let your spirit

The song is alive. It’s upbeat, it’s /happy/, even though it’s so so so sad. But it’s not a depressing song. Its not a ballad you’ll hide under the covers and cry to. It’s a song you’re supposed to dance to, get an adrenaline rush to, feel your heart beat to. It’s about love and strength moving on but not letting go. Its about never letting your spirit die. It’s everything Louis is. Everything Jay is. It’s so so so amazing.

Six Ways to Meet Dionysus

1. Listen to dance music loud and heavy and let it carry your heart and mind and thoughts away until all that’s left is a soul bare and open and dancing with abandon

2. Smear makeup on your face outside of the lines and let the gift of Aphrodite born of blood and sea crashed on the shore lay on the skin of your mouth and lips and eyes

3. Let the wine stain your lips red with the blood of grapes and let the purple run down your throat into your belly and slosh your soul out of place

4. Suck a cock like you mean it

5. Let your gender out of its cage and let it run around the park for a little while free and unafraid of what they might say behind its back

6. Run and scream and shout and bang drums and metal and stomp and sing and let your spirit laugh and turn to wind among the grass and trees and shrubs and all the green on Gaia’s wide earth

If you have said in your heart, “I have lost everything. I have nothing left in my life.” Remember, God makes beauty out of ashes. God can make all things new for you, better than before, if you just let Him. He takes your spirit of heaviness and robes you with a garment of praise. He takes your tears and mourning over what took place and gives you His precious oil of joy. Where everyone saw your end, God sees a beginning. You are a tree of righteousness. You are the planting of the Lord. You are a daughter/son of the King of kings. You will fulfill your divine purpose. You will do every work God has preordained for you to do. You will finish your course will joy. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Whatever the enemy has meant for your evil, God will turn it around for your good for His glory! Isaiah 61:3

You have an ancient knowledge flowing through your veins. That otherworldly yet familiar feeling is the whisper of a memory that wants to come back to you. Do not be afraid. Let your spirit dance with the flames of eternity. Remember the lives you have left behind.
—  Chelsea Skye