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Meeting Their Female Counterparts

Rap Monster

After having her pointed out in the crowd for him, he’d be convinced (pressured is a more suitable word) by another member to approach her and introduce himself.


He wanted to stop her and question her because he felt like he knew her, but didn’t know why. Deciding not to inconvenience her, he merely took the time to admire her as she passed by.


He let his eyes explore the figure of the girl freely, even though he knew it was rude to stare. She was stunning, and she had such good fashion sense, how could he help it? He would use their similar looks to break the ice.


He bumped shoulders with her, spewing half of an apology before trailing off, taking more than a few moments to register how familiar she looked. The thought would cross his mind, but he dismissed it and excused himself, refusing to believe that doppelgangers actually exist.


When the girl was close enough to see fully, he smiled to himself. She was the spitting image of his own, only about a hundred times prettier. He would slide closer to her and slyly introduce himself. He made small talk, purposely passing his destination to walk with her.


It was like looking in a mirror, except it was much, much better. He would stop her and ask her where she bought her jacket from, even though he already owned one like it, just to get a chance to talk to her.


Utter shock surrounded him when he saw her face fully. She looked just like him. He’d be too caught up in his stupor to stop her from walking away.


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OC Tips

Tragic past :3
Most of us love that one character that shows up in a movie we recently saw or a novel we read all night that had a very tragic past… or do we??
Nope! We do not love tragic past, we love how that past had formed that unique character in front of us and made every insane manic move they does totally acceptable .

Remember the dark knight’s Joker for example.

Let’s take a moment here to understand the secret behind a successful tragic past. Tragic past is a turning point in ur oc’s life but a successful tragic past is what makes us understand the oc’s behaviours and attitude and well … Admire their strength.

How do u reach that ?

- First 

You  have to understand how a real trauma affect real people, there is this common mistake that makes me triple palm face while reading a fic is when the OC meets a stranger for the first time and somehow the OC talks abt their past trauma, that never happen OK? Most people try to hide it for as long as they can, if u want ur OC to look a badass then that OC will never reveal such a memory especially not to a stranger.

A tragic past have its unique effect to every individual, that is very flexible u can shape ur oc ’s character and reflexes depending on that trauma u chose for them, for example bullying at school this could be the rebirth of a manic villain or an unchanging caring angelic spirit or a cold ‘I don’t give a tinker abt anything’ kind of person … etc. The choices are unlimited.

- Second
Don’t !!! Just please Don’t make ur OC quickly find comfort from their trauma in the arms of their lovers just to add sweet fluff … Well, it is indeed sweet and all but unreal and ur OC will lose it’s successful impact on us.
A person with a trauma normally do not like it when others push on the matter they struggle to forget especially their loved ones, if u r doing this tragic past to show us ur oc ’s strength then please remember that ur strong oc realising someone knowing their past make them feel vulnerable and weak, ur OC will lose their confidence and probably they would try to escape, run away, hide, avoid, it’s not sexy anymore for them. This in real life would kill any romance between ur head canon love birds…

A person with a trauma can have a normal life!! Don’t exaggerate in ur oc’s feelings abt their trauma. For example if u r OC woke up one morning when they were just three years old and happy and stuff and just found their parents dead in the kitchen’s floor that does not mean that every time ur OC wakes up they will get scared from going to the kitchen 20 years later… Waking up and going to the kitchen is something ur OC will get used to after awhile because it’s essential … Remember no body love that character that doesn’t move on … Ur OC know better, they are much stronger than that.

When revealing to us the tragic past of ur OC in ur story, be patient!! Don’t rush it all in ur first chapter or the second or the third, wait for it.. Study ur readers feedback abt ur OC, write strange behaviour that ur OC does because of their turma and don’t explain why.. Let the readers understand their is something ur OC is hiding but not yet understand what it is … The thrill will makes ur readers curious abt ur oc,  let many imaginable theories pop into their minds, wait for the readers to grew attached to ur OC first and feed their hunger slowly, keeping their flame lit but not yet exposing the whole thing to them. Be creative, if u can reveal the past in other’s ways than ur Oc’s tongue do it!!  

Above all have fun :D

Let’s just take a second to admire the cinematography in this shot. Killian is standing half in the dark, half in the light. This is a fairly common tool used in filmmaking, used to symbolize a characters inner struggle to choose between the good and the bad. But in this moment, this episode, and especially for Killian, this is incredibly important. Killian was a villain for centuries, but has become a better man in recent years due to his love for Emma and his care for her family. Now, the pinnacle of his light, the reason for his transition from a life of villainy to heroism, has fallen herself. 5x08 will be a crucial turning point not only for Emma, but for Killian as well. He loves Emma, and is still willing to do whatever it takes to help and protect her. The Dark Swan knows this, and will surely use it to manipulate Killian even further. Long story short, 5x08 is going to be crazy, to put it lightly. Prepare yourselves, bitches.

Not the First Time (Brother!Clint Barton)

“You’re ruining the moment. Shut up.” You told Clint as you looked at the tank in front of you. “Oh. Okay.” Clint said, admiring the tank. “You know what? I could blow up the whole god damn world with this thing.” You said and Clint laughed. “Well, enough gabbing out of us, let’s take this bad boy out for a spin. Go ahead and hop in, bro.” You told Clint.

“Me? I can’t drive that thing.” He told you. “You’re telling me you’re not certified?” You asked. “I ca- I don’t even know how to use the fucking sniper rifle. Don’t you know how to drive that?” He asked you. “No!…Holy Crap! Who is running this army!?” You shouted. “Certainly not Ring Master.” Clint muttered.

“Why would they give us a tank, if nobody here knows how to drive the damn thing?” You asked. “Calm down, we’ll just get one of the other guys to drive it.” He told you. “What other guys? They’re dead, remember?” You told him.

“Oh, right. Well…shit.” He said. “Well, what do we do? I told you we shouldn’t have joined the Army.” You said. “And I should have listened to you, but you know who’s the real idiot? You, for listening to me.” Clint told you. “How am I related to you?” You asked.

“Well, it was either join the army or go to jail.” Clint said. “But we didn’t even kill the guy! We were trying to kill Paul.” You said. “Well, no one said the government of Latveria was smart.” Clint informed you. A bomb dropped at your base, but not one that would kill you and your brother, just one to knock you out.

“What the fuck?” You asked as you woke up and saw Clint in front of you. You saw that you were tied down in a large room. “Hey! Hey!” You shouted, which caused Clint to wake up. “What the fuck?” He said as he realized you were both tied down.

“Just calm down.” Clint told you and you took three deep breathes. “Now what?” You asked him. “I dunno, you’re the smart one.” He shrugged. “Why do I always get captured with the stupidest people?” You asked yourself.

“You’ve only been captured with me…ohh.” Clint said. “We have to options. Break our wrists to break out of the cuffs or we wait.” You told him. “You don’t have to choose.” You heard Paul say as he walked into the room.

“Should have known it was you.” Clint said with disgust. “Shut up, Clint.” Paul said and looked at you. “My beautiful flower, didn’t know you would join the army.” Paul told you and you groaned.

“We broke up three years ago, get over it.” You told him. “I love you.” He said. “You disgust me.” You said. “If that’s the way you wanna be.” Paul told you, pulled out a knife and stuck it into your thigh. “You son of a bitch!” You and Clint shouted, Clint trying to break from the cuffs.

“Didn’t want to do it this way, but you left me no choice.” Paul shrugged. “You’re insane.” You commented, trying to distract yourself from the pain. “I love you.” He whispered before placing his lips on yours.

You tried to pull away, but he pulled you closer. You stepped on his foot and he back away. “Blake!” Paul shouted and a man in a dark blue uniform walked in. “Make her suffer.” Paul told the man before leaving the room.

“Touch me and I swear to God, I’ll rip your tongue out with my t-” You didn’t finish the sentence because he jammed another knife into your thigh, causing Clint to fall. “I’ll fucking murder you!” Clint shouted at Blake.

Your face was bruised, bloody and just hurt like hell, along with the rest of your body. Blake was torturing you, making Clint watch. “What? That’s all?” You asked, spitting blood with a smirk. “You and your big mouth.” Clint muttered. Before Blake could do anything, the room was ambushed by men and women in uniform, aiming their guns at Blake.

With no warning, they shot Blake and he fell on the ground. Someone helped Clint out and he ran to your side. “You’re gonna be okay.” He whispered and held your hand. “Just, stay with me.” Clint said.

“You’re awake.” A man said. You sat up and let out a groan. “Y/N.” Clint said and you saw him sitting on the chair to your left. “Where am I?” You asked. “S.H.I.E.L.D, they saved us.” Clint told you.

“Thank you.” You told the man with the eye patch and leather trench coat. “You’re pretty strong, if you were anybody else, you wouldn’t have made it.” The man said. “Director Fury.” He told you.

“They want us to join.” Clint informed you. “From what we gathered on the Latveria database, your brother is a skilled archer and you’re skilled with swords.” Director Fury told you. “So, how did you end up in the army?” He asked.

“Long story.” You told him. “I’ve got time.” He shrugged.

Let’s take a moment to admire the fact that Saitama asked Genos if he had a toothbrush as if he had an organic mouth and teeth.

Let’s take a moment to admire the fact that Genos was very ready to say “YES!!”, implying that he’s owned a toothbrush this whole time and brushes his teeth even though he probably doesn’t have to? He might just use it for his face, or uses it to scrub out leftover food when he heats, but part of me wants to believe his OCD is to a point where he feels like he has to polish every tooth at night or the fact that he didn’t will disturb him at night, he is that much of a clean freak.