let your freak flag fly

“There is a difference between getting a partner and attracting a partner. Getting implies that our hooks work; attracting means that our light is bright and appears like a beacon to one who is meant to see it.

When we attract love by an intensified connection to the spirit inside, we take responsibility for the energy around us, harmonizing it in such a way that those who come forward—who we sense are meant to be with us—connect with us out of similarly pure intent.” - Marianne Williamson

✨ Shine on … BE THE BEACON ❤️

Okay apparently not enough of you saw Panic before the split or were just little tiny ones back then but ok.
Enough complaining about the out of control theatrics

Seeing them all on stage after Pretty Odd. with like, Brendon being SUPER into it and Spencer just like rocking out with his cock out and then

Brendon going over to Ryan and Jon and just seeing him try SO HARD to rebuild some chemistry with them onstage and then them either ignoring it or looking at him weird
It was awkward.

It was so sad because leaving the venue I kinda wished I hadn’t even gone because they all seemed miserable by the end of the set, and not just like a surly-artist manner but like they seemed exhausted by the collective effort of trying to make this shit work

And like yeah I don’t blame some of you- yeah it is a little awkward [not to me] sometimes but look at how much fun the’re having this is their job and they’re doing their job WHILE having fun and being weird.

That is my problem. I just remembered how sad and awkward it was seeing them all tense and the shows of theirs I went to this year they are just so boyish and excitable and weird just think at least they are giving you something to talk about instead of leaving being like ‘what was that did I even just watch a band?’

done. sorry.

Advisor: …So, you’re not seeking a degree?

Me: Nope!

Advisor: You’re going back to school for fun?

Me: Basically!

Advisor: And what made you choose these classes?

Me: Well, I’ve always wanted to learn French, ever since I was a little kid. I grew up in Arizona so in high school they forced you to learn Spanish. French is kind of a bucket-list type of thing.

Advisor: Uh-huh. And the writing classes?

Me: I just want to improve my writing. *pause for proper comedic timing* So I can improve my fan fiction.

Advisor: Your what?

Me: Fan fiction.





Advisor: So did you want to create a payment plan or pay all at once?

I don’t care if you think I’m “fat”.

I don’t care if you don’t think my “small” boobs are attractive.

I don’t care if my hairy legs and hairy armpits “offend” you.

I don’t care of you think I wear “too much” make-up.

I don’t care of you think my acne is “ugly”.

I don’t care if you think the folds and wrinkles I have are “gross”.

You’re never going to please everyone. Not even yourself. Some days you’re going to wake up and hate your body and your face and just want to change every single thing about it. But what’s important are the days you wake up and feel like you can show yourself around. Show the world what you’re made of. If you gain confidence on the outside, you’ll be radiating the beauty that’s on the inside. Don’t let ANYONE put you down for your appearance. Everyone was made different for a reason.