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How They Feel About PDA (Avengers Preference)

I am the worst! Sorry guys! Between a full course load and two jobs I’m drowning a little, but I still really love you guys!


Tony Stark:

He loves it (the little shit). He likes to make sure everyone around knows exactly who you’re with. Since you refuse to wear the t-shirt that says “Property of Tony Stark” (even though he wears his “Property of Y/N” all the time) he’s gotta let people know some other way. He doesn’t go so far as to touch you inappropriately (maybe a quick slap or pinch on your “perfect” butt but nothing more than that). Kisses, however, are a different story. Quick pecks in the grocery story line, heated kisses in front of the press, tender kisses in front of the team before they leave on a mission. Tony doesn’t care what others are thinking, he just wants you to know his feelings for you, and the best way to do that is with his lips on yours.

Steve Rogers:

Steve isn’t exactly embarrassed by PDA. Sure it wasn’t highly approved of back in the day, but c’mon he was best friends with THE Bucky Barnes, so he was rather used to PDA. So no, Steve wasn’t embarrassed by PDA, it was more that Steve was surprised someone wanted to display PDA with him. Yeah he was bigger and muscular now, but he still remembered all those dates he had been dragged on where the girl didn’t even bother to learn his name, let alone let the rest of the world know they were together. So when you grab his hand and kiss him in front of everyone like you hope the world is watching he’s shocked, rather than embarrassed, that such an amazing and beautiful girl would care to claim him. 

Bucky Barnes:

While it took him a while to warm back up with the idea (just like with everything else), Bucky was soon back to his charming, PDA loving self. While he loves holding your hand, he prefers to place his hand on the small of you back since you can’t wander as far away. And he loves to drop small kisses to your forehead, temple, of nose when you make him laugh (whether from cracking a joke or because you “just look so cute when you’re frustrated”). He also loves leaning his forehead against yours and gently nudging your nose with his when you’re having hushed discussions in the middle of a crowded room. Bucky loves to feel your skin on his in anyway he can. And while he prefers you not hold his metal hand, it’s mostly because he knows he can protect you better if he has it free. 

Bruce Banner:

Surprisingly Bruce doesn’t mind PDA. While he’s almost never the one to initiate it, he’s not about to pull away when you grab his hand and kiss him in public. He likes the kisses you press to his cheek when he knows you’re being possessive, or the ones you press to his lips when he knows you’re drawing strength from him. And even though he loves the kisses you initiate most, he’s not afraid to initiate a few moments of his own. When he needs calming down you can feel his lips press firmly to your temple, or when he’s feeling particularly protective he’ll wrap you up in his arms shooting glares at anyone who gets too near. 

Clint Barton:

It’s not that Clint doesn’t like PDA, it’s more that Clint is too preoccupied watching the world and dangers around him to do anything more than hold your hand or press a quick kiss to your forehead. When you’re out and about he’s often found looking at the guy acting slightly sketchy across the room rather than looking at the shirt you’re trying to make him get. But it’s fine because as soon as your lips make contact with his and he recovers, he wraps his arms around you, pulling you close, and forgetting about the rest of the world, since his world is wrapped securely in his tight embrace. 

Pietro Maximoff:

Believe it or not, but Pietro actually gets super embarrassed with PDA. Growing up with just him and Wanda, other kids often teased him when he would act sweetly towards his sister. While that never stopped him from caring it has caused him to be slightly more reserved when it came to showing physical affection. It took him a while to get comfortable holding your hand in public (but he eventually got used to it when he realized other guys were staring at what was his, and even though he’s embarrassed by PDA he’s way too possessive to let it slide). But Pietro definitely still blushes when your lips sweep his cheek, and his wide eyes will make a quick sweep of the room to make sure not too many people are watching as he returns the favor.

Thor Odinson:

Thor loves PDA. Too much. It honestly doesn’t matter where you guys are. Whether you’re window shopping in Midtown, or in the middle of SHIELD HQ, he’ll simply sweep you into his arms and kiss you senseless. People have tried to tell him why he isn’t allowed to basically frisk you in front of everyone, but he hasn’t quite gotten it yet. Apparently in Asgard it is a great sign of how successful a King’s reign will be when he loves his Queen enough to show physical affection in public, and he definitely loves his Queen. So while your Midgardian friends may get a little uncomfortable with the way Thor kisses you like you’re the only thing keeping him alive, your Asgardian friends simply cheer at the sign of what surely looks like the greatest reign Asgard will ever see. 

Loki Laufeyson:

Loki kind of hates PDA. He hates looking weak in front of others, and he’ll be honest (with you)- you’re his weakness. So while he’s more than happy to have you stand by his side, he would prefer if you both kept your hands to yourselves until you were in private. The only time his rule wavers is before he goes off to do something stupid and possibly not come back, or after you have done stupid and got hurt. In those few instances he has no qualms about fiercely pressing his lips to yours and letting you feel all of his emotions rolled into that one kiss, no matter who is watching. 

Sam Wilson:

Oh Sam. While he doesn’t like to make out or blatantly show you off in public, he does enjoy small and sweet signs of PDA. He likes to wrap his arms from behind you while you wait in line and hum the jeopardy theme song in your ear. He likes to sneak up behind you while you’re looking at a book and swiftly kiss you on the cheek. He likes to give you eskimo kisses when he knows you’re mad at him. He likes to carry you bridal style to breakfast and to bed when you’re too sleepy to walk and you cuddle into his chest. He loves to show you he loves you in the little things, because he knows that that is what truly matters.

Scott Lang:

Scott is kind of childish in his PDA (like most other things). Think high school boy with his first girlfriend. Heated kisses and some light frisking no matter where you are or who’s watching. His arm’s always around your shoulder to make sure people know you’re his and so he can keep you close. It often makes you roll your eyes because you know he can be sweet and sensitive, but he keeps that to closed doors. He would prefer to make you blush when people find you straddling his lap, or make you laugh when Tony has to loudly clear his throat for the third time because you’re making out in front of his lab… again. It’s what makes Scott, Scott.


T’Challa is a reserved man. He prefers to keep his private matters private, and that includes you guys’ relationship. So while you guys are out and about the most the paps will ever catch is hand holding or a guiding hand to the small of your back. But that isn’t the full story. Anyone working inside the palace or Avengers HQ will tell you that you two always have skin to skin, but more like lip to lip, contact. The servants and fellow Avengers have seen it all. From T’Challa randomly pushing you up against a wall to “suck your face off”, to him pulling you in for a close dance as he presses his forehead against yours and looks into your eyes as he hums your favorite song to you. T’Challa is a reserved and private man, but still a man who is deeply and madly in love. 


Again I’m so sorry guys! I hope this is okay! I didn’t have time to edit because I’m just trying to get it out there for you guys, but I hope you enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing it! (Also there are over 2000 of you?! WHAT?! Love you all dearly!)

You Saved Me - Part 4 (End)

Original request from @fandom-rpblog: Hey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: So we have now reached the end of this story. I had so much fun writing this and all the feedback and comments I got from you all was absolutely amazing so thank you! <3 I love each and every one of you! (I have a feeling that I missed someone off the story tag list. I remember someone asking to be on it but couldn’t find the ask to get their username so I apologise to whoever it was if they’re not on the list.)

Bucky x Pregnant!Reader

Words: 1,483

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)

As the door opened you wasted no time in wrapping your hand around the edge of it to prevent him from closing it should he change his mind about letting you inside and then you stepped foot inside his room. You couldn’t see his face as he had his back turned towards you but the scan picture was no longer on the floor near the door, or anywhere else nearby for that matter, so you could only assume that he was still holding it.

“Buck I understand that you hate me for what I did. I should have been honest with you from the start but I…..I didn’t want to hurt the man who had given me reason to wake up on a morning.”

At your words he turned himself around to face you and that was when you saw first-hand just what you had done to him. The bags under his eyes were so dark they could easily have been mistaken for black eyes and tears he had cried had stained his cheeks. It broke your heart to see him in such a state but before you could say anything else he spoke himself.

“What do you mean I gave you a reason to wake up on a morning?”

You had never spoken to him about your life before you met, at least not in great detail anyway, so when he voiced his question you felt your nerves beginning to set in as an awkward lump formed deep inside your throat. One that didn’t seem to disappear no matter how many times you swallowed down onto it.

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Advice for the signs
  • Aries: Take a step back and think. You are wonderful just the way you are, why do you have to be mean to others just to compensate for your lack of self-esteem? You care so much, I know that. But you have to let the others know that as well. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. You're a hidden gem, aries and let someone find you instead of wrecking the surprise for them. You are loved and you know exactly how to have fun so keep reminding yourself that you are worthy of the adventure your life has to offer.
  • Taurus: Get out of your comfort zone and stop caring about what people think. I know that you're the best at giving advice but I think it's about time that someone takes care of you. You are not those stereotypes people try to label you with. You are candid. Don't forget your dreams and keep focusing on how to get there. Be social, let yourself be loved and remember that you can always learn from anyone. You're not alone and people can understand, if you let them in. Take in the sun, try something new and keep in mind the fact that you can live through anything. You represent grace. You are going to be okay.
  • Gemini: You have so many interesting things to say and don't let anyone ever shush you. You are a deep thinker, an innovator. Gemini, I know your mind is on overdrive but take a moment to slow down, on your terms. But after that, do as much as you can because you are capable of so much. Be sure of your opinions (stick to them!) and keep looking forward, you moment will come too. Discover yourself, your surroundings and let yourself be immune to all that is superficial. We all know you are authentic so why keep up the mask? We'll love you anyway and perhaps even more. You are going to be okay.
  • Cancer: You spread your love so much that at the end of the day, you have none left for yourself. So, when you're down, let yourself be nurtured as much you would nurture someone else. Your voice may be soft but every word has so much meaning. You are so kind, genuinely thoughtful and you are so rare. Keep your purity, don't let corruptions soak in your veins or crawl on your skin. Sometimes, it can be good just to stop caring and to live at the moment. The world's problems are not your responsibility. You are free. Always. You are going to be okay.
  • Leo: Keep being yourself, I like that. But remember, people's opinion about you does not impact your self-worth. You are special and you are whole just by yourself. It's okay to lose your cool sometimes and become humble and silly, it will feel refreshing I promise. You are so brave and one of kind. Keep standing up for what you believe in and never let anyone extinguish your fire. Go get what you want and keep fierce. You are going to be okay.
  • Virgo: You are so on top of everything and I admire you for that. I know that things are overwhelming right now but you have to realize that you are powerless to somethings. Live and let live. You are so talented, unique, sensitive, intellectual and grounded, why are you so hard on yourself? You are your very own prized position. Be proud of yourself and keep working hard, it's going to bring you places. Keep being kind and considerate. The fear you feel is only in your head and you hold power over it. You are going to be okay.
  • Libra: I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful you are, so stop trying to please so hard! The people who are truly good for you are the ones you will not compromise yourself for. You are aloud to be unhappy with something and voice your opinion about it. Discover your talents and expose them to the world. Sing, dance, laugh and don't let anyone rain on your parade. You are more than meets the eye libra. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are going to be okay.
  • Scorpio: Oh boy, there are so many things I want to tell you. I'll start by saying that people care about you as much as you care about them so stop pushing them away. When you're in the dark, let your hand be held. You know you are different but you forget that it's a good thing. You are so loyal but don't be with your demons. You are not who has hurt you so shake that thought out of your head. I love how you are able to strive even when your heart is shattered. Remember what your priorities are and make sure to include yourself. You are going to be okay.
  • Sagittarius: The world is your oyster so never limit yourself to only what is known. Be daring, keep being honest and don't let yourself taken over by things that are simply not worth your time. Be patient and the good things will come. Cherish your freedom and keep that laugh of yours just as loud. Remember your one liners and how many faces you have made smile. Do whatever you want your heart desires and stay candid. You are going to be okay.
  • Capricorn: You have so many plans and you know exactly how to make them happen. No matter what your achievements are, you will always be successful. Take a minute to look at the beautiful world around you. Show them they were wrong! You are so much more than what they tell you to be. Keep asking questions, competing but keep your mind open. You know that you have an emotional side to yourself and you will feel at piece once you acknowledge it. You are devoted but let someone but just as kind towards you. You are going to be okay.
  • Aquarius: Keep being weird and not caring about the differences that set you apart from the rest. Your brain holds so much knowledge and wisdom, don't let your pride get in the way of it. You can revolutionize, change the world, modify the norms. You are so peculiar and I know that it's hard to have your interest but I can promise you that if you look at everything without a filter, you will feel at peace. Be the exception to everything. You will be okay.
  • Pisces: Always follow your gut. Your thoughts speak nothing but the truth so never put them aside. You are so special already, you don't need to change to fit in. You naturally do. You are an old soul, the one who got away, the one who will take you home. Don't let yourself get taken avantage of, trust yourself and never stop dreaming. Keep doodling and listening. Remember how strong you are, that behind that sweetness hides a layer of tar that you need to discover on your own. You are multi-dimensional. You are going to be okay.
Please: Part 3.

You and your friends and (pleasant) loud ‘café booth’ neighbors.

So apparently this is turning into a series. This part is soooooo long! I’m so sorry!! I got carried away but I’m SO excited, so part 4? Part 4! I really hope you enjoy it and I apologize for any grammar mistake. Anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask. Also, I’m pretty terrible coming up with names. Hope you like it! Xx

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4 - Part 5

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It teaches me that swollen eyes and hospital visits per your partner exist, but I do not have to exist beside them.  That it comes from the mouths and the nonverbal cues of any age, race, religion, any gender. It teaches you how sometimes you carry trauma through quiet.  Through plummeting self-esteem and not calling your friends back and shrinking at the intonation of someone’s voice.  Through crying too many days and nights, until you stop pretending and realize you’re not actually fine.  From an ulcer like a bound butterfly, to chest pains at work that fold your knees in like a prayer to something you never even believed in, just to make it stop, just to get back to a person that you thought lived underneath this all, the person ‘before.’  It teaches me the necessity to set boundaries, that healthy compromise is never the same thing as gaslighting someone/(being gaslit) into your own/(their) opinion.  Most importantly, it teaches me about myself.  How I am not to blame for through it I remained soft and honest, how I am not to blame simply because I reflected my own empathy onto them, how I am not to blame for being deliberately broken down and manipulated, all the while only trying to love them.  After eleven months, it teaches me that I leave or I die.  That I am the most resilient person I know.  That I still choose to be kind.  Every day, no matter how futile it seems, not matter how difficult.  Lastly, it taught me how to let go.  It taught me never again to hold onto someone who nine times out of ten wouldn’t even reach for me. That I will find a different person, someone better and therefore more beautiful, who looks at and touches me so gently, who will melt into a kiss and mean it, who will hold my shaking body some nights as I continue to grow into myself after everything I’ve been through, someone that I will believe truly and fully loves me, because for the very first time I will be able to differentiate it.
—  What Emotional Abuse Teaches You About Love,
valentina thompson  (ig: x, yt: x)

Jug, what you said at Pop’s, I heard you. And whatever you need to do or explore, I support you.

Riverdale 2.01 – A Kiss Before Dying

I have so many feelings about Betty’s statement of support to Jughead. (So. Many. Feelings.)

Being a safe space

In 2.01, I love that Betty doesn’t try to hide that she’s worried and upset. It’s not my favorite dynamic to watch, since I like seeing them be like an adorable pile of kittens with each other, but Betty’s most acute psychological problems and self-harm behaviors come from repressing her feelings to pretend things are fine when they aren’t. She isn’t conveying the full extent of her feelings, which makes sense given the circumstances, but she’s frustrated with Jughead and doesn’t try to hide it. His humor grates on her in a way it usually doesn’t and she spends a lot of the episode shooting Jughead these seriously? and why are you like this? looks.

I’m sure to Jughead this doesn’t feel like a good thing while it’s happening, but it actually is, especially since expressing negative emotions that relate to her own feelings is something Betty struggles with. We’ve seen her avoid expressing feelings that will hurt or even just inconvenience someone else at horrifying cost to herself. I’m stanning so hard for how Betty lets herself have and express inconvenient feelings in this episode.

Jughead and their relationship are still a safe space to be herself. In so much of her life, Betty feels that she has to go all the-Stepfords-of-Riverdale to avoid conflict until she literally starts tearing herself up about it. And she’s not retreating into her version of Alice’s unhinged behavior, which on Betty is a tragic mix of elaborate plots and snowballing lies in order to spare someone else’s feelings that just ends up hurting everyone, and badly.

So be glad your girlfriend is visibly frustrated with you, Jug. Relationships are weird like that.

Making a safe space

Betty’s expressions show how hard making this statement of support is for her. Betty can be rigid and walks this line between passionate and obsessive when she’s fighting for something. And she wants so badly to fight for Jughead here. So stepping back and letting him have their relationship be a safe space where she’ll support him even if she doesn’t agree with his actions or decisions is an interesting choice.  Given how dangerous and high-stakes the situation is, this may be another of their road to hell paved with good intentions moments. But Jughead’s resources and support system, such as it was, have been systematically demolished over the first season. Knowing that he still has Betty’s support must feel like such a lifeline being tossed out between them.

For all Jughead’s smirks and snark, awkward humor and adorable flirting, to me most of his behavior—both charming and uncharming—falls into the category of not waving but drowning. Under all the misdirection and self-defense mechanisms, Jughead is operating from a place of fear. Just look at how scared he is when Betty first brings up their conversation at Pop’s outside the hospital:

Betty giving him some sense of safety in some part of his life—combined with continuing to be honest about her concerns—is so important for his well-being. Knowing that Betty (and Archie!) care that much about him may help him to make better decisions for himself in the long-term by validating that what happens to him does matter despite all the Powers That Be telling him otherwise, over and over.

Betty and Jughead are so young that the only way they will work as a couple over a longer period of time is if they let each other explore and change rather than getting stuck on their idea of who the other person is. And, beyond that, sometimes you have to let people make mistakes and love them anyway. To me, that’s a much sadder and realer part of being in a relationship than just a simple ride-or-die.

anonymous asked:

I am maybe an ignorant person but ... I don't understand the Jonsa thing so ... I fou have time can you explain this to me .. ? And even if i'm a Jonerys shipper for years i would really like to know the Jonsa chemistery :)

Oh wow… 

The thing is I think shipping is kind of subjective to a degree. It doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not because there’ll always be a group who think it shouldn’t be canon and so on and so forth. I don’t know how to explain Jonsa to someone who doesn’t see it (not that I’m blaming you for not seeing it! Some people just don’t and that’s totally okay!) but I will try my best, Anonny. 

For me personally, it began in Season 6. I had no prior inclination for Jonsa or even an inkling of the possibility of them. Frankly, I was the most casual of Game of Thrones viewers. It took me nearly a year to actually finish watching Season 5 (but that’s mostly because my ex told me about the Sansa x Ramsay storyline and I hated it so much I refused to watch it). For me, GoT was and has always been a political fantasy drama with lots of boobs and blood. Shipping wasn’t on the cards for me at all (aside from my love for Gendrya). But then Season 6 happened and we finally, finally got a Stark reunion. Only this Stark reunion felt weird. 

First of all, Jon and Sansa had so very little interactions (ie. none) prior to this. They were the two most seemingly random Starks to meet. And yet when they hugged, Sansa nuzzled his face. At first, I thought ‘okay, well they lost everyone and this is the first person from their old life they’ve seen’ and even in retrospect I don’t see it as particularly a romantic action on their parts. But it is a weird thing to have the actors do. Even if they were always meant to be platonic, nuzzling is weird for anyone not involved romantically or sexually. I would never ever nuzzle any of my family members or my friends, but then I’m not the best comparison. I don’t like physical affection from anyone I’m not dating so lmao. Still, I was willing to overlook that because it’s Game of Thrones. Maybe they’re just trying to amp up the intensity of the scene. But then you get continued lingering looks from Jon, strange awestruck half-smiles and dim romantic atmosphere. The most bizarre shot for me though was the tent scene. Jon and Sansa had to stop in the middle of their arguing to stare at each other, chests heaving with candlelight in the background. This is Romantic Trope 101. If you had siblings arguing with each other, there’d be more angry yelling, insulting and storming off. You don’t pause to stare at each other as you struggle to catch your breath. 

This all contributed to my questioning over what I was seeing. I didn’t immediately think ‘oh yeah this is my ship’. I just thought ‘okay this is weird, right?’ and continued to think that for the rest of Season 6. Honestly, the idea of them as a ship didn’t really cement itself in my head until the very last episode where Jon kissed her forehead, lingered just a bit too long, stared at her lips, walked away and the immediate next shot is the reveal of R+L=J. It was like light bulbs flashing in my head, like ‘oh shit they’re cousins and cousins totally get together and is accepted as a viable marriage prospect!!’ I mean I suspected Jon wasn’t really Ned’s son, but the confirmation right after a Jonsa scene felt so so important. Not even through shipper goggles. It was what made me realise the strange tension between them wasn’t solely in my head and that this probably had a purpose for setting something up.

That’s the Jonsa thing for me. That’s literally how I began to ship them. I don’t know if this answers your question about their chemistry, but these were the moments that highlighted their chemistry to me personally. 

The reason why I’ve stayed with this ship for as long as I have, I can list you the reasons below: 

To paraphrase from a Tom Cruise film, they complete each other. I know, I know. How utterly cliched of me, but for lack of a better phrase, it’s true. I don’t even mean it in a their souls match and blahblahblah, but I mean that in personalities. Jon is the emotionally-driven, honourable, brave and intelligent military tactician, whose life has been consumed by war and physically fighting for survival. Sansa is the emotionally-guarded, brave, shrewd and pragmatic politician. Her life in contrast has been consumed by the political game and she’s had to mentally fight for survival. Jon knows the North and the dangers beyond; Sansa knows the South and the dangers there. They’re two sides of the same coin and they need each other to survive. Yes, I’d love it if it was romantically, but even taking that away, they still need each other. Together, they make a formidable team. They are Tyrion and Dani but better because there is no power imbalance. They’re equals. Yes, Jon doesn’t quite listen to Sansa sometimes, but him leaving her the North is a testament to his trust and respect for her. This is one of the reasons why I love and adore their interactions so much. You can still see how different they are as individuals but just as clearly, you can see how well they mesh together, and you sit there rooting for them both. 

They offer each other something no one else does. S7 Sansa is the most open and honest and confident I’ve ever seen her and that’s all because she trusts Jon. He might disagree, he might argue, but she feels so safe in his presence that she feels comfortable enough to finally speak her mind and demonstrate how intelligent she really is. And for the first time, she can let herself love and hope again. You see that in the soft and affectionate way she regards Jon in any matter, and that is true even in the scowls and exasperation because those emotions are still born out of her love and thus her concern for him. She wants only the best for him and for their home. Ultimately what it comes down to is Jon makes her happy, safe, hopeful and strong. His faith in her is slowly restoring her own faith in herself. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for Sansa. Even if Jonsa isn’t canon, if Sansa continues to get this, I’ll be okay. But I do feel Jonsa as a romantic pairing would be the perfect way to conclude Sansa’s story. She’s been basically sold into two loveless marriages and believes no one will ever marry her for love even though all she ever wanted was a fairy-tail romance. If her story concludes with the valiant knight (Jon) and her falling in love and marrying, it would be the perfect end, and one that isn’t too fairy-tale considering their angst and conflict over being half-siblings-turned-cousins. 

As for Jon, I personally believe Sansa’s return gave his second life meaning again. He had been so ready and determined to escape to the south and give up entirely. We don’t know whether he would’ve gone through with it and maybe he wouldn’t, but this was the lowest Jon’s ever been. He was so lost, so disillusioned, and insecure and broken, but then came Sansa and suddenly he had purpose again. Maybe it was simply family obligations, but you can’t say she didn’t inspire him to fight for his home. I don’t think Jon would’ve done it without Sansa. She also challenges him in a way no one else has since Ygritte and Jon needs that. He’s not the perfect hero; he doesn’t know everything. He’s been in the North too long to understand the political game the way Sansa does. She offers him insight into a world he had no prior knowledge in. She also offers him camaraderie, a partner with equal stakes in this war, and a friend who he can come to, someone who loves and respects him and believes in him so wholeheartedly. Yes, he has loyal knights and friends, but no one quite understands his insecurity as a Stark and a rule the way Sansa does. Their interaction in 7x01 showed us this relationship/friendship between them (the way Sansa immediately knew Jon was doubting himself and sought to reassure him earnestly even when he was being rather rude to her because the thing is she knew he needed it more than she needed his validation).

Another reason why I love this ship so much is Jon’s ferocity when it comes to Sansa. You could absolutely read this as platonic and I’m sure many do, but you can’t deny there’s definitely something visceral and primal in the way Jon strives to protect her. I’ve seen Jon kill and get aggressive, but I’ve never seen him lose control so violently than when he was beating the crap out of Ramsay. It was probably a combination of seeing Ramsay kill Rickon in front of him, but definitely also for Sansa. Then you have 7x02 where Jon chokes Littlefinger, who had been needling him and provoking him all throughout that scene, but it was the comment about loving Sansa in a sexual/romantic manner that really got him angry. The fact is there was no immediate thought to that action; it was absolutely a reactionary thing and again a primal one at that. Jon doesn’t even say anything for awhile and I think for a few seconds he really was considering killing Littlefinger. But then it’s like he comes to himself. Angry murderous kitten Jon is my favourite kind of Jon lol.

There are also a lot of Ned x Catelyn parallels that makes it hard to ignore, as well as 7x02′s parallel to Jaime x Brienne’s awkward wave goodbye. These are 2 of the most established ships in the fandom. Paralleling Jonsa with them feels intentional and important. 

But honestly, there really are so many reasons why I love this ship and why I believe in them so wholeheartedly. Maybe it is just Kit and Sophie having unbelievable chemistry, but I like to believe otherwise. I hope this sheds some light for you, Anonny. 

Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 2- First Date

Last minute decided to write this one for Day 2. It kind of randomly came to me, but I ended up being pretty happy with some of the Sherlock feelsies in this one. Enjoy! ;)

Fancy a Date?

“Thank you again, Molly,” Sherlock said genuinely as the cab neared her flat in the dark of night. “And I know John is grateful. Rosie was a bit too crabby for a sitter tonight.”

“Oh no problem, I don’t mind.” She smiled and began gathering her bags in preparation to exit the once the vehicle stopped.

Sherlock felt suddenly panicky. The evening had been so wonderful up till then. They’d analyzed clues from a body, tracked down a suspect, informed Lestrade, and got the man arrested. It had all been rather perfect, and Sherlock hardly wanted it to end now. It was probably one of the best days they’d spent together since the mess of Sherrinford.

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You Tricky Devil You

gif is not mine

Title: You Tricky Devil You

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Gabriel

Word count: 1,040

Warnings: fluff

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Ever since you met Gabriel the two of you had become great friends.  It wasn’t long after meeting Gabriel, that you had met Lucifer.  You were drawn to Lucifer the second you met him, but he didn’t come around often.  You assumed it was because of Sam and Dean.  You would talk to Gabriel about him sometimes, keeping your questions vague and telling him about your dreams.

You and Gabriel were sitting on your bed, munching on pizza as you watched Netflix.  You ripped a piece of your crust, throwing it at Gabriel.  It soon escalated into a small food fight between you and Gabriel.  When the archangel had enough of your shenanigans he reached over and started to tickle you.  Before you knew it, Gabriel straddled himself around your waist, tickling you until your face turned red.

Gabriel casually looked up, surprise washing over his face.  Your giggles soon subsided, wondering what the hell he could be staring at.  You leaned your head back just enough to see Lucifer leaning his back against your doorway.  He did not look pleased.

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Hi. So i was just in a car accident. I’m fine, but my car needs to be fixed because I can’t drive it now and my back hurts. The guy ran a stop sign and ran into me band then tried to tell the cop it was my fault. So i was wondering how Ace, Kidd, Law, and Shanks would react if this happened to their s/o.

A/N: Oh my god, I’m so sorry to hear that! I can’t imagine how scary that must have been… Some people are just horrible, aren’t they? I hope you get well soon! Feel like this is lowkey bad tho so sorry!!!!!! I hope you still enjoy reading it!!!!!

Modern AU


After the accident had happened, you didn’t call him right away. Yes, you were scared and yes, you were hurt, but you didn’t want him to worry too much. So you didn’t tell him yet, just send a simple message that you would come home a bit later.

When you came home however, he was already expecting you and hugged you tightly as soon as you walked inside your apartment. “God, Y/N!” He practically yelled. “Why didn’t you call? You could have been hurt badly!”

You stayed silent, not able to speak as the tears came rushing down your face. You didn’t know why you were crying, you didn’t even cry when the police officers came or when you saw your car from the back. The backside was done, that was for sure.

Ace held you tightly, still not walking farther inside your home. He calmed you down with a way only he could do and whispered things to you, that made you stop crying quickly. “I was so worried, I tried to call you after Marco told me what happened.”

Ah, Marco. He was on the phone with you while you were driving, only on speaker of course. He must have told Ace as soon as he heard something crash, which you were kind of thankful for.

“Ace,” you whispered. You took a step back and looked at your boyfriend. His dark hair was a wild mess on his head, something that happened after he woke up or when he couldn’t stop going through it with his hands, which he always did when he was nervous. “The guy, the asshole, he tried to put the blame on me! It wasn’t even my fault!” You almost cried again, this time, because you were more than angry. You were furious.

“Shh, of course it’s not your fault.”, he calmly said, which made you relax. He was right, it wasn’t your fault. You knew that, the police knew that, Ace knew that, hell, even the guy should know that. “Are you hurt?” He asked.

“Nothing serious…”, you finally put your shoes and jacket away and went into the kitchen, slower as usual though, with Ace right behind you. “My back just hurts a bit.”

You could see him clench his jaw at that and thought for a moment that he was mad at you for being hurt, but then he explained. “That son of a-”, he caught himself.

“I should run you a bath.”, he suggested instead and turned around, directly into the bathroom. You were not sure, but you might have heard him curse a few times, but… you weren’t sure.

You followed him after you gulped down a whole glass of water and when you got there, the bathroom was already filled with all kinds of fresh smells.

“By the way, do you know what the guys’ name was?”

He helped you out of your clothes and carefully let you inside the tub, to your content he joined you right after and sat down behind you.

“No, why?”

He started to massage your shoulders and you sighed happily. His hands felt like heaven on your skin, like a flame burning away the ache. (Yikes)

“Oh… just because. Could have visited him. Uh, just for a little talk. Between two man, you know… not much. Just talking.”

You smiled. Of course… just talking.


You had called him as soon as you were allowed to leave. After two beeps, he answered.

“You’re late.”, he said angrily. The two of you were supposed to meet up at his house and then leave to friends party, but now you were way too late.

“I’m sorry… I got into an accident.”, you breathed out. You were still shocked and wanted nothing more than just to lay down somewhere and just sleep. You were exhausted, physically and emotionally.

You could hear him breath loudly through the phone. “You what?”, he asked confused. “Like… just now?”

“Yeah, well, no. About an hour ago. I was on my way to you, when someone just hit my car from the back.” You explained. “After the police came he tried to say it was my fault, like I was too dumb to drive. ”

Even though you couldn’t see him, you knew he was frowning, jaw clenched and if he could, smoke would come out of his ears.
“I will beat his fucking ass, who’s this guy? What’s his name?”, he asked angrily. “I swear I will make him never touch a fucking car again.”

You tried to smile, but it failed. You were just too exhausted to be happy about Kidd worrying about you, well, kind of.

“I’m fine, by the way.”, you said. “Can you pick me up, though? My car is fucked.”

A few surprisingly very short minutes later, his car stopped in front of you. You got inside quickly and put your seatbelt on. Instantly, you felt an ache in your lower back area. You hissed and started to shift.

“I thought you were fine?”, he asked quietly, worried. “Y/N?”

“Yeah, it’s just a bit uncomfortable, that’s all.”, you lied through the pain. It hurt, it really did.

“Liar.” He said and got out of the car. There were still a few people, who had watched your crashed car leave the place and a few of them even took pictures of it. Confused you got out of the car and followed the red haired man.

“What are you doing? Kidd?”, you whisper-yelled at him, after he asked a few of the people around where the guy who crashed your car was.

Luck must have been on the guys side in that moment, because he had left with a taxi 5 minutes ago, making Kidd clench his fist angrily. “Lucky fucker.”

You tried your best to convince Kidd to leave now, your patience hitting the bottom. Everything was starting to become more and more draining, which your boyfriend finally noticed. He left the scene with you quickly and drove back to his house. Without talking too much, he brought you to his bed, where he put you down gentle after he had carried you, something he thought was necessary.

“I’ll call Killer and tell him we won’t be at the party, then I’ll come and we’ll sleep for a bit, alright?” You hummed, barely registering what he said, too tired to care.

After a while you felt him lay down behind you, an arm carefully draped around your waist. He started to plant a few kisses on your neck, which made you shiver slightly, even in your state.

“You better give me a name tomorrow, Y/N. I need to see the guy.”, he whispered one last time and then you fell asleep.


He knew about it the second you got home. “Where’s your car, Y/N?”

You sighed. You felt like you just had the worst day of your life and you wanted nothing more than just forget about it. So you just walked right into Law’s arms, without saying anything and hugged him as tightly as you could.

He, however, barely hugged you back. Confused you raised your head and watched him. His eyes were full of worry and his face was painted with all kinds of emotions. “Come on.”, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the living room, where the both of you sat down on the couch.

“Tell me what happened.”, he softly said and stood up to get you something to drink. Just now you realized how dry your throat was. You thanked him and gulped the water down as soon as he put the glass down on the table.

After you were done, you explained what had happened. You explained it from the start, how you wanted to get some groceries, to the moment the guy tried to push the blame on you, after he completely crashed your car.

Law listened to you, worry still prominent in his features. After you had ended, he nodded.

“Well, my car needs to be fixed now. It’s done, god, my poor car…”, you stared at him, watching him watching you.

“Your car doesn’t matter, Y/N.”, he said annoyed, which surprised you. Why was he annoyed with you now? God, the day just couldn’t get any worse.


“I don’t care about that damn car, the only thing that matters is you right now! Shit, you could have been seriously hurt.”, he whispered the last part. Your heart broke into pieces, seeing him like that made you want to curl up somewhere and just be invisible for the rest of your life.

“Law, I’m sorry I-”

“What are you sorry for? I should be sorry!”, he grabbed you carefully and pushed you into his arms. “I should have went to get the groceries. It was my turn anyways. If something happened to you, god, that would have been my fault!”

“That’s not true! It’s neither yours nor my fault! It’s the guys’ fault! Law, really.”

He shook his head and stood up. “C'mon, how do you feel?”

Confused, you shrugged. “I don’t know, my back kind of hurts, but besides that I’m fine… I’ll probably just lay down.”

“No, you won’t.”, he said calmly and took your hand, pulling you up to your feet. “Let’s get you checked up first. You can have some serious injuries, which you don’t even know about yet. ”

You nodded, even if you didn’t want to get checked up. At least not now, but you knew it would make Law happy and calm his nerves, so you did.

On the way to the hospital you didn’t let go of his hand, even after you both had left, you still didn’t let go of him. You felt safe with him, and that was the only thing that made you keep going for the day, it was the only thing that mattered.


When you told Shanks that evening about what happened, he thought you were joking. He was sitting on the couch, the sun already gone for a long time and the living room illuminated by warm lights. You were seated across from him, back still aching. You didn’t want to tell him, feeling like it wasn’t really important, but then decided that he might want to know.

“Are you being honest right now?”, he laughed afterwards. “As if.”

“I’m being serious, I really had an accident.”

He shook his head, his red hair shining in the light and grabbed his phone, scrolling through his feed when a quiet ‘sure’ left his lips.

“You don’t believe me?”, you threw your own phone at him, after you had opened a picture of your car, which was completely crashed. “Watch this then.”

He grabbed the phone, that had hit his thighs and looked at it with a smirk, which faded quickly. You could see his face change, his emotion changing from one to another after it clicked in his head that you were in fact not joking.

“Oh my god,” He said quietly, serious for the first time this evening. “Why didn’t you tell me before? When did this happen?”

“It was this morning. I had to go through a lot of checkups and stuff, that’s why I came home a bit later than originally planned.” You shrugged. “It’s fine though.”, you mumbled and played with a pillow next to you.

You heard him shift and then he stood up, walked up to you and crouched down in front of you. His eyes were big, full of worry and he had an displeased look on his face.

“Y/N, why didn’t you tell me? Where’s your car now?”

You mustered him and avoided his eyes. “I don’t know, didn’t want to bother you… and, my car is getting fixed at the moment.” You shifted in your seat, suddenly feeling like a little child getting scolded.

“Woah… that’s insane. Are you hurt?” He worried and touched your arms, legs and then took your head in his hand, searching for any kinds of injuries. “Tell me.”

You gulped. “No. I’m not hurt, well not badly.”

“What do you mean with ‘not badly’?”, he said, louder this time.

“Well, my back hurts, but it’s nothing serious. It’ll fade, I just need to take a rest. ”

“Come with me.”, he said. He stood up from where he was crouched down and took your hand in his. Quickly the both of you left the living room and went into your shared bedroom, where he told you to lay down. After you had done what he said, he left the room for a few minutes, coming back with some scented candles.

He put them down in every corner of the room, making you giggle when he let one almost fall down. He lit all of them quickly and walked up to you, laying down next to you.

Instantly, you felt the scents embracing you, making you feel a hundred times more relaxed than before. Shanks knew your weakness for scented candles, how they made you feel and when you needed them.

You cuddled up to him, eyes closed and feeling calm. He started to stroke you hair and planted a little kiss on your forehead. “Next time, please tell me about things like that right away.”

You hummed, sleep already tiptoeing into your body.

“Your car, fuck, to think that you were inside that thing is overwhelming. There are so many things that could have happened to you.”, he whispered. “Y/N… you’re so important to me, don’t just go and… die or something.”

You smiled and grabbed his hand, squeezing it tightly. “I’m fine, Shanks. There’s no need to worry now. ”, you mumbled tiredly.

He gulped visibly, still not feeling very comfortable, but nodded. “You’re right. Let’s just sleep.”

You hummed, already almost asleep.

Three Hearts Are Better Than One;

pairing: FinnxReaderxSami
summary: You three have always been close, but that changes on Valentine’s Day. 
warnings: swearing
word count: 2,740
notes: So, first of all, this is the first wrestling fic I’ve written in years, and I’m really excited to get this out in the open. I was inspired by the picture that Finn posted of him and Seth on Valentine’s Day and this is what happened. Got a little out of hand, honestly. There may or may not be a sequel, I’m not sure, but there probably will. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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A First Kiss to Remember (1/2).

*moodboard by @supersoldierslover 

Pairing: Wanda Maximoff X Reader

Summary: You work at a coffee shop and there’s this girl who comes every night and causes curious feelings to grow in you.

Word Count: 2.4+k

Warnings: f/f first romantic relationship, fluffy, smut (part 2), flirting, nsfw (part 2).

A/N: This is this was written for taw3kcelebration (congrats Taw, @supersoldierslover , you deserve every single follower of yours). I got n. 3.  “First Kiss.” This is my first time writing for a character other than Bucky and I’m so excited for this. Besides Bucky and Loki, Wanda is my ultimate crush from MCU.  There’ll be smut on part 2. I really hope you guys like it. Tagging the peeps on my perm tag list. Thank you @buchonians for being the beta for this one, you’re amazing.

*gif not mine.

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Part 1 Part 2

“Do you think she’ll come tonight?” the low and lazy voice of Lisa, your co-worker who stood behind the counter, asked you.

“Who?” you knew damn well who she was talking about, but for some reason you chose to fake ignorance, pretending to concentrate on the task of cleaning tables of the empty 24 hour coffee shop.

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BTS Reaction - Their S/O Feeling Insecure Of Her Small Breasts

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3


J-Hope - *He’d feel terrible and the cause of your insecurity as he doesn’t tell you how perfect you are to him enough. He’d instantly tackle you with cuddles and kisses all over your body, then reminding you that to him, you ARE perfect. Breast sizes mean nothing*

Rap Monster - *He’d refuse to let you think that way about yourself. He’d interrupt you with ‘Nope, you’re perfect. Your boobs are too’ every time you try to object to it, until this sunk into your head, he’d repeat it. He wasn’t letting you continue being insecure about your breasts, plus they’re only for him to see anyway so why shouldn’t you listen to him*

Suga - *He’d be so confused on how you could be insecure of having small breasts. He would be flat out honest with you that it doesn’t matter to him. Not one little bit. He wouldn’t have even realised that they were ‘small’ because that’s not the main point about you to him*

Jimin - *Another one who would refuse to let you even say that. He’d make it completely obvious of how much he found you perfect and your boobs don’t change that. He will go far just to prove. Including leaving hickeys all over your chest and breasts just so you got the idea*

Jin - *He’d just smile and lift your chin up to look at him, he’s explain to you that it’s not what size breats you have that makes you perfect to him, and reminds you that he doesn’t care about your size, he likes them the way they are*

Jungkook - *He’s hate seeing you so insecure about yourself, he wouldn’t know what to say exactly but he’d actually try his best. It would be slightly awkward for him since it’s about your breasts but with alot of effort, he’d tell you how much he loves you the way you are*

V - *As you were too blind to see, he will bring up the good points about having ‘small’ breasts, telling you that it’s better for you, and that he couldn’t care if they’re small or not. He’d honestly be a huge sweetheart about it, but would use this to his advantage to hug you from behind and cup your breasts, telling you that you’re perfect*

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Bad Girl Ch 8: Five Words

This chapter mentions torture

“Kim. Joo. Young.” Baekhyun sings songs.

My head hurts. Everything hurts. My mind is fuzzy as I try to figure out what is going on, why is Baekhyun here? I try to piece together the foggy pictures I’m calling my memory of the last few hours. I was at Haneul’s, Taemin showed up, I was under the table, I ran away. After that I’m pretty sure Haneul and I had lunch, we told our love stories, I went to the bathroom, I ran into Sehun and Kai, we fought, and I ran into Baekhyun.

“Are you ready?” Those words echo through the large room we are in. Where the hell are we? I open my mouth to ask only to realize there is a rag stuffed into my mouth. My eyes are opened wide as they scan over the unfamiliar room. The four from before are there, everyone but Baekhyun looks as scared to be in the room as me. The suddenly psychotic boy is taking up most of my vision, his fake blue eyes are staring intently into mine. “How are you feeling cupcake?”

I let out a string of curse words that only come across as angry mumbles. I look down and see that I’m tied to the uncomfortable metal chair with rope that is already digging into my wrists and ankles. I’m in the dungeon, oh my fucking god they actually put me in the dungeon! Tears prick my eyes, my shoulders shake with muffled cries as the realization sinks in. What did I do in a past life to deserve this?

“Hyung are you sure about this?” Sehun whimpers softly, it gets my hopes up, maybe he’ll convince the others to stop this madness! But that is very short lived when I see his hand clenching a hunting knife so tight his knuckles are white.

“I’m just evening the scale,” Baekhyun quickly defense himself, “He took our baby away from us so I’m taking this thing away from him. If we don’t get to have her, he doesn’t either.”

My heart drops, I’m going to die in here. I hang my head as I let that sink into my mind, they are going to kill.

“Maybe this is too far,” Kai begins to pace, never taking his eyes off me.

Stop giving me hope.

“Too far?” Chanyeol scoffs, “Hyung is right, we can’t just let him get away with taking our baby away from us, he has to pay.”

“But do you honestly think you could do this?” Sehun snaps gesturing to me. “Can you look at her and do the same things we’ve done to the people we bring in this room? Can you tear her apart bit by bit? Listen to her scream for help? Look into those fucking eyes and not feel yourself dying inside?”

“We are dead inside,” Kai reminds him with a sad smile. “We were so ready to throw ourselves off of that building a few months ago because we felt so guilty and so lost without her. We thought that maybe if we able to apologize that it would make us feel better but it won’t. They are just empty words to hallow ears. This, could make us feel better. We could get our revenge, not just for us but for our baby.”

“She wouldn’t want this!”

“How the hell do you know?” Baekhyun snarls.

“Because I know her, she hated this kind of stuff and no matter how wronged she was, she wouldn’t want this,” Sehun defends me like I’m not sitting right here, like I’m dead. “So stop using her as an excuse to torture this girl. Be honest Hyung, the only reason you are doing this is because you can’t handle seeing her. You can’t look into her eyes every time we run into each other and be forced to remember that we let her die.”

The room goes silent.

Baekhyun uses the long sleeves if his sweatshirt to wipe away tears that manage to find their way down his cheeks. He screams. It’s a heart wrenching sound, he wraps his arms around himself as she begins to tremble. “We didn’t just fucking let her die! We didn’t have an option to save her! There was no ransom, not single fucking demand for us to meet, just those tapes. So don’t you tell me that we let her die, there was just no option for us to save her! And don’t you dare think that me killing this girl will ever be enough to get rid of the ach in my heart. I can never forget my sweet baby.”

“We could just keep her,” Sehun suggests hopefully.

“She isn’t our baby,” Chanyeol growls, glaring at the younger for even suggesting such a stupid idea.  But once the idea is out there I see all of them raking their eyes up and down my body, considering it more than they would want to admit. I don’t want to stay though. I lived this life, fearing which day could be my last with them, I don’t want that ever again.

“We could train her to be,” Kai hums as his eyes continue to scan me.

Sehun nods eagerly, “Our baby didn’t really like the idea at first either but after some time she got used to it. We could be stricter this time though so there won’t be any mishaps.”

“Before we consider that,” Baekhyun grins, his bubbly personality returning, so different from the shattered boy I saw moments before. “How about we even the scales just a bit, even if we don’t kill her, we can torture her love,” He pulls out his phone and quickly dials a number.

“What the hell could you want?” Jiyong snarls on the others line.

My heart jumps, I try to yell his name but only muffled screams are heard.

“Hello to you too, Hyung,” Baekhyun muses, his eyes are on me as he speaks, “We are calling about a lost kitten that might belong to you.”

Jiyong is quiet for a moment before he murmurs, “Kitten?”

“She’s a pretty little thing with silver hair and a dangerous mouth, maybe I have the wrong person, what a shame, guess we have to keep her brothers.”

“Jooyoung!” He yells desperately.

Oppa! I want to scream for him, Jiyong, please, please, come save me!

“Sort of, close enough I guess, close enough for you to forget about the real thing,” Baekhyun snaps.

The real thing?

“Please let her go, you will regret it so much if you hurt her,” Even though it is worded like a threat I can hear his desperation.

Baekhyun chuckles, “Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise. Now Baekhyun, let her go, I will come get her as soon as possible.”

“On no, no, no, we aren’t giving her up that easily, we might keep her for awhile to see if she really is so amazing we could let her replace our baby. If that doesn’t work out we can just bring her back down here, but it her time won’t be as nice as it is now, that is something I can promise.”

“You brought her to the dungeon! Are you fucking insane? Get her out of there now! I swear to god if you hurt a single hair on her head I will slaughter the lot of you!” My love roars.

“Afraid we are going to skin her alive or something? Don’t worry, Xiumin hyung isn’t down here and he is the only one who can do that. It’s just me, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun, so nothing too horrible can happen. She just might be missing her tongue, non needed organs, a couple fingers, since Chanyeol is here you know some teeth are going to be missing,” He chuckles.

That horrifying nightmare from all that time ago appears in my mind. No, no, no, I can’t do that, that can not fucking happen. I thrash wildly in my seat, making the chair rock and almost fall over but Sehun is there to catch it.

“She’s getting a bit crazy, I guess she doesn’t like the idea.”

“Please stop this,” Jiyong begs, “You don’t understand what you are doing!”

“This isn’t my first rodeo, I know how to tear people apart. But since you seem so desperate I’ll let you pick, what finger? Are you two a match for kidneys? Should I leave both of those? That just means something else is going to have to go, how about the ovaries? Were you planning on have kids?”

The ropes dig deeper into my skin as I try to pull away and cover myself, I’m screaming past the rag, anything but that. I can live without my fingers, my tongue, hell take my eyes but not my future babies, I’d give up my freedom for them. Sehun comes around the chair, his hands holding mine, and he shushes me.

“Don’t you fucking dare! Kill me, rip out every organ I have just please don’t take that away from her. I will give you anything you want just please don’t take that opportunity away from her. She wants babies,” He chokes the last words out. I can’t breath, I’m crying too hard to breath through the rag still stuffed in my mouth.

“I want my baby back,” Baekhyun snarls.

“You can’t have her back!”

“Then you will never have her back either. Why do you get to have the happy ending when we are left over here suffering? Why does this girl get to be happy when our baby is gone? I should make it fair, right? We will never be able to see our baby walk down the aisle or have a baby of her own. I’ll never see that diamond ring on her little finger that I put there, how is this fair?”

“It’s your own fault,” Jiyong blurts out.


“I said it’s your own fault. You should have treated her better.”

Chanyeol snaps this time, “We treated her like a princess!”

“She isn’t a fucking princess, she is a queen and should have been treated as such. She is not some fragile little doll she is stronger than any of you would know. You locked her in that house and babied her until it basically drove her insane, you can’t keep someone that strong in a bubble for long until it pops. I showed her our world and all of the things she could do in it; after that I gave her the whole world! I protect and love her, at the same time I give her freedom and space. That is why I get to hold her at night, kiss her in the morning, cook with her during the day, and eat with her every evening. I make her happy without making her question herself and her value no matter little or big she’s feeling that day. That is why I have her now.”

“You make it sound like this is her, this is not our baby,” Kai whispers as he takes a few steps closer to me to see pass Sehun.

“You are all idiots for not realizing it! That is Jooyoung, that is the only love of my life, my soon to be wife, the future mother of my children, and yes, she used to be your baby, but not anymore.”

“That isn’t true,” Baekhyun whispers. His eyes are wide as he stares into mine that I know are swollen and pink from crying. “That isn’t true! We watched her die. I watched as she begged for her life! Our baby is dead!” He drops the phone on the floor before he pushes Sehun and Kai away and grabs my hair by the roots, craning my neck back he forces me to look up at him. His eyes study me.

Stop looking at me like that. His blood shot eyes, that reflect my own, burn into my soul and squeeze my heart until I feel like it might burst. Why can’t he see it’s me? I didn’t die! Why would they think I was dead? What the hell is going on? Jiyong, help! I need him to explain this to me, I need him to hold me a calm me down, I can’t do this right now.

“Stop lying to me, this isn’t my baby, she wouldn’t act that way to us. She loved us,” Baekhyun’s grip on my head tightens. “You are just lying to us so we don’t hurt her.”

“And risk the chance of you trying to keep her? I’m not fucking lying! That is Kim Jooyoung, the one and only! My love and your baby.”

Chanyeol shakes his head so hard I’m afraid he’s going to break his neck, “You’re lying.”

“I’m not lying!”

“Hyung look at her! He’s telling the truth that’s my baby!” Kai yells as he tries to push the older boy away but stops when he pulls a knife.

“Stop lying! All of you just stop lying! She wouldn’t have run from me! She wouldn’t have fought with Sehun and Kai.”

Sehun tries, “She was scared!”

“I want you to prove it! Prove to me that she is my baby!”

“Take that fucking rag out of her mouth and she might be able to defend herself,” Kai snarls.

“Will that prove it to me? Huh?” Baekhyun sneers at me. I gulp when he places the blade in his hand to my throat, “You have five words to prove to me that you are my baby, if you can’t you know what is going to happen, right?” He puts more pressure on my neck, enough for the blade to break skin, a few drops of blood start running down my neck. “Remember, five words, ready?”

I nod, tears pouring down my face I prepare myself. Five words, five words that will prove to them that I’m me, that I’m their baby. I can’t think of just five words that will not get me killed. I want to cuss, I want to scream every single insult that I know, I want to ask him why, I want to tell him to stop looking at me like that. I want to tell him to stop making my heart feel heavy again, I want him to tell all of them to stop looking so broken. There is too much I want to say to him. I have five words, five words.

I love you daddy Baekhyun.

I hate you daddy Baekhyun.

Why are you doing this to me?

Five words.

He yanks the rag out of my mouth and they all crowd around me, waiting on pins and needles for whatever is coming out of my mouth.

I have just five words.

“I’ll be a good girl.”

Stuck in Limbo // pt. 1

A/N.: This idea came to me a couple of weeks ago and I just had to write it down. I had originally planned this to be a one-shot, but turns out (and this comes as no surprise) I got too excited with the story and, therefore, it got kinda long, reason why I’m turning it into a two-parter. So I hope you guys enjoy this part, the next and final one should be up pretty soon! I’d love to know your thoughts on this though, so please let me know what you think! Your opinions are deeply appreciated!!

“Riley? Riles, you there?”

Lucas walks into the dark, silent living room, confusion painting his features. He turns the lights on as his eyes scan the apartment, the place is completely empty. His mind instantly wanders back to the conversation he had with Riley over breakfast. They weren’t on the best terms for the past couple of days, that was for sure, but she had promised him she’d make it tonight.

He steps aside letting Zay in, throwing his keys on the table when something catches his eye. Oh no, she didn’t. Lucas can feel his jaw tighten as he reads the note, rolling his eyes at its unpleasant, though unsurprising, message. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Zay.

“Let me guess… Jackass? He chuckles, walking over to the couch.

“What do you think?” The blonde bites out, rereading the note aloud “Out with Jack. Don’t wait up. Wink face.” Lucas features distort in disgust as he scrunches up the piece of paper and tosses it away.

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Drunken Words Sober Thoughts || Thomas Shelby

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They’ve always had that something. That something special. That what only few people truly have. That what people dream of having. That what some search their whole life, but don’t find it. You can see it in the way that they look at each other. The way that they share small glances across the room, having conversations with no actual words. Every single smile, delicate or not leads other people to the conclusion that there is something more, but there isn’t. At least not for them. It is and it always will be easier, to hide your feelings than to show them. They have that something that people only dream of having.. But it’s that something that can make even a smart man blind - love.

“Don’t touch me!”, She snarled at him as the Shelby pulled the drunken woman out from The Garrison Pub into the fresh air. “You’ve had enough - I’m taking you home before you’ll do something you’re going to regret.”, Thomas muttered as he pulled her from her arm while trying to head home. “No - I’m not going to go home!”, She argued as she tried to jag herself out of Tommys grip whos patience was shortly running out after a long night. “Fine, but I am not going to come back for you!”, Thomas finally snarled after quickly pulling her close to him, showing her that he meant what he said this time - she would need to find her way back home all by herself, no matter how intoxicated she would be he wouldn’t come for rescue. All she did was stay quiet and shaked her head as she watched Tommy showing her his back.

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Work was awkward. Courtney and Mari just watched as Shayne and Sohinki brought their fake on-screen tension into the work office. Shayne was tense as he glared at Sohinki when they passed in the hallway, Sohinki mumbling not so nice words. 

“Are they still upset about Y/N?” Anthony asked as he stood next to the two girls, snorting when they rolled their eyes. 

“It’s been fucking months. I’m so tired of them being petty with one another.” Mari complained, leaning back on the wall behind her.

“I think it’s hilarious.” Anthony said, his dark eyes brimming with amusement.

“Why? She’s your sister, shouldn’t you be furious?” Courtney asked, genuinely confused. 

“Well, we aren’t really that protective over one another until something tells us that we should be. But it doesn’t really matter because-” Anthony stopped talking to let a quick fit of laughter take over his body. He doubled over as he laughed loudly, and the two girls looked at him with honest worry that he had went insane. 

“Bro, you okay?” Mari asked, speaking up.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just… Y/N is gay. She 100% likes only females. She has no idea that Shayne and Sohinki like her like that.” Anthony finally got what he was laughing about out, and starting laughing again, this time much quieter. Courtney and Mari made eye contact and started laughing as well.

“Dudes, what the fuck is happening right now?” Shayne asked as he walked over, and Courtney had to leave the hallway before she laughed in his face.

“Oh, it’s something you don’t know. But don’t worry, you’ll find out very soon.” Mari spoke, before she walked away with an evil smirk on her face.

“What is happening?”

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I hope you guys like this! I didn’t want the ending to be too common so I went for a little twist, I hope you guys don’t mind<3


ID #67851

Name: Océane
Age: 21
Country: France

Hey everyone!
I’m Océane, I’m a French university student and I’m 21, turning 22 in July.
I’m a very shy and awkward girl, it’s quite difficult for me to talk to new people and make friends but I’m willing to make a huge effort here cause I really want to meet new people!

I speak French and English, and I used to study German and Italian but that was a while ago already. I’d love to talk to people from anywhere because learning new languages and learning about new cultures are things I really enjoy! I am a feminist and part of the LGBT+ community.

Things I like: writing, reading, sushis, Harry Potter, lord of the rings, the hobbit, marvel movies, Dead Poets Society, fanfictions (gay ones, lets be honest), grey’s anatomy (I’m only on season 9 bear with me), friends, ghibli films, Detective Conan, any kind of music really. I love Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts and movies by Xavier Dolan (among many many other things)

Preferences: Age, religion, gender and sexuality don’t matter to me, as long as we share some interests!
I just want respectful and open-minded people.

I’d like someone ready to talk through emails and tumblr — I don’t have enough time to write and send full letters.