let your soul be your pilot

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Bonus no points if Bruce is Tony’s new best friend because “no one else understands him or science”

my soul just left my body. that’s it that’s my least fave “tony and friends” thing ever oh my god….o h m y g o o d n e s s RHODEY WENT TO MIT RHODEY HELPED TAKE TONY’S SUIT APART FOR THE MILITARY RHODEY IS AN INCREDIBLE PILOT AND IS VERY VERY SMART AND HAD BEEN TONY’S BEST FRIEND FOR DECADES RHODEY IS THE ORIGINAL SCIENCE BRO I’M GONNA YELL….RHODEY IS TONY’S #1 FAVE BESTIE i love tony and bruce’s friendship so much so so much but oh my god,,,,,,@ fandom stop acting like my beloved son rhodey isn’t important or needed because he IS, SO MUCH,,

I’m not used to being wanted || a kagehina fanmix to hurt your soul

◈ Tracks ◈

01. All I Want // Kodaline 02. I wanna be yours // Vicent McGee (Arctic Monkeys Cover) 03. Stay with me // Sam Smith 04. Gasoline // Troye Sivan 0.5 Can’t keep falling in love // Twenty One Pilots 06. Hate to see your heart break // Paramore 07. Let her go // Jasmine Thompson (Passenger Cover) 08. I wouldn’t mind // He Is We 09. All about your heart // Mindy Gledhill 10. Almost lover // Jasmine Thompson 11. I see fire // Ed Sheeran 12. Scene two // Roger Rabbit 

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Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot - Sting


matthew morrison and sting… HAWT!