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I am a hardcore Destiel shipper (and Sam/Eileen tbh), but I am losing hope that it will ever be made obvious on screen. I choose to see it as canon, but how do you think they would make it extra obvious to less-shippy fans? I'd be down for a hug and some hand holding, but I can't think of an outcome that doesn't sound like some fan fiction - and therefor being called out as fan service. Thoughts?

Honestly I’m really confused how anyone can be losing hope after having just witnessed season 12.

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We just had a whole season of:

- Multiple near-death moments, hugs, reunions that are more and more emotional every time, by the time we get to 12x19 they both look so strained they could strain Rowena’s tea leaves with their eye balls. Let alone Cas’s “DEAN!” moment right in front of Sam and Mary in 12x23, completely ignoring them, and Dean’s “where the hell have you been?!” standard pissed off wife raging at Cas in 12x19 in front of Sam. Attempts at hiding it from these two have really gone out the window by this point…

-Sam being SO DONE and rolling his eyes practically every time they are in the same room together, even when they aren’t, yes, I’m looking at you 12x10: “you’re going to storm in….right now”. 


- Mary treating Cas like he is Dean’s husband, comforting him when he’s missing, the ‘computing’ look at their reunion hug, looking pointedly at DEAN when asking if Cas will go along with their plan in 12x23 etc etc etc.

- DEAN GIVING CAS A MIXTAPE OF HIS FAVOURITE BAND, A BAND THAT IS LINKED TO SEDUCTION IN THE SHOW. Cas wondering if he has to return it now that Dean seems so upset with him, again, a standard romantic “returning your stuff” break up trope, but Dean waves him away, no, I forgive you, just PLEASE STAY WITH ME.

- In 12x19 Dean being angry and acting like a wife who’s husband is late home from the pub, because he was worried but then IMMEDIATELY forgiving Cas, asking Cas to stay, to be a “we”, even in 12x19 still defending him, by 12x23 saying that they will “work things out”, Cas telling Dean that he would die to protect him, that he loves him, loves all of them etc etc etc.

- Now Dean is learning to let his walls down and the catalyst occurs in the FINALE, oh, coincidentally, JUST before Cas gets taken brutally away from him right in front of his eyes and he doesn’t even compute it, is still in shock by the time the credits roll….

This whole season has been what I see as the middle ground, the link between the previous seasons where the Dean / Cas relationship has been extremely subtextual, and the next season(s) where it will culminate in canon.

You can’t just randomly show casual viewers Dean and Cas making out, so many people won’t have seen the subtext (I was just talking to a viewer this weekend, who was like Destiel? Nope, I don’t see it. When I explained the story, he was like OMG YES I never noticed that! That makes so much more sense - talking about s11 and the undercurrent of Dean’s feelings since the show and how they link to the overall plot) - So the casual viewers need it to be much more obvious before it is canon, but also it’s a long running show, it cannot just SUDDENLY become obvious, it needs to feel organic.

Therefore season 12 was for US very blatant, but for casual viewers they are just getting strong hints of it. It was around 12x10 - 12x12 that I got a few asks saying things like “I never shipped Destiel but now I do”… and after 12x19 I think many of these ideas were cemented into peoples minds, the same as after 12x22 I think many people will now understand Performing!Dean and the side that was the facade and what is real, they will look at the show in hindsight and see it where they hadn’t so much before.

Therefore next season should be even more blatant. And what could be more blatant than Cas being dead and us seeing Dean in MOURNING, fighting to WIN HIM BACK (again, this is a standard romantic trope and the next part of the story in line with the standard romantic storyline that they are abiding to, for more info search #break up theory on my blog).

Next season should be even stronger with the subtext and we will see things coming into the text much more than even in season 12. 

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In season 12 we had hugs, worrying for your boyfriend and a freaking mixtape. 

I think season 13 will raise us something along the lines of mourning like a widower, Sam supporting Dean in this widower role, an awkward accidental date, talking about feelings, working on something together while laughing and doing the heart eyes and probably some kind of accidental kiss / falling over each other or whatever if they want to get really blatant about it ;)

With regards to how they will make it canon, these are two BAMF guys who, yes, are actually also deep down very soft and sweet in their personalities but are not going to start running bubble baths and giving each other bouquets of flowers on screen. All we need and want is a couple of shots of Cas shuffling into the kitchen in Dean’s dead guy robe for a couple of cups of coffee in the morning and Dean’s gruff “coming Cas?” as he goes off to bed, a shot of them giving each other a cute look over lunch while Sam rolls his eyes, thats all we need after the initial love declaration or 1 kiss of whatever way they decide to go…

I mean, I’m being really arrogant here, but Destiel isn’t the only thing that me and the other meta writers write about and we are all basking in the glory of the fact that pretty much everything we speculated would happen character wise in s12 has happened and that pretty much all our endgame speculation has either happened already or looks very much on track to being so. It would be weird if we were right about all the rest and not about Destiel, which is one of the most blatant ones of all…

ango!! my favorite boy!!!!


ROBINS + LABELS (Happy birthday, @henwick aka my sweet smol child!)


“No! [We’re here to take control of] our emotions, our anger. So let’s take all our anger and put in a little ball….. and let it go. Release your anger!”

Regis playing golf on top of the Citadel because he needs a day off

  • His advisers are not welcomed to the top except Clarus
  • There’s a mini golf course with that cute spinning windmill attached
    • You got Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto playing it
  • Regis tees off as he looks into the distance - “Good eye, Your Majesty.”
  • Somewhere down below, Cor immediately takes out his sword and slices the ball in half
    • :[
    • “I told you he would notice,” says Clarus
    • “That was luck.” and Regis aims one at Cor again
    • Cor steps to the side, takes out his phone and calls Regis
    • “Your Majesty, is this necessary?”
    • “I’m practicing my shots.”
    • “At me?”
    • “Think of this as training.” And Regis hangs up and lets Clarus try
    • Down below, Cor lets out a very long sigh and Drautos stands next to him and asks him how his day is
    • “Eventful.”
    • Golf ball lands behind Drautos
    • :|
    • “Good aim, Clarus.”
    • It’s a very good day for golfing

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this

BBS Fandom Gothic
  • You distinctly remember watching a video long before time began to pass, but when you go back to look for it, it is gone. You ask others, and they do not remember the video. Perhaps it never existed. 
  • “What do you call a magic owl?” you ask the crowd of silhouettes that surround you. “Hoodini,” they say. “Hoodini” is all they say. “Hoodini” repeats around you in a chorus of chants that echoes against nonexistent walls. You try to run, but the crowd runs with you. There is no escape. 
  • You remember the owl being human once, and the pig and the eagle. You feel as though all of the animals were human once, but it was so long ago that you don’t quite remember. The panda has always been human, but you don’t question this. Nobody ever does. 
  • You meet a man with no face, and he tells you his name is Ryan. You have never met a Ryan, nor a man with no face, but his presence is comforting and familiar. He offers you his hand and promises to take you home. You did not tell him where you live, but you trust him wholeheartedly for reasons you cannot explain. 
  • The monkey laughs with childlike glee, and you are sure he is only a child. He has been a child for many many years. Time does not affect him.
  • You feel boiling anger at a dog you have never met. He looks up at you cutely and sweetly, but you must not fall for his tricks. You must not believe his lies. If he speaks to you, you must silence him with a firm shout of his name. You already know what it is and do not need to ask. Tell him no. Only tell him no.
  • The owl has two names. Bat Owl? Night Owl? You are not sure which is right, but he answers to both. You ask the raccoon his name, but he doesn’t seem to remember. 
  • Delirious is a real, tangible person. You know this. You have seen many artists’ renditions of him that are all slightly different but all recognisable. You know he is real, but you cannot picture him. All you can see is static in a vaguely humanoid shape. It buzzes and crackles like a radio that has been disconnected, and you can hear a distinct cackle among the cacophony of sounds. It is laughing at you, and you do not know why. The static grows and eats and consumes all that exists around it until the static is all that you see. You scream into the void and the void screams back. 
  • The owl tells you that everything will be alright. The world is burning around you, but somehow, everything will be alright.