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bizarre nightmares

this time, i’m not coming back. this time,
i’m kissing my knuckles before i stop clenching them
and finding the strength you never saw in me.
i am realizing i am much too soft to win the war
with my bare hands. this time, i am walking away
instead. i am realizing you are no good for me.
you are the color of loneliness. you feel like
being lost in the woods, but i am addicted
to how i feel when i find my way back home.
home. i thought i could carve one inside of you,
but in the end, the only one being haunted
is me. i’m at work thinking about how
the world would be better if you weren’t
in it. i’m in class wondering if my feelings
are as irrelevant as you have made them.
but i still laugh when you text me. i smile
when i’m with you, then go home and
wash my mouth out with soap. i love to feel
the love in my heart for you, but the truth is,
i’m still dealing with the aftermath of your
absence. i always wanted you to come back,
but the truth is, you never did one damn thing
that was good for me. you have a tsunami heart
and i am so tired of being caught in the wreckage.
so no more you first. no more feeling bad when
i leave your messages unanswered. no more
jealousy over the girls who get to be friends
with you with no consequence. i have to let this
go. i have to stop touching the wound and
breathe you out like the bad habit you are.
you don’t get to hurt me anymore.
i am finished. i am finished.
—  this time, i’m not coming back
Take care of yourself.

I tell you guys this all the darn time, but it’s worth saying again.

Take care of yourself. Take care of yourself because you only get one body. Take care of yourself because you deserve it.


Drink water.

Eat right.

Wash your face.

Clean your room.

Plan your week.

Seriously, do all this shit. Don’t let all the little things fall by the wayside.

    '' Tea Party ''

Justice: Upright: fairness, truth, cause and effect, law

Reversed:Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty

Fenris l Anders l Hawke l Merrill l Aveline l Carver l Bethany l Isabela

(Also, please read bun’s lovely drabbles about this they’re perfect)

afterwards, you stretch empty fingers
into dream-space, wishing
for your own adventure. you pray
your hand closes around a dragon egg,
a jewelled sword-hilt,
a bloodstained rose, a crown.
you keep your eyes on your shadow,
keep your eyes open
as night’s breathing slows, waiting.
the air smells like snow, sharp and clean;
you exhale hard, picturing smoke-clouds,
picturing flames. patience remains
fleet-footed as a nymph, her laugh
as mocking. renown lives in distant mountains
past realms unknown, but here,
beauty grabs your wrist as you pass,
a bright-eyed temptress draped
in frozen pine needles.
afterwards, you build your own story.
you name your favourite pen,
compare word counts like a kill count, argue
the merits of quality over quantity. palms
dripping dream-dust, you shape your own world,
your own adventure, chase magnificence
at the speed of thought — you know it is yours,
surely as the long-lost heirs of faraway lands
believe in a waiting throne.
—  glorification, for @mirrorsandwindowsabstractedfocus

the calendar // panic! at the disco


Happy Halloween! 

Please enjoy my newest Rilaya video on this special day, where the only scary thing here is that they’re not canon.  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Alternative Titles For Carl Barat Solo Songs 

The Magus - Peter Stole Grimaldi
Je Regrette, Je Regrette - Soft Bro Fun
So Long My Lover - I Added A Line About Annalisa So No One Will Suspect A Thing
The Fall - This One Actually Is About Annalisa
Carve My Name - There’s Nothing Phallic About Wanting To Plunge Knives Into The Soft Internal Organs Of My Dude Bros So They Never Forget Me Ever
What Have I Done - Sometimes I Call Peter Just To Breathe Heavily While He Says Hello? Hello? And Then I Cry A Bit 
Irony Of Love - There’s A Lyric About Marriage So This Song Is Only Gay in 21 Countries
Run With The Boys - I Just Prefer The Company Of Men and Cocaine…Wait
Ode To A Girl - And She’s Pregnant So There
Death Fires Burn At Night - Google Search: Am I Too Old For A Scene Haircut