let's appreciate this small moment between

I would have loved if Bon voyage season 2 captured more of those small little moments of BTS waking up, going to sleep, sharing a bed and quarreling … rather than giving them those small missions all the time. If they just set up cameras in the house and let them be themselves I think this season would have been better. This season was good but not great for me I loved every moment but I would have appreciated if Bon Voyage showed me what no other show can offer. We can always see them play games or even cook. But we don’t see them choosing the outfit of the day, going to sleep, having that small talk between them … I don’t know if anyone gets my point but BVS2 felt like a run episode in Hawaii. Jimin injured his finger on camera and Jhope even fainted but we didn’t see that and I understand not wanting us to see any of it but it just shows how things were edited out. I hope in the next season we will have better editing. 

ten more minutes

 (a/n: this is for my gorgeous bby, admin l, as its her birthday and she deserves fluff abt her fave boy)

pairing: min yoongi x reader

genre: the softest fluff omg

author: admin m

Yoongi loved sleep, but he loved the way she looked sleeping more. Soft eyelashes bouncing against the puffy skin of her cheeks, lips open slightly, so relaxed and safe and calm and just, Y/N.

Yoongi’s hand grazed the junction between Y/N’s chest and the swell of her hip. Fluttery breaths escaped her mouth and he watched as her face scrunched in her sleep, making his heart beat faster. Even after dating for so long, small individualities like this still made him lovesick and dizzy with adoration. The bite of the cool air from the open window beckoned a shiver from her, and he acted immediately, gripping the soft fleece of their blanket, pulling it over his girlfriend’s shoulders. The quiet buzz of outside traffic made the whole scene so surreal, the surrender of stressful life for these simple moments few and far between, but so appreciated when the time came. Yoongi’s hands gripped Y/N tighter, pulling her against his chest. “Wake up, love,” he murmured, kissing her hair and letting himself grin as she groaned. “Yoongi, ten more minutes?” He nodded, fondly nuzzling into her neck, fluttering kisses against the smooth skin. “Of course, baby.” He replied, because god, he always had extra time for his Y/N.

Eyes closed, breathing steady, soft wind gusting through the curtains of their shared apartment. This was love. Min Yoongi had been searching for it his entire life, and he found it in someone whose existence reminded him of the most rejuvenating rest he had ever experienced. And he never wanted to wake up. He always wanted ten more minutes.



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Wait so you think sasuke poking Sakura's forehead was confessing? And as out of curiosity may ask why you like sasusaku? I don't mind a short answer just some things I've been meaning to ask...

This is just gonna be so long!!!!!!! But I’ll try to make it short..

Well the first thing you need to know about me is that I just adore angst types of relationship. And Sasusaku is full of angst!!

As to why I like it? I’ll give you the run down. But be warned I’m just gonna end up explaining their moments lol.

I mean at first I didn’t really pay attention to it. It was During the Land of waves arc when Sasuke protected Sakura and when Sakura cried her heart for Sasuke did I start to appreciate it.

And the way how Sasuke instantly knew Sakura was acting differently and tried ( and succeeded) to cheer her up?

And not to mention my most adores SS moment. Which happens to be this.

Like just look how mad Sasuke is!!! He’s so pissed at the person who hurt her!! He was willing to rip someones arms out for it!!

And the hug? Can i just say that this moments itself is such a beautiful Sasusaku moment?

And lets not forget the small SS moments in between!!

All these moments just showed us how interesting their dynamic is!! Sasuke clearly is showing deep care for Sakura ( Not really in love ) And Sakura clearly loves him with all her heart!!

She tried to stop him(But failed) And like her words hit home!! Sasuke was clearly moved by her words and thanked her for loving him!!

“The one who filled his lonely heart with the emotion called love is Sakura”

And part 2 had some few SS moments. And that’s because they met about 2 times. The first being their reunion .

(The eyesmex? Can I just squeal??)

And I also noticed that throughout their reunion, Sasuke never attempted to harm Sakura. And like over here? He clearly hessitated.

In the end she was left unharmed.

Their second being at the very wrong time. Sakura was convinced that the only way to stop Sasuke was to kill him. And Sasuke was not in the right state of his mind. He had every intention to destroy anyone in his path. Whether it be karin? Kakashi? Naruto? Or even Sakura!!

But like even here it was more of a self defense. And what Kakashi said?”How far have you fallen” This was followed by “He truly meant to kill her” Like kakashi never said that when Sasuke tried to kill Naruto. He knew why Sasuke was like how he is than but yet what shocked him was when Sasuke attempted on Sakura’s life.

And that makes sense cause Sasuke has always protected her “ She became someone he had to protect” “Sakura was the last person Sasuke ever wanted to hurt”

But Sasuke needed to fall at his lowest just so Naruto can save him at his lowest.

But throughout all this? Sakura still loved him!! She didn’t wanted to make him her’s, She just wanted to save him!! 

Even during the war arc Sasuke has shown to protect her. Plus the eyesmex again?? My heart!!

Sakura’s second confession truly hurt!! 

In her first she said how she’ll do anything to make him happy!! Cause Sakura truly believed she could!! But now she’s like “ I know their is nothing I can do for you!!”

Again Sakura’s words hit home!! Cause her love for him made him think of his family! In the anime they showed his relationship with Mikoto ( A mothers love)

In the end the look Sasuke gave her when he asked for her forgiveness? He truly meant it. And he looked so guilty!! It just broke my shipper heart!!

Sasusaku is such angst full relationship with subtle and deep moments rather than grand gestures!! The only need little moments like holding hands, Staring at each other, Calling each other “Husband” and “Wife” to show their love.

And I loved those types of relationships!!!

And yes I do believe the forehead poke was a confession. Cause it made sasusaku canon. No love confession, no kiss. Just a poke. 

Cause like their were so many ways Sasuke could say goodbye to her!! But he used the poke instead! Which held such deep meaning! And unlike Itachi? He didn’t say “I’m sorry maybe next time” He said “ See you next time” Their was a confirmation here.

I don’t think Sasuke was in love with her. Cause he needed to cleanse his heart to accept hers. But the poke showed a confirmation of the future relationship. It was like “ I can’t love you yet, So wait for me. let me be worthy for your life Sakura. And when I will be? I’ll protect your heart”

And obviously he did. Cause Sakura stopped doubting her standing in Sasuke’s life. She now knows that he cares for her and understands him so deeply. As shown in Gaiden


Prompt: Can you do a fic where Buck has a nightmare and Steve isn’t there to help so the reader has to go to his room and calm him down?

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Words: 400+

Originally posted by coporolight

Another night Steve was gone; you were tired of having to take care of Bucky by now. You love Bucky; don’t get me wrong, it’s just hard to take care of such a massive bloke, at least when you’re so much smaller than him. You suddenly heard a loud crash from Bucky’s room. 

“Arghh,” you groaned and got out of your bed, you put on your bunny slippers and chugged into his room. Bucky’s head whipped in your direction, as you carefully opened the door. 

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Could I have a Kylo Ren imagine where it's like you two just take a nap together and it's really cute?? Thanks!

Words: 1.2k

Summary: You and your boyfriend, Kylo Ren, decide to neglect any productivity of the day and take a nap together before he leaves for another mission. 

x This is really fluffy and cute and lsdjfldksj; thank you so much for requesting it


The doorknob was cold against your fingertips. Your face still damp from washing it, and the hint of toothpaste still leaving a minty taste on your tongue from brushing your teeth. You had heard Kylo walk into your guys’ bedroom with his heavy, paced footsteps, only a few short minutes before you finished cleaning up. 

Opening the door, you walked out, brushing your fingers through your hair and letting out a small sigh. There was a small hall leading from the bathroom, and you could hear Kylo breathing as you turned the corner. Clearing his voice, you watched him while you walked past his large figure. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning over his helmet. Not saying anything, you recognized the confliction on your boyfriend’s face, his jaw set and his eyes full of emotion. His lips full and slightly parted, you felt your heart skip a beat, and you paused. Breathing out in defiance to your thoughts of neglecting anything productive that day, and just pulling him away from his thoughts.

Kylo’s un-gloved fingers passed shakily over the exterior of his helmet. Examining the dents and scratches. Wearing one of his large t-shirts and your underwear, hidden away in your guys’ room on the base, Kylo noticed you sauntering over. He sighed, and by the time you reached him, the confliction in his eyes had passed. Now replaced with awe and love. 

But he didn’t let go over his helmet. Instead, he only swallowed, and leaned back slightly, his shoulders set and his helmet still in his lap.

Nudging his knees open to let you in, you passed your hands over the helmet and then took it from him. Setting it down on the floor, and running your fingers through his black hair. Pushing the thick waves away from his face. Kylo let out a small breath, wrapping his arms loosely around your waist. Pulling you against him. Leaning down, your lips met his. Savoring the taste of his soft lips, his touch, you felt him stand up, pulling you onto your tippy toes. Then, cutting him off mid-kiss, you hooked your fingers around his chin. 

Kylo gazed down at you with gentle eyes, and you let your hand fall down his arm, to his. Pulling him over to the side of the bed, and then crawling into it. Kylo stood there for a second, his eyebrows stitched together before he realized what your tired smile was saying. 

This wasn’t anything abnormal for you when he was home, you two spent every hour with each other. Relishing in the ability to look at each other, to touch each other. Even though sometimes you lost sleep over the fact that you two would stay up, just talking, kissing, or both, in moments like these, sleep was good enough. All you needed was Kylo’s arms around you and his body pressed against yours. 

Kylo, taking off his shirt, crawled beside you, and then dragged you by your waist until you were practically on top of him. Your chest heavy against his, and his hip bones digging into yours. Sighing, you looked at him for a moment, you remembered that in 2 days, he wouldn’t be there. You felt your heart drop, and he noticed your face sadden. 

“What?” He asked, his large hand coming up to your face, cupping it. You leaned into his palm. 

“I hate it when you leave…” Your voice was soft, but he heard you. You could tell because he pressed his lips together, his breath hitching before he set a small kiss against your jaw line. Trailing his mouth across your face, making a smile pull at your cheeks. 

“I know… I do too.” He muttered, “but I won’t be long.” 


“You know me…” 

Then you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent, and closing your eyes. His muscles tightened around your body, and he moved you both so that you were on your side, your face hidden by his, and your chests still pressed together. You leg falling over his.

You felt sleep come over you like a large blanket, but Kylo fell asleep before you. You smiled softly as the feeling of his breath deepening, and his body becoming heavier around you settled into the atmosphere. 


When you woke up from your nap, your hair was covering your face, mixing with Kylo’s, your throat dry and your mouth open, with the feeling of sleep still in your eyes. Lifting your head, you noticed that Kylo’s face was strained in the expression of a deep dream. Breathing out, you brushed his hair out of his face, and climbed over him. Leaving a trail of kisses across his nose, and down his chin. His lips then parted slightly, beckoning you to press your mouth against his. Teasing you to take in his puffy lips and feel them moving slowly, with thought against yours. When you did, you woke him up, and a slight smile lifted the corners of his mouth while he began kissing you back.  

“Hmm… Mm. What… What time is it?” 

“I don’t know…” You kissed him again. His chest rose and fell, lifting you slightly as your knees pressed against his sides. “I just want to stay here forever…" 

“Suffocating me?” Kylo then snickered, and you hit his chest lightly, he gasped teasingly, and then pulled you back down, his hand coming to the back of your neck, and you giggled. Flipping you over, his whole body weighed down on you, and you pressed your legs around his waist, your arms around his shoulders. “I want to stay here… With you… Forever… Too.” He murmured between kisses. But then, lifting your lips to his forehead, he sighed, and propped himself up. “Hux probably thinks I’ve fallen off the edge of the base…" 

“Let him think that. If he believes you’re dead, then he won’t come looking." 

"I don’t think Snoke would appreciate that.” Kylo did that small smirk, the one that twisted his lip up and shut one eye into a wink. You then licked your lips and pushed his hair back. 

“Yeah… Knowing him." 

You two looked at one another for a moment, before he gave you one last kiss, and climbed off of you. Leaving the sheets tangled around your legs, and your hair disheveled from sleep, while you watched him grab his shirt, and before he walked out of the door, slide his helmet over his head. It closed with a dull click, and you swallowed. The Kylo you knew, Ben, wasn’t there anymore. Replaced by the apprentice of a monster. You hated yourself for not trying to get him away from his master, as you know what Snoke did to him. But what could you do? 

Crashing Into You

Gillovny RPF
Rated: R
Word count: ~10k

Chapter One

A violent wind ripped through the window screen of his trailer causing the cheap, nylon curtains to fly into his face. He swatted them away and considered tying them back. He needed the air, but right now he needed the cover more. He stood to the side of the window where he knew his shadow would be unseen if she were to look.

Drops of sweat picked up pace as they lined his temples and fell to his jawline. The humidity in the Vancouver summer made the heat feel so much more intense than it was. In the dry desert it would’ve been a cooler day, but the water in the air made his clothes cling to him, his hair fall flat and each breath stick to his throat. He wanted to open the curtain and feel the breeze so badly, but made the choice to go unnoticed and listen instead.

Hearing her argue with her husband was like watching a derailing train, still amped with power, flying without a track or direction, waiting to see where it would finally crash. Its cars piling into each other, becoming a weapon to itself. It wasn’t his fault they hurt each other with their misconnections and differences. No. He couldn’t be blamed for anything, and it was always a nice feeling to be able to sit back and watch the accident unfold without the feeling that he fucked with that track.

He listened to them whenever they did this, which these days was almost daily, because he was curious and addicted. He wanted to know that they were almost over, and he wanted to know why. He loved hearing her fight, her passion, her strength, she was so fierce when she was angry and it made him burn for her. Maybe that’s why she did it where he could overhear. Maybe it was a side of her that she wanted him to know was there. And maybe, she knew him well enough to know that it was making him want her.

“There’s nothing wrong with leaving her with Sara for the night, Gillian. That’s why we have a nanny,” Clyde yelled.

“No. That’s not why we have a nanny. We have a nanny for when we’re working! All I’m asking for is one night. I haven’t been out with Renata and Danni for a goddamn year, but I’m not gonna go if it means she needs to be with a nanny for another evening!”

“You know I had plans for tonight, too!”

“So, you’d rather be with the guys instead of your daughter? That’s what you’re saying.”

“No! Hell no! Say that again and I’ll…”

“You’ll what? What will you do? Take off for another weekend? Week?!”

“Stop, Gillian. Enough. I won’t go tonight then. It’s not worth another fucking fight. You win.”

There was a long silence. David considered whether they’d moved inside. He waited through four more of his own heavy breaths before he used his index finger to pull the shitty curtain aside to peek out.

He startled to find her still standing there, alone, staring at her feet while she brought a cigarette to her lips and inhaled. Her red hair looked tousled from the wind and humidity and she tried with her free hand to smooth it out. She was merely feet away from him, but she seemed so far. So untouchable. He watched her lips wrap around the small filter and inhale. There had been so many times he’d come so close to kissing those lips. But he always knew his boundaries, or at least she’d remind him of them. These days though, it’d been harder to stop thinking about her, someone who’d been there for three years, now is someone brand-new, and he was starting to think, fuck boundaries.

The train had come to it’s final resting spot, on fire, crumbled upon his front lawn and he was ready to look for survivors.

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Bare (Bucky x Reader)

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Prompt: Could you please do an imagine where bucky wants to cut his hair bc he thinks that way he can let go of his past and but you convince him that you really like it and and you say why? ( can please do it fluffy 😊😊☺?)

Word Count: 871

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“Kirsten,” Cameron said as he gripped her fingers tightly, not even sure if she could feel his touch. Hoping she could at least hear the desperation in his voice, his desire for her to come back to him, he continued, “I know it’s hard. I know all of this has to be so hard for you, the pain, the guilt, the hopelessness, but you can’t just give up. The Kirsten I know is a fighter; she’s a problem-solver.

“I don’t know where you are, but I promise you, it’s not real. Real is out here with me and Camille, Linus, Maggie, and Fisher and everyone else in the Stitch lab who cares about you. Come back to us - come back to me - and I’ll take you home.”

The lab was silent. The time on the mission clock had long run down. No one moved; it seemed as if no one was breathing. All eyes were on Kirsten. Maggie emerged from her office, the clicking of her heels breaking the deafening silence, but Cameron stayed focused on Kirsten.

She looked so peaceful, so serene. Looking at her, you never would have imagined the war waging within her. He felt a little guilty that he hadn’t noticed sooner. He’d been so wrapped up in his personal drama with Nina, he’d neglected some of his duties. His job wasn’t just to make sure Kirsten was physically safe, but emotionally too. The way she showed up to his apartment - distraught and in tears - should have been a clue. Hell, it should have been a big flashing neon sign that something wasn’t right, but if - when Kirsten emerged from the stitch- he’d make everything right somehow.

Squeezing her fingers, he brought her hand to his lips in a tender kiss and repeated the words that brought her back the last time she was lost to him. “Come on, Stretch. We still have work to do. Make the bounce.”

But Kirsten remained still. The steady rise and fall of her chest was the only indication she was still alive.

Cameron’s desperation grew; he didn’t know what to do. With every growing second, Kirsten was slipping further and further away, and it was going to be his fault if she was lost to them all for good.

His voice caught in his throat knowing that all he could do now was beg.

Please, Kirsten! Come back!”

A few more moments of silence passed. He heard Maggie make her way toward him. Knowing what she was about to say, he banged his free hand on the fish tank and practically growled, “Dammit, Kirsten! Make the bounce!” And as if by some miracle, Cameron heard her whisper, “Okay.”

If he hadn’t been watching her face, if he hadn’t seen her lips move, he would’ve thought he had imagined it, but she said it again, just loud enough for him to hear, her hands slowly moving to the keypads.

Cameron grabbed her hand again before she could start typing.

“Just a second, Stretch.”

He turned to face Camille. “Man the controls, will ya?”

Camille shuffled over to his station without a word, giving Cameron a small nod when she was ready.

Cameron released her hand and said, “We’re all here waiting for you, Kirsten.”

Kirsten’s fingers hovered over the keypads. Her voice trembling, tears escaping from the corners of her eyes, she said, “I’ll see you soon, Mom,” before punching in IHEARTLINUS.

Kirsten opened her watery eyes to find Cameron’s green ones staring back at her, filled with relief. He threw his com aside and spoke directly to her. “Hey, hey. Look at me. Look right at me. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere, Stretch.”

She nodded, finding herself too tired to speak as everything that had occurred hit her all at once. She didn’t understand how people survived with emotions all the time. She’d only had them for a few months and she was overwhelmed and exhausted. There was too much to feel, too much to process. She was pissed at her father for leaving time after time and for killing the only father she knew; frustration at failing to find him; elation knowing that her mother was alive, desperate and every bit determined to find her. Despair and grief at having to leave her behind because for the first time that Kirsten could remember, she had felt all the warmth, contentment, and mirth that accompanies being loved unconditionally. It was intoxicating and beautiful, like the first rays of sunshine after a bad storm.

Her mother had been so beautiful, so perfect, exactly as Kirsten remembered her. She could have stayed in that memory forever, but it wasn’t real. No matter how badly she wanted it to be, it wasn’t real.

But Cameron was, and so was her mother, somewhere. Repeating that to herself was the only thing that made her bounce - knowing that out here in reality, she could one day be with her real mother again.

She knew the idea should have made her happy, but the very thought made the tears start up again. The idea of starting another search, against the NSA nonetheless, made Kirsten feel more powerless than she already did.

Sighing heavily, she turned to Cameron and said, “I just want to go home.”

He gave her a sweet smile and said, “Of course. Let’s get you outta here.”

Kirsten watched with half mast eyes as the lab woke around her. She hadn’t noticed the stillness until everyone began to move. Cameron began working on her harnesses. Camille, Fisher, Maggie, and Ayo started towards her, but Cameron said, “Giver her some space,” verbalizing her thoughts without even having to ask. She gave his arm a gentle squeeze in thanks.

When he had worked her free, he held out his hand and said, “Whenever you’re ready, I’m right here.”

Offering her hands to Cameron, she let him support her weight, her slight body feeling surprisingly heavy as she moved to climb out of the fish tank. One arm held the side of the tank as the other wrapped around her back. The moisture from her suit soaked every part of his body that touched hers, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Camille and Ayo were standing at the bottom of the ladder. Ayo with a chart, thermometer, and stethoscope in hand; Camille was holding out a towel which Cameron steered her into.

“Camille, get her dressed. Ayo, I’ll take care of all that and get the information to you once I get her home.

Ayo looked reluctant but turned away when she saw that Cameron wasn’t changing his mind, and before Camille shuffled her off to change, he rubbed his hands up and down her arms a few times in a soothing gesture. “I’ll be out here when you’re ready.”

Kirsten nodded and felt Cameron’s eyes on her as Camille applied a small amount of pressure to the small of her back, guiding her towards the locker room.

Camille hesitated at the door as Kirsten padded over to her locker.

Out of the corner of her eye, as she began digging through her bag for her clothes, Kirsten could see her roommate cross her arms and lean up against the wall. Kirsten knew there was a question coming.

Camille quietly asked, “You wanna talk about what happened out there?”

With a slight shake of her head, Kirsten said, “No. Or at least not right now,” her voice sounding foreign to her own ears. “Maybe later. Right now, I just want to go home and rest.”

Camille gave a curt nod but said nothing more. Kirsten was grateful she didn’t push the issue.

Kirsten entered one of the stalls and dressed as quickly as her body would allow. Her muscles were tight; the tension in her neck and back were enough to momentarily halt her movements, but a few deep breaths and she was able to power through.

When she stepped out of the locker room, everyone was busy performing post-stitch procedures, but no one rushed her and bombarded her with questions or tried to check her vitals. In fact, no one really paid her any attention at all. She wondered if it was Cameron’s doing as she made her way over to his desk.

Finishing up whatever he was working on, he looked up at her and with his crooked smile said, “You ready to go, Princess?”

Kirsten nodded.

Cameron pressed one last button, shutting down his station. Taking Kirsten’s bag, he yelled up to Maggie, “I’ll call you with an update in the morning.” Turning back to face the lab, he continued, “Ayo, I’ll call you in a few hours.”

Guiding her towards the elevator, one of Cameron’s arms circled the small of her back, holding tightly to her waist. Kirsten couldn’t help but think that he was being extra hands-on, considering what happened between the two of them yesterday and the conversation they’d had before the stitch. Normally, she would have been weirded out, but at the moment, she appreciated his closeness as she let her head sink to his shoulder.

Exiting through the back door of the Jade Frog, they walked the few steps to his car. Kirsten closed her eyes as soon as her body sunk into the familiar leather seat. The ever-present scent of pine had been replaced with something fruity, but Kirsten didn’t have the energy to inquire about it at the moment. She let the sensation of wheels over concrete and the soft sound of the radio lull her into a resting state - not fully asleep but not totally awake - until Cameron cut the engine.

Kirsten opened her eyes to find the highrise of Cameron’s apartment building in front her.

A little groggy and confused, she turned to him and asked, “I thought you were taking me home?”

He gave her a soft smile and said, “I did. Now let’s get you inside.”

@thenewmrsweasley - “I didn’t think you heard that…”

“‘So much more than a pretty face,’ huh?” the captain took the seat next to you in the rec room, folding his arms over his chest.

Your face got warm quickly. Glancing around, you were relieved that there were only two other officers in the room, both engrossed in a game of 3D chess.

“I didn’t think you heard that…”

“I hear everything,” he grinned. “I don’t actually, but… anyway. Did you mean it?”

“Uh…” you glanced sideways and saw this playful, curious look on his face. “Yes?”

“‘Yes?’” he parrotted, leaning a fraction of an inch closer.

“Why does it matter?”

“Well, I mean, how else am I going to know if I have a pretty face?” he grinned and snorted, clearly hoping you’d laugh along. When you didn’t, he spoke again. “Don’t… anyway. I just… I appreciate the comment. It means a lot.”

“Does it?”

“Yeah!” he said as if it was obvious. “I mean… it’s hard enough for me to think that anyone would think something like that about me, let alone someone like you.”

“What do you mean, ‘someone like me?’” you looked full-on at him, registering the soft, watery look in his eye.

He looked between your eyes and your mouth for a moment.

“Do I really have to say it?” he murmured in a small, vulnerable voice.

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S/O watching Kuro and Shiro Kaneki teaching Hinami kanjis; after the lessons they wishper in his ear „Kaneki-sensei”. A small amount of nsfw or fluff would be appreciated! Thank you! ^_^”

/peeks between fingers/ oh wow :3c

Kaneki: The moment his partner’s words ghosted over his ears, Kaneki fumbled with his book and pencil, nearly letting everything fall out of his hands and onto the floor. “W-what was that?” he asked, rubbing at his ear sheepishly. It looked as though he was reacting more to the surprise of his partner whispering in his ear than the suggestive meaning behind their words. That prompted them to lean forwards again, a mischievous grin on their face, so close that their noses were almost brushing. Kaneki’s face coloured immediately, and his partner said again, “Kaneki-sensei.”

Kaneki blinked up at them, face a little red because of their proximity and utterly confused, but a second later his partner’s façade broke apart and they burst out laughing, throwing their arms around him. “Sorry, I was just having a bit of a giggle,” they admitted, making Kaneki fluster around them for a moment before patting his partner on their back, smiling fondly at them.

shiro!Kaneki: His partner crawls over to where Kaneki’s sitting cross-legged on the floor, skimming down a passage in the book he’d borrowed from the library. Reaching over, his partner delicately plucked the book from his hands, and before Kaneki could look over and shoot them an inquiring look, they leaned forwards and said lightly beside his ear, “What’re you reading, Kaneki-sensei?”

Kaneki stares at them, momentarily nonplussed, and then his expression morphs into one of vague amusement. “What’s are you talking about?” he asks, raising an eyebrow, and his partner slides forwards, kneeling next to where he sat, tilting their head as they stared into Kaneki’s eyes.

“What’s so interesting about that book, sensei?” his partner asks, making a show of biting their lip, and Kaneki’s eyes follows the motion before he snickers a little, shaking his head. “You’re being silly,” he says. Undeterred, his partner places their hands on the bottom of his shirt, fingers tracing the hem of the cloth, slowly stretching their leg over to straddle Kaneki’s thighs. He doesn’t stop his partner, but he’s yet to fall into the role, simply staring up at them as though to challenge them what will you do next?

“Sensei, I don’t think I get what this book’s about,” his partner hums, sliding their fingers against the taut skin of Kaneki’s abdomen under his shirt, and finally, they feel his hands rest on the small of their back, light but anchoring. “I think you’re going to have to explain it to me.”

“Hm,” Kaneki hums, playing along until he finally grins and says, “Alright then, let’s see what else I can, ah, teach you about this.”

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I asked your opinion on something a while back and found your response very beneficial. I was hoping you'd be willing to repeat the kindness. What I want to ask is what should an artist look for in themselves and their work as they learn? Are there any major landmark achievements or realizations one should look out for as they go through the process of learning art? Anything one should be wary of missing? I worry a lot about plateauing and never reaching my goals. Thanks for your time.

You should look for improvement, honestly.

Like… there’s no one major landmark achievement I can recommend, because I think it’s different for every artist. The one achievement I do remember – and this was a slow one – was when I felt someone could ask me to draw anything in the world… cars, environments, guns, hands, feet, whatever … and I could draw it with confidence.

The other achievement I remember is realizing that if I drew something, and if it was destroyed… who gives a shit? I’m a goddamn artist. I’ll draw it again, and this time, better

But again, like. That’s one of the joys of learning art. All of these little achievements are going to be unique to you, provided you learn to appreciate them. Don’t think about how shit you are at drawing, say, hands – work small. Be proud of yourself for making little steps. Maybe today you figured out how the thumb worked, or maybe you drew your first two characters holding hands, and it worked. Let these moments click for you and work off that energy.

As for plateauing? This is gonna sound like an obvious answer, but keep trying to improve. Aside from heightened dexterity and experience, the biggest difference I can say between my younger artist self and my slightly older dumpier artist self is that when I notice something is wrong in a picture, I fix it

When I was younger, I’d just go “oh, nobody will notice!” and push shit out just because. Now I’ll stick with it until it’s right, or I’ll get constructive criticism and fix my shit. I’ll use reference and I’ll be honest with myself. I’ll go back and correct things that aren’t working, even when the picture is “done.” I’ll merge all the layers and re-paint over shit if I need to. Hell, I’ll delete the whole thing and start fresh. I’m not scared of that anymore. And I’m proud of that.

But I’ve still got a lot to learn. Sorry I don’t know if this was helpful or not, I kind of rambled. D:


Pairing: Clarke x Lexa
Rating: E
Words: 3693
Tags: Post Battle Smut, Hair Braiding, Biting, Marking, Aromantic Relationship
A/N: So, if you followed my smut writing breakdown last night, you know that this killed me. Hopefully it’s not too shit now that coldsaturn has had a chance to fix it!


Blood, and death, and pain are all familiar to Lexa. She embraces them as old friends, whirling amongst them and aiding them to their marks. Her sword flies through the air, slicing down foes and skipping over allies that she just barely distinguishes in time. She has faith in her abilities, trusting her body to move as it needs to in order to keep her spirit safe. There is no danger to her soul here, and should her body perish, she shall simply find a new host. Lexa is never more at peace than she is in the middle of a battle.

It’s nearing the end that the peace leaves her. As the enemies dwindle before her, sound returns, and what was once calm determination becomes unadulterated bloodlust. Where she had been a serene angel of death, Lexa becomes a demon, bared teeth permitting small grunts and hisses to escape her. She had felt at one with the world just moments ago, and now she feels as if she is its Queen, taking lives because it is her right. Had she come from another time, those thoughts may have disturbed her, once her mind came down from its high, but they are not wrong to her. To Lexa, even outside of battle, the power over life is hers.

She spins and slashes low across the belly of a Mountain Man who had snuck up behind her. Without bullets, they fall easily before her people. A feral grin curls Lexa’s lips, and she catches a glimpse of gold in the corner of her eye. She sees the Princess, small blade in hand, cutting down an enemy with a slit throat, letting him drown in his own blood. Sensing no dangers nearby, Lexa allows herself a rare moment to appreciate the sight that Clarke makes, red painted vibrantly across pale skin and blonde hair. The leader of the Sky People is a picture of strength, even breath spilling from her lips as she crouches slightly, looking for the next attacker. Her eyes light on Lexa, and the corner of her lips pulls slightly in a grin before a black look, somewhere between horror and true rage, falls on her.

“Lexa!” The shout rips from Clarke’s throats as her arm snaps forward, following an arc that Lexa had been attempting to teach her a few nights prior, and failing miserably. Lexa hears the shift of fabric behind her, the Mountain Men’s clumsy loud clothing, and she drops to the forest floor. There’s a grunt, and she rolls over with weapon in hand, only to see Clarke’s knife falling over slowly, embedded in the eye socket of her would be killer.

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