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You ready for this? The most unpopular of opinions? You know what would be super cool and kind of dope for the ATLA liveaction show? No romance. Or heavily downplayed romance. No Kataang. No Zutura. Sokka and Yue can stay but then give the poor boy more time to heal after her loss.

They are kids. Even Zuko and Sokka, the older members of the Gaang who are romance ready, have heavy psychological scars. And are basically child soldiers.

What if we super focus on friendship and platonic support and leave all that sweet, sweet, romance for after the war is finished? When everyone is ya know. More legalish. And emotionally stable/healthy. And the world isn’t two steps from hell.

“You know, I came out to my parents in a letter.”

“You…” Bitty blinked and took a moment to process that. He’d stopped crying a while ago but Jack was still rubbing soothing circles on his back, and it made it easy for him to not think about anything else. “Did you?”

Jack hummed in response, and Bitty felt it vibrate through where his head was pressed into Jack’s chest. “I’d let you read it, but I’ve seen you with French, so.”

The chirp surprised Bitty into laughing, and he felt Jack laugh too. Still, the moment passed quickly and Bitty sighed. “I just…”

“I know,” Jack said, low and quiet before he pressed a kiss to the top of Bitty’s head. “I know.”

“Could- did- how’d your parents take it?” Bitty asked, and Jack shifted a tiny bit, but the circles didn’t stop and he didn’t move.

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Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?
—  rumi

I’m thinking how Jason was killed before he could go through his transition from ‘prep nerd’ to jockpassing punk nerd.. he’s the kid that used to wear a vest and ugly pants everyday to school and shit but then in sophomore year he came back wearing leather and looking super cool, being kinda shredded even if he never participated in any sports at school.. yet he was still on top of all his classes and never showed up at parties

“Let the hate go.” he said. “Let it all—go. The burdens that you’ve been keeping inside your heart. The darkness that surrounds it. Please do not keep that baggage with you forever. I know, it’s the hardest thing to do, but how will you be able to know if it’s worth it, if you wouldn’t even want to give it a try? This time, listen to your heart carefully. Close your eyes and let it flow. Let the feelings run through. Darling please remember, that we aren’t living in the past. You aren’t in the same position as you were ten years ago. This is the present. This is what you should be thinking of .” he held her hand tightly and said, “I am not him. And he was not me. And just because I am asking you to forgive him, that doesn’t mean that I am also asking you to forget everything he did. I am just asking you not to let him ruin everything we have right now. Because I love you. And I can never afford to lose you. Please darling, not you”.
—  ma.c.a // Past and Differences

Excited for Force Friday 2017! The Boys and BBs are!!

warmth & light to you all 

Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?
—  Rumi
a mini update

here’s a lil bit of dogfather to tide y’all over until tomorrow. he’s getting on the train soon, I swear.

  • the next few weeks pass too quickly and too slowly, all at once.
  • Harry knows there is a lot of frantic planning going on, all around him: Hedwig comes and goes with letters almost daily. Padfoot goes back and forth nearly as much. everyone seems to be planning his trip to Hogwarts with the sort of grim determination Harry usually associates with films about the invasion of Normandy.
  • but there are too many pleasant distractions for him to be very worried. he makes a valiant attempt at reading his schoolbooks, and gets at least a few chapters into each before he gives them up in favor of the large stack of wizard novels his mum brought back from Diagon Alley.
  • (“well, they’re not exactly Wodehouse,” is his mum’s considered opinion, “but they’re not bad.”)
  • anyway, he doesn’t really think anything bad could happen. Padfoot has explained how the Fidelius Charm works, and Harry doesn’t see how there’s any way around it.
  • (he is not exactly right. the secret Remus keeps for him is this: that the boy who lives at Harry’s address was once known as Harry Potter. it will keep Death Eaters from his door, but will not prevent the observant from drawing their own conclusions, in the world outside the safety of his home.)
  • so Harry spends the end of his summer lying on the window seat with a book, and his mum in the armchair behind him with her own book, and the radio on. he lets his dad live his dreams of all-England cricket vicariously through Harry, and goes for long walks with Padfoot. he pages through the photo albums Moony gave him, which are full of laughing strangers with Harry’s eyes or face or smile. he learns to make crepes with his dad. he sits through yet another of Padfoot’s lengthy lists of Things He Needs To Know About Hogwarts.
  • “let’s see, that’s all the secret corridors but one,” says Padfoot. throughout this recitation, he paces back and forth, from kitchen to living room and back again. “damn, I wish I still had the Map–”
  • “you’re coming with me, you know,” says Harry.
  • “yes, but I’ll have to be a dog all the time, so I’ve got to make sure I tell you everything important now,” says Padfoot, very reasonably. “I can’t turn into a wanted criminal in the middle of Gryffindor Tower just to tell you I remembered where the last secret corridor is.”
  • “you might have to turn into a wanted criminal in the middle of Ravenclaw Tower,” points out Harry’s mum, who has been watching this from the armchair with some amusement. “Or– what’s the other one called? oh no, there’s two more, aren’t there–”
  • “I shan’t turn into a wanted criminal anywhere, because they won’t like it any better in the Ravenclaw common room,” says Padfoot. “or in Hufflepuff. if it was Slytherin I’d probably earn you the House Cup, but if you’re sorted into Slytherin I want you to know in advance that you’re disowned.”
  • “I don’t think you can disown godsons,” says Harry, who knows that Padfoot doesn’t really mean it.
  • “well, there’s an easy way to find out,” says Harry’s mum.
  • “don’t encourage him!” says Padfoot.
  • Moon in the 1st: You can see the inner child appear in the face during intense emotional distress. There may be frequent weight changes
  • Moon in the 2nd: The physical body is the emotional signal and catchment, the body can cling to emotions long after the mind has let it go
  • Moon in the 3rd: The emotional state constructs and arranges the immediate experience so the world always changes- it can seem warm or dark or too big or too confining or whatever
  • Moon in the 4th: The experience of emotional pain or distress brings back every related memory with throttling force, old suffering can be experienced time and time over
  • Moon in the 5th: This can be the inspired or tortured artist, using the mix of deep and hidden emotions, as the canvas and paintbrush
  • Moon in the 6th: Emotions have unpredictable demonstrations, the first sign may be gastrointestinal trouble, appetite changes, or inability to focus
  • Moon in the 7th: Mood and emotion can reflect its closest contact, hyper sensitive and responsive to the people they are around so they need to self-reflect to recognise their authentic feelings
  • Moon in the 8th: Compulsive rituals are operated by the unconscious to bring about the awareness or destruction that emotions and suffering has been unresolved and cannot be pushed any further inward
  • Moon in the 9th: It's possible to get lost inside, and there may be an inability to settle because nothing really feels like home. Emotional distress can be magnified by the desire to experience the ideal state of being at all times
  • Moon in the 10th: Severe internal instability and emotional suffering can activate the wounded inner child where failures and inadequacies are exaggerated
  • Moon in the 11th: Intense emotional instability and inability to self-comfort can be signals that they must shut the door on something in their lives to let the winds of change blow through
  • Moon in the 12th: Emotional recognition and demonstration can be undeveloped and paralysed in childhood so they may do a lot of searching - inside themselves, through relationships, piecing together their past, and for God to find something that makes them feel defined in this world
  • C

ok fine here’s my master list of arbitrary rules i use for mccree’s soul stealing

  • it takes a short period of direct mutual eye contact between him and a human for him to steal their soul
  • steal a soul is kind of…… more like claiming it. the person isn’t immediately affected by this but their soul belongs to mccree forever
  • mccree can kill them at will once he has their soul. he doesn’t have to right away but he can just OTK at any point
  • he really only does that in fights/out of anger
  • if he lets a person live then they just go through life normally but once they die their soul still belongs to mccree instead of passing on/etc
  • mccree can’t stop the soul-stealing once it starts (like, lock eyes for a moment)
  • knowing this he does tend to avoid eye contact/cover his face with his hat with people he’s not keen to damning, but he’s also not too bothered if he steals a souls on accident
  • stealing enough souls is… necessary for mccree to live peacefully
  • he tried stealng hanzo’s soul… just to check if he could… so now he knows he’s not a danger to him
  • turns out mccree can’t take souls from other supernatural beings
  • none of this actually really matters to the story lmfao, except for why he takes them in the first place