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10 Underrated Horror Movies with Female Leads (Part 2)

6. The Den (2013) - For her graduate project in sociology, Elizabeth proposes to record as many conversations as possible on a Chatroulette-inspired webcam-based media site known as The Den.  Despite encountering the expected glut of spammers and perverts, she makes good progress and feels optimistic about her project’s outcome.  Things take a sudden turn for the worse, however, when she connects with yet another stranger and witnesses the woman being murdered by a masked assailant.  Later, Elizabeth discovers that her account has been hacked and that she is the killer’s next target.

7. May (2002) - Thanks to a lazy eye and a childhood fraught with bullying, May is a socially awkward and isolated adult.  Her only lifelong friend is a porcelain doll named Suzie, a collector’s item given to her as a birthday gift from her mother.  She develops a crush on a handsome mechanic named Adam, fixating upon his “perfect” hands.  To her delight, Adam returns her affections, attracted to what he views as endearing oddness.  May is more than just a little odd, though, and when Adam realizes this and dumps her, it sends the sensitive May into a downward spiral that culminates in a disastrous realization: “If you can’t find a friend, make one.”    

8. Let Us Prey (2014) - A female police officer in a remote Scottish village heads out to patrol on the night shift.  She rallies up the usual round of teenage hoodlums, wife-beaters, and other scum.  Standing out among her charges is a silent and mysterious drifter in a heavy black coat with no form of identification.  Soon, the stranger reveals that he has supernatural powers and uses them to take over the minds and souls of those within the police station. (Do not watch the trailer for this.  It gives too much away!)

9. The Banshee Chapter (2013) - Journalist Anne Roland sets out to investigate the link between the disappearance of a dear friend and an undocumented government research drug that was used in the CIA MKUltra project (the drug is fictional but MKUltra is horrifyingly true).  Her quest for the truth leads her into the dark world of sadistic mind-control experiments, mysterious radio transmissions, and other-dimensional creatures that come after those who’ve ingested the drug in order to “wear” them.

10.  Ginger Snaps (2000) - Okay, so you may have heard of this one (and May) before, but I couldn’t resist giving it a plug.  Death-obsessed teenage sisters Ginger and Brigitte have a powerful bond–so powerful that they have formed a pact to commit suicide together.  On the same night that she gets her first period, older sister Ginger is attacked by a large dog-like creature.  In the days following the attack, she undergoes a series of concerning physical and behavioral changes.  She develops a ravenous sex drive, lashes out at fellow classmates, and begins sprouting hair all over her body, all of which convince the two sisters that Ginger is transforming into a werewolf.     


Electric Wizard - Let Us Prey (2002) Full Album

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