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Volunteers wanted!

In my first act as the newest Advanced Dominant here at Dalton, I–Miss Carter Fabray–would like to organize a little seminar for anyone that’s interested:

Flogging 101!

My fellow Doms, there’s no need to fear the flogger.  Not only is it a wonderful tool of discipline for your sassy sub, it’s also a fabulous implement for playtime!  Ah, the blissful massage of the flogger. Some take it light, some take it heavy, but who doesn’t love it?  

As a seasoned flogger-wielding Domme, I will impart on anyone who attends, proper handling, how to execute fluid and rhythmic figure-8 maneuvers, how to land a variety of different intensities upon the submissive, and even teach a few more creative uses.  And for all who are particularly ambitious, I can even show you how to properly Florentine; the art of dual wielding floggers to strike at the appropriate angles with the right amount of bite all while avoiding hitting the kidneys and spinal area.

That said, to all submissives, I would love a volunteer (or two!) who would be willing to let me use them to demonstrate, and I give you my word that you will be well taken care of and even enjoy it!