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How to feel like a princess getting ready for a politically important ball

*Use a sugar scrub or make one with ¼ cup of sugar + ¼ cup of oil (like coconut or olive or avocado) + a splash of vanilla extract + a few drops of lavender EO—pat dry when you come out of the water so the oil will stay behind to nourish your skin

*Soak in a bath of honey, milk, and flower petals

*Brush out your lightly dried and detangled hair with a wooden comb that has been oiled with a hair oil (may I suggest camellia oil—it is a light oil that sinks in beautifully)

*If you have acne prone skin, wash your face after oiling your hair

*Remember, “presentation is manipulation”—this is a time for you to shine

*Listen to music that makes you feel powerful and confident—sing along to enhance the effect

*Wear a perfume that you love (vanilla is near universally pleasing if you care about how other people will respond to the scent)

*Dark lipstick is more intimidating—it will make people listen

*Natural lips suggest a friendly, easy-to-get-along-with personality

*If you wear heels, walk confidently

*If you wear flats, walk confidently

*Remember you own the space you exist in

*Wear colors that make you feel powerful—screw advice that would tell you that you can’t wear whatever color you want

*Don’t let others speak over you—your voice is worthy of being heard and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Supergirl fans who hate seeing what’s happened to the show, hear me out!

I want all of you to go to Twitter and TELL the writers you’re sick of Mon-El and lack of FEMINISM and women power on this show! That you’re TIRED of Kara NOT being the main character that drives the plot. I’ve spoken to the writers of this show privately and some HATE MON-EL!!! But after hours of talking to my fellow writer friends and artists of this show they always say, it’s all about the demographic!! So if you want more Sanvers or more Lena… and less of the males over powering this show, then GO TO TWITTER AND TELL THE WRITERS OF SUPERGIRL THAT YOU’RE SICK OF IT!! Make an account if you have to. Vote on their website and on their polls! Please… the writers have told me they go by demographics and if we really don’t want it… then they will stop giving it. But we MUST let them know this!! Make your voices heard. Tell them you want the show to focus on Kara!! Tell them how you feel about the relationship they are forcing her into. Kara deserves better. Kara deserves to be the focus in this story. WE DESERVE A WOMAN POWERED SHOW THAT CATERS TO US AND INSPIRES WOMEN TO BE INDEPENDENT, STRONG CAREER DRIVEN HEROES!! Let them know!! 

You can share your tweets to the Supergirl Writers below. Let your voices be heard!

Hold your head high, little girl;
Place your hands at your sides and stand tall.
You are powerful,
You are a mountain,
A warrior,
A goddess.
Let nothing in this world stand in your way.

Keep your voice heard, little girl;
Speak your mind and take no spite from them.
You are intelligent,
You are an owl,
A librarian,
A strategist.
Control the world around you.

Love with your entire self, little girl;
Accept those who will accept you.
You are kind,
You are a lover,
An advocate,
A safe place.
Make the world a better place.

Do things you’re not good at. Write poetry. Write bad poetry. Sing in the shower, and everywhere else too. Dance. Finger-paint, and don’t apologize for it. Bake lopsided cakes, and take a stupid amount of pictures with them.
Be. Let your soul breathe. It will thank you.
—  We are Creatives

#WhereisLOISLANEMerchandise (via @laneandkentnews, @LoisSupermanPC)

WHY | If you like and want to support Lois Lane, to celebrate forms of heroism and strength that don’t require powers or a cape like journalism, to achieve equality in terms of representation (non-powered and male love interest Steve Trevor has merchandise, but Lois Lane doesn’t), and/or just want to have more products with Lois to choose from and enjoy, then this is the time to let your voice be heard!

WHEN | August 17 (Lois Lane’s Birthday) AND August 20 (Amy Adams’ Birthday)
from 17:00 (5:00) - 19:00 (7:00) PM (EDT)

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Something all F1 fans should read - I'm absolutely disgusted!

Something happened to me when I was at a music festival in Cumbria, England that just confirmed everything I already knew about certain fans of F1. On the Saturday, me and my boyfriend were just minding our own business about to see a band on the main stage. I was wearing my Ferrari attire when someone from behind us shouted, “do you know who’s on Pole?” I turned round to see a man in his 50’s with who I assume was his son in his 20’s. I said, “Vettel is on pole, with Hamilton 4th.” They then asked me who I liked and I said Vettel. The old man then retorted, “I can’t stand him, I hate him. He’s fucking arrogant. And he’s German.” To which I replied, “so who do you like?” Knowing full well who they were about to say. “We like Hamilton.” They had that typical british arrogance themselves and it immediately put my back up. They then asked me why I liked Seb to which I said, “Because I don’t follow like sheep, and I like a driver for what I see him do and for more than just which country he comes from.” I also told them that I think the overall attitude brits have for Seb is disgusting. They asked me if I was English and I said, “No, I’m Scottish.” Their reply was, “Well, there you go!” I then said angrily “Hang on a minute, I’m going out with an Englishman!” I was so raging I walked away and said to them, “That’s exactly the reason I support the Germans and you have just confirmed what I already knew about this xenophobic nation, who hark back to certain conflicts.” They then said, “Oh, I think we upset her.” They didn’t upset me, they enraged me and they just proved my point that most brits don’t like Seb because of his nationality. I have been waiting for this moment and finally I came across it first hand. And the place I encountered it wasn’t even remotely motorsport related. It was at a music festival. Absolutely moronic and embarrassing behaviour from grown men who should know better. Trouble is though, there are more of them than we care to think of. I’m just glad I have finally had my chance to lay into these sorts of folk. They are complete imbeciles.

Hurt  >

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Warren Worthington III Reader Insert

Soulmate AU

Warnings: Self-harm

Song: Hurt // Johnny Cash

A/N: I’m currently in an X-Men phase again for some reason, not that I mind. I love you all for sticking with me, not matter what I write or when.

Soulmate AU where matching tattoos on the same area of the body indicate your soulmate.

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The Two Of Us || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by sugutie

Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Angst

Happiness was something you couldn’t afford. It was something that only the lucky got and somehow you turned out to be just another unlucky fool. Happiness was overrated anyways. All it meant was that you got to live your life without trial and error, without pain, without hurt, and god you wanted that so badly. All you wanted was for a chance to be happy, and not feel the ache in your chest that you felt now.

There was the thought, that maybe you never would be happy. Maybe you were destined to live a life of loneliness and pain, and never overcome it despite how hard you tried. Maybe you were never supposed to make it over the mountain and just continue falling down like you had been your entire life.

You thought for a while, that there was finally an end to the pain, and you had found it in a man named Min Yoongi. Everything with him had been perfect. Nights and days were meaningless to both of you as you had each other. Everything you ever needed could be found in one another, and that was how the both of you lived during your relationship.

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tips for the next few years

⭐️ embrace the things people and animals you love as fiercely as you can. love without abandon.
⭐️ be kind to others. we are all in this together. be a reminder to others that they are not alone here.
⭐️ take time to take care of yourself. get offline sometimes. step away from the news. drink water, take your meds, sleep, do a thing with your body that makes it feel good, look at every cat picture on the internet.
⭐️ create if you are up to it. document what you feel. turn those feelings into something else. art, writing, crafts, lists like this one. turn negative feelings or energy into something positive and beautiful.
⭐️ accept that it is okay to be afraid and allow yourself to have those moments, but never give up the fight. seize opportunities to speak your mind and make your voice heard. do not let people silence you.
⭐️ support and empower the people around you. celebrate your people when they do amazing things and be there for them when things get hard. talk about what’s going on, politically or socially or even just updates from your couch.
⭐️ remember where your safe spaces on the internet are. keep them close. remember we are always here for you. we are in this together.


What am I to you? PART 1

You and Jooheon where best friends since birth and did everything together. But after finding new friends at college, he suddenly changed and ignored you from now on. What happened with him? What did you do? 

+ MATURE CONTENT IN THE SECOND PART + Genre: Angst, Mentioning of rape

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Jooheon was always your best friend. 

You knew each other since birth and grew up together. You attended kindergarten together, middle school, high school and after all that finally College. 

Jooheon had this talent to always brighten your day, to put a smile on your face even in your worst times like the first break up. He was like your boyfriend because you did everything together: study, party, vacation, he even bought you lady products. He was perfect in every way! 

In high school you formed a clique with a few other boys and they loved you like a sister and you loved them as well. 

But Jooheon was your favourite. Always was, always would be. 

Everyone on the whole campus knew that you and him were Besties and nobody doubt it. Even your professors called you the dream team.

But after a while he got strange and began to party without you and after a while even without the boys. You asked several times what’s wrong but he got annoyed and ignored you after that. 

“Oppa, I don’t know what’s wrong with him… he won’t talk with me…” you sighed when you were sitting in a small café with Wonho. 

“Yeah, he changed… He even skipped some classes.” 

“What?!” you raised your eyebrows. The Jooheon you knew would never do that! He was a great student with even better grades. 

“Hm-hm…” hummed Wonho and bit into is blueberry muffin. “But don’t worry too much, Y/N. I will talk to him and who knows, maybe it’s because of this guys he’s hanging out with.” 

“What guys?” you questioned and looked around. 

“I don’t know them very well but let’s say they’re not the professors fave. Got caught with several drugs and they party really, really hard. Like, for days. The don’t give a fuck about college or their grades.” Wonho twiched with his shoulders.

 “Are those in a fraternity?”

“Yes. Kappa Alpha or some shit. Not sure.”

“Oh god…” you sighed. You were worried, to say the least. What if Jooheon get’s in touch with drugs? He wouldn’t do something stupid, you knew him! Or did you? 

“Hey…” Wonhos voice was soft and he caressed your hand. “Don’t worry, little one.” Just in this moment a bunch of people walked into the café. A few guys and two girls. 
And Jooheon. 

They laughed really loud and you saw Jooheons smile between all of them when his eyes suddenly caught you and Wonho. His smile faded and his jaw clenched. First you asked yourself what was wrong with him but then you realised the scenario he must saw:
You and Wonho were sitting on a small table in the corner of the room and he held your hand. 

Wonho followed your sight and let go of your hand.

“Oh…” he muttered quietly.  

You stood up and wanted to talk to Jooheon, explain the whole situation but he stormed out of the café before you could reach him. Shit

“Hey.” a deep voice mumbled behind you. When you turned around you saw in the face of a good looking guy who was very big and he smirked a little bit. 
“You’re Jooheonies lil kitten, aren’t you?” 

“Or his puppy because she fucking follows him everywhere.” a blonde girl said. All of them 
laughed and you could feel the heat burning in your cheeks. 

“I-I’m not…” you began but then felt Wonho’s hand on the small of your back. 

“Let’s go, Y/N.” He led you to the door and just when you walked out, you could hear the deep voice again: 

“Today’s a party. How about you join us, Kitten?”


“Oh c'mon, Y/N! Are you serious? You attend that party?! Are you insane?!”
Changkyun and Wonho sat on your bed and watched you getting ready.

 “I must look for Jooheon.” you explained and checked your Make Up in the mirror again. 

“Yeah but they’re fucking crazy! They’re doing drugs, fuck with everyone who got two legs and they doing bullshit after midnight.” Changkyun sounded like you were totally crazy. And maybe you were… 

“Don’t waste your breath… She won’t hear at you.” sighed Wonho and watched you worried. 

“He’s right. I’m going.”

“You’re crazy…” Changkyun rolled with his eyes.


You arrived the fraternity house and felt very very uncomfortable. The first ones where laying in the grass and a few others already puked all the alcohol the just consumed… Disgusting. 
This wasn’t your life, and it wasn’t Jooheon’s
life either.

 In the house where a huge amount of people and Changkyun were right: 
They’re where people having sex on the couch or the floor, the where a few others who smoked or took white pills and they where some of them sitting on the sofa and just chilling with a drink in their hands. 

What the actual fucking fuck. 

“Hey Kitten. We are here!”

You remembered the deep voice and turned your head. The guy from before sat on a big sofa and his clique sat beside him. And Jooheon. He was kissing a girl. The blonde girl who called you out in the café before. What the…?

 “Come sit with us…” the guy hummed and patted his lap. 

“No thanks, I just wanted to look for Jooheon.” you explained shy. You didn’t like the look the other guys gave you. Fucking perverted and gross… 

“Oh, look Jooheon. Your mommy is here again.” the blonde girl laughed and Jooheon looked into your eyes. 

“What do you want here?” he asked and his arm was laying on the blonde girl shoulders. It was the first time in a few days that he talked to you again. 

“I… I j-just…” you couldn’t form a sentence. Why where you here? He clearly didn’t wanted you here!  

“Where’s Wonho?” he spat and you felt the tears form in your eyes. 

“Forget it.” you mumbled and walked as fast as you could.

This was a dumb idea and you had to go. You had lost your best friend and didn’t even know why.  

“Not so fast, Kitten.” you heard behind you and felt a hand on your arm.

 “Don’t touch me! And don’t call me Kitten. Let go!” You screamed but he didn’t even listen to you and truth to be told, nobody heard your screams because everyone was screaming and the music banged to the max.

“I know what you need… Just let me fix it…” you heard the deep voice beside your ear and felt that he dragged you into another room. 
Shit shit shit

You wanted to cry and puke and scream but he held his hand over your mouth and then pushed you against a bed. 

“Jooheon doesn’t know what he’s missing but I’ll tell him after I fucked you into the matress, Kitten. Just relax and enjoy.” The smirk on his face unleashed a shiver of fear over your body. 

This guy would rape you in the next ten minutes and you couldn’t just do anything about it. He was too strong and big. 
You did the first thing that came in your mind and pushed him of you and finally screamed the only name that came to your mind in this moment: 


Speak kindly, dear sibling, mortal ears were not made to fathom the secrets, the truths, your words may herald.

Speak gently, dear sibling, lest you ignite a primal fear in the hearts of your loved ones.

Speak slowly, dear sibling, this tongue was not made to speak the old one, and the words are clumsy in our mouths.

Speak softly, dear sibling, this body’s throat was not made to hold the glory of your true voice.

But if you must raise your voice, dear sibling, then let it be heard.

OK BRITS. My UK BABES PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE if you haven’t yet. This is incredibly important and will define the next couple of crucial years in our country!

IF YOU’RE NOT BRITISH PLEASE REBLOG TO SPREAD THE WORD. It is the British election and we cannot let another Brexit/Trump happen because people didn’t go out and vote.

DO NOT LET THE INTERNET SUPPORT fool you into predicting the voting results one way or another. So many people don’t use social media to report how they’ve voted.

JUST PLEASE LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. LET YOUR YOUNGER VOICES BE HEARD, us, people who will be inheriting and running and living in this country.


Ephemeral (Part 2/4)

Pairings: Tony Stark X Reader

Words: 1410

Summary: Could you do something where the Reader is Steve’s fiance and right before the wedding they find out he’s not really in love with them, he’s in love with Sharon? Whether that be he tells them or she finds them together some way. And she goes to Tony for support and after a lil bit (the night of or a few months from then) they get together? Sorry if this is confusing…

Warnings: Some swears,insecure Y/N,and lots of angst. 

Requested By: @wannabe-weasley

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Author’s Note:Shall I end it here? Comment below! 




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The door shut behind you with a slam. You pressed your hands against the back of it,as you threw you head back,not having any care in the world how it hard it hit the wood. You sucked in a breath and then you let it all out in one breath,you screamed out of frustration. You slid down with the support of the door,your back against it,and bent your knees,caging them in your arms.

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Losing your virginity to Tormund Giantsbane would include :

(Woooo more GoT prompts!!! Woooo Tormund 😊Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him having express his feelings for you from the first day he met you and still looking at you in complete adoration

-Him being cocky and walking towards you with complete confidence talking about his “huge pecker” but as you would look at him with your soft eyes, his words would get caught in his throat and his nervousness would come

-Him awkwardly reaching to grab your hand quickly and just kissing it softly thinking you might appreciate his kinder side and looking up to see your face, making you chuckle

-Him seeing you smile and just getting his confidence back by suddenly kissing your hand and up your arms with more passion until he reached your neck, making you hold onto him

-Him forgetting himself for a moment and ripping your dress, making you shriek a little and him getting embarrassed again and to apologize about it

-Him touching and kissing your body softly and doing his best to make you comfortable and going lower and lower knowing that you might enjoy if he goes down on you

-Him encouraging you let your voice be heard and grabbing your hand to hold on

-Him apologizing about his beard that might’ve tickled you, making you laugh and smile again

-Him finally thrusting into you with as much care as he can, only to make weird and funny comments about how it fits but as realizing that it hurts you he stops and just strokes your hair

-Him going in slowly but nearly losing it with each thrust and wanting for you to tell him it’s fine

Let Go [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: I know I’m supposed to be doing a lot of stuff but this came out of nowhere….

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Death and broken dreams

Word Count: 1429

TAGS: @anothertypicalgirl00 @pinkwitch21 @coffee-randomness @angstytodd @kpkarlee @aworldwideapart @lovingmytelevision @abbytheninja @ifthisislove-loveiseasy @spacewife @galaxy-jellyfish-queen @femdamian @dc-hoe @wtfisachoncexx @jxsontxdds @yoichooseno @kiogenic @iamthenightiambatman @mockingjay-fury @zhang91yixing @mama-aqua @bandsomatic @theamazingrain @batbros-before-hoes @american-assassin-and-superhero



When you were a little girl, you always imagined what your life would be like in the future. Your curious, naive eyes would see a fair maiden who looked so much like you, with a radiant smile painted on her lips. She lived in a beautiful cottage in the country, away from the starless sky of the city, away from the monotonous sounds invading her ears and away from the monsters that wore sheep’s clothing. Somehow the sun was always bright, there wasn’t a droplet of rain anywhere yet the flowers still grew as if it had been fed all the water in the world.

There would be a man beside her, so handsome and humble one could mistake him for a prince taken out of the pages of the storybook your mother used to read to you every night. He was as vibrant as her, so much so that he seemed to emanate a faint glow. He always stayed by her no matter where she went. You couldn’t have one without the other. Their eyes sparkled with the light of infinite galaxies when they looked at each other. And when they smiled? No words could describe the happiness on their face. It may not be seen at times but it could always be felt.

And they loved each other. Oh how they loved each other dearly. The very symbol of their love would be running in the fields by their cottage as they watched, as happy as could be.

That was what you wanted your future to be. The future of your dreams, something peaceful and perfect in every way. The perfect life.

But life… life wasn’t like that. Life wasn’t perfect.

In fact, life was the very opposite of dreams.

You knew you shouldn’t have had such an ambitious dream because what you dreamed of, life gave you the opposite.

“J-Jason.” you gasped when you saw the blur that you somehow recognized as your boyfriend’s unmistakable face, “Jason, I-I–”

“Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Jason whispered, cradling your body in his arms, “It’s going to be okay.” His words could barely be heard over the harsh drumming of the rain. You shook your head as you broke down crying.

It was a mission gone wrong. You weren’t meant to be there in the first place, you weren’t part of the plan so the plan couldn’t protect you no matter how much you or Jason wanted it to. It was your own damn fault so you simply paid for it, but that didn’t mean you wanted it.

“N-No, it’s not.” you uttered, “I-It hurts Jason, it hurts so much.” Your voice cracked as you tried to sooth the pain on your torso and it broke Jason’s heart entirely.

“Hey, hey [F/N],” Jason had a lump stuck in his throat and tears in his eyes but he refused to let himself cry, “Everything’s going to be alright.” When you continued on weeping, Jason held your face in his hands and said, “[F/N]. [F/N], you have to listen to me. I… I will make sure everything will be alright–” you tried to turn away but he held you in place, “–[F/N], love, I promise you. I swear that it will work out. You’ve got to trust me, okay? Just…” he closed his eyes tightly before opening them again but his voice wavered as he said the next few words, “just trust me.”

Through the pain that burdened you, you managed to nod. You tried to keep your eyes on him but your fear only grew when your vision began darkening and you slowly lost sight of the man you fell in love with. Your breath began to quicken, alarming the man holding you in his arms.

“[F/N]? [F/N], focus on me–”

“I-I can’t.” you confessed in a panicked voice. “Jason, I c-can’t see you anymore, I can’t see–I can’t–” You began to cry again as the reality of it all fell onto your shoulders. You were going to die and there was nothing to do about it. You were going to die in a dirty, infested alleyway as a disgrace.

“T-This isn’t how m-my life was supposed to be.” you sobbed, shaking your head weakly.

“Then… then tell me, tell me what you wanted it to be like.” Jason requested gently, sniffing, trying to do anything to distract you from your pain.

You closed your eyes as you tried to regain that imaginative vision you had as a child. Swimming through your mind, you managed to find a piece of the dream you had. You held it close to your heart and brought it up to the surface and allowed yourself to be lied to one last time.

With a shuddering breath, you began in a voice that could be lost in the wind, “I would be living in a cottage… surrounded by nothing but… green fields and meadows of flowers. I would be free from any expectations and free of life’s restraints.” You gasped for breath.


“By my side,” you struggled to continue, “by my side would be… the love of my life, the man I would have my child with. The same child running through the fields.”

“A-And is that man me?” your boyfriend inquired, trying to lighten up the mood despite this very dark time. It made you laugh, but coming out from your mouth at your state, it was more of a wheeze. Still, through your blood and tears, you smiled.

Yes.” you said in a hushed voice, “Yes, the love of my life… Jason Peter Todd.” You closed your eyes. “Jason. My Jason.” You heard Jason laugh quietly though it sounded utterly helpless.

“Jason?” you murmured. Your lover hummed in response and softly stroked your hair in the loving manner he always adored doing whenever you two were alone. “I-I’m tired, but I don’t want to leave.”


“I-I’m so scared of leaving you.” you muttered, feeling the tears appear again. “I don’t want to leave you.” The droplets of rain felt cold against your skin but you swore some of them were strangely warm.

“Just let go.” you heard Jason murmur into your ear in a voice that sounded like he was on the verge of tears, “It’s okay to let go. I’ll–” he swallowed that lump in his throat and willed himself to be strong, “I’ll be okay.”

You can let go.” He forced the words out of his mouth in a slightly unsteady voice. “You can be free.


You closed your eyes and relaxed, letting go of whatever hold you had on life. The last thing you felt were shaky lips gently kissing your forehead.

When you opened your eyes again, you were standing in a field greener than any imaginative mind could’ve thought of. The sun generously poured its rays on every object in its domain and in the distance, you spotted a beautiful cottage sitting on the horizon.

The very sight made you smile.

Jason Todd had dreams. He had many and he knew none would be fulfilled. It was the inevitable formula of life’s many fuckeries.

But when he met you? He knew something would go wrong yet he still went for it anyway.

You were… a beauty in his eyes. You might not have been beautiful to others, but to him you were a goddess that he didn’t deserve. Your kindness and selfless heart was a sheer contrast to him and this very cruel, unforgiving Earth you two stood upon. Your smile was was brighter than any star and what he saw in your eyes wasn’t a mere sparkle, it was the entire universe all bundled up into two gorgeous orbs.

He cherished you more than he cherished anything in his pathetic life which really wasn’t much to begin with.

The more he was with you and the more he received your love, the deeper he fell in love with you. He fell in love not just with your personality, but with your little habits and cute faces you made alone. He fell in love with what you saw as flaws but what he saw as just more of you to love.

He used to think that his dream was to spend his entire life with his significant other, but that wasn’t his dream. You were his dream.

But he knew that as long as he kept living, he would never get that dream.

Because as we all would eventually learn, life was the very opposite of dreams.

Lost || Oneshot

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

Genre: Angst—> Fluff

Wonwoo x reader

You regret your actions towards those you have lost. 

He walked down the streets of Seoul late at night, he took in his surroundings or at least what he could see past his mask and cap. He saw couples, a lot of them, some of them with their children, some of them holding each other tight with smiles on their face. He remembered how good you were with children, his heart ached but he couldn’t help but feel joy at the memory of you. He was unhappy seeing the couples they reminded him too much of his better, happier self. He was supposed to be happy. He should be happy, was what they told him. He had it all the fame, money and the adoration of thousands of people. What more could he possibly want? But it wasn’t like that for him, he wasn’t one to prefer material things over those he cared for.

He couldn’t be happy because he didn’t have you anymore.

Don’t dwell on your past was what they told him when he would relapse to his saddened state; and hear your voice call out his name or your figure in the morning sunrise. Or when your favorite song would play as he listened to music. Too much reminded him of you, especially during his walk tonight. He couldn’t handle it tonight, he promised himself he would keep his composure. They usually never let him go out at night by himself because that’s when he would feel you the most. And tonight of all nights it was especially difficult for the twelve boys to be convinced to let him go, but they understood he might need some alone time when they saw the redness and dark circles under his eyes; so they let him. He scrolled through his phone looking at pictures of you, pictures that he couldn’t bring himself to delete even if he had told the boys he did because he had to erase every trace of you.

He couldn’t forget you. No matter how much he told others he did because in all honesty he wasn’t trying to forget you, he was trying to cling onto the memory of you. It was sad really, he had always been quiet and he often kept to himself but it never was to this extent, he was a lively person and his laugh was music to people’s ears. But it was all gone, any trace of the happy person he once was. When you left so did his happiness, his emotions, any ability he had to keep from being quiet. He stopped reading too, he hadn’t touched a single book in three months, he couldn’t bring himself to do so and escape to a made up world because that world wouldn’t be filled with you.

He continued walking, one hand in his long pea coat that kept his body somewhat warm and one hand on his phone. He walked through the busy streets of Myeongdong, your favorite place to go to in Seoul, as he readjusted the glasses that sat on the bridge of his nose so he could focus on where he was going. He smiled as he saw what he was looking for and where he was heading to, it was a favorite coffee shop of yours. He looks into the window of the cafe and the owner smiles at him, she felt bad for the heartbroken boy so she’d give him a free coffee here and there. He hadn’t really liked that place before but he learned to adore that place after you, he found himself heading in there quite often to fill his emptiness with anything that reminded him of you, you who was miles away. The bell on the door of the cafe rang as he entered, he sat at the same back table you always dragged him to sit at. He placed his phone down and took off his coat and glasses, before he could get up to order your regular order the owner placed two cups and a small red velvet cake at the end of the table.

He smiled up at the older women, that reminded him of his mother, “Thank you m'am, how much do I owe you?”

“Nothing son, you’ve been coming here mostly every day for the past three months. It’s on the house.” She smiled warmly at the boy who seemed to be on the verge of falling apart any minute.

“Thank you.” He said bowing his head slightly. It was scary to see him like that, the once joy filled boy whose smile could light up the world(as you’d like to say), no longer smile because he lost his world.

Three months. It had been three months since he lost you and it was all his fault because he let you. Three months since he heard your voice or saw your soft complexion that made his heart skip a beat. He let you go and he was in a pit of despair, all fraile and weak. Heartbroken would be an understatement, he was nothing without you, he couldn’t live without you. He didn’t want this feeling, he thought he would’ve have felt less alone than he did when he was with you but he was wrong. You were always the one who feared how wrecked you’d end up when it ended, he promised it would never happen, it wasn’t true though because here he was three months after it all ended feeling completely destroyed and lost beyond compare.

You? You were fine he assumed, you didn’t say much when it was done you stayed quiet, nodded your head, collected your things and left. It was odd because you were so heartbroken you wanted to yell, you wanted to scream, you wanted to sob uncontrollably; but you couldn’t. You were always strong in your emotions when it came time to show them because you hardly did. You left god knows where; he texted, he called trying to tell you he took back what he told you that rainy night. But you didn’t pick up, you never saw any of his messages: you didn’t want to. You left them untouched as you tried to forget. Tried to forget how he broke your heart when he promised he would never.

You thought you wouldn’t return but here you were, back in Korea after three months at home, trying to heal and find yourself after being so lost. It wasn’t until tonight that you opened all those voicemails and texts from him and from the twelve boys, telling you to come back, that it was all a mistake. Even Mingyu who wasn’t that close to you because he was jealous over all the attention his best friend was giving you, found himself standing at your door a couple of days after it happened begging you and constantly ringing your phone so you would come back because Wonwoo was so screwed up, he had lost any sense of being.

Y/N I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking…
I thought I was doing it for you, but god am I wrecked…
Im sorry. I can’t live without you…
Pick up the phone Y/N…
Why won’t you open the door? I’m ringing your doorbell…
Why are there stacks of newspapers on your front porch? Where did you go? Don’t leave me…
It’s been a month Y/N. I take that shit back, I’d rather us not see each other everyday but be together than be nothing at all…
Y/N please…
Two months today, I lost 7 kg, the boys are worried they want you to come back too, come back to me…
Y/N I’m heading to your favorite coffee shop again, the owner keeps asking about you. She named a drink after you, you know. She says your the brightest person she’s met. She’s not wrong…
Please Y/N I’m lost without you…
I don’t want this feeling. Where are you? Come back baby…
I’ll be waiting for you, whenever you decide, the back right corner like always…

You went through voicemail after voicemail, text after text. You heard over two months worth of calls and read over hundreds of texts. You were completely shattered, why did he have to do this? He was supposed to be fine, you were the wrecked one. But he wasn’t fine and neither were you. He hurt you and made your heart ache. He had told you it’d be best if you two ended it and went your separate ways in order to find yourselves, but you couldn’t. It was just worse you didn’t know what to do but miss him more and more, more than you missed him when you wouldn’t see each other for months on end because he’d be touring in japan or some other country. You couldn’t live without each other, so tonight after three months of pain and loneliness you found yourself in the same busy streets of Myeongdong. You were thinner and you had lost the glow you carried, a dullness surrounded your form. A thick jacket was draped over your frame and a mask covered your red nose in the cold.

You had walked towards your favorite coffee shop, the same coffee shop that you had walked past three times already, you were hesitant as to whether or not you should enter. You were afraid that’s he would be in there; you were scared that the boy you loved deeply, who barely showed emotions, was completely destroyed by you. But you were also scared he wasn’t and you’d find yourself quite disappointed and saddened because a big part of you wanted to believe that he wouldn’t forget about you and move on.

“He’ll be in there Y/N. Trust me, he left by himself tonight because when he’s with us he doesn’t go in there to keep up with the ‘I’m fine’ facade. But Seungcheol has seen him in there multiple times when he goes to buy chicken for all of us and he takes longer than usual.”

His best friends voice rang in the back of your head. You swept the strand of hair that was sticking to your forehead aside and mustered all the courage you could to go in. The bell on the door rang as you walked in and the familiar scent of coffee hit you suddenly. You looked around, taking in your surroundings, until your eyes wandered to the boy with the black cap that sat at your table. He was fiddling with the mug in his hands and you couldn’t help to notice a mug in front of him and your favorite pastry beside him. You decided to walk toward the boy as an indescribable amount of emotions and thoughts flooded your head.

When he noticed a figure walk closer to where he was sitting he finally decided to look up. He figured it was his mind playing games with him when he first saw you so he didn’t have much of a reaction. It wasn’t until he heard his name escape your lips did he believe you weren’t an allusion. He reached out to touch your arm, you were here after three months. He stood up, the chair he sat at scraping on the floor as he pushed himself off rapidly, and engulfed you in his arms.

“Y/N…” you heard his voice crack.
“I know…I know.” You replied.
He took you all in, your scent filled his nose and he was in a euphoric state. Tears slid down your cheek as you felt the warmness of his body, you were home.
“I’m sorry.  I regret it all since that day.”
“Wonwoo…” you began sobbing quietly as he rubbed circles on your back.      “I was so lost without you, I’ve missed you Wonwoo.”                                         “I never want to lose you again, Y/N. I can’t live without you.”

So you two stood there in each others arms after months of being lost, you were both finally found.

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