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SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 20- Sacrifice
: The Virgin’s Path
Summary: Past AU- She’s going to be sacrificed in the name of a traditional ritual. She thinks her life is disposable, but he will show her that she will be missed.
A/N: I know it’s a terrible summary and I’m not sure about the title either, but…. I really enjoyed thinking about this one. Try thinking of a past similar to the one explored in Kaguya’s fillers. They are just regular ninjas, not as strong, but they still can mold chakra and all. I didn’t want the theme Sacrifice to be used in a cliché way so I decided to use it as the sacrifice that used to happen in the past/ literature. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as enjoyed writing it! Please, send me a message with your opinion!
Her hands were growing numb due to the rope tied against her wrists, and she could see the blue lines of her veins getting more evident with each passing moment. Her exhausted body was craving food and water, and the fire standing some meters in front of her made salty drops roll down her face, staining the concrete below her. There was no way she could escape that situation all by herself, and to be honest, she was not even expecting any kind of help. Haruno Sakura had already made her choice, and as a crowd watched her suffering, she found herself seeking for comfort in her own memories.  

It was a good life, she thought.

It had been a long time since she last heard the stupidities the leader of her own village had been repeating out loud. Annoyance had long taken over her senses, for not a single word that came out from that man’s mouth made any sense to her.

Nothing in that stupid ritual did.

Sacrificing a young virgin in the name of a god who had never done anything to help the village was something she just couldn’t agree with. Even if almost everyone around her found that normal and traditional, the pinkette refused to believe that offering a girl’s life for the cause would guarantee the entire village’s survival for a year. It was a stupid and retrograde concept that should have been long forgotten in history, and yet, there she was, paying the price for a bunch of people who actually thought that was a good idea in the past.

When will mankind ever learn?

She doesn’t know, but she was certain that it wouldn’t be in time to save her skin. Her destiny was already sealed from the moment she offered herself to take another girl’s place in that ceremony. A girl so young and innocent whose life would end even before starting. A girl that could live her dreams and fall in love in ways Sakura could never even dream of herself.

The pinkette gave that girl the chance to hope for a better future, for she knew her own was already lost in a mess of endless expectations and an unrequited love for a single man. Her life, even if she could always continue her excellent job as the medic of the village, would always be stagnated in that same place.

Her life will never change. So why not sacrifice herself for the future generations? It seemed to be the right thing to be done, and not even that huge sword aiming straight at her throat seemed to make her change her mind.

Oh, but his words would be sharper than any blade she has ever seen.

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