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Hilbert:  Okay wait, hold on- why am I getting this stupid game for you?
Hilbert:  You’re the one who should be wrist deep in puppet ass.
Lovelace:  What is the specific problem?
Hilbert:  The problem is I am up to my goddamn neck in fucking puppet dong.
Lovelace:  You know you like the mannequin dick.  Accept it.

@scipiocipher- I’m probably going to be spending the next week thinking about Wolf 359/Homestuck crossover scenarios now.

based off of this vine

And the award for my favorite part of YOI episode 5 goes to:


This blatant misspelling of the name of the country where this entire show was made:


We don’t need boys to get along…! Is that bad?


panic! at the disco lyrics + dance