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I’m not dead guys, I just don’t have much freedom accessing tumblr among other websites.

I haven’t wrote anything these days, I hate that, and then I think that maybe you would have forgotten about me already after these days of absence and silence.

On the bright side, I got to go out and went for a swim, I might have triggered my leg and it’s in pain again, but I had fun.

I had so many ideas for the charoix week but couldn’t write them… I might as well just post them later. After taking this break, I feel really eager to write something!

I’ve been playing persona 1 on the psp and honestly, it’s so frustrating and annoying and isn’t fun at all (in my honest opinion, i guess it’s just not for me) I keep getting lost and all the random encounters are so annoying and the story only got interesting after many MANY hours of gameplay… If it keeps being that way I’ll either jump to the second game cuz i heard its better, or just jump to the other titles like 3 and 4. Might as well just watch p1 story on youtube or something.


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]


moments in capture — malec (1/∞)

💜 NYA! 💜 Happy Voltron Fandom Positivity Day!!!

(-^    v  ^-) if you’ve been following my blog at all~ then you already know that this Pidge is all about that fandom family vibe!!!! (^O   w O)^ MUCH LOVEEE!!!! *throws confetti in the air* so thank you so much to @stargazershiro for organizing this exchange!!! My piece is dedicated to @lyrikin !!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU FANDOM FRIEND!!!! (-^    O ^-) and the best of luck with your writing project! gawd knows i’m not a writer!!! so you’re heads and tails above me just by trying your best!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! <3 <3 <3

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I've seen people saying malec was too rushed? What do you think? I don't know where I stand so I'd love your opinion! :)

i mean, you all know how cautious i was about assuming they had to get back together for the sake of it LMAO but i actually found they pulled it off and that’s largely bc it’s pretty clear their journey isn’t over. I find the idea of it being “too rushed” is the same mindset ppl had about 1x12 bc they seem unable to view these characters beyond a singular contained episode. 1x12, malec was “too rushed” bc ppl decided they were already in a steady loving relationship when literally all that happened was they chose to give the idea of a relationship a shot.

2x20 strikes me the same way: they’ve decided that their relationship is worth another shot and they’re ready to rekindle it. it doesn’t mean everything got fixed at once, just like their kiss in 1x12 didn’t mean they had nothing to talk about or nothing to learn about each other as we saw throughout s2.

magnus said relationships take effort for a reason. it’s not an accident that of all the iconic malec lines to choose from, the writers picked that one. there was no i love you this time, no we always find our way back to each other. if they had ended on i love you, i think i would have been less satisfied bc it suggests that love fixes everything, which isn’t true. but the script very specifically made a callback to the idea that they’re a work in progress and that they still need to put in effort with each other, which not only suggests the characters are aware of the growth they need, it also tells me s3 will contain plenty of important conversations and lessons for them to learn.


Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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Today on twitter someone told me I should SUPPORT the shows and movies I’m talking about instead of just tweeting about it because “tweeting about it doesn’t get them views/money” and I’ve never, ever, encountered someone who so badly missed the point of my entire online brand. Wildest thing someone ever said to me. 


“The only thing I knew, is that you, Juliana Crain, are the only hope any of us had. You asked me if you were in the films - you are - you were. Over and over again. Sometimes I see you in the background somewhere, protest, a speech, a war zone, maybe. Someplace that mattered. I started knowing where to look. You could never stay out of it. Some of the people you knew, I started seeing them, too. Revolving around you like an atom. But they would change, different behavior, different relationships, different points of view shaped by their lives. But you were always you, you and your unnatural consistent mind. I got to know a woman who would bet on the best in us, who bet on people, no matter what the world said about who they were, who they should be. That woman would do anything to save a sick boy - a Nazi boy, even, because she would believe he deserved the chance, as slim as it might be, to live a valuable life. And I knew that was the key. The only way to make sure that your sister’s father wouldn’t prevent that boy’s father from stopping a war. Dixon died in an alley so that son-of-a-bitch Smith could live. But - San Francisco is still here! Millions of people will live because of the choice you made. The goodness in you, Juliana. One selfless act of love and hope… That’s what I put my money on.”


park jimin’s lies.

jimin: hey jungkook, why don’t you come to my room when I tell you to? you’re so disobedient, what happened?
jungkook: *comes to jimin and j-hope’s room every night*
jimin: stop coming to our room every night it’s so annnoying! ><

interviewer: who do you want to go on a trip with?
jimin: not jungkook, because he’d make me do everything >w<
paper interview: who do you want to travel with and why?
jimin: jungkookie! within the country though, it’s dangerous to go abroad with jungkookie~ ^^

jungkook, probably: so wtf do you want from me ._.