let's all talk about the suit

Alright people let’s talk about THIS SHOT from Ultraman X The Movie:

Pretty sweet right? You wanna know what’s even cooler? HOW THEY DID IT

We start with this, a translucent plastic sheet that will soon be illuminated to create the sun effect:

Then they take this high power spotlight, put a red gel over it to give it the right color temperature, and shine it at the sheet:

Got our actors in their kaiju suits and the miniatures all set up- looks pretty good but WAIT HOLD UP

What in the Dickens is that?



Ok so that’s exactly how I usually would picture Yugi in Ancient Egypt stories. (Unless it’s a slave fic again XD)

It just suits him so perfectly well. He’s confitent, cheecky and absolutely adorable in this picture to the point where I would propably hug him to no end. I also support the color scheme of Yugi having the deep violet/purple colours whereas in my imagination Atemu is usually the one to get all crimson cape and eyes. Anyone agreeing on that?

Now let’s talk about Heba for a little bit.
I really love the Idea of the same meaning for the Egyptian name and especially if it’s a fanfic where Yugi/Heba is really born in Egypt I quite like the Idea of it since his love for games and that he is excellent at them just shows that it’s still Yugi all the same.
But I kind of got stuck on the Idea if it’s time-travel fic, with Yugi being so desperate to see Atemu again that he risks to go back in time, that he would choose the name Schay/Schai (=Ancient Egyptian God of Desitiny). Idk why but this thought really got stuck in my head and now I cannot imagine a more fitting name than Schay for Yugi to choose if he ever goes back in time to see Atemu again.
For me it’s just very fitting that Yugi, who definitely strongly believes in destiny (as much as Yami/Atemu for that matter. I mean come on, all the destiny speeches clearly show you thatXD) would undoubtly believe that meeting Atemu was his destiny. Even so much, that he would believe that going back in time is his destiny as well. And that’s why I kind of got stuck with the name “Schay” for any time-travel blindshipping fanfic.

Source of the picture: zerochan.net


Norman Reedus blurb in which he is asked about you, his girlfriend, in an interview.


“Let’s give a warm welcome to The Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus” Jimmy announced.

Norman kissed my cheek quickly before walking onto the stage. He wore an all black suit and looked great.He waved at the crowd, smile on his face and then sat down.

“Hey,man” Norman said as he gave Jimmy a quick handshake as the crowds applause was dying down.

“I’m just gonna jump right into this, alright?”

“Yeah, I’m ready” he replied rubbing his palms together jokingly.

“Word is you’ve got a girlfriend”

He smiled after a little pause. He didn’t want everyone to know for my own protection. Fans can be jealous and get vicious.

“Yeah” he said letting out a deep breath “Man, I could talk about her all day” His face stayed smiling.

“You’ve really kept it on the down low. You don’t want me to know?” Jimmy said laughing.

“I don’t want anyone to hurt her, some of you guys can be mean!” Norman said squinting and pointing into the crowd, all in good fun, but he meant it.

“Is she here?!” a fan called out.

“Yeah, shes the last person I saw before I came out here”

“Let’s meet her” Jimmy says.

My face burned red. Norman looked around the corner to see me. He smiled and motioned for me to come over. I buried my face in my hands.

“Give me a second” Norman said and he came to me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked softly

“I’m not dressed to be on TV!”

“Shut up, that’s the least of your worries. You could trip in front of everyone”


“Let’s go, give the people what they want” he put out his hand.

I grabbed it hesitantly but I followed him. I looked down at myself, clad white Nikes, black jeans and a green shirt. I didn’t dare look at the audience. I did look to Jimmy who shook my hand and sent me a smile.

“Sorry I’m not dressed” I say as the audience fell silent wanting to hear me.

“You’re good. That’s better than not seeing you at all”

I held Normans hand tightly. He had a smile huge on his face, held me tight, looked at the audience for their reactions.

“What’s the story? How’d you meet?” Jimmy started.

“You tell it, babe” Norman nudges me.

“You start, I’ll join in” I say now turning to the crowd.

“I was out at dinner with Steven and Andy and I saw her sitting alone. She had been there before we got there, a glass of water was on the left side and it was half empty. She glanced at her phone often as if waiting for a response. She hadn’t eaten, she was waiting. Steven wanted to go over but he can be a little shy and Andy has a wife so I went over”

“I was getting ready to leave” I take over “When i hear a familiar voice say ‘I’m here, babe’, i was disappointed knowing it wasn’t to me, it wasn’t my, now ex boyfriend so I ignored it. Then a hand is placed on my shoulder and a kiss was planted on my cheek. I saw it was Norman, and I’m a huge walking dead junkie, so you could imagine I was surprised. Then we ate dinner together” I laughed knowing there wasn’t much left to say.

Whatever happened that night, was what led to a great relationship now.


Hope you enjoyed it! I made the gifs, so pls don’t steal. Give me feedback and even better, request !! Love u all

ugh. The one or both gifs won’t move when I’m on mobile. Lol. I tried.


  • The boys were so loved up and domestic making breakfast and everything!!
  • Diane FINALLY acknowledgingthat what she said to Robert at Sarah’s grave was out of order and way bellow the belt!! About time!!
  • Aaron looked SOOOO bloody GORGEOUS in his white shirt and suit!! HE NEEDS TO WEAR THAT MORE OFTEN!! 
  • Robert looked so freaking FIT even when trying to break the law!! His new hair cut and suit looking SO on point!!
  • Robert ripping into Rebecca and telling her how he’s only USED HER ALL ALONG!! SHE’S NOTHING TO HIM!!
  • Robert coming home feeling low and all he wants IS A CUDDLE FROM HIS FIANCÉ AND TO TELL HIM HE LOVES HIM!!! I’M DEAD!!
  • “Everything I need is right here” bc AARON IS EVERYTHING!!

I honestly didn’t go into FFXV expecting to fall in love with Prompto as much as I did. Ignis was on the surface more my type ( - glasses, suit, COOKING, hyper competence). And don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Ignis, but PROMPTO YO:

  • Overweight during childhood, but losing all that weight in healthy ways (which makes me more than miffed every time Ignis talks about gaining weight. Boy is as thin as a rake and you guys fight monsters everyday. STOPPED RIBBING HIM ABOUT HIS WEIGHT)
  • Suffers a lonely childhood without any parental love, but doesn’t turn creepy or angry at all
  • Has insecurity about his worthiness to join the team but doesn’t let it hurt his sunny optimism
  • Joining the Crownsguard just because he was friends with Noctis
  • Taking photographs and documenting the entire journey
  • Being a absolute goober with the camera
  • Taking so many pictures of everybody’s ass
  • Being scared of the dark and monsters, but sticking around anyway
  • Later when Ignis gets blinded, Prompto is the one AI controlled character who sticks close to him and helps him when he falls. He does this ALL THE TIME.
  • During that awkward mission, is also the one character who tries desperately to keep everybody together the best he can
  • Loves the ladies but never aggressive about pursuing them


Let’s talk about Georgia Martin

Is either in activewear or a sharp-ass suit. There is no in-between.

Constantly cycling through and trying new hobbies. She sees something & thinks “that looks amazing!” and signs up for classes and gets all the gear. And then 3-6 months later is bored. Previous hobbies include the following: windsurfing, aerial acrobatics/silks, hula hooping, salsa dancing, ultimate frisbee

Has a serious diet coke habit. Like a whole mini fridge full of diet coke in her office. Snowy & Poots hide it all as a prank one day and learned their lesson about inflicting the Wrath of Georgia Martin

No fewer than 4 couples owe their marriages to Georgia Martin. She’s disappointed she won’t technically get the credit for Jack and Bitty since she didn’t introduce them but she feels she deserves some recognition for giving Jack as many chances to drive up to Samwell as she could. Once Bitty realizes she’s in their corner, he sends her a box of pies and his class schedule at the beginning of every semester.

Goes to every Boston Pride game that she can, is just so, so excited for the NWHL. Gets the Falcs excited about it too and the all go up as a group to watch the Pride play the Riveters. They’ve all got posters. It’s a little bittersweet for George because she wonders what it would have been like for her if there had been a professional league for her after college but she’s just So Happy for all the women on the ice.

Makes a mean caipirinha. Like actually mean, the hangover the next day will be brutal.

Lives on a combination of takeout and blue apron. It’s not that she can’t cook, it’s just that she’s so busy all the time. Even when she does have groceries in the house they’re only there by the grace of instacart.

She always tips people cash - she worked as a server (and later bartender) during college and knows how much better cash tips are.


Being Tony’s younger sister would include;

inside jokes

free rides anywhere you want

living with him and the avengers

ofc all of them loving you

lots of teasing

you picking his outfits

you shaving and shaping his beard in weird but cool ways

lecturing him when he does reckless stuff

“oh come on, just because I flew into a hole in space, doesn’t mean anything” “you freaking died and bruce had to roar you back to life what are you even talking about?”

having staring contests

him letting you try on his suit

you being the shoulder he cries on

same goes with you

watching shows on nickelodeon together

going out with him and pepper

having a great relationship with pepper

tony making you your own suit for safety reasons

having dinner at restaurants or watching movies in cinemas with the avengers

so much sarcasm between you two

him being really protective when someone of the avengers flirts with you

“hey back off my sister barnes, she’s too young and pure for your sexual fantasies” “not anymore big bro, not anymore” “wHAT DO YOU MEAN”

overall just him being so cute and protective of his precious sister that he literally doesn’t let anyone touch you besides him and pepper

I love that after weeks of doubt and anger and frustration, we get this AMAZING episode filled with all the goodness in life! Aaron and Robert talking about the wedding, Diane apologising to Robert for what she said about Sarah, both our gorgeous boys in suits, beyond cute selfie on Robert’s phone, Robert only needing that one call from Aaron to set him right again, Robert telling Rebecca he wants no one else but Aaron, an ‘I love you’ from Robert, a hug, Aaron knowing Robert so well that he knows when something has happened, sexytimes initiated by Aaron!

And that’s not even counting all the other great stuff that happened this episode. Let all the doubts be vanquished! Emmerdale came good!!

Darvey is NOT one sided.  Let me tell you why...

First of all, I just want to say that this post is not a post to bash\talk shit about other ships.
I just want to say that I’m really tired of reading stuff like “Darvey is one sided”"Donna loves Harvey but he doesn’t love her""Harvey loves Scottie""They’re just friends".
Harvey is a mess. We all know that. And I know that 5x13 kinda confused people about his real feelings, but I really can’t understand why people say that Darvey is one sided.
He’s not in touch with his feelings and that’s a fact but you know what else is a fact? The fact that the whole mess between Donna and Harvey happened NOT because he didn’t want her on that couch but because he did. That’s why Donna left. Because she felt in her heart that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. DONNA LEFT BECAUSE OF THAT, NOT BECAUSE HE DIDN’T WANT HER. That couch confused things between these two people. They met. They were attracted to each other. They slept together. And then Harvey bailed out. And not because he didn’t want Donna, but because work was important for him. He knew that a relationship would’ve ruined his relationship with Donna and he realized that having her at work was better than having a relationship. He realized that he needed her in his life. This is who he is. And it has a lot to do with his emotional block (s5 anyone?) So he asked her to work for him.. And she agreed cause she knew he wasn’t ready (fact!!! -> Donna admitted that she “would’ve wanted to try but he wasn’t ready”).
They spent 12 years putting each other first, be in each other life, and be okay with it. I really don’t think they spent 12 years thinking about the other “that way”. Having the other was enough for the both of them.. They buried their “attraction” when they decided to work together at the firm. They had 12 years of friendship (and ambiguity).
Then Intent (4x15) happened.
Harvey literally did everything in his power to keep her safe, and I know, he would’ve done it for everyone, including Mike.. But he even admitted that she’s different. She is different for him. It’s not about work… and after the mess was over and they were at her place, he was comfortable and relaxed. She didn’t ask him anything. He was vulnerable because he was afraid of losing her.. And he said a bunch of stuff like “Anyone else ever loses faith in me it doesn’t matter, but with you it’s different”. No one asked him to open up, he didn’t have to. He wanted to. He wanted to tell her that he’s always gonna be there for her. And it was natural for him to say those things because that’s what he was feeling…  and that moment changed everything. They looked at each other and they both felt something. That’s why it was confusing. That’s why he left. He knew something was about to happen, and he didn’t want to jump into that. Not because “he can’t look at her that way” but because he can.. and he does. And that’s scary. He has this emotional block and he can’t give her his 100%. He knows that Donna is Donna. He’s HIS person. He knows he’s damaged. He knows that he will hurt her eventually. That’s why he leaves. And I hate when people say that he only said “I love you” like a sister. That’s so funny. Because I don’t think his “I love you” was an “I’m in love with you”, I know that it wasn’t. I think it was more an “I love you too much to do this, to jump into this. You’re too important to me”. And that’s important to me, WAY MORE important than the “I want you in my life” that he said to Scottie…
At the end of s4 we had this incredible convo between Harvey and Donna and this scene is in my opinion THE scene that describes perfectly the Darvey situation.
She wanted to talk about it with him. He didn’t want to. Then she asked him about it, and when she asked why “nothing happened” he said “cause it would’ve been a mistake and you know it”. What do you think this line means? He basically ADMITTED that something was about to happen and that he didn’t want to, cause they would’ve regret it. But he ADMITTED that he WANTED HER on that couch. That’s a fact. That’s canon. And then Donna yelled at him “Obviously you can look at me that way but you don’t want to let those words collide cause you’re afraid of risking anything”.. and what did he say? He said “because we have everything.” He ADMITTED (once again) that he CAN look at her like that. He didn’t deny it. He just “explained” that he left cause they already have everything and that he’s not willing to risk that. And that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her.
She left him.. And when she did he lost it. And I KNOW it has A LOT do with his issues, he’s carrying these issues since he was a boy, but these issues only showed up when SHE LEFT, because she’s the most important and real thing that he has.
He dreamed about her naked in his bed, and once again, it was all about his issues, but did you see his smile when he sees her naked in his bed? That has NOTHING to do with his issues, that was just his subconscious saying “I KNOW I COULD BE HAPPY WITH DONNA”. And that’s why it was really hard for him to admit that it was Donna in the dream. Cause it was like admitting that he knows that he’s really missing out.
He loves her, and he loves her deeply. Way more than he realizes. She’s been his constant, his best friend, for 12 years. He trusts her, he would do ANYTHING for her, he would burn Rome to make her happy, he’s attracted to her, and their spark was there after TWELVE FREAKING YEARS and the show is only showing that the only reason why they’re not together is not because they love each other like brother and sister, but because they maybe love each other too much to risk that.
5b showed their relationship perfectly and the Scottie return showed perfectly why I would ALWAYS choose Donna\Harvey over Scottie\Harvey.
Donna came back to Harvey’s desk… Not because she’s over him, or because she forgot their complicated situation, but because he needed her. That’s DARVEY. That’s who they are. They love\trust\need each other NO MATTER their current situation. They never really talked about their complicated relationship, they’re in a limbo, and it doesn’t even matter.
Scottie was there in 5x13 ‘cause Mike asked her to help them. Not because Harvey went to her. When she left he didn’t MOVE a finger to get her back, and I get that he wasn’t in the place to fight for their relationship (because of his issues) but he kept living his life. And he talked to her only when she showed up, and he said those things about therapy cause she was there. He opened up to her because SHE WAS MAD (once again) with him. He was genuinely upset and sad cause she was mad at him. She’s important to him. She’s the closest thing that he has to a relationship. I saw that as a moment of growth for him.  Not as a declaration of love. And she left once again. She knew he needed help, and she left. Because that’s who they are. They don’t work, they don’t have what Darvey have. FAITH.
Donna and Harvey have what most couples don’t have. They trust and have faith in each other. That’s why Harvey went to Donna in the middle of the night in 5x15. That’s why he asked her for advice. He needed her. And it doesn’t mean that what they may feel is not there. He knows that things are different.. He said “I know you said i couldn’t do this anymore” but she said that in 5x02, they weren’t working together anymore, but they do now, and that only shows that THEY BOTH KNOW that even if she’s back at his desk things are different, unresolved feelings are there, and i love the fact that exactly ONE SEASON later they were both again at her place, but they did sit apart, far away from that couch that “ruined” their relationship.
FEELINGS ARE THERE. And I hate that people say that they’re “just” friends. Or that Darvey is “one sided”. What does that even mean? You have a person you LOVE, TRUST, WANT (they’re attracted to each other, they slept together, they admitted that they both wanted the other that night on the couch), you would burn the world to PROTECT this person, and when she’s not there you can’t breath, and she’s been there for you for 12 freaking years. No matter what. I don’t know about you but I would pay to have THAT person in my life. That’s love. That’s what love is supposed to be. Harvey is not ready to see that, because he has his issues, and maybe he’s not ready to be THAT man for her right now. But he will be. And I can’t wait.

  • (cell phone rings)
  • Penny: Whoo! I got a text from Tobias. "Look under the table."
  • (they all look under the table)
  • Penny: (finding a piece of paper) It's a page from The Playbook.
  • Carrie: What's it say?
  • Darwin: It's "The Scuba Diver.”
  • Tobias: (voice over) Step one, tell a meddlesome female friend about The Playbook. Step two, run a play on one of her co-workers making her so angry she steals The Playbook. Step three, put on the scuba suit, and tell her you're going to do one more scam, called 'The Scuba Diver,' on the hot girl standing by the bar. Your friend, let's call her Penny, goes and talks to the girl and tells her everything about The Playbook. Now, here's where it gets tricky. When Penny and the girl ask what 'The Scuba Diver' is, take off your mask, give them some spiel about your deep-seated insecurities, which don't really exist because, let's face it, you're awesome. Feeling bad for you, Penny talks you up to the girl, who then agrees to go get coffee with you. And it. Is. On.
  • (everyone realizes what just happened)
  • Penny: Yooouuu sonofabitch.

What’s Hue With You?

I love how you can tell Rumple’s moral state by the color of his suits.

  • Shades of blue? Heart is true!
  • Shades of grey? Hard to say!
  • All in black? WATCH YO’ BACK

All I want for Christmas is Belle not letting Rumple out of the house because he’s wearing a black shirt, black vest, and black tie.

Originally posted by fairytaleasoldastime

“Oh hell no– you put on a colorful tie right now or so help me!”

As always, I’m in full agreement with my shirt, and encourage anybody/everybody to follow suit to their bed. Sleep is wonderful, and I rarely get enough of it!

 I do hope you all have had a nice couple last days, it’s been stressful at work so I really didn’t feel like posting anything yesterday. Not going to go into too much detail, lets just say that the co worker which as been stressing me out for a long while has upped it to a whole new level. I had to have a talk with my boss to let her know what I think about the bad co worker.

 After work today, my sister and I took a trip to Costco and picked up a few things. We chatted about a few fun things, like makeup and clothes, so that was a nice way to end the day. We also grabbed a not-so-healthy bite there. Worth it.

 Transition wise there’s lots of general things to report. I’m of course slowly continuing to change. Boobs are coming along and I can feel things fill out more and more every day, and are as usual a little bit sore, but mostly when they’re touched. Only a couple times have they done their own thing and gotten angry for no good reason. They haven’t been itchy much lately though which is unusual for that to go on this long. I’m continuing to generally feel good, skin is also getting better and better.

 The laser sessions continue to show, and I have seen quite a difference the last week or so. That’s a bit odd to see change so close to my next session (Tuesday), but I’ll take it. Looking forward to the next session as always. Too bad with each session comes one step closer to getting a laser shot at my nether region. Ah well, it’s progress.

 Monday is my next HRT visit, so I had my blood drawn on Wednesday for that. Greatly looking forward to those results. My estrogen levels jumped up to over 215 last time, more than 50 points up from before that. Still on 6mg/day Estradiol, with no blockers whatsoever. Plus I have a few GRS related questions.

 Speaking of GRS, I’m making some progress with getting GRS scheduled too. There are a number of surgeons I’ve contacted, and heard back from a couple. Any/all will almost be guaranteed to be at the maximum my deductible is ($6850.00 I think?), so it’s all about who I’m wanting to go with and how long I’ll be okay holding off for. The deductible likely won’t be that high though as if I plan on having the surgery late in the year, other things will count towards that first.

 Dr. Toby Meltzer is off the table as he is not covered by my insurance, so it’ll cost me 10k or more to go see him. He was my #1 choice in Scottsdale, AZ and wasn’t booked out too terribly far.

  I have contacted several others, but the one that is honestly at the top of my go to list has to be, like so many trans people, Dr. Marci Bowers in California. Her wait list is the longest (~3 years), but they have a cancellation list, plus it’s only $1,000 to guarantee a spot.

 Now for the good and bad, mostly obvious.

+The extra time will of course make it so I can mostly save up all the money so I don’t have to get a loan.

+Plenty of time to see a second therapist for a second required therapist referral letter for surgery.

+She is one of the best GRS surgeons in the country, hands down, Hence the ~3 year wait.

+I’ll be able to casually get my weight further down and not have to rush by losing the ~35-40 lbs quickly required to see her.

-3 years is 3 years.

-Her cancellation list means I’ll likely get in a lot sooner, which is good and bad. I probably won’t have the money myself before the time, so some sort of loan is highly likely.

 There you have it. I’ll update more as the time comes, and of course let y’all know how my appointments on Monday (HRT doctor) and Tuesday (laser) go.

 I hope you have all had a great week!

 - Lana

Seriously though, has anyone seen Haider, one of the Bollywood adaptations of Hamlet? Because, let me tell you, it’s amazing.

Let’s face it, a lot of Shakespeare on film is downright dull (80s BBC Shakespeare marathon anyone? no, didn’t think so). Adaptations are often better suited for the film format because they manage to capture the spirit of the original, but adapt it well for screen. And the foreign language ones are best because they are less tied to the text. I mean, have you seen Kozintsev’s King Lear and Hamlet? Breathtaking. Kurosawa’s Shakespeare films? Phenomenal. Text just generally just works better in theatre. You know how many lines Baz had to cut to make Romeo + Juliet a fast-paced film?

Haider is just as compelling. Set in the 90s conflicts in Kashmir, it transposes the whole story to a modern setting that brings Hamlet (Haider)’s conflicts up-to-date in a readily comprehensive manner.

Just a few things it contains:

  • A strongly independent Ophelia (Arshia), who’s a journalist and who actively helps Hamlet (Haider). There’s no Horatio and in some ways she takes on Horatio’s role too.
  • Strong, edgy political commentary that just works; though I don’t purport to understand a lot of it.
  • Lots of violence. But the meaningful sort (not for the faint-hearted I tell ye).
  • Beautiful cinematography (!!!)
  • A full Bollywood song and dance routine Mousetrap
  • Lots of music
  • Dark humour

In some ways it diverges from Hamlet, because you see Haider’s father before he dies, because the ‘ghost’ is quite different, the way characters die is quite different, there are no soliloquies, and the ending is changed to suit the world. But adaptations naturally only offer a particular interpretation of the plays; sometimes that’s just what a film needs.

anonymous asked:

Do you believe in signs? Like lets say you were thinking about someone who you know you need to get over and suddenly they message you out of the blue? Do you believe that this is a sign to keep talking to them despite knowing you need to move on once and for all?

No, I don’t. I think that people who believe, or want to believe, in signs, look for signs, and find coincidences, and use them to suit what they want to believe.

Usually what seems like a ‘sign’ is actually just caused by a perception bias. For example, someone might think that a certain number is lucky to them, and then start to see the number everywhere, and think that it’s some kind of sign. But in reality, they probably see hundreds of numbers a day, they just notice and remember it when they see the one that they believe is lucky. They could walk down a street with a hundred houses, and see that one of the houses is number 22, and think that it’s a sign, when they’ve just walked past 21, and 20, and all the other numbers, and ignored them. They could notice when the date is the 22nd, and think it means something, while ignoring all the other dates in the month.

Similarly, this person messaged you while you were thinking of them, and you took that to be a sign. But, if you’re not over them, you probably think about them quite a lot, and you seem to be ignoring all the other times you thought about them and they didn’t message you. 

Plus, if you think about them a lot, that significantly increases the chance that when they happened to message you, you’d be thinking about them, because you spend a lot of your time doing that.

You say that you know you need to get over them and move on. So, trust yourself, not superstition. If you know that you need to move on, then start moving on.

Marichat May: Day 20

marichat at 3 am is probably super hilarious bc think about all the ridiculous things they would talk about while sleep deprived.

a ridiculous argument over how many spots are actually on ladybug’s suit ensues.

marinette would probably critique every piece of chat’s suit and chat would fight her on each point, only conceding on some points bc he is too sleepy to fight a passionate marinette.

chat would probably want to count every freckle on her face and marinette is whining about how she’s too tired to be poked in the face with his kitty claws. she lets him brush her hair a little with his claws and does doze off a little when he does.

marinette says something about how cats and ladybugs can’t physically make babies so they’d probably have to adopt if chat ever married ladybug.

chat doesn’t understand why marinette starts cackling when he says she’d totally be the baby’s godmother but he laughs with her anyways.

just, deluded sleep deprived marichat 3am conversations guys.

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"I guess it's now or never"

♪ ♪ Sha-la-la-la-la-la my oh my, look at the boy too shy, he ain’t gonna kiss de girl! ♪ ♪

Or: Corin is a kriffing idiot.

“Stars, this is weird,” Minzie said, appearing in Corin’s—no, he reminded himself, the crew bunks’—doorway.

He looked up and flashed her a smile as his fingers tightened the straps of his gloves with all the speed and ease that came with years of muscle memory. He didn’t need to imagine how she felt, seeing him sitting there on the bed wearing his old Intelligence uniform like a second skin; he only had to look at her in her TIE pilot suit to understand. It was one thing to hear each other talk about their pasts, but to actually see the evidence of it with their very eyes—to see how effortlessly they slipped into their old roles—was unnerving, like two planets colliding.

“I just dropped in to let you know we’re almost at the Makeb spacedock,” Minzie said, her expression unreadable as she leaned against the doorjamb.

“Thanks.” Corin nodded, swallowing hard against the sudden lump in his throat. “Any last-minute changes you can think of?”

“Nope, the plan sounds good, just… crazy,” she said, with a face that matched his own, “Nervous?”

“A bit.” Nervous didn’t even begin to describe it. This was the first time Corin would be among Imperials since his defection. He half expected to be greeted with blaster rifles and stun cuffs the moment he stepped out of the airlock.

No, he reminded himself as he tugged his boot on, the people here had no reason to suspect his real identity. Officially, the only two people Nalk’oori’naouran existed to were here on this ship. He was effectively a ghost. All he needed to worry about was playing his role convincingly enough to sell them on Minzie’s.

“Yeah, me too,” she said softly, breaking him out of his thoughts, “This is bigger than I’m used to.”

Corin looked up at her again, and this time his hands stilled from adjusting his shin guards. Because being a ghost had its downsides as well. Before, when he did things like this, he’d had the might of the Sith Empire to back him up in case everything fell apart. Now, all he had were his own wits and Minzie’s skill as a getaway pilot, going up against three warring superpowers.

And for the first time since he’d left, he felt he had more to lose than just his life.

He might not get another chance to tell her…

A sudden whirring noise announced D6’s arrival. The little astromech rolled around Minzie’s legs and beeped out a warning that the ship would revert from hyperspace in two minutes.

“Well,” Minzie said. She took a deep breath and gave Corin her biggest, most upbeat smile. “You ready?”

It was now or never, he told himself.

But he just nodded, slung his rifle over his shoulder, and picked up his helmet—the only new addition to the Imperial ensemble.

“Then it’s time to figure out what those Hutts are up to.”

You wear more makeup to school. You actually worry about what to do with your hair each day, about which perfume suits you best. You spend so much time curling your hair, choosing your clothes, staring at yourself in the mirror. You’ve been wearing berry lipstick instead of the usual clear chapstick. All for a guy who doesn’t take a single second to look at you. Quit changing yourself. Throw your hair up in a bun. Wear that perfume that no one else likes but you love. Don’t go overboard with your makeup. Go for that baggy sweater that you feel so cozy and warm in. Let your personality do the talking. If you have to try so hard to impress a guy, then he’s not the one. This is you, this is what you got. If he can’t see that, then he’s the problem.
—  from me to myself. 

anonymous asked:

Jackson has the most lines in shopping mall and the least lines in Never Ever

Actually my love bammie has the least lines but yes yes jacks is def a very very very close second!! I honestly wish Line distribution was more equal in title tracks tho like rap line is usually left in the dust but I also understand there is a lot of thought put into who gets what lines in a song like how the members are always talking about how they gave So and so this line because it would suit them and the song best vocally and didn’t give it to so and so but so and so asked so they let them try and it worked etc etc so coming from a musical stand point i def don’t think its anything personal!! like usually ive noticed Jinyoung Jaebum and Youngjae get the most lines in title tracks and are all pretty even then rap line and yugy will get the least and are all about even give or take because there titles Are usually more vocally centered (ion know why yugy is coupled with the rap line tho when it comes to line distribution in vocally centered songs🤔) but when songs are more hip hop then r&b and rap centered like Shopping mall or out it’s switched and rap line will get the most and vocal line will get the least and if the song has a balance compassion wise like idk hard carry the line distribution is pretty equal give or take!!! So yeah in some songs one person will have a whole bunch and then in the next they won’t i.e. Jackson having some of the least in Never Ever and the most in shopping mall but In my opinion it’s all with a purpose for what best suit the specific song!! Sorry for the long explanation lmao the music lover in me went on a tangent lmao but bottom line yes I wish line distribution was more even in title tracks and that they would give a more rap center song a try for the title so rap line can really shine☺️!!!