and swallowed once again the big lump that formed in your throat. When you wanted to step further into the room, Yoongi stopped you by stepping infront of you as he held your arm with his hand. You could see how he looked at your lips and at your eyes, his face looking serious as if he was searching for something. Starting to grow uncomfortable with his intense stare and the silence in the room, you tried to pry away his hold on your arm so you could get away from his gaze. “You’re sure?” Yoongi asked you, his voice laced with concern. ‘’Yes why shouldn’t I be?’’ You answered him, tapping your fingers on his hand, giving him a sign to let go of your arm. Eventhough you had feelings on him, his touch made you squirm. Finding yourself disgusting you couldn’t help but feel that others found that aswell about you. ‘’Yoongi let her go please.’’ Hoseok stepped in as he stood behind you, slowly pulling you into his chest causing Yoongi’s hand to slid off your arm. 

After stepping into the comfort of your home and hearing the door close with a click, you released your tears, which were trying to break free since that question rolled of his tonque. You hated to cry, you did not want to cry, you wanted it to shrug it off, laugh and pretend in did not hurt you at all. Well that did not go as planned because here you were with your head against the kitchencabinet, clutching your stuffed friend and openly crying for an one sided love.

You never were going to tell Yoongi that you liked him. You wanted to like him in silence until that feeling would fade away, knowing that you would not stand a chance anyways. Yeah they liked you, as a friend but you were sure they never would see you as more than that but to be honest you were okay with that because how can you love someone if you don’t even love yourself? How were they going to love you if you weren’t going to believe anything they said? That relationship would be doomed right from the start.

The sudden vibration on your leg made you snap out of your thoughts. Fishing the source out of your pocket you saw Hoseok calling you. You quickly wiped away your tears, took a deep breath before you answered the call. “Hey Hobi” you softly greeted him as you were fumbling with the stuffed animal on your lap. “Hey y/n.” Your eyes widened when Yoongi’s voice greeted you on the other end of the line. “What the heck?” The three words slipped out of your mouth before you could swallow them. You were surprised and confused. Why was Yoongi calling you from Hoseok’s phone and not his own? He had your number, didn’t he? Realizing that you were once again lost in your thoughts, you focused back on the man on the other end of the line. He was qiuet, the only thing reminding you he was still on the phone was his soft breathing. ‘Can I help with something?’’ Knowing that he wasn’t going to talk soon, you decided to ask him a question hoping he would tell you what was wrong. ‘Cause there was definitely something not right. ‘’Y/n.. listen…’’ he breathed. ‘’About today.. I… I want to come over and talk to you.’’ his voice sounded stern and it made you all the more nervous. ‘’Come over? You don’t have to come over. I understood. It was all just an innocent joke. I’m okay really.’’

‘’Well that’s to bad because I am already right infront of your apartment’’

Your heart stopped, mouth hanging open as you almost dropped your phone. your reflexes were quick enough to snatch your phone before it could hit the ground. ‘’Just hurry up and open the door. I am not standing for fun here you know.’’ after that he ended the call and it left you with no other choice than to open the door. 

‘’I guess we can’t let him wait now can we?’’ you jokingly told your stuffed animal. ‘’And we can’t let him see you.’’ you quickly realized. Walking towards the door, you first put down your stuffed friend on your bed before facing Yoongi. 

You took a deep breath and fanned your eyes with your hand, in the hope it wouldn’t be so red so there was no way, yoongi could tell you cried. Hopefully. You slowly saw more and more of Yoongi, the further the door openend, and the further the door opened, the harder your heart began beating. 

There he stood. Tight black jeans hugging his legs. A white shirt half tugged into his jeans as the black leather jacket shield him from the cold. Unstyled black hair made him more appealing than ever. Overall it was a sight that made you hurt. Just looking at him hurt. Your heart slowly crumbling down. 

‘’please come in.’’ you told him with a little smile as you stepped aside to let him in. When you turned around after closing the door, you saw Yoongi plopping himself down on your couch as he put his feet on the table infront of it. 

How the heck? How did he get there so fast and so silently at that. ‘’Y/n hurry’’ Yoongi uttered while patting the space beside him. ‘’I’m coming, I am. But I have to put away your shoes because you just kicked them out. People can break something if they trip over it you know.’’ you muttered a bit annoyed while putting his shoes away. ‘’Well I was in a hurry if you hadn’t noticed.’’ Yoongi said irritated as he slammed his feet on the ground, sat up and crossed his arms over his chest.

The light blue sky was slowly fading away as pink oranges hues made their appearance, colouring the sky in soft tones as the night patiently waited to make her entrance. The sun ready to go to sleep as the moon and the stars watched over him. You have always loved the night. At night you felt calm. At night there was no one to judge you. At night everything seemed calm. Eventhough the sky was telling you to wait just a bit longer, you didn’t feel calm at all. 

With Yoongi so close to you, you became aware that he could see your imperfections perfectly. You could not look him in the eye so you looked right past him staring at the changing sky. “Please look at me.” Yoongi’s voice broke the bubble you were mentally sitting in, making you come back to reality. “Look at me while I am talking.” He sounded stern. Shifting your eyes to his, you couldn’t help but flinch but quickly composed yourself. 

“About this morning. I am sorry.” He apologized. “I already told you its o-” “Dammit y/n it’s not okay!” He raised his voice in anger. “I know you’re not okay! Please stop telling me, us you’re fine all the time because I know you’re not.” Yoongi was angry and you knew it. His eyes looked stern and his bodylanguage screamed frustration. Why? Why was he so angry about? Why does he care anyways? It was a joke wasn’t it? And if he knew you were not okay with it why did he went along with it? You got more and more angry when you thought about and so you finally responded.

 “What the heck?! What are you so angry about anyways? Who cares if I’m okay or not. Why do you care?! Huh?! ” you screamed back at him, fuming with anger

“I care because it’s hurting us also when you put that fucking smile on your face eventhough we know you’re hurting. And I want to apologize for this morning because it was a shitty move to do so knowing you like me.” Yoongi mumbled the last part, half swallowing his sentence, realizing what he said.

  Your heart stopped, your breathing stopped and your stomach turned around. What did he just say? “What?” You muttered as tears were slowly filling your eyes. Those words were the last thing that did your jar with feelings you’ve been trying so hard to keep in, finally spilled over. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re joking right?” You tried to laugh it off once again but the damage has been done. “This is a fucking sick joke. This is fucked up Yoongi!” You slapped his hands away when you felt the slight touch of his fingers. “Why do you tell me that you care when you fucking asked me that question this morning knowing that it would hurt me! Reminding me over and over again I don’t even deserve to be in your presence or reminding me that even having a fucking a crush on you is a sin!” 

You stood up from the couch and ran to the bathroom while trying to wipe away the tears which were blurring your vision and making you feel weak. Yoongi was totally blown away by your outburst that he could not even move as he stared into the direction you ran off too but when he saw you entering the room and hearing the door slam he came into action and spedwalk towards it. 

‘’Y/n please come on out. Let’s talk about this okay?” Yoongi was scared and worried when he noticed you locked the door. “You don’t understand Yoongi” you sobbed as you looked at your reflection. Bloodshot eyes staring back at you. The only thing you saw were those red spots and scars covering your face and staining your soul. They didn’t understand and they were never going to understand. You hated yourself for looking at yourself disgusted because if you thought about yourself like that how were others going to look at you.

 “you’re worrying me, please come out or let me in please.” Somewhere in the distance you heard someone pleading but it was too far away. 

 Many people don’t know that it’s an emotional battle you have to fight everyday. So many people want to be nice, advising how you should treat your skin or avoid types of food but they don’t know that you’ve tried everything and it still doesn’t work. You know they want to help you but you can’t help but feel the pain when they do. How some of those people think you don’t own a mirror and point out that you have ‘something’ on your face and everytime you break a little inside. Does Hoseok and Yoongi know you’re trying your best?

You try to cry silently, trying to hold your cries in but the pain is still flowing out that you can’t help but let out a heartbreaking cry. “Damn. Y/n you’re healthy and thats whats important. You will get over this. You will eventually love yourself and you will be satisfied when you look in the mirror. You will be fine. You will be okay!” You cry as you slam your fist against the mirror. 

Suddenly you feel arms flying around your waist, and see hands tightly clutching your shirt when you feel Yoongi’s head falling down on your shoulder. “Yoongi please..” you try to pry away his hands desperatly. “Please y/n.. don’t do this yourself.” He mumbles into your shoulder as he tightens his hold on you. “You’re beautiful. You’re stunning.” “Don’t lie to me Yoongi!” You whispered. “Youre so beautiful that my heart hurts everytime I see you. Your smile is so cute that even a man so cold would melt. You’re eyes.. I wish I could look into them all day because they are so mesmerizing, so mysterious but still can see the innocent child in you that I want to protect you from all the hurt in the world.” He rambeled on while his voice was breaking as a little whimper left his mouth. “ I could not even protect you from myself and I hate it so much. You’re beautiful y/n.. you really am and do you know why?”

Yoongi slowly turned your around and looked at your face. Well he tried but you held your head down. He sighed out of relief when he noticed you’re loud cries turned into sobs. Sotfly and carefully holding you against his chest he slid down the wall to sit on the bathroom floor. Yoongi pressed your face in his shirt covered chest and with the other hand rubbing up and down your back he continued.

  “You’re beautiful because youre too kind. You’re beautiful when you talk about something you’re really passionate about because you don’t see how you eyes began to twinkle or how your face lights up. You’re beautiful when you get exited over ice cream, you’re beautiful when you say hi and wave to animals you’re seeing while walking down the street. You’re beautiful when you stare at the moon. And the most beautiful you are is when you are 100% you. “ 

Yoongi’s heart calmed down and he smiled when he felt your warm breath on his shirt. Your weren’t crying anymore. You were listening to his heartbeat while holding him tightly in your arms.

 ’‘You should love your scars you know. Because it makes you into the person you are and you will be into the future. There was one thing I read onto the internet this afternoon and it made me think of you. You want to hear it?” Yoongi whispered in your hair, inhaling the scent of your soothing shampoo. He loved the way you smell. You didn’t smell like those women he mostly met, their perfume hitting you square in the face and could still smell it when they were 200 meters away. Your scent was soft. You could only smell it when you got close. Your scent was fresh but also warm and soothing. 

 He felt you nodding your head, wanting to hear what he read. 

“I suppose I love my scars, Because they have stayed with me longer than most people have.

It reminded me of you because you once told me that people left you when you didn’t kiss their feet anymore and began thinking and taking care of yourself. It’s not in a negative way because those scars actually have shown you who your real friends and family are. So please don’t look at yourself in that way anymore. Look at yourself as a warrior okay. This will pass eventually and you will look back and you can say that you’ve made it’' 

And that was the beginning of a new journey, a path with love, friendship and acceptance because Yoongi was right. Eventhough it seems its dark there is always a light shining, waiting for you to show you how amazing you are. You only have to find it yet so you should get off your ass and go out there because deep inside you know you can do it.  

Attending the #1989SecretSessions in Nashville

So this is how it all went down…

On Thursday I got an email from Taylor nation, and that night they called me. That’s when it became official. I had no idea what it was for all I had were guests. They asked if we could be in Nashville and obviously I said yes hahaha. No one knew that I was going there besides my parents and sister (because she went).  We drove down Saturday and it took about 9 hours from where I live in Michigan. I kept telling my mom" I JUST WANT TO BE THERE" and all she said back was  "enjoy this, it’s a part of the experience.“ She was right. Can I just say I had the sketchiest hotel ever… the reviews online said one time a hooker came to a guys door and flirted with him. ONLY DID I STAY THERE FOR TAYLOR. So we got to the check in and it seemed to be running a bit late so it was like an hour before we got on the buses to go to our location. I met so many amazing people while I was in line and I will never forget those friendships I made. We all thought that we were going to be in Taylor’s apartment, and everyone was kind of nervous because there was 89 people and we didn’t think that we would fit. When we were sitting on the bus waiting to get security told us that we were invited as fan appreciation. He said that we were using someone’s home because they trust us and that ended up being Taylor’s parents house. We had a sing along to to multiple songs on the bus. Thug Story, the bridge of All Too Well, Shake It Off, and more. The film and photo guy recorded us. When we pulled into the house the whole bus shit their pants if we’re being honest. We were all in shock and couldn’t believe it. They lead us to the back of the house and there was a pool, chairs, and TONS of food. There were chicken nuggets and Taylor literally told someone that she knows about the chicken nugget things thats why their were nuggest can we take a moment. When we were eating there was music playing and "Don’t” by Ed Sheeran came on and it made me so happy. After we ate we were lead inside and there were pillows set up on the floor for us all to sit on. The room that we entered through had a really old family photo hanging above the fire place, and there was a red tour lithograph framed. All of my friends and I got in the front and we could not believe that Taylor would be sitting right there. Taylor walked in and I could not believe she was that close to me. I just felt so thankful to be there. Everyone screamed “BECKY!!” and “PRETTY SURE ITS TAYLOR SWIFT” and Taylor screams back “BECKY IS DEAD” and proceeds to say we should take a moment of silence for Becky. So we did. (Becky is never dead she’s back and better than ever, taylorswift you can’t deny it.) Taylor ket recognizing people in the crowd it was so crazy. Taylor explained how she had been stalking us on social media for like 6 months and and invited us all to be there. Taylor had little conversations with people in the crowd (Taylor and I had our moments.) Someone asked Taylor if her phone case had Pegicorns on it and she goes, “if you have to ask if it’s a Pegicorn, then it’s a Pegicorn.” Taylor freaked out because her music app turned sieways and she didn’t know how to fix it it, it was so funny. Taylor told us so about each song on the album. She was so raw and open. I can’t talk about that so please don’t ask questions regarding it! :) The album is unlike anything Taylor has ever put out. It’s not bubblegum pop, and it’s not pop like 22 or IKYWT. All the songs flow together but not in the way that they sound the same. The lyrics are relatable while still being catchy. It is so well produced. Trust me, I am in love with Shake It Off but the rest of the album is SO much better. AND TRUST ME I LOVE SHAKE IT OFF SO THATS A HUGE COMPLIMENT ON TAYLOR’S PART. If you think you’re ready for the album I promise you that you’re not. You might actually go into cardiac arrest because I did. Taylor also played us one of the voice memos that will be on the Target Deluxe edition. It was like a look into her mind and hearing the studio version after the memo was so cool to experience. She said “whatever” and “like” so many times and she had us all count how many times she said it. After Taylor had played us some songs we took an intermission and Taylor said she had to go get some things. I turned around 5 minutes later and she was out in the crowd with trays of cookies that had baked. She ha Chair Tea sugar cookies with Egg Nog frosting and mint dark chocolate chip cookies. She salso made rice krispie treats. Taylor literally handed me a cookie and I asked her what it was and she explained it to me, she was so excited that everyone liked what she made. Taylor let fans hold Olivia (I didn’t see Meredith at all during the event) and Taylor handed Olivia off to a fan while she played the rest of the album. Taylor did her award show dancing in her chair and sang every word. She was so happy and excited about the album and that makes me so happy. After she played the album she put Shake It Off on and immediately started dancing. It was a huge dance party and it was so much fun. Everyone danced and sang along to every word. The lamps and lights were all shaking and her parents thought everything was going to fall over and the floor would cave in. I looked back at Taylor’s parents throughout the listening portion, they looked so proud and Andrea cried at one point. After we had the dance party everyone headed out to the pool area and there was still fod and beverages. We all just hung out where we were all in line to meet Taylor individually. Outside of the doors there was a huge “TS 1989” rug and other friends and myself told Scott it would be a hit merch item and he agree. He’s gonna see what he can do! As my group waited in line for Taylor we talked to Papa Swift and I literally love him so much. He told us about how ever since Taylor was 16 she never turned down meeting a fan. He said she always spends to much time with everyone and that she remembers everyone that she meets. He also told us about The Best Day and I nearly cried. When I was in line I noted that Ed Sheeran’s album Multiply was playing. I smiled so big. When it was my turn I walked up to her and she just embraced me in a huge hug and was like “I’m so glad that you’re here! I loved all your hilarious comments during the session!” I told her I was glad she liked them because I thought she thought I was weird hahaha. We took our picture before we talked more and she asked what we should do. I told her to choose. She sad “Do you want to sit in that chair? No ones done that yet take a seat.” She sat down next to me and had her leg on me and I just couldn’t believe what was happening. We stood up and she was all “I was totally just all on you I’m sorry” and I just wanted to be like NOPE UR OKAY ITS FINE UR FINE ITS GOOD. I told her how I wore a fridge to her concert and she was so happy about it that I understood and loved the song. She goes “Dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light, yeah!” and I smiled so big. We talked more about All Too Well and how she played it at the Grammy’s because she knew how bad we wanted to hear it. She said she was always a little scared people would like it but I reassured her. Taylor was taking a lot of time with everyone so I had to go but we hugged again and I got to tell her everything I had been waiting for. She kept saying thank you and I love you while I told her and cried in her arms. I lost it then. When I hugged her that last time it all really sunk in. I walked out and talked to a guy (not sure who he was) but he asked me about it and he knew I was crying tears of pure joy. I walked outside and saw my friend Amanda and we cried together walking outside. We got merch bags with three shirts, two calendars, and a special keychain from the listening session. We all got back on the buses and I talked to my friends and listen to their stories and I was so happy and content with life. I had never been so genuinely happy before. It was such a magical night and it was everything I could ever ask for and more. Taylor Swift and her team are the most amazing people I have ever met and I am so incredibly honored. I am so stoked for this album and I hope you guys are too. I am so proud of you taylorswift and I will love you endlessly forever and always. 

Some of the side coversations Taylor and I had: 

-Taylor said there was 89 of us and I go “that’s not obvious at all” and she was like “I know right” Who would have guessed?“ 

- She was talking about her dad and I said I was waiting for him to photobomb pictures and she agreed and said "every single time.”

-Taylor was introducing a song and I said that it was going to be my life. Taylor looks at me and goes in front of everyone “are you going through things? Talk later.” TAYLOR We NEVER GOT THAT TALK AND I NEED IT. During that particular song Taylor and I made eye contact and she just made the look at me like “yeah, I feel you.” and then she smiled.

-Taylor was talking about how people think she just writes evil songs and I said “that’s when you sit in your evil lair chair and do that creepy hand thing” and she started doing the hand gesture.

-I said something about heavy breathing and she made the noise and it was so funny 

-I told her that her shirts will never go out of style and she looks at me so shocked that I said that and goes, “THAT’S AMAZING.”

-Taylor just got done playing a song (HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO GOOD SHE STOOD UP FOR HERSELF) and I said “IT GOT REAL” and just goes “IT JUST GOT SO REAL”

-i think my favorite part is where I kept covering part of my face and Taylor just stops talking and goes “ARE YOU OKAY? Do you a nose bleed?? Or is that just how you deal with emotion? It’s cute, I’ve seen you do it a few times.” I was just like “NOPE ITS FINE IM FINE CONTINUE”

Sounds So Sweet Part 2: Conflicted

Sounds So Sweet Part 2

I’m gonna focus on just my requests for the time being because I have very, very old requests that I can’t believe I’ve let sit this long. The stories will be on hold for a little while so I can get as many requests done as I can.

If you haven’t read part one yet, click the link right here and read that then come back and read this part. I imagine a lot of you haven’t read it because that was back in November and WE ARE IN JUNE NOW. I’m seriously the worst hahaha.

It had probably been a week since you first encountered Negan. You didn’t say too much about him to Rick or anyone else. You still felt guilty for thinking of Negan in the way you did. You tried not to beat yourself up about it since it was nothing more than a silly crush based on ten seconds of conversation. You knew what he’d done, you knew what he was capable of. You couldn’t allow yourself to be sucked into that. But it was clear he had a soft spot for you which could potentially keep you safe as twisted as that sounded.

Rick and Aaron had left a few days earlier to look for guns, food, and other supplies to give to Negan. Olivia had been watching Judith in that time but you helped in whatever way you could. You mostly just played with her and talked to her but it kept her entertained while Olivia did everything else.

“I’m gonna get some lunch ready for Judith,” Olivia declared, “Thanks for keeping us company, Y/N.”

“It’s nothing, really,” you replied, “I kinda needed the distraction to be honest.”


“Just…all this stuff happening with Negan.”

“It’s difficult I know,” Olivia sighed, “If only it didn’t have to be like this. Negan seemed to like you though. Is that what’s bothering you?”

You shrugged, “It’s just conflicting. He’s so nice to me but I know how horrible he’s been to everyone else. I’m trying to forget how good his attention felt.”

“That’d be a good idea,” Olivia said, “You don’t wanna get mixed up in that. Because if you and Negan got close, you’d eventually have to pick a side.”

“I’d never take Negan’s side,” you remarked, “You guys are my family.”

“Just be careful so you won’t have to make that kind of decision,” Olivia said. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of you for a long time. She made a valid point. Getting even a little close to Negan would be dangerous. Eventually, he’d expect you to take his side and abandon your family. And what would happen to you and the others if you didn’t join him?

After about an hour of playing with Judith, it was time for Olivia to put her down for a nap. As Olivia scooped the baby up into her arms, there was a knock at the door.

“Can you get that for me?” Olivia said, blowing a stray piece of hair from her face.

“Sure,” you said as you stood up, stretching your sore muscles after sitting on your knees on the hard wood floors for the past hour. As you headed for the door, the knock came again. You quickened your pace, reaching for the doorknob, “I’m coming!”

You swung open the door with a warm smile, “Yes?”

“Well shit!” a familiar voice exclaimed, “Y/N, what a pleasure to see you again, darlin’. Recognize me?”

“How could I forget you…Negan,” you mumbled, “What are you doing back here so soon?”

“Bringing Carl back,” Negan explained, “It’s a long story I’d like to tell Rick. Where is he anyway?”

Negan brushed against you as he stepped into the house. You gasped slightly, moving to the side. He felt larger than life, his footsteps heavy and loud. You didn’t realize he had his bat with him until you heard him set it down on the floor.

“He went on a run,” you said, slowly shutting the door, “He left a few days ago. He should be back maybe tomorrow.”

“I’ll just wait then,” Negan said, “Since I’m gonna be here for a minute, you and Carl can show me around.”

You suddenly felt Carl’s hand grabbing onto your wrist and you nodded, licking your lips nervously, “Sure. Sure, we can do that. Um…what do you want us to show you?”

Negan kicked off his boots and followed you and Carl around the house, grinning like a kid in a candy store feeling the fluffy carpet between his toes and seeing an actual working sink for the first time in at least a year.

After Negan was satisfied, he sent Carl downstairs to set up the kitchen for him to make dinner but had you stay in the bathroom with him as he’d found a razor and shaving cream.

“Damn,” Negan said, “Could use a shave. What do you think, Y/N?”

“You’re asking the wrong person,” you chuckled. Without warning, Negan grabbed you by the wrists, his large hands strong with a tight grip and he pulled your hands forward to touch his scruffy cheeks. His beard was thick and it tickled your fingertips, “Well…I guess shaving wouldn’t hurt. You want me to stick around? Not like I can watch you work.”

“I like your company,” Negan said. He started spreading the shaving cream across his cheeks, “I dunno, I got a soft spot for you I guess.”

You folded your hands on your lap, “I assume that’s a compliment.”

“It is.”

“Please stop.”

Negan paused, “Stop what?”

“The way you’re treating me,” you said, “You’re so intriguing but at the same time I’m terrified of you. But…you keep this up, it’s gonna complicate my life here.”

“Why would it complicate your life?” Negan said, “Because all your shit belongs to me?”

“No, because you murdered our friends,” you retorted, “And you’re holding another friend hostage. I don’t wanna like you, Negan. I can’t betray my family like that. And if I do like you, I’ll eventually have to choose.”

“Would that be so bad?”

“I’ll be destroyed regardless of who I choose,” you said, “I go with you, I become a traitor. I stay here, I’ll end up getting my head crushed by your bat. Either way, I get hurt.”

“You don’t think much of me, do you?” Negan said.

“Like I said, a part of me is terrified of you,” you said, “But I’m conflicted by the way you’re making me feel. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, Negan.”

Negan sighed, continuing to shave in silence, the only sound coming from the razor scraping against his skin. He occasionally sighed but said nothing for a long time. You started to fidget, scratching the back of your neck uneasily. Why wouldn’t he speak? You couldn’t see the look on his face and if he swung at you, you’d never see it coming. If he was going to hit you or scream at you, he needed to just get it over with.

He set the razor down on the counter and shut the water off, finally opening his mouth to speak, “I don’t wanna come between you and your group, Y/N.”

“If you ended this, it might be-”

“Can’t do that.”

“And why not?!” you shouted, jumping onto your feet, “You’re the leader of the saviors! You can end all of this chaos!”

“It ain’t that simple, Y/N!” Negan shouted, pounding his fist down on the counter, “What the fuck do you know?!”

You reached out to touch his face again, now much smoother and softer. He still had some shaving cream left along his jaw but you didn’t care. You stroked his cheeks, feeling every fine line and detail in his face, “I just wish your soul matched this face. Seems like just a kind face.”

“I wish it could work,” Negan said with a heavy sigh, closing his eyes at the feel of her delicate hands on his face, “Guess certain things ain’t meant to be, right?”

“Yep,” you muttered, “Well, I should see if Carl needs help downstairs. Clean your face up before you come down.”

“Kind of a shame,” Negan continued, leaning against the counter, “You’re different than the others. You keep saying you’re scared of me but you’ve got more balls than half the men in this place.”

“How can it possibly be a shame for you?” you said, “Carl was just telling me you have a bunch of wives. You’ve got plenty of women to warm your bed at night. We’re not losing anything. I barely know you. And you barely know me. This is nothing.”

As you turned on your heel and headed for the staircase, Negan wiped the rest of the shaving cream off his face and rushed to follow you. Before you could take the first step down the stairs, Negan grabbed you by the hand and whipped you around to face him.

“Hey, what the hell are you-” Negan cut you off by smashing his lips against yours. A shocked squeak escaped your lips, muffled by Negan’s kiss. This was so bizarre and your head was spinning. Was this insane? Negan’s sudden attachment to you was strange but also flattering. You couldn’t deny the attraction because he was definitely an amazing kisser, the way his soft lips melted into yours. It wasn’t long before you were returning his kiss despite how wrong it was.

Negan pulled away, lightly patting your shoulder. His lips curled into a grin as he glanced at Carl staring in disbelief at the bottom of the stairs, “Think about that and tell me this is nothing, Y/N.”