let's ball

Giveaway back open!!!!

My giveaway for shiny female Chikorita, male Totodile, and male Cyndaquil is back open!!!
They are all at Lv1.

to get them:
-put a Meowth named NanuTrades up on the GTS
-please message me you IGN, Lv and gender of deposited Meowth(I might not see you on the GTS if you do not do this!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Lv and gender lock so there is less a chance that you will be sniped!!!

-One of each Pokemon per person!!!
If you get one in a fast ball let me know you have won a free shiny Slugma!!!!
-If you have any suggestions on what I should give out next let me know, you may see me giving it out next weekend!!!!

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this


We had to scan an ink drawing we did and color it in PS. Brought me back to highschool because before I started using SAI that was my default way to create art haha!

We had to draw a ‘bouquet’ and it could be anything we wanted just so long as it was ‘bouquet’ shaped, sooooooo I drew a cute little ball python curling round some daisies and did color variants

Both black and colored lines, I’m gonna put these on Redbubble this weekend because I want cute snoots to put on my folders

plus I’m just super proud of my snoots


This is for @alittlestardustcaught and @beyondmythought-s cause nice people deserve nice things. Part of Nice things project.

It is a queer thing having legs and walking among men. Beneath the ocean, within the oceans arms arms, everything is cool. The sun’s touch is distant and ligter than a whisper, but here there is only heat.  Heat during the days and heat during the nights and heat when Jon touches her.

The heat that Jon creates is the only heat that she desires or misses when she returns back to the oceans embrace. Jon is the only thing she ever misses now days,  he and their babes. The feeling doesn’t even go away when she returns to the ocean’s cool embrace and her home of salt. She doesn’t ever truly feel connected or anchored until she us once more in his arms. It scares her sometimes, the sharpness of her yearning and her fierce desire for him. It is as if he’s cast some strange and ghastly enchantment over her, as if she’s not truly herself until they are reunited.
 She is a daughter of Neptune, beloved and precious. She’s not meant for this, this mothering and loving and existing in a world dictated by reason and sense. She is meant for the froth of sea in her mouth and salt and rage. She is meant for dark caves and mystery and strange songs. She always seems to forget this every time she lays eyes on him. Jon’s eyes and smiles and his person are familiar and beloved to her.  His eyes are the grey of a mournful sea, gentle and sad and kind all at once. All her fears seem to fade away and fall into a hush when she looks at him or feels the weight of his hand upon at her or at the face of his quiet love, passionate, scorching and gentle all at once. It is the gentle lilt of his words and his bare skin against her, it is all this and more that loosens the tight fist of fear around her lungs. It is all this and more that makes her forget.

It is impossible to forget for long though. She sees how time slowly creeps upon them. Jon had promised her that they had all the time they wanted when she had asked what time truly was. She knows that is not true now. She understands the invisible force and it’s imminent power now. She knows this and still she wants all of time for her and Jon. She wants the end of the world and a beginning of another one. She wants the burn of stars. She wants the raging seas. She wants to see all of this with Jon but that is not the way of man. Men do not live for long. She is a child of the sea but it is truly mankind that are the children. Their paths and lives extend as far as the gentle tide on sand.

That is the truth of it and she knows that and yet her heart aches when she sees how grey is interspersed with the dark of his hair and beard. There are lines on his face that were never previously there and at times he seems so much smaller while the babes that she nursed are bigger than even her. It hurts to see him edging closer and closer into a journey that she will not be able to follow him into. She had gone into their marriage thinking that they had more than enough time. She had been wrong.  It was not enough. She wants more. More smiles and more laughter. More nights of heat and flushed bare skin. More babes. More of him.

She wonders what she will do when Jon makes his last voyage into a place made to be forever unknowable and unreachable. She wonders if she will spend the rest of her years, lost in her grief or if she will rage. Rage at the sea and world both. The answer comes as quickly and easily as it always does. She will set sail on all Seven of the unknown and strange seas. She will set sail in the heavens and stars if must be. She won’t stop until she is reunited with him and if death was barred from her, then she wouldn’t stop breaking and recreating time and changing it to her rules until all had heard her pleas and given her eternity with Jon. She would not let even death split her and Jon.