let's all go the lobby

Let’s all go to the lobby. The usher’s theme song, played by ear, by me on bass clarinet.

Sorry bout the tone and the last note. It’s literally the best one at school cause it’s a marching band Bass clarinet and the ones they give us are as old as Julian himself. (Also I was rushing before warm-up time was over…)

Can I be in the Halloween horror nights fandom now?


It’s the ninth episode of the podcast! This week we discuss trailers for the following films:

The Vault: A Cure for Wellness + The Perfect Score

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Credits - Art, Intro, Outro: @reggiesfriend (The Dungeon Rats and Neon Rival). / Let’s All Go to the Lobby, The Vault: @zacharylittle (The Last Podcast and zacharylittle.bandcamp.com).


Although it doesn’t look like the full Paleyfest session is available to view on demand here’s our SAG Foundation Panel from this past Tuesday night for your viewing pleasure.

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