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Have you stopped eating evening meals now?

Oh no. I am not giving up now. This week has been a little less consistent than last week, for various reasons, and I’ve discovered that when I miss a evening or two, it makes it harder to get going again the next night. Trying to not beat myself up though and to recognise that some part of this is just life happening, everyone has evenings where they’re really busy and don’t get to sit down for a proper meal. The challenge is that if I want to have that flexibility, I need to be able to pick it back up again the next night, not let it trigger a downward spiral.

Been reading SnB again recently, this time trying to pay a little more attention and… well. You can sum my reaction up this way: Seren deserves better. Much, much better.

See, until recently, it didn’t really hit me how bad her situation really is. Most recent chapters, 128 and onward, had me thinking she’s being unreasonable. Taking back Parthevia, yadda yadda, royal blood, yadda yadda… and then I went through those early chapters where Drakon came for her, his fight with Barbarossa and even some bits and pieces from Heliohapt.

Then it just sort of hit me like a freight train.

She never wanted that marriage with Barbarossa to happen. Then her father got killed, and her brother is essentially turned into a hostage. Even as a general in the army she was literally powerless to stop any of it. Then Drakon got mutilated right in front of her, and sure, he may have gotten better, but he still got turned into something different from a human because of her. All that, followed by months and months of torture traveling where everything was out to kill her.

And even now that she finally gets power to fight back, she’s all alone, her support only a mean-spirited brat who may be a Magi, but is still a child.

Her need to stand up against Barbarossa is something I find completely justified, but also incredibly tragic. Both Seren and Drakon had lost everything thanks to that one man, but when things get down to it, there’s just one thing that makes them different. Drakon managed to move past whatever feeling of resentment he may have had and focused on the future instead of the past.

Seren didn’t.

When I look at her, I see a girl who has had her entire world turned upside down. Somebody who wants the best for her country, but simply can’t look past her personal grudges. Somebody who has a good enough sense of responsibility, but is unable to look past the harm that had been done to her family. And it’s only going to get worse.

She didn’t deserve that.

And my god, I hope you wake up one morning to someone who loves you like you’re a sunflower and they’re desperate to keep you alive. I hope you dance with them in the small space of your kitchen floor, messy hair and tired eyes because you both been up all night watching movies again. I hope you laugh with them in a way you never did with anyone else, head tilted back and lips apart as you let out every sound your laugh can possibly make and I hope to god you don’t try to cover your mouth. And if you do, because that’s okay, I know I sometimes do, I hope they stop you. I hope they grab your hand before it ever comes in contact with your lips and I hope they hold it to their chest as they watch you with kind loving eyes. Because fuck, everyone knows you deserve it. And I hope you find someone who’ll accept you. I hope they accept your messy hair in the early morning of the day and I hope they accept the way you sometimes talk too much and can’t seem to stop when you’re nervous or how you still cry yourself to sleep on some nights. I hope they hold you and kiss you on the places where you’re most insecure at and I hope to god you let them. I hope you find someone who makes you happy, even when you feel like sometimes, life is too hard for you. And I hope that when you both come across a tough situation and it comes down to a choice where you are one of them, I hope they choose you. Every goddamn time, I hope they choose you.
—  excerpts from tullipsink.tumblr.com
“Leta” Part 3

Get ready for the third and final installment of the Leta series! As always, thank you so so much for all the love this series has gotten, hopefully I will try to live up to it! Without further ado, here is part 3!

Disclaimer: I do not hate Leta (I don’t even know her) I’m just using the concept of this character and what we know about her to create some fun conflict. Tbh because she’s played by Zoe Kravitz I’ll probably end up loving her.

Links to : 1 & 2

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Newt watched as you stormed out the door, and hoped to god that it wasn’t for good. He was trying not to let his anxious imagination get the best of him. But of course, a couple of toxic thoughts got the best of him.

You hated him, he thought.

He had lost you. You never wanted to see his face again.

He had hurt you.

He failed to shake the taunting voices from his head.

So he trudged back up the stairs, and opened up the door to his flat. It was incredible how empty it felt without you there, it was almost as if when you left, you carried a piece of home with you.

It left him with a dreadful feeling.

He stepped in and found Leta in the kitchen, pouring two very inviting glasses of wine.

“Leta, no I-” but she talked over him, obviously not listening.

“Well that was a bit childish of her…running out like that in the middle of such a wonderful dinner” she said, while bringing the two (very generously) filled glasses to where he was standing.

“Why don’t you come sit down and relax. Just because she’s gone, doesn’t mean our evening suddenly has to end” she pushed the glass toward him, but he put up his hand lazily, refusing the drink.

“I-I think I’m done for the night, Leta. I just want to be alone.” He decided he would go tend to his creatures for a bit to take his mind off of you. He tried to move around her to get to his bedroom, but she stepped in his path.

“But we’re having such a lovely evening, and I’ve already poured the wine! You don’t want it to go to waste, do you?” He met her eyes for a brief moment, and frowned deeply.

“My love life is hanging in the balance, the most important person to me in the world is furious with me, and I’m about to spend my anniversary alone. This evening is far from lovely” Leta recoiled at his icy tone, and retracted her arm.

She set the glasses down on the table, then turned to Newt and crossed her arms.

“She wasn’t right for you, Newt. She’s obviously threatened by me without any good reason, she has the self esteem of a bug. You need someone who can hold her own, someone who can take care of you.” Leta pressed her hand to his chest, and looked up into his brilliant blue eyes. “You need someone like me.”

Newt knit his eyebrows, incredibly offended at what she was saying about you.

“I love her, why would you say that?” he pushed her hand off, growing more frustrated by the moment.

“You don’t love her, Newt. You know there’s been something holding you back. You’re not taking this slow because you love her, I think it’s the exact opposite. Something is blocking you two, and you know that something is me” Leta bit, face inching closer and closer to his.

“That’s why you haven’t married her yet, Newt. There’s still a thought nagging you, and asking you, ‘What if?’ What if you and I had fallen in love, would there be more passion, more heat? Would you have been happier than you are now with (Y/N)?”

Leta, in a swift and easy motion, pulled Newt close to her by the neck, and into a frenzied kiss.

He stood shocked, not realizing what was going on until it was already too late. Completely disgusted, he shoved her off of him.

That was it.

“Get out of my house” he growled, completely out of character. Her face twisted into a frown.

“You know that I’m right, it was written on your lips” He gathered her coat from the rack, and threw it at her chest.

“I can’t believe I ever gave you a chance, I let you into my home! (Y/N) was right, you haven’t changed.” she began walking toward the door, but not after cheekily replying, “obviously neither have you.”

“You used me, just like you did back in school.”

She stopped in the door frame, smiled,  and looked over her shoulder.

“Oh Newt, someday you’ll come to your senses, and then you’ll know where to find me” A confident smile crept onto her face as she stepped out, and he slammed the door behind her.

Newt didn’t realize how heavy he was breathing until it was just him in the room. He felt utterly lost and confused, unable to think straight. But he knew one thing for sure, he had to find you.


As the clock struck midnight, you lit a small candle in your kitchen. The rest of the room was plunged into darkness, save for your hunched figure at the table.

“Happy anniversary (Y/N)” you whispered bitterly.

You could only think about what Newt must’ve been doing. Was he taking your side? Were they even arguing, or were they doing something entirely different.

You shouldn’t have left him alone with her, what if he was cheating on you?

You tried to push your thoughts away.

You thought about going back multiple times to mend things with your boyfriend, but also to give Leta a swift punch to the throat.

But mostly the boyfriend thing.

You should apologize. It was your anniversary…you didn’t mean to leave it like this.

You were about to reach for your wand, when suddenly the very man you were going to see apparated into your room, looking a panicked mess. Then, his eyes landed on you.

“Newt, I was just about to-” you started, but your words died in your throat as he gathered you in desperate embrace.

You were surprised, but of course you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him back.

“I was just about to come over.” you said, face buried in his neck, but he suddenly grabbed you by the shoulders and pulled you back, shaking his head wildly.

“No, no I must apologize. Leta is…a terrible woman, you were right. I am so sorry for ever doubting you. I love you, and only you, for the rest of my life!”

You couldn’t stop the smile from making its way onto your face.

“Really?” Newt felt a blush creep onto his cheeks, and decided right now was as good of time as any to go for it.

“Really, and truly. (Y/N), I’ve never met anybody who has made me feel the way I do about you, not even Leta. I remember the day I found you again at the ministry, and thanking Merlin everyday for bringing you back to me. These three years have been the happiest of my life, so It frightened me to death when you left last night. The flat felt so empty, I felt empty. I never, ever want to feel that way again. So I guess what I’m asking is….” A certain small box in his pocket suddenly felt very heavy.

He stepped away from you, but only a step to get down onto his knee, eyes never leaving yours for even a second.

Your breath hitched in your throat.

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small velvet box, then opened it to reveal a simple, yet evident diamond on a golden band.

“This is far from how I wanted this to go…but I realized if I ever wanted to propose you, I need to do it now. So before I freeze up and chicken out again, (Y/N)(L/N), will you marry me?”

You stood there in a trance, willing yourself to speak, or even move. You had to admit, this was not the way you were expecting your anniversary to go for MANY reasons. You observed Newt on the floor, eyes full of terror and passion, and the engagement ring held close to his chest.

You were brought back into reality when you felt your eyes well up with tears, one already slipping down your cheek and landing on the wooden floor.

“O-of course! Of course I-I will!” you replied, your emotions getting the better of your voice. You kneeled down to Newt’s level, and cupped his face, leaning in to kiss him.

He met you halfway and your lips crashed together, completely forgetting about the ring he was still holding.

“I was beginning to get worried” you giggled in between kisses, and you could feel him smile as well.

“How long have you had that?”

“Quite a while really, I’ve been holding onto this so long, I had to keep it in a special place away from the Niffler.” His attention finally turned back to the piece of jewelry.

“Oh, may I?” he held your hand, asking permission to put the ring on. After all this time, he was still sweet as can be.

You nodded vigorously as he pulled the ring out of the little red box, and it slid easily onto your finger, as if it was always meant to be there. You then pulled him back into a hug, clinging to his blue coat and breathing in the scent.

You held him in relief, comforted by the thought that everything was going to be okay. Leta could no longer haunt you, and you could finally be completely free.

Newt held onto you tightly, as if if he let you go, you would slip away from him again. Of course he was completely overjoyed you said yes, but for some reason, he couldn’t push away Leta’s words from his head, and couldn’t ignore her lingering presence on his lips.

Everyday for the rest of your lives, would he be questioning what would have happened between him and Leta if he had never been expelled?

No, he willed himself to banish those thoughts. He had you now, and he would be a hundred times happier with you than he ever would be with that witch.

He looked down at you in his arms and for once in his life, he was absolutely sure.


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And my god, I hope you wake up one morning to someone who loves you like you’re a sunflower and they’re desperate to keep you alive.
I hope you dance with them in the small space of your kitchen floor, messy hair and tired eyes because you both been up all night watching movies again.
I hope you laugh with them in a way you never did with anyone else, head tilted back and lips apart as you let out every sound your laugh can possibly make and I hope to god you don’t try to cover your mouth. And if you do, because that’s okay, I know I sometimes do, I hope they stop you.
I hope they grab your hand before it ever comes in contact with your lips and I hope they hold it to their chest as they watch you with kind loving eyes. Because fuck, everyone knows you deserve it. And I hope you find someone who’ll accept you.
I hope they accept your messy hair in the early morning of the day and I hope they accept the way you sometimes talk too much and can’t seem to stop when you’re nervous or how you still cry yourself to sleep on some nights.
I hope they hold you and kiss you on the places where you’re most insecure at and I hope to god you let them.
I hope you find someone who makes you happy, even when you feel like sometimes, life is too hard for you. And I hope that when you both come across a tough situation and it comes down to a choice where you are one of them,
I hope they choose you. Every goddamn time, I hope they choose you.
—  A.M//for you

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

My kid reacts to Episode 5

Let me remind you all.  They are SEVEN.

“Minami is cute”

Kiddo: “Is Yurio in this episode?”

Me: “Only for like two seconds.”

Kiddo: “I will love him in those two seconds.”

1st hug- “Please pause!" 

*slowly leaves going ‘oh my god!’ comes back with toys for emotional support* 


*watches the hug again with a big grin while clutching a teddy bear*

Me: "Minami is all of us.”

Kiddo: “Especially me.”

Kiddo: “Hurry up and get to angry cute!”

Me: “Not 'til the end.”

Kiddo: “Oh come on!”

Yuri cheers for Minami- 

Minami’s routine- “I’m trying not to have a nosebleed”

2nd hug-

 "This time I need to do this for some time"

Yuri’s Routine finished- *Pauses and retires upstairs to their room*


*comes back*

Almost hug- “That won’t help”


Yuri’s speech- “OH MY GOSH SO GREAT!”

Conclusion- “My favourite two characters are Yurio and Victor/Yuri. Because Victor and Yuri count as one character.”

I’m not sure if you still remember me, but let me introduce myself again to you. We used to love each other before. You used to trace my spine and lighten up my world with your smile. We were perfect back then, but everything was ruined. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to win you back. I just want to exhaust the remaining things about you, inside.
You know what, I still hate you after all those years. It’s been six years, to be exact. And every single day, I hate your existence. When there’s a time that I reminisce our past, it makes me feel sick. I don’t know what made me fell in love with you in the first place and how everything went from good to worse. You were the worst thing that ever happened to me.
I hate you for being so selfish and never tried to shut your mouth and let me win an argument. You didn’t hold my hand and stop me from leaving for that night. You just let me walk away and made me feel that you never loved me. You think only about your happiness, you never paid attention to my details. You never asked if I’m still happy, you think only about yourself.
I hate you for painting my world with your colors and made me used to love them. And now you were gone, it makes me insane because I see them every day. I tried to hide everything through smiles, but my eyes never stopped bleeding them. There’s no way I could escape because you planted flowers inside my chest and it continues to breathe your stupid name. I couldn’t breathe on my own.
I hate you for making me believe in your promises that you will stay, no matter what happens.
I hate you for being a part of my life, for scarring my heart with your love. You build walls around me with your kindest words and now that you were in love with someone else, I don’t know how to climb up, explore the world and start all over again. I’m afraid to jump on my own because you made me believe that fear won’t exist if you were here. I’m still afraid.
I hate you for making me in love with your favorite song. After six years, it’s still playing in my head.
I hate you, let me move on.
—  E.J. Cenita, A Letter For Someone I Hate The Most
You Deserve Better

Can you do a fic where pietro is an ass to the reader and she is like best friends with Bucky? And pietro is mean because he’s jealous of their relationship but one time he takes it too far and he never gets her? Thanks- Anon /// I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader has feelings for Bucky but pietro is an asshole to the reader? But then Bucky says he loves reader and pietro gets all mad? Sorry if this is hard to understand - @lucihaspie

Note: hi guess who’s back. back again. ya girl. ok so I put these two together, I hope that’s okay! this took a while and I apologize! feedback is more than welcome and thanks so much for the request! .c

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You and Bucky have been best friends basically since he arrived at the tower. You were bold in trying to get him to be your friend, and he warmed up to you one night after you let him vent to you about what went on in his mind. 

He knew he could confide in you and come to you about anything. You knew you’d never match up to his friendship with Steve, but it was pretty damn close. You had to admit, you’ve actually fallen for the super soldier.

There was an issue though, you were bold, but not bold enough to tell Bucky how you really feel. So, you leave it hidden in the back of your mind, closed off until the right moment. If that would ever come. Most days, you had an annoying pest called Pietro to keep those feelings and thoughts at bay.

You had just gotten back from a mission, tired and covered in mud and grime. Your joints hurt and you had cuts littered all over your body. Though the mission was a success, you had Pietro yelling in your ear every step you took about how you almost messed it all up, even though you really didn’t.

The team followed behind you and Pietro, watching him scream at you. “You’re stupid! An idiot! You could have gotten me shot!” Pietro yelled with his thick accent, his arms flailing around. You bit your tongue, tasting the metallic iron rising to the surface from biting so hard. You stared straight ahead, trying to drown out the man yelling at the top of his lungs at you.

You heard heavy footsteps approaching and someone shoved Pietro to the ground, just to have him speed back to his feet. “Enough! She didn’t do a damn thing wrong! I am tired of you acting like she’s nothing! Leave her alone!” You heard Bucky yell at Pietro. The two were toughing noses and both breathing heavily. “Hit me. Go on, if you’re so tough.” Pietro spat menacingly as Bucky’s metal hand clenched.

Wanda stepped in between the two, both of their chests crowding her. “If anybody hits anyone, it’ll be me hitting the both of you. Stop it.” Wanda ordered, staring up at her brother’s face. Bucky growled and you heard his arm whirring. 

He stomped off towards your direction and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you into his side as he placed his lips on your head. Pietro watched as you two walked off, his fists clenched.

A few hours had passed and you were all cleaned up. You were relaxing in the common room on the couch with Bucky, your head in his lap. Bucky’s hand was raking through your hair, gently scratching and massaging your scalp. You hummed in content with your eyes shut and Bucky stared down at you, a smile on his face. “That feel good?” Bucky asked, his voice just above a whisper.

You nodded gently as you opened your eyes to look at Bucky. He was staring down at you and you immediately blushed. Bucky chuckled, his body gently moving against you. “You’re cute when you blush.” Bucky said, caressing your hairline, letting his hand move down the length of your hair. “Are you serious? She’s not cute at all.” You heard Pietro’s annoying voice chime in.

Bucky’s head snapped towards Pietro, his jaw clenched. “Might wanna get your eyes checked.” Bucky grumbled, his hand ceasing it’s movement. You sighed and sat up, leaning against Bucky’s chest. 

A loud “ha” escaped from Pietro’s mouth. “My eyes work perfectly fine,” He said with a smug grin, taking a seat in the chair near the sofa, “I can see that Nat’s a goddess. Y/N? Nowhere near.” Pietro finished, his fingers tapping speedily against the arms of the chair.

You swallowed the lump that was forming in your throat. You had confided in Bucky one night about how insecure you felt about yourself and how you thought Natasha was better in basically every area. Bucky told you that he thought you were perfect and you should never talk so lowly of yourself.

You tried to move off of Bucky, but his arm slithered around your waist, holding you against him. Bucky sighed heavily. “Pietro, do us a favor and just leave, please.” Bucky snapped, his voice wavering between angry and calm. 

You sank into Bucky’s hold, feeling your face heat up. “Okay, tell me this, Barnes. Who would you choose between Nat and Y/N?” Pietro asked, causing Bucky’s breathing to stop and you to sit and wait for his answer.

Your heart was thumping in your ears as Bucky stayed silent. You shoved yourself off of Bucky, tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Pietro’s arm stuck out as you walked by him and he gripped your wrist. “Don’t touch me.” You spat, yanking your hand from him. 

Bucky stood to his feet, watching you two. Pietro smirked at you, his eyes staring into your watery ones. You saw a flash of something in his eyes, but you couldn’t place your finger on it. It almost looked like guilt, sadness, and pain. But you knew he could never feel bad about how he treated you.

Pietro shrugged and chuckled. “So, you know I’m right then.” Pietro said to Bucky as you walked away, not being able to handle standing there any longer. You weren’t there to see Bucky snatch Pietro up by his shirt and defend your honor, telling Pietro how you felt about yourself and how much he loved you. You didn’t see the anger take place in Pietro.

You ran to your room, shoving past a team member every now and then. Steve finally stopped you in your hallway, he had been in Wanda’s room, discussing Pietro earlier and what they should do to stop it for good. “Y/N?” Steve asked, his blue eyes observing your current state. You sniffled and looked at your shoes. “C-Captain.” You said, your voice breaking.

Steve stepped closer to you, his finger lifting your chin. “Y/N, you can call me Steve off duty. Tell me what’s wrong.” Steve said with a slight frown, wiping your tears. Your lip quivered and you threw yourself into Steve’s arms, sobbing into his navy blue shirt. “Pietro.” He said with a firm voice, he was all too familiar with this. His arms tightened around you before he pulled away.

You choked on another sob and Steve held your arms. “I’ll be back. Go to Wanda, talk to her, please.” Steve said before he placed a kiss to your forehead. You nodded and he left, his strides long and angry. You stood in front of Wanda’s door and she turned to you. “Hey Y/N-” She gasped at your wet cheeks and puffy eyes. “Again?” She asked, shaking her head as she walked over to you and hugged you.

You sighed into the hug, your arms holding her. “He’s so mean all the time.” You whispered as you felt Wanda’s hands rubbing your back. “I tell him to stop, he just doesn’t listen.” Wanda said softly, “Y/N, there’s something you should know.” Wanda said as she pulled back from you. You listened closely.

Wanda sighed and looked around her room, as if she were searching for what to say. “My brother is jealous of your relationship with Bucky.” Wanda finally said and your eyebrows creased together. “Wh-why? Why would that give him any reason to treat me so horribly?“ You questioned as you felt the anger in your stomach start to boil. You watched Wanda’s face as she gave you a look.

Wanda shook her head, her hair falling from behind her ear. “I-I think he likes you.” Wanda said, almost whispered. Your mouth fell open and you took a step backwards. Pietro treated you horribly because he was jealous and likes you? Who the hell does that? How is that right at all? You scoffed and wiped angry tears away, leaving Wanda’s room.

She rushed after you and grabbed your wrist. “Y/N! Please, don’t-” You turned to her. “What? Don’t hurt him?” You spat, squinting your eyes at her. She recoiled and frowned. She nodded and tucked her lips between her teeth before responding. “I can’t stop you.” She said, meeting your eyes. You scoffed. “No, you can’t.” You said before stomping away.

Your anger was something you hardly act on but now, you just wanted to lash out. You breathed in and out heavily, ignoring the sudden lightheaded wave that hit you. You took the elevator up to the common room and heard Bucky yelling already. No doubt at Pietro. You walked in cautiously, listening.

Bucky growled, shaking his head. “You’re the biggest piece of-of CRAP! You profess love but treat her like she’s nothing!? Yo-you-” Bucky pointed at Pietro, “are a waste of her time!” He yelled, his voice growing hoarse. Pietro was standing still, his shoulders slumped. You walked in and gained the attention of everyone. Wanda walked in beside you now.

You bit back your anger, deciding to spare Pietro your own wrath. Pietro turned to you and Bucky looked like he had been crying. Your heart sank as you walked up to Pietro. You looked up at him and he was about to speak, until your hand flew up and across his cheek. You heard gasps fall from the mouths in the room. Pietro held his reddened cheek and wiggled his jaw.

His eyes filled with tears and he looked down at you. Your hand stung but you shook it off, straightening your back and shoulders. “I deserved that.” Pietro said softly. You scoffed and shook your head. “You deserve a lot worse after everything you did to me.” You said, your voice smaller and weaker than you wanted it to be.

Pietro clenched his jaw and nodded, his cheek slightly swelling. “I, uh, guess you don’t feel the same, huh?” Pietro asked you, his eyes meeting yours. You shook your head, looking up at him. “No.” You said before turning on your heel and making your way back to your room.

Back in the common room, Bucky walked over to Pietro. “You fucked up. But at least she has someone to treat her right and who loves her.” Bucky said, walking away. Pietro scoffed and chuckled, getting angry again. Before he could speed over and give Bucky a swift punch to the face like he wanted, Wanda trapped him in her red shield.

Bucky kept walking, taking the elevator to your room.

You were sitting on your balcony with your legs dangling through the openings, letting the cold wind dry your fresh tears. You wiped at your cheeks and inhaled shakily, a little sob breaking through your mouth.

You couldn’t believe that someone would treat you so horribly and say such mean things to you, cutting you down to nothing but insecurities, and say they like you. You just couldn’t believe it.

You heard your balcony doors open, not able to see who it was as you stared down at the busy city far beneath you. “Wanda, if you’re here to scold me for slapping your brother, I’m not going to apologize.” You said through your sobs. “I was going to say it was pretty impressive, though I expected a punch.” You heard Bucky say with a small chuckle.

You couldn’t help but blush at the sound of his voice. You felt him pick you up by your waist, pulling you from the railing. You turned to Bucky and shivered from the gust of wind, your hair whipping into your face. He tucked it behind your ear and pressed a kiss to your forehead. You let Bucky take you back inside of your room, shutting the balcony doors.

You sat on your bed, leaning against your headboard. Bucky sat beside you and pulled you onto his lap. “Y/N, please don’t cry.” Bucky whispered, cradling your head onto his shoulder. 

You sniffled and held in your tears, a tired sigh escaping your lips. “I just don’t know how-I mean, he-” You sobbed again, shaking your head. Bucky held you closer and shushed you gently. He rocked you back and forth, his own heart breaking at your tears.

You sat in silence, listening to Bucky’s slow and steady breathing. You played with his metal fingers, finding comfort in the cold. Bucky placed kisses along your head, his flesh hand drawing random shapes on your thigh. “I love you, Y/N.” Bucky suddenly whispered, leaning his chin on your head. You stopped your movements and your breath hitched in your throat.

You sat up and turned in Bucky’s lap, straddling him as your eyebrows creased. “What?” You asked, your voice soft. You stared into Bucky’s eyes and he held your waist, his thumbs rubbing the small bit of exposed skin from your shirt riding up. Bucky smiled and looked at your face, studying every inch of it as if he would forget it.

Bucky inhaled nervously. “I love you.” Bucky repeated, his eyes searching yours. Your mouth fell open a tad as you processed what he just said. “But, earlier you didn’t say who you’d choose, I assumed you said Natasha after I left.” You said, looking away from Bucky’s eyes. “No, I’d choose you any day. I just didn’t know what to say, Pietro was pissing me off.” Bucky explained, rubbing your sides.

You looked up at Bucky again and looked at his lips. You leaned in slowly, building the courage to finally tell Bucky how you felt. “I love you too, Bucky.” You whispered before closing the distance between your lips and his. Bucky smiled into the kiss and pulled you closer, his metal hand cradling your head gently.

Your lips moved against each others perfectly as your hands found his long locks, gently raking through them. Your stomach flipped with happiness and you realized that you belonged with Bucky and nothing would change that.


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Try My Best

Request: Could you do one where y/n and Shawn go to Matt’s wedding? and it’s all cute

Word Count: 2,100

A/N: Read this first to get background story. 

Try My Best

“I now pronounce you husband and wife” The priest said, letting Matt and Catherine share their first kiss as newlyweds.

“Aww, babe. Are you crying?” Shawn whispered, leaning towards you. You didn’t need to look at him to know, he was smirking widely at you.

“Shut up, Shawn. It’s beautiful” You said to your defence.

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BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep.


He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. He would grin at how perfect you were, from your eyelashes to your lips barely parted letting out even breaths. He would wonder how he got so lucky, kiss your nose and drift back to sleep.

Originally posted by tabwi


Lets be real, he was so ready to be mad because you accidentally woke him up when you snuggled up to him. But one look at you, and he just couldn’t find it in himself, you were the one thing worth waking up for. He’d just put his arm around you and draw soothing circles on your back before falling asleep again.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul


Seeing you next to him, cuddled up close, his face inches away from yours he’d lean in and just put his forehead on yours. He would try and memorize your features and how beautiful they each were, being careful not to wake you. (You’re Jimin). 

Originally posted by aegyojimin


He would feel like a 12 year old again, getting so giddy at just your lightest touch. He would look at you and smile at how content you were and wrap you in his arms, making sure you were his to keep safe. He’d brush the hair from your face before laying back contently, never once waking you.

Originally posted by y--oko


He’d freeze as soon as he woke up to you shuffling, making yourself comfortable as you latched onto him and nuzzled your face into his side. He wouldn’t dare move through fear of waking you, so he’d just lie back once you got comfortable and get lost in your small movements, the pace of your breaths and the way your hair tickled his arms.

Originally posted by suga-com


He would think your pouting, sleeping face was just the cutest thing ever and would wish he had a camera to take a picture to show you off to the boys later, despite the fact it was five o’clock in the morning. He’d just kiss your nose once you were comfortable and snuggle up next to you, putting your hair behind your ear to get a good view of how pretty your face was.

Originally posted by jeonsshi


Like Jimin, when he felt you curl up next to him, he would freeze so he didn’t wake you. But after a while, he would pluck up the courage to wrap a strong arm around you and pull you closer with his head resting on yours, slowly falling asleep to the rhythm of your breathing. This would be his face when you two woke up the next morning:

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Do you remember last night?
  • Warnings: Swearing
  • A/N: All characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling
  • One-shot masterlist is linked here: [X]

“Are you drunk?” you questioned in amusement, pushing Sirius back in the direction he slumped, returning him in his drunken state to the upright position on his chair.

“Not drunk enough,” he cheered, attracting a lot of attention to the pair of you as he stood up and pushed you over to the bar of the Three Broomsticks. In fear of falling flat on your face, you sat unsteadily on a bar stool, hearing several disapproving mutters regarding underage drinkers. Being 7th year students, Sirius had already turned 18 and with your birthday looming, he had brought you out for a “pre-birthday piss up.” Swinging around on your stool to give them a piece of your mind, you were span right back around again before you even had time to open your mouth.

“Less time picking fights, more time drinking. Let’s try not to get banned from here too ‘ey?” he teased, sliding you a firewhiskey across the bar, now in a pint sized pewter tankard instead of your previously small glass. Narrowing your eyes at his comment, you refused to react…he knew it was a sour topic that you had accidentally gotten the whole gang banned from the Hog’s head.

“I’ve told you a million times, that wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know that when James challenged me to a charms battle it was going to get that out of hand,” Sirius knew better than to continue on the topic, chuckling and shaking his head as he helped you off the stool and back to your table in a quiet corner.

You widened your eyes at the weight of the tankard as you made your way back across the pub, “Shit Sirius, you are going to kill me,” you groaned, his face filling with a smug grin. It wasn’t until you moved that you had realised how drunk you were, of course you weren’t going to tell him this, you were fed up with your best friend calling you a lightweight and were adamant to keep up with his drinking tonight.

“How exactly did you manage to talk Madam Rosmerta in to serving me alcohol tonight though?” you quizzed curiously. Sirius chuckled at your wincing face as you took a sip of his favourite drink, the burning sensation of the firewhiskey a bit too strong for you.

“Oh it was rather easy really. I just had to apply some of my manly charm,” he sarcastically joked before looking over to the bar and waving in a ridiculing manner at the landlady of the broomsticks. You knew exactly what he meant by that, even before she smittenly waved back.

“So, you chatted her up then?” You cackled, not surprised by the typical Sirius actions, he was gorgeous and he definitely knew it, often using it to his advantage.

“What can I say? I just have so much dedication to your birthday cause,” he teased, “anyway, let’s not pretend like it wasn’t enjoyed by both parties” he added cheekily. To avoid saying something you shouldn’t, you took a large gulp of your drink, feeling a strong pang of jealousy in your stomach. Pushing this feeling away, you reminded yourself that it wasn’t uncommon, all the boys at Hogwarts fancied Madam Rosmerta. She was beautiful after all and he only saw you as his best friend, even if you wanted more.

“Your heroic flirting has once again saved the day, what would we do without it?” you replied, snickering a half laugh and trying not to sound bitter.

“Although I do have to admit, she wasn’t as good to flirt with as you are” he replied casually with a jokey wink. Not expecting this, you were lost for words and you were sure that it was just the firewhiskey talking…it was after all known for giving you courage. Knowing your friendship was naturally flirty anyway, you dismissed the comment, it probably didn’t mean what you hoped. Opting instead to down the remainder of your nearly full pint, Sirius stared at your unusual behaviour in shock before proudly and embarrassingly clapping very loudly.

“I taught you well my friend. This calls for some celebratory shots of red currant rum.” He dashed off to the bar, leaving you alone with your confused feelings and thoughts.

You were sad that the others weren’t able to make it tonight due to being stuck in detention, but you were so gleeful about what they had done that you let it slide. While you and Sirius were out practising quidditch for a few hours in the morning, Sirius’ ex Marlene McKinnon had made a rude comment to Lily in the common room. Consequently; James, Peter, Lily and a reluctant Remus skipped their morning classes, spending the whole morning learning a yellow pus-secreting spell.Coming back from the field, you were both in fits of laughter when you found Marlene with uncontrollable yellow goo squirting from her nose and much to your delight it took the professors half the day to work out how to make it stop.

After many more drinks and hours later, the pair of you were so intoxicated that your vision was going, your speech was slurring and you were definitely swaying in your seat. Despite the lack of company, you and Sirius still had the best night ever, neither of you ever failing to be bored when in each others company. Realising the pub had massively emptied, it was the early hours of the morning and you decided to call it a night and head back to the castle. Nearly falling flat on your face when you tried to stand, Sirius grabbed your arm, catching you before you hit the floor. You cursed yourself for trying to keep up with him, when would you learn that it never ended well.

“Oh fuck, you’re a mess,” he laughed “I love it,” he added, slinging your arm behind his head and over his far shoulder to hold you up when you began to sway. “Well it looks like I will have to piggyback you home again” he falsely sighed, mocking you. “Hop on you lightweight, but I’m warning you, don’t touch my hair.”

You guffawed loudly in your highly intoxicated manner, one of your favourite things about Sirius being his complete inability to not swear. You nodded in response, before using all your concentration to jump on to Sirius’ back, his strong arms catching and securing you tightly to his back. You slumped your head down on his shoulder, losing control of your body, it was feeling too hard to hold up your heavy jelly head.

“But I swear to fucking god (Y/N), if you are sick on me again it will be the end of our relationship. I have a reputation to keep you know,” he joked slurring. He was now stumbling jaggedly down the dark back streets of Hogsmeade to avoid getting caught, still carrying you effortlessly on his back.

Your froze at this, your breath catching in your throat and you felt Sirius do the same. It was as if his own words had accidentally slipped out and even caught him by surprise. “What did you just say?” you asked replaying his words in your head. You were drunk, but definitely not deaf, you were sure he just said you were in a relationship. The words came out his mouth so easily, boldly and fluently that it was slightly frightening - it was like he actually believed them.

With no going back, Sirius had no other option than to ride out his accidental drunken confession, trying to play it out casually. “Oh don’t act like you don’t want to be my girlfriend,” he smirked nonchalantly, keeping his cool on the outside. “You are a bad liar, but an even worse actor,” he laughed.

“You’re right, I do want to be your girlfriend,” you admitted into his neck, neither of you expecting that response, nor for it to be so instant. You immediately knew you shouldn’t have said that, you weren’t sure you could cope with the rejection and didn’t want to lose your best friend. You regretted that firewhiskey more than anything else right now.

After a moment’s silence you began to panic, thankful when Sirius spoke up. “I think I want you to be my girlfriend too,” he admitted, his serious side emerging. You had come to learn with him that serious conversations were rare and few, the joker scarcely wanting to show his vulnerability. But this meant that when they did, you always knew to take his words as genuine.

“I thought we just got on well because you’re a girl and my best friend, but so is Lily and it’s not the same with her. There’s something else there with us, so I guess that means you are more than just a best friend to me?” He pondered for a moment, before breaking back to his usual self. “Also, It’s not often I find someone as cool as me, would be a shame to waste it,” from the tone of his voice, you didn’t even need to see his face to know the arrogant smirk that would be plastered on it. You always told him off for his witty egotistical arrogance, but secretly you found it to be one of his most attractive qualities.

“Well then…I suppose I better had promise not to be sick on you” Sirius seemed pleased with your response, chuckling loudly. You decided to change the subject, feeling now was the wrong time to discuss something so important while being so drunk - your brain was barely working and you actually were beginning to feel sick. “How you not drunker though…we had the same?” It took all your might to talk coherently.

“A magician never reveals his tricks,” he chortled loudly at his own terrible pun, earning an eye roll from you. “No I am actually very drunk, but I clearly can hold my liquor better than you, lightweight,” he snorted the last word. He knew you hated being called that, but he could never resist teasing you. You were too drunk to bother replying, instead placing a sweet kiss on the crook of his neck, feeling bold in the moment. With that, Sirius tightened his grip on your legs, spending the rest of the walk home obnoxiously singing cheesy folk love songs, which was the last thing you remembered before you fell asleep.

It wasn’t until he tripped over the common room sofa and dropped you on the floor with a loud thud that you were awoken abruptly. Lying next to the fire in front of the sofa, you were rolling around on the red rug laughing maniacally. You weren’t mad, if anything you were impressed he had managed to even sneak in this far without getting caught.

“Oops, sorry,” he apologised, collapsing down next to you before grabbing a blanket off the sofa and throwing it over you both. Falling asleep cuddling, the pair of you were content where you were, the fire keeping you warm, neither of you wanting to break your bliss and bother with moving to bed. 

You weren’t sure if it was the harsh light or the sharp prodding that woke you, but both you and Sirius awoke confused and on the common room floor. Remus stood over you both, clearly the culprit of the prodding, looking relieved when you both sat up alive…well, just about. Lily and James sat on the sofa looking amused at your wincing faces and clearly getting enjoyment out of your pain. Peter standing above you with glasses of water and painkillers, which you both sat up and appreciatively took quickly - your mouths drier than ever and your heads thumping.

Clutching your sore head, you groaned, lying back down and covering your face from the sun with your blanket receiving chuckles from all. Despite the pain, you had woken with a smile. It was impossible to not be happy after last night; you no longer had to hide your feelings and knowing he had them back was the best feeling in the world. Grimacing at the strong churning in your stomach, you were sure that the culprit of that was more than likely the alcohol.

“You better get on your feet! We have divination at 9!” James chirped, in a deliberately irritating and overly fake happy tone before snatching the blanket away from you both leaving you without protection from the morning.

“Fuck off James,” Sirius whined. “Divination is crap anyway,” he grouchily added before pulling you back upright, he wasn’t going to suffer alone. Despite being drunk, you remembered everything last night clearly, you hadn’t been able to stop thinking about your conversation on the way home and you were glad there was no awkwardness between the pair of you this morning. Deciding it was best to act normal around your friends, you were waiting for a moment alone with Sirius so that you could talk about what you both admitted the night before.

“You could have at least bought back some breakfast for us,” he whined at your friends, wanting pity in his tender state as he scooted to sit with his back resting on the sofa.

“No way, this is self inflicted,” Lily added with an evil smirk. “If we had to miss out on the fun then we want you to suffer too,” she high-fived James loudly. “By the looks of you, I bet you have some great stories to tell though.”

You laughed at this, nodding your head in agreement. “We will tell you all later, but right now I think I am dying,” you moaned.

“You are on your own with that one (Y/N), I can’t remember anything onward from you nearly starting on those men by the bar,” Sirius spoke directly to you, grinning proudly at your antics as he spoke. 

You could barely hear everybody’s laughter as you looked back at his face, your stomach dropping… you knew him well enough to tell from the look on his face that he wasn’t lying. You knew he was drunk, but he had actually forgotten. How could he forget?

“Nothing at all? Not even the walk home?” you casually asked, trying hard not to raise suspicion or show your disappointment in front of him or your friends.

“Nope, nothing. I don’t even remember leaving. Sign of a good night I think,” he playfully added, shoving you lightly on your arm, before standing up slowly and helping you up after.

“Yeah definitely, it was one of the best nights I have ever had,” you answered, devastated that he couldn’t remember why.

“We are going to make your actual birthday even better,” Remus added.

“We will all be there for a start,” Peter scoffed, earning whoops from your friends.

“It is going to be great, I can’t wait,” you spoke with a false tone, trying your hardest to pretend like nothing was wrong in front of everyone, but the truth was you didn’t care about your birthday. Nothing mattered to you in this moment other than Sirius forgetting.

Feeling yourself about to cry, you knew Sirius was on to you. Knowing you better than anyone he began to pick up on your strange tone and facial expressions. Even if the others had yet to notice anything was wrong, you knew it wouldn’t be long before you slipped up your facade - like Sirius said last night, you were a rubbish actor.

“Well I better go and get dressed,” you excused yourself from your friends in the most inconspicuous way you could, desperate to get away as you turned your back to them and began to walk towards the staircase leading to your dorm. You noted Sirius furrowed brows as he watched you leave, taking a step forward to follow you before deciding to instead confront you about your odd behaviour when you were alone later. He knew that would be his best chance to get the truth from you.

As you ascended the stairs, out of sight, your tears finally split over and with a single stern movement you wiped them away. You knew it was time to make a plan, wracking your brain of a way to remind him of what happened the night before. You refused to cry over this, you had no reason to…he liked you back, even if he couldn’t remember admitting it. You weren’t going to let it slide again, this was the push you needed. As your muggle Mother always said; a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.

Fire In My Heart

Requested: YES! I of course managed to delete the ask, but this if for the anon who wanted firefighter Bucky to save reader after she started a fire in her kitchen!

Summary: Firefighter!Bucky to the rescue.

Warnings: Flirting, if that’s a warning.

Word count: 778

A/N: This is the cheesiest title I could come up with + it’s short as hell. I uploaded this fic yesterday, but it didn’t show up on mobile and some parts were missing in general, so I took it down and now I’m trying again. I hope it’s alright now! Let me know if you notice anything wrong with it!

Part 2? I might, if you guys want :)



Originally posted by natpekis

My plans to have a relaxing Saturday evening were tarnished by my lack of ability to focus on one thing at a time. 

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When I told you I was leaving you said that I would never find anyone better. I laughed, you couldn’t be serious except you weren’t kidding. I’ve given up on trying to tell you that you aren’t the person that you think you are. Every time you try to force your way back into my life I slam the door in your face. I’m protecting my self from the person you really are, not who you think you are. I’m protecting myself from your lies, immaturity, and anger. I won’t ever let you near enough to hurt me again.
—  WVM
Auston Matthews - Part 31

One more part to go and I’m emotional

Waking in the morning in a sea of sheets and Auston’s face nestled against my shoulder, I can’t help but stare down at him. His hair is a complete mess, and I can already see the shadow under his eyes from lack of sleep. We had spent the night gently waking each other until we were both utterly exhausted. Even though he had played games on back to back nights, he still lasted longer than I had. Now looking down at him, his bare chest just visible from me throwing the sheets off, probably from overheating from his body and mine, I can hardly believe I’m waking up next to him again.  

               I try to lay there as long as I possibly can, letting Auston sleep but my bladder doesn’t let it last much longer. Luckily, he’s only resting his torso against me and I’m able to wiggle my legs to the edge of the bed, though getting his head off my shoulder proves to be a little more difficult. I move as slowly as I possibly can but it still wakes him. Auston blinks his brown eyes at me, the tired expression on his face melting my heart and a small part of me dies.

               “Hi,” I whisper, smiling at him while lightly touching his face with my fingertips.

               “Hi,” he whispers back, taking a deep breath and sighing, nuzzling my chest and frowning when he realizes I have a t-shirt on. “I don’t remember you getting dressed?” He asks, picking at the shirt with his finger.

               “After the last time, you were kinda out of it after…” I bite my lip to keep from laughing when his eyes narrow at me.

               “I remember that very clearly, just nothing after,” he says and I giggle.

               “As much as I would prefer to lay here with you… I really have to go the bathroom,” I shift my legs and make a face at him.

               “Fine,” he pouts and detangles his arm from around my waist and lifts himself on to his elbow so I can slide out from under him. The sheet pools at his waist and I blush, quickly looking away. Auston chuckles and pinches my side.

               “Still shy?” He asks, grabbing my arm and pulling me down for a kiss.

               “I’m not shy! I’m just being respectful!” I protest but let him kiss me anyways.

               “You can disrespect me anytime you want,” he smirks up at me and I swat at his bare chest.

               “Auston!” I scold and he laughs.

               “Hurry back,” he says, putting his hands behind his head and giving me a look that makes my stomach clench.

               I make to stand up and instantly have to sit back down, wincing slightly.

               “Everything okay?” Auston asks, frowning at me and probably wondering why my face is fifty shades of red.

               “Uh… yeah, everything’s good,” I say quickly, gritting my teeth and cringing as I stand again. Oh my god! I whimper quietly as I retreat to the bathroom, closing the door behind me and leaning against it, letting out a sigh of pain. Dear God, what did he do to me? I stumble to the sink and look into the mirror. My eyes are too bright and my cheeks a dusting of red, a slightly smug look on my face but also a twinge of discomfort.

               When I walk back out into the bedroom he’s still laying on the bed, his eyes flash up my bare legs to my face.

               “Quit just standing there and come here,” he says, holding out a hand to me.

               I gingerly make my way to bed and hope he doesn’t notice. “You’re walking funny.” So much for that.

               “I am not,” I mutter, climbing onto the bed and resting on my knees beside him.

               “You are, I didn’t mean to make you sore,” he says outright and I blush furiously, looking anywhere but at him.

               “Why are you so blunt with everything?” I ask him exasperated.

               Auston laughs and rests a hand on my leg, squeezing it gently.

               “Because I’m comfortable with you,” he says and I warm at his words, biting my lip to hide my smile.

               “Come here,” he whispers, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me across him, kissing my neck before rolling me underneath him. “I’ll make you feel better,” he whispers against my skin and shiver.

               “I don’t remember you becoming a nurse,” I mutter and he grins.

               “Well, I feel a little responsible…” he starts and I cut him off.

               “A little?” I ask him and he laughs.

               “Okay, fully responsible. Although, you did wake me more times than I woke you,” he adds and I smile shyly up at him.

               “Worth it,” I mumble and as he nips at my neck.

               “However, you do need to lose the shirt in order for me to fully make up to you,” he says, his hands already at the hem and tugging it up my belly.

               “Right… I’m sure the shirt is just hindering your best possible performance…” I muse at him, though I arch my back to help.

               “You were hardly awake last night, obviously I wasn’t up to par,” he says, his lip trailing down my throat.

               “Less talking, more showing,” I whisper, my eyes closing on their own.

               “Whatever you want.”


               Less than an hour later I’m stepping out of the shower and towel drying my hair when I hear the front door open and my dogs bounding up the stairs, overly hyped up after a play session with Auston outside. They come barreling into my room and look around for a second before they spot me and jump around at my knees.

               “Morning, girls,” I laugh, leaning down and kissing them both on their soft heads.

               Auston appears behind them, a little out a breath still.

               “Mitch texted me and asked it was safe for him to come over,” Auston says, grinning at me.

               “Ahh, fun police Mitchell swooping in,” I roll my eyes playfully.

               “Funny, he says the exact same thing about you,” he says and I scowl.

               “Of course he does. It’s not my fault he’s like a five year old when he eats!”

               Auston holds his hands up in mock surrender. “I’m just relaying information, babe. Mind if I shower?” He adds, and I notice his overnight bag at his feet.

               “No, go ahead,” I say, moving past him into the bedroom and towards my closet.

               Auston gets in the shower, not bothering to close the door at all much to my embarrassment. Wonder what its’ like be so confident… I step back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and Auston’s phone goes off next to the sink. I glance at it out of habit of looking at my own and notice his background is a picture of me. Going still, I tilt my head at the screen and try to ignore my heart pounding against my ribs.

               “Hey Auston?” I ask through a mouthful of toothpaste.

               “Yeah?” He says.

               “What are you doing next Saturday? You don’t have a game do you?” I ask him, rinsing my toothbrush under the sink tap.

               “No, why?”

               “Well… um…” I blush for a reason unknown to me, suddenly unbearably shy.

               I hear the curtain pull back slightly and I can see Auston’s head sticking out.

               “Were you going to ask me on a date?” He smirks at me and I turn even redder.

               “No!” I snap, looking anywhere but at him, choosing the ceiling to stare at. “I mean yes,” I admit, chewing on my tongue.

               I don’t have to look at Auston to know that his face is nearly splitting in two with a grin.

               “Then ask me,” he teases and I make a face at him.

               “Do I have to?” I whine, and his face lights up even more.

               “Yep, I think someone asked me if I wanted to hang out with them next Saturday… better have a good reason to cancel on them…” he says and I know he’s lying.

               Scrunching my nose, I face him and right when I open my mouth he talks over me.          

               “Can you not look like you just stepped in dog shit while asking me? Kinda gives me a bad vibe,” Auston says, biting his lip to hide his laugh.

               I huff at him and put on the sweetest face I possibly can, leaning into him slightly until I feel the mist from the shower.

               “Auston, will you please be my date to my cousin’s wedding on Saturday?” I bat my eyelashes at him, and push my arms together which in turn presses my boobs together and his attention goes directly to my chest.

               “You stand like that, I’ll say yes to whatever you want,” Auston says and I smile, I go to pull away but Auston grabs my waist and pulls me half into the shower, my upper half once again getting completely soaked.

               “Auston!” I squeal, trying in vain to pull away. “I just got dry!” I complain through my laugh.

               “Oh, I don’t believe that for a second,” Auston whispers alluringly to me and I hit his arm.

               “What are you? A jack rabbit?” I pull back out of the shower much to his amusement and peel my now sopping wet shirt off and throw it in the sink. Auston peeks out at me right when I go for the clasp of my bra and I scowl at him, deciding to go into my closet to take that off, this time much to his disappointment.

               Half an hour later I’m scarfing down my cereal while Auston makes an omelet, he eyes my cereal warily and opens his mouth to speak and I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

               “Don’t you dare say a single damn thing about my cereal. I’m not the professional athlete, I can eat whatever the hell I want,” I say without even looking up from the maze on the back of my Reese’s Puffs box.

               Auston shuts his mouth and goes about getting his breakfast ready. There’s a knock on the door a few minutes later which surprises me, but then in barges Mitch and Will and the surprise disappears. They immediately weasel their way into the kitchen and Mitch opens the fridge and throws a scowl at me.

               “You didn’t even notice did you?” He asks me.

               I look up from my cereal puzzled, “What?”

               Mitch reaches in and when he pulls back, in his hand is two bags of carrots and he throws them on the counter in front of me and I raise my eyebrows at him.

               “I bought you your carrots and you didn’t even notice!” Mitch exclaims and I stare at him for a moment before bursting out laughing at the ridiculous expression on his face. “Too busy with your fancy new telescope to even care,” Mitch mutters under his breath and I laugh harder.

               “I appreciate the carrots, Mitchell,” I eventually am able to get out through my laughs. “You’re no longer on my shit list,” I wink at him and he rolls his eyes, flinging the carrots back into the fridge and going into the living room to pout and play COD with some guys online.

               Eventually Auston goes and joins them, all three of them with their headsets on. I lean back across the counter I just cleaned in the kitchen and watch them. My two dogs seem to decide that Mitch is at the perfect level for a kiss attack and I hear his protests as they knock him over onto his back and proceed to step on and kiss every exposed part of him, much to the amusement to Will who is apparently on a different team as Auston and Mitch and proceeds to kill Mitch’s character.

               The two quickly get into a heated argument once Mitch rights himself and fights off the attack of Zalla and Andie. I press my lips together in a smile as I watch them, and can only imagine what is being said by the guys who aren’t here.

               A beam of sunlight suddenly comes in through the window behind my sink and crosses across my toes on the floor. I move closer to the window, still facing into the living room and bring my wrist up to the sunlight, the beam hitting the center charm and sending a thousand sparkles across my kitchen and into the living room.

               Auston looks up from his controller and meets my eyes. A thoughtful expression on his face as I send another shower of sparkles sprawling across the room. I return my attention to the charm, zeroing in on the individual points and markings, wondering why I didn’t kiss Auston seven weeks ago when he slid it across the table to me.  

“We’re all here for the same reason: because we believe in this project.”

“I’m here because you got me fired an’ I have a goddamn mortgage,” Lucas corrected. He wasn’t smoking, but was chewing a stick of gum very aggressively. It made him look even angrier. Garth missed the cigarettes.

“Which means you have to believe in this project,” Garth continued, “because if you don’t you’ll be homeless.”

This pep talk had gone a little sideways. Alan still looked green. Lucas was trying to set the room on fire with his eyes.

“Right!” Garth clapped his hands together. “Good talk. Let’s get everything set back up, maybe when the ghosts get back they’ll be more polite this time.”

“If one of ‘em starts tryin’ to get my pants off again,” Lucas warned, “I’m shootin’ you.”

“You’ll shoot me?” Garth asked for confirmation, pressing his hand to his chest. “Why would you shoot me? What could that possibly accomplish?”

“Aside from shuttin’ you the hell up, maybe once you’re dead you can pull 'em offa me.”

“I don’t think that’s how ghosts work.”

“I think you know approximately fuck-all about how ghosts work, an’ I think I didn’t sign up to get sexually assaulted by a goddamn poltergeist.”

“I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence that this is a poltergeist.”

A strong wind blew open all the windows and doors. Lucas did not say he had told him so, but did glower and spit his gum onto the floor.

“So maybe it’s a little–” Garth was cut off by a sudden blinding light. “Susan! I told you we’re waiting on the lights.”

“That’s not me, sir,” Susan said.

“No, sorry, that was me,” someone said as the light faded, who was using Lucas’ voicebox but who was very clearly not Lucas. The accent was wrong, for one thing. For another, Lucas did not usually look that friendly.

And his eyes didn’t usually glow. That was a pretty big tell.

“Alan,” Garth hissed. “Please tell me you’re getting this.”

“You bet your ass,” Alan confirmed from behind the camera.

Not-Lucas was looking down at themself. “Wow, he looked hot before, but now that I’ve got eyes he looks really hot.” They lifted up Lucas’ shirt to look at his abs. Garth didn’t blame them; they were very impressive abs. “Holy crap. Does he have a butterface? I can’t tell because I’m using it.”

“No,” Garth assured them, “he’s pretty handsome. Sort of a rugged prettyboy thing going on.” Possibly he should not have admitted that with the camera rolling.

Lucas’ eyes stopped glowing, and he snarled as he shoved his shirt back down, tucked his hands under his armpits as he crossed his arms. “Do not tell her that,” he said through his teeth, “do not be havin’ a conversation with the spirit forcibly inhabitin’ my body.”

“So it’s a girl?” Garth asked, immediately latching on to that detail.

“I am,” she confirmed cheerfully, uncrossing Lucas’ arms. It was strange to see Lucas’ face with a smile on it, his posture open. A nice kind of strange. “I should introduce myself: my name is Jolene, like the song.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jolene,” Garth said, nudging Susan to make sure she was picking up audio.

“It is not,” Lucas snapped. “What did I say about havin’ a conversation? Stop talkin’ to her an’ get me a damn exorcism.”

“Goodness,” Jolene said, “he’s cranky, isn’t he?”

“I ain’t cranky,” Lucas said, “I’m possessed.”

“Lucas, I need you to calm down until we can find out what she wants,” Garth said.

“I don’t give a damn what she wants,” Lucas said.

“I want you to help me solve my murder and find some lost treasure,” Jolene said, undeterred.

Garth pressed his palms together in a prayer pose, turned his face skyward and put his hands beneath his chin. “Thank you, Santa,” he said toward the ceiling, “for blessing me this day.”

“I swear to God I am gonna shoot your ass.”

A Sleepless Night In Neverland

Summary: It’s the night before a big hunt, and you can’t stop tossing and turning in your bed. After a few hours of restlessness, Peter comes in to the rescue, and has an idea of how to lull you off to sleep.

Word Count: 737

Warnings: Mild Language

You kick your sheets off your body, then pull them back over. You try turning over onto your left side, then your right, then back onto your left. You kick your sheets off again, feeling too overheated, then quickly succumb to the cold, woodsy air, and the whole infuriating routine starts over again.

Annoyed, you let out a frustrated sigh. You don’t know why you can’t sleep. You’ve almost never had trouble going to bed knowing in the morning you’d get to wake up and join Peter on a big mermaid raid. But for some reason, tonight, you could just simply not keep your eyes shut.

You decide to turn over again and count sheep, but lose track (and interest) after eleven. You’re about to count horses instead when you hear the sound of the big curtains that lead into your tent being pulled back, and see the light of a lantern being carried into the room. Instantly, you clamp your eyes shut, and pretend to be unconscious.

You feel panic rise up in your chest: of course the one night you can’t sleep is the night an assassin creeps into the camp.

But then, you smell the familiar apple-cinnamon scent, and all your fears are swiftly washed away.

“Don’t bother pretending, love,” you hear Peter say, and feel the weight of him sitting down at the foot of your bed, “I can practically hear you tossing and turning all the way from my tent.”

You open your eyes, grinning. “It’s not my fault! I can’t sleep a fucking wink tonight, and it’s starting to annoy the piss out of me.”

Peter just chuckles, gazing at you with an amused expression.

“Alright,” he says after a moment, “Make some room. I have an idea.”

You scoot over to the opposite edge of the bed, and Peter crawls in next to you, extending his arm around you and setting the lantern down on your small bed side table. You lean into the side of his body, resting your head on his chest.

“Once upon a time…” He starts, and you actually snort laughter.

He shoots you a puzzled look, and you roll your eyes at him. “Peter, you’re literally the star of your own fairy tale. You can not tell me I’m supposed to listen to you-”

“Shh!” Peter hushes you, then recomposes himself. “Once upon a time, there was an island. Now, this island was no ordinary island. It was filled with magic and potions, and had evil pirates and even lagoons filled with killer mermaids. The leader of this island was a tall, striking, fearless, handsome-”

Peter you are literally not about to tell me the story of-

“Quiet, you ass! This is the good part.” He puts a hand over your mouth, and carries on.

“…The leader of this island was a tall, striking, fearless, handsome gentleman who’s name was…hmm..Span.”

Peter tries to muffle your laughter once more, and eventually you just bury your face in his shoulder so he can continue the rest of his story.

“Where was I…oh, yes, Span. Span was a wonderful leader. The Lost Boys loved him, and thought he was the most glorious person to ever rule Neverland.”

Peter pauses for a minute before continuing. “But, then, someone else came to the island. A girl.”

You slowly retreat your head back out and look up at Peter.

“This girl was nothing like Span had ever seen before. She was truly afraid of nothing, and conquered all obstacles that came to her before finding the camp of the Lost Boys. And, even though she fought with Span sometimes and tested his patience greatly, and occasionally never knew when to shut up, she was still the most amazing sight Span had ever seen. Deep down, he knew that this girl would carry the entire fate of Neverland.”

It’s at this moment that Peter looks down at you, and you just stare up at him, seeing the gorgeous twinkle in his golden emerald eyes. Then, he leans in, at first just kissing your forehead, and then the top of your nose, and then your lips. The kiss is slow but passionate, and at last you feel like your bed is the coziest place in the entire world, and somewhere you don’t ever want to leave.

You spend a few minutes like this, but then he reaches over and puts out the lantern, wrapping both of his arms around you tightly.

“Goodnight, Lost Girl.” You hear him murmur into your hair.

“Goodnight, Span.”

I pray that you don’t realise what a huge mistake you’ve made and come back to me because you’re not good for me, your toxic and I know that. Well, my brain does at least, my heart is still trying to accept it.

I know if I let you in again you would ruin me, just like you did last time and I honestly don’t know if I could go through all the pain and hurt you caused me again and end up okay because it’s been months and I’m still recovering from what you done to me and I still cry about you sometimes but day by day I’m getting stronger, it’s taken me a long time to accept that you didn’t really love me, you just didn’t want to be alone so please don’t try to come back into my life when we both know that you’ll just leave again when someone better comes along.

—  I’m terrified because if you knocked on my door I know I wouldn’t have the strength to turn you away.

Legit had a dream last night that Thomas the tank engine fell off the railway to the afterlife into purgatory and spent centuries trying to escape a ghost train sweatshop, only to end up back in the real world as a lost and confused human, distraught that his chance at a peaceful train death had been ripped from him.

I don’t know what I did last night to cause this but I need to never do it again.

i keep things i don’t need.
i call them memories but really they’re
just cinema tickets and
disposable cameras that i never
got developed and love letters to people
who never received them. i have
so many boxes full of these things that
i’m never going to use. i’ll open
them once every ten years and they’ll
become memories again, for a moment.

i think what i’m trying to say is that
you’ll love me for as long
as you do, and then you’ll let me
go. you’ll forget about me or you’ll bury
me in a corner somewhere far back
in your mind or you’ll simply keep walking
and never look behind you again.
you won’t need me anymore. and i won’t
need you, but i’ll keep you anyway.
you’ll be a memory in a box that
i open up sometimes, or a book on a shelf
that i like to reread. you’ll let me go,
even if it takes a while. but i’m not
like that. i keep pointless things
that i don’t need anymore. i call them
memories but really, i’d rather forget.

—  you // r.e.s