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Night monsters AU! Priest Jimin werewolf Jungkook and vampire Taehyung~ Jikook and Vmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tell me some jikook and vmin gimme the deets  •̀ゝ•́

Just saying chimchim is the only human~~~ Better watch out Chim~ ꒪່౪̮꒪່ ((wink wonk))

TEREZI WEEK: March 26 - April 1

Hi y'all, we’re here again to bring you another terezi-filled week! If you didn’t participate last year, this is your chance! From March 26th to April 1st, we’ll be hosting the second technically-no-longer-annual #tereziweek, and we’re inviting you to join us in celebrating this badass queen right here:

That’s one whole week of appreciating and celebrating Terezi Pyrope! Each day has a new prompt to go nuts over. Anyone can submit any kind of fanwork; examples include fanart, fanfics, cosplay, fanmixes, ironic picture edits, anything that you can create in the spirit of Terezi. We’re not concerned with things like “quality” and “skill” and “art theory”, so go ahead and let your imaginations run wild!

For anyone wanting to check it out early, here’s where to get started!

rules | faq | prompts | admins

If you have any questions, our ask box is open >:]


Felix’s in town!

What if Marinette thought that Felix was Chat Noir?


For those who are wanting for more.. here’s a Bonus! ^^

[New Edit!]

I realized how Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita) and Felix’s personality have some similarities! Notice the art style’s differences? I’m still practicing or figuring out what my drawing style should be. hmmm..

And for those who are reacting why Felix’s eyes are green and not bluish gray is to make the story more a little interesting. Just bask on it and let your imagination go wild.. Let that inner fan girl of yours unleash that “what if’s” and such!

And I’m sorry for the lazy sketch. So this is not the comic that i have vow to make.. but it’s still a working progress. I’ll be drawing that mini-series on paper so i can update it once or twice a week. Idk. I got paperworks to do before the end of semester. Welp. (._.)/ 

Eldarya Selfie Date: April 27!

Okay, as everyone knows, Eldarya Selfie Day was going to happen at the 15th of March but because of many problems with porn blogs taking advanage of people´s pictures it was delayed, but now that it was found out a way to counter-atack it, we can finally do it!!! \o/

I shall explain the rules of Eldarya Selfie Day!

  • You have to take the selfie of yourself while using something related to your Guardienne´s powers.
  • For example, my Guardienne´s powers has roses invloved so I will take a selfie of myself with a rose ^^
  • In case of mermaids, taking with sea objects- real or not- is a way too!!!
  • And it goes on. It can be something simple, not complicated at all. :D
  • It doesn´t have to be in specific your Guardienne´s power! It can be some physical trait if you do not think of something else :D
  • It can also be something that both ofyou like! For examply music or reading! Pick up a book or earphones and take a selfie with it ^^
  • Guys,let your imagination go wild here!
  • If you are someone who is an expert on make-up or doing hair styles, try to imitate your Guardienne´s hair style and/or make-up!! It´s up to you!! :D


Now, some more things I need to talk about it. THE TAGS!!! There will be 2 of them: #eldaryaselfieday and #eldaryaselfieday2k17. This way it becomes less messy ^^

Another important thing: If you aren´t aware of what you can do if a porn boot tries to use your photo, please, go HERE! This way, everyone will stay out of danger if we all are carefull of it ^^

Well, that´s it! I will keep reblogging this post once per week until the day comes so that everyone can see it. Please, do reblog this post in order to reach as many people as possible :D

Can´t wait~

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Can we see some serious Underswap Mob? (Btw I'm in love of this au~~)


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How do I describe the character as dead. Except of 'his face looked paler than usual' I can't think of anything else.

Depends on why they’re dead and what you’re going for with the story?? If you’re looking for literal, not walking around dead, you can google what a corpse looks like. (Not to sound bitchy, but as a general thing when people ask me these questions, google is probably your best first bet because you know what you’re going for with your story. Off the top of my head, there’s rigor mortis stiffness, and from when I’ve (once, so very limited) seen a dead body they have a slight not real quality about them like very talented waxwork.) Or it can be really obvious by context, such as if they’re in a coffin. If they’re undead, you’re pretty much free to do as you like and let your imagination go wild as it varies by each author/story teller. See Izombie versus In the Flesh versus horror movie zombies for example. 

You can also just say they’re dead.

Thanks to the the teaser trailer for thor

I was going through my Thor file and found a Thor smut I never finished. I’ll be posting it either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning . What I know for sure though is that there will be an Oliver queen drabble out tomorrow morning. I want to thank the anon who requested the Thor smut because your letting my imagination go wild. I have so many dirty thoughts going through my head and they all have to do with that Asgardian hunk. Also if you do have loki requests (fluff or smut) your welcomed to send it in. I actually have one in mind with the reader being loki’s teenage daughter

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Summer with Monsta X! (Thank you for 900+ Followers!)

Happy summer everyone! While some of us are procrastinating and sleeping in, some of us are working hard and can’t seem to get a break. Let the members and I give you something to enjoy and think about while you read this post. Have fun and let your imaginations go wild! Don’t hesitate to do things and go set out on an adventure, big or small, and make this summer memorable!


  • Seeing beautiful city lights and going to a boardwalk at night
    • The members are all over the little shops and food stands
    • A few carnival games here and there
    • And Kihyun’s taking pictures of you and Minhyuk eating ice cream cones
      • Both of you had the most amount of scoops
    • Shownu and Wonho are in a boutique trying on different sunglasses
      • Different shapes, different sizes
      • Some even looking hilarious and silly
      • Kihyun came over to take a picture of the three of you wearing the funniest glasses ever
    • Polaroids and cotton candy
      • I.M was posing near the dock when a seagull flew in behind him
    • Hyungwon almost got slapped for laughing
      • But, I.M almost fell into the water
    • The sound of footsteps against the boardwalk and the light conversations of tourists and friends fill your ears
      • As well as the laughter and sounds of cheer from the boys
      • Unforgettable moments in time
      • As much as you’d like time to stop, good things have to come to an end
    • Dancing underneath the small pools of light and seeing lampposts decorated with strung lights and little lanterns in between
      • People walking their dogs and some greeting you and the members
      • Jooheon literally all over this one Golden Retriever
    • Jooheon and Minhyuk videotaping their whole adventures on the boardwalk
    • You’re sometimes filming them
      • Or they’re filming you playing a little carnival game
    • Imagine taking a little joy ride in a boat on the water
      • You’re with your one and only
      • Just talking to him– one on one
      • About the things in life and how fun it’s all been until it comes to the time to go home
      • But then, he tells you how much you’ve helped the other members remember what it’s like to experience life outside of fame and fortune
      • What it’s like to be…ordinary and…normal again.
      • And that’s when he was able to kiss you.

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Eldarya Selfie Day: Challenge!!

Okay, as everyone knows, Eldarya Selfie Day will happen at the 15th of March and I would like to challenge you all to spice things up!!!

You have to take the selfie of yourself while using something related to your Guardienne´s powers.

For example, my Guardienne´s powers has roses invloved so I will take a selfie of myself with a rose ^^
In case of mermaids, taking with sea objects- real or not- is a way too!!!
And it goes on. It can be something simple, not complicated at all. :D

So guys! You´re are all challenged to spice things up!!!!~


It doesn´t have to be in specific your Guardienne´s power! It can be some physical trait if you do not think of something else :D

It can also be something that both ofyou like! For examply music or reading! Pick up a book or earphones and take a selfie with it ^^

Guys,let your imagination go wild here!

If you are someone who is an expert on make-up or doing hair styles, try to imitate your Guardienne´s hair style and/or make-up!! It´s up to you!! :D


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How about car smut with Jeonghan with fluff? Idk, you guys can go ahead and let your imaginations run wild haha. Appreciate it!

Ahh I feel like I might’ve failed a bit with the fluff part but I hope you enjoy! ❤︎ ;; Thanks for the request~

In the beginning, your relationship with Jeonghan had been very casual - you had gotten to know him through his sister some years back and had played a lot of games and talked about everything possible, but as you grew up, you started developing romantic feelings towards each other. Or, in your case, they only got stronger, seeing as you had had a small crush on him for quite a while, which his sister never forgot to tease you about.

Even after you had both admitted your feelings and eventually started dating, as secretly as you possibly could with his career as an idol starting hard and fast, it had been cute more than anything else, full of hand-holding and quick, sweet kisses and whispered words. Both of you had had wet dreams about each other more than once before you took that step in your relationship after a makeout session that was just too hot to keep at that level, and with the two of you alone and both ready and needy, neither of you wanted to stop.

You loved Jeonghan for a variety of reasons that varied from his supportive personality to his bright smile and caring nature. You found him incredibly cute and lovable, much like he found you, but then there were days - or nights - like the current one, when you saw him as everything but cute.

For the whole music show recording in the middle of the night, you had barely been able to tear your eyes off Jeonghan. It wasn’t all that unusual for you, but this time it wasn’t only because he looked sinfully good, but also because he made you feel some kind of a way.

Some kind of a very needy way that had your mind running wild and thighs pressing against each other.

Whenever Jeonghan wore jeans, you had slight trouble focusing on anything else besides how good his legs looked in the denim that hugged them tightly, and this time was no exception. The jeans were slightly ripped, and whenever he didn’t have the overshirt on, he was only in a loose, white t-shirt and those ripped dark blue jeans of his.

Needless to say, you were weak.

The car-ride to the dorm was difficult and you were still surprised you were allowed to sleep over, but with so many other members and a driver present, you controlled yourself as well as you could, busying yourself with playing with Jeonghan’s fingers and trying to keep your eyes away from his legs or lips that were curving into a grin at least half of the time. Most of the members were dozing off, and with only around ten more minutes until you’d arrive at the dorm, Jeonghan placed his free hand on your thigh and squeezed a little.

You held back a gasp at that and moved your eyes from your fingers to his eyes that were looking back at you with a playful glint in them. “Jeonghan?”

He grinned and leaned closer to your ear, his hand moving up your thigh slowly, both of you thankful for the fact that you were at the very back of the crowded van and the two members beside you were sleeping. “I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me tonight, practically undressing me with your eyes…”

You swallowed hard, trying to ignore the way your heart was beating fast with Jeonghan’s fingers almost brushing over your clothed heat, by now well under your skirt. Another thing you tried to ignore were his words, but the way they affected you showed painfully clearly in how shaky your voice was. “W-what about the others?”

Jeonghan took a look around, then gave you an innocent look with a shake of his head. “They won’t notice if we have some… fun.”

With the way he was looking at you with his fingers starting to move up and down your slit over your panties, it was impossible to say no, although there was nothing innocent in him at that moment. You leaned in to kiss him, as casually as you could with his fingers making you squirm as they touched you, giving you the attention you had been craving for hours. Trying to control your breathing was a lot more difficult than you had anticipated it to be, but somehow you managed to remain silent for the rest of the ride, one of your hands palming Jeonghan through his jeans while his fingers merely teased you, only making the wet spot on your panties bigger instead of giving you what you wanted.

When you finally pulled over in the parking hall and the members woke up one by one, both of you removed your hands from each other and sat straight. Wonwoo, who had been sitting on Jeonghan’s other side, gave you a cocked eyebrow but didn’t say anything as he left the van. Joshua was the last one to exit, and looked expectantly at the two of you, still seated at the back with no intentions to move.

“Tell them we’ll come later,” Jeonghan said brightly, as if he wasn’t straining in his jeans and his fingers weren’t damp with your anticipation, and without paying much mind to it, Joshua got the keys from the driver and threw them to the older male.

With all of the others gone and the doors closed, Jeonghan locked them and put the keys aside, turning to you while licking his lips. You swallowed as you breathed heavily, and all Jeonghan needed to do to get you sit astride on his lap was to place his hand on his thigh and give you the most flirtatious look he could muster without looking ridiculous. Much to his satisfaction, you found said look incredibly hot and wasted no time in moving to his lap.

“It’s going to be messy,” you muttered against Jeonghan’s lips, slowly grinding your clothed heat against his bulge and making him hiss, your hands cupping his cheeks. He squeezed your ass and shook his head a little, unwilling to break your dance of tongues until he spoke.

“Not all that messy,” he said quickly, pushing you better against himself and whimpering quietly into your kiss. You let out a questioning sound, at which Jeonghan chuckled. “We’ve always got condoms for emergencies here.”

You pulled away from the kiss and looked at him with raised eyebrows, moving back on his lap enough for him to open his jeans while you pulled your shirt off. “Emergencies?”

Jeonghan grinned as he pulled his jeans and underwear down enough to pull his half-hard length out, all the while letting his eyes wander up and down your body that was now covered by only your bra and skirt, which was bunched up by your hips and thus let him see your wet panties, too. “Like this one, you know.”

You squinted your eyes but decided that you didn’t need to know more than that and leaned down to kiss Jeonghan instead, one hand at the back of his head and one reaching for his cock. He grunted against your lips when you wrapped your fingers around him, and you giggled a little at that.

“Payback time,” you breathed, deepening the kiss while starting to stroke him slowly, making sure he felt every little movement of your soft skin on his shaft. Jeonghan breathed heavily as his only reply, his hands tight on your hips as his length hardened in your hand little by little, soon leaking pre-cum and making it all much easier.

Bringing your thumb over his slit, you bit your lip when Jeonghan moaned with his hips bucking up; no matter how many times you witnessed that happening, it never failed to make you hot and bothered, even more so than you had been before. You nibbled on his lower lip and brought your hand from his hair to the back of the seat before pulling away and looking at him, taking in his desperate state, his forehead slightly sweaty and his cock hard and heavy in your hand, eyes dark and hooded with lust.

While you eyed him up and tried to put your hazy thoughts together, Jeonghan moved his hands from your hips to your shoulders and slid down your bra straps before dragging the whole garment down a little in order to reveal your chest, which he soon started peppering with kisses and light nibbles, his hand playing with the one that his mouth wasn’t on at the moment. You arched your back as you leaned into his touch, every movement of his lips on your sensitive skin making you ache to be touched much lower, too.

“W-where’s the condom?” you asked, voice shaky from the overwhelming yet dissatisfying pleasure as you were left wanting for more. Jeonghan pointed at the back of the seat in front of you, and after you had blindly moved your hand around in the pocket of it, you sighed in relief when you finally found it.

You were quick to get the wrapper open and, after Jeonghan had finally pulled away from your breasts, put the condom on him. He looked at you with a playful grin, slowly running his thumb over the wet spot on your panties. “What do we do about these?”

Barely able to hold back the whine caused by him pressing against your swollen clit, you bucked your hips and held his shoulders tightly. “Just pull them aside.”

Jeonghan did as you asked, and soon you got up on your knees, moved a bit forward and sunk down on him slowly, muffling the satisfied moans of you both by kissing him deeply, both of your hands in his hair as you took more and more of him into your wetness.

“So good,” he muttered against your lips and kneaded your ass a little when you were seated on his lap with him all the way in. You whimpered a little, the pleasure overwhelming already, and nodded.

“Fuck,” you whispered as you began moving at a slow pace, first focusing more on rolling your hips and merely grinding down on him, but you soon deemed your self-control lacking and began bouncing. Jeonghan threw his head back and bit his lower lip.

“Just like that, baby,” he grunted and looked down, somewhat seeing himself glistening with your juices as you rose and fell on his lap at a pace that could barely even be called steady, one of your hands on the backrest and one on the roof, right next to the now fogged window. Leaving one hand on your ass, Jeonghan brought the other one to your breasts as he teased your nipples with his tongue one by one before taking them between his lips and sucking lightly, which made your moans rise in pitch.

It felt incredible to finally get what your mind had undeniably been picturing for the past five hours at least - the van had never been in the picture, but somehow it only made it better. The temperature was higher, the leather of the seat felt odd yet absolutely amazing under your knees and the knowledge that Jeonghan, along with some of the other members, would be taking the same van again later that day excited you more than you wanted to admit.

With your bodies gaining a thin layer of sweat and thus getting a bit stickier, the smack of your ass on the bare part of Jeonghan’s thighs gained a new, much louder and lewder sound to it, which made Jeonghan hold your ass a bit tighter. The way the car was obviously bouncing a little made him chuckle, though, as much as he was nearing his orgasm.

“Do you think there’s someone out there wondering what’s going on?” he asked as a joke and let out a bubbly laugh when you froze and looked out of the foggy windows as well as you could, your core clenching around him against your will. Jeonghan grinned at both that and your overall reaction, slowly starting to move his hips, first by rolling them and then by thrusting up and making you yelp in surprise.

“How do you look so cute while getting turned on about the thought of someone potentially seeing?” Jeonghan asked as a mumble, looking up at you with appreciative eyes while his hips snapped up as well as was possible, making your face scrunch up in pleasure. You held the back of the seat tightly and let your eyes fall shut, moving your hips against his and letting the pleasure take over.

“You’re so,” you began, your sentence interrupted by a loud moan when Jeonghan brushed by your spot, “dirty.”

Jeonghan held you tightly against himself and kissed one of your breasts, eyes still aimed at your face. “Doesn’t that make two of us?”

You shrugged and leaned down to kiss him needily, cupping his cheeks with both of your hands as you both started to move again. Jeonghan sneaked his thumb to your clit and rubbed circles into it, whimpering a little against your lips when you began clenching around him. With him stimulating your clit and brushing against your spot with almost every thrust, you were soon coming around him, muffling your cry with his lips and pressing down on him hard while your core clenched rhythmically around him.

Jeonghan snapped his hips up with a breathy moan a few more times until he came into his condom, both hands holding your hips tightly. You let yourself relax against him, both of you slightly sweaty, and hugged him close while panting.

Jeonghan ran his hand slowly up and down your back, chuckling quietly. “I can’t believe we just…”

You giggled and let your forehead rest on his shoulder, shaking your head a little. “At least it had a nice feel to it.”

“What do you mean?” he asked as you pulled back, moving some of his sweaty hair away from his forehead while he looked at you with curious eyes.

“The leather, the foggy windows, the heat…” you said with your grin widening with each thing you mentioned, and you could see the corners of Jeonghan’s mouth tugging upwards, too. “Just think about what it would be like in a smaller car.”

At that, he swallowed and let out a nervous laugh. “You’re giving me ideas.”

“That’s the point,” you said quietly as you leaned down to kiss him sweetly.

After a series of equally sweet, loving kisses, you sighed, knowing you’d have to go. You were both dead tired and knew there weren’t too many hours until the alarm, so as soon as you could, you got off Jeonghan and pulled your bra up and shirt on, while Jeonghan pulled his jeans up.

“Do you think anyone knows?” you asked quietly when you had exited the van after making sure it was all neat, locking the doors behind you. Jeonghan got his arm around your waist as you walked into the building.

“I really hope not,” he said truthfully, and you agreed; you’d never be able to live with the embarrassment that would follow.

You slept peacefully, cuddled up to Jeonghan, but woke up alone way after the others’ alarms had gone off. And, much to your amusement, you were greeted by a text message from Jeonghan.

“Everyone knows. I’ll never live this one down.

But on another note, I regret nothing and I love you.”

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You Make Me Wanna

Reid x reader

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d had that song stuck in your head on repeat for the past six weeks. You knew what had triggered it and you just wanted it to fuck off. Everytime you found yourself humming it, you felt yourself getting more and more confused. It was like the damn song was mocking you.

You’d been singing it at work earning strange looks from Spencer, and you’d been singing it when you were at Chelsea’s apartment, earning curious looks from her.

“Didn’t know you were an Usher fan?” she’d asked you one night, wrapping her arms around your waist as you washed the dishes together.

“He’s okay….” you’d shrugged her off, feigning a headache and that you needed to be at work early the next day and heading off to bed.

You didn’t technically need to be there early, but Spencer was always there at least an hour before everyone else was so you’d started going in at the same time so you could spend longer with him away from the team.

Which was bad.

So bad.

You told yourself that it was just because you didn’t get to spend that much time alone with him now and that you missed your best friend. But you knew you were lying to yourself. And you were lying to Chelsea. And to an extent, you were lying to Spencer as well. Your mornings together were no longer full of the fun and witty banter, they were a tinged with a slight awkwardness. But you still couldn’t stop yourself going in early and everytime you did Spencer was waiting for you with your favourite coffee and pastry ready for you. He couldn’t stop either.

It wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong by spending time together. Not technically.


When did this all get so fucking complicated?

Rossi’s annual fourth of July party, that’s when. Chelsea hadn’t been able to make it, she’d been called away on a business trip. So you and Spencer had ridden there together, sharing a cab there and home again.

You’d invited him in for a night cap and you’d lounged on your couch together, your head in his lap. You’d carried on drinking, watching crappy late night movies together and you both fell asleep. When you woke up later, you’d managed to twist positions and you were lying side by side. With just the light from the TV you’d found yourself studying his face, his eyes searching yours. There’d been no words between you, but you suddenly found yourself pressing your body against his, your hand tracing his jaw bone, his own hand lightly skimming up and down your arm causing your hairs to stand on end.

This was your best friend, the person that had introduced you to your girlfriend of eighteen months. She’d been a member of a book club he was part of and Spencer had known that you were bi, it wasn’t a secret.

This was the man you bitched about her to when things got a bit rough, the person you made you laugh so hard that you cried. He was the person you knew you could count on out in the field, who would come and hug you when a case had gotten too hard.

In the three years you and Spencer Reid had known each other, you’d become the best of friends. You’d learned everything about each other and had become each others rocks. You could tell him anything.

Yet that night on your couch there was one thing you couldn’t tell him. And that was that at the particular moment, you’d wanted nothing more than to press your lips to his and to kiss him. From the look he was giving you and the stroking of your arm, it seemed he was having the same thoughts. You’d lain together for what seemed like an age, just looking at each other, your breathing growing heavy as you both waited.

Nothing happened. You didn’t end up banging each other. You didn’t even kiss. But there’d been a connection there deeper than friendship. You’d communicated with each other through the small actions of your bodies that night. His fingers trailing on your arm, you gently caressing his jaw, his eyes closing as you ran your thumb over his stubble.

It was….weirdly intense. But that small moment had changed everything.

Before anything came between us
You were like my best friend
The one I used to run and talk to when me and my
Girl was having problems (that’s right)
You used to say it would be okay
Suggest little nice things I should do
And when I go home at night and lay my head down
All I seem to think about is you
And how you make me wanna

Since that moment, all you could think about was what Spencer would be like as a boyfriend. You weren’t picturing him between your legs or anything like that. Not all the time at least, although there had been one heated night alone in your bed where you may have let your imagination run wild.

You were imagining going home with him and curling up on the couch. Taking him home to meet your friends and family, spending holidays with him. You were imagining him doing everything you and Chelsea would be doing together. And in your imagination, you were happy. So fucking happy.

You weren’t certain of what exactly was going through his head, but you knew him well enough to know that SOMETHING was. His eyes would linger on you for longer and when you’d sit next to each other on the jet or in the meeting room, he’d press his leg against yours or find some reason to touch you.

And then you’d heard that bastard song on the radio one day. And the whole song resonated with you.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

Spencer and you needed to talk about this. And soon. But you didn’t know how to approach the subject, what to even say?

“Hi, I know we’ve been friends for years and currently I’m in a relationship with someone you introduced me to, but I’m fairly certain I love you and I think you might feel the same?”


That was not how to do this.

But you had to something. It wasn’t fair on anyone, especially not Chelsea.

Things hadn’t been great recently, even before that moment on the couch. You’d been drifting apart, not spending as much time with her as before. And now, when you were with her you wished you weren’t.

You couldn’t even pin point what was wrong, it just wasn’t the same anymore. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything about it. You both kept trying to make it work, because you did still love her. She was a great girl and for the most part, your relationship had been great. She was kind and considerate, funny and loving, and the sex was unbelievable.

Except you hadn’t let her near you since that moment on the couch and that was six weeks ago. You didn’t dare. You couldn’t trust yourself not to close your eyes and to fantasise that it was someone else doing those things to you.

Did he sit at home wondering this same things?

Now what’s bad
Is you’re the one that hooked us up
Knowing it should’ve been you
What’s sad is I love her but I’m falling for you
What should I do
Should I
Tell my baby bye-bye
Should I
Do exactly what I feel inside
‘Cause I
I don’t wanna go
Don’t need to stay
But I really need to get it together

You were minutes away from leaving work for the day and you’d just finished up in the ladies restroom when Emily walked in as you were washing your hands.

“Hey Y/N,” she greeted you.

“Hi Em,” you gave her a smile back. You liked Emily.

She was about to go into the cubicle when she paused, turning to you at the last minute.

“Y/N. I don’t wanna pry but… You know I’m here for you if you ever wanna talk about something right?”

She must have seen your face drop in shock. How did she know?

“You’ve not been yourself lately babe, that’s all. You’ve been quiet and I can see those cogs turning behind those big eyes of yours. Is everything okay at home, is it you and Chelsea?”

Oh god. This was why working with profilers was the absolute worst sometimes. But still. Maybe a fresh perspective could help. And Emily wasn’t one to judge people.

“I don’t know Em, that’s the problem. I just…..oh fuck, it’s all a bunch of shit,” you were struggling to hold it together now and your friend walked towards you and rested her hands on your shoulders, squeezing them lightly.

“Hey… Just breathe okay. You don’t have to tell me, just know that I’m here for you.”

“Em… I… I… think I’m in love with someone else. I haven’t, I haven’t cheated on Chelsea, I swear. But… If the opportunity arose, then I’m not sure I could stop myself again. I love her but… I love him too.”

“Oh honey.” She pulled you in for a hug, smoothing your hair down, “Does this other person know? Do they feel the same?”

“I think so. I can’t be sure because I haven’t actually asked them. I’m scared of the answer.”

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do here. But I remember someone saying once that if you fall in love with two people, pick the second one. Because if you truly loved the first person that much, then it wouldn’t have happened. You’re sure it’s love and not obsession or infatuation?”

You nodded, now you’d said those words out loud, you knew it was true. “It’s love, Em.”

“Then you need to have a conversation with Chelsea about this. It’s not fair on her and you’re not being fair to yourself either. Even if this other person doesn’t feel the same, although if my suspicions are right about who it is, then I’m fairly sure they do. But even if they don’t, it’s not fair on either of you for you to stay in a relationship with someone if you have feelings that strong for someone else.”

She released you from her embrace. “Talk to Chelsea. And then talk to Re… him.”

She knew, and the flicker in your eyes as she started to say his name just confirmed it.

“I… I will. I’m just scared to. I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“Y/N. You’re hurting both of you by not doing anything about this. And you’re hurting him to. I’ll be home all night if you need someone to talk to, or to cry on and to feed you wine and ice-cream. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Em. I know that you’re right.”

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with (oh baby)
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d pulled yourself together and had gone back out into the bullpen, gathering your things ready to go. A shadow fell across your desk and you looked up to see Spencer stood there, his messenger bag over his shoulder.

“Any chance I can get a ride?” he asked softly and you nodded. He didn’t live far out of your way.

The drive to his apartment was silent. The whole way you could hear you both going to start a sentence so many times and then stopping. This was not going to be easy, at all. As you pulled into a parking space outside his building, you took a deep breath. Staring straight ahead and not looking at him, you blurted out.

“What would happen if I wasn’t with her? If we broke up?”

He didn’t speak for the longest time, but he made no move to exit your vehicle.

“I think….I think… It depends on why you broke up,” he said quietly.

“Does that matter?”

“Yes. Because… You might be ending it because you’re just not happy with her. That doesn’t mean anything for m….. I mean, I’d be sad for you and her, but I don’t know what would happen.”

Okay. You could see what he was getting at. He was asking for a reason you’d end it.

You shifted in your seat and turned to look at it.

“What if it ended because I had feelings for someone else. Feelings I don’t want to hide anymore, feelings that have probably been there for a lot longer than I’d care to admit but only came to light recently… Say on the fourth of July.”

Theres was no way you could be anymore obvious here without coming out and saying it. But you didn’t want to, not whilst you were still in a relationship.

“Then I’d… I’d be happy. And… I think that you and this person would be wonderful together. It’s probably all he’s been thinking about for a while now too, but he’s just not wanted to say anything. He was scared of having his feelings rejected and he knew that it would be wrong to say something because you’re with someone else.”

Nicely done Spencer. Refer to yourself as ‘he’ so as to avoid actually saying it.

God this was so fucked up.

“Spence… Are you… Are you in all weekend?”

Because there was a definite chance you’d be turning up at his door.

He nodded. “All weekend. Doesn’t matter what time it is.”


“Okay….Y/N…?” his brown eyes connected with yours as he opened your car door.

“Be sure she’s not what you want. And be sure that he is…..” He gave you a pained expression as he slid out of the car and shut it, not looking back as he walked into his apartment.

You drove around the streets for an hour after that. You needed to think, come up with a speech. You went back and fourth in your mind, still not sure what to do even though you knew you had to do something.

Emily was right. It wasn’t fair on anyone.

Finally, you found yourself outside Chelseas building, not even remembering driving there. You trudged into her building and up the stairs, not using your key to open her door. It didn’t feel right anymore.

You knocked and she answered a few minutes later, a smile plastered on her face.

“Y/N, hey! Did you forget your key?”

You held up your hand to show her it, already separated and off your key ring. Her face dropped when she saw that, and you felt your heart begin to break.

“Chelsea… Can we talk?”

At this point
The situation’s out of control
I never meant to hurt her but I
Gotta let her go
And if she may not understand it
Why all of this is going on
I tried
I tried to fight it but the feelings just too strong

Three hours later and you were now outside another apartment door.

That had been one of the hardest things you’d ever had to do. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and your make up was streaked down your face, but here you were.

She’d asked, of course she’d asked. “Is there someone else?”

You couldn’t lie to her, not now. “Yes. But we haven’t done anything, I swear.”

“It’s Spencer, isn’t it. Who would have thought it, the man that introduced us, being the man you leave me for. Guess I’ll be changing book clubs.”


There’d been shouting, she didn’t believe that nothing at happened. Spencer had apparently been acting off around her the last few times he’d seen her. You couldn’t blame her for not believing her. You weren’t sure you would either if it were the other way around. Finally, you’d left. She’d pack up the things you kept there and leave them at the front desk of your building and could you please do the same.

You’d nodded sadly, hating every minute of this. She looked so…. Broken. And you’d caused that.

But you needed to do it, and when you walked out of the building, you felt like a weight had been lifted.

You hadn’t intended on going straight to Spencer’s either, you’d go home or to Emily’s. But ten minutes later and you were outside his door, waiting for him to answer.

He did, quickly; almost as if he’d been waiting for you. His eyes raked over your face, taking in your tear stained cheeks. He went to open his arms to you and then hesitated.

“It’s done Spencer, me and her are over,” you whispered, watching as he breathed a sigh of relief having the confirmation he needed, and then pulled you to him enveloping you in his arms.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

It was done. You could say it.

“I think I’m in love with you, Spencer.” You murmured into his chest.

“I know that I’m in love with you, Y/N.”


okay, for those of you that dont think Rey is a Skywalker, my rambling won’t concern you, so read if you like but i am 150% sure that Rey is a Skywalker

There’s a headcannon going around that Luke is trans, which implies that Rey is his daughter

And you know what that means

Don’t imagine Luke finding out he’s pregnant, but ignoring the signs at first because he is afraid and he has no idea what he’s doing and he isn’t sure how the father is gonna respond and honestly THIS IS SO MUCH 

dont think about Leia finding out and threatening to find whoever did this to her brother, her only family. Chewie also finds out because OF COURSE he would and he offers to rip out said baby daddy’s arms off.

don’t imagine Luke going pale and assuring them that the….conception…was totally consensual

don’t imagine Han going the extra mile to get Luke whatever he needs, whether it be some weird craving, or some medicine to help with the nausea, or even just making a savings pile for the kid.

“Well, that’s generous, Han,but—-”
 “Nope, the kid is gonna be richer than a Hutt when they’re born. Being pregnant was hard on Leia, it’s gonna be hard on you, too. Now lemme see if i can pull that favor Lando owes me…“

don’t imagine the room they started to make for the kid. Light blues and gold, and water and forests on the walls. Dont imagine Luke singing to his child while sitting in a comfy chair and using the Force to hang stuff.

dont imagine Luke, or Leia, or anyone else singing lullabies to the baby while stroking a half-asleep Luke. Even Chewie.
 And don’t imagine Leia one day accidentally laying her hand against her brother and suddenly blurting out that he’s gonna have a daughter. Han scoffs at this. Leia smacks him.

dont imagine the time Rey is born. Leia wakes up in the middle of the night, having felt a spark of panic from her brother because oh dammit DAMMIT HAN LUKE IS HAVING THE BABY I’LL GET BEN YOU GET CHEWIE NOW YOU SCRUF-HEAD NO TIME NO TIME MOVE IT

don’t imagine Luke trying to put on a brave face as he sits up on a hospital bed.  he smiles and tries to joke even when the contractions get worse.  he tells Leia how grateful he is that his child is being born in a proper medcenter, and that the bed is clean and so are the tools and everyone’s hands.  

the doctors attempt to shoo all non-personnel people away, but Chewie growls at them. sure, he stands a small distance away, guarding everyone, but he won’t have Luke and Leia being separated, nope, not on his watch, because 19 years was long enough for them to be apart

don’t imagine, “Luke, Luke!  A girl! A baby girl.”  Leia hands him his daughter, like he handed his sister her son just a few years ago.  Luke is tired, so tired, and still in a certain degree of pain. but he presses a kiss to her forehead and promises to do whatever it takes to protect her

don’t imagine the naming process.  i’ll let your imaginations go wild at this point.  and don’t imagine Leia and Luke’s other friends taking extreme precautions to ensure he rests properly

don’t imagine baby Rey in one of those little baby sling things.  how easily distracted both students AND teachers at the Jedi Academy get whenever Luke brings her around. everyone loves her.  Which is both a blessing and a bane for Luke.  Double whammy when he tries to find Force-sensitive babysitters because that’s ALWAYS a good idea


don’t imagine a few years later, when Luke’s own nephew has the biggest hand in the massacre.  don’t imagine little Rey somehow being lost in the chaos.  some survivors manage to save her, but it’s made difficult when she cries out for Luke

don’t imagine him being unable to save her himself because he’s most likely disarmed, whether due to a fight, or even another Jedi learner rendering him unconscious to save his life.  

don’t imagine the first words out of his mouth when he sees Leia, despondent and wide-eyed from lack of sleep.  


don’t imagine Leia’s tears, or her telling him everything.  that no one could find her, and because Rey didn’t gain Force-sensitivity yet, neither of them could sense if she was alive or not

don’t imagine Luke at that moment.  Or even a young and upset and lonely little Rey


just don’t

Listen, don’t let people tell you about what is and what isn’t ‘canon’ about Shepard because there’s no 'canon Shepard’ - you can headcanon whatever the fuck you want. Shepard is basically an OC even if you use the default face and if your Shepard married a damn bottle of alcohol then it’s canon for you, there’s no 'real canon’ for Shepard, there is 'your canon’.
Anyone who says 'but canon Shepard is’ should be avoided at all costs.

I mean that’s the wonderful thing about Shepard - they can be whoever YOU want them to be. That’s the point of Shepard, it’s YOUR character and YOU decide what’s canon about YOUR Shepard. There is no universal canon (except the stuff crucial for the plot)for them that everyone has to accept. All your headcanons are canon for your Shepard.

BioWare gave you a space marine character, they gave them a last name, mostly decided their story but the rest is up to you. Shepard’s personality, their morals, their beliefs, their past and all the other details are up to YOU. Don’t let some close-minded people take it away from you.

That’s why blogs like @customsheps and @shepard-headcanons(shameless self promo) exist, to let your imagination go wild and talk about your Shepards.

Wedding Bells//Josh Dun

              Requested: hi!!:) i don’t know if you’re still doing the requests but i would lovE an imagine about josh ans the reader’s wedding?? i honestly dont care what happens just let your imagination go wild:) thank u<3

Quick note here: I always do requests, I love the ideas you guys have, I love writing them. Anyway enjoy!


              “Is this actually happening?” You whispered to yourself, laying in your bed staring at the ceiling. The day you dreamed of for years, it was finally happening. You were finally going to be officially married to the love of your life. Though your stomach was tying itself in constant knots, the excitement was too powerful for you to care.              

              “Y/N? Are you awake yet?” You heard Tyler’s wife, and your close friend Jenna knock on your door. She had spent the night here, while Josh spent the night at Tylers. It was decided that you and Josh wouldn’t see, or have any contact for 24 hours prior to the wedding; a weird thought though you knew it would make the feeling of his lips, the sound of his voice, just him in general better. More special even.

              “I’m awake, just trying to process everything. This is a normal feeling, right?” You asked, sitting up as Jenna made her way through the door. You didn’t care if your reaction was abnormal, you were too excited.

              “Yeah, it’s a big step. Not to mention all the planning and stress that went into this. I’m surprised you don’t look more nervous.” She smiled, you knew the moment you took one step into the isle your nerves would kick in. “Most people get cold feet.”

              “I don’t think I would ever think twice about marrying him. I knew he was the one from the first kiss. I’ve never been so excited.” You rambled, pushing yourself out of bed. “But we should head downstairs to get ready, shouldn’t we?” You began to feel slightly nervous as you made it downstairs to see everyone in your kitchen, all smiling and looking excited as you were.

              “Come here, we’re going to start with your hair, okay?” Your best friend pulled you over and sat you on a bar stool in front of her. On the counter was a wide variety of hair products, hair accessories and some make-up. Your eyes widened at the sight. “I know it seems like a lot, but I promise it isn’t as much as it seems. Anyway, everyone here wants to make you look amazing.” You smiled at your friends words.

              “Even though Josh would love you even if you looked like you just crawled out of a sewer.” Jenna added with a small laugh. She was right, none of this was really necessary. It was your best friend loving the idea of pampering you for once, as you were usually the one helping everyone else.

              “Today is your day, so we will take care of the hair, make-up, anything you need. If there’s anything you don’t like. Just let us know.” You nodded slightly, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes as your friend began on your hair. She mentioned something last week about “stereotypical curls that will have just the right amount of flair for you”, so you trusted her. Mind wandering as a curling iron was wrapping around your hair. You wondered what Josh had come up with for vows, since the two of you though it would be more personal to write your own. It took you hours to figure out those perfect words, which you had later memorized. You were only broken from your thoughts when Jenna walked over to you and your best friend, holding her phone above your head to show your friend a picture.

              “This is so cute.” She awed, as you sat there outright confused. “It’s your soon-to-be husband and his best man. Sorry Y/N, you aren’t allowed to see him just yet.” You faked a pout, though you had been missing Josh’s presence for the past 24 hours. You knew it wouldn’t be long before you saw him again. “Stop looking so down, you two will see each other in 2 hours, then spend the rest of your lives together.” Jenna playfully smacked your shoulder, causing you to smile slightly at her words. She was right, after the next few hours the two of you would have a lifetime to spend together.

              “One last finishing touch, and your hair is done!” You heard your best friend say, as you tapped your foot anxiously awaiting to see what she had done. You felt air enter your lungs with a gasp, your hair turned out better than you could’ve expected. All but your bangs were curled; while the front curls were pulled around your head almost like a halo. “How do you like it?” You put your hands on your face, admiring yourself in the mirror that was being held in front of you.

              “It’s perfect, thank you so much.” You whispered, emotions overtaking you as you looked at the floor. “God I’m not even at the ceremony yet and I’m already fighting tears.” You giggled, receiving a smile from the women in the room.

              “Eat your breakfast, then we’ll start on make-up. Okay?” You totally forgot you hadn’t eaten once today. It wouldn’t be good if you fainted halfway through the ceremony. Standing from your spot, you grabbed a box of cereal and a bowl. Pouring it out and feeling your hands shake with excitement. You just wanted it to be over and for you to be cuddling against your husband talking about how wonderful of a day it was. Though you were excited to see everyone’s hard work and planning come together.

              “There she is. The beautiful bride to be.” You heard Josh’s mom comment, as she walked in. “I have something to give you before the ceremony, don’t let me forget. Okay?” You nodded, greeting her and Josh’s sisters as they walked in.

              “Finish your cereal miss. We have things to finish with you still.” Your best friend joked, causing you to roll your eyes as you ate a little faster. Finishing a few minutes later. “Now that you’re fueled up and ready for the day, let’s get your makeup on before we see how the beautiful dress fits.” She smiled, commanding you to sit down on the bar stool once more, focusing as she perfected the small amount of makeup being applied.

              “Wow Y/N.” Is all you heard after your make-up had been finished, the group all looking at you. You could’ve sworn you felt the thump as their jaws hit the floor.

              “Josh is going to cry, if it wasn’t obvious already this proves it.” One of his sisters smiled at you, causing your heart to speed up at the mention of his name. Only a little longer until you’d see his familiar, loving eyes casting into yours. Only a little longer until you were Mrs. Dun. Only a little longer, you can do this.

              “Now, if you ladies don’t mind helping Y/N into her dress while I get myself figured out.” Your best friend laughed, as Jenna took your hand. Leading you back to your room where your dress hung in a bag on the door. You slowly unzipped the bag, letting your fingers trail along the fabric as you admired it. You went into dress shopping not having the slightest clue as to what you wanted—and coming out with the perfect dress.

              “It’s beautiful, and even more so when it’s on you.” Jenna broke you from your thoughts, “You’re thinking too much. It’s like every time anyone turns around you seem like you’re dreaming. You aren’t. This is really happening.” You smiled, taking a deep breath as you pulled the dress off its hanger. “I’ll be right outside, just call when you need my help okay?” You nodded, placing the dress on the bed as you removed the flannel and shorts you were wearing only moments before. You stepped into the dress, loving how it felt against your skin as you called Jenna in to do up the back for you.

              “I forgot how beautiful this looked, almost as beautiful as this.” You heard Josh’s mom comment, placing a chain around your neck. You looked down, trying to figure out what was being placed there when your heart fluttered. On the chain was the promise ring Josh had bought for you years before. “He asked me to give it to you for today. He knows how much you love it.” You smiled widely, for the second time today fighting back tears as you lightly held the ring.

              “Y/N?” Josh asked, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. The two of you were walking home from the movies, a small date to celebrate a year together. “This isn’t what you think it is, but that will be happening later. Right now I want to give this to you as a sign of my love for you. A sign that I do want to spend the rest of my life with you, and this will fill in until we make it official.” You put your hands over your mouth as Josh pulled a box out of his sweater pocket. Opening it to reveal a beautiful promise ring.

              “I love you.” Was all you could choke out through your emotions, as you felt yourself being pulled into a tight hug.

              You had decided that both the engagement and promise ring would look like too much; so you kept the promise ring in your nightstand drawer up until now.

              “It’s happening. Are you excited?” Jenna asked as the two of you slid into her vehicle together, heading to the venue. Your heart was pounding so hard with nerves you thought your chest might just explode. You simply nodded, staring out the window in an attempt to calm the bundle of nerves in your chest.


              It was time, all the bridesmaids and groomsmen had entered, and Josh was up there waiting for you. The tune of the music changed as your dad gave your arm a reassuring squeeze. The two of you began walking, the large oak doors in front of you opening to reveal familiar faces all standing up with smiles on their faces. Cameras flashed all around you, but all you could focus on was Josh. Standing by the alter, obviously fighting back tears as he smiled from ear to ear.

              “Take care of her.” Your dad whispered to Josh when the two of you had finished walking, you shed a few tears on the walk up, and Josh had too.

              “You’re beautiful, as always Y/N” You heard Josh whisper lovingly, taking his hands in yours. Your face burned red as you couldn’t stop smiling. This was happening, you were here about to marry the love of your life.

              “The two have decided to write their own vows, we’ll have Y/N say hers now.” You took a deep breath as you began to recite the words you had repeated to yourself over and over again.

              “Josh, I’ve loved you since the day we met. Knew you were the one I was going to grow old with since the first time we kissed. You’ve seen me on good days, you’ve seen me on horrible ones. You’ve been with me through it all.” You took a pause, trying to recompose yourself. “I’m sorry this is just a dream come true. We made it against the odds, the two reckless teenagers who found a common love burning in one others hearts. I can’t wait to marry you, and live out all the goals and plans we’ve made.” With that you felt a few tears find your way down your cheeks. Which Josh had lovingly wiped for you.

              “And now Josh.” You watched as he bit his lip before speaking.

              “Y/N, what you said was beyond beautiful. Just like you, on the outside and inside. The first time we met, when I saw your smile and the fire behind your eyes as you talked about what music meant to you. That’s when I knew I was in love with you. Since the day we started dating, I knew I wanted you to be my wife, and since then I couldn’t wait for this day to happen. You’re an amazing woman, passionate, beautiful, caring, and not to mention loving. Everything I’ve ever looked for, you’re perfect for me and I’m honored to call you my wife.” You wiped a stray tear from his cheek. The two of you were both such big crybabies when it came to things like this.

              “Josh, do you take Y/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?” It was happening, it was finally happening.

              “I do.”

              “Y/N, do you take Josh to be your lawfully wedded husband?” You bit your lip to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall once again.

              “Of course I do.”

              “With the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.” Josh looked like a kid on Christmas when he heard those words—no doubt you looked the same. His hand finding its way behind your neck he pulled you into a soft kiss. Lips moving gently around one another as your hand found his cheek. You heard everyone cheer as you continued to kiss your husband. Yes, husband.

              “I love you Mrs. Dun.” Josh smiled at you as he pulled away.

              “I love you too Mr. Dun”