let us not forget this sweet girl

All I’ve got II pt. 3

Jungkook x reader

genre: fucking fluff, angst, hints of smutty actions, badboy!jungkook, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 12.6k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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Can I get a bts reaction to when they cheat on you but later find out you’re pregnant

First off my dudes, cheating is never ok, if you truly love someone you’d do anything for them not to get hurt. (And I feel like the majority of bts knows that but shhhh it’s ok we’re thinking outside the bubble)

Each scenario is different from the other aight.
Nams: You leaned on the wall as you saw him slip in, he didn’t notice you at first until you cleared your throat. The smile on his face vanished instantly. “So, what’s her name?” You asked nonchalantly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He responded almost as if this was scripted. “Cut the crap Namjoon. I know you’re cheating.” A wave of anxiety rushed through him as you not only called him by his name and not a nickname, and two, you had figured him out. “Y/n, I-”“stop,” you’d cut him off, “I have something more important to say.” You said as you reached into your back pocket and pulled out your pregnancy test before throwing it at him. “I was going to tell you, I had my doctors appointment yesterday, but obviously you don’t really care now do you?” You said coldly as Namjoon fliched as he remembered he didn’t even come home yesterday. He looked at the test and then at you, pain and guilt engraved into his eyes. “Y/n I, I’m, I’m sorry. I didn’t think-”“save it.” You said as you pulled out a mini suitcase from out behind you, “if you still have my number, I’ll text you the date of the doctors appointments and the due date, you can show up if you still care about me or your kid. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you just forget about us.” With that, you walked past him to the door and let youself out. Guilt and pain washed over him as he stood there looking at the test, realizing how he fucked up, on a big scale. He wanted to fix it, he just didn’t really know how to. What he had done was unforgivable.

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Yoongi: he knew it was wrong when he found himself on another girls bed, he knew it was wrong when her moans filled his ears, room and apartment. He knew it was wrong when he bit down on her collarbones and whispered sweet nothings to her, the same ones he had said to you. He knew it was wrong, but why couldn’t he have stopped? He knew he could have done all this to you, fuck, even better than his. So why didn’t he? Instead he found himself laying next to another girl on her bed. As he walked home he didn’t even know how he was going to face you. He didn’t even know how he was going to look at you the same way. When he came home and saw your smile, the one you give before you tell them something that you’ve been dying to say, he couldn’t take it. He spilled out his heart and watched as you smile become a pout and your exciting energy become a broken sad one. He watched as your tears stained your cheeks before you turned around and wrapped your arms around yourself before chocking out a sentence that broke his heart even more. “I’m….I’m pregnant..” he stood there as he watched you grab your car keys and wallet. He stood there in shock and in pain as he watched you walk past him and finally snapped out of it when he heard the door slam closed. He stood there was his eyes filled with tears and whispered out your name. “Oh god, why’d I do this to you?”

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Jungkook: when he came home to find the house quite as a ghost town, he instantly became anxious. When he walked into the kitchen and found a card standing on the table with his name on it in your handwriting, his heart sank and shattered. He frantically ran towards it as he gripped it and read it. There it was, in your handwriting, straight up addressing the issue. Jungkook had been straight up cheating on you for the past 2 months. And of course you couldn’t just stand by and be ‘deceived’. You had explained in the letter that this wasn’t healthy for you, thinking about him cheating on you made you sick to your stomach. That if he truly loved you he wouldn’t have been sleeping around with another woman. That’d it be best if you don’t see each other for a while, that he at least owe you that much. Of course he didn’t delete your number, of course he didn’t unfollow you on any social media. But he did cry. He had done this, through smiles and childish fights you’d gone through thick and thin, only for him to throw 2 wonderful years of a romantic relationship and 3 years of friendship down the drain in 2 months. It took him one day to straight up cut off ties with the other woman. He hadn’t checked out how you were doing in a month, and he missed you, he missed you a lot. So he finally went on your Instagram, only to find the shocking surprise of you displaying a baby bump. He frantically tried to reach out to you.
Jungkook:look I know I fucked up, I fucked up big time
Jungkook: I threw away 5 wonderful years of knowing you, and loving you down the drain
Jungkook: I know I can’t easily get you back because what I did was awful and unforgiving and I can’t forgive myself either
Jungkook: but from your pictures, I know it’s not just one
Jungkook: y/n, please, I just need to know if they’re mine
Jungkook: please y/n you can’t rob them of a father
Jungkook: please let me make this right for at least them

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Jin: Jin and y/n first met during their second year of culinary school when Jin had accidentally whipped his meringue a little too harshly, thus causing it to splatter all over y/n. What started off as mutual, apology coffee dates lead up to brief smooches before organic chemistry exams and sweet love making behind closed doors. Y/n and Jin were like the most perfect dessert; sweet and satisfying to ones needs. They just, worked, and Jin wouldn’t have it any other way….
At least, y/n thought so.
She laid there in bed hearing the headboard hit the wall. She laid there as she heard her roommates moans, she laid there as her heart hurt. She was supposed to hang out with Taehyung today, she was supposed to have a good time with her good friend who majored in art. He was supposed to help her choose a way on announcing her pregnancy to him, if it weren’t for the fact that her nausea got the better of her and canceled at the last minute. “Ah~ fuck.” The muffle moan hit her like a tidal wave. Tears started to form in her eyes as she finally stood up and grabbed the pregnancy test from her night stand. She walked to her door and marched to her roommates door, not even bothering to knock or anything. Slamming the door open you’re greeted by your roommate riding your ex-boyfriend. “Wow how awkward of me to interrupt my boyfriend sleeping with my roommate.” She said with a bitter laugh. “Y/n! T-this isn’t want it looks l-like!” Jin said as he stared to sit up, “oh? No? What are you guys playing naked twister or something? I’m not stupid.” You said as you gave them a disgusted look. “Y/n I’m-” Jin was Interrupted as you threw the pregnancy test at him without saying anything before you turned around and walked out their room. Jin looked at the pregnancy test dumbfounded as your roommate looked at him in horror of what had just happened. You grabbed your phone, charger, earbuds, jacket, wallet, spare clothes and car keys as you dialed Taehyung’s number. You took a deep breath as it rang, “tae? I’m sorry to wake you up at this hour,” you said as you stuffed your bag with clothed and cleared your throat. “I, I-uh, was wondering if I could crash at your place, I can’t stay here.” Taehyung obviously catching on and reassuring you it was no problem. As you hung up and slipped on your jacket Jin, only wearing pants stood by the door way looking at you distraughtly. “Y/n, please we-we can work this out.. I’ll change I-I swear I’m sorry I-” you completely ignored him as he begged for forgiveness, you simply walked around him with bag over your shoulder. As you walked towards the front door, he followed you rambling apologizes in a shaken voice. Just as you were opening the door he desperately caught your wrist. “Y/n, please.” He looked at you with painful eyes, “don’t touch me!” You screamed at him as you ripped your hand away from him, tears of anger and sorrow filled your eyes. “You get me pregnant, you cheat on me with my fucking roommate, and now your pleating at me to take you back? Don’t touch me, don’t ever touch me again.” You said as tears streamed down your cheeks and slammed the door on his face as you walked out.

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Coming home in the dead of night was not Jimin’s idea of a ‘fun time.’ Coming home covered in hickeys and smelling like cheap ass perfume was a different story. His eyes navigated through the dimly lit living room, tiptoeing over so quietly towards the bedroom, carefully stepping over some lose floorboards. Jimin was maybe a foot or so away when he realized that the light was on…only it was coming from the room across; the bathroom. Peeking through the light crack along its doorframe, Jimin could see y/n, hunched over on the ground with her head submerged in the toilet, releasing a horrid retching sound.
“Babe!” Jimin bursted inside, clearly forgetting about his appearance and sat down beside y/n, gently caressing her side. “Y/n, baby talk to me. What’s wrong?”
Y/n coughed dryly, head lifting up she could peer at Jimin with tired, squinted eyes. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Her face suddenly began to flush with anger. “Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?! You leave without saying goodbye and don’t even have the nerve to tell me where you’ve been all night nor have you sent me a text and you’re asking me what’s wrong?!”
Jimin backed away, taken back by y/n’s harsh words. He also noticed the way her skin appeared more ashen than usual.
“Y/n, I—”
“Also, are you going to explain to me how you got these.” She flicked her hand across his collar, revealing the array of purple, red bruise across his neck.
“Baby, I can explain, please if you—” Jimin was once again interrupted by a bitter laugh. Y/n threw her head back and laughed, which turned more into a sob.
“Like hell you will.” With that, she stood up and started making her way towards the door, grabbing her bag, phone, and wallet. Jimin rushed into the living room, eyes following her movements and flashing with horror when he realized what was happening.
“No, no, no, please y/n. Please don’t go, we can work this out.”
Y/n’s hands froze as she reached for her keys. She stared at the floor before thrusting her gaze back towards her…boyfriend.
“I used to believe every single word until now Park Jimin. Now I can’t even tell truth from lie. What happened? Did you just grow bored of me? Did you think I wasn’t enough or that I didn’t give you what you wanted?”
Jimin could only shake his head in sheer desperation.
“Do you have any idea how terrible I felt spilling my fucking guts into the toilet while your out there getting your face sucked off by some other girl, without even realizing that your other girlfriend is lonely, scared, pregnant, and—”
“Wait.” Jimin froze. “You’re, you’re pregnant?”
Y/n scoffed, “if only you knew.”
With that, y/n stomped out of the house, slamming the door shut, leaving behind a shell shocked Jimin who finally crumpled to the floor in a mess of tears and wails.

“Y/n, could you pass the salt please?”
Y/n didn’t respond, nor did she look up from the plate of food in front of her (some medium rare steak that had long gone dry).
“Babe?” Taehyung tried again. At that, y/n finally lifted her gaze, hand immediately flying towards the salt shaker, passing it over towards the male seated across from her.
Taehyung smiled in thanks then munched on his food. “So, I heard that Hoseok’s going to be treating you on a trip to hongdae, right?”
Y/n hummed, cutting her meat with slow movements.
“That’s cool, Hoseok’s is a great tour guide, so don’t worry about not having any fun.” He snickered. “Unless you start to miss me.”
Something finally seem to jog her memory as she dropped the knife and fork, resulting in a loud clattering sound. Taehyung cocked his head to the side. “Is, is something wrong?”
“Taehyung, be honest; what are you going to do while I’m gone?”
Taehyung’s brows furrowed in confusion before he responded with a shrug. “Mm, probably invite Jungkook over, go to the karaoke bar with Jimin? Just stuff?”
Y/b could feel her heart ready to leap out of her chest. Her lips suddenly began to tremble. “Taehyung, I told you to be honest.”
“Y/n,” Taehyung scoffed. “What are you—”
“I know, Taehyung. I know about the phone calls and the text messages, the dinner reservations and the late night clubs. I know about the people you’ve been with and what you do, with them.”
At that, Taehyung’s eyes suddenly widened. Hoping to mask his panic, he immediately barked out a laugh.
“Psh, babe, what are you saying. You know I’d never do that!”
Y/n could feel her heart start to rip in half. Hot tears streamed down her cheeks, an ugly sob slipping past her lips.
Taehyung’s face fell. Rushing to her side, he crouched down next to y/n, hands. flying to clasp theirs. “Y/n, y/n, please don’t cry. I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I-I don’t know why, I just…”
“I know. I know, Taehyung.” Swallowing slightly, she gave his hand a squeeze before slipping out of his grasp. “I forgive you, but I can’t stay with you anymore. This,” she gestured a hand between them. “Has to end. I’m sorry.”
Taehyung’s lips were parted slightly as he stared at y/n, eyes wide with shock, almost as if he had heard wrong. He opened his mouth to reply, only to realize it had started to close up as tears blurred his vision.
Y/n grabbed her bag and stood up, leaving Taehyung on his knees in the kitchen. Before taking her leave, she took one last lingering look, only to leave something white on the table. Lifting his head, Taehyung stared at the object through blurry eyes.
A pregnancy stick, with two lines.

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listen its rlly hard to find crying tae gifs ok

“Babe, I’m home,” Hoseok hollered, dropping his things on the hardwood floor. In his hand was a bouquet of flowers; marigolds and roses (y/n’s favorites). He trotted into the kitchen, expecting to see her wearing an apron while cooking up some food, only for him to sneak up behind her and sneak his arms around y/n’s waist, but frowned when he noticed that the kitchen was unoccupied.
However, on the table was a plate of Hoseok’s favorite slice of peach cheesecake and a letter written in familiar, curvy handwriting. Hoseok’s hearts dropped to his toes, flowers slipping from his fingers. With lead legs, Hoseok shuffled towards the table. Picking up the letter with shaky hands, he brought it up to read.
“Dearest Hoseok,
By the time you read this letter, I will be gone. Who knows where I’ll go, but whatever you do, don’t come looking for me. I’m sorry Hoseok, I’m truly truly sorry for having to leave like this. These past two years have been, complete bliss. I mean it, but I’ve seen the way you look at him. I’ve seen the way your eyes wander to Yoongi whenever we’re talking, or whenever we’ve kissed, I’ve seen the way you wanted him more than me. I know it was selfish of me to deny your feelings and even have the gall to talk with Yoongi, but now it’s time to face reality. Yoongi loves you and I know he can provide you with more happiness than I ever had. I forgive you for the times you used to sneak out, or the times when you wouldn’t hug or kiss me, or the time I found Yoongi in our bed. I forgive you. And remember, I’ll always remember you as my first love. I have a piece of you, with me right now.”
Flipping the paper over, Hoseok realized, with blurry vision, that the paper y/n had written on was an ultrasound photo.
Hoseok felt his knees give out as he slipped to the floor, crumpling the piece of paper to his chest, weeping softly.
“Y/n, y/n, I’m so sorry.”

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- Pheo & sara

Highway (Part 8)

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Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 3,190

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


He was in love with you.

Bucky Barnes was in love with you.

And it hit you harder than a ton of bricks.

You wanted so desperately to tell him that your date with Brock was so absolutely terrible because Brock wasn't Bucky. Because Brock wasn’t sweet like Bucky, he wasn’t kind and funny and he didn't smile like Bucky. 

Bucky’s smile had been imprinted into the back of your mind, and it’s still there, haunting you as you studied the voicemail over and over again. You studied the intricacies of his tones, the shifting in his voice and the small nervous chuckles he released every now and then.

His voice was a lullaby in and of itself, a beautiful lull full of profundity and velvet that was more than capable of keeping you up all night. Words tumbled from his lips like coarse sugar, spilling and filling into your attentive ears.

I think I’m fallin’ in love with you…

I know you’re probably not… entirely sure about who I am.

I used to be Sergeant Barnes, but now I’m just Bucky.

I’m sorry, sweet girl…that I'm just Bucky. I don’t have much to offer. Hell, I’m deaf in one ear 'n sometimes I wake up thinkin’ I’m gonna get shot through the window…sometimes I drink a little here 'n there, I take it too far sometimes. Helps me forget, though. 

But, y'know, lately, you’ve been helpin’ me forget too.

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Bad Girl Ch 8: Five Words

This chapter mentions torture

“Kim. Joo. Young.” Baekhyun sings songs.

My head hurts. Everything hurts. My mind is fuzzy as I try to figure out what is going on, why is Baekhyun here? I try to piece together the foggy pictures I’m calling my memory of the last few hours. I was at Haneul’s, Taemin showed up, I was under the table, I ran away. After that I’m pretty sure Haneul and I had lunch, we told our love stories, I went to the bathroom, I ran into Sehun and Kai, we fought, and I ran into Baekhyun.

“Are you ready?” Those words echo through the large room we are in. Where the hell are we? I open my mouth to ask only to realize there is a rag stuffed into my mouth. My eyes are opened wide as they scan over the unfamiliar room. The four from before are there, everyone but Baekhyun looks as scared to be in the room as me. The suddenly psychotic boy is taking up most of my vision, his fake blue eyes are staring intently into mine. “How are you feeling cupcake?”

I let out a string of curse words that only come across as angry mumbles. I look down and see that I’m tied to the uncomfortable metal chair with rope that is already digging into my wrists and ankles. I’m in the dungeon, oh my fucking god they actually put me in the dungeon! Tears prick my eyes, my shoulders shake with muffled cries as the realization sinks in. What did I do in a past life to deserve this?

“Hyung are you sure about this?” Sehun whimpers softly, it gets my hopes up, maybe he’ll convince the others to stop this madness! But that is very short lived when I see his hand clenching a hunting knife so tight his knuckles are white.

“I’m just evening the scale,” Baekhyun quickly defense himself, “He took our baby away from us so I’m taking this thing away from him. If we don’t get to have her, he doesn’t either.”

My heart drops, I’m going to die in here. I hang my head as I let that sink into my mind, they are going to kill.

“Maybe this is too far,” Kai begins to pace, never taking his eyes off me.

Stop giving me hope.

“Too far?” Chanyeol scoffs, “Hyung is right, we can’t just let him get away with taking our baby away from us, he has to pay.”

“But do you honestly think you could do this?” Sehun snaps gesturing to me. “Can you look at her and do the same things we’ve done to the people we bring in this room? Can you tear her apart bit by bit? Listen to her scream for help? Look into those fucking eyes and not feel yourself dying inside?”

“We are dead inside,” Kai reminds him with a sad smile. “We were so ready to throw ourselves off of that building a few months ago because we felt so guilty and so lost without her. We thought that maybe if we able to apologize that it would make us feel better but it won’t. They are just empty words to hallow ears. This, could make us feel better. We could get our revenge, not just for us but for our baby.”

“She wouldn’t want this!”

“How the hell do you know?” Baekhyun snarls.

“Because I know her, she hated this kind of stuff and no matter how wronged she was, she wouldn’t want this,” Sehun defends me like I’m not sitting right here, like I’m dead. “So stop using her as an excuse to torture this girl. Be honest Hyung, the only reason you are doing this is because you can’t handle seeing her. You can’t look into her eyes every time we run into each other and be forced to remember that we let her die.”

The room goes silent.

Baekhyun uses the long sleeves if his sweatshirt to wipe away tears that manage to find their way down his cheeks. He screams. It’s a heart wrenching sound, he wraps his arms around himself as she begins to tremble. “We didn’t just fucking let her die! We didn’t have an option to save her! There was no ransom, not single fucking demand for us to meet, just those tapes. So don’t you tell me that we let her die, there was just no option for us to save her! And don’t you dare think that me killing this girl will ever be enough to get rid of the ach in my heart. I can never forget my sweet baby.”

“We could just keep her,” Sehun suggests hopefully.

“She isn’t our baby,” Chanyeol growls, glaring at the younger for even suggesting such a stupid idea.  But once the idea is out there I see all of them raking their eyes up and down my body, considering it more than they would want to admit. I don’t want to stay though. I lived this life, fearing which day could be my last with them, I don’t want that ever again.

“We could train her to be,” Kai hums as his eyes continue to scan me.

Sehun nods eagerly, “Our baby didn’t really like the idea at first either but after some time she got used to it. We could be stricter this time though so there won’t be any mishaps.”

“Before we consider that,” Baekhyun grins, his bubbly personality returning, so different from the shattered boy I saw moments before. “How about we even the scales just a bit, even if we don’t kill her, we can torture her love,” He pulls out his phone and quickly dials a number.

“What the hell could you want?” Jiyong snarls on the others line.

My heart jumps, I try to yell his name but only muffled screams are heard.

“Hello to you too, Hyung,” Baekhyun muses, his eyes are on me as he speaks, “We are calling about a lost kitten that might belong to you.”

Jiyong is quiet for a moment before he murmurs, “Kitten?”

“She’s a pretty little thing with silver hair and a dangerous mouth, maybe I have the wrong person, what a shame, guess we have to keep her brothers.”

“Jooyoung!” He yells desperately.

Oppa! I want to scream for him, Jiyong, please, please, come save me!

“Sort of, close enough I guess, close enough for you to forget about the real thing,” Baekhyun snaps.

The real thing?

“Please let her go, you will regret it so much if you hurt her,” Even though it is worded like a threat I can hear his desperation.

Baekhyun chuckles, “Is that a threat?”

“It’s a promise. Now Baekhyun, let her go, I will come get her as soon as possible.”

“On no, no, no, we aren’t giving her up that easily, we might keep her for awhile to see if she really is so amazing we could let her replace our baby. If that doesn’t work out we can just bring her back down here, but it her time won’t be as nice as it is now, that is something I can promise.”

“You brought her to the dungeon! Are you fucking insane? Get her out of there now! I swear to god if you hurt a single hair on her head I will slaughter the lot of you!” My love roars.

“Afraid we are going to skin her alive or something? Don’t worry, Xiumin hyung isn’t down here and he is the only one who can do that. It’s just me, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun, so nothing too horrible can happen. She just might be missing her tongue, non needed organs, a couple fingers, since Chanyeol is here you know some teeth are going to be missing,” He chuckles.

That horrifying nightmare from all that time ago appears in my mind. No, no, no, I can’t do that, that can not fucking happen. I thrash wildly in my seat, making the chair rock and almost fall over but Sehun is there to catch it.

“She’s getting a bit crazy, I guess she doesn’t like the idea.”

“Please stop this,” Jiyong begs, “You don’t understand what you are doing!”

“This isn’t my first rodeo, I know how to tear people apart. But since you seem so desperate I’ll let you pick, what finger? Are you two a match for kidneys? Should I leave both of those? That just means something else is going to have to go, how about the ovaries? Were you planning on have kids?”

The ropes dig deeper into my skin as I try to pull away and cover myself, I’m screaming past the rag, anything but that. I can live without my fingers, my tongue, hell take my eyes but not my future babies, I’d give up my freedom for them. Sehun comes around the chair, his hands holding mine, and he shushes me.

“Don’t you fucking dare! Kill me, rip out every organ I have just please don’t take that away from her. I will give you anything you want just please don’t take that opportunity away from her. She wants babies,” He chokes the last words out. I can’t breath, I’m crying too hard to breath through the rag still stuffed in my mouth.

“I want my baby back,” Baekhyun snarls.

“You can’t have her back!”

“Then you will never have her back either. Why do you get to have the happy ending when we are left over here suffering? Why does this girl get to be happy when our baby is gone? I should make it fair, right? We will never be able to see our baby walk down the aisle or have a baby of her own. I’ll never see that diamond ring on her little finger that I put there, how is this fair?”

“It’s your own fault,” Jiyong blurts out.


“I said it’s your own fault. You should have treated her better.”

Chanyeol snaps this time, “We treated her like a princess!”

“She isn’t a fucking princess, she is a queen and should have been treated as such. She is not some fragile little doll she is stronger than any of you would know. You locked her in that house and babied her until it basically drove her insane, you can’t keep someone that strong in a bubble for long until it pops. I showed her our world and all of the things she could do in it; after that I gave her the whole world! I protect and love her, at the same time I give her freedom and space. That is why I get to hold her at night, kiss her in the morning, cook with her during the day, and eat with her every evening. I make her happy without making her question herself and her value no matter little or big she’s feeling that day. That is why I have her now.”

“You make it sound like this is her, this is not our baby,” Kai whispers as he takes a few steps closer to me to see pass Sehun.

“You are all idiots for not realizing it! That is Jooyoung, that is the only love of my life, my soon to be wife, the future mother of my children, and yes, she used to be your baby, but not anymore.”

“That isn’t true,” Baekhyun whispers. His eyes are wide as he stares into mine that I know are swollen and pink from crying. “That isn’t true! We watched her die. I watched as she begged for her life! Our baby is dead!” He drops the phone on the floor before he pushes Sehun and Kai away and grabs my hair by the roots, craning my neck back he forces me to look up at him. His eyes study me.

Stop looking at me like that. His blood shot eyes, that reflect my own, burn into my soul and squeeze my heart until I feel like it might burst. Why can’t he see it’s me? I didn’t die! Why would they think I was dead? What the hell is going on? Jiyong, help! I need him to explain this to me, I need him to hold me a calm me down, I can’t do this right now.

“Stop lying to me, this isn’t my baby, she wouldn’t act that way to us. She loved us,” Baekhyun’s grip on my head tightens. “You are just lying to us so we don’t hurt her.”

“And risk the chance of you trying to keep her? I’m not fucking lying! That is Kim Jooyoung, the one and only! My love and your baby.”

Chanyeol shakes his head so hard I’m afraid he’s going to break his neck, “You’re lying.”

“I’m not lying!”

“Hyung look at her! He’s telling the truth that’s my baby!” Kai yells as he tries to push the older boy away but stops when he pulls a knife.

“Stop lying! All of you just stop lying! She wouldn’t have run from me! She wouldn’t have fought with Sehun and Kai.”

Sehun tries, “She was scared!”

“I want you to prove it! Prove to me that she is my baby!”

“Take that fucking rag out of her mouth and she might be able to defend herself,” Kai snarls.

“Will that prove it to me? Huh?” Baekhyun sneers at me. I gulp when he places the blade in his hand to my throat, “You have five words to prove to me that you are my baby, if you can’t you know what is going to happen, right?” He puts more pressure on my neck, enough for the blade to break skin, a few drops of blood start running down my neck. “Remember, five words, ready?”

I nod, tears pouring down my face I prepare myself. Five words, five words that will prove to them that I’m me, that I’m their baby. I can’t think of just five words that will not get me killed. I want to cuss, I want to scream every single insult that I know, I want to ask him why, I want to tell him to stop looking at me like that. I want to tell him to stop making my heart feel heavy again, I want him to tell all of them to stop looking so broken. There is too much I want to say to him. I have five words, five words.

I love you daddy Baekhyun.

I hate you daddy Baekhyun.

Why are you doing this to me?

Five words.

He yanks the rag out of my mouth and they all crowd around me, waiting on pins and needles for whatever is coming out of my mouth.

I have just five words.

“I’ll be a good girl.”

Val appearance update!!! Thanks to @loonylein for letting me use as a base the gorgeous jeans she made!!!! Also Val personality still the same♥︎ if someone forget about her personality she’s a kind but very stubborn person! With the disadvantage of being to prude and innocent in so many aspects! But under that silly appearance a very fucked up and astute girl can shows off when she’s in confidence!♥︎

BTS reaction to their S/O being the youngest between her siblings

Anonymous said :

Hi, hopefully this doesn’t get lost in lots of requests. Anyways, can I get a reaction to them being older than their (s/o)’s sibling/siblings and their (s/o) is the youngest child? Thank you!

Hey darling ~, thanks for requesting ! ..here’s your request and I hope you like it ><

Jin :

Originally posted by jjilljj

Jin used to be the oldest for many years ,spending the time with youngers is his game ,so I think communication with you and your siblings would be super easy ..beside he would have a good friendship with your sisters/brothers ,like ..he would be the perfect boyfriend material your mom is going to ask for ><

Suga :

Originally posted by fullfangirling27

Suga won’t think about it too much ,how the relationship between him and Jungkook it would be the same between you too ..like he would support you in everything ,even if he didn’t show this clearly ,you can catch some hints that he really gives you attention and worry if you hadn’t ..like REALLY worry .

 Rap Monster :

Originally posted by ksjknj

This information about you won’t affect but make him even more protective .He would message you daily ,like sometimes you would feel he is your protective older brother ..but his sweet heart won’t be hidden ,he would shower you with kisses everyday till you feel like a little princess who has more attention than she needs .

 J-hope :

Originally posted by orchid-bud

Because of his lovely soul and his sibling being a girl ,he would share with you your girly things ..he won’t let you feel that lonely ,of course you are used to have THAT attention from your older sisters/brothers ,so ..our Hope would play the bestfriend role beside being your perfect boyfriend ..like he might paint your nails or even straight your hair ,but ..of course he won’t forget to wear his suit and take you to a fascinating restaurant to spend a night date together !

 Jimin :

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Jimin would find it even cuter .. you being that cute little girl AND the youngest between your sibling ? ..he might go to your home with some gifts for your siblings ,and he would be the new friend of the family ..not because of you …but because he would be the new friend of your brothers and go to soccer matches together ..beside being your family’s wise new older brother who has a special relationship with you 😉

 V :

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

You know he has younger sister and brother ,so I think you’re going to feel home whenever he is around ,which makes you feel homesickness rarely ! …he would play with you ,go to adventures with you ..and the best part ? ..cuddles! ..you would sink in his arms EVERYDAY ,and you would never feel bored .

 Jungkook :

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

He is the youngest between the members ! ..so your relationship won’t be safe from some teasing of him being older than you AND older than your siblings ..he would feel it as victory ! ..but that won’t stop him from playing video games with you 24/7 or just goof around with you ..and let me tell you ..you would feel ALWAYS that you are with your bestfriend ,with your man ,with your brother and your enemy all at the same time ! .

GIFs are not mine 

requests : opened for texts and selca ship only !

-Admin M

Let Her Go - Part 2 Draco Malfoy x Huffle-Puff!Reader

  When I woke up in the next couple of hours, it was already clear and she wasn’t beside. I got up and put my clothes on and headed to the Slytherin house. After saying the password I passed through the hole in the wall and start to walk towards the stairs which would lead me to my shared room and grabbed my toothbrush and paste and got in the bathroom. A few moments later I entered the Great Hall, and my House’s table was almost full, I sat next to Blaise and start to eat. Although the breakfast was good, I couldn’t take my eyes out of the Huffle-Puff table, and seeing that she was already there made my heart skip a little bit faster than usual. She smiled at me and looked at Luna again. It only make me feel like everything is going to be alright this time. No matter what. When I was getting up to leave the table, the person who I was avoiding to see just stopped in front of me and gave me a peck kiss on the lips.  

“See you later, right?” She said, and when I was about to answer I got a sight of a black coat leaving the Great Hall. 

 "WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, PARKINSON?“ She burst out in laughter when she saw Y/N leaving the room.

 "With me? Nothing. What is wrong with you, Malfoy ? Why her? I always did everything for you to notice me. Always. And you just get all head over heels for that Huffle-Puff whore?" 

"That Huffle-Puff whore worth more of my time that you ever thought you would be capable of be. And if you dare to call her like that again, I will assure that you never come back to this place.” After seeing her shocked face I left the Hall and went after Y/N.

 I got out of there just in time to see her heading to the lake and I went after my girl. When I was a few steps away from her, she sat by the tree and started to throe little rocks at the lake. “Please, Malfoy, leave me alone.” She whispered. 

“That was a misunderstanding and you know it. She did that on purpose you saw it, right?” I ran my hands through my hair as she looked away. “ Come on, Y/N. It’s Parkinson." 

 "Exactly, Draco. Pansy freakin’ Parkinson, the girl who has humiliated me my whole life kissing my boyfriend. What do you think that that made me feel? What if you’d see me kissing Harry in front of everyone. How would you feel?” I could see a few tears forming on her eyes as she spoke but it didn’t stopped me of closing my fists imagining the scene. Saint Potter, if he ever come close to her with any of these intentions I would kill him myself. 

 "But it wasn’t my fault.“ It was the only thing that I could say, and was true. 

 "I know it wasn’t. But it still hurts, can’t you see how much more it would work if you were with her? How right it sounds to everyone? Your parents didn’t agreed with our relationship before and their not going to do it now, they don’t like me because I’m in Huffle-Puff and I’m muggle-born, and knowing that she is in the same house as you just make things easier for they to grow to like her a little bit. Everything is against us. There’s no way it will work, you know it as much as I do.” The tears that she was holding started to run across her face. Have I ever said how much I hate see her crying? 

 "So you’re just gonna give up. What about last night? It was nothing to you?“ I felt my voice weaken a little bit. She wouldn’t do it? Would she? 

 "Last night was a mistake. It shouldn’t happen." 

 ” Of course it should! That was the right thing that have happen to both of us in this past five months. You know it way better than I. Don’t pretend that I’m lying.“ I stepped closer to her. "Don’t do this with us. We’re supposed to be together. Remember that muggle song that you forced me to listen a hundred times? I want you to know it’s enough for me because all that you are is all I’ll ever need i’m so in love, so in love, so in love, so in love." 

 "Tenerife Sea.” She let out a small giggle as she heard it. “I won’t give up on us. I just don’t want to hurt myself everytime she’s near you. And I don’t know why she hates me this much. I never did anything to her." I hugged the girl in front of me and I could smell the sweet scent of her hair. "I love you, snow head. I know that you don’t feel ready to say this yet but I love you so much, Draco Malfoy.”

 "I love you, brazilian girl. With my whole heart don’t you ever forget it.“ When my eyes met her hazel-grace one I kissed her. And that was our promise that everything from now on would be fine. We were together.

The Manual

Anon asked:  Reader knows how to play guitar and has been stuck in writer’s block for some time now. Wanda unintentionally helps the reader out of it and gets a complete song dedicated to her. Reader plays the song at a party and confesses to her long term crush! Thank you!

Okay so this took me forever to find a good song, and even though I know a fuck ton of Kpop songs….I think I found a good one. Ignore the fact that the pronouns are male, and make it female, mmkay? Mmkay. Good. Also I uh…twisted this because cuteness, mmkay?

Warning: This sucks I’m sorry

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even now i’ll sit back sometimes (like.., today) and reflect on the fact that alphys - the exact sort of non-protag whose narrative would 9 times out of 10 shaft or diminish her or carelessly impinge on realizing her potential bc she’s not ~The Right Type for that - not only got a sympathetic portrayal that alternated between funny and sweet and sad and thoroughly gut-wrenching, it’s also super easy to make the “meatiest and best-written character in the whole damn game” argument for her

like. i’m so used to characters like alphys being relegated to joke and plot device status and yet here she is in ut, being complex and fleshed-out and integral and getting the girl holy shit. she’s not let down by her narrative and that still makes me ridiculously happy


You want to know what my favorite thing about this team is? It’s not the goals, the assists, or even the games won. Those are great, but what really fills me with joy is the unexpected friendships that come out of the team and that we see develop. Look at Abby and Syd. Never, and I mean never, would I have initially thought that those two would go on to become crucial and integral parts in each other’s lives. I mean for fucks sake! Syd had 25 years worth of friends to pick from when choosing her maid of honor, yet she chose Abby. Look at KO and Hope. Completely polar opposites from each other. Hope the scary goalkeeper who never smiles. The cold, calculated menace and hero of the field. Then you have Kelly who can’t walk 100 meters without jumping around. Yet guess what? Some crazy force of nature brings them together for incredibly special moments both on the field and off the field. You turn your head and who do you see? Whit and Ash. Again, the nice sweet girl with the crazy rebel goalie. These two opposite ends are brought together because of soccer. And lets not fucking forget about the New Kids! Can you have three more different people be three better friends for years and years and years? No.You have to admit, as a diehard fan there is nothing better than these strange yet too good to be true friendships that occur and that fill us with joy and emotions on days like today.  

Random headcanon

I need to write this down before I forget it.

I thought about what Solas told us, how the qunari girl put sugar in a bread dough as an act of defiance - now imagine the rebels using sugar that way.

Aggressively baking all kinds of sweets, just because the qunari leadership frowns upon it.

Their recruiting method

“Come join the rebels. We have cookies.”

I’m writing this on my parents’ couch because broke,
because bills need to get paid, because my friends
are taking vacations at other people’s houses.
The first time I walked home I couldn’t find my street.
I swear my heart’s so heavy it would dent plaster
if you threw it. I’m a thick cloud of desperate running
and where did I leave my other self? Feed the starving girl
but don’t let her become greedy. Don’t let her out of the house. 
I’m telling you man, scent memories are a scary thing
when you’re shopping for candles with your best friends
and suddenly you’re back in that house on that street
in that basement where he said it wouldn’t hurt
and it did and worse, you came back for more.
Feed the starving girl but don’t let her become greedy. 
She will get used to the salt, will part herself for it. 
Voice like sweet, voice like syrup, voice like how you say
“I met a boy!” When Alisha’s not around I try to read
my own palms. I open my mouth to sing and everyone says,
“Girl, shit, you got a voice for the radio." A sad boy
is not your fault, not my fault, not anyone’s. But I’ll sing 
to him. You kiss him or you don’t, mouth open,
mouth hungry. Feed the starving girl but don’t forget
about the boy on top of her, even hungrier, eyes big as fists.
She’s only a window until he turns her into a door.
—  Kristina Haynes, “Feed the Starving Girl”

New binge-watch alert:

I started binge watching Stranger Things two days ago and now I’m on 2x05 and here is what I think so far:


Dustin is obviously the fave because he’s hilarious and he’s right REASONABLE

But I also love Lucas and his family is amAZING

Mike can be a huge dick but I still love him

I’m glad Will’s back and sad he’s so SHOOK

Eleven is honestly amazing and she deserves love and all the buddies

Max is kind of an asshole and her brother sucks but she’s still kinda rad and I have high hopes

Nancy has been through too much shit


I feel for Jonathan bc of the whole sitch with his family and he’s sweet but let us not forget he is also in fact a fuckin creep who took sneaky pics of a naked girl

Steve started as kind of a dick and periodically still is one but honestly he’s the most relatable character here

Joyce is so sweet and tired, let her REST


Hopper is also so tired let him also REST

Dart’s cute


Things I learned about having a sibling with chronic illnesses:

(that could maybe help you too)

- i always ask, “did you take your medication?” because she always forgets, and it makes the rest of the week hell

- whenever she asks me to carry her things, i do. she’s not being needy, and it probably hurts more than we can imagine 

- sometimes she needs someone to come with her to doctor’s appointments. she’s a big girl but that doesn’t mean she can’t use a little support

- she will come to me crying some days. i let her vent

-sometimes it will all be too much and she will scream. i let her. later she will apologize by baking me something sweet and smile when i eat half of it while she does not take a single bite 

- some days she will cry by herself. i leave her be. 

- she will eat foods she’s not supposed to. sometimes i catch her and she scowls, but thanks me later. sometimes i don’t and i make her tea to help with the pain of her stomach tearing itself apart. 

- her hands will go numb and i will open things for her 

- at the end of the day she may not have the energy to stand up to get things. i get them for her. 

- sometimes she cannot raise her hands above her head. even though i’m much shorter than her, i will find a chair and get what she needs. 

- when she goes away, she texts me telling me she misses her little helper. i send her a thousand kissy emojis as a response 

- there will come a time when i will not be there. by then i hope she has found someone to do all the things i do for her. 

- i hope they do even better

I’m sure Baekhyun is proud of himself for working so hard, since you can see how confident he is and I said it’s okay to be proud of him but it’s also okay to worry. From what I’ve read, I understand he didn’t eat much and I only hope that he’s been learning over time that food is important, including carbs. I’m sure he has, since he’s sensible. :/ Good for him for getting abs but fuck you if you pressured him in the first place. No matter what his body looks like, we should be happy for him. His body isn’t everything. He works SO hard. Especially for us. He’s incredibly sweet and talented so don’t you dare forget that. I’m proud of you in general for being such a hard worker, Baekhyun but make sure you start eating properly, okay? 

nathaliepechalats  asked:

i was part of the save young justice campaign back in 2012 and the main thing you guys can do is financially support it. buy the episodes on itunes, support merch, etc. protesting directly to the sources works too: petitions, fan statements, fandom videos, commenting on facebook, hashtags... and not giving up. that helped us save our show, and might help you guys. just letting you know, i hope you guys succeed!!!

Oh, this is so sweet. Thank you so much for the advice and the encouragement. :) Congratulations on your success; I really hope you enjoy the upcoming season! 

Okay guys, so we’ve definitely been working on the protesting part, but we shouldn’t forget about supporting it financially either! (Continue to show that it would be profitable if another company were to buy it.)  

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I remember holding on to you
And being afraid to let go. 
Laying on your chest and thinking
The world needed to turn a little slower
So I could stay a while.
I remember how that scared me
How being afraid, scared me
Because I wasn’t used to feeling
Anything at all.
I remember you tipping my face up to kiss you
How most moments were bursting
Like ripe fruit but
This was sweet, this was sugar.
I remember how you let me climb on top
And how you whispered you were falling in love
But I kissed you because
I wasn’t ready yet, I just wanted touch,
I just wanted to forget about love.
I remember that sweet-
The way it hurt me
Because it didn’t hurt at all.
I remember thinking
‘Shit, girl, this is it
You’re done for
You’re in love-
I hope you like wild fires,
You’re in for a hell of a burning.’
But you are sweetness,
And quick breaths
And softening my moans and
Skin on skin
And no ones ever seen me before-
Just touched.
I remember surrendering,
To your kiss,
To love.
I remember putting my hands up
And saying
“I love you,
I love you too”
And when you touched me
I remember goosebumps
And smiling
Because no one has ever wanted me
With the lights on.
I remember tasting
Sweet and wanting to run away
But I remember how you
Made me feel the need to stay.
—  I Used To Be Afraid