let your phone ring

He broke my heart. Or perhaps I broke my own. I’m not sure, I can’t quite decide. It’s not like I went into it blind folded, or maybe I did, maybe I chose not to believe the things he said. He told me what he had done to other girls, about how he made them fall in love only to make them fall apart, he told me he never stays around for long, he told me my feelings had no place in his life, you know? Like, he made sure I was aware, well aware that we wouldn’t skip along happily into the sunset at the end of the story. Instead it was more like “and in the end you’ll be crying on your bedroom floor calling my phone and I’ll let it ring while it sits on my bedside table as my lips are pressed against a girl who isn’t you” kind of thing, and god knows that’s exactly what happened. I spent months crying for him, screaming for him, my heart yearning for him every single second of every single day. But I mean, how mad can you really be at someone for being exactly who they told you they were? I knew how it would end and yet I read the book anyway, went along with the storylines as if the moments of happiness were supposed to last despite already knowing they wouldn’t but pretending they would for a good few chapters.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

I’m sorry I’m still not over my Dickler idea

Because Jim absolutely does that. He absolutely gets drunk and emails his teacher. But it gets to a point where he forgets that his mother dates said teacher. And she hadn’t told her son, who is getting totally WASTED in troll market, that she’d invited Walt to stay the night. Because he’s done this before. And Mr. Strickler has almost gotten completely accustomed to his new name.

But Barbara has no idea. At all.

Imagine how it goes down when phone pings! and she reaches across, practically climbing over him, to check it. He just mumbles-

“Barbara… it’s early…”

“Your dumb phone is making noise.”

“Let it ring, go to sleep.”

“You keep getting texts.” There’s a click as she swipes the screen, her pale face illuminated by halogen. He watches her, marveling her strange early morning beauty. And he opens his mouth to tell her so (because he’s awake now, and perhaps a good cuddle session is in order to repair his exhausted self) when she squints- “why is Jim texting you? Jim’s supposed to be asleep. In bed.”


“Oh my god… Is Jim drunk!?”

“I don’t-”

Another squint. Her eyes pop. “And he’s calling you MR. DICKLER.”

“Barbara it really isn’t that big of a deal he does it all the- Barbara where are you going!”

“Troll Market.”


“Where’s your stupid glow key I’m going out to collect my son.”


“Shut up, Dickler.”


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You rolled your eyes and let out a loud growl as you heard your phone start ringing again for the 7th time today, it was only 10:43AM

You knew it was him, you weren’t going to bother answering it. You had no idea who this guy was or what he wanted, actually, you knew what he wanted but you didn’t care.

Maybe if he would have approached you in a different way instead of stalking you, you would have given him a chance.

It started out simple running into you at the store or at work, when you finally confronted him he got pissed. He was now following you everywhere you went shopping, work, even showing up at the clubhouse parties; He was sending threatening letters, voicemails, and text messages.

You were surprised that Jax had not had him dealt with already; your parents had lived next to Gemma when you were growing up so Jax and you became friends.


You were almost finished with your shift at work, it was only five in the afternoon so it was still light outside. Your phone had been buzzing off in your back pocket since you left your house.

You were so spaced out that you screamed when your manager told you that you had a phone call at the service desk.

“I’m not answering it,, ” You told your boss, she knew about him stalking you.

“Said they were part of that biker club you hang around with” she spoke as if she hated them, she knew nothing about them.

“Oh” You felt bad for getting angry, but you didn’t want to deal with him anymore for the day.

You picked up the phone and pressed the hold button to take it off,

“Hello?” You questioned into the phone to whoever was on the other end

“Hey there gorgeous. I’ll be waiting for you” He said, he hung up before you could.

You slammed the phone do and walked away. You have had enough of this crap, you were stressed to the max. You walked as fast as your legs would let you to the bathroom, once inside you let the waterworks begin.

You pulled your phone out of your pocket ignoring the incoming call, you called Jax.

“Yeah?” he spoke into the phone

“I need your help, he won’t quit calling me. He just called my job telling me that he’d be waiting for me” You spoke, you were in tears again before you finished your sentence.

“I’ll have him taken care of, nothing is going to happen to you (Y/N). I’ll send one of the guys to your place, I’ll give them a key” he said, you could hear him walking around and others talking in the background.

“Thank you,” You said about to hang up

“You have the gun I gave you?” he asked, knowing you probably did

“Yes,” You laughed, remembering when he gave it to you when you first told him about your stalker.

“Use it if you have too, I’m not kidding. I have to go, I have someone on the way to your house. Bye” He said as he hung up.

You wiped the tears from your face and pulled yourself together before you walked out of the bathroom. You grabbed your purse from your locker and dug around in it until you found the .38 Jax had given you.

You checked to make sure it had bullets in it, sure enough, it did.

You tucked it into the side of your pants, for easy access and headed outside to your car.

Once home, you didn’t see a bike outside you started to freak out inside a little. You headed inside anyways. You closed the door behind you, locked the door and turned on the lights.

Everything seemed fine, you placed your purse on the table as you walked past your couch up to your bedroom.

You stopped before you entered your room, ‘why was the door shut?’ you thought to yourself.

You never shut your bedroom door, you pulled the .38 from the side of your jeans before you slowly opened the door.

You held the gun in your hands with your finger on the trigger, not knowing could happen in the next few minutes.

You took a step into the room, your eyes landed on Happy.

“Holy shit” You gasped, nearly scared to death

He quickly got up and shut the door behind you, he went over to your nightstand and grabbed a piece of paper and handed it to you.

You were quick to get confused until you started to read it.

“I told you I’d be waiting for you”

8 letters were all it took for you to now fear for your life, how he managed to get inside your house was beyond you.

You felt a tear fall down your face, Happy saw it as well.

He pulled you into a hug, a very tight and protective hug.

“What I’m about to tell you is going to scare you but I need you to be tough like we both know you can be” He whispered into your ear, just him telling you that made you scared.

You nodded your head up and down.

“I got here before he did, he’s in the room across the hall. I need you to make him come out” he whispered again, all you could do was shake your head in a no motion.

“(Y/N) I need you to do this so I can take care of this shit once and for all. Just go into the kitchen act like you’re getting dinner ready. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, you know that”

Deep down inside you knew he was telling the truth, he had kept you out of harm’s way several times, but you didn’t like being used as bait.

“Please little girl, I need you to do this” He pleaded, the look in his eyes was one you’ll never forget. He needed to get rid of him for you.

“okay, ” you managed to peep out.

“good girl” he smiled, as he leaned down and kissed you.

You didn’t hesitate to kiss back but after a moment, you both realized what had just happened.

You let out a sigh to work up the nerves to leave the bedroom before you left you gave him a kiss on the cheek after you whispered in his ear.

“make him die slow, I want to watch”

You pulled your door open and headed down the hallway into the kitchen like you didn’t have a care in the world. You decided that you probably needed to actually make dinner you actually would make it.

You pulled some hamburger meat from the freezer and put it into the microwave to thaw out.

As you began digging for a pot under the counter you heard a loud thud from the hallway. You turned around, as you stared wide-eyed at the kitchen entrance.

You knew Happy would do anything to keep him from getting to you, but you also knew that he wasn’t invincible.

You stood still and listened for any movement, you heard a few pants coming from across the kitchen. You were stupidly about to go into the living room to see what it was when Happy turned the corner nearly knocking you on your ass.

“Call Tig, tell him to bring the van” he spoke as he moved the few strands of bangs out of your face.

He walked to the sink and washed the blood off his hands, rings still on his fingers. You picked up the land phone on the wall and dialed Tigs number after a few rings he answered. You explained that Happy told you to call him and have him bring the van.


After a few minutes of waiting, Tig walked through the back door connecting the garage. He followed Happy to the other side of the house, after a few moments they returned; not alone.

He was tied up and very unconscious.

They drug him to the van and tossed him inside like the garbage he was.

Tig got into the van and drove off. You followed Happy to his bike when you noticed it was in the garage.


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“Keep it loud,” Jax told Gemma, she didn’t need to ask anything. She knew.

You stood there in the garage of TM watching Tig and Happy tie him up to the cherry lift.

“Get her a chair, make her comfortable” Happy yelled at the newest patched member, he scrambled at Happy’s order.

The music coming from the clubhouse was louder than it normally was, just the way Happy had wanted it.

With the garage doors closed we could hear him pleading and screaming as Happy did what he does best.

You had been sitting in the chair wrapped Him Happy’s hoodie for over 2 hours, it took him at least an hour to gain consciousness.

He acted tough at first, when Happy pulled out the welding torch he cried like a bitch.

Tooth by tooth, finger by finger he was fading in and out of consciousness.

Happy had finally had enough, once he regained consciousness. Happy made sure he looked him in the eye.

“this is the type of shit that happens when you fuck with my girl,” he said before he pulled his gun from his jeans and emptied the clip into his chest.

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Could you do this one "Things are getting heated and he's up (if you know what i mean hehe) and he is horny af. [...]" but for Dok2, Ssam D and Mino. Thank youuuu 😘❤️

Dok2: You were sitting on his lap and things were getting heated up with how both of your hands never seemed to stop exploring each other’s skin.  You rolled your hips and Dok2 let out a grunt right at the time when your phone began to ring. “No, no, no. You’re staying here.” He encircled your body as you tried to get up, reaching for your phone. “But maybe it’s important?” You said to him.

Simon: Having you pinned against the wall, Simon made sure to expertly hook your bra loose so he could fumble his hands beneath your shirt and feel your exposed breasts. He loved the feeling of them as the two of you kissed. However the mere feeling was making him harder every passing second and just as he was about to pick you up and carry you to the bed, your froze state had him freeze as well before you ran for your phone. “Babe, I love how much you care for her and all, but you’ve got to be kidding me…?”  

Mino: He was totally losing himself in the moment; hands roaming over your body all too gladly while you straddled him on the couch. How you two ended up like this, he did not know; but feeling you deepen the kiss at the same time that your hands dropped to his belt, damn he was liking this. Moaning softly he rolled up his hips automatically; eager to get this going until….. “W-what?” he mumbled after seeing your startled expression. That ringtone, it was your best friend and he knew it as well. Before he knew it you were gone and he was left sighing deeply on the couch. “Jagi are you being serious right now?” an annoyed sound escaped him as he lightly hit the pillow next to him.   

Please mention the whole question as well, because I had to go look for the original post as I had no idea what the original question was anymore. :)

-Daeny & Mint

Indifference - Suga x Reader

Anonymous asked:
This is the same anon as before haha, sorry. But one for Suga could be you two are hanging out with your brother (who has a dark sense of humor like Yoongi) and they both get really into talking to each other and making jokes so they start to ignore you. Thank you for putting up with all of these requests haha. :)

A/N: I just want to apologize for have late this is, I actually had some trouble coming up with ideas to write the story and it took more time for Luna to edit it (I’m sorry for being a bad writer ;-;) But I hope you liked it, even though it’s not very good

Genre: Fluff/Angst/????

Word count: 1,794

Your eyes snapped open from the sound of your ringtone. Tired, you decided to ignore it. But after what felt like 2 seconds, your phone began ringing again. You let out a frustrated groan before answering, “Hello?”

“Wake up sleepyhead.” The voice replied somewhat cheerfully, “I’m going to assume that you’re going to be home all day so, I’m coming over. What do you want?”

“What do I want? What are you talking about? Who is this?” You asked, obviously still half asleep. You heard him sigh into the phone before responding, “It’s Yoongi, and I’m coming over soon. Anyways tell me what food you want, and hurry up, I’m about to order.”

“Um… I don’t know just order the usual. Why are you calling me when you already know what I want?” You asked, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

“Because I wanted to wake you up, I know how you like to sleep for like 20 hours straight.” He chuckled, “Anyways I’ll see you in 30 minutes, bye.”

“Wait, I-” Before you could finish your sentence the line cut off, you sighed as you set down your phone. He’s always like that… You quickly got out of bed to get ready for his arrival. He has been so busy with his schedule that you barely see him anymore. When he told you he had a free day yesterday, you were beyond excited for him to come over and hang out. You missed him and you wondered if he felt the same way.

After cleaning your face, and brushing down your messy hair, you wondered what you should wear. Something casual should be fine, right? He never really payed much attention to what you wore anyways. You shrugged and went with some shorts and a sweater he left here a while back. You smiled when you heard the door bell rang. You quickly checked yourself in the mirror one last time before heading towards the door.

The excitement you felt quickly turned to disappointment when you opened the door to your brother, Jiho. He grins at your frown and pats your head, “What’s with the frown? Are you not happy to see your brother? Did you expect it to be someone else?”

“Actually, yes I did, Yoongi to be exact.” You told him, closing the door behind you, “Why are you home so early? Don’t you have work?”

“Nah, they didn’t need me today so I came home.” He sighed, grabbing a soda from the kitchen and sitting down on the couch in front of the TV. You rolled your eyes at him, about to reply when you heard a knock on the door. This time you knew for sure it was Yoongi. You rushed to open the door to reveal your boyfriend and his gummy smile.

“Hey.” He greeted, handing you the food, “You should heat these up.”

“It’s nice to see you too.” You smiled, heading to the kitchen. You looked back to see Yoongi greet Jiho in a friendly matter before sitting down on the couch with him.

“Hey, Yoongi. What’s up, man? It’s been a while.” Jiho greets with a grin. After heating the food up, you headed back to the living room to see your brother and Yoongi having fun with their own conversation. You let out another sigh before placing the food on the kitchen counter, not knowing what else to do you sat on the stool and ate.

Throughout the entire time you ate Yoongi didn’t look at you once, not even a glance because he was too busy being entertained by your brother. Not wanting to be left out anymore, you headed towards the couch and sat down, “What are you guys talking about?”

“Not much.” Yoongi answered, his back towards you. You frowned, not knowing what to do to get his attention. You just listened and hoped they would let you in on their conversation.

“Okay, okay I got one. How many babies does it take to paint a wall?” Jiho grinned, trying to contain his laughter. Yoongi smiled back, knowing the answer.

“Depends how hard you throw them.” He replied with a chuckle causing Jiho to crack up. “It’s too good.” Jiho continued to laugh, “Do you have one?”

“Not really a joke but I’ll say it anyways. What’s worst than stapling a thousand babies on a tree?”

“Man, I don’t know but what I do know is that it’s going to be screwed up.” Jiho replied, already laughing.

“Stapling one baby on a thousand trees.” Yoongi grinned.

“Damn” Jiho laughed. At this point you knew that you couldn’t join in the conversation anymore. Yoongi has no intentions of including you in the conversation or to even notice your existence. It kind of hurt that he didn’t miss you as much as you missed him. Sure he brought food for you, but that was it. Can food fill a girl’s heart? Maybe for some. But not you.

You felt even more lonely than when wasn’t here. Maybe he didn’t love you anymore or he got bored of you and the only entertainment he could get was from your brother. Maybe you were better off in your room… and that’s exactly what you did, you left them on the couch and went to your room. You sat on your bed bored as you scrolled through your phone when you got a sudden call, it was Jimin.

“Hello?” You answered, hearing a small chuckle from the other side of the line.

“Hey Noona! What are you and Hyung doing? He wouldn’t pick up.” He questioned, hushing the chuckle in the background.

“I’m not doing anything with Yoongi.” You told him, looking out your window.

“What do you mean? I thought he went over to your house to hang out with you.” Jimin asked, slightly confused.

“Oh, he came over to my house but he didn’t come to hang out with me. He’s hanging out with my brother.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

“Well Yoongi hyung is just stupid. I mean if you were with me, I would spend all my time with you.” He chuckled, a voice in the background suddenly called for him. Jimin quickly told the owner of the voice - Jungkook, that he’d get back to him later before continuing, “Anyways, tell him that we have practice later this afternoon okay? Thanks Noona! And good luck.”

“Okay, bye.”

Jimin sounded like he was having fun with Jungkook and Taehyung over at the dorm from all that chuckling and sounds you heard. You sighed again, thinking about Yoongi. He was so close yet so far away. He’s probably still having fun with your brother huh?


“Yoongi.” Jiho called, “I think you should go check on Y/N.”

“Why? She didn’t like what we were talking about and left.” Yoongi answered oblivious to the situation.

“She looked pretty upset from what I saw. She’s hurt that you’re ignoring her.” Jiho told him in a slightly serious tone.

“What? I wasn’t ignoring her. I answered all her questions, didn’t I?” He continued, still confused.

“Look, you haven’t seen Y/N for a really long time and she seemed really excited to finally see you again but you basically just blew her off to talk to me. As much as I love talking to you, I would like it more if you made my sister happy.” Jiho explained, dragging Yoongi off the couch, “Now go and make up! She’s definitely mad at you. Good luck!”

Yoongi slowly opened the door to your room to see you laying on your bed, facing the other way. He didn’t know what to say but Jiho was right and he felt bad for ignoring you like that. He didn’t mean to, he was just excited to see your brother again. Not a lot of people shared the same humour as he does. As much as he was scared to call out to you he did, “Y/N?”

You body tensed at his voice showing Yoongi that you weren’t asleep, and was clear of his presence but you decided to ignore him, just like how he ignored you. He walked over towards the bed, you knew he was on the bed when you felt his weight shift the mattress.

“Y/N.” He repeated, “I’m sorry for ignoring you. I didn’t mean to, I swear! I was just too into sharing jokes with your brother. I know you don’t really like my weird humour but I just wanted to say I’m really sorry fo-”

He was cut off by your sudden movement. You sat up, turned your body towards him before planting a kiss on his cheek in one smooth movement. Yoongi looked at you with shock in his eyes, mouth hanging open, “You’re not mad at me?”

“Well, I was at first but I get it so no, I’m not mad at you. I just really missed you and I thought you didn’t feel the same way.” You pouted, looking down at your fingers that played with the hem of your blanket.

“Of course I missed you.” He smiled, pulling you into his embrace, “I missed you so much.” You smiled into his shirt, wrapping your arms around his waist before tightening the hug, “Then prove it.”

Yoongi smirked at your words before trailing kisses from your cheek to your jaw line causing you to whine. You were giving in to his teasing and he loved your reaction.

“Yoongi.” You whispered, barely audible.

“What?” He whispered back, continuing his trail of kisses.

“Kiss me.” You moaned slightly, feeling a blush spread across your face.

“I am.” He replied between kisses.

“You know what I mean!” You whined, earning a small chuckle from him. Before you could whine anymore he captures your lips on his, sliding his hands down your back and to your waist, pulling you closer to deepen the kiss. You sighed into the kiss as you melted at his touch.

The sudden bang of the door slamming open, caused you two to break apart. In front of the door Jiho stood there, “Don’t get too excited kids. Keep the door open.”

You blushed at his words as he left the two of you alone again. Yoongi stared at your face before bursting into laughter. You giggled along with his laughter, “It’s not funny! It’s embarrassing.”

“Yeah but I’m glad your brother did that or else I wouldn’t have been able to control myself.” He whispered to your ear, lips brushing against the lobe. Your body tensed as your face got even more red.

“Yoongi, stop. You’re embarrassing me!” You pouted, pushing him off you. He laughed, laying on your bed before pulling you down to rest on his chest.


~Admin Ari (Edited by Luna)

Phone calls | Taehyung, You

I hate that feeling. Jealousy

You and Jungkook were fully immersed as you were dancing to one of your most intense dances. His arms around your waist, pulling you into embraces, lifting you in the air and much more. But while you were just at the climax, in the middle of the song, your phone started ringing. You and Jungkook kept dancing but your phone kept ringing and through the mirror you could see Jungkook starting to look a bit put off by it. Your phone wouldn’t stop ringing so he let go of you and walked to the speakers, turning the song off.

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A/N: After rereading “Just three words.”, I wanted to make a little sequel. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Summary: Weeks ago, you dropped all your morals and discipline and allowed a stanger to seduce you in a car, giving him free hand.
Since then, he didn´t call. But today is a new day…

Pairing: Reader x Demon!Dean

Words: ~ 2000

Warning: plotless smut - have fun!

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The ringing phone let you lift your head. With furrowed brows, you take a look at your watch: 11pm.
Putting the book down, you grab the noisy device and check who´s calling. The two words increase your heart rate instantly. ‘red flannel’  –  the guy didn´t give you his name.
With shaking hands, you answer the call: “Hello.”
“I´ll be at yours in 15 minutes.”
Your jaw drops, you weigh if you should tell him to fuck off, telling him he´s an absolute douchebag. But the words which finally leave your mouth sound like: “Alright.”
Cursing yourself mentally, you hear his raspy chuckle, followed by a simple 'Good.’, before he hangs up.
You sit there the phone still in your hand, absentmindedly looking at it. Suddenly you realize what this means: the man, who didn´t contact you for about two weeks after giving you the orgasms of your lifetime is going to be here. At your place. In 15 minutes.

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ways your phone is like the One Ring:

 - lets you see things that aren’t really there (pokemon, ringwraiths)
 - feels oddly warm/cool to the touch
 - looks light but actually surprisingly heavy
 - you grow increasingly attached to it and keep it close at all times
 - you feel uneasy when people ask to borrow it for a little while
 - always at risk of dropping it in stressful situations
 - forged with arcane magic in a distant land
 - must be destroyed if you are ever to know peace again

Sweater Paws - Calum Hood Imagine

| Request |

| Masterlist

| Word Count: 1,150+ |

| Dedicated to the lovely @honestyhood! I got this idea by the picture of calum below! | 

You and Calum have been friends since the two of you were 9 years old. Meeting him in elementary school was probably one of the best things that had happened to you. He was always there for you.

From when you broke your ankle, when you were 11, to helping you through your parents divorce when you were 15. He’d be there no matter the time of the day, often sneaking out and climbing through your bedroom window and spending the night with you.

One night, while you were studying for an exam, you were suddenly aware of how stressed you were, and started freaking out. Your hands began to shake, thoughts were flowing through your mind, you heard a buzzing. Unaware that it was your phone ringing, Calum calling to let you know he was outside, as the two of you were supposed to go get a late night dinner, which would ultimately end up in the two of you going to your local diner.

You tried to calm yourself down, using the breathing techniques Calum had taught you, but it didn’t seem to work. Suddenly there was a knock on your window and you looked to see Calum, in his Amsterdam sweater. You rushed over, opening up the window, letting him in before engulfing him in a hug. That’s what you needed right now. You needed your best friend.

Your other friends often told you that you would eventually fall for Calum, but you didn’t believe them. You’ve been friends with Cal for 9 years now, and if feelings were to be developed, they would have happened already, at least that’s what you thought. Little did you know that Calum was the one with these feelings.

He had been harboring these feelings for sometime now. About a year and a half ago he started to notice the little things about you. Like how when you laugh, you can see your eyes light up. Or the way when you’re really excited you start to move your hands while you talk, sometimes very subtly or sometimes in all these directions.

He started to realize that he found you to be really attractive, and he got butterflies in his stomach when he saw you were calling him, or he received a text from you. He began to realize he wanted to spend all his time with you, and took any chance he could to spend that time with you.

But, he would never tell you how he felt as he knew you didn’t like him back. He’s known you for 9 years now, he knows the signs. When you like someone you lean into them when you talk, you talk about the person a lot, or at the mention of the person’s name your eyes seem to light up. And those were only a few of the signs. So until he was sure you had the same feelings, he would keep his feelings hidden.

“What’s wrong, darling?” he asked, rubbing your back softly in a comforting way.

“School.” he nodded in understanding. He held you out in front of him, smiling softly.

“How about you take a break from all that studying, and we go for that dinner we planned?” you nodded, wiping your eyes at the few tears that fell. You pulled away, going over to your closet and pulling out the first sweater you saw. Turns out it was one of Calum’s. “How is it that most of my sweaters end up here?” he chuckled, you just laughed with him, slipping on the sweater.


Calum had been on tour for almost 6 months now and you missed him. Things were getting bad again. School, work and family life was getting stressful, and you needed your best friend. He wasn’t done tour for at least another 3 weeks, and you didn’t know what you would do for those next few weeks.

As if he sensed something, your phone started ringing and you saw it was Calum.

“Hey, Cal.”

“Hey, darling. How are you?”

“Okay.” you replied.

“What’s wrong?” you began to explain to him what was happening, ending off with,

and I just really miss you.”

“ I miss you too, darling.” he replied, his voice quiet and soft. “We’ll be reunited soon though. Only a few more weeks and then we’ll be together again, and we can go to the diner and the beach and it’ll be fun okay? I promise.” You could practically hear the smile on his face.

“Okay, Cal.”

“Great, now, tell me about the latest episode of teen wolf.” you laughed, before dwelling into what happened on the latest episode of teen wolf.

A few hours later, an hour after you hung up with Calum, you were dozing off on the couch when you heard a knock at the door. You glanced at the time, 12:15 AM. Who would be knocking on the door at this time? Both your parents were on business trips, leaving you alone for the week and you weren’t expecting anyone. You didn’t really want to see anyone but Calum, and that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

Quietly, you walked over to the door, hoping the tv wasn’t loud enough that the person on the other side could hear it. You looked through the peep hole, a small excited noise falling from your mouth at who you saw on the other side. You swung open the door, attacking your best friend with a hug.

“Calum!” you exclaimed as his arms wrapped around you. You squeezed him tighter, breathing in his scent. You missed him dearly, and now that he was home, things could change, and for the better. When you pulled away, Calum couldn’t help but admire you.

There you were, in nothing but his Amsterdam sweater and some shorts. You were barefoot, and the sleeves were long due to his own stretching of them, and from what you did while he was away. He thought you couldn’t look anymore perfect. He always adored seeing you in his clothes, and you just standing there, looking cozy and cuddly just made him fall for you even more. 

“You said you still had a few more weeks till tour ended!’ you said, as the two of you walked into the living room, and taking a seat on the couch. You instantly cuddled up to your best friend, his arms coming around you in a tight embrace.

"Wanted to surprise you, babe.” you just shook you head, resting your head on his chest as the beginning of Grease Live started.

Calum knew he was in love with you, and maybe he would tell you one day. But that wasn’t tonight. And it may not be tomorrow or even 3 months from now. But what he does know is that you’re his best friend, and as long as he had you as that, then he was happy. As long as he had you with him, he knew he’d be happy.

Long Distance (Joe Sugg Christmas Imagine)

Christmas Imagine- Day 19 

It was Friday evening and you’d just got back to your flat. Joe was coming over tonight and you couldn’t wait to see him, it was all that had kept you going that week. You kicked off your shoes and let your hair down when your phone started ringing. 

‘Hello’ you answered chirpily having seen Joe’s name across the screen. 

'Hi love, I’m really sorry but I’m not going to be able to make tonight’ he admitted and you felt your heart sink inside of you. 

'Why not? I haven’t seen you in ages Joe!' 

'It’s only been a week and a half, I’m sorry Y/N, I can come and see you tomorrow' 

'I know but I’m sick of you always cancelling or rearranging our plans’ You complained. 

'I’m sorry babe, it’s hard when you leave back home and I’m in London all the time' 

'We managed it fine in the beginning, it’s like you can’t be bothered to make the effort to see me anymore' 

'Don’t say that, you know I love you and I want to see you. Just let me take you out tomorrow, I promise you’ll like what I have planned.' 

'Fine’ you reluctantly agreed hanging up the phone. 

'I’ll pick you up at ten’ he told you hanging up the phone. 

You were upset that Joe had cancelled your plans again. He’d done that a lot recently, it was hard when you lived two hours apart from each other and recently the distance had really been testing your relationship. 

You woke up the next morning feeling hopeful about whatever it was that Joe had planned. You slipped into your favourite day dress and let your hair fall on your shoulders not having time to style it properly. Your doorbell rang at precisely ten o'clock and Joe was stood there waiting for you. 

'Where are we going?’ You asked him getting into the car he’d borrowed from his Dad. 

'I have a surprise and I’m hoping it will make up for last night' 

'Can I have a clue?’ You asked having never been one for surprises. 

'No you can’t’ Joe smirked flicking on the radio. Driving home for Christmas came on and you and Joe started humming along. If there was one thing you loved it was singing along to the radio in the car. Joe continued driving for a little under an hour until he pulled into a housing estate. 

'Are we visiting someone?’ You asked him trying to work out where you were. 

'Not exactly, come on’ Joe motioned for you both to get out of the car and you followed him in a hurry to find out what was going on. 

Joe stood on the pavement outside one of the houses and pulled a small box from his pocket.

'Here’ Joe gave you the box that had been tied with Christmas ribbon. 

'Isn’t it a bit early to exchange Christmas presents?’ You asked taking it from him. 

'Just open it’ he urged and you did as you were told finding a key inside the box.  

'What’s this?’ 'A front door key’ he told you grinning from ear to ear. 

'I know things have been difficult for us recently and we always said we’d eventually get a place together so I put down a deposit on this place. I just thought if we got somewhere half way between you and me it wouldn’t be so bad… It’s also why I had to cancel last night, I had to make sure everything was perfect before I brought you here' 

'It is perfect’ you felt tears welling in your eyes. 

'You haven’t even been inside yet!’ He laughed at your comment. 'I don’t need to, I already know it will be' 

'I love you Y/N’ he placed a lingering kiss on your lips. You knew in that moment that everything was going to be ok.

Autism is Quirky

There is this thing going around tumblr (again) where anons tell autistic people “you only chose to be autistic because it is cool/quirky/eccentric”.

People do not choose to be autistic. It isn’t cool or quirky. Eccentric, probably, but that is not a reason someone would “choose” it.

Autism is a man nearly 60 who cannot make a telephone call because anxiety overrides everything else. Even when that call would mean getting/losing a contract opportunity.

Autism is standing in line at MickeyD and forgetting how to talk so you cannot give your order and the clerk is an ass and won’t accept your pointing at what you want.

Autism is letting the phone ring and going to voice mail because you don’t know why someone would be calling you and the surprise is not acceptable.

Autism is seeing the fireworks of some local celebration and needing to fight something because you were overloaded.

Autism is curling up in the corner of an alley because there were too many people on the main street and you couldn’t handle it.

Autism is needing my guardian to come to the bathroom with me because I might have a meltdown and hit my head on things - and he is male and I am not.

Autism is running around the streets of San Jose (a sewer looking for an outlet) barefoot because shoes make me too uncomfortable to move.

Autism is having employers make a special office for me because if a coworker comes to my desk unannounced I will react inappropriately (violently).

Autism is being afraid to say hello to someone because they might not respond and you can’t handle the rejection. So you NEVER say hello first, even to your own family.

Autism is not understanding the words.

Autism is not being able to make words.

Autism is not quirky. Autism is not cool. Autism is a part of what makes me who I am but it is not something I volunteered for.

People do not choose to be autistic. People are born autistic. I am me and belittling a part of me just to sound superior doesn’t advance any agenda beyond inflating your own ego. (I could be petty and mention that if belittling the handicapped inflates your ego, it needs it, but I’ll try not to - oops).

Close to me ( N.M) part 2.

Song :
Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran.

I woke up to the sound of Chris
brown singing “Main Chick”. I thought I turned my phone off?, then I realized I was still tightly wrapped in strong arms. I smiled while remembering when I first heard the song me and Nate were out driving doing whatever we could find and I just remover we were laughing so hard while we listened to the song. We both set it to our ringtones.

But wait I was suppose to still be mad at him. He has been my bestfriend my whole life and he doesn’t tell me when he knows my boyfriends cheating on me.

Some bestfriend.

“ Nate ” I simply sated in no whisper “ your phones ringing”

“ mhmm ” he mumbles letting me out of his grip and covering his head under my dovey.

I sit up and reach over to his phone that just stopped ringing. I didn’t feel right reading the name on the screen. Tiffany, Nates girlfriend.

“ it’s your girlfriend ” I groaned tossing his phone at him and got out of bed.

After I had put the frozen pizza in the oven I popped onto my blue love seat couch that I loved so much I was still just in my Nike loose shorts and a big white tee shirt with a messy bun. I was still so sad, I just felt drained like my whole world had fallen apart.

“ ok babe, yeah, love you too, bye ” . I heard the end of Nates conversation on the phone as he made his way down the staircase. He stopped at the end on of the them and just stared at me. I was extremely sad still but I was so angry with Nate. He was my bestfriend how could he do that too me. But then the thing happened to me while he looked at me. It had happened many times to me before when Nate looked at me. My heart would speed up and I would get butterflies in a way, but more of a tingle of happiness then a mixture of nervousness.

“ fuck you ” I said. I watched his face turn from his little smile while gazing at me into a sad and worried emotion again. “ I can’t fucking stay mad at your dimples ” I smirked a little. His dimples now showing boldly.

He walked over and sat next to me then tried to put his arm around me but I moved away, he let out a groan and looked at me with confusion. I had always lived that about us, ever since we were little we could have a conversation with each other just threw body language.

“ how was tiff ” I asked in more of a rude tone then I had meant. Nate and Tiffany had been dating for almost 4 months now but I didn’t like her at anytime of their relationship. She was pretty, more like super hot, but she was a bitch and a skank. My mom had always teased me when I complained about her on our Tuesday night talks, she would always say I was jealous and one day me and Nate would be together. Yeah right. Did I want that? Of course I did. Nate was my forever crush. He’s been with me my whole life and I’ve loved him through all of it. But I could never tell him. I doubt he would feel the same way and I would ruin everything between us.

“ she’s ok. She was mad that I was hanging out with you again” he sated turning on the television and giving up on trying to get close to me.

His hair was I little messy from our nap. Which inside I was bubbling about. He would always find a way to make me feel better I hope he didn’t notice how much I loved it when we called me names like I was his girlfriend or was affectionate to me.

“ oh boy ” I sighed. Looking down at his large hand that had two small letters on his pinky finger and smiled. I looked up and our eyes met.

“ what? ” his smile questioned

“ I’m so happy I have you” I stated. Was that too much? Was I coming off as if I was into him? Shit. “ I mean.. Well.. I ..”

“ I’m so happy I have you (Y/N) ” his smile grew as he took his pinky finger and wrapped it around mine like we always used to do. I had his initials and he had mine.


“You gonna be ok?” He asked standing in my doorway ready to go pick up. “ tiff” fuck her. He probably will. Ew . I mean . I just don’t like thinking of Nate with another girl, I’m hopeless.

“Probably not ” I laughed a bit

“ you know you can call me whenever ” he laughed lightly as he grazed his hand over my cheek. God the things he did to me.

“ you know you can call me whenever, I’ll be here in 27 minutes of less ” he winked. I grinned remembering when we were in grade 8 and Nate moved out from a down the street walk to farther away. I just remember being super dramatic and him calming me down by promising he would be able to make it to me by running only in 27 minutes.

“ Nate I .. ”

“ yeah? ” his eyes wondered my face to find what I was thinking.

Him, I wanted to tell him right then in there how I felt. I knew that Sammy not being faithful to me wasn’t the only reason I didn’t feel right about our relationship or any major relationship I was ever in, it was that I was forcing myself to think I was in love with someone who didn’t actually have my heart. Nate did.

“ (Y/N)? ” he broke through my mixed thoughts.

“ I just.. Wanted to tell you … ” I was almost shaking. I couldn’t manage to do it.

“ Yes Sweets? ” he questioned getting worried and impatient with me.

“ Just wanted to tell you.. To have fun tonight with ” Tiff" and don’t forget to wear protection “ I tried to shrug it off as a joke. Smooth move ( Y/N) . Dumbass.

He almost looked disappointed but just chuckled a bit.

” shut up" he said pulling me into a hug. I felt so safe in his arms. It was like if time stopped completely and we were in an alternate universe. Just us. As creepy as it was his scent itself made me feel better.

“ bye ” I fake smiled.

“ I’ll miss you ” he smiled slowly walking towards the stairway down the hall from my apartment.

“ shut up ” I giggled.

And that was it I was alone again. Yeah he had spent the entire day with me, but I still wish I lived in a perfect world and he would have stayed and just be with me and hold me and Kiss me.

after he left I ran to my phone and called my mom. It was Tuesday anyways.

“ Hello? ” her voice sounded normal, cheery and calm.

“ Mom I have a problem ” I stated letting out a sigh.

“ it’s Nate isn’t it? ” she asked, j could picture in my mind exactly out she was. Smiling.