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@thelostmoongazer I may not have access to a computer right now but you inspired me and so I tried traditional for the first time since 2013. My name on another site is Starbits and I follow people who have posted art of their objecthead ocs I am amazed I didn’t think of this sooner.

I was just about to post and then I remembered your friend had a sun head persona and it was like “I gotta.”

Imagine being the Daughter of these two.....

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-When Harley told her Puddin she was pregnant, he was not happy. He actully growled at her to get rid of it. She got so mad at his request she walked out on him, and planned on never talking to him again. 

-He had completely forgotten about Harley’s reasoning for leaving, convinced she left to be with another man. That was until the day you were born, when she broke her own promise and sent him on picture of you, sleeping in the nursery. 

-It was love at first sight, and he immediately got in the lambo, speeding to the hospital, and shooting anyone who tried to stop him as he advanced towards the nursery. When he saw you laying there, he broke the glass, took you in his arms and left. He later texted Harley telling her to meet him at the condo they once shared. She was there in 15 minutes.

-Harley was pissed that he took you, but when she saw him cradling you in his arms, looking at you with nothing but affection, all the anger melted away.

-When you were little the duo went on less crime sprees, the dirty work was mostly left for the henchmen to do, with one of the two attending every once in a while. However it wasn’t until you were 17 that they went back to their normal routines of mischief. 

-You were Daddy’s little monster, no matter what you wanted Joker always tried to get it for you, he even took you to the park once a week. 

-You were Mommy’s little vexor. You defiantly had her tongue, and sense of humor. Her proudest moment was when you were six and scared a girl in your class by saying, “The voice told me to ruin your tower, since you stole my crayons.” 

-Most of the staff at the school knew who your parents were, and not to mess with either of them. So most of the stuff you did was overlooked, and you always got good grades (Which you did earn, since you were one of the smartest kids in the class)

-When Harley and Joker would fight, Joker would lock you in your room. They would scream and throw shit and sometimes one of them would leave. You would be sitting on your bed and listening to everything, until one of them (Normally Harley) opened the door, and scooped you into her lap to wipe your tears. 

-Harley tried to leave with you once after a fight, you just remember seeing broken dishes on the floor, holes in the wall from gun fire, and punches, the whole house was a mess. When Joker saw her carrying you out though he sharply hissed, “Oh no no no Kitten, you aren’t taking my princess.” 

“Oh no Mr. J I am, and you will leave us alone.” And then Harley ran from the condo, hot wired a car and drove you both to a hotel in a neighboring town. 

-Of course Joker came looking for you both, and it was agreed after that fight, that he would be the one leaving the house if it got that bad, and Harley would stay home with you. He didn’t like the idea of an emotional Harley taking you into the dangers of Gotham without protection

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-Your mother used to tell you the story of her falling in love with Joker as a bed time story sometimes. She told it as different characters, like sometimes they were royalty, other times mythical gods, but it was always the same plot.

-Your Father told you tales of his crimes for bed, sparing no detail from them. He left nothing out, and enjoyed how when he talked about killing people your eyes would light up slightly. He also told you his adventures with Batman, but those were only told when Harley was in the room with him. (His bedtime stories were your little secrets)

-Everyone in your school was scared to be friends with you, mostly because you were the princess of Gotham, and everyone knew that your parents would not hesitate killing them if they didn’t like the kid, or hurt you. 

-Your first boyfriend refused to take you on a date, because he was embarrassed that he agreed to date you. 

-When he shared this with you, you decked him. The impact of your fist to his face left a bruise over his eye, then proceeded to bruise, cut and bloody the rest of his face. You went home that day with bruised knuckles, an attitude, and a 3 day suspension. Joker had never been prouder.

-You wore the shortest, most low cut dress to your prom, courtesy of Harley, who also did your makeup and hair. Joker protested at first however you interjected, “My father is the most scary man in Gotham, trust me, no boy, or girl or professor wants to fuck with me.” 

-Just to ease his fears, you hid a small pistol in your bra. Harley laughing slightly when you pulled the small weapon from your black lace bra. 

-You once told Joker you hated him while arguing. He was so offended he left the house for three weeks. When he came back you ran into his arms, tears running down your face as you apologized. He forgave you

-You always had quiet nights in on your birthday, even though Joker always wanted to throw you the largest parties. 

-Most times you would retire the normal action movie for a comedy movie, and the condo would quickly fill with the evil laughter of all three of you. 

-Joker would still carry you to bed if you were to fall asleep on the couch, or in their bed, even when you were a teenager. He also would tuck you in and when you woke up, you always found a red lipstick shape on your head. It was proof of the rare affection your father would show.

-Harley always let you dye your hair crazy colors, and she would do your makeup and nails whenever she had free time.

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-When you were 17 you became the new villain of Gotham. Of course your parents had no idea, and you never planned on them finding out. 

-That was until your father ran into you while on a heist. His normal smile feel as he growled deeper then he ever had, “Car…now”

-When you got home your father called for Harley and told her everything. Harley just smiled and gave you a high five, for keeping up the family name. Joker was furious.

-So he accepted the fact that you were now a villain, and soon started inviting you on his heist,

-Even though both of your parents were certifiably insane, and the most wanted couple in Gotham, you would have wanted no one else in the city to be your parents. 

I think this is important

Get to know someone before starting a relationship with them. Make them your best friend and let them become comfortable around you. I see so many relationships that are rushed and end early because each person failed to really know the person. When we meet someone, most of us aren’t ourselves at the start. We are nervous, taking small bites of food and making sure not to laugh too loud or obnoxiously. We don’t truly know how someone is like or what their actual personality is until some time has passed. Take your time with your relationships. Let yourself and the person become relaxed enough to show your true colors.


“Heirs: The Scent of Revenge” - [ Tom Hiddleston / Jeremy Irons - One shot].

Based on: Imagine: Tom’s reaction when you get home late one night, and after falling asleep on the couch waiting for you, he opens the door and as you walk past him, he catches a whiff of another man’s cologne.

Imagine: Tom cheated on you with one of your best friends before getting married. So your revenge is hooking up with his father, Jeremy. Tom feels guilty, apologizes and begs you to get back with him. Jeremy walks in and looks at Tom saying, “My son, what a huge mistake you made.”

Written by: A.Wölf.


Not even the high levels of caffeine in his bloodstream could keep Thomas awake.

One, two, three. One, two, three strong cups of coffee later and he still felt his eyelids heavy, his blue eyes not maintaining focus anymore until they finally defeated what was left of his willingness around 3:15 am, and closed as he fell asleep on the couch. Not having slept the previous night made it easier for his body to give in, not to mention the emotional pain he had felt which now resided in his back in the form of multiple knots, thus turning into physical discomfort as well.

He had been waiting for her to return home, but after the recent events, it’d be a miracle if she did. After a terrible indiscretion was committed by a friend, she found out that her husband had cheated on her before their wedding, which had taken place no longer than five months prior to the unfortunate discovery. The sleepless night was spent arguing until she locked herself in their bedroom and left Tom in the living room.

“You bastard!” the wife had cried against the door as she sank to the floor with a broken heart.

On the other side, Tom did the same thing but remained silent, accepting the consequences while running his fingers through his hair, looking hopeless.

A couple hours after the sun came out, he could hear her moving things inside their bedroom, he wasted no time and made himself useful in the kitchen. He washed and diced some fruit, cooked eggs and waffles, even made freshly squeezed orange juice before setting the table. And just as he finished, in perfect timing, his wife came out of the bedroom, already dressed and with her purse hanging over her shoulder as she wrapped a purple silk hair scarf around her head.

They locked eyes in utter silence, and Tom tried to show her a friendly smile but she broke eye contact to glance at the perfectly set table. Tom cleared his throat and shifted in his spot. And just like everything had abruptly changed between them, so had the weather; gray clouds had covered the sun and a heavy summer rain had started to fall.

“Uhm, I thought we could have breakfast together”, he said timidly.

The wife let out a breathy chuckle and walked towards the door. But before she even reached for the knob, Tom had already taken three long strides to block the exit.

“Where are you going?” he gently asked, trying to remain collected.

“You have no right to ask me anything”, she said in a quiet yet firm tone.

Tom looked away and sighed, looking upset for a split second but trying to come up with any reason to make her stay.

“It’s raining”.

“Get out of the way, Thomas”.

“Please don’t do this. Let’s talk”.

She ignored him and brushed past him to finally open the door. If the situation hadn’t been as serious, perhaps he would’ve touched her, grabbed her gently by the arm to stop her but he knew it wasn’t a wise thing to do. He wasn’t giving up anyway.

“I made breakfast”, he insisted.

She turned around to face him again and frowned while blinking several times before showing him a sarcastic smile.

“I do wonder, my love. If things had been the other way around… if I had slept with another man and made you an apology breakfast, would you have forgiven me?”

Tom’s lips parted, he was hurt but by nothing but the truth, so at last he let her go.

He spent the whole day waiting for her. The sun had set and she was nowhere to be seen. He tried calling her twice but there was no answer. By 11pm, the lack of sleep caught up with him, and he decided to make some coffee.

The sound of her keys woke Tom.

He sat up on the couch, looking confused, and glanced at his watch. He got up in a rush but his drowsiness made his movements clumsy, and yet he managed to beat her at opening the door. She looked up at him as soon as he did and seemed startled.

“It’s almost 5 in the morning”, Tom said sounding utterly displeased.

“Yeah, so?” She challenged.

Tom pushed his hair back trying to feel awake.

“I was worried, I-” but he stopped talking when she walked past him.

He frowned when he caught her scent, an unnerving mixture of the perfume she used and he loved, notoriously eclipsed by a man’s cologne; Her notes of pink pepper, lilac, peach, amber, and patchouli, stained with strong bergamot, nutmeg, clove, sandalwood and lemon.

A man had marked his territory.

Tom’s first instinct was to reach out and grip her arm.

“Where were you?”

“Don’t touch me!” She said trying to break free in vain.

“Where were you!?” Tom repeated between gritted teeth, “Who were you with!?”

His wife let out an amused giggle, somehow, it scared him and he absentmindedly loosened his grip around her arm for a split second but didn’t really let go.

“Jeez, Tom, your true colors are showing”, she said.

Tom pulled her closer to him in a rough manner.

“Quit fucking around”, he warned.

“Do you honestly believe you have the right to ask me that?”

“I know you were with someone. Just tell me the truth”.

Of all the weapons she fought with, her silence was the most violent. It was torturing him, and the more he stared at her the more details he picked on about the change in her appearance from the time she had left the house until then; her hair and clothes looked different, even her expression of anger seemed to have softened and turned into pride or something else.

She showed a demure and empty smile.

“You’re projecting, darling”, she whispered, and Tom let go with a clenched jaw.

She walked towards the bedroom but stopped and stared at her husband one last time.

“But then again”, she added, “There are some things in the world better off not knowing”.

Tom was beyond confused, he knew that his wife was mad but this was something else. Something had changed and she was acting out of spite, deliberately trying to hurt him back.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

She shrugged.

“Goodnight, darling”, she said sweetly while blowing a kiss in his direction before locking herself in the bedroom again.

Tom made tight fists, and felt like punching a wall, like trashing their place and even thought about going after her, kicking the door down and forcing her to tell him the truth. But this was his punishment, he knew. He didn’t really know whether she had been with someone or not. She was playing mind games. The uncertainty would eat him alive until she decided to speak, that is, if she ever did. But how could he demand answers after what he had done? And what could he do about it anyway?

“Perhaps, not knowing is better…” he thought.

“You look good”, Tom said as soon as he walked into his father’s bedroom, and leaned against the doorway with his hands in his pockets.

He hadn’t seen him in a couple months. Father and son never had the best relationship. Daddy had been absent most of the time, working, and the few moments he shared with his son, had always been characterized by a peculiar coldness. The more Tom grew up the more he tried to impress his father which wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially when he already had it all; prestige, money, a family.

The family was incomplete and had been for a while now.    

“I feel like a million bucks”, Jeremy said with raised eyebrows and in a playful tone.

He was standing before his mirror, fixing his bow tie and getting ready to attend an awards ceremony. He glanced at his son’s reflection.

“Surprisingly though”, he added, “I didn’t really get much sleep last night”.

“That makes two of us”, Tom murmured.

Jeremy walked towards the bathroom.

“You don’t have to come if you don’t want to”, he said.

Tom walked towards the unmade bed and sat down before grabbing a picture frame from the nightstand. It was a photograph of Jeremy and his late wife, Tom’s mother, on their wedding day.

“Mother would have never allowed it”.

Jeremy smiled to himself as he applied cologne on his neck. Then he grabbed his watch and put it on.

“She’d also go bonkers if she saw this mess”, Tom said while his eyes traveled around his father’s bedroom, “Whatever happened here?”

“Ah… yes. The maid will take care of it when we leave”.

A familiar scent suddenly invaded Tom’s nostrils, and he stared at his father who was standing before the mirror again, putting on his jacket. It had to be just his mind playing tricks on him, the sleep deprivation. He rested his elbows on his knees and shut his eyes briefly while running his fingers through his hair and taking a deep breath to shake away the malicious thought but the smell wouldn’t fade. And then he saw it; right there on the floor, next to his left foot.

“Ready to leave?” his father had asked but Tom had gone deaf, and his fingers trembled as he reached for the purple silk fabric.

“You son of a bitch”, Tom whispered.

Jeremy’s lips parted when he noticed what his son had found. His mind flashed back to the previous day.

He had put on his trench coat, ready to leave the house to attend a work meeting when he opened the door and found his son’s wife standing on his porch, soaking wet from the rain, about to knock. Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows, looking worried and confused.

“What are you doing here, child?” He asked looking over her shoulder to find no companion.

She was trembling, so he took his coat off and put it over her shoulders as he let her into his home.

“What happened?” he asked, “Is Tom with you?”

“Y-your son…” she stammered, “He cheated on me”.

Jeremy froze, and surprise and disappointment were evident in his expression. He dragged a hand down his face and looked around, expecting to find the maid standing there.

“Carol? Carol!”, he yelled.

“Yes, sir?” the old woman asked joining them in the foyer.

“Change of plans. I’ll be eating here”.

Tom’s wife stared at her father-in-law as he told the maid to prepare them a special soup or any warm meal. She had always liked Jeremy, and he had always been nice to her, but she was there for other reasons, and the nervousness made her stomach clench. When the woman left, he gave her his whole attention again.

“Good God, I don’t know what to tell you”, he said looking genuinely concerned.

Jeremy placed his hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

“You’ll tell me all about it later, alright? First, we need to get you out of these clothes or you’re going to get s-”

She suddenly pressed her lips against his, interrupting him with a long and slow kiss. And when they pulled away, Jeremy was speechless, just swallowing hard and staring at her lips while the taste of her urgency traveled down his throat. She hadn’t come to find solace, or to tell on his son as if they were children. She had come for revenge. And for the first time in years, Jeremy, hard-working, routine-driven, widower Jeremy… was thrilled.

Tom carefully rose up from the bed, his eyes still glued to the hair scarf in his hands. He was speechless, outraged by his wife’s actions, by his father’s. Jeremy tightened his jaw, put his hands inside his pockets and took three slow steps closer to him. If he had never been warm towards his son before, this certainly wasn’t the moment to change that but to shamelessly emphasize it instead.

“My son, what a huge mistake you made”.

Tom had gotten his answer, and confirmed what he had wondered in the midst of chaos with his wife at home the previous night; it would have been better for him not to have known a thing.


Ok, after 3 days of work, (with breaks and school in mind of course) I’ve FINALLY finished this. This is to show my appreciation for all of these users, for being the best!

Here are the lovelies’ objectsonas/object ocs from top left to the bottom:

Mae from Night in the Woods (represents Nik but I don’t know their tumblr)

Pitcher- @mochazuki

Flowerpot- @undeaddog

Diospyro kaki (Persimmon)- @kimboster

Sketchbook- Me

Hourglass- @ii-hath-consumed

Egg- @gethacoolshoeshine

Lava lamp- @icemintfreeze

Book/King- @transrollcake

Glue- @papiomikes–warehouse (oc)

MP3 player- @zealzealous

Diffy the defuser- @wubwubwoobs

Camera Obscuro- @redmist108

Book(?)- @thanksdunkel

Hat/Top hat (is supposed to represent @toonirl, but I didn’t know what their objectsona was)

Moon (is supposed to represent @plantaplants, couldn’t find their oc)

Jaw- @squidplzplz

Finder- @papiomikes–warehouse (objectsona)

Mushroom- @gameover101 (I couldn’t find an oc or objectsona from them so I just took their hat and turned it into an object)

Ink well- @toonirl (past objectsona)

Tea bag- @mmahinadraws

Tarot deck- @plantaplants

Edit: Gave credit to transrollcake

Edit 2: Gave credit to kimboster


Hooked | Guard

Series: Worth Fighting For

Note: Part two is here! So this has been long overdue since it was supposed to be Worldwide Day for write-a-thon, but oh well. Writing this really made me wanna go to DC…so I did lmao. Anyway, enjoy. :)

Word Count: 4559

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Boxing

Warnings: cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Thomas Jefferson, a world-famous boxer who is pegged as a self-centered asshole that has everything — good looks, fame, fortune, talent — trains for his big fight against Alexander Hamilton. When he moves to Washington D.C. to be closer to his family, he meets someone who will look past his outer shell and get to know the real him.

“You’re going out with him again?” Alex asked. “This is like the seventh time in the last three weeks.”

You were currently facetiming your best friend before he had to leave to do an interview for some sports magazine. You both had tried to stay in contact with each other over the past few weeks even though he was really busy. Just because he was five states away didn’t mean that you couldn’t talk every once in awhile.

“You’ve been counting?” You snickered.

“That’s besides the point, Y/N.” He deadpanned. “He’s no good for you.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “You don’t know him, Alexander. He’s not as bad as you think.”

“I know enough about him, okay? Have you even done any research on him?” Alexander asked. “The guy rode to fame on his father’s back, he thinks he’s on the top of the world, and he’s a wannabe playboy…need I say more?”

You scoffed. “‘Wannabe playboy’?”

“Yup. Wannabe playboy. He probably flaunts his fame and  money around to get women. Then when he’s bored, he’ll drop a girl and move onto another one.”

“Stop making assumptions, Alex. Thomas isn’t like that, okay? He’s actually very kind and–”

“–egotistical and self-centered and narcissistic.”

“Those all mean the same thing.”

“Again,” Alexander said, “that’s besides the point.”

“Alex, I get that he’s your enemy because of your upcoming match, but damn. You haven’t been this harsh with any of your previous opponents. Would you please give him the benefit of the doubt? I actually like him.”

“Oh no…” He said in realization. “You don’t like like him, do you? Please don’t tell me you do…”

You stayed silent. Thomas and you had bonded a lot over the past three weeks. Each time the two of you hung out, you’d show him a bit more of DC. You had learned that in addition to being interested in law, he was also a pretty big history buff. He’d tell you various facts based on the many historical places you went to. The nation’s capital was completely loaded with history, so there wasn’t a time that went by when he didn’t say anything related to the country’s past.

“Y/N?” Alexander interrupted your thoughts.

“…well, you told me not to tell you…” You trailed off sheepishly.

His eyes widened. “Goddammit, Y/N, seriously? I mean, seriously?! Jefferson? Why him? Out of all people.”

You sighed, rolling your eyes. “He’s cute and funny and actually very sweet.”

“You’ve known him for three weeks, Y/N.”

“A lot can happen in a short amount of time, Alexander.” You said. “Plus, it’s not like I’m saying I love him. I just think–”

You were cut off by Alex groaning. “I don’t like him, Y/N. Please don’t end up dating him.”

You gave him a stern look. “You don’t have to like him, Alex. I don’t need your approval if I want to date someone. I can’t believe you’re acting like this, you should be happy for me finally wanting to settle down and date someone…”

“I’m just trying to prevent you from getting your feelings hurt–”

“I know you mean well, but I’ve got this.” You sighed. “I can handle myself, okay?”

Alex was hesitant and you could tell that he still didn’t agree about Jefferson, but he nodded anyway. “Fine, okay, I’m sorry.” He breathed out.

“Thank you.” You replied before checking the time. “Alright, well, I gotta go. I have to be at the gym in 15 minutes. Good luck with your interview, you’ll do great.” You said, giving him a thumbs up through the camera.

He chuckled, giving you a half smile. “Take care, Y/N.”

“You too,” you responded, hovering over the ‘end call’ button. “Bye, Lex.”

You saw the chopped up video of him waving before you ended the call, leaning back in your seat with a sigh. You wished that Alex could be more understanding, but unfortunately he was very stubborn and hard-headed. That being said, it didn’t stop you from living your life and making your own decisions.

After you ended your call with Alexander, you got ready to go out with Thomas before you left your apartment to walk to your family’s gym. A couple minutes later, you saw him leaning against the wall in his purple zip-up hoodie. Once he caught sight of you, he pushed off the light-colored brick and waited for you with a small grin on his face.

“Hello, sir.” You voiced in a terrible old British accent as you approached him. “Are you ready to continue our DC journey?”

“Why of course, milady.” Thomas said in a fancy voice, holding his arm out for you to take. “Lead the way.”

You smiled as you walked down the sidewalk arm in arm with Thomas. This banter was normal now between you and the notorious boxer. You had grown extremely comfortable with the guy and let your true colors (and your extremely goofy side) show around him.

“So what do we have planned this afternoon, madam?”

“Well, I was hoping I could surprise you, Mr. Jefferson.”

“Surprise me, you say?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes. I was thinking about taking you to a– special place, then get dinner afterwards at a restaurant of your choice…if that’s okay with you, of course.”

“That sounds magnificent, my darling.” He said sweetly, making you to burst out into small giggles, which then caused him to grin widely.

Still smiling, you removed your arm from Thomas’ and stuffed your hands into the pocket of your hoodie. It was the start of spring, so the weather had warmed up some, but not enough for you to go outside without a jacket of some sort.

“So, how was training?” You asked, glancing up at him as you raised your hand up to hail a cab.

He shrugged. “The usual. James worked me non-stop like he does everyday.” A yellow cab pulled up beside you guys. “But I’m getting quicker, that’s for sure. So whatever crazy training plan he has is actually working. I’m feeling really good.” He laughed before he pulled the cab door open, gesturing for you to get in. “Ladies first.”

You rolled your eyes at him before you climbed into the cab with him following shortly after.

“Gravelly Point, please.” You requested kindly to the driver before you turned to Thomas to continue your conversation. “Anyway, that’s good. I’m glad you feel good about it.”

“Mhm,” he hummed, looking out the window before he turned to send you a smirk. “So, ‘Gravelly Point’, eh? What’s that?”

You rolled your eyes. “You’ll find out in ten minutes or so when we get there.”

“I could just google it, you know.” He commented, holding his phone out to taunt you.

“Don’t you dare, Jefferson. I will fight you if you do.”

“Sure you will, Y/N.” He chuckled, putting his phone back in his pocket.

“I will, you’ll see.” You said, watching your city pass by outside of the window.

Twenty-five minutes later, due to horrible DC traffic, you had finally arrived at the destination on the outskirts of the city. You thanked the driver and paid him before you and Thomas climbed out of the car.

“This,” you said, gesturing to the area of open green grass with picnic tables scattered around and a football field in the distance, “is Gravelly Point. I used to come here all the time as a kid.”

You watched Thomas as he looked around with wondering eyes. Gravelly Point was a park near Reagan National Airport that DC locals knew of. The openness of the park allowed people to come and relax as they watched planes come in for landing one after another. It had become one of your favorite places in the area simply because of how beautiful it was. In the far distance, you could see the Washington Monument in plain sight across the body of water between the lands.

“It’s weird,” you noted quietly, walking through the park with Thomas at your side, “it’s a Saturday and there aren’t that many people here.”

“Oh well,” he mused while grinning down at you, “more room for us.”

About 15 minutes later, after you guys explored the place a bit, you found a stretch of grass with a perfect view of the airplanes, Washington Monument, and the river all in one scene. It was truly a beautiful sight even though the sky was gray from the weather being a little cloudy.

Then all of a sudden, Thomas plopped down on the grass and laid back, supporting his head by locking his fingers behind it.

You raised an eyebrow as you looked down at him. “What are you doing?”

“Relaxing.” He voiced with his eyes closed. After a couple of seconds, he spoke again, cracking one eye open. “You should too. C’mon, it’s great. Join me.” He said, reaching his hand up towards you.

With a roll of your eyes and a chuckle, you took his hand and let out a surprised squeak as he pulled you down to lay next to him.

“Aw, come on, don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.” He laughed, lifting his head up slightly to watch you get on your knees to crawl over and rest your head on his stomach, lying perpendicular to him while watching a plane pass above you.

“I didn’t, and I honestly don’t know how I fell for that stupid trick. It’s the oldest one in the book.” You replied with a playful sigh. “I must not be as sharp as I think I am.”

“You said it, not me.” Even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was smirking.

You reached your arm out to blindly slap him somewhere you hoped would hurt him. You could feel him shake with laughter as he caught your hand, preventing you from hitting him.

The two of your stayed like that, messing with each other, talking, and listening to the planes loudly go by every once in awhile; it was actually very relaxing and tranquil. Also, Thomas was as comfortable as a pillow…you could definitely get used to this.

“Did you know that at the time it was finished, the Washington Monument was the tallest building in the world?” Thomas asked, looking at the famous landmark in the distance and breaking the peaceful silence between the two of you that lasted for a good while.


“Mhm,” he mused, “then in 1887 the Eiffel Tower surpassed it.”


“Yeah,” he replied as he subconsciously and gently ran his hand through your hair.

A small grin tugged at your lips as you hummed in acknowledgement, closing your eyes in content.

“What,” he asked.

“Who knew a boxer could be such a history geek?”

“Shut up,” he mumbled, causing your smile to widen.

A few seconds later, Thomas spoke up again. “Hey, did you feel that?”

“Feel what?” You murmured, not bothering to budge at all.

A beat passed. “That.” He said again. “You seriously aren’t feeling any raindrops?”

Then, as if on cue, you felt a drop of rain plop directly on your forehead, causing you to open your eyes and sit up, glancing at the sky. It had gotten significantly darker and grayer since the two of you arrived at the park.

You and Thomas slowly rose to your feet with widened eyes.

“Shit, this isn’t good.” You commented.

“…I’m gonna call an Über and let’s hope that it gets here soon.” Thomas said.

“Good thinking.”

As Thomas ordered an Über, droplets of water started falling down faster and faster. Before you knew it, it was pouring. You and Thomas walked back towards the empty parking lot while getting soaked and looking for some sort of refuge. The only cover you could think of was a tree, and the only trees in your general area were small trees with barely any leaves on them. Oh well, they were better than nothing.

“Alright, new plan.” You said once you got underneath the tree for the tiny bit of cover it provided. “We’re completely soaked, so I don’t think going to a restaurant is the best idea.”

You sat down, pulling your knees up towards you. Thomas hummed in agreement as he lowered himself down next to you, leaning back on the trunk of the tree.

“We could go back home, shower and get dry and stuff, then you could come to my place and eat.” He proposed. “I can make the best mac and cheese.”

You breathed out a laugh despite your slightly saddened state because of the weather. “The best?”

“The best.” He confirmed with a grin. Somehow, he managed to find a way to make you smile even though you were in a bad situation.

“I thought you said you weren’t cocky,” you teased.

He chuckled. “Okay, I will admit, I’m a bit cocky when it comes to cooking my favorite food.”

You playfully gasped, shaking your head. “And here I thought you were different than the others.”

He grinned down at you. “I am.”

You rolled your eyes as you laughed again, ignoring him. “Yeah, we can totally do that. I wanna see if it’s as good as you say it is.”

“Ooh,” he chuckled. “is that a challenge?”

“I-it might be.” You stuttered due to the cold feeling you felt consuming your body because of your cold wet clothes.

“Well, then challenge accepted.” He said, trying to lighten the mood.

In the small silence that had grown between you two, you looked up to see Thomas gazing down at you. The rain had him completely drenched, like you, with water droplets dripping off the ends of his hair and jawline.

“I would offer you my jacket, but you already have one on, so that would be useless…” Thomas trailed off before he wrapped an arm around you, hugging you tightly against him. You immediately felt yourself warm up a bit, and you weren’t sure if it was because you were blushing or because of his body heat. Probably both. “This will have to do for now.”

“I’m sorry our plans got screwed up.” You murmured loud enough for him to hear over the rain, before leaning your head on his shoulder. “I should’ve ch-checked the weather.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault, Y/N.” He said softly, gently grabbing your chin to tilt your head up so you could look at him. “You have no control over Mother Nature.”

“I know, but still…”

“Things happen for a reason, okay?” His beautiful brown eyes stared down at you full of care before he started to slowly lean down.

Was this really happening? Holy shit, holy shit, it was.

Your brain began to short-circuit as your faces drifted closer together. You could feel his warm breath on your lips as your noses grazed each other. You were so close to him, so close.

The moment was ruined by Thomas’ phone sounding loudly in his pocket, making him pull back and drop his forehead to your shoulder, letting out something that sounded like it was between a sigh and a groan.

“Über’s here,” he murmured, before he stood up, extending an arm out to you. You took it and let him help you up, afterwards Thomas kept a hold on you and enlaced your fingers as you fast-walked towards the only vehicle in the parking lot.

No words were exchanged throughout the entire ride to your apartment building. You weren’t sure if it was due to the shock of almost kissing Thomas for the first time, or due to the fact that you were both freezing to death…again, it was probably both.

When you arrived outside your apartment complex, Thomas mumbled a quick thank you before he paid the driver with damp cash. Grabbing your hand again, he climbed out of the car and pulled you along with him, making sure to get inside the building and out of the cold, wet weather as quickly as possible.

When you approached your apartment a couple minutes later, Thomas finally let go of your hand, making you immediately miss its warmth and the way it felt in yours. You unlocked your front door and looked back at Thomas to see him…shyly?… smiling down at you once again.

“Don’t take too long, okay?” He said softly.

You returned his grin before you replied. “I won’t.”

While you showered and changed into dry, warm clothes, your mind couldn’t help but wander to the subject of the boxer who lived two doors down. You liked him. You really liked him; you had almost kissed him…in the rain no less. How cliche is that?

What would have happened if you did kiss? Were you ready for a potential relationship with him? You two were already close, and you often flirted with each other…and he was exactly what you were looking for in a guy. He was sweet, kind, charming, funny, and just an overall genuine guy. Oh, and not to mention he was extremely attractive.

You’d grown incredibly close to the guy in the past couple of weeks. You felt like you had known him for a lot longer than it actually had been. The two of you talked about everything when it came to food, sports, entertainment, and music. However, there was one topic that neither of you really seemed to touch on: family.

The both of you avoided the subject. You remembered him briefly mentioning his mom and sister, and that his parents were divorced, but nothing really past that. You knew very little about his dad, and you still had yet to tell him about yours, but you didn’t want to push him into talking about anything. You knew your boundaries.

Shaking yourself out of your thoughts, you finished getting ready, quickly running a brush through your hair before you made your way over to Thomas’ apartment.

“Alright, I’ll admit it, Jefferson. You were right.” You sighed, before sinking onto his couch next to him, sitting indian style. Some sit-com you barely recognized was playing on his TV with low volume. “Your macaroni and cheese is incredible.”

“I told you,” he said, sending you a smirk. “A girl like you deserves only the best.”

You chuckled and rolled your eyes before you turned your attention back to the TV.

A few minutes later, Thomas broke the comfortable silence that fell between you two. “If I had some wine I would offer you some, but–”

“No, it’s okay.” You cut him off. “I don’t drink.”

“Really?” He asked, clearly confused. “I mean, I don’t drink either because I can’t have alcohol while I’m training for a fight…but it’s interesting that you don’t at all. Can I ask why?”

“It’s, uh…kind of a long story.” You let out a quiet sigh before looking down at your fiddling fingers.

Thomas looked at you with caring eyes, immediately knowing that something was up. “It’s alright, we have time.” He assured you. “If you want to share, that is. I mean, you don’t have to.” He quickly said.

Well, you might as well tell him now.

“No, it’s okay,” you told him, “I wanna tell you.”

In the corner of your eye, you saw him nod as he gazed down at you with concern. You mentally prepared yourself before you began to speak again.

“It happened four and a half years ago. Dad was working late again at the gym because it had just opened. When he left to go home, he was just…he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was dark, and he was walking on the sidewalk safely, or what was supposed to be safely, when–” you had to pause for a moment to take a deep breath. It’d been awhile since those words had come out of your mouth. “He was killed. Hit and run…by a drunk driver…and….”

“…you haven’t drank since.” Thomas finished softly, causing your eyes to snap up to his. You nodded silently, watching the understanding expression form on his face.

In a split second, Thomas had pulled you to him and wrapped you in a warm, tight embrace, similar to the one at the park, except this time it was more meaningful.

“I’m so sorry,” he mumbled into your hair. “That must be hard.”

“It’s okay,” you voiced into his chest as you clutched onto his shirt, breathing in his intoxicating scent. “It’s been difficult, but I’ve learned to cope with it. Time is helping, I think.”

Thomas nodded as you both stayed there for a bit, holding each other with the low droning of the television in the background. Over some time, you had shifted to you leaning your head on his shoulder with his arm around you as you sat in a peaceful silence. You were subconsciously fiddling with the fabric of his magenta t-shirt before your attention shifted off the TV and was fully brought to the shirt color.

“You wear this color a lot,” you noted quietly, letting a bit of curiosity seep into your tone. “A lot of your boxing gear is this color, too.” You murmured, recalling the times you’d seen him training with similar colored shorts and shoes.

“It’s my little sister’s favorite color,” he began to explain, his voice just above a murmur. “When I was in LA, I rarely got to see her because I was across the country and training non-stop almost year-round. She thought that, because I was so far away, I…I’d forget about her one day. So, one time when I visited her a while back, she, with the help of my mom, gifted me a pair of magenta shorts so I could remember her whenever I fought and/or trained.” Thomas smiled at the thought before he continued. “I’ve stuck to the color ever since. Purple wraps, purple training gloves, shoes, everything. I do whatever I can to make up for the fact that I wasn’t always around, even when she’s not watching.”

“That’s so sweet,” you murmured, before pulling your head off of his shoulder to meet his gaze. “Is that why you moved here? To try and see them more?”

“Well, yeah, in a way–” Thomas cut himself off by clearing his throat before he could finish the sentence and nodded, breaking eye contact. “My mom needs me now more than ever. I also needed to just– get away from my dad and the press. We don’t exactly have the best relationship.”

“You and your dad, or you and the press?” You asked even though you already knew the answer.

“Both.” He sighed, thankful for the slight shift in conversation. As much as he loved them, talking about his mom and sister was a bit of a sore subject for him, as much.

“I figured,” you replied.

“He just– my father won’t quit.” Thomas said, shifting his eyes to the ground. “He has no humility or empathy for anyone, and it saddens me. My father doesn’t care about anyone but himself; the only other things he cares about are money and fame. He treats me like a puppet and treats my mother and sister like shit whenever he sees them. I had to get away from him, even if it was only for a couple of months.” Thomas sighed, unwrapping his arm from around you to drop his face into his hands. He felt bad about talking about this to you. “And I’m so sorry about complaining about my father in front of you when yours– ”

“Thomas, no, it’s okay. I completely understand you.” You said, pulling his hands away from his face. “This situation is completely different from mine. Just because my dad was killed doesn’t mean that you have to put up with your father’s shit. What he’s doing to you isn’t okay; it will never be okay. Moving here to put distance between you and him was the right thing to do.”

Your response earned you a grateful smile from Thomas, which made your heart flutter.

“Now, what’s up with the press?” You asked, figuring that now was a good time to let him vent since he was talking openly to you about things.

As a boxer, he was trained to always keep his guard up, yet around you he found that he almost always let it down.

“Nothing, I mean, I think I’ve told you most of it already.” He said, recalling the numerous times he’s complained about the press. “The media won’t stop exploiting my life for profit. It’s gotten to the point where if I complain about it, it’ll just backfire on me and make me look even worse than they originally did. I just hate that they have the wrong impression of me…and I can’t change that. I’ll never be able to change that.”

You nodded in understanding. You remembered Alex’s lecture from earlier, telling you about how Thomas was an asshole.

“You know,” you began softly, tilting your head up to make eye contact with him. “Alexander keeps telling me that you’re a selfish, stuck up, arrogant, womanizing dick. He claims that he’s done ‘research’ on you to ‘protect me’, which I’m pretty sure is just him looking up articles that say bad things about you.”

Thomas sighed and hung his head for a moment before he lifted it back up to look at you again. He knew that Hamilton would do shit like that, he just didn’t want you to believe the lies Alex and the media spread around.

Thomas’ thoughts were interrupted when your hand came up to cup his cheek.

“I think– no, I know Alex is wrong, Thomas.” You whispered, your heart beating wildly in your chest from your bold move. Little did you know, Thomas’ was doing the exact same. “You are sweet and kind and charming and ambitious and compassionate. You are not the man everybody says you are. Their opinion doesn’t matter because they never got to know you like I did, even though it’s only been a few weeks…a few great weeks.”

When you finished your speech, you were met by Thomas’ lips lightly being pressed to yours. You were surprised at first, but quickly melted into the kiss as his soft lips glided smoothly over yours. He began to panic once he realized what he had done.

Thomas pulled away all of a sudden to apologize. “I’m sorry,” he breathed out softly, “I shouldn’t have–”

You answered by softly pressing your mouth to his again, silencing him effectively. Thomas’ kisses were tender and careful, pouring countless emotions into each one. His arms pulled you closer to him, molding your bodies together as your lips moved heatedly against each other.

“I’ve wanted to do that since you first knocked on my door.” He panted, smiling after he pulled away, resting his forehead on yours.

“I’ve wanted to do that since you introduced yourself as Sweaty.” You laughed, caressing his scruffy cheek with your thumb.

“I didn’t introduce myself as Sweaty,” Thomas breathed, rolling his eyes. “You were just being a smart ass.”

“Uh huh,” you hummed, letting your eyes fall shut. “Sure, Jefferson.”

“You know it’s true.” He retorted.



“Shut up and kiss me again.” You said, opening your eyes to see him gazing down at you with hooded ones.

“Your wish is my command.”

Home (Prinxiety)

Title: Home

Pairing: Roman x Virgil

Warnings: None

Summary: Roman goes out on a dangerous adventure and doesn’t come back for a week


Virgil hugged his knees as he stared blankly at the clock. Each second was both a new opportunity for Roman to burst through the door and also agonizing teasing every time he didn’t. All he wanted was for Princey to hold him in his arms and never let go, but he couldn’t do it because Princey was off on an adventure. The adventure he’d been on for the past week. The adventure he promised wouldn’t take more than two days.

There was a knock at the door but Virgil ignored it, knowing it was Patton trying to get him to eat or something. He waited until the fatherly trait just came in anyway, a bowl of soup in his hands.

“You know how this is gonna go,” Virgil mumbled.

“Come on, kiddo,” Patton said with a sigh. “You gotta eat something.”

“No, I don’t,” Virgil said.

“Still. It’ll make you feel better,” Patton claimed. Virgil glared at him. Patton looked like he was going to try to push Virgil to eat, but decided against it and left him to himself.

Once the door shut and Virgil was alone again, tears streamed down his face. They seared his cheeks. He buried his face in his arms, which were folded over his knees. He stayed like that for who knows how long until he felt someone tap his arm.

Virgil’s head shot up. He didn’t have time to see who it was before he felt a pair of warm lips on his. Virgil knew who it was by the taste of their lips.

“Roman?” Virgil breathed, clutching onto the figure in front of him as if it would vanish. “You’re back?”

“I’m back, my love,” Roman said with a bright smile. Virgil threw his arms around Roman’s neck, knocking him over. Roman laughed and sat up. He wrapped his arms around Virgil and lifted him up.

“Come on,” he said, taking him to his room. “I want to hold you and love you and never let you go.” Roman set Virgil down on his bed and climbed in after him. He wrapped his arms around the anxious trait, pulled him close, and ran his fingers through the other’s hair, humming softly.

“Life would be easier if I never knew about you. Seasons would come and go in the blink of an eye,” Roman sang softly. A small smile formed on Virgil’s lips. Oh, how he missed that beautiful singing. “Some days would blend to one. I don’t think I’d ever notice ‘til all of these days were gone. What you bring to my life.”

“Now summers move fast, winters move slow, spring will let all your colors show, but I’ll always fall for you,” he continued. “Dreamers have lain awake to take in your sleeping beauty. Poets have drawn a blank by one look in your eyes. And please make no mistake, though I won’t always tell you, but each day’s a holiday now that you’re in my life.”

“Somehow I know, day after day, though I can’t always make you stay, that I’ll always fall for you,” Roman serenaded. Virgil joined in as he finished the song.

“And Summers go fast, winter move slow, spring will let all your colors show, but I’ll always fall for you,” they chorused, then both closed their eyes, falling asleep in each other’s arms.


That song was Fall For You by Mikey Wax

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Bucky Barnes x plus sized! Reader

(c/c)- complimentary color 

You knew Bucky wasn’t one to pass judgement solely on appearances but anytime you were around him you were nervous. Mostly because of your massive crush on him and your belief that he wouldn’t like you, not like you wanted him to at least. You didn’t have a body like Natasha or Wanda or anyone that society showed Bucky would like. Let alone your skin color, it’s true Bucky and Steve grew up in the 40′s which wasn’t the best time for people that looked like you. You didn’t think they themselves were ever offenders back then but the 40′s are very different from now and though they were both good friends with Sam and respected Nick you still couldn’t help but think they’d like someone more ‘traditionally attractive’. That was until one night at one of Tony’s galas.

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anonymous asked:

I found u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Are you going to draw more matsuhana?

AYYY FRIENDO ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
I’m glad you found me when you did!
I sure as hell don’t know who you are, so PLEASE TELL ME???

Oh! And rest assured that I will draw more matsuhana.



…and I hope you like them! (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)ゞ

(whispers: sorry I took so long)

I really don’t plan on stopping to draw matsuhana, I love them!! (ꈍ。 ꈍ✿)

Black [M]

A/N: i’m going to be honest and say that this is my least favorite chapter so far :| maybe because it’s sad idk

characters: dean x oc, zico x oc, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, violence, (mentions of) abuse (physical and physiological), sexual content (not in this ch)


chapter 4:

“chaeyeon!” dean yelled out for me. his voice sounded distant and my head was throbbing. i felt my face resting against the cold pavement. I didn’t know what was happening but my wrist felt like it had been snapped in two. i heard a mixture of yelling and gasps as i laid on the ground. i was barely able to make out the words being hollered.


“what are you going to do? hit me?”

dean was frustrated and angry, i heard it in the way he uttered his words. the sound of sirens followed quickly after, becoming closer with every second that passed by. i felt a set of hands lift my head off the pavement, it felt wet.

“fuck. uhm okay, you’re okay chae just stay awake ok it’s nothing too bad”

“i literally just pushed her, i didn’t do that. that blood isn’t because of me. how was i supposed to know she would fall off the curb”

“shut the fuck up i don’t need your input” before heoyang could reply the ambulance arrived.

“what happened, how old is she and are you related to her?”

dean was bombarded with questions and i had the urge to get up but the minute i tried, a pair of gloved hands pushed me back down.

“stay still please, we’ll get you out of here soon”

“uhm,” dean hesitated before responding. “she…fell off the curb and hit her head against the parking stop. i think she hit the nail on it but she twisted her wrist trying to catch her fall”

i fell?! last time i checked being shoved isn’t really falling.

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Artist / Writer / Blog / Creator Appreciation Post!

To all of my favorite artists, authors, and blogs, cheers! You are all so inspiring, and I really enjoy the things you do! I am an artist and an author myself (though I am in training), and your pieces give me hope that one day I can be like you all! I’m not trying to be weird, since a lot of you don’t know me, I’m just letting you know that you have a fan right here! Don’t let others discourage you! Fly your flags, show your colors, paint the skies, and write your story! Again, Thanks!

@starrymir @epherall @fuku-shuu @armin-trashlert @sketch-is-aot-trash @miyajimamizy @pozapple @goodguyjean @scoobandshagtalk @sarcastic-fandomtastic-dragon @immajustkeepsleeping @tinymintywolf @erensjaegerbombs @lenok993 @askaphamericanstates @ymiress @momtaku @muchinery @lauwurens @lewisrockets @thelastpieceofcustard @attackonheroes-resurgence @calonarang @leviskinnyjeans @sinbad-ai @tvheit @taffydesu @kaschy

Keep up the fantastic work all!!! (Sorry if I forgot to tag, there are a lot of amazing people in this world)