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Big Old Temporary Ask Redirect Compendium

I’ll delete this in a bit (the usual 2 months), but I’m getting some already answered or mostly answered asks I’d like to direct around. You guys and your anon, gosh. As a reminder if you use Google you can search any topic + RPedia, and get a post by me if I’ve made one. Seriously, I’m the first hit for anything if you stick my name on it. I literally just googled the posts for these questions actually because fuck you my archive/masterpost is a mess but I don’t have time for new content let alone working on tagging and listing 224 posts.

Anonymous asked: Well hello!! Im new to rp so this may sound really stupid (witch i apologize for that >///<) to you but i was wondering I made a side blog for rping is this good? Or would it be better to make another blog on it own for rp?

Don’t worry! I got a post for that.

Anonymous asked:  I don’t know if other people feel this way, but for me tumblr rp just isn’t fun anymore? I used to really love getting involved in groups and making friends and I don’t know if I’m getting old or what (I’m 21) but it’s not the same. I read a post just now that was dated from 3 years ago about other places to rp but I was wondering if you had any advice on where is like, a /fun/ place to rp? I like serious threads, I just also miss the more wacky one liner type interactions and crazy plots, too.

It might be 3 years old, but I do keep it updated with the places I know about! Promise. Anyways, look, you’re gonna find that kind of RP anywhere, but you’re also going to find jerks, it’s inevitable and it makes RP less fun. But it sounds like you need some faster RP, Tumblr doesn’t do it for me either (although with messaging I might…). Try chat based sites instead of forum based. Gaiaonline, RPH, and F-list are all full of one-lining and serious RP. They’ll also have those jerks though. That’s the internet, I’m afraid, but that’s why we block people who try and make us feel shitty about what we’re trying to RP. I mean technically even Deviantart has an RP section, and it’s all 13 year olds, so you’d be As A God amongst them and they’ll all be derping around with Wolf/Arranged Marriage/Mutant Escape RPs still without a care in the world happy and blissful. The way RP should be, so don’t any of you dare look down on them for having happiness for something you don’t anymore.

Anonymous asked:  Hi! So sorry if this has been asked, I looked around your navigation page but couldn’t find it (to be fair, I have a bad habit of looking over things by accident) but how do you let someone know you want to RP with them (on Tumblr)? Send them a private message? Just follow them? Because I don’t want to bother/pressure them with the former, but I’m worried that I might get overlooked with the latter. Thank you! <3

No worries! It just… literally depends on the player in question, and usually players have it listed. When in doubt, do one (follow), then the other if nothing happens (send a message saying: ‘Hi! Not to bother you, but I’m open to RP with you if you’d ever like to!’). If they’re that stressed by a hello, they may wanna put it on their blog somewhere, ‘cause that’s how RPers do. If you don’t want to do what other RPers do, you have to make a note of it somewhere or suffer how common social interaction works (he says, with his own page saying NO ONE PM ME, I’M DELICATE).

Anonymous asked: What should you do if you’ve just found out that the person you’ve roleplayed smut with lied about being of age?

My Underage Smut post deals with this already (in short: stop fucking smutting with them, and leave because it’s a violation of your safety so they clearly can’t respect you), and I do not answer these questions anymore because it flooded my blog with underage smut mentions, and fuck that. Like seriously. Ew.

Anonymous asked: So I was wondering if you have any advise on how to explain to a rp partner their characters are mary sues,or well…just badly made in general? Im all for letting people be creative,and usually I can let a few things go but this time its really bad. I don’t want to hurt feelings,at least not if I can soften the blow. Any advice?

I GOT YOU. I have a Mary Sue post, and you can link them pointedly. I even have little letters on them (right at the start and later on) explaining why they suck so bad, and how to get better.

Remember! Like the posts I link to, not this post, it’s going bye bye soon! Besides these I have like, 480+ questions in my backlog that I want to answer, and 47 drafts I’m writing and researching in the ol’ draft folder. I love you kids, it just takes a while to sit down and write these. I have bad focus issues. It happens. But I’ll get around to just about all of them if I have my say. Even…. if it takes a couple more years. Plus a few more years for the asks I’ll get after. Frick. Just follow me or something if you wanna see my slow decline into writing hell. I think that’s how you use Tumblr. (I’m teasing.)


What’s up Harmonizers, feeling bored? —wait, it’s impossible this happen when you are in a fandom like this, right? But let’s keep things even more interesting. FIFTH HARMONY CHALLENGE WEEK. That sounds good hun? Basically it will be a week dedicated to our girls and feel free to do whatever you want such as: editis, gifs, text, art… seriously, I don’t know, do what your creativity and inspiration let you do by following the list below from 23/02 to 01/03:

  • Day 1: 5h + Reflection Album (favorite songs)

  • Day 2: 5h + Feminism

  • Day 3: 5h + Music videos or live perfomances

  • Day 4: 5h + Funny Moments

  • Day 5: 5h + Favorite ship/ships

  • Day 6: 5h + Favorite takeovers episode or how gay are you for

  • Day 7: 5h + Favorite Interviews or favorite outfits

Listen here: you will not need to follow exactly every day. Do everything in your time and when you’re up for, without hurry and enjoy.

Remember to use the TAG: #5HCHALLENGEW
A reminder: tumblr only shows five tags that will appear in the search, so I recommend putting the tag among your first five tags so everyone can find your work ;)

Poetry Riot’s Second Chain Collaboration

Hey everyone. We’ll be doing a chain collaboration instead of our regular prompt from 10/26 - 11/01 . I learned a lot with doing the first one, so this time I’m doing things a little differently.

Here are the rules:

1. Anyone can enter. To sign up send an email to wednesdayshambles@gmail.com with the subject line of Chain Collaboration, include your tumblr url. You have from10/19 -10/23 to sign up. On 10/26 you will receive an email with a list of the participants and where you fall in line. If you do not get this email let us know (through an ask or the email above). On 10/24 I’ll post a list of the participants (search the tag PRchaincollab if you miss it).

2. Each participant will contribute a line of seven words (max). Once it is your turn send your line to wednesdayshambles@gmail.com and to the person who is next on the list through an ask  (if you are participating you MUST have your ask turned on). You have twenty-four hours to send your line. If you are unable to do so, or your ask feature is off, you will be skipped, and can participate the next time we do this. If someone is skipped I’ll notify the next person on the list and send them the previous person’s line.

3. The finished poem will be posted on 11/02.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.