let your freak flag fly

Stop tucking in your uniqueness, your strangeness, your difference, in doing so you conceal your essence, your gift, your magic, your power. Your comfort zone is that thing that makes you different, not the thing that makes you the same. There is no security or joy in hiding who you are, that’s pseudo freedom, it is a lie, a sham the world wants to convince you is your truth.
—  let your freak falg fly babe!

Being in a very Irish Catholic, Republican area, my community theater taught me at an early age that it’s OK to stand out and let your freak flag fly. I felt it was important to inspire people to be their authentic selves by making a fool of myself and not caring what others thought. Even though I have my own insecurities, I’ve always had this mission of disrupting social norms.

Theatre Kids (Part 2)
  • Friend: Sometimes, you can just be totally weird.
  • Friend: You've changed. You used to be normal, now you like musicals and Broadway.
  • Friend: Anyway, what are you doing tonight? Maybe we can hang out?
  • Friend: Never mind.

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Very highkey think it would be so difficult for me if I was to date and actor/model not because they'd be busy all the time, thats not the problem but I wouldn't even be able to mark them and I'm sooooo into marking with hickies and bruises and scratching amd definitely biting. Although lowkey into marking so much that when I dated my ex he would give me an intense hickies that it would bruise and scab up amd turn into a scar. It looked bad but I enjoyed it a lot. I'm a freak and I'm proud ☺😅

I love hickies too! But I can’t have them showing where I work. But let your freak flag fly babe !

Something I wrote for a friend who wants to explain the complexities of dating trans women to a poly community...

As a trans woman, my dating pool is tiny, even within poly communities. Most cis-gender people (people who are not trans), whether they are straight, gay, bi, or pan, will not entertain the idea of dating us. That makes dating incredibly difficult from the start in a general sense. But beyond that, even in a “progressive” space like the poly community, there are widespread issues even with the people who are willing to date us.

-Fetishization. Many of us have fetishes, and that’s awesome (Hooray! Let your freak flag fly!). What isn’t awesome is being the subject of a fetish, at the expense of being viewed as a whole, human person. I’ve dealt with this over and over since I started living authentically. The worst part isn’t being asked about your junk right off the bat- It’s the vibe you get from them that they assume that you must be so pathetic and desperate for attention and affection that you will take any that is offered to you. Umm. Nope. I’m not in any way interested in helping you tick a box on your personal sexual bucket list. I’m a woman and a person deserving of respect, and I demand that from anyone I date. The good news? These people are pretty easy to suss out.

-The Experimenters. I get a lot of messages from cis men who outwardly identify as straight, but see me as some sort of “taste test” they can perform to see if they are actually bi (or maybe even gay). In their eyes, I’m some sort of sexual gateway drug (“Looks like a woman, but has a penis for me to train on!”). To a lesser extent, I’ve also gotten this from the opposite direction from cis lesbians. Nope. I’m not going to be your sexuality Sherpa on the down-low.

-The “open-minded.” This has been a big issue. Repeatedly, I’ll meet someone cool. They will admit that they’ve never dated a trans person before, but seem very open-minded and very into me. Then, once things get tangible in a physical or emotional sense, they disappear (often straight-up ghosting me… but it can get worse than that… once a guy freaked out IN THE MIDDLE OF A SECOND DATE WHILE WE WERE HALF NAKED AND MAKING OUT). It’s happened enough times that I can see the pattern: They are far less “open-minded” and “progressive” than they thought they were. They feel guilty about this, so they just absolutely bail. Don’t do this. I’m an actual person with real feelings. Before you get involved with a trans person for the first time THINK LONG AND HARD about what you really want. Trans folks are an incredibly vulnerable and persecuted population. Please don’t do stuff like this and make it even worse.

Maetiekins proudly presents Sherlolly Smutember

The combined forces of @mae-jones and o0katiekins0o would like to invite you to participate in a fun little Sherlolly smut challenge for the month of September.

Entries must be rated M or E and feature sexually explicit situations.

Entries must prominently feature the Sherlock/Molly pairing although group scenes/background pairings welcome and encouraged.


Any scenario that involves public sex or sex in a situation with high risk of being caught

Let your freak flag fly! Something particular gets our favorite pairing’s engines revving. Is it leather and latex? Is it role playing? Is it feet? It’s up to you to decide.

Stories that feature our favorite pairing proudly living in their LGBTQA+ identities within their relationship. For better details about what we will be looking for in this category please check the @pridelolly page.

Put simply, this is everything else. AU, Crossover, Comedy, Fluff etc…

One winner will be chosen from each category. Winners will be determined by number of kudos.

Posting deadline September 24th

Final votes will be tallied 10/10/2016