let us search two tags at a time

anonymous asked:

Why the fuck do you post your disgusting hate in the pro tag like get a guckung life you butter as fuck bitch

I believe that these two also belong to you. So hey, I’ll answer them all at the same time. 

First, let’s state the obvious, I use the tags, “AntiStydia, My Fam and personal,” that is the only two tag I use. People still can’t get the grasp of what the difference is between a fucking search and TAG. 

Two, I need to get a life. Well, I made lots of lovely people online shipping Stalia, Marrish and being antistrdia. So I have a life and I am very grateful for all of the people I have met through this show. They have  really helped me through a hard times and I wish Strdia fans would understand that not everyone ships your ship, actually we hate it! And we always will! We found each other, joined together and we don’t send horrible anons to people. (Fam, I love you guys.)

Next one, yes, Stiles would die for Malia. We know this for a fact. JD, stated saying things like, “I’d never leave you behind,” is another way of saying I love you and I would rather die then see you die. 

I have to say, I love answering hate it’s one of my favourite past times, but your  messages have actually made me a little sad. Targetting people and calling them names just because they don’t like something you like, is a little narcissistic.

Antistdia famns stick together, we don’t make this content for strdia fans, it’s for us. Why can’t people come to terms with the fact WE DON’T LIKE STRDIA! How many posts on our pages? That is for ourselves, not for Strdia fans, is it going to take. How many death threats? How many hate anons? Can we all receive until you finally understand we are not going to change our views?

The points you made are invalid, but I have already spoken about them before on her and on my primary page! 

I would have a bigger answer. But I am ill, stressed and pissed off, not at you, at college, but hey come back anytime and I will answer with detail and screenshots for you. 

Ps. Stiles never protected Malia. So 4x07 and 5x20 don’t exist to you?

Round Up...August 1-31 (Finally!)

Well, it took me a lot longer than I ever expected…to even get started. It won’t be nearly as hard next time…I know more of what I am doing. If I missed your fics, please let me know and I will add them to the next edition (hope to do this every day or so…weekly, at least). Also, if you tag yourself on all of your fics, please send me a message and let me know what tag to search for. Enjoy! (WARNING: I just realized that I didn’t mark which stories were smut. I will do that next time. For now, open carefully!)

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“lesbian porn is harmless!” 

Lmao let me guess lil muffin you believe scissors is a real sex position? and you believe lesbians really have sex like that?? 

Lesbian porn it’s fucking awful and its made by straight girls so guys can masturbate thinking they have the possibility to be with two girls at time and fetishizing us. 

And then, Tumblr, being a sucker, says “theres porn on the lesbian tag, so lets ban ALL the lesbian tag! lmao good luck safe-searching” and basically makin everything 200% times worst….

like… UGH i am so sorry if I sound rude and such but I am so mad right now…