letâs be friends again

Cause loving you, loving you is too hard
All I do, all I do's not enough
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you
Loving you, loving you leaves me hurt
All I do, all I do is get burnt
Loving you, loving you
I cannot be loving you, loving you

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fallen-asura  asked:

"did you really miss me that much Lest Karr?"

He was certainly surprised to see the other individual after the long absence, with the other suddenly cutting contact and disappearing on the King. However, even so he was quick to once more pick up his arrogant, snarky attitude. Nothing had really changed for them after all in such a short time. The only reason Lest even noticed Asura’s sudden absence was because of their little deal.

“As if. Frankly, I was glad to be rid of your presence. It was less trouble to deal with, and not so much troubling matters on my plate to deal with. Nonetheless, having you around does have its benefits - entertainment worth more than gold, for instance. Krul is too boorish to be around or fight, and certainly I’ll die if I fought Lord Geales, if he even bothered to raise a hand. Anyone else is simply too weak to stand against me. However, you aren’t. Neither bland or stiff like Krul, or as strong and strict like Lord Geales.”

Lest flashed a grin in his direction, a taunting grin on his face.

“So how about it, Asura? Let’s go for a little spar to…celebrate this ‘reunion’ of our’s, shall we?” Then, after a pause, he added casually, “Also, I certainly hope you’ve at least checked in on Krul at least once. Haven’t seen much of her lately but…I would daresay it’s worth checking out her current - ah - little situation.” 


to let her breathe. // 

but guys

dan and phil most definitely have cute lil in-jokes 

ones that they haven’t shown on camera i mean 

ones only the two of them know about

they have those goofy ass moments were one of them says something

and the other instantly understands and

they both burst into giggles


comminuta  asked:

" luna watch out! " the smaller of the two women jumps forth, hands pushing against the blonde until body was out of range of the attack. the songstress takes the blow fully and drops to the ground, hands clutching at the wound as skin paled and red pooled around her.

not fair, did not ask for this, literally beyond unnecessary, i cannot believe??

numb is what she becomes; mind, heart, and limbs
alike. for the COLD ground beneath, slick with the
ocean’s spray and tears from gods themselves. . it
brought her nothing. . 

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new ship : @m-arci-a and a decent amount of sleep


kc + getting their hands dirty

Mad Max: Fury Road AU where everything is the same but all the vehicles are replaced by Those Animals