let your freak flag fly

Stop tucking in your uniqueness, your strangeness, your difference, in doing so you conceal your essence, your gift, your magic, your power. Your comfort zone is that thing that makes you different, not the thing that makes you the same. There is no security or joy in hiding who you are, that’s pseudo freedom, it’s a sham, it’s a lie the world wants to convince you is your truth.
—  iammyss, let your freak flag fly, babe! 

“There is a difference between getting a partner and attracting a partner. Getting implies that our hooks work; attracting means that our light is bright and appears like a beacon to one who is meant to see it.

When we attract love by an intensified connection to the spirit inside, we take responsibility for the energy around us, harmonizing it in such a way that those who come forward—who we sense are meant to be with us—connect with us out of similarly pure intent.” - Marianne Williamson

✨ Shine on … BE THE BEACON ❤️

anonymous asked:

You know... your porn drabble days, among all other good things they do, they make me feel more confident about myself and my body. I love it when you mention how it doesn't matter for the boys how girls look, that they only like pleasure they give and take. I adore that one you wrote some time ago where Dean let Donna feel confident about her body. Thank you for that.

This message is everything. You have no idea how absolutely elated I am to read this, and how humbled and grateful I am that I could do this for you. Thank you so much for taking the time to send me such a sweet message.

And now my soap box:

I am a HUGE believer that women should get to enjoy sex the way men do. That is, any way we choose, any time we choose, or not at all (if that’s what we choose). Too often, women’s sexuality is based around men’s. What men like, what men want, what makes it good for men. It’s getting better, but it’s still rare to see men scrutinized for their sexual habits the way women are. Now, that’s not to say women can’t aim to please their partners. Of course you can, and of course you can take pleasure in that (sometimes, that’s a lot of the fun for me). But it would be nice for all women to be able to express their sexuality without anyone else having an opinion on it. 

Which leads me to body confidence. I am a firm believer that there is no ideal body. If you look at cultures around the world, each one has a different idea of beauty, which tells me that beauty standards are something we create. In my fanfic fantasies, I like to think that the boys aren’t overlooking flaws. I like to think that it isn’t even that they don’t care about our bodies. I like to think they do care. I like to think they look at women and find them attractive because of their bodies. Whatever that body is. Give them a soft stomach, a huge ass to grab onto, someone with tiny little boobs that bounce just right. 

I also like to think that we can all find worth in our bodies without needing anyone else to approve of it. That’s so hard, and something I struggle with all the time, but it’s a battle worth fighting. 

My wish for all women who want to explore their sexuality is to do that with freedom. Be modest, be loud about it, hold back until you find just the right partner and then let your freak flag fly, experiment a lot or stick to the basics you enjoy. It’s all good. It’s all right. 

Sorry that this turned into a much longer answer than you were probably expecting. And thank you again for your message, and I’m beyond honored to have helped a tiny bit in giving you a confidence boost. Get yours, sweet anon. You deserve it. 

Advisor: …So, you’re not seeking a degree?

Me: Nope!

Advisor: You’re going back to school for fun?

Me: Basically!

Advisor: And what made you choose these classes?

Me: Well, I’ve always wanted to learn French, ever since I was a little kid. I grew up in Arizona so in high school they forced you to learn Spanish. French is kind of a bucket-list type of thing.

Advisor: Uh-huh. And the writing classes?

Me: I just want to improve my writing. *pause for proper comedic timing* So I can improve my fan fiction.

Advisor: Your what?

Me: Fan fiction.





Advisor: So did you want to create a payment plan or pay all at once?

Theatre Kids (Part 2)
  • Friend: Sometimes, you can just be totally weird.
  • Friend: You've changed. You used to be normal, now you like musicals and Broadway.
  • Friend: Anyway, what are you doing tonight? Maybe we can hang out?
  • Friend: Never mind.
Dear Diary,

Andrew Lincoln continues to sweep me off my feet(and I ain’t that light), with his sweeping declarations about Richonne. I have realized now that my life is ruined. My days and nights are dedicated to Richonne happiness. No ship will ever compare(They improvised some of the van scene. Yeah, that 7x12 van scene. Somebody revive my limp corpse).

I often find myself questioning others with questions like, “When will your otp ever? When will you have a Captain so dedicated to S.S. Richonne? How am I so lucky? 

Then I remember, this was meant to be. The wait and journey that I trekked on with my ship through cold stares, murky walker waters, messy hairstylists who dabbled in ugly owl art, was worth it’s weight in gold. I am blessed. More blessed than the richest man.

My Captain, My Captain…you shall never disappoint me. I see you will be going down with your ship, and that in itself is admirable. I am forever apart of your crew. I humbly serve S.S. Richonne(Let your freak flags fly).

I’m just over the moon right now. 

Until the next time El Capitan speaks. 



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