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Virgil’s Sorting

Ok, so I’m a sucker for Harry Potter and the Sanders Sides and I love seeing people combine them, especially in @virgilsjourney‘s work. If you haven’t read their Harry Potter AUs, I highly recommend them. I’m borrowing the general premise of the sides being Hogwarts students from them, as well as their version of the Sides’ blood status (Roman=pureblood, Virgil and Patton=halfblood, Logan=muggleborn) However, I have some thoughts of my own about our merry band of four’s houses, and I really wanted to write their sorting scene, from Virgil’s POV because I love my dark strange son. This is my first Sanders Sides fanfiction, so I hope you enjoy it!

The four boys who had shared a compartment on the Hogwarts Express now stood together in line, awaiting their sorting. Virgil stood behind the other three, his shoulders hunched, the conversation from the train still echoing in his mind.  
“What house do you guys think you’ll get?” Patton had asked, his eyes wide with excitement behind his glasses. 

“Gryffindor, of course!” Roman exclaimed immediately. “Both my parents were in Gryffindor, and it’s the best house for sure!”

“Oh come on now, all the houses are good, Roman!” Patton said, a cheerful grin on his face. 

“From what I have read about the four houses and their distinguishing characteristics, I find it likely that I will end up in Ravenclaw,” Logan, the muggleborn of the group said. He seemed pleased with the idea, and Virgil had to agree. With some prompting from Roman, the bespectacled boy had already demonstrated the ability to perform a few rudimentary spells, despite being totally new to the wizarding world. How could he be anything other than a Ravenclaw? 

“What about you, Patton?” Roman asked eagerly. Patton shrugged. 

“I can’t decide! They all sound so good! Did you know that the Slytherin dormitories are under the lake? You can see the giant squid out the windows! But the Hufflepuff ones are right next to the kitchen, you can get the best snacks whenever you want, but then the Ravenclaw tower is the tallest one in the castle and you can see the whole grounds, even the forbidden forest, and blue is my favorite color but cats are my favorite animals and lions are totally the best of all the giant cats, they’re so cute!” Patton kept rambling for some time, gesturing wildly, which made Roman laugh. 

“Well, whatever you end up in, it’s safe to say you’ll be happy.” 

“What about you, Virgil?” Patton asked, and Virgil had shrugged, sinking his hands deeper into his hoodie pockets.

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Volunteers wanted!

In my first act as the newest Advanced Dominant here at Dalton, I–Miss Carter Fabray–would like to organize a little seminar for anyone that’s interested:

Flogging 101!

My fellow Doms, there’s no need to fear the flogger.  Not only is it a wonderful tool of discipline for your sassy sub, it’s also a fabulous implement for playtime!  Ah, the blissful massage of the flogger. Some take it light, some take it heavy, but who doesn’t love it?  

As a seasoned flogger-wielding Domme, I will impart on anyone who attends, proper handling, how to execute fluid and rhythmic figure-8 maneuvers, how to land a variety of different intensities upon the submissive, and even teach a few more creative uses.  And for all who are particularly ambitious, I can even show you how to properly Florentine; the art of dual wielding floggers to strike at the appropriate angles with the right amount of bite all while avoiding hitting the kidneys and spinal area.

That said, to all submissives, I would love a volunteer (or two!) who would be willing to let me use them to demonstrate, and I give you my word that you will be well taken care of and even enjoy it!